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[Image one: The first page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. It begins with an ominious drawing of Dream holding the revival book, his head out of frame. Behind his hand, there's a square with the colours of a sunset. He looms over a choppy sea which has three graves poking out of the waves. Drawn on them are an arrow and a sword respectively, the last one blank. They drip blood. Below this, the text begins "drown out the melody of a grave unmade and made again and again and again". Further down, there's the Cat disc, which is next to the L'manberg walls and a few spruce trees. The text finishes "in the favour of the tune of simpler times".
Image two: The second page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. A cloud of smoke frames the piece, covered with music notes. The first sentence is "so merely listen, and ignore the terror written in the notes". This is followed by a panel of Tommy sitting on his bench, accompanied by Eryn, Ghostboo and Philza. While the first two have there faces visible, Eryn seems joyous and Tommy isn't smiling. Underneath this, there's a collection of panels. The first displays Tommy and Tubbo during the earlier disc wars, using the tower technique to get a disc. The second shows Dream and Tommy passing a disc between them, and the last is a closeup of Dream standing in the rain. These panels are next to the line "and how the spinning disc feels like". Finally, at the bottom, there's an arrow which is split apart by another arrow. The sentence continues here, stating "the tectonic plates of your joy". The last word is coloured like a sunset.
Image three: The last page of a digital comic about TommyInnit. It starts with two panels. The first has Tommy wearing diamond armour, positioned in a nervous fighting stance. The next shows Dream, who's calmer, and wearing netherite armour. Below, the comic's text begins "one wrong move,". It is surrounded by two lines of weathered chains, broken in the middle. A few of the links obscure a drawing of Tommy's face. He's shocked, and holding his bleeding nose. Smoke billows towards him. To his right, the text continues "one more scratch and the whole thing would collapse;". Finally, there's a disc and a jukebox, slightly bloodied, and upturned. They accompany the phrase "the disc, the jukebox, and you".]
tectonic discs
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Scott: I’m not being weird. Am I being weird?
Stiles: Yes, and that’s coming from me.
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lu’s favourite shows - stiles stilinski, teen wolf ↳ I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? sarcasm is my only defense
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I work at green and brown hometown market. Normally it’s fine.
My boss is okay, employees are fine.
I got the flu last Wednesday.
I was scheduled Thursday and Friday, so I called in. Boss wants to me get covid test. Nbd, we sell them. Go to work.
Get told I can’t take at home, have to go get tested.
She tells me to go to a doctor. I don’t have insurance or PTO or sick leave. I cannot.
Drive SICK all over town finding covid testing place.
Get test, is negative. Nurse says it’s probably the flu.
Out of work Thursday and Friday. Saturday they want me to come back if I don’t have a fever.
I work Saturday. I have to sit down at register all day. Feel even worse. Get told it’s allowed ‘this one time’.
Off work Sunday. Scheduled Monday-Thursday this week.
Tell boss Sunday night that I feel worse and I’m running a fever now.
Stay home Monday and Tuesday.
They want me back today if I don’t have a fever.
I go to work today. Two hours in im going to pass out or vomit. Go to the bathroom and shit everything in my body.
Boss: “YoU nEeD tO gO tO tHe DoCtOr, CoMe BaCk WiTh A nOtE. ItS cOnCeRnInG yOuR nOt GeTtInG bEtTeR.”
Let me die at home please.
You only pay me 10$/hour and I’m part time with NO benefits.
Fuck you know.
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Umm.. this is my dream.. literally
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revealed feelings — d. hale
Tumblr media
pairings: derek hale x fem!shy!stilinski!reader, featuring bff!allison argent x bff!fem!shy!stilinski!reader
summary: in which her feelings for derek are almost revealed by her twin, forcing her into admitting what she’s been hiding from him for way too long.
word count: 3.7k.
warnings: angst, shy/quiet!reader, panicky!reader, embarrassed!reader, derek being the cockiest little shit, fluff.
author’s note: i’ve had this imagine planned to write for awhile, so here it goes. gif creds to owner!
p.s., feedback is very much encouraged and appreciated <3.
main masterlist
Tumblr media
BEING stiles’ twin sister can be undeniably stressful — [y/n] knows this more than anyone else.
stiles and [y/n] have always been close — they are twins, after all. but, she’s always had to live in the shadow of her brother — always dealing with being treated like she’s incapable of taking care of herself. this was something she hated more than anything in the world.
