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Bella’s a shield right? So like eddy can’t read her mind but jasper can control her emotions? Which are controlled by her mind???? Idk I’m confused.

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Let 👏🏻 Rosalie👏🏻work 👏🏻in👏🏻a 👏🏻preschool👏🏻

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friendly reminder that jasper is canonically a confederate soldier and racist as fuck and there’s absolutely no evidence that he changed those beliefs on the page and that’s what matters 🥰🥰 you should not be uwu-ing about a known racist 🥰🥰

not to mention the fact that the actor who plays jasper was directly involved in whitewashing sokka in the last airbender movie so for the people who i know are gonna say “we can stan jackson rathbone though hes a good guy” no he’s not 🥰🥰

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