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#Ugh! each time I look at it I find more things to correct. sigh. I guess that's how it works eh
yougotthatbilly · 4 months ago
take care (m)
Tumblr media
→ member: johnny seo
→ genre: assistant!johnny | smut
→ word count: 15.9k (not surprised atp)
→ playlist: body talk x majid jordan, warm x majid jordan, BoRdErSz x zayn, moment x victoria monét
→ warnings: slowburn, indecisiveness, v  self-indulgent; unprofessional relations, big dick!johnny (ofc; don’t expect anything else), soft dom!johnny, begging (johnny’s a tease), subspace, oral; face-fucking, (and if you squint, ass eating), unprotected sex, squirting, praising, overstimulation, etc. 
↳ summary: your assistant just wants to take care of you
The heavy rain outside mocks you. You were supposed to be at your favorite bar across the street, but here you are sitting at your desk, staring out your window. And that’s how Johnny finds you after being granted entrance into your office.
Your arm is propped up on the arm of your seat, cheek in hand, lips pouted. Johnny does his best not to smile at the thought of you looking adorable as not to piss you off. He just sets your cup of tea down on the coaster on the corner of your desk. 
“How was the meeting?” he asks, taking a seat on the other side of your desk. 
You slowly spin to face him, looking at him with annoyed eyes as you take a sip of your tea. It’s the perfect temperature—a temperature Johnny took almost a month to perfect— and sweetness, and it instantly makes you feel a little better.
“Don’t worry,” you sigh. “Jiyoung didn’t get fired.” You have a three-strike policy; this incident is the second strike.
“Jaehyun,” Johnny corrects, grinning.
You tilt your head at his correction. “I care?”
Johnny just shakes his head, knowing you’re being petty because Jaehyun got his dates wrong and uploaded a post on a few new products a week earlier than the scheduled date, resulting in having to speed things up a little. It didn’t cause a major problem because you’re typically prepared for the worst case scenario, but you don’t like feeling rushed and when things don’t go as planned, so you were pissed. 
“What’s his punishment?”
“That’s between me and him,” you tell Johnny before taking another sip. Your lip curls in disgust at the suggestive look your assistant gives you. “Okay, let’s not be gross. He’s a child.”
“I didn’t know 23 was considered a child,” Johnny teases, mostly because the man of the hour has had a crush on you for the last year he’s been working for you and he’s been trying to get Johnny to talk him up to you. 
“I didn’t know you wanted to get fired in his place,” you say with a tight smile. Johnny decides to switch the subject.
“Mind me asking why you looked so sad when I walked in?”
You sigh once more, slouching in your seat.
“I wanted to go to the bar…” You point to the window beside you. Johnny follows your finger and watches the storm that hasn’t let up since it started half an hour ago. “That’s not happening anytime soon.”
You’ve either been in your office working nonstop or sleeping for the last week or so and you can feel a burnout creeping up. You were going to walk to the bar to get the fresh air you needed, enjoy a drink and your favorite wings because you deserve it—especially after the headache Jaehyun caused the moment you stepped foot into your office this morning—and indulge yourself. Now look at you, hardly munching on the fruit slices Johnny gave you this morning and almost finished with your tea.
“I’m sorry things aren’t going the way you planned today.” Johnny pouts. “On the bright side, you don’t have anything else on your schedule so if you wanted to go home within the next hour, you wouldn’t fall behind.”
“I’ll probably just take a nap on the futon once I’m done looking over the new plan again.” You shrug. 
Johnny wants to roll his eyes, but he catches himself. He’s sure you’ve already gone over it at least five times. There’s nothing he can do about it, though, so lifts himself out of his seat. “I’ll leave you to it. Just give me a call if something comes up or you change your mind.”
To both of your surprise, you actually head out and get yourself a candle you’d ran out of a week ago on the way home to treat yourself to a much needed bath filled with bubbles and essential oils. The scent of the candle reminds you of your assistant because it’s the scent he got you for your birthday, and it’s become your favorite. 
You send a picture of the candle at the end of your tub to Johnny, thanking him again for putting you onto greatness, as he worded it before when you first smelled it in front of him and your eyes practically rolled back. 
[18:14] John Suh: Are you actually relaxing???
You suck your teeth at his response, but you can’t blame him. He’s the only one that knows just how much you put in to get to the position you’re in, while you’re positive a lot of others just think it was handed to you by your mother instead of the school and endless hours work you went through and continue to go through. It’s very rare you give yourself the time to truly sit back and relax aside from when you’re on vacation. And even then, work never really stops. It just gets placed on the back burner for a little.
[18:16] you: Hush.
[18:17] John Suh: I’m just glad you’re taking care of yourself. Your dark circles have been snitching on you.
[18:17] you: Wow. You really wanna get fired today, huh?
[18:18] John Suh: Dark circles or not, you know you’re still beautiful. Now stop texting me and enjoy your bath!
When you find yourself smiling at your phone, you know you should do exactly what he says. Johnny’s always been a complimenter, though his usual kindness goes along the lines of telling you that you look nice. You’re no stranger to this specific compliment, you get it all the time on Instagram from your business partners and supporters. So why does this time settle differently within you?
[18:21] you: Nice save. 
Tumblr media
You need a video of one of your popular social media influencer ambassadors using and reviewing your newest skincare products tomorrow—due to Jaehyun’s mix-up—but that’s not happening. She didn’t record it before going on vacation and didn’t think to bring the products with her on her trip. While it isn’t her fault times have moved around, you’re annoyed she didn’t bring the products with her when she’s supposed to be using them every day because she’s one of your main advocates for your products being oily skin-friendly. You have the videos of the other models with their specific skin types, and this is your missing piece. 
The weather is nice today, so you take a much-needed break from electronics and go to the roof of the building. Your peace is quickly interrupted by the body of a six-foot male in front of you, standing in the way of the sunlight you were basking in.
“I know you hate him right now,” Johnny begins, skipping over greetings to get to the point of his disruption. “But Jaehyun has oily skin, he’s been using the products you gave him for like three weeks, he really likes them, and he has a good following on Instagram.”
You take the phone handed to you begrudgingly and look at Jaehyun’s page. Thirteen thousand followers and quality pictures. You’re not blind, Jaehyun is conventionally attractive and looks like a model in the photos and boomerangs. Something is missing, though. “Eh.”
“‘Eh?’” Johnny parrots, confused. He doesn’t know a better last-minute model for you than Jaehyun.
“Something’s missing,” you explain with a shrug. You absentmindedly tap the profile icon at the bottom of the screen and Johnny’s Instagram profile pops up. The two of you follow each other, so it’s not like you’ve never seen his pictures, but it’s been a while since you actually paid attention to detail. He has eighteen thousand followers and apparently uploads his pictures following a color theme. There are pictures of himself, random people, and nature in a strategic flow. When you select a video to watch, you’re sold on the lighting, exposure, and the way he captured the woman’s features. “Sit.”
Johnny does so without any questions. You gently grab his jaw and study his face closely. His skin is supple and dewy, the sun highlighting his cheekbones and the bridge of his nose. Not that his skin was bad before he started using your products, but the texture and scarring have minimized quite a bit. Johnny doesn’t have the typical, bland model face your competitors love so much, especially with the slight stubble he’s got above his top lip and on his chin. 
“What’s your skin type, John?” 
“Oily,” he sighs, knowing what’s coming next. He was doing his job as your assistant, trying to make your life easier, but now he wishes he would’ve left this task to the social media department and stayed out of it. 
You thought so. “Will you do this for me instead?”
“Do I look like an influencer to you?” 
“Yes. I’ll double your next check and everything,” you promise him. “You actually have a personality and everything you post is quality. Women will love the eye candy and all types of men will take you seriously because you don’t have that annoying pristine, perfect look to you like Jaeyoung does.”
Johnny is here to fulfill your needs, so he knows you asking is really just you being polite. He doesn’t have much of a choice, especially with the lack of time you have. He is enjoying the warmth of your hand and the fact you referred to him as ‘eye candy,’ too. And who is he to say no to extra money?
“I’ll have it recorded and edited by midnight,” Johnny smiles, giving you the hope you need. 
“Ugh, you’re the best,” you sigh in relief, shaking his face side to side affectionately before letting him go to stand up. You feel much better now. “Send it directly to me.” 
Johnny stands up with you and leads the way, opening the door for you. “Yes, ma’am.”
Always true to his word, Johnny emails you two links at a quarter-till, with a message attached: 
Good evening, 
I edited two videos for you, one short enough for a regular post on the company’s page and the other that could be used for my IGTV for my followers. I hope these meet your expectations, but if there’s anything you need me to fix or redo, let me know and I’ll get right to it. 
John Suh
You get comfortable in your bed with your iPad and tap the first link. You make sure the brightness and volume are high enough to get the full effect, then press play. The quality of the film makes you assume he used a professional camera instead of his phone, and he gets a point for that. 
“Hey,” Johnny starts with an awkwardly endearing smile. “I know this is a little different than what I usually post, but I got scouted by the skincare goddess herself to be an ambassador for Surreal’s new line of skincare, Ethereal.”
You grin at the nickname and note that with him being in the bathroom, there’s no echo in his audio, and that gives him another point.
“I’ve been using the four of the five products I’m about to introduce to you everyday for around a month and before I do my skincare routine for you, I’ll show you what my skin looked like before I started using these products with dates so you don’t think I’m just trying to sell you on them just because she’s been writing my checks for the last year,” Johnny chuckles, then the screen shows a selfie Johnny took with the date of a month ago from today, some hyperpigmentation and small bumps dotting his cheek and jaw. 
Another point for including before and afters. You knew he’d meet your expectations without you having to say much.  
“I’ll get up close and personal at the end so you can really see the results,” Johnny winks into the camera, causing you to blink. 
You knew he’d have personality and that was one of the main reasons he was a great idea, and while in hindsight his actions are predictable, you shake your head. The fact that he’s actually charming makes you scoff, but you’re sure that the damn wink only worked on you right now because it’s almost midnight and you should be asleep right now. You won’t act like he hasn’t always been nice on the eyes, but he’s Johnny. 
You can’t deny that you do thoroughly enjoy the Johnny presented to you through the screen, though. 
“The first product is an oil-based cleanser because the SPF in this collection is oil-based as well,” Johnny explains, then proceeds to show the jar and small spatula that comes with it before he scooped some out, capturing the texture of the product well. 
And that’s how the rest of the video plays out, the unusually deep, gentle tone of Johnny’s voice explaining how well each product works for his oily and acne-prone skin, lulling you into a relaxed state against your headboard. He keeps things short and simple, the video just barely passing three minutes and as promised, his face comes a lot closer to the screen, showing the faded scarring and smooth texture of what used to be his problem areas. Johnny ends the video with a sweet smile and says goodbye. The shorter video is edited to where he’s hardly talking, mostly just demoing your products, just the way you like things to be on the company’s page.
You did great, John. Thanks again for doing this last minute. You can come in at 10 am tomorrow since I had you working overtime today. Rest well. 
Tumblr media
Johnny is at your desk with your morning cup of tea at eight in the morning, a bright smile on his face as he tells you good morning. 
You glare at him. “Why are you here?”
“Because it’s my job?” Johnny says, pretending like he doesn’t know what you’re referring to. You can read him well, though. You take the mug out of his hand before gesturing for him to take a seat in front of you. 
“You’re either being hard-headed as usual, or you’re anxious about your video being uploaded. Which is it?” 
And that wipes the bright smile off of his face. 
“I slept three hours last night,” he confesses. “I’m not used to this kind of exposure.”
You take a couple of sips of your tea and quietly observe him, thinking. 
“Would you prefer we didn’t post it, then?”
Your assistant looks at you as if you didn’t just speak one of the languages he’s fluent in. You just blink at him and continue drinking your beverage, waiting for him to either say yes or no in case you need to make other plans, again.
“You’d do that for me?” he finally says after a while of staring at you like you’re crazy. 
“Why wouldn’t I?” you ask slowly. “You’ve proven how far you’d go for me and I appreciate it, but I care about you as a person and anxiety is a bitch, so I wouldn’t want you to be panicking over Jaejoon’s mistake.”
The corner of Johnny’s lift curls at your continued pettiness, and maybe his heart does a thing at the fact that you care that much about him. It’s obvious to everyone that he is the closest to you out of all of your employees; being your assistant means you let your guard down a little with him. Along with the more serious side of your personality everyone else gets (especially recently), he sees your soft side. You’re not an overly strict boss, but Johnny gets to see you smile more and pout (he’d lose his job if he admitted to you how endearing your pout is to him). But even with the closer relationship the two of you have, Johnny would’ve never expected you to choose his stage fright over your baby; your company.
“I couldn’t ask you to do that,” Johnny declines with a shake of his head. “I’ll be okay, I promise. Thank you for considering my feelings, though.”
You shrug, not about to press him on the issue. “Alright. I need you to post the IGTV at 2 pm and tag our page in an appropriate caption. I’d suggest you turn your notifications off for a while because as soon as you post it, it’s getting posted to our story then I’m sure you’re gonna get flooded with DM’s.”
“Flooded?’” Johnny asks, head tilted. “I mean, all I’ll have to do is copy and paste the same message answering any questions they might have about the products. Easy.”
You’re the one to look at him like he’s stupid this time. You set your mug down, lean back in your swivel chair, and clasp your hands over your stomach. “You can’t be that dense.”
“‘Dense?’” he asks.
“Are you a parrot?” you tsk. “But yes, dense. You know good and well most of the messages will have nothing to do with my products and everything to do with you.”
Johnny has the audacity to still be confused after your explanation. 
“John, you realize you’re a good-looking guy with a likable personality, right?” 
It’s not that he doesn’t know that. Johnny’s always been a pretty confident guy, with both his looks and personality. His confusion doesn’t stem from being blind or too humble. It’s the fact you of all people are telling him this right now. 
“You think so?” he prompts, just to see how many compliments he can get out of you. This is a rare occasion.
“When you’re not being annoyingly happy-go-lucky and chill out, yes.” You reply. And now he’s pouting. That’s what he gets.
“I thought my cheerfulness brought joy to your days,” Johnny says with a dramatic hand on his heart, offended.
“What brings me joy is everything running smoothly and everyone doing their job,” you correct. He isn’t wrong, but you decide not to stroke his ego any more than you already have. And you’ve already said too much. “With that being said, you do everything I ask of you, and that brings me so much joy. You’re the perfect assistant, so don’t cry.”
“Is this your way of telling me to calm down?”
Your iPad buzzes against the wood of your desk and when you peek at it, you see it’s an email from Jaehyun with the subject: Today’s upload schedule.
“This is my way of telling you to get to work, honey.”
Johnny often finds himself slowly backing out of your office with his hands up in surrender, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves the distinct differences between the two of you. He figures it’s why you work so well together and why he’s held this job position for over a year in comparison to the two assistants before him that both got fired before the six-month mark. Johnny’s also positive that you love his excessively positive nature (as Jaehyun has described Johnny’s personality before) somewhere deep down and that he brightens your day after dealing with idiots like Jaehyun. 
When your assistant is out of sight, you grab your iPad, respond to Jaehyun’s email, and find yourself rewatching today’s scheduled video. Maybe more than once. 
The video is up at 2 pm sharp and Johnny does as advised, turning his Instagram notifications off immediately. He even goes as far as taking his phone off of vibrate so he isn’t aware of any other notifications until he decides to look at his phone again. He’s got things to organize anyway, so the work he has to do takes his mind off of any anxiety within him. 
That is until you appear at the doorway of his office an hour later. This is a rare occurrence, so Johnny can’t be blamed for staring at you, and in the process, he appreciates the very fitted pantsuit you’re wearing. You took off the blazer sometime in between when Johnny left your office hours ago and now, and he thinks that the blush pink blouse compliments your complexion and red lips very well. But of course it does. Everything you wear compliments everything about you perfectly. 
Just one of the many observations Johnny has made in the past year.
“How do you feel?” you ask him. Your voice is always so calm and collected, even when you’re ripping someone to shreds because of idiocy. Johnny admittedly admires that about you.
“I’ve done everything under the sun to avoid my phone,” Johnny confesses with a weak laugh.
You nod. “Well, just know that I’ve had multiple companies and modeling agencies ask why I’ve been hiding you. So don’t be surprised if you have job opportunities waiting for you.” 
“Wow… this means I can finally quit,” Johnny hardly whispers with a victorious fist pump.
“I wish the hell you would,” you deadpan, breaking Johnny’s act and causing him to laugh loudly at the lack of expression paired with your response. “You’re mine unless there’s a tragic accident, God forbid, or you’re moving up in the ranks.”
“Promise,” you confirm, sending him a wink before turning on your heel and strutting back to your own office. Johnny licks his lips at the sight of the natural sway of your hips before shaking his head and getting back to working on the excel sheet staring at him.
Tumblr media
“How is it that you all have the skills and training for the very simple tasks I ask you to complete, yet lack common sense and proper work ethic?” 
Everyone in the room, excluding Johnny, just looks up at you from their seats, pitiful expressions on their faces. Their eyes follow you as you slowly walk to the other side of the room. You’re trying to stay calm and be professional, so pacing around the room is your best bet. 
To Johnny, you look like you’re on a runway in slow motion, modeling the slim-fitting pencil skirt and red bottoms you’re adorning. Though still attentive to every word coming out of your mouth, Johnny lets himself get lost in each step you take because he’s not the one getting chewed out. 
Mark, one of the newest additions to the marketing department, leans into Johnny’s side to whisper into his ear. “How have you managed to not fuck up and be on the receiving end of her talks yet?”
You don’t hear anything, but you see whispering happening, and now is not the time for side conversations. Johnny doesn’t even have the chance to turn to Mark or tell him to shut up until the end of the meeting before you’re speaking again.
“Mark Lee,” you call as you make your way towards him, causing him to sit up straight. “Is there something you’d like to say?”
“No, ma’am,” he responds nervously. Johnny internally shakes his head at Mark not being able to think quickly and lie. “My apologies.”
“Is there anything anyone wants to say or am I just a narcissist who loves talking to hear my lovely voice? Should I sing?” you ask, standing next to Johnny at the end of the conference table, hand on your hip. “Y’all want a performance?”
Johnny bites the inside of his cheek to refrain from laughing. Your sarcasm only intensifies the unsettled looks on everyone’s face and they all side-eye Jungwoo, their savior from the last time they got chewed out as a whole. Jungwoo raises his hand before saying, “There’s nothing we can say to excuse our actions—or lack thereof, but we will get right on it and do our jobs correctly this time. You won’t have to repeat yourself again.”
Johnny is impressed at how quickly your features soften. The ready-to-fire-someone look melts away as you nod at Jungwoo’s promise. You do have a bit of a soft spot for the latter, though, so it makes sense. 
“I’ll take your word for it. You’re dismissed,” you announce, waving everyone off. 
The room is empty, save for you and your assistant, in mere seconds. 
“You’re going to give them nightmares,” Johnny chuckles, gathering your belongings before opening the door for you to exit the conference room. He laughs once more at your responding yawn.
“How? That was me on my best behavior,” you retort, your heels clicking loudly as you walk to the elevator. “And what was Lee whispering about?”
“Your employees are just amazed that I’ve kept you satisfied for so long.”
You walk into the elevator once the doors slide open and lean against the mirrored wall, arms crossed. Your eyes are squinted as you give Johnny a once over. He has done everything right since he completed his training. “You think you can keep me satisfied?” 
There’s a challenging tone in your voice that causes Johnny to lick his lips. “I’d never disappoint you.”
Your response is a nod of your head paired with a drawn-out hum, and then you walk out of the elevator to your office once you hit your floor, walking ahead of Johnny without another word. You laugh at yourself when you replay the short conversation in your mind at the feeling you got in your gut at his response. And then you’re scoffing because, once again, it’s Johnny.
Johnny… Over six feet, amicable, charming, handsome as all hell Johnny. The scene of him licking his lips and saying those four words in that promising, deep voice in the elevator flashes through your mind once you’re seated at your desk. Your fingernail taps against the wood as you roll your lips together, stuck in your head. The ironic conclusion you come to before getting back to work is that you’re working way too much and just lacking male attention because there’s no other plausible reason for your goofy-ass assistant to have been on your mind so much for the last couple of days. 
“Really?” Johnny asks when he walks in and sees you slumped over your desk.
Your eyes flutter open at his voice.
“I was just resting my eyes” you yawn, waving him off. 
“What work is there possibly left for you to do at this point?” The products go on the market tomorrow, meaning all the work that had to be done in preparation for the launch was completed before everyone left today (the marketing department got their shit together quickly because they know about your policy and how unforgiving you are when the deadline is right around the corner). The only thing left for your marketing team to do tomorrow is look over everything once more and then you’re free to sit back and wait for customers to buy the new products and idly watch over social media if you really wanted to. It frustrates Johnny that you always find something extra to do. 
“I was doing some last minute, um”— another yawn —“touches on the-”
“Well, that’s enough,” Johnny interrupts your explanation, walking around to your side of the desk and plucking the pen out of your hand.
 You just nod and lean back in your ridiculously big swivel chair, blinking up at him slowly, because he’s right. There’s literally nothing else for you to do and you have the most full coverage concealer under your eyes; you need to rest. 
“Am I driving you home tonight?” He asks as he packs your belongings into the massive purse on the box by your feet then places it on your desk so he doesn’t have to bend back down to retrieve it.
“Yeah, I don’t feel like moving,” you mumble, thankful you spent so much money on the chair you’re oh-so comfortable in. 
Johnny puts his hands out for you to grab, and once you do so, he pulls you up. You groan and lean forward into him to catch your balance after not being on your feet for many hours, but then Johnny’s hand on firm on the middle of your lower back, and the pressure makes you stay. He’s just helping you steady yourself, a position you’ve been in once or twice before because you like to push your limits (says both your therapist and your assistant), but he smells good and he’s warm; his presence is comforting. It always has been, which is why he’s made the perfect assistant for you. 
“Are you okay?” he asks, looking down at the top of your head that simply nods in response.
“Think I pushed my limit,” you admit, much to your assistant’s surprise. It’s not that you’re prideful, but you don’t exactly like showing weakness, especially in front of your employees.
Though tempted to just let you rest your head on his chest because he doesn’t mind the proximity at all and knows you’re somehow comfortable, Johnny makes sure you’re standing steadily by yourself so he can drape your coat over your shoulders. He grabs your purse and wraps an arm around your waist then guides you out of your office, all the way to the parking garage, saying goodbye to the confused cleaning staff on his way out. 
He presses the button on the handle of the passenger side’s door to unlock it, opens the door, then fits you inside of his car. Johnny leans over your body to buckle your seat belt, and when he’s back away, he catches you looking at him with a look he can’t quite decipher. 
“What’s up?”
You shake your head and blink slowly. “I just really appreciate you, John.”
Johnny just nods to save face and closes the door before making his way to the driver’s seat. He’s not quite sure how to feel or respond to the soft-spoken, sleepy side of you since it’s been months since the one other time you’ve been in a similar situation, and he wasn’t as smitten as he is now. 
You’re fighting your sleep because even though you trust Johnny, you want to be as aware during this trip to your house. It’s a hard feat, though. His car is big and comfortable and the hum of the engine is trying to lull you into a deep sleep. 
Johnny looks over at you after getting on the main road and notices your internal fight. 
“You can fall asleep, you know.”
“You might take my organs.” 
“I would’ve done that a long time ago if I wanted to,” Johnny humors you. His response brings a small smile to your face, and that keeps a smile on his own. 
“You have a really pretty smile, John.”
“Thank you,” Johnny says, figuring it’s just your exhaustion talking. 
“I’m almost jealous of how pretty your lips are,” you sigh, mouth not filtering your thoughts at this point of exhaustion (you’ve gotten 10 hours of sleep in the last week, but no one, especially not Johnny, needs to know that). You don’t care enough to try to “correct” yourself because the pretty curl of his lips gets even deeper.
“Really?” Johnny asks, trying his luck again because he’s sure tonight isn’t like the other day in your office. “You think my lips are pretty?”
You hum and cuddle into his seat even more. After staring at his profile a while longer, you tell him, “I think you’re pretty.”
That makes him laugh again, taken aback at the string of compliments coming out of your mouth towards him of all people. It’s not that you’re mean or don’t applaud him for his great work, but this is a very different side of you that he’s seeing. He likes it.
“That’s a first, but I’ll take it,” he says, taking a moment to look at you again before focusing on the road again. “Thank you.”
“Are you used to hearing ‘handsome?’ ‘Fine?’ ‘Sexy?’” You notice how Johnny’s brows lift. “Too far?”
He shakes his head. “No, you’re good. I like you when you’re nice.”
“You like me regardless,” you say with a sassy scoff, pretending to flip your hair even though it’s slicked back in a low bun, the same as every workday.
Johnny nods slowly, contemplating if he should humor you or just laugh you off. It literally takes him 0.5 seconds to go with the former option because he’s been waiting for the day the two of you step out of professional talk and get into something more personal, specifically between the two of you. “You got me there. I mean, what isn’t there to like?”
Your eyes squint as you analyze him and process his words. There’s a subtle but still very noticeable shift in the air after his question, and while you’re sure it’s your fault for letting your exhaustion let you feel comfortable enough to open your mouth and start spewing out nice things to your assistant, his response is enough to keep it up. It also doesn't help that this is a far more intimate setting than work. 
“Be careful, you keep saying things like that and I’ll think you have a crush on me,” you tease him, chuckling at the snort he responds with. 