i guess, that’s understandable — she doesn’t always defend herself.
but, it’s not just her own brother who’s needs to constantly baby her. mostly, everyone in the pack treats her in the same way that he does.
although, there’s just a few other specific people that don’t treat her like that; allison argent and derek hale.
allison has always been like a sister to [y/n] — she herself knows exactly how it feels to be treated like she’s a fragile little girl. so, the two of them usually bond over that topic on most days — especially, when allison is around and sees the way most of the pack treats [y/n].
and with derek, i guess him treating [y/n] like she can handle herself and only opening up to her because she never judges him, brought on romantic feelings.
but, with stiles being her twin, she just can’t ever admit how she feels. it’s already to the point of her being completely in denial of her feelings — refusing to admit it to herself.
she refuses to admit the truth, mostly because stiles sometimes comes off as judgy and sassy. and with being related to him — in her head — she can never come out that she’s in love the so-called sourwolf.
she couldn’t see that with time, her brother would eventually come to terms with the fact that she’s in love with his frenemy. or maybe, she’s just terrified of him accepting it and trying to set her up with derek. i think it’s pretty obvious that it’s the second one.
sure, if he ended up loving her back, that’d be a different story. but, what if stiles budded in — like he always does with her issues — and derek rejected her? that’d be even worse than her brother knowing the truth.
that’s exactly why she only told the one person she truly trusts in the entire world; allison. sure, she’s really good friends with stiles and dating scott. but, she — thankfully — knows that something as serious as her friend’s crush is to be kept a secret.
[y/n] could always count on her friend to have her back when it came to derek. needless to say, they’re literally so similar to each other that you’d assume that they’re actually related. so, there was rarely ever a moment where they disagreed on anything.
and with the whole feelings situation with derek, allison was always there for her friend in any way possible; [y/n] needed a distraction from derek? allison was there, dragging her away from anything that brought her sadness over feeling like she could never have what she truly wanted. she was feeling insecure and self-conscious about herself? allison was there, reassuring and comforting her and telling her all the ways she was too good for derek. she was feeling jealous over the countless girls that threw themselves at derek? allison was there, pointing out how none of those girls could ever compare to her. she needed an excuse to see derek? allison was there, being just that. she needed to avoid derek? allison was there, making sure that it was being done.
at the end of the day, i think allison was more than okay with helping her friend out because she understood how it felt to be scared to be with someone she thought she could never have.
with scott, it took too long for her father to finally be okay with her and scott being together. and [y/n]? she was in the same boat with derek; scared of her feelings, scared of rejection, and scared of what her brother would do when he’d finally find out the truth.
but eventually, allison got tired of helping her friend out when it meant she was continuously hiding the truth from derek. it wasn’t fair to derek to be kept in the dark about [y/n]’s feelings, whether he reciprocated them or not.
of course, allison didn’t betray her trust and tell derek or stiles — like you’d think. but, she did repeatedly mention to [y/n] that coming clean would make things a lot better for her. but, of course, she refused.
i mean, who wouldn’t? everyone’s scared to admit how they feel towards that one person, at least once in their life.
and sure, keeping allison quiet wasn’t hard at all, considering how loyal she’s always been to [y/n]. but, stiles? that’s a whole other story — especially, the day that he finally finds out the truth.
it’s a normal day for [y/n] — at least — ignoring her feelings the best she can and hanging out with the pack at derek’s loft.
everything would’ve been completely normal, like any other day, if [y/n] just didn’t catch the longing and curious gaze of the hale werewolf.
just seeing the look in the werewolf’s eyes affects her more than she’d ever like to admit.
but, her heartbroken gaze hurts him even more than the whole entire situation does for her — she’d been non-discreetly avoiding him on purpose for months now. it was only pack meetings that she was forced to show up to and uncomfortably be in the same room as him.
the conversation that mostly everyone is invested in, is quickly forgotten and tuned out by both [y/n] and derek as their longing gazes become much more intense.
allison, who’s sat comfortably beside her boyfriend, notices the interaction before stiles — or anyone else for that matter.
[y/n]’s eyes catch hers and allison shoots her a persistent look, as if telling her what she’s been reminding her for weeks now — for her to just speak with derek privately and just fess up to everything she’s been keeping from him.
[y/n] shakes her head, refusing to do anything as she tries to focus on the conversation between her friends.
but to no avail, her eyes impulsively glance back at derek.
stiles looks up, his words instantly going on pause as he finally realizes of the moment between his twin and the sourwolf.
