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bvlnoriyas · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I did this! ^^
I love make this type of things TT
but choose fluff or angst was not easy-
anyway. I would like to know your answers~~ (just if you want)
@minnieplier-blog @shigarakis-dominatrix @justheretoaskandread @tired-dust @lexxiie @everyone
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pasta5284 · 17 hours ago
would anyone like to horrorsona
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excen-tricos · 11 hours ago
Gracias a mis padres idealizo las relaciones estables.
Cielo V.
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yumoirail · 2 days ago
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sarahmonicaxo · a day ago
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Caught a vibe, baby are you coming for the ride?✨
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murders-laura · 10 hours ago
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El otro día la pasé re piola con mi hermana del alma @kaiwolfy360 y dibujé esto en el camino uvu mana te quiero muchoooo 💕💕💕
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formulaur · 14 hours ago
Lando is a BIG BOY now
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april-vvv · a day ago
jeff: -se acerca a vincent- hola :))) con qué cuidas tu cabello? -le pasa un dedo por el cabello- se ve bien...
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perdon si tardo en contestar tareas, PEROOOOO ya casi salgo a vacacioneeeees para dibujar dia y noche B3
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[ID: How to Tag 101, owo, uwu]
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yeristrophyhusband · a day ago
okie so here’s their first meeting, in this au seulgi is younger than nayeon. just the intro before we get SMUT MUAHAHAHA
“Seulgi-ah~” Irene calls lovingly in hopes her tone will convince her hybrid to come out.
She thinks now it would’ve been better if she had told Seulgi a head of time about her meeting with a new hybrid instead of hiding it. Irene never quite understood Seulgi being terrified of other hybrids when she herself was a predator type. Seulgi was a brown bear hybrid, tall like really really tall—which made sense for bears. She stood at 6’3 while Irene was literally a foot smaller than her.
While any other person would be terrified, Irene never was even when she had adopted Seulgi. The reserve she had been living on absolutely adored her and Irene liked to volunteer at hybrids shelters and sanctuaries anything of the sort. But the people who had Seulgi previously were trying to get her back which the reserve wouldn’t allow because they had mistreated the gentle bear very badly.
Scared that these people would somehow find a way to grab Seulgi they had gone to Irene in hopes she could hide her until everything was safe again. In the end Seulgi ended up loving Irene and Irene loved Seulgi so she had graciously adopted her. There were many hybrids such as Seulgi, she was from a rare bunch. Hybrids such as bears, lions, tigers and anything among the apex predator bunch were very hard to take care of due to their diets and other things.
Which is why they had a lot of sanctuaries and reserves—mostly to keep them there until they were old enough to safely go into the world. Usually hybrids like that were companions to high power people or for scientists who studied their species. The biggest risk was them being taken for breeding and hybrid fights. Which is what Irene thinks the people who were trying to get Seulgi back had wanted her for.
Now though, years later Seulgi was now safe with Irene. They lived a calm life despite the fact as big as she was the bear was still terrified of everything. Irene didn’t mind it though. She always made sure to carefully introduce Seulgi to new things which always seemed to work the best. In reality Seulgi was a big baby who just needed some love which Irene loved giving.
“Honey bear come on, I promise she’s a nice little bunny! So is my friend Jeongyeon! She said that her bunny likes watching marvel movies too!” Irene tries but gets no response. “Oh I forgot she also has a switch! You can play super smash together!”
Irene smile herself when she walked into her bedroom seeing Seulgi’s tiny ears twitching meaning that the bear was taking into account what she said. In reality Irene had no idea what game she was talking about but when bringing up try to get their antisocial hybrids to be friends they had tried to find likes between them. The main one being that they both loved switches.
“Really? Does she like Zelda too?” Seulgi only lets her eyes be seen, still weary of Irene.
“From what Jeongyeon told me is that she likes a lot of games, maybe you can bring your switch and show her how to play it if she doesn’t know.” Irene silently celebrates when Seulgi stands up.
“Okay…if I can bring it then I’ll try.”
“Good but you can’t be on it the whole time.”