Before Johnny snitches on himself, he flips the script. “Says the one staring at my lips long enough to deem them ‘pretty’ and calling me pretty, of all things.” 
“Well,” you start as your gaze goes right back to his mouth at the mention of it. “It would be unprofessional of me to tell you that I think you’re fine as hell, so,” you shrug.
You and Johnny have always had a bit of banter between the two of you, and while this topic isn’t something that’s been covered before, it’s hard to really care when you feel comfortable enough to cross that line right now. If he hadn’t been playing along, you wouldn’t have said anything more than the simple compliment from earlier, but with the reciprocity, the logical voice within gets pushed away. Exhaustion isn’t much of an excuse at this point because that high from tiredness has passed. 
The timing of the traffic light turning red is a little too perfect. Johnny takes the opportunity to look at you again, and something lights up in his chest when he catches how your eyes travel up from his mouth to look into his own eyes at his attention. 
“It would be unprofessional,” he agrees with another nod of his head. “But I can’t say the feeling isn’t mutual.”
You hum and nod. “Good to know.”
“You must not be sleeping well for you to be throwing out compliments like that.” Johnny leans onto the middle counsel.
“I’m not saying anything I haven’t thought of for a while.” You tell him after a beat, choosing to reply honestly since you’re already here. Johnny quirks a brow to prompt you to elaborate, and you do so, mirroring his position and propping your chin in your hand. His face is a lot closer now, but you keep your eyes on his own orbs to avoid losing focus. “I hired you because of your experience and skill set, but I knew it wouldn’t hurt to have some eye-candy around me. Pretty privilege and all,” you wave a nonchalant hand. “You were perfect until you opened your mouth.”
“You can never be nice to me for long, can you?” he snorts.
“You’re perfect tonight, though,” you add on, specifically for the quirk of Johnny’s mouth that comes from the praise. Yeah, you failed the challenge. 
“How so?” Johnny questions, quickly checking to see if the light has changed yet. It hasn’t, and for once in his life he’s grateful for a long light. He feels good about where this conversation could possibly get him after a year of silently admiring you, so good that he not-so-subtly gets even closer, definitely in your bubble, but nothing too crazy.
“You’re calm and collected and taking care of me,” you admit. The silent deep breath you take to calm yourself grants you access to the scent of Johnny’s cologne again, and your mind is so close to deciding that logic is unnecessary. A tiny voice in the back of your mind has been trying to get your attention and steer you in the opposite direction of the one you’ve decided to take, with how you tilt your head up to get just a little closer to him.
“You like being taken care of?”
“I love it,” you confess, and Johnny takes the chance to tuck a stray hair behind your ear as he hums, content with your response. Definitely an excuse to test the waters and see how far he can go and how willing you are to really cross this line. You turn your face into his hand so he cups your jaw, but then there’s a horn sounding behind you because the light is green, and Johnny begrudgingly has to pay attention to the road. You blink, the trance you found yourself in with him so close but so far away dissipating, the situation becoming a lot more real now that he’s out of your space. You slump back into your seat and look out of the window, that voice becoming louder and grounding you as you take another deep breath. “But allowing myself to be vulnerable with someone like that? Yikes.”
He knows your defense mechanism is trying to kick in, but he’s not having it.
“Aside from me?” 
You hum. “Not quite…” 
You set yourself up. From that moment in the elevator to now, you’ve been digging your own grave, and Johnny has done nothing but assist you, encourage you to dig deeper. You’re not sleepy anymore, there’s no more foggy brain from earlier when he found you asleep in the office. Just desire you’ve done a grand job of ignoring up until the last few days. But unfortunately, you have to remind yourself you’ve been ignoring it for a reason.
Your assistant almost doesn’t say anything because he loves his job and you clearly switched the direction of the conversation for a reason, but so much (yet so little) has already been said during your time in the car and you’ve already said enough to get the gears in his head turning. 
“So you mean a different type of care?”Johnny asks. He pulls into your driveway and parks. He wants to get back to the space the two of you were at when stopped at that light, but you’re already unbuckling your seat belt and grabbing your purse, signifying that the moment is long gone. That doesn’t stop him from trying, though. “Do you need me to walk you in?”
“I think I’ve got it now, thanks.” You need to get inside and get some sleep. Are you running right now? Of course. You’re a responsible person and the most responsible thing for you to do as the woman that signs his paychecks, is to get the fuck away from him before he persuades you, because you both know it’s possible.
“Let me rephrase that:” he licks his pretty lips and your fist balls up around your purse’s straps. “Do you want me to walk you in? I know you didn’t need me to do most of what I’ve done tonight, but you let me because you wanted me to.” His ability to read you so well is both a blessing and a curse. “Now would you like for me to continue taking care of you tonight or not?” 
You do. You absolutely do. You’re tempted to say yes in the case you don’t end up alone tonight, but you know it’s not a good idea. And you’re sure the atmosphere of this car ride will disappear by the time you wake up. At least that’s what you tell yourself because you know, ethics.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you tell Johnny, opening the door and stepping out. “Thanks for the ride. Drive safe.”
Johnny watches you walk up to your door, unlock it, then disappear into your house. He lets out a deep sigh before backing out of your driveway and driving home.
Tumblr media
Tea, fruit slices, and avocado toast are set down in front of you the moment you walk behind your desk. 
“Good morning,” Johnny greets you calmly. “Your eleven o’clock meeting has been pushed back thirty minutes, so I’d suggest using the opportunity to get out of the building and get some fresh air. You know, get away from electronics and people to recharge.”
That’s exactly what you’ll do. You’re going to be monitoring the Instagram engagement and website sales for a while, even though you pay people to be on top of numbers, so a break will definitely be needed. 
“I love your brain, you know that?” you ask, looking up at him once your jacket and bag are off of your body, meeting his eye. The corner of Johnny’s mouth twitches. 
“I told you I’d never disappoint you.”
“And I’m holding you to that.” You ignore the fact that there’s definitely another meaning behind his words. You can’t say the tension that last night’s conversation produced has gone away completely, but it’s weak enough for you to ignore it and stick to the amicable atmosphere the two of you have built for the last year plus.
“Would it be alright if I accompanied you during your walk?” Johnny prompts after a moment of him just standing there, pursing his lips together to refrain himself from grinning at you. “There’s something I’d like to run by you because I trust your opinion as my boss and my friend.”
“We’re friends?” you joke, settling into your seat.
“Last time I checked,” he responds, unfazed. “We could be even closer if you let yourself be vulnerable with me.” 
And there it is.
“John,” you say after a brief pause. He’s got his hands in his pockets, face mostly void of emotion. Johnny doesn’t want things to go back to normal, and he’s decided to let you know in the most subtle, yet obvious way. Why ignore the feeling when it’s clearly mutual? 
“Yes, boss?”
“You can leave now.”
The grin on the male’s face falters. He examines you to see just how serious you are, and he knows this isn’t one of your playful banter moments. He tries to call your name, either to ease the situation and tell you it was just a bad joke or to apologize, but you just remove your attention from him and get on your iPad. 
And when he’s out of the room, the door closed behind him, you let out a frustrated sigh. Up until you fell asleep, if you weren’t thinking about your launch, you were thinking about him. If you weren’t thinking about the numbers from your last launch and the possibility of exceeding them, you were thinking of the way you felt and the words he said while you were in that intimate bubble before the horn honked at him. You had to take a couple melatonin gummies to shut your mind up and knock out. The sleep was amazing, the best you’d had in a while, but then when you were conscious again, Johnny was back.
You could have done without stepping into uncharted territory last night. To him, it may not seem as deep as you’re making it out to be, but there’s too much on the line for you. Your professionalism. Your pride. Your job, quite possibly. His job. You could pay him off if you decided to fire him, but you don’t want to deal with bribes making you feel like a shitty person. You don’t want a new assistant. You want Johnny.
At that very last thought, you pick up the phone and call Jaehyun to have him run the plan by you one more time. He thinks it’s because of his fuck up from before, and you just let him think that. 
Thankfully, Johnny is out of your way until later in the night. He didn’t try to accompany you on your walk, but he has no choice but to be here at the company outing taking place to celebrate your products selling out within 4 hours. 
All shots are on you, so your employees are taking advantage of this, recording  as everyone clinks their shot glasses together and downs the painful alcohol down. You’re two shots in and you mentally note that three is your limit for tonight. Maybe four. You’re already a bit of a lightweight, and there’s no way in hell you’re going to make a fool of yourself in front of your employees. Regardless, you’re having a pretty good time. As a gift, your best friend rented out the bar, so it’s empty save for your large group, and Joohyun’s presence is a godsend. She’s being friendly enough to your employees and for the most part she hasn’t left your side, being the comfort she doesn’t realize you need. 
“Congrats again, babe,” she says excitedly to you, pushing another shot in front of you as she scoots into the seat next to you. “Can we take that vacation in Bora Bora now that you’re free and even richer?” Her teasing smile makes you crack one of your own and sigh.
“You know that trip is for August. Be patient, Bae.”
She rolls her eyes but her expression doesn’t falter. Her gaze wanders a bit as she sips from her mixed drink and then she’s looking at you expectantly. You raise a brow to prompt her.
“How is it that all of your employees are hot as fuck?” she asks bluntly. “Even the women.”
You take a glance around like you don’t remember what everyone looks like. “I mean, I guess.”
“Especially a certain assistant.”
“Go for it,” you tell her, nodding in his direction. The said male is at the bar ordering something with his arm draped over Jaehyun’s shoulders, the two of them laughing about whatever the latter just said. 
“You know that’s not why I said that,” Joohyun scoffs, swatting at your arm. You may have mentioned to her a while ago that your assistant is very nice on the eyes and you sometimes enjoy watching him as he does his job. “Plus, Jaehyun’s more my type.”
You shrug. “I’m sure they’d be down for a threesome.”
Your best friend hits you once again. “What’s with your mood? You’re not acting like someone who just sold out in only a few hours.” 
Before she decided to bring a certain assistant up, you were doing pretty well. You’d been able to not look at him for too long or even have to speak to him much aside from a greeting and his congratulations before he was by Jaehyun’s side and Joohyun was by yours. But now, with him being mentioned, your eyes are having a hard time pulling away from his figure. His tie is loosened and the top few buttons of his shirt are undone. His sleeves are rolled up right under his elbows and show off the tattoo on his arm. 
You rip your eyes off of him and down your shot. Yeah, you’re thinking four.
Joohyun’s incredulous laugh brings your attention back to her. “You didn’t.”
She leans into your side to whisper, “You’re in a mood because of Johnny?”
You side-eye her because you don’t like how quickly she read you, and her smile grows wide. 
“Oh, my—you slept with Johnny?!” she continues to whisper-yell.
“No,” you hiss. “I did not. But I could have and that’s the issue.”
“Not seeing the issue?” She’s always been the little devil on your left shoulder. “The only reason I brought him up is because I’ve noticed how often you have his attention when you’re not even in the same area. And I know the difference between a look of concern and a look of want. He’s got a good ratio of both going on.”
“Okay, Miss Couple’s Therapist,” you mutter. “You ever heard of conflict of interest?”
And that shuts her up. Only for a few seconds, though.
“All I’m saying is I know you’ve thought about it… and you’re probably thinking about it now,” she giggles, making it hard for you to keep glaring at her. “I’m just trying to help you understand that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if there is a mutual understanding between the two of you on what flies and what cannot and shall not happen regarding the matter. You’re both consenting adults and it’s obvious he’d be on his knees for you with the snap of a finger.”
You decide against telling her about last night’s situation nor do you let her know you’re considering her words. That you’ve been considering the whole thing for days. 
You change the subject instead, asking her about how her latest trip overseas went.
It lasts for only so long when Johnny and Jaehyun make their way over to your table. 
They greet the two of you and you give a nod, choosing now to be the perfect time to check your notifications, while Joohyun says, “Hey guys.”
“Why are you checking your phone when you should be enjoying your time?” Johnny asks right by your ear, his voice lacking excitement but instead low enough to almost make your thumb falter as you scroll. “Get off your phone and celebrate, please?”
You make the mistake of looking up. He’s too close to your face to use the music playing through the speakers in the bar as an excuse. His eyes don’t have their usual playful glint in them. They look down at you with a purpose, and you’re kind of embarrassed at how fast you comply with his request. You drop the device into your purse and zip it up for extra measures.
“Thank you,” he smiles. “I got this for you two, by the way.”
Johnny slides a plate of your favorite wings on the table.
“Aw thank you, Johnny,” Joohyun coos, shooting you an annoyingly smug glance. “Are you gonna sit with us?”
“Is that okay with you, boss?” Jaehyun asks after sharing a look with his friend.
“Have at it,” you smile tightly, gesturing to the seats across from you. While they make themselves comfortable, you steal your best friend’s shot and actively ignore the way she looks at you from the corner of her eye.
Joohyun and Jaehyun fall into conversation easily after she compliments the watch he’s wearing. You nibble on some celery, actively ignoring how Johnny’s still too close. He subtly squeezes your knee to get your attention, and when he’s got it, he tilts his head in the direction of the bar. 
“I drank enough,” you tell him with a shake of your head.
“It’s not about a drink. I would like to speak to you alone, please,” Johnny explains in a whisper. A tiny voice in your mind says hell no because of what Joohyun has put in your head, but the rational voice reminds you that he is your assistant and you can’t avoid him forever. 
You tell your best friend that you’re gonna get a drink and that you’ll be back, and when she notices Johnny getting up with you she nods with a whisper of a smirk on her lips all without breaking the conversation she’s having. 
“What’s up?” you ask once seated on a barstool, at least a few seats away from everyone else.
“I’m sorry about earlier. I was trying to make light of the situation and I took it too far. As for last night, it was wrong of me to make a proposition like, so I want to apologize for that, as well.”
You nod as he speaks, letting his words process in your brain. 
“I spoke out of line last night and gave you an opening, so that part was on me. I apologize and I hope we can move forward from it. Thank you for your apology.” You try to get up and make your way back to your table quickly, but Johnny gently grabs your hand until he knows you’ll stay in your seat. 
For a moment he wanted to just apologize so you can stop being distant with him and he can stop purposely avoiding you for your space, but your response rubs him the wrong way and now he doesn’t really want to drop it. He wants to talk about it because the topic clearly came up for a reason last night and he’s tired of denying how he feels towards you, especially now that he knows he’s not alone after a while of thinking there was no way in hell his little crush would even get him this far. 
“Can you not shut me out right now?”
You really don’t like his ability to see through you.
“I accepted your apology and gave you the one you deserved... how am I shutting you out?” you bullshit him anyway.
“I’m not gonna pretend that what happened last night didn’t happen. I can’t,” Johnny tells you honestly. “Can I speak to you as a friend instead of your employee for a moment?”
“I guess,” you shrug.
“As your friend, what I say cannot be held against me as your assistant.”
“Whatever, John. Go ahead.” 
“I want you,” he confesses, and there’s really no going back from here. “I am very attracted to you and when you spoke about wanting to be vulnerable and taken care of last night it only made me want you more. And if there’s anyone you can let your guard down with and that will take great care of you, it’s me, and you know this.”
All you can do is stare at him for a while. If you hadn’t had that conversation with Joohyun a while ago you would not still be in this seat, letting him know you’re truly considering his proposition. The dip in your gut at his confession confirms your feelings, but your brain and your body conflict. 
Can you separate business from pleasure in this instance? 
If you allow your desires to become reality and it’s nothing like what you imagined, you’d never be able to look at him the same, no matter how good he is at his job. You’d either have to fire him or become so distant he’d want to quit. Would a bribe really have to be offered for the well-being of your precious company? The thought alone rubs you the wrong way.
But if you’re being honest with yourself, you just know it wouldn’t be a bad experience because it’s Johnny. He’s calculated and good at anything that gets thrown at him. You truly believe him when he says he’d never disappoint you. But how will you go about seeing him five days a week without seeing him in a different light? You’re professional but there would definitely be a change in your dynamic.
“I adore you as my assistant, John,” you finally speak up after too long. “And I do consider you a friend. I just don’t want to compromise our relationship over lust.”
“It’s not just lust, though,” Johnny states. “I’m not in love with you or anything but I care about you and want to take care of you the way we both know you need and deserve.”
He’s saying all of the right things and it’s almost as if the universe is rubbing him in your face. Your control is slipping and you don’t like it. You would love to be taken care of. You crave it. Running a business right before the age of thirty comes with so much stress and bullshit and you haven’t been taken care of in years, at least not properly. You’re content with being single because you give yourself everything you need and you love having your own space, but it does get lonely sometimes. And you can’t do everything yourself, at least not to the extent you need. Your eyes scan down from his face to his hands and your resolve gets a little weaker. 
“I’m not going to push you, okay? I just had to let you know that I’m here to help you in many more ways than in the office and that if anything were to ever happen, my lips are sealed. I’d even sign a damn contract if that meant I could have you for just one whole day.”
“A whole day?” you ask before you can stop your curiosity from being known. 
“I can’t elaborate on that. I can talk to you as a friend all I want but I know that too much detail can fuck up my job if you’re not down and I’m perfectly content with my job right now.”
He’s so vague, yet he’s said just the right amount. It’s easy to imagine what exactly could be in store if you release your inhibitions and just agree, but it’s not that easy. And Johnny understands that.
“Just think about it, alright?” He requests, and you nod slowly. “What drink would you like?”
“I’ve already had four shots—”
“No one said it had to be alcoholic,” Johnny laughs. 
Tumblr media
“Hello?” Johnny’s morning voice grumbles. 
It’s quiet on the other end of the line for a while as Johnny wakes up and decodes your single word. When he understands, his smile can be heard through his next words.
“Would you prefer I go to you or you come here?”
“I’ll go to you.”
“How does noon sound?”
“Good,” you nod, even though he can’t see the movement.
“Alright. There’s a couple of questions I have before you come over, though,” he tells you, his voice suddenly a lot more serious than it was before.
“Okay, go ahead,” you sigh, curling into a ball on your sofa. 
“Do you trust me?”
“I do.” Of course you trust him. Johnny smiles at how quick your answer. “You know that.”
“Trusting me with your work and trusting me with your mind and body are completely different things,” he tells you matter-of-factly. “But yes, I did know. I just needed to ask.”
“I clearly trust you enough to be hours away from going to your place without thinking you’re gonna exploit or blackmail me.”
“And I appreciate it. As I said, I’ll sign a contract if you’re still in your head about it.” At the dismissive response you give him, he continues with his questions. “We’re not gonna be weird about this before, during, and especially after everything, right?”
“No, I won’t be weird,” you chuckle, knowing his ‘we’ translates to ‘you.’ “It would’ve took me way longer to give you an answer if I was still gonna be weird or standoffish.”
“What made you change your mind so quickly?”
You blink at the tree on the other side of your window blankly. It took less than a day to give him a response, and while he may have popped up in your dream last night, Joohyun was right. You want him and he’s not shy about letting you know how much he wants you in return, so why play this game of tiptoeing and faux unclarity?
“You’re asking too many questions now,” you deadpan. “I’ll see you later.”
The last thing you hear before you hang up is Johnny laughing quietly to himself, sounding endeared.
Tumblr media
You’ve always been punctual, so when you knock on his door, it’s twelve on the dot. And Johnny was expecting this, with it only taking him a couple of seconds to unlock and open the door for you. 
“Hey,” he greets you with a smile and you immediately take in his appearance, having never been around Johnny in anything but formal wear. You take in how he looks in the comfort of his own home, his brown hair is parted down the middle in comparison to how he always has it pushed back, and his fitted white tee shirt and joggers are a stark difference from the button-downs and slacks he usually adorns around you. He looks good either way, you note. 
You walk past him into his home and take your shoes off, and while pleasantries are exchanged, it’s Johnny’s turn to give you elevator eyes. The grey color of your athletic wear draws attention to the curve of your ass and hips. Your hair isn’t in its signature style, but out and flowing about freely. When you turn back around to face him he notices you don’t have your typical red lipstick on, just a clear sheen covering your lips. He didn’t think you could look any better, but here he is, being proven wrong. 
You’re guided down a hallway and into his room, and the first thing you notice is a cute stuffed animal on his dresser. One you remember buying him for his birthday because that was his only request, seeing that it was limited edition.
“I still can’t believe you wanted this of all things,” you laugh fondly, picking it up and examining it.
“You gave me a budget and this fit in it,” Johnny shrugs, coming up behind you. His chest molds into your back naturally, causing you to look up from the plushie and up at him through the mirror in front of you. “There was no way in hell I was coming out of pocket for that myself when you were willing to spend big bucks on me.”
You relax into his chest, the vibration against your back a very pleasant feeling. “Touché.”
The last few days of building sexual frustration did nothing to prepare you for the suffocating blanket of tension that envelopes you once Johnny lifts your head up to the side and presses one of the gentlest kisses to your lips. Followed by another chaste one, and another until you find yourself chasing his lips.
“Feel free to bite into it when it becomes too much for you,” Johnny graciously offers in a whisper that tickles your lips.
You scoff, amused by his confidence. 
“I’m a grown ass woman,” you remind him. “I promise you there’s nothing I couldn’t handle.”
“And I’m gonna hold you to that.” He nods, using your own words against you. You’re turned around by his hands on your hips until you’re facing him. A moment of silent eye contact translate to him challenging you before his pretty, soft lips slowly slide in time with yours. 
The longer he kisses you, the more your body melts into his. You find yourself being pulled forward, him walking backwards. The kiss interrupted when he sits down at the foot of his bed, but then you’re pulled onto his lap, straddling him to resume it. A hand on the side of his face prompts him to deepen the kiss, and your mouth instantly opens when you feel his tongue brush against your bottom lip, the wet muscle minty when it touches your own and you curl yours around it to get an even better taste. 
Your hands find his hair as his own grip your ass, pulling a muffled whimper out of you. And then you’re flipped onto your back, legs falling apart to give Johnny freedom to stand. He swiftly takes his shirt off and then he’s interrupted by your palms glide up his abdomen. You’ve never felt small around practically anyone in your adult years, but with how he hovers over you, you feel tiny. You know he and Jaehyun have been going to the gym frequently, but at this angle, you can really appreciate just how big and broad he is.
Originally, you figured you’d give him the reign to do whatever he wanted and you’d bask in being a pillow princess for once in your life, but in the position you’ve found yourself in, with his print in your face, you drag your hands back south and tug his waistband down. 
Johnny just watches you silently until he understands you’re doing more than just assisting him with stripping. Your hand grabs hold of his semi (your mouth waters at how hung he is and you briefly wonder how you never noticed before), his sweatpants forgotten halfway down his thighs. The way your eyes have tunnel vision and you lick your lips tells him your plan. “You wanna suck my dick?” he asks anyway, making sure he accessed this correctly. 
Your eyes fly up to meet his gaze. “Yeah. You want me to?”
“You think I’d ever say no to you?”
His response goes straight in between your legs, so you focus your attention back on his dick, which has grown some during the time of your small interaction, and you might be a little more excited about this than you initially thought you’d be. 
You let spit fall from your mouth onto his tip, then spread it down with your hand. You flick your wrist up and down a few times and lean forward, licking a broad stripe up his shaft. At the deep exhale he releases, you glance up at him through your lashes, and the sight of him with his jaw tightened in anticipation makes you want to give him so much more, so you suck the tip into your mouth. 
Fingers move your hair behind your ear for you and if you still had any inhibitions at this point, they’re lost now. Your head bobs back and forth slowly as you continue to look him in his eyes; it’s hard to look anywhere else when you’ve never been looked at so intensely in this position. You gather spit on the tip of your tongue and spread it across his head, circling the wet muscle around it until he hums and you need to feel the weight of him back inside. 
“Tap my leg, okay?”
You furrow your brows at his words, but your silent question is answered when there’s a hand on the back of your head and the tip of his dick hits the back of your throat lightly as if in warning before his hips pull back then he’s back in your throat. Your hands come up to his thighs as he sets a slow pace to fuck your face, and when his head falls back the moment he realizes he can go as far as he wants, you close your eyes and prepare for the onslaught you know you’re about to take.
Johnny’s hips instantly pick up speed and roughness, and while he’s still in control of himself, he loses a bit of sanity. After a year of silent pining and thinking this would never happen, he’s fucking his boss's face, and of course, of fucking course you don’t have a gag reflex. 
You stick your tongue out flat to lick at the bottom of his shaft as he does the rest of the work and the feeling of spit bubbling out the sides of your mouth and making its way down your chin digs your fingers into his skin since you can’t clench your thighs together. Your hair is gathered for extra leverage, and the pull of your scalp is such a delicious feeling you moan helplessly just when your nose comes in contact with trimmed hairs. 
“Shit,” he hisses, picking his head back up to watch as he slows back down but thrusts in rougher. You clearly enjoy being used like this, spit traveling down your chin to the point of landing on your jacket and darkening the material. You’re a mess in the best possible way, and this is an image that will haunt his memory for a very long time. 
More of his resolve crumbles at the feeling of your hands curling around to his butt to press him even closer into you, even further down your throat. You haven’t even been touched, barely kissed, but you’re lightheaded and extremely aroused. While he contemplates if he should cum down your throat or wait until he’s buried in your pussy, you’re silently hoping he lets you taste him soon. 
Johnny drags his dick out of your mouth at an extremely slow pace, and how you wrap your lips around him and open your hooded, darkened eyes to look at him again shoots a shiver of pleasure up his spine. 
“Never would’ve thought,” he says around an amused exhale.
“Hm?” you prompt, releasing him with a loud pop. 