“hey! eyes off of my little sister, hale!” stiles sputters sassily, glaring daggers at derek.
[y/n] groans inwardly as she rolls her eyes, snapping her head up in her twin’s direction. “god. stiles, stop treating me like a little fucking baby! if he wants to look at me, he can! there’s no crime against that!” she blurts out, her words not fully registering as they leave her lips.
stiles stutters, brows furrowing, before he points at his baby sister with a suspicious look. “wait a minute… why are you getting so defensive about that? and why would you want him to be looking at you in the first place?” he questions in his all-too-familiar interrogative tone.
upon hearing her brother’s question, [y/n]’s eyes widen as she realizes what she’d said and who she said it in front of. “w—what? i—” she stutters, her shocked eyes catching derek’s confused ones from across the room.
gulping anxiously, she catches the glance of her best friend, who wears a sympathetic look, while everyone else watches in confusion.
“oh, god. [y/n], please, tell me that you don’t—” stiles starts, but allison abruptly stands up, her hand dropping from scott’s.
“—stiles, guys. why don’t we clear the room for derek and [y/n]?” she asks directly to stiles, ignoring the sternly scared expression on her friend’s face.
stiles sputters, glancing incredulously between his twin and derek, not trusting either of them to be alone together. “b—but—” he starts to say, trying to find any excuse that’ll keep him from moving.
but, before he can continue on, lydia instantly notices allison’s expression, immediately beginning to take the hint. “—sti, c’mon. why don’t we go out and get everyone some snacks from the store? i’m sure everyone’s hungry and exhausted from all of the planning.” she murmurs gently, trying to distract her boyfriend and do her friend a solid.
stiles sighs, his gaze finally moving from both [y/n] and derek to his girlfriend’s soft eyes. “w—what about derek and [y/n]?” he stutters, becoming completely clueless to the hint that’s being repeatedly thrown at him.
rolling her eyes, lydia grabs her boyfriend’s hand and pulls him to the loft door, yanking it open. stiles sputters, still confused and trying to see if his sister and his frenemy are still in his view.
because of this, scott groans as the rest the group — aside from derek and [y/n] — follows them out.
the second that the loft door is shut, [y/n]’s forced to turn and face the sourwolf, who looks like he’s just about mastered the ability to pout.
sighing, she slumps back into the current couch she’d been sitting on, before all the accusations from her twin had started up.
it feels like almost hours as they simply sit in the silence, neither of the pair wanting to start the conversation.
when the stilinski girl finally looks up, her heart almost breaks at the very scene in front of her; derek, leant forward with his head in his hands, his elbows placed on his knees. his hands are buried so deep into his dark locks that you’d think his hair would start to fall out.
from seeing the real and raw pain she’d caused the only person she’s ever truly loved, tears blur her vision, causing her bottom lip to violently tremble.
derek sucks in a breath as he senses her getting up and walking over to him.
as she gets closer, her breath hitches in her throat, before placing herself on the table that sits in front of the chair he’s placed on.
“derek…” she sighs, slowly and cautiously bringing her hands up to place them over his own that are still placed in his hair tightly.
“please, don’t do this. just… talk to me.” she says, slowly pulling his hands away from his face and out of his hair.
mostly, he only allows her to pull his hands away because her touch affects him that much — though, he’d never admit that out loud.
“don’t do what? ignore you, like you’ve been doing to me, since god knows how long?” he spits out, tears spilled down on his cheeks now.
taken aback by the amount of pain and anger mixed together in his voice, [y/n]’s eyes instantly tear up once more, realizing what her actions did to him, before she draws her hands away from him.
“i—i’m sorry… i didn’t mean to hurt you. that—that was never my intention.” she stutters, guilty and regretful thoughts consuming her as she numbly stands up from the table, stumbling over to the loft door.
but, before she can escape her feelings once more, derek abruptly stands up from his position in his chair. “then, why did you do it?” he calls out to her, not understanding how she can go from apologizing for her actions, to trying to run away from them.
“w—what?” she stutters, coming to a halt, before she turns around to face him.
“if you’re so sorry, why’d you ignore me? you made me feel like i did something wrong.” he states more clearly, taking a small step closer to the anxious and nervous girl.