Getting to Jeongyeon’s house wasn’t as big of a feat as Irene thought it would be. Seulgi was tense but at the mention of this mysterious bunny liking to play games seemed to put a bit of excitement in her nervousness. Irene was prepared for anything the same Jeongyeon was as she texted the woman that they were at the door. Seulgi’s ears were going wild on top of her head—probably picking up the bunny’s scent.
When the door opened Seulgi’s ears went even crazier with their rapid twitching up listening for the other hybrid she was only feet away from. Jeongyeon was gentle introducing herself to Seulgi before apologizing about her bunny Nayeon not being there to greet them since she was a bit hyperactive. What no one was ready for was Nayeon to throw the back door open and scream upon seeing a hybrid twice her size standing next to a woman barely taller than herself.
Poor, poor Seulgi looked like she had lost ten years of her life at the bunny’s sudden scream. Irene didn’t even have time to react before the bear let out her own scream that sounded much like a bear roar and then running from her spot next to Jeongyeon to hide behind Irene as if that would do much. Both women held back laughs at the rough start to their hybrids first meeting. Jeongyeon walked towards Nayeom explain who it was while Irene attempted to calm Seulgi down.
“Seulgi it’s okay! You just startled her a bit, you have to remember you’re really tall.” Irene towards the bear who refused to stop hiding behind her. “Baby come on she won’t hurt you.”
Once Nayeon composed herself she realized quickly that Seulgi was no threat at all—literally like at all. If her pink hoodie with some cartoon dog on the front didn’t say enough then her giraffe printed socks (that didn’t match at all) should only confirm her threat level. Nayeon’s ears drooped upon seeing Seulgi being scared but also im discomfort on how large she was. Carefully she approached Irene, nose twitching catching the bear’s pine scent.
She made sure to stay a good distance away until Irene was finally able to get Seulgi to stand beside her instead of behind her. Nayeon squinted her eyes at the bear taking in her appearance with an intense gaze. The bunny’s foot thumbed rhythmically against the floor w her ears flapping up and down—an indicator to Jeongyeon that she was nervous but thinking of how she wanted to approach the bear.
“Your ears are weird. I like them” Nayeon smiles seeing the way Seulgi reaches up to touch them with blush on her cheeks.
“I dont like them, my right ear has a tear and my other one is floppy sometimes.” Seulgi states shyly.
“I have a patch of hair missing on my left ear! It’s because I when I get anxious I scratch there. Sometimes my ears flop too.”
“Oh…I think your ears are pretty. Can I touch them?”
Seulgi looks down at Irene who encourages her to step towards the bunny. As gently as she possibly could Seulgi runs her hand up Nayeon’s ear—giggling when it twitches at her touch. Irene melts seeing Seulgi’s tiny tail vibrating under her pants. It’s after she pulls her hand away when Nayeon slowly leans up towards Seulgi’s neck, letting the near know she wanted to take in her scent.
From then on things go better than what Irene had thought. Seulgi warming up uncharacteristically quick to Nayeon. Honestly she couldn’t be happier, happy that the bear was gaining a much deserved friend but to her dismay would turn into more than that very quickly.
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fabidraw67 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Datos aquí :3
✨Es una serpiente capucha roja (pero sin capucha xd)
✨Es Venenoso .w.
✨Auxiliar en el hospital de Lorrens (Dr.Serpentor)
✨No se ah quitado desde muy niño ese cubre bocas por el simple hecho de que pues solo mencionaré que tiene una complicacion en su boca
✨Es de pocas palabras uu
Eso son algunos datos por el momento xd y aquí dejo la ref de como se vería en serpientita(??
Tumblr media
Así .w. Y gracias @softcaktus por bautizarlo xd
Disfruten uwu pueden preguntar si gustan
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kupi-mi-beurek · a day ago
followers without ol is flowers <3
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ines-txbles · 2 days ago
Bienvenido, bienvenido eres al mundo donde vales más por lo material, por los que sabes hacer o por los que les puedes ser ultil a lo que realmente vales.
~Nayeli AR
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bitchesofostwick · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
a friendly reminder from your local korean blogger that “lunar new year” is inclusive of the many cultures who celebrate, and “chinese new year” should be used only if you’re referring to specifically chinese cultural practices of the new year. thank you!!!
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