“Nothing.” He shakes his head. He grips his dick with his free hand and taps the tip on your awaiting tongue, amused and extremely turned on. Smearing fluids over your tongue and lips, he softly demands: “Play with your pussy for me.”
The smile you give him is a concoction of wicked and endearing. He releases your hair as you manage to wiggle out of your leggings. You soaked through your lace and leggings, you both notice, and Johnny stops you with a disapproving hum when you make a move to remove your panties as well. You squint, he laughs and shakes his head. 
“Over your panties.” You roll your eyes but listen nonetheless, slipping your hand in between your thighs. The material is extremely wet to the touch, and the slickness helps with making the friction pleasurable when your fingertips find your clit and begin rubbing circles. “Slowly.”
Johnny finds your huff of frustration adorable.
The tip of his dick taps your mouth again to gain your attention. You suck spit up to the front of your mouth, then your mouth is stretched wide once again, hand back in your hair. 
Having your throat fucked with the additional pleasure on your clit, even with the slow pace you’re forced to go at, has you practically whining, the sound going in and out as he goes in and out your mouth. That vibration only spurs Johnny to grip your locks tighter and thrust in deeper to feel as much as your mouth and throat offer. 
“You were made for this, huh?” 
“Mhm,” you affirm, eyes rolling back at the way he pulls your hair to tip your head back and get a different, much better angle. 
Johnny honestly didn’t expect you to submit so easily to him. The visual of your face all messy, eyes hardly opened to look into his eyes and hair out of place while touching yourself sparks that feeling in his lower abdomen.
 “You want me to cum in your mouth?” You hum again and even with a mouth full of dick you manage to smile. You’re getting what you wanted. “Don’t swallow it until I tell you to.”
It takes a few more strokes for Johnny to fulfill your wish. The moment his head falls back again you use your free hand to caress his balls, and that does it. He leaves the tip in so that his cum pools onto your tongue and strokes every drop out. The groan he lets out causes you to unintentionally swipe at your clit faster, but he’s distracted anyway.
“Let me see,” Johnny says after collecting himself and stepping back. You straighten your head so none slides down your throat and open your mouth wider for his inspection. He smiles in approval, wishing he could take a picture of the sight before him. “Swallow.”
You lick your lips and wipe away all the spit that traveled outside of your mouth with the sleeve of your jacket after doing so.
Johnny completely removes his pants before he leans down to kiss you again. His tongue languidly licks against the seam of your mouth for an entrance that you grant instantly. While it curls around your own and he gets a taste of himself, Johnny’s hand guides you to bend one leg and he caresses your outer thigh.
“Good?” Johnny asks for extra measure, lips just barely dragging across your cheek to press opened mouth kisses on your jaw. Your head automatically tilts to the opposite side to give him more real estate. You hum, your mouth a bit preoccupied with how your teeth have trapped your bottom lip. 
Your breath stutters at the gentle scrape of his teeth along the length of your neck after he unzips the high neck of your top to expose more skin. Whichever scent you chose to put on today has Johnny latched onto your neck for a while, kissing, licking, nibbling the skin to the point of your breath coming out a lot louder than before and the seat on your underwear getting uncomfortably wetter. You’re throbbing at this point and not being touched enough, so you claw at his sides and call his name quietly.
Johnny eventually spreads your legs more and maneuvers himself in between them. Both of your legs bend at the knee to accommodate his large build in the middle of them, and the hand that isn’t keeping himself propped up by your head kneads your hip. 
“You know how long I’ve been wanting to get you like this?”
“How long?” you prompt, voice hardly above a whisper.
“Since the day you gave me a tour of the building,” he admits and slowly rises until he’s up on his knees. 
“That’s a long time,” you respond lamely, hardly caring when your pussy is practically screaming at you to be touched. He raises a brow, and when he looks back up at your face, your lip is back in between your teeth. 
If he doesn’t touch you soon you might explode.
“I’ve wanted this for a while, too,” you decide to confess, hoping it gets you somewhere. And it does. It’s almost like you’re rewarded for it by Johnny walking back on his knees until he’s far enough to settle on his stomach, face barely inches away from the apex of your thighs. He subconsciously licks his lips at the smell of you. He’s been wanting to taste you for so long now, but he refrains himself because he sees how you’re affected by the lack of attention to your heat. He promised he’d take care of you and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. But not before breaking you. 
“Wish you would’ve told me sooner,” he eventually tells you after having you hold your breath for way too long.
“You know I couldn’t.” The way Johnny looks at you, attentive to every word that comes out of your mouth while he smoothly scoops your legs over his shoulders to wrap his arms around your thighs, makes you continue speaking. “Seems like everything fell into place, though.”
Johnny nods, rests his head on one of your thighs, and looks up at you, brown eyes still watching your mouth intently, as he unhooks one of his arms to push your right leg further to the side. His fingers are soon on your center, gliding up and down your slit, bumping into your clit with each pass. 
“I guess it did.”
Before you can reply, he adds more pressure behind his touch, and your hips just barely lift to get even more. The smile you get in return is attractive as all hell but annoying. He knows exactly what he’s doing to you or he’s just really enjoying himself. Either way, you’re getting more impatient by the second, if the way your hips rise to grind your core against his fingers again says anything. 
“Stay still for me, okay?” You almost pout because you need more, but you promised to give him total control of the situation and you’ve done well thus far, so you press your ass back into his comforter. “There you go.”
Your pussy clenches around nothing.
The light pressure on your clit is soon gone and then the zipper of your jacket gets dragged down all the way. “Take this off for me.”
Sitting up, you do as told. You toss it where your leggings had been dropped and now you’re presented in front of the awe-struck brunet in just your matching set of underwear. You figured you’d wear something nice under your clothes, both for Johnny’s pleasure and for your confidence, and with how Johnny’s eyes settle on the way your breasts are trying to burst out of your snug lacy bra, you know you chose well.
A hand slides up your torso to grab one of your breasts and squeeze it. Somewhere in the midst of him fondling your chest and pressing teasing, yet promising kisses on your inner thighs your eyes drift shut again as you bask in the pleasure. One of your own hands comes up from your side to slide under the cup of your unoccupied tit and pull at your nipple. 
The tip of Johnny’s tongue drags dangerously close to your annoying-still-clothed heat and your patience is shot. 
“I need more.”
He has the audacity to hum and give your clit a kitten lick. “Do you?”
You huff, stuck between just pushing his face into your pussy or doing what he asks of you, but you promised, so you suck in a breath and give him what he wants.
“John,” you say again, almost whining. 
He doesn’t say anything, just continues to look at you expectantly. And when too much time goes by, it somehow hits you what he wants from you and you groan quietly to yourself.
“That was very convincing,” Johnny snorts. His nose glides across the inside of your thigh like he’s got all the time in the world. It tickles in the best way, but it’s nothing but teasing and you’ve been stimulated enough that if you go more than a couple of seconds more without his mouth giving you direct pleasure, you’ll go insane. So with a great amount of willpower, you try again.
“Johnny,” you whine, giving him your best pout. Addressing him so informally feels foreign, but the way his eyes light up encourages you to keep going.“Please?”
And of course a big smile takes up half of his face and you mentally prepare yourself for what’s next to come. He peels your panties off, both of you watching the line of slick that stretches then breaks in the process, and when you spread your legs even more for him, his mouth salivates. 
Johnny makes sure you’re looking into his eyes as his tongue licks a wide stripe from your entrance to your clit. He wants to be smug at the gasp you let out, but the taste of you shuts his ego up quickly. 
You squeak when you’re suddenly flipped onto your stomach and your ass is lifted up into the air. With yet another broad lick to coat his taste buds with your essence, Johnny buries his face in your pussy. He uses the tip of his tongue to collect the puddle of wetness you’ve produced and smears it over your clit, soon digging  inside to directly stimulate the bundle of nerves. 
Johnny’s lips close around your clit and he sucks on it softly. As the moments pass he gradually sucks harder to the point of you not being able to fight the way your eyes flutter shut and hips push back. He’s nice about the movement, just grabbing your hips to keep you still, soon caressing and kneading. 
“Mm, that feels good,” you compliment. At that very moment, Johnny decides to roll his tongue in up and down motions and apply more pressure behind his hands. “Fuck, that feels so good.”
He prompts you with a hum of his own. 
With how your moans start to get louder and your breath gets quicker and harder, not to mention the tingles you feel building in intensity, you know you’re already close. It’s a beautiful yet frustrating feeling because you don’t want this to end so soon after waiting so long. But you also want him inside of you so bad now.
Johnny comes back up to circle your entrance, and then he goes even higher.
“Are you— fuck,” you groan deeply. 
Your hands grip the pillow your face is buried in and your eyes have found the back of your head again. Johnny just hums at the way you react, the octave of your voice as you let out your sounds of pleasure go straight to his dick. His tongue licks filthily up and down, not leaving an inch untouched nor missing a drop of your juice. His fingers rub your entrance until he slides one in. One becomes two after a few pumps, then his thumb presses into your clit and your back is arched almost uncomfortably.
“Johnny,” you whine again, breath hiccuped. 
“Yes?” he prompts, lifting his head and looking up to see your face peaking around your body, smushed into his pillow still. 
“I wanna cum,” you tell him. It feels too good now. “Fuck, I need to come, Johnny.”
“Then cum for me.” His voice is so gentle yet commanding as his digits speed up. He tongues the skin between your holes sloppily and you try to curl into yourself, your mouth wide opened with no sound coming out of it, your walls clenching madly around the fingers inside of you, and your grip on the cushion is borderline painful.
Johnny helps you ride out your orgasm for as long as possible until your body begins shuddering due to oversensitivity. He gradually slows down to a stop, then removes himself from your body to let you breathe correctly. While he sucks on his fingers, he uses his clean hands to soothingly rub your back, waiting for you to calm back down. 
You’re a bit dazed during the transition of more kissing that leads you on top of him, straddling him once again. You vaguely remember the caresses on your waist or the pinch of his fingers playing with your nipples, but the feeling of your bare pussy dragging against his dick is very memorable because it sparks a desperate need within you to sit on it. 
Johnny’s hands on your hips move you to continue the friction, moving you back and forth on his dick easily. Foreheads connected as you catch your breath from the kiss you just broke away from, the two of you watch silently as his head reappears and disappears behind your lips, turning you both on until he’s fully hard again and you can’t handle him not being inside of you anymore.
You lift up on your knees to align his tip with your entrance. A silent look is exchanged where you ask and he nods once. He lets you take your time, enjoying the feeling of his tip directly rubbing against your sopping entrance.
Your labored breaths at the sensation bring his attention to your chest, and his mouth wraps around a nipple without a thought. By now, you deem his dick wet enough to press his head in your hole and press your hips down. The moment he slides in your head falls back because the stretch burns in the best way. It feels like time doesn’t exist as you work your way down his length, inch by inch. Your hips naturally find a slow rhythm as you lift and drop them to take in more until he slides in and out easily. 
When your features no longer show discomfort, Johnny begins moving with you. Every time he lifts his hips up a little to meet your thrusts his body slumps down the headboard. His hands are loose on your waist as you move your body up and down and he’s got the perfect view of his dick going in and out of your core while you’re controlling the pace and intensity. The muscles in your thighs start to burn, so you slow down to a stop and carefully slide your way down until your clit comes in contact with his pubic bone, resulting in your eyes rolling back, hips grinding on their own accord. 
“How the fuck do you feel this good?” Johnny groans deeply, hands gripping your ass to assist your movements.
His compliment, his hungry, intense gaze as they take you in from your eyes—which mirror his own—down to the trail of slick you’ve left behind on his tamed curls from the swivel of your hips, and the way his cock rubs against your g-spot send you over the edge within moments. Johnny soothingly rubs a cheek with one hand while the other caresses your arched spine, keeping his hips still to let you ride your orgasm out on your own. 
You slump into him, head on his shoulder, panting against his neck. A sigh of content slips out when Johnny hugs you tightly against his broad chest right before asking, “You alright?”
“Great,” you reply breathlessly. 
Johnny smiles at the positive response. He lifts his hips experimentally and gauges your reaction, which is a satisfied hum. 
“You want more?” he asks, hands moving to your hips to carefully grind against him. How could you say no? “Hands and knees, baby.”
You begin climbing off to the side of him then he follows your lead and lifts himself up so you can settle on your knees and bend until your face slides onto his pillow. Your hands grab the sides of it in anticipation. 
A deep groan sounds from behind you, so you crane your neck and see the way he stares down at how he can see everything you have to offer him at this moment. One hand goes to his dick while the other massages one of your cheeks. He runs the swollen tip of his dick along your slit, collecting what’s oozed out. You close your eyes and relax the side of your face into the cushion beneath it and take a breath, preparing yourself for the stretch and intensity this angle never fails to bring.
He slowly starts to breach your entrance. There’s a pause, then you hear him spit down before more of him slips inside of you inch by inch with each roll of his hips. He keeps his movements shallow for a while and your walls reaccept him easily. A particular thrust sends him deep inside of you, his tip just barely kissing your cervix. Your body’s first instinct is to run away from it. His hands on your hips stop you from fleeing, holding you still and rubbing the skin there to ease you. 
“I won’t go too deep,” he tells you, hips still as he kisses up your spine and makes you dizzy by the tenderness of it all. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”
You nod at his promises and take another steadying breath, then the pleasurable friction is back. You’d believe anything he told you with that intoxicating voice of his. 
A loud, embarrassing squelch comes out of your core when he’s sheathed inside that makes you bury your face into the pillow. There’s one last kiss at the top of your spine before the body heat from his chest is gone and he’s back upright. He finds his rhythm easily, and hands return to your backside, fingers digging into the flesh, no doubt leaving behind white imprints. He uses his grip as leverage to fuck down into you at a different angle that allows him to speed up and rip an unrestrained moan from your throat. 
“You okay?”
You nod violently and sob, “Yes! Oh, my god, yes.”
Content, Johnny hums and you just know he’s grinning down at you by the sound of his voice when he asks: “Feels good?”
“So good,” you whine, unable to close your mouth or stop noises from coming out of it. You begin dropping your hips down to meet his thrusts, the loud smacks of skin against skin echoing and bouncing off of the walls of his room. “Fuck it feels so good, Johnny.”
“I know, baby” he groans. “And this pussy feels so fucking good—shit.”
The two of you get lost in the rhythm you’ve created and no more words are exchanged for a while, just the sound of groans that comes deep from Johnny’s throat and whines and pants that make you drool all while drying your throat out. The room has gotten increasingly hotter and your bodies now shine with a thin, sticky sheen that makes the back of your thighs stick to the front of his own every time he fucks back into you. Your sensitive nipples rub harshly against the sheets, stimulating you even further to the point of another sob ripping out of your throat and your walls fluttering around his girth. 
“I’m gonna cum,” you whimper. Your divulgence prompts him to reach his arm under you to graze his fingertips over your engorged clit and then you’re repeating your words over and over again until your actions meet your words and you’re cumming all over him. Your essence drips down the insides of your thighs and his balls and his thrusts create wetter, louder noises. A swivel of your hips causes his dick to pop out and suddenly your body is vibrating. 
“There you go, baby,” Johnny praises you, sliding back into you and precisely hitting that spot within you a few more times until your pussy clenches again and he pulls out again, letting more wetness spray the sheets under you. 
“Look at you,” he continues with a deep chuckle. “Making such a big mess.”
You don’t know if he really meant for you to look but your curiosity gets the best of you and you lift your head and look in between your legs. There’s a dark puddle on his sheets and another whine leaves your body, your head falling back into the pillow. 
“Can you handle more?” Johnny asks you softly, slapping the top of your asscheek with his dick. 
You need more. You don’t know what the hell Johnny has done to you and your body but you feel empty and not satisfied enough. Your core is raw at this point but you want nothing more than to feel the velvety skin of his thick, long dick sliding in and out of you and hitting every spot in you that makes your body convulse again. 
“Please,” you beg, wagging your hips to emphasize your needs. “Please, Johnny.”
“I’ve got you begging now?” He sounds so turned on yet taken aback, another dark laugh vibrating your body at the nod of your head and movement of your body. If you were in your right mind, you would be ashamed of your behavior and submission to your assistant, but you’re not. And who cares when you’ve never felt this way before and crave to feel even more?
“I need it,” you confess without shame. “Need you back inside of me.”
Johnny doesn’t need any more convincing to be back, deep within you and instantly satisfying you again. Your breath stutters and it’s not easy to speak in coherent sentences, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to voice your pleasure and appreciation to the brunet whose self-control only continues to dissolve the faster he slams into you and the higher your voice gets.
Both of your breath patterns get quicker, loud, more erratic, signaling the approach of his first release and your third? Fourth? You can’t keep up with it when your brain has turned into mush and you can barely remember your own name, only his own registering in your brain. His name rolls off of your tongue like a mantra, driving him insane behind you. 
“Where do you want me to cum?” he pants. It takes you too long to swallow in an attempt to lubricate your throat and answer him, Johnny humming in question impatiently. 
“My back,” you manage to squeak out. You’re impressed with the amount of control he has, the slamming of his hips into your ass somehow speeding up and getting rougher. Johnny lacks the control and precision from before, and the way his tip kisses your cervix rips a yell out of you, eyes watering as you hold on for dear life. He releases a drawn out groan from deep within, and not too long later you feel ropes of cum land on your lower back and ass.
Your body is shaking. Tears leak out of your eyes, your breath is hard to catch, and quiet cries come out. You’re gently flipped over and pulled into strong arms, quickly finding comfort in the chest you settle into. 
“You’re okay, baby,” Johnny’s soft voice says to you, but you can’t open your eyes or your mouth to acknowledge him. You’re confused about why you’re reacting to this, but you don’t dislike it. Especially when you have Johnny to soothe you and help you calm down. “Are you hurting anywhere?” 
You shake your head and finally try to respond, but it takes a couple of coughs and harsh swallows of spit to do so. “No. I feel good. Everywhere.”
Your speech is choppy, unlike your usual way of speaking, but stringing words into sentences that flow well is too much work right now. Johnny doesn’t mind; he loves that he had that effect on you after you’ve had him under your spell for so long. He loves the fact he successfully kept his promise to you and now you’re boneless in his arms. 
He reaches for the glass of water on his nightstand and hands it to you. “Are you ready for a bath?”
“Can I fall asleep in the bath?” you ask, wiping your face tiredly.
“Sure,” Johnny says softly before setting you down on the dry part of the bed. “I’ll come get you once it’s ready.”
That’s how the rest of the day plays out, you getting taken care of in multiple ways. Your favorite method is with his tongue and fingers as he made out with your pussy for what felt like hours in lieu of an apology for going so hard. And maybe Johnny purposely falls asleep next to you after you’re bathed, fed, and exhausted from coming, curled up into his side in the new sheets because he wants you to stay a little longer. There’s no way in hell he’ll ever get to see this side of you again after today.
Tumblr media
“Good morning,” Johnny greets you. It’s eight in the morning the following Monday, and he’s got your avocado toast and fruit in his hands as he walks up to your desk.
You're rummaging through your bag looking for the bobby pins you threw inside of it this morning in your rush to get to work on time because believe it or not, you overslept. You give up in favor of looking up to greet him back, but your voice decides not to come out when your eyes lock with his. There hadn’t been any contact since you woke up in the middle of the night and he walked you to his door with a lingering kiss that quite literally took your breath away to close out the short chapter of your relationship you’d just created. You were still tired, but you definitely were not supposed to sleep over, so it was nothing. 
But now, seeing the same eyes that stared into your own while you came and cried his name multiple times, all you can do is blink. And then he licks his pretty lips. You knew this would happen. You’re not mad at it, though. How could you be when you’d never experienced someone like him before? In hindsight, there was no possible way to go back to normal after the intimacy, tenderness, and raw attraction you shared that day. No possible way to never want another taste. 
“You okay?” he asks unsurely, setting your plates down. 
And here it comes.
“Johnny,” you say lowly, setting your bag down. The quirk in his brow and the corner of his mouth lets you know he’s onto you. And that just makes things easier for you. “Lock the door.”
Tumblr media
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
I Did Something Bad - 1.
Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader AU
Part 2 <<
Run-through: You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…
Themes: bratty!reader, smut, daddy kink, bodyguard!stucky
Tumblr media
“What a brat.” Steve mumbled under his breath.
“I agree.” Bucky sent a brief nod towards him.
They were both right behind you, each holding your countless shopping bags as they walked the steps which led to the front door of your house.
Correction, your father’s house. You didn’t actually own anything, you were just blessed enough to have been born in a filthy rich family. And you were an only child, so your parents treated you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You were spoilt.
Spoilt like Steve and Bucky had never seen before. You had people to do everything for you. You didn’t even do your own make up or hair in the morning; you had an entire team for that.
Your parents were away most of the time, on business trips and earning more money so you could be even more of a spoilt brat. Given they were away, they had two of the most highly trained, professional bodyguards stay with you to ensure your safety – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
The two were the best of friends, and initially they didn’t even want to put up with you. But the paychecks which came from your father each month were hefty. So they compromised; put up with your annoying, bratty self just for the salary.
There were other perks of the job. They got to stay in a lavish mansion, they got to travel everywhere, enjoy the finest things in life, along with you.
 “Uh, can one of you guys come help me?” came the sound of your voice from inside your bedroom. The two men who were outside your bedroom groaned quietly.
They shared a look and opened the door to your grand bedroom and stepped in. They always envied you, and all the nice things you had without even having work a day in your life. They both looked around, looking for you in the spacious bedroom.
You stepped out of the walk-in closet wearing a black, lace bodysuit – showing off your cleavage and your legs.
The two men’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
Oh another perk to the job, you were smoking hot. And that almost made up for your attitude that they had to put up with at times, because who wouldn’t like a doll parading around them all the time?  
You walked up till you stood in front of them, nonchalantly checking out the new rings and jewelry you had on, which you had bought earlier. Not caring about the fact that you were semi-naked in front of the two.
“Can one of you zip me up?” you spoke, without looking up.
And it took both of them a few seconds to process everything. They shared a look again, filthy things on both their minds.
“I’ll do it.” Steve spoke up before Bucky could even open his mouth and offer to help. The latter glared at his friend. Steve walked up behind you, and gently pushed all your hair out of the way and shifting it over your shoulder while he shamelessly let his eyes roam over your semi-exposed body.
He took his sweet time to find the zipper and closing it gently, letting his fingertips lightly caress your skin. He admired the shape of your body once he was done, Bucky did the same. You walked away from Steve, not even thanking him and went on to admire yourself in the mirror.
The two men couldn’t take their eyes off you as you posed in front of the mirror, checking yourself out and clicking pictures here and there.
“I want a green smoothie.” You said, to no one in particular. But neither of them heard because they were busy checking you out. And seeing they weren’t moving you turned around and faced them. “Hello? I said I want green smoothie.” You said, as usual, in that bratty voice of yours. You had absolutely no patience, you were a total brat.
But that didn’t matter right now. Not when you looked like that; beautiful and enticing, but so out of their league.
Bucky cleared his throat and peeled his eyes off you. “Steve will get it. Someone has to stay here with you.” He made the decision without even sparing Steve a look.
And poor Steve had to agree and leave the room. While Bucky stayed in your room and enjoyed the show as you tried on all the clothes and lingerie you bought earlier today.
 You caught Bucky staring at you through the mirror and you internally smirked. You considered yourself lucky that the two bodyguards your dad had appointed were both eye candy. All your friends drooled over both of them; you included.
How could you not? They were always so… hot. Black suits, dark sunglasses whenever you were out, broody and handsome; they could make any one’s heart flutter. You knew how the brat in you annoyed them, but you couldn’t help it. You liked the look on their faces when they realize that they can’t do otherwise but obey you.
 Steve returned with your smoothie and you took it, again without thanking him. He noticed you were in another bodysuit, nude colored this time and much more flimsy. He discretely sent a questioning look towards Bucky and the latter smirked and raised his eyebrow at him. As if boasting and saying, ‘yup, I helped her with that one.’
 “I’m going to the club later tonight.” You announced and the two men almost groaned out loud.
You were a true party animal. And Steve and Bucky hated your useless, equally as spoilt, friends. Each time you went clubbing, they always had to carry you home because you cannot handle alcohol for too long. And the worst part, they’d have to deal with your hungover self the next day.
Steve couldn’t help but point out. “This is the fifth time in the past three weeks. Are you sure you should be partying so much?” he sounded like he was done with you, but was still trying to be polite because you were still his boss’ daughter.
Bucky nodded, agreeing with his friend. And you frowned at both of them.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I pay you to lecture me?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest, your action accentuating your breasts.
Steve looked down at the ground, afraid he might have been staring at your chest for too long. “No ma’am.” He replied, hands in front of him – standing in a classic bodyguard pose.
You scoffed, giving them both a look which told them not to mess with you. “Good. We leave at ten thirty.” You announced and walked back into your walk-in closet.
As predicted, you were wasted within the first three hours of being at the club. And just like always, Steve and Bucky had to carry you out and bring you home.
Luckily you didn’t throw up on the sidewalk or in the car this time. Your driver drove all of you home, and Bucky had you on his lap in the backseat, your feet on Steve’s lap. You were blacked out.
“She looks so angelic when she sleeps.” Steve commented, quietly.
Bucky chuckled. “Wait till she wakes up tomorrow and makes everyone’s life a living hell.” Bucky said, remembering the last time you were hungover and how you had him, Steve, your housekeeper, maids and chefs, all run around like headless chickens.