“that’s just it, derek! you didn’t do anything wrong! everything you do is perfect to me, and i can’t find one simple reason that makes me want to stay away!” she bursts out, wringing her hands into her hair wildly, tears streaming down her cheeks. her emotions are raised at a higher level — this much derek can sense.
derek’s eyes widen in shock at the stilinski girl’s outburst, always having known of her as one of the strongest people in the pack — she rarely ever loses her cool.
without another thought, he steps forward, until they’re only inches away from each other. then, he gently places his hands over her shaking ones and slowly pulls them down to her side, careful to not get her hair stuck and wrapped around her fingers.
“hey, look at me.” he says gently, trying to calm her down from another outburst.
when she does just that, his eyes immediately soften, still holding onto her hands and rubbing soothing circles onto them. “now, can you tell me what you meant by that?” he murmurs gently, not moving his eyes anywhere but to her face.
“derek, i—i don’t know if that’s such a good idea…” she trails off, the fear of rejection distracting her.
as he senses the huge waves of anxiety and fear coming from her, he sighs, brows knitting together in concern. “princess, i need you to be honest with me. i deserve that, at least.” he murmurs once more, moving his hands up to her cheeks, cupping them.
“but, it’s not that easy. what if… what if me being honest… just makes things worse?” her voice trembles as more tears escape from her now shiny [y/e/c] eyes.
with a flick of his thumb, the tears are gone, like they were never there. “it’ll all be okay. i’m not going anywhere. just trust me, okay?” he murmurs seriously, giving her the confidence she needs to admit the feelings she’s been running away from for so long.
“stiles was right. or at least, of what he was about to say, before everyone stopped him.” she starts, pausing to gauge his reaction; his brows are still knitted together as he pulls his hands away from hers to cross his arms onto his chest, listening intently.
“allison knows the truth — she’s known for awhile. i’m just not sure why she didn’t tell you herself because she’s been nagging me to tell you the truth for weeks now.” she starts, almost rambling.
“about what?” he asks in a persistent tone of voice.
[y/n]’s eyes catch his all over again, causing her breath to hitch in her throat once more. “o—oh, right. um, it’s about my… uh… my feelings…” she trails off, brows furrowing as she becomes lost in her thoughts all over again, easily fidgeting with her fingers anxiously.
derek sighs, noticing the amount of drowning negative emotions coming off of her body.
hearing him sigh so loudly, she instantly snaps out of her thoughts. “i—i’m sorry, derek. you do deserve the truth and… i’m going to give it to you. it’s just really hard to admit.” she states, moving to walk over to the couch that she was sitting on before, the nervous feeling in her gut getting impossibly worse by every second.
“it’s okay. take your time.” he assures her, moving to sit beside her as she turns to face him, holding her legs up to her chest.
“no, it’s fine. i need to tell you the truth.” she states seriously, before finally connecting her gaze with the man sitting beside her.
“i… i have feelings for you.” [y/n] says all in one breath, awaiting his reaction. but, as she tries to figure out what it is, all she can see is his shocked expression.
“i—look, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same. but, this all has been so suffocating — keeping this from you, and avoiding you at all costs. but, uh, i think i should go.” she murmurs dejectedly, already sensing the rejection coming.
as she stands up from her position on the couch, he reaches out and encloses his hand around her wrist, before gently pulling her back down.
“you’ve gotta stop assuming things, stilinski.” he states with a almost goofy smile.
“w—what do you mean? isn’t this the part where you tell me that i’m delusional and that we’re just friends?” she sputters out, confused on why he’s acting so casual about this whole entire situation.
derek chuckles amusedly. “you really are clueless, huh?” he murmurs, barely giving her enough time to react when he begins to lean forward, causing her brows to furrow in confusion.
“wha—” [y/n] starts to say, but she abruptly stops herself when he slams his lips onto hers, in order to shut her up from any future ramblings.
a shocked strangle leaves her lips, her entire body freezing up as she starts to realize what’s happening.
as a few more seconds pass, derek pulls away from her lips, realizing she’s still frozen in place. “you really need to stop rambling so much.” he murmurs, a smirk placed on his lips, trying to mask his nervousness with cockiness.
“w—wait. so… you don’t hate me? i—i’m so confused right now.” she mumbles as she becomes much more confused than she was before.
derek sighs, shaking his head at her cluelessness. “did that kiss not show that i feel the same? or am i going to have to kiss you again?” he asks teasingly, quickly sensing the feelings and anxiety rolling off of her.
but, when she hears his next statement, it’s as if all those nerves she had in her system completely dissipate.
