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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The Four Horsemen of the Covid-19 Apocalypse

Famine: the rich white upper middle class housewives who are buying entire stocks of food and toilet paper, leaving grocery stores empty for everyone else

Pestilence: those fuckers who are coughing or licking toilets as “pranks” or to intentionally hurt other people

War: people who break the quarantine laws or refuse to take it seriously by continuing to go outside or to party

Death: any government or politicians (ex, Trump and Johnson) who, by their ignorance and denial and refusal to pass strict measures or send emergency supplies to hard-hit areas, are responsible for countless deaths each day

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Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa)

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa).

Morning temperatures for major cities in Europe are found in the following chart. Temperatures Europe.

Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ ]

Temperaturile diminetii pentru principalele orase din Europa se gasesc in urmatorul grafic.

Morning temperatures
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It is vital that going forward we all do our bit, however small, to slow down the spread of COVID-9 and help our NHS. The photo for Day 629, 23 March 2020 was taken shortly after the Government announced the introduction of new measures to stay at home except for limited purposes. AnEveryDayThing will, of course, be complying with such measures. As a consequence, and as previously stated, until the measures are relaxed, each daily photo on AnEveryDayThing will be taken from home (expect lots of close-ups of knives, forks and spoons!) or perhaps on an essential food shop.

I will continue to post to my other tumblrs during this period at home including:

Sometimes London

My Cornish Place

Postcards from Spike Island

However, all photos will come from my archives during this period.

On a positive front, the extra time at home will provide an opportunity to resurrect some of my much neglected tumblrs including:

My Monochrome Place

My Colourful Place

English Shops

Small Town

Sports Spectator

I’ve even got ideas for other themed tumblrs so more to follow!

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