Steve chuckled at the same memory. “I swear if she treats us as her slaves like last time, I’m gonna quit.”
Bucky sent a look towards his friend. “Please don’t, I can’t handle her on my own.” He pretended to shiver at the thought of him having to put up with your antics all on his own.
And the two men shared a laugh.
 They put you to bed once you all made it home. They placed you under the covers, the maid took off your shoes and most of your jewelry, took out the pins in your hair and turned the lights off before they stepped out of your room.
The next day, the minute they each woke up in their rooms, they heard your loud voice coming from upstairs. And they both groaned as they got ready for the day.
Steve was out of his room and on his way to you first. Bucky came shortly after. And they found you in bed, whining about having a terrible headache.
“Do you need painkillers?” Bucky asked and you glared at him.
“I already took them.” you spat at him.
Clearly you were going to be even more of a bitch today.
“Did you have breakfast?” Steve asked, standing at the end of your bed.
You groaned.
“The thought of food makes me want to throw up.” You whined, testing his patience already.
Steve sighed. “Look, you need to eat. It’s the only way you’ll get rid of the hangover-,”
You cut him off.
“Ugh, okay mom!” you mocked. “Fine, whatever, just get out.” You said rather rudely. And while Steve was still debating what to say to you, Bucky spoke up.
He stepped up closer to you, standing by the side of your bed. “Hey, easy. We’re just trying to help. You need to eat so y-,”
You cut him off as well. “Like I said before, I don’t pay you to lecture me, why do you even-,” you were going off but this time Steve cut you off.
“Enough!” he raised his voice, and both you and Bucky turned to look at him. He had never acted like this before. You could see the irritation on his face as he stared at you.
“You don’t pay us, first of all, your father does! You don’t do anything other than sit there and be a brat and spend his money! We technically don’t work for you, we work for him. So let us do our jobs, which is to take care of his spoilt daughter who has no manners whatsoever. His daughter who treats people like slaves! People who actually care about her more than her own parents do!” He spat, making your jaw drop.
He continued, less loudly this time. “For once, drop your attitude and do as we say. Get in the shower, and then come downstairs. Breakfast will be ready by then.” He looked at you dead in the eyes while he scolded you. “Move, now!” the authority in his voice had you scram out of bed and rush into the bathroom immediately.
Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, Bucky turned to Steve and extended his arm so they could do their secret handshake.
“What was that?” he asked, clearly impressed.
Steve smirked. “Just taming the brat.” He answered.
Bucky laughed. “What if she tells her dad and gets us both fired?” he asked.
Steve knew you would never tell your dad because you would be somewhat ashamed in saying you got blacked out drunk at the club and then were rude to people afterwards. “She won’t.” he said and they both made their way out and into the kitchen.
 Breakfast was ready by the time you came downstairs, rather sheepishly. You kept your eyes to the ground as you sat at the kitchen island. Surprisingly, you waited patiently for your breakfast.
Bucky took the plate and placed it in front of you. Baked beans, hash browns, eggs, toast – not your usual breakfast because you normally had sugary cereal in the morning.
You sighed rather loudly, frowned and began complaining, “But this is n-,”
Bucky cut you off by grabbing your chin gently and tilting your head up so you looked up at him. He didn’t even think twice before touching your face, but you didn’t mind it. At all.
You looked up into his ocean blue eyes, very similar to Steve’s.
“A big breakfast will help, trust me. And it’s better than that bowl of sugar you’re used to.” He said, cracking a faint smile. You shyly returned him a smile. “Eat.” He pointed at the plate and went to find Steve in the living room.
You were pretty quiet for the rest of the morning. Quiet as in, you weren’t throwing a fit when the meal that the chef made for you wasn’t what you wanted. Or you weren’t whining about how you hate everyone in this house. Or you weren’t being a bitch to absolutely everyone you saw because you were hungover.
You spent most of the day in your room, sulking. Mainly because you weren’t used to people talking in loud voices at you. Steve and Bucky came to check up on you a few times, asked you if there’s anywhere you need to go. But you said no each time. You barely spoke to them, at least you weren’t rude.
 You were tame – but it didn’t last for long.
The next day, you were back to being a brat. Once the hangover passed, you were just as loud and rude as before. You were even rude to Bucky – all your manners from the previous day forgotten – when he came to ask you what you wanted for breakfast.
“Is there a way to ever get a straight answer out of you for once, without you being sarcastic and bratty all the time?” he asked, wishing you were back to yesterday when you were all quiet and obedient.
You scoffed and got out of bed. “You or Steve yell at me one more time, and I will call dad and have both of you fired. You hear me?” you spat at him.
And he wanted to tell you off, like Steve did, but then he took one look at your appearance. Messy hair, your reading glasses on, an oversized white shirt – no pants. You looked too adorable to scold. So he let you go.
 You tested Steve’s patience too that day. As usual, people ran your errands and Steve brought you something that you had asked for and you took it without thanking him.
“Will a ‘thank you’ hurt?” he asked.
You glared at him.
“Stop it. You’re not my mom.” You said bitterly and he groaned and walked away.
This had been their daily lives for the past year and a half. And each day they thought there was no way you could out do yourself and be any more of a brat. Yet, each day you kept surprising them with how annoying you could be to deal with.
Then one day, you truly out did yourself.
You were nowhere to be found.
 “This is it, I’m calling her dad.” Steve took out his phone but Bucky stopped him.
“She’s our responsibility, calling her dad would be equivalent to digging our own graves. Don’t.” Bucky reasoned. He couldn’t even imagine calling a parent to tell them their child has gone missing.
They were both panicking. You had snuck out earlier in the afternoon, and it was now nighttime and you still weren’t back. The two were pacing around the living room.
“I don’t get it, usually she tells us before even going outside in the yard.” Bucky was trying to figure out what must’ve gone wrong.
Steve sighed, ready to punch something out of frustration. “She acts like such a child sometimes. Can’t even track her phone because she left it here.” He shook his head.
“It’s nearly midnight Steve, she should be back by now. We need to do something. Did you get anything from the camera footage?” Bucky was worried sick – both about your safety and his job.
Steve swore under his breath. “Nothing on there. I mean we don’t even know if she went out on her own or got kidnapped or some-,”
A voice cut him off.
“Chill moms, I’m fine.” You walked into the living room with a smirk on. And the two men looked at you like they were witnessing some miracle. Bucky was relieved, yet somewhat irritated. Steve was just angry.
“Where the hell have you been? You were missing for 8 hours!” Bucky asked, the smug look on your face was beginning to piss him off.
You didn’t bother answering, you walked right past them and into the kitchen. The two, now irritated, followed you.
“Answer, god damn it! Where have you been? We were worried sick!” Steve hissed.
You took a water bottle out of the fridge and took a long sip while looking at them both with nothing but cockiness in your eyes.
“Well good news, I was so annoying and bratty that the kidnappers dropped me right back home.” You fake smiled, obviously being sarcastic and walked out of the kitchen. You heard the two groaned as you left them in the kitchen.
 You rushed upstairs and went right into your bedroom, and not even a few seconds later – they both walked into your room very angrily and without even bothering to knock first.
You sighed. “Get out. I’m tired, I need to sleep.” You spoke, without looking up at them.
“I don’t think so. Now answer me, where the fuck have you been?” Bucky asked, clearly mad.
You chuckled. “Watch your tone with me.” You sassed.
Steve stepped forward and walked right up to you. He stood closer to you than usual, invading your personal space. But you didn’t mind it one bit.
“Or what, huh?” he asked, sliding his hand into your hair gently, tugging on it a little making your head tilt back so you looked up at him.
You were speechless as you looked up into his ocean blue eyes. Mainly because you weren’t expecting this, but also because the look on his face sent a tingle dancing down your spine, and ended right at your core. Definitely not a bad tingle.
When you recovered, you were about to lift your hand up and slap his hand away from you but then you realized that Bucky was behind you, locking your wrists in his grip behind your back.
“Let’s try that again, sweetheart. Where have you been?” Bucky whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear and making you shiver.
You looked up at Steve, immobilized and not hating it. “I… I was out with my girlfriends.” You confessed and almost whimpered when bucky tightened his grip around your wrists.
“And what did we say about sneaking out, or going anywhere without informing us?” Steve asked. You believed it might have been your imagination, but it felt as though he leaned in a little, bringing his face closer to yours.
It took you a few seconds to process given the proximity of the two men was interrupting your ability to think straight. “You… you said it was against the rules.” You remember that long talk you had with both of them the day they joined. When they took the time to explain the rules to you but all you did was roll your eyes at them and sigh.
Bucky chuckled darkly right in your ear. “Seems you have broken an important rule, sweetheart.” He gently kissed the skin beneath your ear and your eyes flew shut. Your lips parted as you tried hard not to moan at the feeling of his soft lips against your skin.
When you opened your eyes, you found Steve smirking down at you. He felt a rush course through him and leaned in to gently take your lower lip between his teeth; tugging on it playfully. His actions were gentle, but you shivered still. Steve bit down on your lip, while Bucky discretely kissed down your neck.
Then and there, something shifted in the air. It was a pleasant shift.
Steve chuckled against your mouth. “You never learn, babygirl.” he mumbled, against the side of your mouth. And the nickname had you almost whimpering.
Bucky softly nibbled on your skin at your shoulder; making you shudder. Steve tugged a little more on your hair and pulled away to look at you. If there’s anything you knew for sure in that moment, is that you wanted them. Both of them. Bad.
“Teach me then.” You whispered. And both of them smirked and shared a look.
If only you had been careful about what you wished for…
 You were kneeling on your bed, naked and with Bucky still holding your wrists behind your back. His grip was tight and strong, but you didn’t complain. You couldn’t because Steve had his two fingers gently pumping in and out of your mouth.
He had searched your bedside table a few minutes ago, and pulled out the vibrator wand which you had hidden in there. You wondered how he knew it was there. But before you could think over it too much, he turned it on and placed it in between your legs; right on top of your entrance.
You whined in pleasure, but he quickly shut you up by pushing his fingers past your lips. “Always whining like a brat.” He commented, smirking and wiggling the wand a little and making you whine louder. And to add on to your sweet torture, Bucky circled his arm around you and gently circled your clit with his two fingers.
“What is it babygirl, you can’t take it?” Steve taunted again.
You whimpered under their touch, but something told you that they wouldn’t let you have your way so easily this time.
“I know you’ve never heard ‘no’ in your life, sweetheart. But you will tonight.” Bucky murmured in your ear, making you tilt your head back; shivering against him.
Steve chuckled, removing his fingers from your warm mouth. “You’re not allowed to cum until you have our permission, babygirl. You hear me?”
You nodded and whimpered a pathetic yes.
Your thighs began trembling as they both messed with you. Steve changed the setting on the wand, making it more intense while Bucky tilted your head back and kissed you deeply. More like invaded your mouth like he owned it; pushing his tongue past your lips and stroking the top of your mouth. You whimpered, happily trapped between the two of them.
You felt the pressure forming in between your legs, and you involuntarily bucked your hips against the vibrator, trying desperately to chase your orgasm. Steve noticed, and he didn’t think twice before lifting the vibrator off you – denying you your release.
You groaned louder, the sound muffled by Bucky’s mouth on top of yours. He pulled away from the kiss and chuckled. “It’s frustrating, isn’t it baby?” he asked, softly. You looked up at him and nodded. His soft demeanor went away the minute you agreed. “Well that’s exactly how it feels when you don’t listen.” He growled leaning in again. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but instead he licked your swollen lower lip and spat into your open mouth.
His actions elicited a loud whine out of you.
“Look at me.” Steve slid his hands into your hair again and tugged on it. You looked at him with nothing but desire in your eyes. He let go of your hair and gripped your jaw while he placed the vibrator back against your core. You felt the vibrations all over your body, a familiar warmth washing over you while you stared into his icy blue eyes.
“Always boasting about your family’s money and power, you little brat.” Steve whispered, leaning in to bite your mouth again while he pressed the vibrator further against your core, making you drip and moan louder. “Who’s your daddy now, huh?”
Bucky fingers found your clit again, and they teased you just like before. “Tell us baby, who owns this bratty little cunt?” Bucky whispered menacingly in your ear, biting on your ear lobe.
You moaned again, both at the sensations and the words. “You do…” you breathed out, unable to form coherent sentences. They both chuckled, and continued their sweet torture on your body. Steve kissed along your jaw as he wiggled the wand around and make you scream louder, while Bucky’s fingers rubbed your clit furiously.
And you couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I-… please…” you begged and it was the first time they heard you ask for something so politely.
“What was that, babygirl?” Steve asked, pretending that he didn’t hear you the first time. And seeing you weren’t answering, he lifted the vibrator off you again. “I said, what was that?” he asked again, more sternly.
You whined and whimpered at being denied again. “Please… please can I cum?” you asked again, begging with your eyes shut to stop the tears of frustration from falling.
Bucky immediately wrapped a hand around your throat and tilted your head back. “Ask nicely sweetheart. Say ‘please daddy, I’ll be a good girl from now.’“ he mumbled against the side of your mouth.
Steve increased the intensity of the vibrator again and it made you repeat Bucky’s words wantonly. They were both pleased at your obedience, but not quite done with you yet.
“Look at me, babygirl.” For a moment, Steve’s voice had you fooled. You thought he was actually going to give in and would actually let you cum. “You want to cum for daddy?” he asked, and you nodded with hot tears falling down your cheeks. And just when you thought you were getting closer to your release, he lifted the wand off your body again.
“No. You will not cum until you’ve learnt your lesson.”
 They both toyed with your body like they owned it. They switched places and Bucky had the most fun in teasing you with the vibrator. He trailed it up and down your body, circling your erected nipples with the tip of the wand and then back down to where you craved it the most.
Tears streamed down your face.
“Are you crying, baby? Good, this would teach you not to be a brat next time,” Bucky spoke as he wiggled the toy around against your wet folds.
You begged them relentlessly, but they denied you each time. Looking you deep in the eyes and saying, ‘No.’ Yet, a twisted part of you liked how they treated you like they owned you. Like you were nothing but a toy to them, for them to play with as they pleased.
Your pleas were incessant, and wanton. Steve pushed two of his fingers past your entrance while Bucky placed the wand right on your clit – unmoving. Steve’s fingers stroked your walls so slowly that it was almost agonizing.
“Aww you’re dripping all over my hand, babygirl.” He commented, making you squeeze around his fingers. Your arousal leaked out of you, coating the tip of the toy and his fingers alike. He could see what they were both doing to you, and he liked the control they both had over you. “Look at how you’re shaking.” He taunted again.
You begged again, to no one in particular. And the reply was just as disappointing as earlier. “No. Spoilt brats with no manners don’t get to cum so easily.”
And you whined again.
“Shh, you’re gonna take all that we give you. And you’re not gonna be a brat about it, you understand?” Steve silenced you.
Bucky gripped your jaw and kissed you deeply again, swallowing your pathetic moans while he pressed the wand further against you. Your body trembled, you moaned as soon as the vibrating tip came in contact with your sensitive spot. Your body shuddered as he wiggled it around just a bit. The sensation was overwhelming.
“Do you want us to stop, babygirl?” Steve mumbled in your ear, his fingers slipping in and out of you and the wet sounds were obscene.
You shook your head and Bucky pulled away to let you talk. “No, no please… don’t stop…” the last thing you wanted was for them to leave you here, frustrated and burning with desire.
 Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they did.
“Well guess what, sweetheart? You don’t get to make the rules this time. You can’t always have what you want.” Bucky smirked as he lifted off the wand from you and turned it off.
Steve chuckled and kissed your neck, releasing your sore wrists. “Good night, babygirl.” They both stood up from your bed, leaving you naked, whimpering, and tear-stained, burning with need and most of all; dripping wet.
Your body was worn out, after being with them for the past hour or two. Or maybe more, you couldn’t tell because you were a little disoriented. But you couldn’t believe that they were just walking away from you, without giving you what you so desperately wanted.
“And don’t you dare touch yourself.” Bucky said, before he walked out of your room.
Steve took a good look at you; what a beautiful mess he and Bucky had made. “See you tomorrow.” He winked before he shut the door behind him.
a/n: fear not, there’s a part 2 coming soon ;)
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gubler-me-up · 8 months ago
Jealous Boy (MGG Request)
Tumblr media
Request: Jealous sex with Matthew and it’s just filled with pure filth (i.e degradation, spitting etc) pls
A/N: Thank you for sending in this request, anon! We do love some jealous sex! I would have posted this earlier but I took a looong break today which I shouldn’t have but here we are back to posting in the a.m. hours. If the writing seems off you know why but I corrected as much as I could find now and as per usual will probably go back and edit later when I find mistakes while reading through LOL Hope you enjoy and happy reading 🥳
Couple: Dom!MGG/Fem!reader
Category: Smut (NSFW 18+)
Content warning: Clubbing, grinding dancing with stranger, rough sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), hair pulling, slapping, spitting, choking, spanking, creampie, swearing
Word count: 3k
For weeks on end you insisted Matthew and you should go to this new club in downtown LA. You knew clubbing wasn’t really his scene anymore but you wanted to spend your Saturday night dancing the worries of the week away. He couldn’t say no to you forever, so he eventually said yes.
You stared in the mirror one last time trying to fix your hair the way you liked it. You were taking the longest time to get ready because you hadn’t been to a club in a long time and wanted to make sure you were the hottest thing insight. Matthew was waiting for you downstairs. You had told him you only needed five more minutes but you had been upstairs for twenty.
“Y/N, are you almost done?” He called from downstairs.
“Yeah, babe. I’m coming right now,” you shouted.
“I’ll believe it when I see it,” he shouted back.
You chuckled and decided you had kept him waiting for long enough. You grabbed your purse off the bed and bolted out the bedroom door to meet him downstairs. You ran downstairs to see him standing by the front door with his shoes on and keys in his hand.
He bit his bottom lip as he watched you come down the stairs. You didn’t know if he was fixated on how your low cut top was making your boobs pop out or if it was how nicely your jeans hugged your legs. You went up to him and broke him out of his stare by giving him a kiss.
“How do I look?” You asked.
“Fucking amazing,” he said.
You giggled. “I guess we’ll both be the hottest thing at the club.”
He chuckled. “You beat me by a mile with the way you look.”
You felt him grab your ass and squeeze it. You giggled before he gave you another kiss. You pushed him away before he got too carried away.
“Save that energy for tonight, tiger,” you joked.
“I mean we don’t have to go to the club,” he said.
You pouted. “You already said we could and I really want to.”
“I’m joking, we’re still going to go. I hope everyone keeps their hands to themselves there though,” he said.
“No need to worry, babes. I’m sure everyone will keep their hands to themselves,” you assured him.
He smiled and kissed you one last time before the both of you headed outside to the car. You two quickly started your journey into the downtown scene. You didn’t even realize how late it was getting until you saw the time in the car. It was nearing 11 p.m. You didn’t plan to stay out late especially since it wasn’t Matthew’s scene and you didn’t want him to go further out of his comfort zone than he already was.
He parked in a parking garage near the club. You eagerly hopped out and ran to the driver’s side. As soon as he stepped out of the car you grabbed his hand so you two could get a move on it. He laughed at your eagerness as you basically dragged him out of the parking garage.
“I’m telling you you’re going to fall in love with the club scene again,” you said.
“I think I’m too old for the club scene,” he said.
“Ugh we’re both too old for the club scene but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time,” you said.
He chuckled. “But you have way more energy than I do. Plus you have a good knee.”
You giggled. “I’ve seen you dance and you still have it in you.”
You two reached the club in no time with your pep in your step. You swore it was further from where he had parked the car. You felt bad for dragging Matthew by his arm the whole way because you knew how he took his time while walking. You were just glad you were holding his hand or else he’d probably still be in the parking garage.
To your surprise there wasn’t much of a line to wait in. You two took your place in line and waited for the few people in front of you to go in. You saw five guys walk out and got excited. The more people who left the faster you two could get in. They walked by you two as they left the club.
You heard them whispering to each other but you couldn’t make out what they were saying. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Matthew looking at them as they walked by. He kept looking at them as they walked out of sight. He finally looked away from their direction and rolled his eyes. You raised a questionable eyebrow at his expression.
“Is there something wrong?” You asked.
“They were looking at you and whispering to each other,” he said.
“So what?” You asked.
“They were looking at your ass,” he said.
“Ugh just ignore them,” you said.
“It’s hard ignoring five guys looking and talking about your ass, Y/N,” he said.
“Just forget about them,” you insisted.
He sighed as he dropped the subject for your sake. You were glad he did because you two had reached the front of the line. You took out your I.D. to show the bouncer and so did Matthew. The bouncer let you two in. You immediately walked towards the dance floor. The music was blasting and you could feel the beat running through your body.
You looked back at Matthew who was following you close behind. He looked as if he was still thinking about the incident outside. You sighed and walked up to him. You grabbed his hands.
“Can you look as if you have energy, please?” You asked.
“How about I get you a drink and you can show me your moves on the dance floor?” He suggested.
“Fine, I’ll be here waiting,” you said.
He gave you a kiss before walking over to the bar. You watched him walk away and stayed in your spot as you told him you would. You soon heard your favourite song blasting on the DJ speakers. You looked back at the bar and saw Matthew still waiting to tell the bartender his order.
You decided you had enough time to dance to the song. You rushed to the dance floor and started to slowly dance to it. You were trying to build your confidence up to fully show your moves. You swaying your hips and being alone on the dance floor attracted eyes to you. One of those eyes was brave enough to approach you. A guy danced up to you with a beaming smile on his face.
“You’ve got some serious moves,” he complimented.
“Thank you. You’re not bad yourself,” you said.
“Do you always move your hips like that?” He asked.
“Only to this song. It’s my favourite song,” you said.
“No way. My hips move like that to this song as well,” he said.
“Oh really?” You said.
“Yeah. Turn around and I’ll show you. I promise not to do any funny business,” he said.
You narrowed your eyes at him to see if he was trustworthy. You didn’t think it would cause any harm if you danced with someone else for just a second. You turned around and continued to dance as you felt him push up against you.
“Wow, you really do love this song,” he said.
“I told you,” you said.
You felt him place his hands on your hips. You felt him gently pull you in closer to him and rested his head on the side of yours. You looked back at him with a suspicious look.
“I thought no funny business?” You asked.
“Sorry, you’re right. I got carried away in how well you dance,” he said.
“You think you’re slick huh?” You asked.
He chuckled. “Maybe a little.”
You felt your arm get jerked away from the guy you were dancing with. You didn’t even have to turn around to know it was Matthew. You looked anyway and saw how upset he looked at the guy. The guy you were dancing with put his hands up in a self-defence position before backing away completely.
Matthew then turned his attention back to you. You knew he was in a jealous rage just by the way his eyes were wild. You looked at his free hand and didn’t see a drink in it. He must have watched your every move from the bar and didn’t bother ordering the drink. He was fuming.
“We’re leaving now,” he said.
“Because I was dancing with someone?” You asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“It wasn’t what it looked like,” you said.
“So you weren’t dancing with him? I just imagined the whole thing?” He asked.
“Well, yeah but-”
“We’re going.”
He dragged you by the arm all the way out of the club. You pouted and sighed as you two walked out. You wanted to resist but you didn’t want him to be any more upset than he already was. You knew how he got when he was jealous and you didn’t want to provoke him any more than you had. You started to think of what would happen when you two got home.
The car ride back was quiet but he didn’t seem as upset anymore. His eyebrows were still furrowed as he drove. You didn’t think he was going to argue about what happened any further. Besides he wasn’t the arguing type regardless.
As soon as you two walked through the front door, you kicked off your heels and made your way upstairs. He was still quiet and didn’t pay you much mind. You expected him to cool down soon and you two could get past the night.
You went to the bathroom and took off your makeup. As you wiped your face with your makeup wipe you could hear Matthew walking up the stairs. You sighed and decided it was time you apologized to him for dancing with that guy. His silence was killing you and he knew it was.
You walked out of the bathroom as soon as he walked into the bedroom. Before you uttered a word he gestured with his fingers for you to come to him. You obeyed and walked up to him.
“Matthew, I just wanted-”
“On your knees.”
“You want to make it up to me? Get on your knees.”
You immediately dropped to your knees. He forcibly stuck his fingers in your mouth to open it up wide. You opened it up as wide as possible as you watched him undo his pants. He pulled down his pants along with his underwear. His dick sprung up in front of you.
“If you want to act like a whore you’re going to be a whore for me,” he said before shoving his dick in your mouth.
You choked as his dick reached the back of your throat. He grabbed your hair and pulled your hair back and forth so your head could bob on his dick. Your hands found your way to your top and you pulled it down to reveal your breasts.
He saw what you did and pulled your hair to take you off his dick. He slapped you across your face before grabbing your face to pull you up to stand. He used his other hand to roughly squeeze your breast. You let out a yelp as he continued to roughly massage it.
“Is this what you wanted to do at the club? Show everyone how much of a slut you are?” He asked.
“No,” you responded.
He slapped you on your cheek again before grabbing your neck. He pulled you closer to him so you were right in front of his face. You saw the rage still in his eyes but there was also the look of needing you as well. Whenever he got like this you knew you were in for some amazing rough sex.
“That’s all you have to say for yourself? No? I don’t fucking believe you,” he said.
“I only belong to you,” you said.
“Is that right? Then why were you such a whore tonight?” He asked.
“I was being a bad whore. I think I should be punished for it,” you said.
“You do?” He asked.
“Of course,” you said.