“o—oh… then, maybe, you should remind me?” [y/n] nervously says in the form of a question.
“there’s no need to be nervous, [y/n].” he teases, still smirking, obviously liking the effect he has on her.
groaning, she grows some confidence that leads her to grip his leather jacket’s collar and roughly pull him towards her.
he inhales deeply in surprise, before the smirk returns back to his lips as she slams her lips onto his, putting in every single amount of love she’s felt for him and buried for so long.
derek’s heart sores as he deepens the kiss, glad that the two of them have figured things out before either of them could get hurt more than they already were.
but, before they can continue on, the sound of voices outside and the loft door being pulled open pulls them away from each other, glancing at the entrance.
[y/n] sputters nervously, pulling away from derek anxiously. “uh…” she trails off, glancing from her brother to derek, when the pack gathers at the door, most of them watching the scene before them in amusement.
noticing her anxiety, derek places a hand on her thigh, in order to bring her some comfort — which, easily helps her calm down, just by a bit.
“so, i was right!” stiles exclaims excitedly, seeming to not even be bothered about catching his twin and his frenemy together.
at this realization, [y/n] knits her brows together in confusion. “wait. so, you’re not mad that me and derek are…” she trails off, turning to face derek, confused on what exactly they are.
“together.” he clarifies for her, chuckling quietly at the flustered expression on her face.
but at this point, stiles is already rambling to lydia, totally forgetting about his sister’s question and the couple sat on the couch.
with a giggle, [y/n] turns back to her sorta-boyfriend, a bit confused on how her brother isn’t acting mad at her, like she thought he would.
he shrugs, reaching out for her.
before she decides to snuggle into his chest, she turns back to face her friends, only to see them all waving awkwardly and hurriedly walking out as lydia rolls her eyes and pulls her rambling boyfriend away with her.
sighing, she watches as scott tiredly pulls the door shut behind him.
“so…” she trails off as she turns back to derek, raising a single brow at him.
“so?” he asks, raising his own brows in question.
“so… we’re together now?” she asks, smirking, growing shocked at her own confidence.
derek raises a brow, smirking himself. “what… you don’t like it?” he asks, sensing the anxious emotions coming off of her, once again.
“no!” she quickly blurts out, almost losing her chill.
derek’s eyes widen at her small outburst, almost incapable of keeping the small laughs from leaving his mouth.
“i—i mean that i wasn’t sure if you actually wanted to be official like that. so, i want to make sure — that’s all.” she quickly explains, so focused on clearing up her small mistake that she doesn’t even notice the amused glint in his eyes or the way he’s desperately trying to not laugh at her nervousness.
he continues to wheeze in laughter, bringing [y/n] to hit him a few more times with complaints to stop making fun of her.
“okay, okay! i—i’m sorry! just, please, stop hitting me.” he yells out, having had calmed down, waiting for her to stop her attacks.
sighing, she glares at him as she crosses her arms over her chest, waiting for him to explain what he found so funny.
“now, would you like to explain what was so funny?” she asks in an annoyed tone, unmoving as she waits for him to respond to her.
he chuckles, finding amusement in the situation once more, before moving his hands to her hips, settling them there.
the particular touch brings [y/n] an insane amount of butterflies, her heart slightly fluttering at just that.
and even though, she knows that he can sense her emotions, she still tries her best to mask what effect he has on her.
sighing, she waits, trying to remain patient — although, it’s quite clear to derek that she’s not in the mood to be waiting all night. she doesn’t like being laughed at — that much he can tell from just her expression.
with one more amused laugh, derek pulls her by her hips to straddle him.
a squeak of shock and surprise leaves her lips, her heart going off in a very erratic pace.
once he senses her nervous and flustered emotions and erratically beating heart, he smirks. “i wasn’t making fun of you. i just think it’s cute that you get so flustered like this — especially, when it comes to me.” he states seriously, waiting for her nervous response.
[y/n]’s eyes soften, feeling idiotic for reacting so dramatically. “o—oh.” she softly whispers, his statement not fully registering in her head.
“wait! did you just call me cute?” she asks in a suddenly teasing tone, cocking her head to the side, after his words fully click in her head.
“maybe, maybe not.” he shrugs, acting as if it’s not that big of a deal.
“now, on to more important things,” he states, pausing, which brings [y/n]’s brows to knit together in curiosity, now listening intently to him. “will you be my girlfriend?” he asks in a suddenly nervous voice.
her brows raise and then a giggle erupts in her chest. “of course!”
and with that, she wraps her arms around his neck and connects their lips in an excited and love-filled kiss.
