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Name: Tin

He is one of the robots living in the junkyard and is the main character, he wanders the junkyard and looks for scrap and other robot parts in order to make himself a new body that is strong enough to leave the junkyard, he is nicknamed tin for the obvious tin can that he wears around his body which provides him with protection, a way of hiding and a way to store items that he finds in the junkyard.  

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Abigail Bullock (also known as Toastyhat on Tumblr, Toasty on Twitter and EmptyFeet on Youtube) is an artist and animator who has created a series of works that have been strongly inspired by books, web series and podcasts. She mostly well known for her Homestuck work that she does (webcomic series created by Andrew Hussie). She also creates storyboard/animatics from her on original ideas that she gets inspired by songs.
Because of this work she had created as fan she helped work on the webcomic with some animation for the final flash/animation of the series. She also worked with WhatPumpkin a studio that was creating a video game based around the homesick universe, making character animation, background animation and clean up. 

She is now currently works as a storyboard artists at Powerhouse Animations.

Some of their work that inspired me:


Personal/Orignal Work:

Her own Interpretation:

Her work was the first piece of animation that helped me understand that animation was something you could do. Her story on how she originally was a fan of something then ended up working and helping with the same project they were inspired by inspires me.

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Earlier this year, Doctor Who fans were treated to some rather exciting, yet strange news. Students at the University of Central Lancashire had started a film project re-creating the lost First Doctor episode “Mission to the Unknown.” I say “First Doctor,” lightly, as it’s the only televised story of Doctor Who to never feature the Doctor. Because of this, and it being only a single episode, it seems an obvious candidate for re-creation. Not to badmouth any of the actors involved in the episode, but none of them are irreplaceable. Even without Nicolas Briggs giving the project some weight, no sacred cows would be in jeopardy. Nobody has to fill the shoes of William Hartnell or his two lovely companions.

When I covered the new animated version of “The Macra Terror,” I discussed the importance of re-creations. While a small portion of the fandom dislikes the practice, most fans agree that they’re a good thing. The re-creation has taken on many different forms throughout the years. Classic Comics compiled the tele-snaps of lost episodes with captions allowing readers to follow the story. The Target novelisation is a sort of re-creation. For some, they act as the only way to experience lost episodes. There are the unofficial reconstructions from videographers like Loose Cannon. YouTuber Josh Snares has been working on some rather promising reconstructions of his own as well. Many of the narrated TV soundtracks have recently been pressed to vinyl. While it seems as though BBC is really pushing their animations, are those the final form of the reconstruction?

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For this brief, I have been put into group with four other classmates where we must create a VR Game or Experience in Unreal Engine 4 with each of us being holding different roles:
Designer – Mechanics and Level Design
Artist – Any key props or assets needed for the experience
Front End – Trailer, Gameplay recording, screenshots & resourcing any needed content (sounds)

For this project, I took on the role of one of the group Artists.

We began by sitting down and splurging ideas out to one another whilst writing down the half decent ones.

These are some of the ideas we generated:

  • Conveyor belt of potions giving different ‘trips’
  • Train shooty experience
  • Escape room
  • Grow big and small
  • Basketball
  • Coloursssssss
  • Wave defence
  • Synthwave/vaporwave/80s – beat saber but cooler (drum/hand dance mat synth pad/ colour picker with sword)
  • Paintball thing
  • Elevator – new scene every time the elevator doors open – pad at the side to pick places from – elevator music. Each floor based off different genre of music – dub/metal/piano/classic/heroic
  • Different levels are based around certain games – tetris etc.
  • Hallway doors – find keys – dioramas inside – different doors, different sounds coming from doors – people walk between doors scooby doo style

The idea we went with was an modified version of the elevator idea - the player would be in a hallway with many doors, with each of the doors leading to a different room that the artists would create. 

We hoped to have 6 rooms by the end, but with 3 being a minimum (2 for each of the 3 artists).

Our project would be more of an interactive experience than a game, so to speak. The player would be able to walk only just into the room, being blocked off by some form of barrier - whether it be a fence or a bar - so that the player could only interact with the immediate surroundings but still view he rest of the room.

For my room ideas, I had the following: 

  • A vintage (1950s?) styled theatre, where the player would only be able to go into the projector room above the theatre, but look down into the auditorium and view the projector screen. My plan for the interactivity would be that the player must switch on the projector to then reveal clues on the projector screen as to where a key to one of the other rooms is. The key would be hidden in amongst piles of film reel cases which the player will be able to pick up and open to search for it. 
  • A futuristic look room similar to the likes of Tron/cyberpunk styles. There would be a huge cube in the middle of the room, elevated above the ground on , floating and slowly spinning while rotated on its corner. The cube would look similar to a 4x4 Rubick’s, with each section glowing a different colour. The player would have to match each of the cube’s sides to have one set of colours using a control board in front of them.
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When researching for this brief I wanted to avoid a concept around horror. However even though my level and game concept are not horror based, I took influence from the recently released Resident Evil 2 remake, when designing the floor plan for my level. I tried to make a level that didn’t necessarily feel linear. The player must explore the mansion and overcome certain obstacles, with the player sometimes ending up in an area they previously explored, opening up a shortcut in the process.

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During my assignment I asked several of my peers to play through my level to give me some feedback. The information I was given was helpful to making my level more complete and professional. For example through play testing I saw that placing certain objects could cause some issues with players. I made changes to how certain objects were spawned into the world to combat this issue. 

Some of the other changes made due to player feedback were, object and obstacle placement. As well as pointing out were lighting could be touched on in key areas of the level.

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I’m back with a new breif, this time on lighting.

I am to create a block out mansion in UE4 and focus on how I can design lighting within the scene to help guide the player throughout the level.

Firstly, I came up with three pitches to discuss with my lecturer.

These were my ideas: 


The one chosen was Reminiscence.

I have written down some bullet points of how I would like to execute my research and development and then final product:

Mansion research:
- Pictures of mansions and rooms
- Moods - colour, lights, sunsets etc.
- Mansion/house plans
- Video research, other game research for lighting

Level design:
- Paper sketches
- Google sketchup block out
- Digital top down level plan
- Gameplay, brief story etc. (written out in a separate doc for submission)

- Mansion block out
- Create lighting

- Interact button line trace
- Doors
- Flashbacks? Bright light and transform to duplicate old level?
- Letters to read/pick up
- & other

I also took down some notes to keep in mind when desiging my level:

Don’t use symmetrical lighting - lack of engagement and interest
Mix it up: walls floor ceiling
Variable light intensity, off, blinking
Colour evokes emotional response
(Hot cold dangerous safe)
Showing what’s behind somewhere - curiosity leads to exploration
If there are light/door switches, make it clear which they’re for (unless part of a puzzle)
Make sure the puzzles stick to the theme of the scene
Turns to dark?

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In live drawing, we have been practicing again on the short poses of the human figure. We have been doing quick sketches and not been given a time limit.

In my last drawing, I have been reminded to think about what I am drawing. I have to look at the figure for a few seconds to understand where everything is positioned.

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So The Falls are pretty much done layout wise, it obviously still needs a little more tweaking, but i think once i put some lights in (flame torches) it’ll really give the player more of a sense of direction at some points i think its a little hard for the player to understand where they need to go.

Im currently working on a model for the shuriken launcher so that’ll be in soon too!

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