He took his hand off of your neck to pull off your shirt. He slapped your right breast and you yelped. He did it again and you yelped even louder. He squeezed your soar breast and listened as your voice cracked a small scream.
“I don’t think this is punishment enough for what you did,” he said.
“So fuck the shit out of me then,” you said.
“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” He questioned.
“I would,” you said.
He slapped your breast again. “Of fucking course a whore like you would like that.”
“Yes I would,” you yelped.
“You’re a fucking disgusting whore. Turn around,” he demanded.
You swiftly turned around and waited for his next move. He took off your jeans along with your underwear and pulled them all the way down to the floor. You stepped out of them and kicked it aside. He spanked your ass hard and you let out a shriek.
“Tell me you fucking love this,” he said.
“I fucking love it,” you said.
He spanked your ass again. “Louder.”
“I fucking love it,” you shrieked.
He grabbed both your arms to place them behind your back. He shoved you forward so you could walk towards the bed. As you reached the edge of the bed, he pulled you close to him so you could feel his dick on your ass.
“Show me how your whore ass grinded on that guy again,” he demanded.
You started to move your hips side to side to appease his request. It was hard to move your hips effectively with his hard dick in the way but you tried your best. You then felt him roughly circle his fingers on your clit. You started moaning loudly and could hardly keep your hips moving properly.
“I know the guy you were grinding on didn’t feel as good as I do,” he said.
“H-he…God, no he didn’t,” he said.
He pushed you down on the bed face down. He removed his hand from your clit and you could feel him positioning himself behind you. His dick lingered right outside of your opening and you were anticipating its entrance.
“Now you want just one dick?” He asked.
“I’ve always wanted your dick and only your dick,” you said.
“Tonight you wanted to be a fucking disgusting whore for no reason. I think I need to remind you who you belong to,” he said.
He placed his hand on your face to hold you down in place. You gasped loudly as you felt him ram himself inside of you. You couldn’t even make a word escape your mouth properly to tell him how good he was fucking you.
He hovered over your body, his face lowered down to yours. He watched you carefully as you continued to moan out profanities. He spit in your mouth as he saw your mouth gaped open. It landed on the side of your mouth and you let it seep into your mouth before you licked it up completely.
“That’s right. Be a fucking good whore for me and take that shit,” he said.
You stuck out your tongue and he accepted your request loud and clear. He spit onto your tongue again and you took it into your mouth as you continued to moan. He grabbed your ass and squeezed it as he started to ram into you even harder.
“Oh fuck,” you shrieked.
“Shut up and take my dick, fucking whore,” he said.
“Yes,” you shrieked.
He hooked his index finger onto the corner of your mouth. Him being over you having his way with you made you extremely wet. You could feel his dick slip and slide out of you with ease and you could tell on his face he enjoyed it. He bit his bottom lip and you knew it was a sign he was trying to restrain himself from cumming.
He moved his hand from your face and grabbed your arms to pull you up. He continued to fuck you as you stood in front of him. He used his free hand to grab your neck as his other hand continued to restrain you. He placed his mouth by your ear and you could hear his laboured breaths.
“I’m going to cum in you and your whore pussy’s going to take it,” he said.
“I need your cum inside of me,” you begged.
“You’re such a fucking desperate cum whore,” he said.
“I am. I fucking am,” you said.
He let out a long groan and you could feel his cum fill you up. You let out a deep moan as you let him finish before he pulled out. He let go of your neck and spanked you on your soar ass again before letting go of your neck.
“Turn around,” he demanded.
You turned around. He grabbed you by your face and pulled you close to him. He wasn’t as rough this time but you knew he was still in his zone just by the way he grabbed you by your jaw.
“I thought you would know by now I’m the jealous type,” he said.
“I do but I’m the type to like jealous sex,” you said.
“I guess that makes us a perfect pair,” he said.
He leaned in and kissed you. He eased up from the kiss and the darkness from his eyes disappeared in an instant. You smirked at him.
“I guess it does. Does that mean you’re not done with me for the night?” You asked.
“I think the night awaits a lot of different punishments for you,” he said.
You grinned. “Can’t wait.”
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my-fictional-fantasia · 9 months ago
Egg-cellent Parents! - Bakugou vs. Mirio x Reader Headcanons (Part One)
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Bakugou are supposed to be the proud parents of an egg for an assignment given to you by Miss Midnight, but Bakugou thinks the idea is stupid and wants no part of it - even though he’s had a crush on you for a while now. He’d sooner eat one of Kaminari’s sweaty socks before admitting that though, so he ditches you, leaving you to do the project on your own... until a certain senpai that also has his eye on you happily steps in to take over his abandoned role as co-parent.
Warnings: censored curse words (courtesy of Bakugou), jealousy, love triangle, Bakugou being Bakugou, Bakugou x the consequences of his actions, and lots of cutesy fluff!
Additional Information: F!Reader, Reader is in 1-A, Reader is doing work-study at Nighteye’s agency alongside Izuku, College AU
- You never thought that you’d be agreeing with something Bakugou said, but for once, he was sort of right. The assignment itself, caring for an egg over the course of a month until it hatched, wasn’t. Your teacher’s choice in your assigned partner for the task, however...
- Miss Midnight stepped towards the two of you with a sugary sweet smile and presented the two of you with your egg, “I now pronounce you husband and wife!” She giggled. You secretly theorized that this whole thing was an excuse for her to play shipper with her students.
- “I am so not kissing the bride!” He snarled, whipping his head in your direction to glare at you. “What makes you think you can?” You shot back; if he was going to give you his usual (or perhaps even nastier than usual) attitude, then there was no sense in you rolling over and just taking it - you weren’t in the mood for his tantrums today.
- You ignored his ranting for the moment to take a glance at your other classmates that were paired together for the project. Everyone else seemed happy or at least somewhat satisfied with who they were with, except you.
- (And Mineta, who got partnered with Koji Koda since there were no other girls attending this course).
- Out of all the boys you could have been stuck with... it had to be Bakugou, someone that had made it perfectly clear beforehand that he hated your guts. Why else would he expend so much of his energy towards trying to make you in particular miserable every day?
- But that wasn’t the truth at all... although you’d be forgiven for believing it was.
- The honest truth was... Bakugou held feelings for you. Feelings that didn’t involve punching your face in until it was unrecognizable, even though he often insisted he wanted to during training. No, these feelings that festered inside him whenever he looked at or thought of you were of the more tender sort... and he hated it.
- At least, that’s what he tried to tell himself. He had spent so much of his time since he met you trying to convince his rebellious heart that he hated you. But he just couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried. It still fluttered erratically in his chest at the mere mention of your name, but you didn’t have to know that...
- And you didn’t. And as long as he kept acting like your very existence nauseated him, you never would.
- It was his sappy little secret that he was determined to keep under lock and key for the rest of his life, and long after he was dead and buried and worms had consumed his flesh - forever!
- However... all of his friends were already well aware of his “crush”.
- “You lucky dog, you!” Kaminari hooted as he clapped his hand over Bakugou’s shoulder, causing him to growl at the blonde. “You got (L/N) as a partner! What are the chances?! Now you two finally have an excuse to be around each other, and you get to play house all month!”
- “Shut it, dunce face! As if I could care less about (L/N), that witch b*tch, and this sh*tty project!”
- “Aw, c’mon, Bakubro!” Kirishima just laughed good-naturedly at his sour attitude. “I think this was actually one of Miss Midnight’s better ideas! And besides, it’s a great opportunity for us to grow closer with our classmates and nurture a baby animal from the very beginning! I love baby chicks!”
- “Of course you’d be excited over something so sentimental and stupid, sh*tty hair.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, but another slap to the shoulder, this time from Mina, caught his attention. “You wanna lose that hand along with the rest of your arm, raccoon eyes?”
- The pinkette mocked his rolling of the eyes and sent a fierce glare of her own his way, “I know you’re still pretending that you’re not crazy in love with (F/N) and all, but if you keep calling her stuff like ‘witch b*tch’, she IS gonna get tired of your crap and find someone else. Maybe sooner instead of later.”
- “Is that supposed to scare me?” He scoffed. “Even if I DID like her, and I DON’T, who’d dare to compete with me?”
- Mina just laughed, “You call her ugly, and maybe you’ve even said it enough that she believes it, but trust me Bakugou - (F/N) is a catch. There are plenty of guys at U.A. that’d probably jump through hoops for the chance you were given, to spend time together for a whole month with a cutie like her.”
- “Tch. As if I would care about some sh*tty extras and what they thought about her!” He shoved the horned girl to the side, scowling as he stomped off and causing the squad to shake their heads.
- Elsewhere on campus, you were making your way to the room U.A. was housing the incubators, cradling the egg you were entrusted with - alone.
- And on your way there, right before you were about to turn a corner in the hallway, a familiar face suddenly popped out of the wall and almost caused you to drop your egg.
- “Togata-senpai!” You yelled, not in the mood at all for your senpai’s pranks right now. He picked up on this quickly as he stepped out of the wall and in front of you, but the bright smile he wore wasn’t going anywhere. “Is something bothering you, (F/N)-chan? You seem a little tense!”
- But before you could even answer him, his attention had shifted to the egg you were holding. “Oh, whatcha got there? An egg?” “No, it’s a golf ball.” You said sarcastically, causing him to chuckle. “Wow, you really are having a bad day, aren’t ya, sunshine?”
- “Ugh...” Was all you said in response, but you couldn’t help but notice that Mirio still seemed captivated by your egg. “So that egg you’ve got there - that’s for Miss Midnight’s class project, right?” You managed a nod before he started his blathering again.
- “Midoriya was telling me all about that just a little while ago! He was on his way to drop off his egg with his partner; the girl with the short brown hair. Don’t you think those two would kind of make a cute couple?” You knew for a fact that Uraraka had a crush on Midoriya, but you weren’t about to out her personal feelings to Mirio, so you just shrugged in a noncommittal manner.
- A moment of silence passed, and it was of the awkward sort. Mirio still wasn’t moving out of your path and, as the seconds ticked on, began to bounce on his heels as he held his hands behind his back. The tiles on the ceiling had suddenly became very interesting to him, it seemed.
- “Sooooo...” He spoke at last, drawing out that one word before trailing off for another moment. And then just as swiftly, any shyness you thought he might have been struggling with had been tossed directly out the window as he stepped closer towards you, until he was well in your personal bubble. “...Who’s your partner for the project?”
- And just like that, any notion of remaining calm and not taking out your inner frustration on your senpai was gone. You let out a load exasperated groan and shoved him to the side with your free hand - and he was so surprised by the abruptness of the action that, despite how big and bulky he is, Mirio was easily moved.
- You more or less stomped down the hallway towards your destination, fuming silently, but Mirio wasn’t about to be left behind and easily caught up with you. “What’s wrong, sunshine?” His normally cheery and boisterous voice had taken on a noticeably gentler tone. “Do you... not have a partner? Is that why you’re so upset?”
- By the time he had finished his interrogation, the two of you had reached the doorway to the incubator room, and you took an immediate mental note of your surroundings and decided to share your findings with Mirio through some questions of your own.
- “Togata-senpai... look around you. Tell me, what do you see?”
- “Um... I see incubators. With eggs in them?” He answered cautiously, unsure of what might set you off again. You nodded, “Yes, that’s correct. All of them already have eggs in them. What else do you see here, or rather, what don’t you see here?”
- His tongue stuck out of the corner of his mouth in thought, “Well... we’re the only ones here right now. It’s just the two of us.”
- “Exactly! We’re the only ones here, I’m holding my egg, and the others are already where they’re supposed to be!” You laughed bitterly. “Now doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you?!”
- “Well... yeah. It kinda does!” He rubbed the back of his head, still quite confused. “You’re the last one left?”
- “Yeah. I am. And do you know why?” You didn’t even wait for a response. “Because my partner, Bakugou Katsuki, just had to start a fight with me over this project. And because of his little temper tantrum, I had to stay after class since the fight happening in the first place was somehow my fault, even though I did my best to deescalate the situation when it got bad! So now I’m behind on my work on this assignment because of something he did!”
- You turned your back to him and let out a long and loud sigh, putting your egg in the incubator as gently as possible despite your anger. A few seconds passed in silence, far more awkward than the one that preceded, and you had almost assumed that Mirio had slipped out of the room and left you alone, until he spoke again.
- “I’m sorry, sunshine... That wasn’t very reasonable of either of them to do that. But what about Bakugou?” Your senpai inquired softly, his smile slipping just slightly. “Where is he? Is he... coming by later to do his share, or...?”
- “He’s not coming by later.” You replied, back still turned to him so he wouldn’t see the tears trying to form in your eyes. “He’s not going to do his share. He said so. He... ditched me.”
- Yet another long pause with nothing said between the two of you followed; it was so rare for Mirio to not be chattering away or to be caught off guard, but your statement had absolutely stunned him.
- And admittedly, it made him feel just a bit angry. It was challenging to make someone as happy-go-lucky as Mirio angry, but Bakugou had managed to accomplish such a feat without even speaking to your senpai. This wasn’t fair, Mirio thought. This wasn’t fair to you at all.
- And could he really call himself a hero if he just stood by and didn’t do something about it...?
- You felt something on both your shoulders, his hands you realized, before he turned you around to face him. “Hey...” His voice had dropped down to an almost whisper. “It’s not really right that you have to do such a big project all alone... I mean, I guess I could talk to Bakugou or Miss Midnight and maybe make him do his share, but something tells me that wouldn’t go over well... Besides, I’ve got a much better idea.”
- Both of his hands slipped from your shoulders and down to your hands before gently clasping them in his own, holding them up in the space between the two of you. He was more or less cradling them, and the action seemed much too intimate for it to be brushed off as one of his friendly touchy-feely gestures.
- “...Why don’t I be your partner instead?” He suggested with a warm smile, and now it was your turn to be struck speechless.
- “Senpai... no.” You tried to free your hands from his, but he wouldn’t allow it. “Why not?” He questioned, attempting to keep the serene smile on his face in spite of your rejection. “Because... aren’t you busy? I mean, wouldn’t it be going out of your way to help with an assignment that isn’t yours for a first-year in a class that you aren’t even attending?”
- He laughed, giving your hands an affectionate squeeze. “Maybe, but I don’t mind at all, really! And if it’s my time you’re worried about, then don’t - I can always make time for you, sunshine...”
- “I... I don’t know what to say...” You’d feel guilty if you accepted his offer, you knew this, but he’s being so persistent. “Say yes...” He gently urged, taking advantage of your hesitation to entwine his fingers with yours.
- You found yourself snickering, maybe because of the bizarreness of the situation, “I... I think part of me wants to say yes, but-” “Butts are for sitting.” He interrupted, causing you to snort. “But you’re not getting anything out of it, though.”
- “Heroes don’t help others to get rewarded. At least, they’re not supposed to. Heroes offer their assistance because it’s the right thing to do! And well, abandoning you in your time of need isn’t very heroic...” He couldn’t resist also making a somewhat subtle jab at your ex-partner.
- “Well, when you put it that way... if you’re really sure this project won’t be putting you out-” “It won’t!” He happily cut you off. “Although, you were kind of wrong about me not getting anything out of this though - I am getting rewarded.” 
- “O-Oh...?” You should have known there would have been a catch somewhere.
- “Yeah...” He leaned forward, closer and closer until the tip of his nose was touching yours. “I get to spend all this time with you. That’s the greatest reward I could ever ask for from this, I think.”
- You leaped backwards out of surprise, but this time he let you move away from him. Using your now unoccupied hands to cover your flushed face, you mumbled, “Dang it, senpai... if you’re not careful, I might actually start taking some of this stuff you’re saying seriously...”
- “That’s the plan!” Mirio chirped, causing you to bury your reddened face further into your hands until he took them in his once more, finding your flustered expression cute beyond words. “So tell me, what do I need to do to help take care of our special little lovechild?”
- You weren’t sure whether to be even more embarrassed or to laugh at the utter absurdity that just left his lips. “Togata-senpai... it’s just an egg.”
- “Ah-ah-ah!” He chided you with a smirk. “While we’re partners for this project, I have every intention of taking my new role as co-parent and therefore your new husband seriously, so you’ll be sure to get good marks for it! So for the next month, this egg might as well be our baby!”
- “I’m happy that you’re so determined to get me a good grade, but I think you might be taking this too seriously...” “Nonsense!” He waved away your concerns with that smile of his. “So, where do we start, Mrs. (F/N) Togata?”
- “My name sounds so weird next to yours.” You remarked as you retrieved the logbook you were given for the assignment before sitting down at one of the empty desks. “No it doesn’t!” He pouted as he sat next to you, as close as you would allow him. “It sounds amazing and adorable, and you should really consider making it a permanent thing in the future...”
- Even though Mirio was almost as renown for his astoundingly bad grades as he was a member of The Big 3, he made a surprisingly competent and attentive partner for this project. He listened intently to your explanation of what the assignment would entail for the month, and eagerly cooperated with you when it came to the written work.
- It wasn’t as though you had expected him to be a bad partner, but the sheer level of dedication he was already giving to an assignment that he wasn’t even required to take part in was almost unreal. It was sort of a shame, really. He would be almost guaranteed a good grade if he were actually attending this class alongside you, but he wasn’t. His participation here wouldn’t aid his already poor academical standing at all.
- Even after the two of you had completed today’s work, you ended up staying in that room for a while longer, just talking. And as much as he blabbered on and on at the agency and whenever you bumped into him at school with time to chat, Mirio encouraged you to ramble just as much as he did. He was needlessly talkative at times, but he wanted to hear you speak too.
- “So how do you feel about birds?” You had asked. Mirio loved animals, and he was excited to see the chick eventually hatch. He was so enthusiastic about it, and he had somehow got it in his head that the two of you would get to raise the little yellow fluffball together. You didn’t have the heart to correct him.
- “When I was a kid, I really wanted a pet duck.” He began, making this simple story sound like something much bigger, “And one fateful winter morning at breakfast before school, I was ready to tell my dad all the reasons why eight year-old me needed a duck. I didn’t even get three words past ‘I want a duck’ before my dad rolled up his paper and bonked me with it. Then he unrolled it and started reading the news again.”
- “Aww... so now you style your hair like that in memory of the duck you never got to have?” 
- You weren’t sure yourself why you said that, why you felt comfortable enough to make a joke like that, but you did. The comment really had just slipped out. On any other occasion, you’d stay silent for fear of making him hate you... Just like you accidentally made an enemy out of Bakugou your first day at U.A.
- He paused, then those beady round eyes of his narrowed at you. “...You are so mean to me sometimes, sunshine. Are you saying my hair looks like a duck’s bum?”
- Just a little, you thought. You laughed at the way his cheeks squished up in a pout. “I like your hair.” You spoke honestly, taking a moment to admire it. “I always think the puffy fluffy part is cute.”
- “Puffy fluffy?” He laughed, running a hand through his hair over the section in question. “I never heard it called that before! I think I’ll start calling it that too from now on.”
- “I’m glad you’re not mad at me...” You spoke softly, almost inaudibly. You hadn’t meant for him to hear it, but with how closely he was sitting (and how closely he was paying attention to you), he easily picked up what was said.
- “Why would I be mad? Especially at you?” He inquired incredulously, the corners of his mouth turning down slightly. “Well, you know... for that quip about your hair. I realized right after I said it how mean that sounded. And I’m kind of surprised that you still offered to help me with this after I snapped at you and shoved you earlier...”
- You were looking away from him, averting his gaze until you felt one of those giant hands of his encase yours again. “It’s okay, sunshine! No harm done! I know you were just teasing, and you said so after that you liked my hair.” The faintest blush blossomed on his cheeks, remembering your compliment. “And about earlier? You were just angry and having a bad day, (F/N)-chan - it happens.”
- “It never seems to happen to you, though.” You remarked, still ashamed of your lack of control despite his assurances. “No matter how bad things get for you, you never get angry and say stuff and do things you don’t mean to..”
- “That isn’t really true...” Mirio definitely wasn’t one to ever take out his anger on others, but he still made mistakes and said the wrong thing from time to time. “I was actually pretty angry when you told me what Bakugou did! I mean, it worked out well in the end - I’M your partner and new husband now! But still, I almost can’t believe he just abandoned you like that...”
- “I can. He hates my guts.” You sighed, sinking even lower into your seat and causing the blonde next to you to squeeze your hand tighter in concern. “And I’m not even completely sure why? I guess I said something stupid on the first day? I don’t even know?!”
- “Hey, I don’t think any of this is your fault. You tried your best to get along with Bakugou before, yeah?” You nodded sadly, shoulders slumped. “Then none of this is your fault! You’re just doing your part and doing your best! And well, if Bakugou really does have some sort of grudge against you, then that’s on him. I know you well enough to know that you aren’t the kind of person to start something with someone for no reason...”
- The both of you recalled how the two of you had first met: you were under the mistaken assumption that Mirio had been bullying Amajiki and confronted him in the hallway, in front of several of his peers, and protectively squeezed yourself between him and the elf-eared boy.
- The third-years witnessing the scene had done little to deescalate the situation. They were more shocked and appalled by your blatant act of disrespect to your senpai and the top student in the entire hero course, and informed you of your mistake. But you, still convinced that Mirio was a bully, exclaimed that you didn’t care, and that top student at U.A. or the entirety of Japan or not - you were going to kick his butt for using his position to torment another student.
- You knew you didn’t actually have a chance at winning against him, but thankfully (and much to your eternal embarrassment) you couldn’t have been more wrong about Mirio Togata. He called off the other third years and stepped in to clear things up, that Tamaki was in fact his best friend and this was all a misunderstanding.
- You had stuttered some sort of apology to both him and Tamaki afterward before speeding off down the hallway, hoping that you wouldn’t run into either of them again so you could forget all about what happened. But Mirio didn’t stop searching the school until he found you, the strange transfer student that showed no hesitation in calling him out, even after knowing the position and power he possessed.
- The third-years called it a blatant act of disrespect. But he called it bravery in its purest form. When he had first spotted you, Mirio admittedly felt happy little sparks in his heart then. But after that? He was convinced it was love. That single act convinced him you were his soulmate, and he’d been stuck to your side as much as possible ever since.
- “...You know what, Togata-senpai? I think you might be right.” You squeezed his hand back, causing his already present smile to widen and soften. “I’ve been trying so hard since I met him to make amends with Bakugou, to get along with him and get him to like me. And maybe what I should be doing is just... leave it be. He obviously doesn’t like me, and it’s dumb to try and pretend otherwise. I shouldn’t try and... force a friendship on him he obviously isn’t interested in.”
- “If it makes you feel any better, sunshine... I like you. A lot.” He leaned down and lightly rested his head against yours, hoping that maybe you would take the hint for once and realize some extent of his feelings.
- You didn’t, brushing aside his words as him merely being friendly, silly, or strange, as usual. Still, he didn’t let that discourage or get him down. He never did.
- After all, with Bakugou bowing out of the project and passing off this wonderful opportunity, Mirio had more time than ever to make you see just how serious he was about you.
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katsushimaa · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
—an old pact from when you and Atsumu were younger finally brings the two of you together.
pairing: fem!reader x miya atsumu
word count: 2.8k
A/N: ok i enjoyed writing this sm?? like damn the nostalgia it brought me is unmatched! i even listened to Disney soundtracks and now i wanna cry ugh my old guy best friend better hmu when we’re older or i’m quitting life
Tumblr media
It’s hard to believe that you’re turning 30 years old. 
Especially after Atsumu comes into your house in the afternoon and you’re still in your Mickey Mouse pajamas with Mulan playing on the screen. You’re curled up in your fluffy blanket in the living room like a child waiting for their parents to come home and feed them dinner.
“Really?” Atsumu huffs as he walks over to you. Without even glancing in his direction, you spread your blanket open. He understands immediately and ducks under your arm to squeeze in next to you, wrapping the blanket on the two of you. “You’re spending your last day of being in your twenties watching Disney movies?”
“I think it’s fitting,” you say as you snuggle up next to your long time best friend. Atsumu curses his heart for doing flips as if he’s a teenage boy experiencing touching a woman for the first time. “It’s like I’m going back in time and relieving my childhood memories.”
Atsumu snorts at your choice of movie. “You literally watch this movie every time you feel sad. I doubt you even remember the first time you watched it.”
You gasp, turning to face him. Though the two of you are adults, he still tries his best to see you often and every time he does, it’s really hard to comprehend that you’re not in high school anymore. “How could I ever forget? We watched Mulan together, didn’t we? And after that you wanted to try Mulan’s makeup on me, the one where she looked so white? Yeah, I hated you at the moment.”
It takes a minute for him to remember before he bursts out laughing at the memory. “God, didn’t I slap Osamu’s flour on your face? I remember getting in so much trouble, but it was worth it.”
You roll your eyes at him, but there’s a smile on your face. “We both got in trouble. To have my revenge, I dumped the whole bag on you. Osamu was pissed that we wasted his flour.” 
The two of you share a laugh from the memory of Osamu walking into their kitchen to find little Atsumu and you playing around with the flour. He immediately told on you guys, and the two of you were grounded. 
“Poor Osamu, always getting roped in by our idiocy,” Atsumu shakes his head as he wraps his hand around your shoulder to pull you closer.
Your head falls on his broad shoulder automatically. “Your idiocy,” you correct, “But see? Those memories come from these kinds of movies, that’s why I enjoy watching them.”