Tumblr media
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Bpd episodes that don’t have a name and people don’t talk about and the best way I can describe them
1. Channel flipping - when I’m cycling through emotions so fast I can’t stay on one for more than five minutes. Usually lasts a couple hours to a day and I can literally feel each emotion to it’s full extent and then move on to the next one in 5 minutes or less. Sobbing to screaming in anger to laughing to crying of happiness to guilt to love etc etc etc
2. Turmoil episode - when it feels like bad weather is brewing in your chest. It’s raining and hailing and the wind is whistling I could throw up I could scream I want to run and run and run. I don’t feel good but I have the energy of a manic episode. My words don’t come out right and I stutter a lot. These episodes last 3-7 days
3. The heaviness - episodes where I feel like my density has increased ten fold, and my strength has completely left me. I crumble if I stand for too long, like literally fall to the ground in a heap uncontrollably. Everything is so heavy and I have no thoughts, sometimes I cry. It’s not depression, depression feels different. Lasts 1-3 days.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Birine kolay gelen diğerine zor gelebilir, birini etkilemeyen diğerini derin bir hüzne sevk edebilir. "Buna mı üzülüyorsun? Nasıl atlatamazsın?" gibi dünyayı çerçevenizden ibaret gören dayatmacı-öznel üslubu terk edelim, lütfen. Tüm hikayeler biricik, dolayısıyla mücadeleler de.
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We don’t talk about how Stalia started out enough. And I don’t mean 3x20, no, I’m talking 3x13–3x14. Because rewatching them through the lens of Stiles and Malia later getting together truly makes those episodes something else. What a fantastic start to their arc. 
The Tate car crash was the first case Stiles’ dad worked after he was appointed sheriff, and now he’s revisiting it with his newfound knowledge of the supernatural because something about it always felt off. To help him, Stiles and Scott break into her house and go through her stuff so that Scott can try and catch her scent. We get Stiles saying, “I hate coyotes. So much.” (That, my folks, is what we in the business call dramatic irony.) Then he finds her coyote den and they invade that, too. Like, come on guys. 
“Coyotes tip-toe?” “They tip-toe.” “Wow.” 
And as Henry decides to go after the coyote, not knowing that it’s really his daughter, Stiles is adamant that he needs to be stopped, and convinces his dad that there really is a girl in that coyote and that she needs to be saved. “Dad, try not to forget there's a girl in there, one that you’ll be killing.” / “Now, are you 100% sure that this is a girl and not an animal?” “Yes.”
And my favourite: as they’re out there trying to turn her back, with Henry hot on her tail, Stiles is boggled by the fact that Malia keeps coming back for the doll, and when Lydia points out that the doll belonged to Malia’s little sister, not her, he flashes back to the episode before, when he bought flowers for his mom’s grave. “You know, the last time we brought one of these to her grave it was stolen the same day. Hundred bucks, down the drain.” That’s exactly what Malia is doing. Her sister’s doll is the flowers and the crash sight is the grave, and you can hear the guilt in his voice as he says, “Malia left it at the car for her sister. It's like bringing flowers to a grave. Okay, and we stole the flowers.” 
Malia has just been introduced, we haven’t even seen her in her human form yet, and there’s already parallels drawn between her and Stiles. Already, before even meeting her, Stiles can relate to her. Already, we can see how they’d be compatible. 
Then, of course, comes the classic scene: Stiles is watching Malia reunite with her dad and suddenly he can read again, because she anchors him too. Not only is the anchor thing mutual with them, but we see Malia anchoring Stiles (3x14 and 3x22) before we see Stiles anchor Malia for the first time (4x01). 
Also, Allison shot Malia’s dad with a tranquilliser dart. That has nothing to do with Stalia but I think it’s funny. 
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Erica: Between Boyd, Isaac, Scott, and Lydia-- if you had to -- who would you punch?
Stiles: No one! They're my friends. I wouldn't punch any of them.
Erica: Isaac?
Stiles: Yeah, but I don't know why.
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voidic3ntity · 2 days ago
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do not take advice from these words, for as blind as I am, I can still sense the steep gaze of death upon my being.
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endlessmidnightparade · a day ago
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Hello, never gonna let u forget my Baller Lady D au, in which I planned several artworks but only managed to MAKE two XD. I absolutely love this drawing and I absolutely LOVE this au.