Atsumu nods in understanding even though he doesn’t need movies to remind him of his great friendship with you. He’s been attached by the hip to you since when the two of you were toddlers, meaning he’s been through a lot with you. Every moment with you is kept safe in his heart where no one else can have access to it because he’s selfish.
He’s selfish, especially when it comes to you. That’s why he never liked any of your boyfriends. Well, to be fair, all of your boyfriends were douchebags and treated you like absolute shit. He of all people would know, he was the one who comforted you after you got your heart broken by an asshole who he would beat up after.
The next movie comes up, and Atsumu’s eyes sparkle. “No way.”
You turn to grin at him, and it gets him more excited than his favorite movie playing. “I knew you were coming soon, so I put Lion King on queue. You always did love singing ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ like the obnoxious kid you were.”
“That’s because I had you as Nala to back the Simba in me up,” Atsumu muses, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “They were childhood best friends too, you know.”
His comment gets you flustered, rendering you speechless. You chide yourself for still getting the same butterflies you had from his words like you were some schoolgirl with a silly crush. They got married in the end though, you want to say, but you don’t want to make things awkward with your long-time friend. 
Lion King plays, and the two of you sing the songs together. Unlike you, Atsumu hasn’t watched the movie in forever, so he’s surprised to find out that he still knows all the lyrics to the song. As he duets with you in a joking manner, he’s thrown back to the times where little Atsumu and you would go on all four to pretend that you guys were lions while singing the songs, looking so stupid but who cared? You were having fun. He’s almost tempted to make you act like a lion with him, but he’s too comfortable with your body being so close to his.
After the movie, Atsumu stands up in preparation for when the clock strikes twelve to celebrate your birthday. However, you grab his hand and pull him down, a childish pout on your face.
Yeah, he definitely doesn’t think you’re turning 30.
“I still wanna watch all the High School Musical movies,” you whine, wrapping your arms around him to keep him seated.
He doesn’t give all of his effort to pull away from your grasp. “But our friends are coming at 12! We have to prepare.”
Your eyes lift up to the clock before looking back at him, pulling out the puppy dog eyes. “There’s still five hours, we can squeeze in one movie.”
Atsumu gives you a long, hard stare before sighing in defeat. He can never win against your cute face. “One movie.”
That’s all it takes for you to grin widely and play High School Musical 3, going back to the position you guys were in earlier. This time, you absent-mindedly grab his fingers on his lap to fidget with them while the movie plays, causing his heart to melt. How can he even focus on the lively movie when your hands are touching his? He has a lot of experience with other girls growing up, but this one gets him the most excited, and you’re not even doing anything special.
“Why did you choose the third movie?” he gulps, hoping that talking will stop him from feeling so emotional. 
A sad smile spread across your lips. “Remember when I didn’t attend our high school prom because I was sick?”
Atsumu winces at the memory. He was so excited about seeing you in a dress, but you never came to the gym. When he called you to ask you where you were, you told him you were sick. His heart sank at that and wanted to go to your house to keep you company, but you sternly told him to stay and have fun or else you’d hate him forever.
He was miserable anyway. You were the only thing he looked forward to, even when he had some other date. 
After he nods, you sigh, “Well, I feel terrible for not experiencing prom like a normal teen, so I watch this to make me feel like I actually did go to prom.”
The two of you fall into gloomy silence for a while, until an idea pops into his head. 
“Hey,” he untangles himself from you. “Didn’t you buy a prom dress anyway? I remember that you shoved it deep in your closet to forget that you were too sick to go to prom.”
“Yeah, and I distinctly told you to never remind me about that stupid dress I didn’t get to wear—”
“Why don’t you wear it now?” Atsumu cuts you off, standing up in excitement.
You stare at him like he just told you he’s pregnant. “Are you crazy? Why would I do that? Besides, I don’t know where it is anymore!”
He gives you a pointed stare. “C’mon, do you know who you’re talking to? I know you’re a hogger, so just put it out.”
“No! It probably won’t even fit me anymore!”
Your best friend rakes his eyes over his body, causing you to heat up. “Please, your body barely changed since high school.”
“You’re such a creep! I don’t wanna put on that dress.”
As you continue to cross your arms and glare at him, Atsumu drops to his knees and crawls over to you. “Please?” he blinks, his face inches away from yours. Your breath hitches from seeing his handsome face up close, your mind in shock that he’s aging up like fine wine. “I didn’t have a fun prom too, you know. I was miserable without you.”
Just as Atsumu gave in to you, you exhale through your nose deeply. “I’ll put on my dress as long as you wear your stupid tux, too. I don’t wanna be the only one looking like a clown.”
Atsumu grins, making giving in to his wishes worth it. “Deal.”
After he tells you to get ready as if you’re going to prom, he quickly drives to his house, which is near yours. He rushes to grab his tuxedo before driving to one of Osamu’s restaurants, stealing the vinyl record player and some CD’s. As he’s driving back to you, Osamu calls him to scold him for stealing something from his store and how he had to tell his workers to not call the police after some weird blond man just stole a vinyl record player, but Atsumu’s too excited to care about his twin’s anger. 
Fortunately, you’re not done getting ready at the time he comes back to your house. He grabs the wine from your cellar and pours the two of you a glass before setting up the vinyl record with the song he wants to dance with you. After he lowers the light and clear out the living room, he dusts his tux and stands in front of your door.
“Are you ready, slowpoke?” he knocks on your door aggressively.
From the other side, he hears you let out a string of incoherent profanities. He laughs at your choice of words until it dies down the moment you open the door.
“I hate you,” you tell him, tugging down on your dress and shifting around in discomfort. Despite your sour expression, Atsumu is rendered speechless, his eyes wide and his mouth slightly ajar.
He’s thrown back to when he was in high school, where he first realized he was in love with his best friend. You brought him along to the mall because you wanted to go mall shopping, but you guys ended up goofing around in the arcade instead. You guys had so much fun beating each other in games that none of you realized that the mall would close in thirty minutes until the warning came up, so you grabbed his hand and pulled him to the dress store. He remembered seeing everything in slow motion, especially when you turned back to grin at him and tell him to hurry up. 
You quickly scanned for a dress, found one, and tried it on while he waited for you outside the fitting room. He remembered putting his hand over his heart, wondering why it was beating so fast and why the image of you smiling back at him was stuck in his head.
Then, you stepped out of the fitting room with the dress you’re wearing right now.
When his heart stopped at the sight of you looking so effortlessly beautiful even when you tugged on the dress uncomfortably, even when you frowned at your appearance, he realized he was in love with you.
And he still is.
“I know you love me,” he swallows his emotions back, forcing a teasing grin. From his back pocket, he pulls out a single red rose. “For you, beautiful. I swear you haven’t aged a day since high school.”
Though you roll your eyes at him, your heart is beating fast as you accept the rose. “Did you pick this out from my neighbor’s garden?”
He shrugs sheepishly. “I had to improvise.”
You set the rose down as he jogs over to the vinyl record, playing the song. A laugh escapes your lips as he walks towards you with a groove, shaking your head at his childishness. 
The instrumentals make you perk up from recognition. “No way,” you say this time as his smirk widens.
Just as the lyrics start, Atsumu offers his hand. “Take my hand,” you grab his hand, still chuckling uncontrollably. “Take a breath.”
[Pull me close
And take one step]
Atsumu does exactly what the song tells him, pulling you close to him. You wrap your arms around his neck with his arms wrapped around your waist, the smile never leaving on either of your faces.
[Keep your eyes locked on mine
And let the music be your guide]
“This is so cheesy,” you whine, but your eyes never leave his. “We’re acting like we’re teenagers when I’m turning thirty in a few hours.”
“Well, you make me feel like a teenager,” Atsumu breathes out as he sways you to the rhythm. “When I’m with you, it’s like I’m still in high school, doing stupid shit with you.”
You lean on his chest like how you lean on him for support, for everything. “I’ll always do stupid shit with you.”
There’s a lump in his throat as he looks at you relaxed in his own arms. He’s thankful that you have your eyes closed because he starts to sweat from what he’s about to bring up. “Remember that one stupid shit we came up with then we were in college?”
[Won't you promise me?
(Now won't you promise me?)
(That you'll never forget)]
“There was a lot, ‘Tsumu. You gotta be more specific.”
His laugh causes you to vibrate with his chest. “True. Okay, it’s about a pact we made. We were pretty drunk though, I’m not sure if you remember…”
You tense up in his arms, looking up to him with your eyes wide. Of course you remember, you remember everything with Atsumu, especially this one. This is the promise that keeps you going, the pact that gives you hope and you’re way passed overjoyed to know that he remembers. “I remember.”
Atsumu had just broken up with his girlfriend, which you were secretly happy about. She was only using him for fame anyway, but he was still sad about it. To comfort him, you brought him to a nearby bar. The two of you drank your sadness away until it was two a.m. in the morning and you were stumbling in your house with your best friend. Atsumu crashed on the couch with you, accidentally turning the television on and playing the wedding video you were watching before the night out.
“Hey, Y/N,” Atsumu groaned from beside you. 
“What?” you rolled to the ground, your eyes closed from your headache. 
“If we’re still single by thirty, promise me we’ll be like that,” he slurred, kicking you from the ground to make you follow his hand.
You glared at him before looking at the television with the couple exchanging their vows. “We’re gonna marry each other?”
“Why not? Simba and Nala were childhood besties and they got married,” he shrugged, extending his hand down from the sofa to you. “What do you say?”
“Ugh, fine,” you reached over to shake his hand before dropping it over your eyes to fall asleep. “As long as you never say besties again.”
[We'll keep dancing (To keep dancing)
Wherever we go next]
“I never said that word again,” Atsumu jokes because he’s too nervous to say anything serious. “And you’re going to turn thirty in a few minutes and we’re both still single…”
“I-I can’t believe you remembered,” you blink in shock.
Laughing, he caresses your cheek. “Of course. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to marry my best friend.”
Your breath hitches from his warm, loving touch. “Why did you wait so long then?”
“Because I was afraid to lose you,” he breaks eye contact with you. “I didn’t wanna ruin our friendship, but I have loved you for a long time now, Y/N.”
“Okay, I’ll ruin our friendship for you, then,” you say before pressing your lips against his, your bodies morphing into one.
[It's like catching lightning, the chances of finding
Someone like you
It's one in a million, the chances of feeling
The way we do]
As Atsumu tips you to deepen the kiss, his chest explodes with fireworks like the ones he would watch with you in the past. All his favorite memories with you starting from when the two of you were children comes flooding his mind, making his heart full with love. Nevermind that he’s a full adult, that he’s not a child anymore. When he’s with you, it’s like time stops and nothing else matters but the two of you.
You’ve always been scared to grow up, to be way past your younger years, but as Atsumu delicately cups your cheek to press himself closer to you, you realize you’ll always feel young at heart with your best friend. Nevermind that you’re thirty because with him, you’ll always be a teenager in love. 
With you and Atsumu together, there’s no growing older. There’s only growing in love.
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twistedmusings · 5 months ago
Arabesque and Plie
A/N: I don't know why, as I crying trying to write my paper, I thought of my old ballet classes. There is such an intimacy in dancing a pas de deux with someone, especially with lifts, and such a tenderness when you see them communicate with just their I immediately put a twst spin on it. Warnings: Malleus and Leona trying to one up each other but failing because they are too focused on moving with you as one.
Malleus Draconia and Leona Kingscholar meet outside the gates of Ramshackle, only one of them being called out to meet would they react when you ask them for some help?
“What the hell are you doing here?”
Malleus blinks as he looks at the dorm leader of Savannaclaw, the other glaring at him as they both met near the entrance of Ramshackle. Leona huffed and looked down at the package in Malleus’s hand.
“You brought a gift?”
“...I would think it is rather impolite to arrive at a dear friend’s house without a gift.”
Leona clicks his tongue as he pushes the gate open, forcing his way inside and refusing to look back at the dorm leader following him.
You really had gone and invited the lizard and not him? Where the hell did you get off? Here he was being decent enough to hand you the homework you had missed, after Vil forced him to do it, and you had gone and invited this cold blooded iguana to your place?
“Were you invited as well, Kingscholar?”
Wouldn’t he like to know.
“Mind your damn business, lizard, I’m just here on business.”
Malleus nods as he knocks on the door, both dorm leaders looking around as they heard music coming from...somewhere. Leona’s ears twitched as the door opened, the music getting somewhat louder as Grimm opened the door with an exhausted look and shaky paws.
He floats over to Malleus as he points back at the entrance of Ramshackle.
“Please do something about them! My paws are hurting so much and I don’t think I can keep it up for much more!”
Blue eyes turn to Leona, Grimm tilting his head and looking at Leona up and down.
“...did you get los--”
“Just show me where the herbivore is.”
Leona spits out and makes his way into Ramshackle first, not looking back at the two as he looks around. He had never been in Ramshackle dorm but from what Jack told him it was simple and compact. His eyes had already spotted three great napping spots, which he would make use of the moment he handed you these damn papers, before he stepped into the foyer.
“Letting your pet open up the door for you now? Is the title of dorm leader getting to y--”
His teeth click as Leona shuts his mouth while his ears perked up at the growing intensity of the music in the room. Although, maybe that wasn’t the only reason they were up.
Eyes immediately went to your legs. .
The leg that was standing straight like an arrow seemed to not waver as the other extended itself out, one of your arms reaching outwards while you moved the other arm back so that your hand would press against your extended leg, the position imitating a sort of hunting bow as you held the position for as long as you could--
Leona jumped when you let out a breath, immediately dropping your position and spitting out a small ‘dammit’ into the air.
His surprise lasted only a moment as the mood was amazingly ruined by the two people he forgot were there, Malleus walking up behind him as Grimm took the snack filled box into the kitchen.
“Child of man.”
You turn around.
“Oh! Malleus! There you are! I need--”
Your eyes fall on the Savannaclaw dorm leader, tilting your head as he waits for his greeting.
“ you need something from me, Leona-senpai?”
You little--
“Hah? Am I not allowed in your dorm? Only lizard boy over here can come over?”
“What? No! I’m just...surprised. You never really leave Savannaclaw that often, at least that is what Jack says.”
Leona tosses the papers on a nearby coffee table and lays himself out on your couch.
“He doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does...tell him next time to mind his business.”
You roll your eyes before holding out your hand for Malleus to take, the other quickly taking it and following you to the middle of the room.
“Grim mentioned you performing some sort of physical task that left him exhausted.” He looks down at the way your hands fit together before smiling.
“Are you in need of magical assistance?”
“As much as I would like to take a raincheck on that, the only thing I need right is you, Tsunotarou.”
You jump as you hear Leona drop one of his shoes on the floor loudly, taking the other one off slowly and refusing to look your way.
The Diasmonia dorm leader squeezes your hand lightly as he feels an unlikely warmth in his chest at your words. He briefly wondered if he should speak about the sleepless night he had, his mind far too giddy about you inviting him over that he held himself back on the sun waiting to rise in favor of sleeping as much as he could so he could enjoy his day with you.
“Yes! I just need you to…”
You hum and put a finger to your chin, tapping it twice as you figured out the best way to explain what you wanted from him.
“You know, I think it would just be quicker to show you.”
You rush over to the phone Crowley had given you, tapping the screen as music started to play from the small speakers. Malleus remains rooted to his spot as you get on your tiptoes, the shoes you got from Sam yesterday greatly aiding you in keeping comfortable as you move your arms up and down while concentrating on the routine you had memorized over and over.
Lime green eyes widen as you extend yourself back, dropping down to touch the floor as your other leg goes up with your movements before reaching back as if being held by someone. He watches you hold the position for a few seconds before both of your feet drop gently as you move closer to him.
Your eyes open to reveal a sad look, both feet now on pointed toes as you reach out to him only to pull back gently and lean forward only a slight bit before moving back and going into a simple arabesque.
The music grew in intensity as two sets of eyes are on you now, watching you spin twice before you raised your arms along with the crescendo and your leg going up to try to match their height--
You hiss in pain as you drop the position immediately, Leona sitting up quickly as Malleus is at your side in an instant.
“Child of man--”
“Are you trying to stretch yourself out, herbivore?”
You sigh and stop the music, shaking one of your legs out to get rid of the cramps.
“Before coming here I used to do ballet in my free time. I thought that maybe they would have a ballet club on campus but Vargas said he has never heard of ballet before--so here I am trying to kill my boredom by dancing to one of my old routines and putting a new story to it.”
Both dorm leaders want to say something but find themselves rather lost.
Malleus recognizes this type of dance despite it being called a different name in the Valley of Thorns and Leona has only been around traditional Afterglow dances so what you just did impressed him more than he’d care to admit.
You pout.
“And I thought that I could maybe do a pas de deux by myself but--I’m not strong enough.”
Leona nods.
“So you needed someone to help that it?”
“Exactly!” you grin and turn to look at Malleus,“You don’t mind right? It’s not like you have to do anything too complicated just...spin me when I tell you to and when the time comes for me to do that pose--”
You try to imitate it as best as possible.
“Just hold my leg up! All you need to do.”
Malleus had pretty much already made up his mind, nodding to your every word as you instruct him on where he should hold and for how long--
Only for him to frown as Leona grabs your wrist and pulls you away from him.
“If you needed someone to just hold you still, you could have used that raccoon over there.”
Grim comes out of the kitchen with a plate full of snacks as he makes his way upstairs.
“My paws are shaking from trying to keep their entire leg up...I never asked for this type of exercise!”
You sigh.
“It wasn’t that bad, Grim!”
Grim goes upstairs.
Leona tries to speak up but stops when Malleus puts a hand on your shoulder.
“You were only here to deliver some homework, correct?”
He tugs you back lightly.
“You should be getting back to your dorm, Kingscholar.”
The lion prince growls only to grab your wrist and pull you back.
“You don’t tell me what to do, Malleus. If I wanted to live here I would do so instantly.”
They both turn to you, Malleus looking down with a kind smile as Leona glares at what you were going to say next.
“Shall we get started, child of man?”
“I can help you just as well as he can!”
Tumblr media
“Sit down for now, Leona-senpai?”
Malleus can’t help the smile on his face as you lead him back to the center of the room. You had called for him after all, Kingscholar was just here because...well he didn’t know.
You start up the music again and begin the routine, Malleus smiling all the while you seem to glide effortlessly through movements that seemed far too complicated for him to put together. One moment you were crossing your legs and the other you were stretching out your leg while balancing yourself in one foot.
He readies his arm as you move on tip toes towards him, giving him a gentle smile before turning your back to him and going into an arabesque.
“Grab my waist Mal and...gently spin me around.”
The dorm leader does as he is told, meeting your eyes and chuckling when you make a face at him.
“You said there was a story to this, child of man?”
You start moving backward, one leg stretching out and remaining steady as his hand now moved to your lower back so he could support some of your weight.
“The original story is somewhat I was thinking of making it a story about an adventurer who meets a lonely king. They don’t know they are a king because he purposefully keeps it from them--I’m going to learn forward, okay?”
His hands are on your waist as you glide down, touching the floor with your foot as your other foot goes straight up, coming back up elegantly as you explain the plot further.
“The adventurer and the king spend a lot of time together...yet the king feels like if he reveals his secret now the adventurer would run. So he keeps it hidden until an unfortunate incident--”
You hold out your hand for him as you stand on your tiptoes, Malleus taking it and giving it a gentle squeeze before watching you raise one of your legs up so that it is at the same height as his stomach.
“Yet when it is revealed he finds that the adventurer doesn’t care who he is. All they care about is the person who they care for the most...and that is the king.”
Were you trying to tease him? This story sounded far too familiar. If he were to pick a character to relate to it would certainly be the monarch. While Malleus certainly wasn’t scared to show you who he was, he just wanted the mystery to last a bit longer so you would stay at his side. If you had known he was the Malleus Draconia, would you act as light hearted as you are now? Or would you pull away and cower in fear?
The very thought made him anxious as you turned your back towards him again, your hands raising up as you got ready to go into your big arabesque position. You give Malleus a quick cue as you stretch yourself out, your leg rising up as far as it could--only to lay gently against Malleus’s hand as you let out a sigh of relief.
“ you think the adventurer would stay with the King?”
Malleus can see he caught you by surprise as he lets your leg go down slowly, setting you back into first position before you once again stand on your tiptoes and put your hand up so Malleus could spin you around twice. At this point, he was entirely focused on where your hands were going and how you were moving, picking up on each cue as he dared to look into your eyes.
“I know this is your story but if the adventurer were to leave...the King would be rather heartbroken. I am certain that he would prefer if the adventurer were to stay.”
He knows he would prefer it if you stayed. And if he ever dared to be so bold, he would prefer that you stayed by his side.
The music fades out after the last note, Malleus still holding your hand as you try to catch your breath.
Had he said too much? Did he perhaps make you uncomfortable? The story was from your imagination and he was just reading far too into it--
His eyes widen as your other hand rests on top of his, looking at you with surprise as you giggle and pull them close to your heart.
“If the King would have them...I’m sure the adventurer could find a new home with him.”
Tumblr media
“If you want to help then...fine.”
Leona smirks as he watches you apologize to Malleus, the other visibly disappointed which already made him feel pretty great. He hadn’t even meant to stay here for too long and yet you had picked him for this little dance of yours. Suck it, lizard.
He turns to look at you, watching your eyes staring at him intently as he leads you to the center of the room.
“What is it?”
“ you think you can lift me up?”
Oh you were being really funny, weren’t you? Of course he could lift you up. Out of all of the Magishift members and out of all the people in Savannaclaw, he was the strongest one. At this point you were just asking stupid questions.
“Try me.”
You nod as you pick a different song, starting it up as you start out in first position with your back turned to him. He watched as you bend your leg and bring it up to your thigh, slowly unbending it and lifting it up as it goes past your head. Eyebrows raised, he goes to support it but you stop him with a sound.
What? Wasn’t that what he was here for? He watches you glide into every move with great precision, turning towards him with one foot as the other is raised halfway. In his opinion, it made you look like a living doll.
He wasn’t sure why he liked that so much.
You walk back towards him slowly, your hands at your side with your palms facing outwards before you do a single turn and speak up.
“Grab me by the waist and just hold me. I’ll tell you when to spin.”
With great effort, you lift up your leg once again and stretch out while giving him the command to gently spin you. Leona nods as his hold on you changes, turning you around slowly and watching you bend down sideways.
His hold changes from one hand to one, wrapping his arm around your waist as his other hand starts to outstretch to support him better. You come back up and smile as he gives you a shit eating grin.
“Did you expect that?”
“I almost don’t want to give you the satisfaction of an answer.”
Leona takes great care to make sure that his hold on you is as light as it can be. If he was holding onto you for dear life, he was sure that your bones would immediately break. And with the way this dance was going, it seemed that you needed him to be as gentle as possible.
Already a tall order for him.
“So what’s the story of this dance?”
He takes a hold of your waist as you stretch yourself out, both hands going outwards as he brings you back in slowly.
“The original is a bit cliche but...maybe I should make it about an adventurer trying to find a lost prince--I’m going to need you to lift me up over your head.”
You glide to the right before jumping up, Leona giving you the extra boost you needed as you put one leg up and your arms stretching themselves out as they briefly rubbed against his ears.
“Maybe the adventurer hears a story of a missing prince who was never seen again after a quarrel with his country, yet the country needed the prince’s plans in order to succeed in battle. So they asked an adventurer to please seek him out.”
A prince, huh?
He gently guides you down but his hands never leave your waist as you instruct him to keep his hold a bit tight as you stretch yourself out towards the other dorm leader sitting on the couch but being greedily pulled back to Leona.
“Unbeknownst to them, the adventurer had already met the prince. They had stopped the prince’s rather tedious plans to take over some foreign land. The adventurer understood why they would want him back...but they didn’t know if he would accept.”
You tell him that you are going to move forward and that when you do he should immediately lift you up. It is surprising that he follows your every move so effortlessly, but maybe he was just that in tune with what you were doing. It’s the first time he has held someone so closely without trying to cause them physical harm. Besides, it was amazing to see you remain composed and relaxed as he lifted you up into the air only to watch you hold your pose.
“So? Did the adventurer get to the prince?”
He turns your waist clockwise fast, making you spin around in four circles before stopping you as you lean forward and raise your leg up, the movements getting a bit faster as his hands went from looking at the back of your head to your waist.
“They did...but the prince told them that he just wanted to stay where he was now. How it wouldn’t be worth it to go back home after all the shameful things he has done.”
Leona can almost feel your determination as you pull away from him. Why would you pick a prince out of all people? And one of an outcast nonetheless. Were you still trying to call him out for his past mistakes? Was that all he was to you? The dorm leader who had tried to cheat his way to victory?”
You smile and hold out your hand, Leona raising his slowly and taking your as you raise your leg up.
“But the adventurer wouldn’t leave it there. They know what the prince is capable of...all they need to do is make sure that he sees it as well.”
A quick glide downwards as he picks you right up, setting you down on two feet before you resume your position on your tiptoes.
“The adventurer tells the prince that there are plenty of things that only he can do that nobody else can. Even if the crown wasn’t his, he would still hold great power over the decisions of his kingdom. One didn’t need to wear a crown to have great power.”
You turn your back towards him and start getting ready to go into your great arabesque position--!
Only to stop when Leona stands in front of you and goes down on one knee, staring at you in the eyes while you raise your leg up and instead of fully stretching yourself merely lean down and rest your hands on his shoulders.
He may be lazy but he knows symbolism when he sees one. If you were to be the adventurer and he was the prince, he imagined himself staring up at you as you spoke words of comfort to him and him alone. The bastard in the story must be pretty lucky to have someone like the adventurer believe in them…
The music fades out slowly as you go back into first position, Leona scratching the back of his head with a bored look while you pick up your phone and stop the music altogether.