She got banned from the NBA and WNBA cus she keeps killing refs and players.
Tbh, I can probably render her muscles much better now since we're almost a year later, but hey.
Accidentally queued this for the wrong blog. But I worked too hard on this post. it's ok yall will survive just scroll on byeee.
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bon3sandx3nties · a day ago
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Try harder this year! I know you can do it! 🎀
Stay safe love 💗
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sicksadstar · a day ago
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blurry art-! menhera monster addition.. most are angel.. just doodles
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jamietheferal · 2 days ago
You haven’t been allowed to be Human in a while, huh?(Hero x Villain)
Tw : (Implied Self H@rm, Implied Child Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts,  Self Destructive Behaviours)
Please proceed with caution.
I didn’t proof-read this.
With the cold air around them and the hand wrapped around their collar, Hero knew this was the end. They had already been taking too many risks, and had foolishly thought that they could take Villain in their tired state.
Hero had been working overtime for a couple of months now, working into the late hours of the night. Crime rates had been rising and The Organization needed to assure the public by giving a couple of the heroes, Hero included extra shifts. It had most certainly worked, the public was a lot calmer and the press wasn’t giving The Organization such a hard time anymore.
But this too had it’s inevitable side-effects. The plummeting of Hero’ mental and physical health being one of them. Hero had caught the other heroes, most of them being in their early twenties like them, almost passing out.
They had managed to convince Side-kick, who was on the verge of hospitalization to give their shift up for the night. It had taken a lot of convincing but knowing that Side-kick was sound asleep in their apartment was so worth it.
But it wasn’t only their physical health and sleep schedule that had taken a fuck ton of damage, it was also their mental health.
Hero had been struggling a lot recently. Having lost one of their closest friends, not being able to save some civilians and being punished for their failures and suffering a lot of fatal wounds. They had turned to old habits. While Hero had promised themselves and their friends that they would stop they couldn’t.
They were exhausted.
So now, they were laying on their back on a rooftop, below the boot of Villain, who was looking down at them with a look Hero couldn’t quite read. But it was far more gentle than it was condescending.
“ And here I was, excited for a fight.”
Hero could only look to the side, their lip bleeding and a small bruise appearing on their cheek. Hits they would never take that easily on a normal day.
“What are you waiting for..”
Villain looked at them from above, a look of curiosity taking over their features. Hero would have noticed if their vision hadn’t blurred.
“..Kill me.”
Hero broke at that moment. They just couldn’t do it. Hot tears they couldn’t stop anymore finally slipping down their cheeks. Villain finally took their boot of their chest which allowed Hero to get themselves into a sitting position and pull themselves into a ball. Hero tried their damn best to not show their crying face to Villain, who would definitely make fun of them for it.
Just a few weeks before the incident and before The Organization gave Hero the extra shifts.
Villain and Hero in their ususal suits, but not fighting like usual. Instead, they were seated on top of The Soccer Stadium, watching the game. They were having fun, eating popcorn and watching their teams from a far. Who would be surprised that they were supporting opposite teams?
“HAHA! Take that.”
Villain said as the team they supported scored a goal against the opposite team, making Hero pout slightly, their cheeks looking rather squeezable.
“Cute..” Villain thought to themselves.
As the game went on, the colder the weather got. And Hero, who did not support warm clothes like Villain, teared up slightly when a breeze went by. Villain obviously noticing this, decided to take a jab at Hero.
“ What?! A soccer game made you cry?”
Villain said in a mocking tone. But it wasn’t taken in the way they wanted, the remark had bought dark memories into Hero’s head and made them shiver.
“Something this stupid made you cry you damn brat? I will give you a real reason to cry if you don’t shut up.”
Hero immediately stood up in a panic and walked away.
“W-where are you going?”
Villain said, surprised by hero’s sudden movement. Looking at Hero while a look of worry took over their features. They got up and almost ran to catch up with Hero.
“I-I have some duties to attend to. Have fun watching the g-game.” Hero barely got out between ragged breaths and teleported away before Villain could even get a word out.
Villain saw Hero in more instances after that, but Hero was always already gone before Villain could even say anything or would just flat out ignore them during their fights.
Hero always looked more and more tired.
Villain couldn’t do anything for a moment while Hero was having a mental breakdown right before them. They felt everything freeze until they composed themselves and kneeled to Hero’s level.
Before engulfing them in a hug.
Surprised, Hero jerked back for a moment before accepting defeat and slumping into their nemesis’ arms. Sobs wrecking their body and shivering, Hero felt relieved for the first time in a while.
Villain on the other hand, was confused as all hell. They could do nothing but listened as Hero slowly calmed down, none of them knowing how much time had passed. They didn’t care either.
Once they had calmed down enough, Hero slowly pulled away from Villain, feeling a loss of warmth in the process. Looking up at them, Hero spoke, their voice shaky and raspy;
“I am sorry. For..for getting emotional like this.”
Villain looked baffled.
“Did you just seriously apologize.”
“Why the hell are apologizing? You had let me cry into your stupidly strong arms just last week! So why, why in the god damn earth are you apologizing for having emotions?”
Villain let out their frustration, getting into Hero’s face and holding them by their shoulders. They shook them between every word to get Hero to understand. Since they clearly couldn’t understand basic self care.
“I-I thought you found me and my stupid emotions stupid that’s all.. and I just..”
Hero kept mumbling to themselves about their feelings and basically degrading themselves for being human. Villain’s brain tuned out all noise for a hot minute.
How could someone so kind, so sweet and so bright talk about themselves that way? Hero was so many people’s, including Villain’s, sunshine. And seeing them like this, broke Villain’s closed off heart.
“..just thought you didn’t want to deal with me and- and just should’ve killed me off f-for the better you-”
Hero’s mumbling stopped. Their breath hitched and shaking stopped.
“..You haven’t been allowed to be human in a while, huh?”
Hero broke down for the second time that night. Their cries louder, their shaking worse and their grip on Villain’s shirt tighter. Villain’s heart broke to pieces as Hero told them about everything. 
About their long un-ending hours of work, their nightmares and..
and how much they wished Villain had killed them.
After a long while of getting everything out, Hero grew tired. They inevitably fell asleep in Villain’s arms. Hoisting them up in their arms, Villain took a look at Hero’s face.
Red cheeks and nose, tear marks and the dark circles under their closed eyes. How hadn’t Villain notices earlier? How Hero looked so damn tired. How their reaction time was longer, their moves sloppier and how they couldn’t even keep their eyes open in most fights.
But now, Villain ignored those thoughts as they walked towards the stairs to get to their car. Villain was bringing Hero to their apartment and no way were they going to walk all that distance with passed out Hero in their arms.
Villain thought, trying to humour themselves. But now that they thought about it, Hero was considerably light for someone their height. 
Another thing I have to talk to them about.
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mentalwordvomit · 2 days ago
Never have to worry about people thinking I’m boring, always have to worry about people thinking I’m too much and legally insane
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onix666 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
I need to go deeper but i’m scared for some reason
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fuck-customers · 22 hours ago
This is a fuck coworkers story:
I work at a financing company I’m in a call center department. Thankfully it’s not collections. There’s about four people in my department, and sometimes two others from a different department will get on and help take calls. It’s not super busy most of the time and our breaks are staggered most of the time.
Our system has a few different functions for calls. If you’re available, obviously that means you can take calls. You’ve got your break, lunch and meeting statuses that show you’re unavailable. After that, there’s one that straight up says “unavailable” (for bathroom breaks and other small situations. The last one we have is if you need to do extra work after your call. It’s a super nice feature and our supervisor told us we can only be in that status for a minute or so. It helps us keep up on our work, and it keeps you from getting a call.
This is where my “fuck my coworker” comes in. They work just as hard as the rest of us, dislike taking calls as much as the rest of us, but is in that status for 5+ min at a time! Sometimes it’s bc they have 15 min left of their shift and they don’t want to take a call right before clocking out. I get it, but that means me or one of our other coworkers have to take the call. Literally no one is in that status for that long or that frequently and it DRIVES ME NUTS.
We sit right next to each other, so any time I happen to see that they’re in the status, I peek over to see what they’re doing. A good portion of the time, they’re on their fucking phone. We have decent break times and they’re usually p open if there’s a family emergency, so I think it’s complete laziness.
To top of my irritation, today I didn’t get a single call for almost an hour and they put themselves in the status. I started working from home, so now I can’t see why they’re putting themselves in that status, but it pisses me off. Our job isn’t exactly terrible, so I find it super unfair that they’re letting everyone else get calls.
I don’t even know how to bring it up to them since we’ve been friends for over a year and they’re the one who got me this job. It’s been happening for months and I’m about to snap.
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