“First Vil and now you, everyone is making me work today.”
Leona can’t look at you in the face, not after he pulled that cliche sort of move. One moment of weakness and he was putting himself in the shoes and feeling jealous of a character that didn't even exist! When did he get so pathetic?
He mumbles a quick goodbye and heads out, deciding that he needed to nap for the rest of the day after that embarrassing moment--
The dorm leader stops in his tracks, turning around with an annoyed look only for it to melt away as you trot over to him and smile.
“Mind if I call you in case I need your help again?”
Damn you. Damn you, damn you, damn you you made him so weak--
He leans close and grins before flicking your forehead.
“If you reward me properly then...maybe.”
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inkandpen22 · 4 months ago
All I Want (3/4)
Request: I would honestly be happy with anything you write! Maybe a slow burn with Sirius x Reader where their relationship is kind of like lily x James and Hermione x Ron idk 😂 I’m not really sure aaaaaah
Pairing: Sirius Black x reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 2.2k
Part Summary: Y/N and Sirius must fulfill their detention. As always, no experience is ever uneventful with them. When detention is over, the two finally come to common ground. 
Tumblr media
After classes, Sirius and I meet McGonagall in her office as instructed. The professor escorts us through the castle to the location of our punishment. I imagined we would be just scribbling down some lines, but apparently that’s not the case. 
"As punishment for your... indiscretion. You two will dust, clean, and wax the many hundred candelabras in the Dining Hall," McGonagall announces once we reach the doors leading into the massive room. 
Inside, dozens upon dozens of candle sticks sit lined-up on the house tables. Towels, cleaning products, and wax sit at the edge of the Gryffindor table. My lips part in awe, this looks painful. 
"Wait... those things are actually real? I thought they were just a part of the enchantment," I question. 
"They are very much real Ms. Y/L/N, I assure you,” McGonagall informs as she hands me a scrub brush. “They're thousands of years old, date back to the time of Goddrick Gryffindor and the other founders."
"Those are some real old candle holders," Sirius snickers. 
"Candelabras, Mr. Black," the professor corrects shortly. "I'll be back in an hour to check on you."
McGonagall departs down the hall back to her office. Her heels click against the stone floor *clack* *clack* *clack* every second until the sound becomes distant. Sirius and I stand in the doorway, not sure of where to begin. 
"We're supposed to sit here and wax these things for an hour?"I scoff. 
"Not happening,” Sirius sighs, tossing his towel over his shoulder. He heads over to the Gryffindor table and picks up the container of wax to examine it. “Minnie must know we'd try to charm the polish to wax the sticks themselves?"
Oh no, not one of his ‘witty schemes’ again. Last time he tried to outsmart a professor his hair was green for a week! He cried about it to me in the Prefect bathroom and made me swear not to tell anyone. 
Hurriedly, I snatch the canister from his hands and set it back down on the table. "Exactly, Sirius! McGonagall would know better! Don't try it!"
"Since when did you become such a scaredy-cat?" He teases with a cheeky grin as he whips out his wand from his back pocket. 
"Am not!” I shove him in the arm playfully. “I...I..."
"What?” Sirius turns to face me, leaning against the table charmingly. “You don't want me to get hurt?"
"No, I just... Okay, maybe..." I reluctantly admit, avoiding his gaze.
"It's impossible to hurt me," he remarks over-confidently as he lifts his wand toward the canister. "Just wait and-"
Following a flick of his wand, he’s flung back a couple feet just before hitting the wall. He yelps and lands on his ass with a huff. Enchantment repelling spell, predictable. 
I raise a brow, giving him a smirk. “Did it hurt?" 
"Maybe a little,” he grumbles through his pout. 
"Here," I approach and offer my hand. 
"Actually, I quite like the view from down here,” he determines, trying to sneak a peek under my skirt. 
I kick him gently in the thigh with a scoff. "Ugh, you vile, arrogant-"
"Dashing, devastatingly handsome," he chuckles, tossing his head back to appear lust worthy. 
"Egotistical," I add. 
"You insult me, yet stay with me,” he insinuates with a cheeky smirk. 
"Stay with you? We're not dating,” I fire back. 
"Well right, I mean obviously," he scoffs dismissively as he rises to his feet and brushes himself down."I don't date, remember?"
"Nor do I, then we're on the same page," I determine, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Crystal clear,” he tries to one-up. 
"Excellent," I agree. 
He must always get the last word. I roll my eyes at his immaturity and head over to the table again to get started. Sirius can be so infuriating sometimes! 
Once we got started on cleaning these candle sticks and formed a system, I began to lose track of time. Sirius and I have covered numerous subjects to talk about ranging from our favorite foods to eat when we’re home to what our education was like before coming to Hogwarts. Now, we’ve gotten to talking about where we’d like to travel to most. 
"I wouldn't mind seeing Thailand," Sirius concludes as he wipes the gold stick in front of him clean with a cloth. 
"Oo, good one!" I agree as I polish my candelabra until shiny. "We could ride elephants there!"
I feel Sirius’s eyes on me and I glance up to -sure enough- find him starring at me with a satisfied grin. 
I blush slightly, “what is it?"
"Nothing, I just... I like how you said 'we.' I like making plans with you,” he admits rather giddily. 
"Okay, Sappy McSapperson," I tease playfully and continue my task. 
"Alright, your turn!” He’s quick to move along. “Where's one place in the world you'd like to see?"
"Zakynthos, Greece," I answer without a moment’s hesitation. 
"That's awfully specific," Sirius chuckles. 
"I saw it once on the back of a postcard when I was younger,” I begin to explain, pausing my actions to remember the moment. “The water was so blue, it resembled the sky! There are these caverns that you can swim in and the sand is pure white! It seems so isolated... peaceful. It's like something from a dream."
"I'll take you one day," Sirius offers in a serious tone. 
"yeah, okay, and one day I'll be the Minister of Magic!" I joke. 
"No, I'm serious! We'll go!” He speaks with such certainty its hard to argue. “First thing after we graduate here, you and I will go to Greece and we'll find the exact cavern that you saw on the postcard!"
"Sirius, that could take days, months, maybe even years!" I reason with a hint of laughter. 
"Exactly," he cheekily grins. "Gives us an excuse to move to Greece together."
I roll my eyes with a smile, he speaks nonsense. 
"I'm not joking about going though,” he tells me. “One day, even if it doesn't happen right after graduation, I'll take you there."
"And why'd you wanna do that?" I inquire with a raised brow. 
"Because it's your dream. Whatever you care about, so do I,” he mutters with honesty in his eyes. I know he means it. 
Impulsively, I rise off the bench and leans across the large wooden table. Sirius eyes me curiously and I peck his lips for a quick kiss. Sirius has other plans as he places his hand to my cheek and keeps me there. He rises off his bench slowly, deepening the kiss. I find myself slipping away into the sensation. 
Abruptly, the sound of McGonagall’s heels against the stone floor rapidly approaching interrupts us. 
“Alrighty then, how are we progressing?” The professor makes her presence known as she enters the Dining Hall. 
I swiftly take my seat and it appears McGonagall didn’t notice a thing, thankfully. 
“Nearly done, Professor!” I rush out anxiously and continue to wax the golden stick in front of me. 
“Excellent work, you two,” she compliments as she comes to a halt behind Sirius. “I must admit, I’m a tad surprised you’ve managed to get this far. I trust you’ve spent the last hour thinking over your actions and the discussion has been productive?” 
“Yes Ma’am, the conversation has been more than productive. I’d go as far to say it was enlightening and groundbreaking,” Sirius states and I wonder if it has a deeper meaning. 
“Glad to hear it. You two may go on now,” McGonagall bids us our freedom. 
Sirius and I look at each other with surprise. We didn’t expect her to let us go so soon, so easily. Nevertheless, we don’t question it as we begin to rise from our seats. 
“Oh uh, thank you, Professor!” I stammer as I gather my things. 
“Later Minnie,” Sirius bows his head briefly at the woman. 
Once we’re by the door, Sirius presses his palm to my back and we begin down the hall together. His hand is warm. He’s always so warm. 
“Oh and students?” McGonagall calls after us calmly. 
Sirius and I come to a halt, whipping our heads around as though we’ve been caught. 
“Don’t forget the Spring Ball is coming up... wouldn’t want to lose privileges with any more poor choices, yes?” The Professor insinuates with a raised brow and pursed lips 
“Of course, Professor,” Sirius nods his head repeatedly and ushers me away. 
Once we turn the corner, both of us start to relax. Though, Sirius’s hand doesn’t leave me. In fact, it glides from my back to rest slightly on my waist. We’re finally free. No more detention. No more cleaning. We have the rest of the day to do as we please. 
“So, what are you planning on doing for the rest of the day?” Sirius questions. 
“I don’t know, want to hang out by the lake until dinner?” I conclude. 
“Sure!” He’s quick to answer, but catches himself and switches his tone to sound more laid back. “I mean... uh... yeah, yeah, sounds good.” 
I snicker at his reaction and he shares in it. A truly peculiar creature, Sirius Black. 
We lay by the lake under a tree. The plush spring grass feels like a fresh duvet beneath us. The warmth of the late afternoon sun seeps into my skin and warms my cheeks. I fiddle with blades of grass between my fingers. My eyes have fallen shut as the sweet water-scented breeze brushes over me. 
“How long will you be away this summer?” Sirius inquires quietly beside me. 
“Just a few weeks,” I reply with a snicker. “What? Worried that you’ll grow bored during my absence?” 
“Honestly, yeah,” he confesses uncharacteristically. 
I turn my head to the side to glance at him. His jet-black eyes meet mine with a blank expression. 
“Aw don’t fret, aren’t you staying with James this summer?” I remind the worried boy. 
“Yeah but...” I hesitates to continue. “But James isn’t you...” 
I hadn’t expected that reply. Granted, I hadn’t predicted anything either. Sirius also isn’t the sort to confess such things. It’s not that I don’t want to hear it. If he had said this to me two years ago, I would’ve been over the moon. Little does he know that I haven’t been with anyone else in a long time. We agreed to keep things casual between us. Yet, I can’t find it within myself to care for anyone else. 
Sirius studies my face as my mind wonders. Hesitantly, he leans forward. His lips part as his face lingers closer and closer to mine. His fingers brush against my cheek bone as his eyes search my face with wonder and curiosity that I’ve never seen in him before. For some reason, it makes me feel nervous. I suppose it’s the foreignness and complexity of the emotion behind his stare. Then, in a moment, his lips meet mine. The kiss is unlike any we’ve had before and we’ve had plenty. It’s not eager or swift. It’s slow, hesitant, gentle. It says a lot without saying anything at all. Sirius parts from me, hovering above me closely. 
“Would you want to go to the ball with me?” He asks abruptly. 
“Yes,” I nod softly. 
His brows scrunch together. “Wait, really?” 
“Yeah,” I giggle. 
“Why are you saying yes now?” He questions, referring to the previous times I’ve turned him down. 
“You never asked,” I reason plainly. 
He sits up with a swift motion, eyeing me in confusion. “What do you mean? Of course, I did! I’ve been asking you all the time!” 
“No, you told me. You never asked me,” I clarify. 
His features fall as he comprehends my meaning. “Oh...” 
“Mhm,” I hum with a slow nod. 
“Sorry about that. I didn’t think about it that way,” he apologizes genuinely, visibly disappointed in himself. 
“I know,” I place my hand on his distant shoulder and rest my chin on the other. 
“But you’ll go with me?” He checks again. 
“Was kinda planning on it,” I admit with a slight chuckle. 
He inches his head back to catch a glimpse of my face. “This whole time you knew you’d go with me?” 
“Pretty much,” I confess as I lift my head. 
“Then why did-” 
“Because I wanted the choice. I didn’t want to be told I was going with you. We’re equals, the decision to go together is 50/50.” 
“Oh right, equality, girl power,” he lists. 
“Don’t tease,” I nudge him. 
He holds up his hands in surrender. “I’m not, you’re right. I should’ve asked properly. You know, Remus and James suggested I make a big show in the Dining Hall.” 
My jaw drops. “You’re kidding! I would’ve hated that!” 
“I know! That’s why I didn’t do it!” He laughs. 
“Idiots,” I huff, rolling my eyes again. 
“Yeah, no kidding,” he chuckles as he lays back down onto the grass. 
I do the same, resting comfortably closer to him and he takes my hand in his with a gently squeeze. 
“I just have one more question,” he adds. 
“Oh no and what’s that?” I joke, releasing a deep sigh. 
“Well, it’s more of a request,” he changes. 
“Go on then! Getting nervous here,” I urge. 
“Alright, alright!” He chuckles lightly, turning his head to meet my gaze. “Could your dress be red?” 
“Red?” I frown in confusion. “Why red?” 
“It looks great with black,” he winks, noting the pun. 
“Everything looks good with black,” I giggle. 
“Nothing better than you, Darling,” he compliments, placing a quick kiss to my cheek. “I specially love seeing you covered in Black,” he purrs in my ear. 
“Red it is then...” I comply with a grin. 
This ball should be something interesting without question... 
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bands | twenty
Tumblr media
[ series masterlist ]
summary: jeon jungkook has it all: the looks, the fame, the money, the women. being considered the sexiest man in the industry, he finds no complaints about the way his life is going nor does he find any reason to apologize for the way he approaches it. he is a force to be reckoned with - until he meets you.
pairing: stripper!reader x idol!jjk
genre: (18+) strip club/nightlife au, post grad au | fluff, angst, smut
words: 3.1k
warnings: cussing, mature language/implied sexual content, another one of jungkook’s surprises 🥺, unprotected sex, some dry humping, straddling/riding, sprinkle of nipple play, neck kisses, chin kisses, nothing too intense honestly
tags: @brightcolorsoffendme @min-nicoleee @eggbutnotyolk @ra-mun-e @miinoongi @jimidol @ppeachyttae @thebeebi @bluesharksandfish @kooafraid @liriaus @thisartemisnevermisses @ggukkieland @preciouschimine @sunniejinnie @cypheruby @cyb3rbab3 @masterlists101 @awhnamjoon @redhedhoseok @wooya1224 @taeismydeath @jikookiekosmos @un2-verse @aynsx @wearenot7withu @knjeuphoria @bringitseijoh @unicornbabylover​ @itz-ally​ (closed!)
Tumblr media
"Baby." You look up from your phone, Jungkook smirking before sipping his water at the table while the both of you waited for your dinner to be served. "He's okay, I promise."
"I know, I'm sorry I'm freaking out. Me and Kai just haven't actually separated and spent time away from each other like this." Jungkook chuckled.
"He's with Yeonjun and his family, and you're with me in Japan. You both are good. Safe and sound." You give off a small smile and re-read the 'no sis, i promise i'm all good, have fun and stop worrying about me!' message from Kai one last time before tucking your phone away. Kai had gone off to spend time with Yeonjun and his family at their vacation home, and you and Jungkook took the one day off that you both finally had together to head to Japan for the day, set to head back home very bright and early tomorrow morning. You were excited to be alone with him in this setting, especially before the craziness of the tour was supposed to kick off. But, you hadn't been away from your brother like this and you couldn't help but worry even with the reassurance.
God, you felt like a mom.
"You're right. I'm sorry." You rest your chin on the palm of your hand and stare at your incredibly handsome boyfriend in front of you.
"It's okay, I get you."
"Where are we going after this?"
"It's a surprise." You rose an eyebrow.
"A surprise?"
"Yup." He says, adjusting his bucket hat. "Don't even think about asking more questions, angel. You won't get it out of me." You scrunch your nose. Caught! He knew you so well. Yet, you didn't press on just like he said not to.
"Fiiiine." You playfully pouted. At this point, the food comes and you dig right in. You and Jungkook had been out exploring [shopping, really] since you landed. You both had grubbed on a few snacks here and there, but this was definitely the first, full meal you two have had today. Jungkook devours his food in about two bites [that's what it seems like when he's head deep into the bowl] while you're still trailing along. He wipes his mouth with a napkin, chuckling at how slow you eat compared to him.
"I'm getting full." You say, bowl half-finished.
"Let me help you, cutie." He says, digging his fork into your food. "Still want that ice cream?"
"Maybe I can hold off for a bit." He smiles.
"Mmmkay, if you say so."
"I literally have no room left in my stomach."
"Suuuit yourself." He continues to tease.
"Kidding— whatever you want, baby." He checks his watch. "We should wrap this up soon though so we can make it on time."
"On time for what?" You try to pry it out of him once more with a smirk.
"On time for your surprise." He winks.
"Ugh. You're impossible."
"I promise it'll be worth the wait." He stands to fix and holds his hand out as he waits for you you to get up from the table. This entire time, Jungkook has always held you close. Always keeping you near, keeping you safe. Whether it was throwing his arm around you, holding and caressing your hand, holding you from behind— he never failed with his sweet moments, his delicate touches.
The drive isn't too long, or, it didn't feel too long because you had been so caught up with view passing by. Everything was beautiful. The lights, the way the buildings were all laid out and spread throughout the city, the night sky. You were sad this day was coming to an end, and it would be nothing but continuous busy work from here on out. The one thing that you're looking forward to during tour season is traveling with your man and cheering him on day in and day out. Jungkook gives you a small smile, his large hand caressing your thigh with a gentle squeeze as you sit quietly waiting for the arrival at your surprise destination. The car begins to slow as you pull up to a lot where you catch a glimpse of people leaving from another entrance, people being directed out of the place and off to their cars.
"Jungkook." You said, stepping out of the car as the driver opens your door. "Tell me you didn't just spend all this money on me."
"Surprise, baby. All yours for tonight." You cover your mouth with your hand, still in huge awe about the shit Jungkook was able to pull tonight.
"What the fuck, Jungkook. Why did you spend all this money on me, I—" Jungkook pulls you into a hug and kisses you on the lips, preventing you from speaking any further.
"Eh, I might have pulled some strings here and there. Laid my charm, you know what I'm saying?" He winked as he slightly pulled away to look at the expression on your face. But all he got in return was a pinch to his buff pec, causing him to let out a laugh as he rubbed the area to soothe it. "Ah, wait, what did I say? What did I do wrong?"
"Jungkook." You whined.
"I should really stop responding when you call me that."
"Babe." You corrected yourself.
"Come, let's go have a little fun. This is your playground tonight, babygirl." He nods, squeezing your hand in his as you walked towards Tokyo's Disneyland. The Disney music played loudly, even if it was just for the both of you entering the park. You let go of his hand, twirling as you walked to take in everything around you and how the lights in the park illuminated the night sky. Jungkook giggled, incredibly happy to see you happy and so carefree. The park was huge, and there was so much space to jump around, run, dance, squeal - space to do everything and anything. You ran towards the castle, excited to see it live and in full view, with Jungkook following behind you with his beloved camera hanging around his neck.
"Turn around, love. Let me take some pictures of you here." You smile and happily do as you're told, posing differently for every picture Jungkook had snapped of you. You pulled him in for a couples picture, the staff happily taking Jungkook's camera to snap a photo of you two.
"Hey, let me get some of you too." You take his camera as you both continue through the park, finding your first rides of the night.
"Remember what I taught you."
"Yes, I know." You chuckled, keeping his tips in mind as you tried to snap candid photos of him walking through the park.
God, he was heaven sent doing the simplest things - like walking, for fuck's sake. He comes by your side as you walk deeper into the park, you following his lead since you had no idea how to navigate this park even with the map in your hands. He took you on the first couple of rides before the both of you decided to try out more snacks and dessert before hopping onto the next set of rides. You were getting exhausted pretty quickly, only getting through half of the park before you felt like your knees were gonna give up on you.
"You doing okay, baby?"
"I'm so tired." You laughed.
"Let's make it through one last part, then we can head back to the hotel, yeah?"
"Okay." You took his hand, like you always do - willingly and so full of trust, letting him take you to all sorts of places. He takes you through one more portion of the park, making sure you take in every last bit of what you can handle at this point of the night. He fully understands though, because you two had been at it since the break of dawn this morning, flying over and getting straight to see Tokyo. You had told him time and time again that you wanted to go to Japan, and he wanted to do his best to fulfill that for you. Part of you was always going to be a bit jealous of Yeji for having been able to spend some time with Jungkook here, even though it was at a club and he was awkward as hell. Just the thought of Jungkook in Tokyo with another female kind of makes you annoyed, you can't even lie.
Let's not forget about the fact that Yeji's ass really texted him earlier this morning, completely disregarding you. Everything about you, clearly.
You had settled into the hotel room you and Jungkook were staying at for the night, tossing your jacket onto the bed as you plopped down to feel the mattress against your body.
"Tired already, sweetheart? Our day has barely started." Jungkook says, washing his hands in the bathroom.
"I just—give me a minute." You sighed, feeling the soft mattress comfort your back. You shut your eyes for a quick second, only to be interrupted by Jungkook's phone buzzing near your ear. The both of you typically don't really care if the other catches a glimpse of the notifications that pop up on the screen. You both didn't feel like you had a reason to hide, especially Jungkook. So, you slightly pick up your head and peer over to see who had texted.
[unknown number] 8:31am: hey! it's yeji, heard you're in tokyo. :) we should meet up and actually hang out this time around!
"Who is it, baby?" You snort.
"Yeji wants to meet up with you, ouuuuuu." You tease, causing him to chuckle as he sits on the edge of the bed. You fix your position, laying your head on his lap, watching as he took a look at the text for himself.
"Jesus christ."
"Jesus christ is right. She obviously doesn't care that I exist."
"Then that's her problem." He laughs, swiping left to delete the message from his inbox.
"She must really like you, babe." He shrugs.
"What should I do with that information?" You laugh.
"You're annoying."
"I'm annoying? You're annoying for coming into work with that dress on."
"That was literally weeks ago, Jeon Jungkook."
"And you fucked me in the studio, so what now?"
"Wanna go for round two in another studio room tomorrow?"
"I really can't stand you sometimes. This was supposed to be about Yeji."
"No, nothing is supposed to be about Yeji. That text doesn't matter." He caresses your cheek with his thumb, giving you that reassurance because he knows you're looking for it. You didn't have to say anything to let him know. And honestly, he didn't mind giving it to you. He could remind you all day about how important you are to him, and it wouldn't bother him one bit. "Now, back to the question. Is that a yes, or a yes?" You rolled your eyes playfully and rolled off of his lap.
By the time the festivities are over, you hop on Jungkook's back so he can give you a piggy back ride back to the car. Even though you had loads of fun today, you were so ready to end the day in some comfy clothes and cuddle up to your man. In which, plans go as you expect— you get back to the room and head in for a quick shower with Jungkook joining you [he says to save water]. Although the shower sex was always beyond good, you also loved when you and Jungkook could simply be affectionate with each other. You loved the way he caressed you under the water, a soap trail following his hands as he roamed up and down your glistening body. You loved how he planted kisses along your shoulders, how he gave your head a good massage while lathering your shampoo and conditioner. You loved turning around to just kiss him, slowly and sensually, his hands resting against the small of your back. You loved how brushed the wet hair out of your face and looked at you like you were the only girl in the world.
You love it so much that even after the shower, while brushing your teeth or fixing yourself under the sheets, you can't help but stare in admiration. You can't help but smile at him because god, he was such a fucking sweetheart and you loved him.
You loved him.
You weren't sure if he felt the same but you continuously told yourself that over time, this would build and blossom into something even more beautiful than what it already was— it would lead to that moment and you just had to be patient. Things like this couldn't be rushed.
But yes, you loved him. Every single ounce of him.
You rested your cheek against his chest as the both of you laid silently in the dark, only the city lights partially bouncing off of the walls in the room. You traced small circles against his chest as you listened to his soft breathing.
"Are you going to be too busy while on tour?" He chuckles.
"Baby, we're literally gonna be side by side."
"Yeah, but like— you know?" You said, not sure where your thoughts were entirely.
"Elaborate, honey."
"I mean, I know we're gonna be traveling from place to place, so it'd be nice to even get 5 minutes to take in a view with you. Simple shit like that."
"If that's what you want, then I'll make it happen." You lift your head up to smile at him. You rest your chin momentarily on his chest before sitting up. "Hm?" Jungkook hums with his eyes closed, his finger tracing circles on your back. You throw a leg over his waist, straddling him as he continues to lie down below you with a smirk growing on the corner of his lips. "Mm, what's this?"
"You promise we'll still make time during the tour?" He opens his eyes, his hands resting on your thighs now.
"Of course. I'll never be too busy for you. I don't care how tired I am. Whatever you want, I'll make it happen, babygirl." He says softly.
"Okay." You smile down at him. You watched as he holds onto you, fixing his position so he's slightly sitting up against the headboard.
"What else do you need, sweetheart?" He smiles at you with those bedroom eyes, his hips lightly and slowly grinding against yours. You gasp a bit, feeling how quickly his member hardened.
"I don't know." You tease, letting out a breathy moan when he continues to jut his hips upward into yours a little more aggressively.
"You don't know? Must be a reason why you're making yourself comfortable ontop of me." He lets out a small moan as he grabs tighter onto your hips, trying to make you work yourself against him.
"No reason."
"Mm, is that so?" He sits up, his hand behind your head and the other still gripping your hip. He presses a hard, yet sensual kiss against your lips, a moan escaping the both of you as you continue to grind on him. "What are you doing then, baby?"
"Can't I just enjoy being on top of you?"
"Of course you can, but I wanna hear it. Tell me." He says in between kisses.
"I just wanna be on top of you."
"Yeah?" He begins to tug down on your panties, almost ripping them in the process while getting you in weird positions just to throw them off. "What are you gonna do on top of me?"
"Why don't you just sit back and relax?" You bite onto his bottom lip and tug it back, causing a groan from Jungkook. You throw off his shirt and help him pull his sweats and underwear down to his knees before he sits back against the headboard. He continues to pepper kisses along your neck, adding some tongue to help soothe the surface after gently nipping on your skin. You wasted no time sinking yourself down along his length, Jungkook moaning against your neck before he licks a stripe up to meet your jaw and grips your hips tighter.
"Fuck, you always feel so good." He says lowly. "So tight around me." You tilt your head back in pleasure, lip piercing your bottom lip as you start to make yourself comfortable in your position, rolling your hips against his.
"Koooook." You moan as you start to pick up your pace.
"Always so good to me." He lightly nibbles on your chin while twisting your nipples in between his fingers. "You had this planned all along, didn't you?"
"Sure." He chuckles before lowering his lips onto your perked buds. "Go ahead and use me, baby." Your moaning begins to get louder as you ride him quicker, your clit constantly rubbing against him as you roll into his hips. Your hands are tangled in his hair as he brings his lips back up to lock yours in a sloppy, passionate kiss, the both of you gasping for air in between.
"Ohhhhhgod, Jungkook!" You whimper. "I'm gonna cum, I'm so close."
"Cum for me, babygirl. Cum all over me. I'm all yours." He says against your neck, sweat dotting his forehead as his mouth opens to let out soundless moans. He feels his high approaching quick and he's not even one bit ashamed of how fast you can make him cum like this.
You had him wrapped around your finger and fuck, he loved it.
"I'm coming." You whine. "Hmmmnngggfuck!" Your words mesh together as you let yourself go, your walls spasming around his cock was more than enough for Jungkook to join you and fill you up completely. He groans against your neck, his teeth grazing the surface of your skin as the both of you pant and try to regulate your breathing.
"So good." He slowly raises his head to look at you, a smile painted across his face while he presses gentle kisses along your forehead, nose, lips, cheeks. "Baby?" Jungkook calls for you once he's calmed down, keeping you in your position.
"Hm?" You twirl a strand of hair around your finger as you keep your eyes locked onto his.
"I love you." Your eyes widened. "I love you so much." He presses a kiss on your chest, against your heart, before resting his chin against it to meet your eyes once more. "I-I don't wanna scare you and I completely understand if you don't, but you're just so important and so special to me—"
"Stop." You chuckle and kiss him on the forehead. "I love you too." His eyes glowed [even more than before] at your response. He simply hugs you tighter before letting you hop off to clean up and settle back in bed. He pulls you close, nose nuzzled against the nape of your neck while his arm swung over you, hugging you tightly as if he never wanted to let you go. Ever.
You loved this man, and he loved you.
baby while we're young, we should just have fun, we should just do whatever we want and tell everyone that we fell in love with each other - that we found the one in one another
track thirteen: while we’re young - jhené aiko
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imagining-in-the-margins · 8 months ago
Here to Misbehave (Pt. 23 | S.R.)
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Finale |
Summary: Spencer’s birthday plans get interrupted by a case. Frustrated by Reader’s busy schedule, Spencer finds a unique way to spend time with her. Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader Category: Smut (NSFW, 18+) Content Warning: Mild exhibitionism, fingering, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, Dom/sub, light choking, degradation/praise, sub space Word Count: 7.3k
Waiting for Spencer Reid was an interesting position to be in. It was also, unfortunately, very, very common. You would think the IQ points would translate to efficiency, but you’d be very wrong. The only thing that boy does fast is read, and even that didn’t follow through to text messages, considering he’d read none of the six I’d sent him in the past hour.
So, naturally, as one does in an emergency, I called him. Unsurprisingly, the phone barely rang a second time before he picked up. Talking was, as we were both aware, his forte. Without even waiting for my greeting, his groggy voice came through the receiver with a song-like sound.
“Hello, little girl.”
But it wasn’t his turn to sing, and he knew damn well why I was calling. I could hear the smirk on his face so well that I could also envision exactly what he looked like in that moment, with his fluffy hair sticking up from constantly running his hands through it and his eyes only half-open as he tried to finish reading whatever horrible thing that he had in front of him.
It wasn’t how anyone should be spending their birthday. Especially not him. There wasn’t really anything I could do about it, though that didn’t make it any easier to hear the exhaustion and sadness behind that scratchy voice.
“What’re you doing up late? It’s past your bedtime, you know,” he chastised before I even had a chance to speak. He wasn’t wrong — It was 3AM where I was. But where he was, it’d just hit midnight.
“I just wanted to wish a happy birthday to my favorite old man,” I purred back once I’d managed to calm my fast-beating heart. I wondered if I’d ever get used to the brief rush of adrenaline and relief when I heard his voice for the first time after some time away.
I hoped not.
Spencer didn’t seem impressed by my reasoning, though. “You’re sweet. Go to sleep.”
“You’re up, too,” I whined, still picturing the way he would undoubtedly pull the phone further away to lessen the noise. I almost asked if he was also picturing me but stopped when I realized that whatever he had in mind was probably a lot more exciting than reality. Then again, he often told me that moments like this were his favorite. When we’re both too tired to keep our eyes open but too happy to be with each other to let them close all the way.
“Barely,” he corrected.
“Besides, I had to stay up. It’s your birthday.”
I’d meant to lift his spirits, but the long pause after I finished made it evident that my efforts were for naught. He almost seemed even more upset than when he’d answered, and I tried to convince myself that it had nothing to do with me. It wasn’t that hard, considering he was probably staring at images or words of dead people.
“Yeah, sure feels like it.”
His tone alone ensured me it was worse than my imagination.
“Put your work down and pay attention to me instead,” I suggested as softly as I could with the neediness bleeding through, “That’s the first part of your present.”
“You’re my present?” he asked through a gruff laugh that made my heart skip a beat, “I like that present.”
He was trying. I could feel it in his voice, and I wished more than anything that I could teleport to where he was and hold him until it was too difficult for his mouth to form a frown.
“You already have me. That’d be like regifting,” I pointed out with only a pinch of self-deprecation. It was still too much for Spencer, though, who swiftly shot back the ever cheesy, “Every day with you is a gift.”
“Gross, don’t get all sentimental with me,” I ordered playfully.
He returned the energy with all the sass I always knew he was capable of. Once his whining ceased, he mumbled, “Do you come with a gift receipt?”
“No returns or exchanges allowed, I’m afraid.”
Spencer just let out a strained sigh, and in my head, I imagined how it would feel to climb onto his lap as he leaned back in his chair. I could almost feel his arms wrapping around my waist and his lips peppering kisses wherever he could reach. I could feel his love for me flowing across the country, persisting past the cell tower obstacles to make its way back to me.
“I can’t wait to see you again,” he whispered, his first purely sincere statement of the night.
It was an unfortunate choice, too, because it also reminded me of the biggest bummer that I unfortunately had to share.
“Oh, I meant to tell you, it’s midterm season, so…”
He was, thankfully, not as bummed as I was expecting. He was almost certainly thrilled to have a chance to sleep spread out on his bed without having to satisfy the very needy girl beside him, but he still managed to come up with enough bratty energy to scoff, “Are you telling me that I don’t get my gift when I get home?”
“It’ll just be a few days. Promise,” I spoke through the biggest, cheesiest smile I’d had yet. “You’re very distracting, Dr. Reid.”
“When are your exams?” His enthusiasm gave away just how disappointed he was with the news, but any frustration was clearly aimed at my poor professors.
“My last one is on Wednesday.”
The gasp that left him was too funny not to laugh, followed by exasperated, blubbered nonsense that didn’t ever get much clearer. I barely managed to understand him when he cried, “Don’t they know Halloween should be a national holiday?!”
“You should call my professors and yell at them.”
He actually considered it for a moment, but then returned the same silly intonation, “Maybe I will.”  
“Do it. You’re probably more qualified than them to teach me, anyway.”
After a short silence that was filled with more sexual tension than I’d expected considering how the phone call started, I heard Spencer gruffly comment, “You’re a cocky little brat tonight.”
It was so familiar to me that I jumped on the opportunity, giggling through my sleep deprived delirium, “I’m in rare form for your birthday.”
The explanation earned me a chuckle, but not much else. At least, not that I could see. The static on the other end of the phone sounded a lot like the way it looked when Spencer leaned his face against his palm and tried to see something that wasn’t there.
But I was there. Sort of. We’d done a lot more with a lot less, after all. So, that’s what I offered him.
“You know… we could have a redo of the last time I called you late at night on a case.”
“That did not end well for me last time,” he droned. I tried not to laugh at the manufactured memory of Spencer holed up in a hotel bathroom because he just had to have me in whatever way he could.
“Only happy endings for your birthday. I promise.”
But then, as it always did, work got in the way. Filled with only the greatest sadness and regret, Spencer quietly but honestly replied, “As much as I would love to, I don’t think it’ll be possible on this case.”
“Is it that bad?”
I bit my lip because there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t help Spencer with his work any more than I could fix the distance. All I could offer him was a safe home to return to. He would always find that with me.
“Well, in that case, I will be equipped with cartoons and kisses upon your return,” I offered with grace.
But I wasn’t the only one in rare form. Without skipping a beat, Spencer corrected with a smug sadness, “You mean your return. Considering you’re abandoning me on my birthday.”  
“Oh my god, the drama!” I cried before remembering that it was, still, in fact, 3AM. The light grimace I gave after remembering would be the only apology my neighbors would get from me. I was too busy building a narrative happy enough to drown out the horrors in front of him. “You’d think I was the one who was away all the time.”
“I’m allowed to be selfish; it’s my birthday,” he sang, and I soaked in the sound, storing it away for any rainy days.
“Fine. What do you want, brat?” I asked in the worst attempt at an impression I’d ever given.
He was just waiting for the question. Drawing out the first couple of syllables, he laughed through the stupidest birthday wish of all time.
“I want… you to go to bed.”
“Ugh!” I yelled again, not even bothering to feel bad about it that time. My exasperation fell on deaf ears, both from a willful desire to ignore my suffering and a literal ringing from the constant yelling.
Still, that impossible man drummed up enough compassion to gloat with a simple, “I love you.”
“I love you, too, jerk,” I grumbled, only to be swiftly corrected with a playful, “Try that again.”
“I love you, too, old man.”
He was satisfied enough with that answer, despite the sarcasm dripping from it. He still knew that the words were true, and that was all that mattered. Any punishments that might be necessary for my broken promise to behave for his birthday could always be doled out later. When the distance between us was narrowed to inches and clothes could be removed like cheap wrapping paper.
“Thank you, little girl. Sweet dreams,” he whispered, reminding me once more of just how empty my bed felt without him. I stared at his pillow for just one second before I threw myself into it. He chuckled at the sound of rustling sheets over the receiver but said nothing else.  
“You get some sleep tonight, too, okay?” I asked, uncharacteristically and openly vulnerable in a way that used to scare me.
Spencer’s voice was filled with pride and love as he answered, “You can’t see it, but I am giving you a pinky promise.”
“Good.” Burying my face in his pillow again made it easier to remember that it wouldn’t be forever when I said, “Bye, Spencer.”
“Goodnight, little girl.”
Autumn on campus felt pretty similar to the rest of the year. I wished that it were different, a little more exciting, to reflect how I felt about the impending holiday. But no, it was just students stumbling into their usual classes and hectically scheduled midterms with hangovers and a total lack of holiday cheer.
It was, in a few words, a complete bummer. The only thing that kept me going through the last of my exams was the knowledge that I’d be seeing Spencer. Unfortunately, he was still doing that rather annoying thing where he refused to answer my text messages. It wasn’t until he ignored even my most ridiculous threats that I realized something was going on.
The ‘Read’ notification sat menacingly on my screen, and I was so fixated on it that I almost didn’t notice the familiar mop of brown curls visible in the front row of the auditorium. But once I saw it, the phone was forgotten faster than ever before. I ran down the steps at a ridiculously dangerous pace, dodging the others still grumbling from their previous exams.
I landed in front of him with only enough breath left to sneer, “You’re in my seat.”
“Surprise,” he said with my favorite smug, self-assured smile.
“Adorable. Now move,” I ordered with a wave of my hand. As much as I loved the guy, I wasn’t about to change my seating arrangement for him. It was beginning to make sense, though, why my friend told me that she wouldn’t be sitting with me today.
“Fine,” he sighed, taking his sweet time moving seats and watching me happily bounce on my feet in the meantime. I snuck behind him into the seat before he’d even fully stood up. That little amount of friction between our bodies seemed to be enough to cause the tension to mount. It’d only been seconds, but I was already seriously considering abandoning the class. To hell with the professor who’d already seen me.
But Spencer’s eyes locked on mine, and he leaned onto the armrest with that same silly smirk.  
“It’s a workday, Dr. Reid,” I whispered, forcing my arm next to his and watching the way his pupils grew as I came closer.
“I might have pulled a few strings,” he replied just as quietly, keeping the illusion of secrecy despite many prying eyes around us, “Might’ve told Hotch I was invited.”
“But you weren’t,” I snorted.
Spencer’s head hung in just a little bit of shame, but his wide smile never waned. It was still there, bright and pure in its simplicity as he softly admitted, “Yeah. I lied. But I’m here now.”
There were no complaints about that fact, either. His pinky reached out to mine, twining together in the dim light of the auditorium. Somehow, for a brief second, I forgot about everything else. The noisy chatter meant nothing to me, the two of us lost in some alternate pocket universe that felt safe and warm from the cold air outside.
But time resumed, and I watched as Spencer took his eyes off of me first, turning instead to the lecturer watching us with a knowing glint in his eyes.
“Good morning everyone! We have a special guest with us today.”
I wanted to pay attention to his little introduction, but I couldn’t. Every word that was said about him sounded so clinical. It felt so empty compared to the truth I knew about him. He was so much more than a collection of publications and PhDs.
He was… indescribable. Even as his mouth formed a flat line and his awkward handshake was granted to the crowds of disinterested students, all I saw was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Even if it was only from the shadows of his greatness. Then again, I don’t think he’d ever let me feel that way.
Speaking of…
"Dr. Reid, the only thing I ask is for you to give these wonderful students a chance to show you what they know,” my professor started with a laugh before he so kindly continued, “So go easy on them." 
In any other situation, I might have let it slide. I would have accepted the fact that Spencer was far beyond my intellect and not stand up for myself. But this time, Spencer was on my turf.
"All due respect to Dr. Reid, I don't think he needs to go easy on us,” I called from the front row, only audible to the other dutiful students that cared enough to sit up front. I heard Spencer laugh beside me, shaking his head just a little bit at the challenge. He didn’t say anything though, and I returned my eyes to the professor who was already familiar with my antics as I boasted, "At least not on me." 
While Spencer caught on to the fairly obvious double entendre, shifting his crossed legs closer, the professor just wrote it off as my usual academic pride.
“I did try to warn you that that one might get competitive,” he commented. At this point, everyone had definitely figured out my relation to the man next to me. It was kind of hard to hide a bullet wound from your school. But again, I was so caught up in the man beside me that I didn’t even feel a little shame at their playful teasing.
Spencer’s commentary was the only thing that mattered, and he gave it with a dreamy sigh. "I'm not offended at all. I'm sure she's very clever." 
The little bit of light left in the room started to fade, and once I was shrouded by the shadows, I felt confident enough in my plan to dig through the bag at my feet to pull out probably the nerdiest item in it.
A fucking back-up clicker. Which, I promptly handed to the man beside me.
“You’re in seat B4,” I whispered gruffly, earning yet another snarky chuckle from my boyfriend.
“Is that a challenge?”
I didn’t answer. Not him, anyway. What I did answer was the question that had appeared on the screen.
“Ms. (Y/n)?” My professor called, recognizing my seat number without even looking up.
Luckily for me, today was nothing but a review day of the midterm I’d already taken. While I knew all of the questions and, what I’d hoped were the right answers, Spencer had to read the questions from scratch. Really, it didn’t give me an edge. It just put us on equal playing ground.
As I gave my answer, I watched in my peripherals as Spencer’s eyes narrowed and tongue peeked out from lips that I still hadn’t gotten the chance to kiss today.
It was a bad thing to think about, because my brief reverie of the things that mouth was capable of reminded me of another one. I didn’t even notice another question had appeared on the screen, and when I heard the familiar buzz of an attempted answer, I shared my Professor’s temporary confusion.
“Ah, Dr. Reid,” he laughed, probably already regretting welcoming the bastard here, “Please explain the answer.”
But there was another thing working in my favor: My boyfriend’s giant fucking ego. Really, it should be impossible that someone who was normally super insecure could enjoy showing off as much as he did. My professor didn’t mind, because Spencer’s long-winded answer was a wonderful review of… basically the entire course, and I didn’t mind because it granted me the one thing I needed.
Time. Time to slowly remove my jacket and reveal the sweater underneath. Spencer’s eyes caught the motion, glancing over only a couple of times while he managed to give his answer. It wasn’t until I started to remove the sweater that he cut his answer short.
His throat clearing told me he wanted my attention, but I was still just too distracted for him. I fanned my chest that felt warm for reasons other than the temperature of the room, guaranteeing his eyes would stay there long enough for me to catch the next question before he had a chance.
Or so I thought. Because before the question appeared, I made the positively stupid mistake of meeting his gaze. As soon as I did, my mind was stuck there, drowning in molasses and honey and—
“Dr. Reid, please feel free to continue to do my job for me. Lord knows I would love a break,” the professor joked, and I almost felt guilty for just how genuine he sounded. Not like Spencer would have noticed passive aggression if it existed.
Not like either of us would have cared. Per usual, we were so lost in the space of B4 and B5 that we didn’t care about the rest of the alphabet. All we cared about was winning. It was growing more and more obvious to me, though, that I would have to become a little more ruthless if I wanted to bring down the bona fide genius.  
The sound of his voice rang through the auditorium loud, clear, and confident. He didn’t need to worry if he was right or not, because he knew he was. The smugness was grating to my ears. I knew I couldn’t trick him into making a mistake, but there was one thing I could do.
I’d learned one thing very well in my time with Spencer, and that was how to manipulate that pretty little voice of his.
For example, if I wanted to hear it catch in his throat and come out a few pitches higher, all I would have to do is touch him. The riskier the touch, the higher his voice would go. Which was why I spread out the jacket over my lap, making sure that our legs were close enough that it covered him, too. Then I waited, calmly and kindly listening to him drone along until there was a natural enough inflection to hide evidence of any nefarious actions. Just as his voice started to rise, I slid my hand over his knee.
Spencer barely stuttered, just enough for me to know he was affected, but not enough for anyone else to notice. He took the loss with grace, quickly ending his answer with a summary that contained only half as many words as he would have normally provided.
He kept a few for me.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he hissed, shifting close enough to me that I could feel his breath on my ear.
“All’s fair in love and war,” I hummed. His breath caught again when I began stroking my thumb over his leg that had just started to bounce.
“This is wildly inappropriate.”
“How perceptive,” I returned with my own little smirk. The interaction caught us both, trapping us in the alternate dimension that existed when we held each other. His hand found its way to mine, and his thumb brushed over the back and sent goosebumps shooting over my skin.
I’d practically abandoned our pursuits altogether when I heard my friend’s voice as she took the question that we’d both missed. I should’ve been upset for losing after all that I’d gone through for my strategy to succeed, but it was hard to feel anything other than butterflies when Spencer was still looking at me like that.  
Even when I looked away, he stayed, patiently waiting for me to take the final question in the review. I granted him a chance to take it, but he just shook his head, implicitly asking me to take the win for the both of us. Even when we were competing, we were always on the same team.
There were no more distractions as I explained the answer as simply as I could. I was positive the rest of the class was tired of hearing our voices, but Spencer never stopped smiling. I could feel the pride rolling off of him, his hand growing tighter around mine as he took in a deep breath.
“Very good, (y/n),” my professor announced, signaling the end and initiating a large sigh of relief from everyone else.
Spencer sighed too, although his was with a different kind of relief; a dreamy, soft sound as he muttered under his breath, “Just like I said. Very clever.”
The air felt positively electric, and I never hated my class more than I did in that moment. The rest of the period ticked by so slowly that I almost swore the clocks were broken. Once we were allowed to leave, Spencer insisted on sticking around to thank the professor for his hospitality.
I knew it was necessary, but that didn’t mean I had to like it. I tried to be as patient as possible, even though it seemed pointless. Spencer’s little grin told me he knew very well what he was doing. The conversation had dragged on for practically five minutes of agony while I idled by the door.
But then my professor passed, and I felt the adrenaline course through my veins in seconds. As anticipated, we didn’t even make it out of the building before the tension broke. We’d barely even made it down the goddamn hallway before I shoved his scrawny ass into the first empty classroom I found. Once the door clicked shut behind us, the roles were quickly reversed.
I hadn’t seen him that excited in so long that I’d almost forgotten how easy it was to get swept up in his undertow. I couldn’t keep track of his hands or his mouth as they marked any bare skin they could find. But no matter how frantic and uncoordinated the movements were, they never ceased to send chills down my spine.
“This is wildly inappropriate, Dr. Reid,” I managed to slur between sloppy, heated kisses. It was barely comprehensible through the pent-up lust that had driven us there in the first place, but it still felt worth saying.
Spencer, however, made his feelings very clear with a gruff, forceful, “I don’t care.”
His hands were already roaming over my hips, pulling me so close to the edge that I nearly fell off the counter entirely. While I was laughing at his haste, he was busy leaving angry marks on my collarbone, pulling the top of my shirt down to grant him more access. And despite how badly my body burned with desire and need, I drummed up just enough self-preservation to force out a few, regrettable words.
“Take me home.”
Even though I tried to make it sound more seductive than a normal request to stop, it brought the momentum to a halt. Spencer immediately stopped his kisses, but let his hands continue to stroke loving patterns over the sides of my thighs.
“Don’t you have other classes?” he asked. The feeling of his breath against my ears making me second-guess my already voiced decision. But as enticing as the idea was of having him now, having already waited over a week, I knew we could have so much more fun with a little bit of privacy.
“Don’t you have work?” I teased, hoping that it would spur him to take the action we both knew was safer. At the same time, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to poke fun at the academic in him.
“Unless this is your way of telling me you've always wanted to fuck a girl in a lab because, I must admit I'd be more than happy to oblige." 
Spencer’s whole body tensed as he imagined just what it would feel like to take me in such a public place. After a couple seconds that I can only imagine were filled with fantasies and a reasonable fear, he pulled me from my seat on the counter and placed me back on the ground.
“Let’s go,” he said, pulling me by my wrist towards the door.
I only barely managed to stop him with both hands on his arm. He turned back to look at me like I’d done some horrible thing, but I was too busy trying to stop the laughter that was spilling from my chest.
“You’re uh—” I cleared my throat, pointing to the very noticeable tent in his slacks before I keened through the giggles, “You’re gonna have to do something about that.”
With a quick glance down, Spencer remembered the very unfortunately obvious trait of the male anatomy. “Fuck,” he stated plainly.
I couldn’t resist.
“I mean, I’m down,” I joked one final time.  
“Shut up!” Spencer laughed, too, trying and failing to adjust himself in his pants while I just enjoyed the show.
After all, we both knew that once we were alone, he would get a reprieve from my ridicule. He would get whatever he wanted.
The chaotic clashing of hands and mouths continued seconds after we’d reached our destination. The empty apartment had all of the sounds of our desperation echoing back to us, and after soaking in the melodious noise for a few seconds, I snapped back to reality.
“Okay, she doesn’t get home for another 30 minutes at the earliest so, we’d better hurry,” I urged, trying to shove Spencer off of me to convince him to move. It barely worked, with his arms clutching tighter the harder I struggled to get away.
Wrapped together just like that, the two of us barely made it a few feet before we almost tumbled to the ground. That was just enough of a reminder of our lack of coordination for Spencer to finally, begrudgingly, release me. Kind of. His hand still held tight to mine, and our laughter still combined the whole way to our bed.
From there, Spencer felt confident in our privacy to answer, “That’s fine. I usually tear open my gifts pretty quickly.”
It was a very good metaphor for the way his hands worked over my clothes. I didn’t even try to pinpoint the moment where being naked no longer made me feel nervous. I let the scar tissue show because neither of us were going to look at it, anyway. We were too caught up in the slight shifts and nuances of our faces as we rushed towards our one mutual goal.
“I missed you,” I mumbled, the words feeling as natural as breathing itself.
“I missed you, too,” he returned, and I felt the raw emotion, the sincerity and desire in every syllable. But once it was over and he had finally managed to remove everything but my underwear, all that was left was an all-encompassing, mind-altering level of lust.
“God, watching you in class was so fucking frustrating,” he strained, his upper lip curling with disdain as he watched my body squirm against the sheets.
“Why’s that?”
“I wanted you so badly.”
There was no denying that it was the honest truth, and I didn’t even want to try. I wanted to gloat and bask in the confirmation that his presence was dangerous for my academic career. Not to mention my sanity.  
“Like I said. You’re very distracting.”
Then, to prove my point, that brilliant bastard shoved his hand under the band of my underwear. He only held me softly for one second before he slid his fingers through the slickness and thrust them roughly into me. It hadn’t been that long, but the emptiness I felt before was even more apparent now that I had any part of him inside of me again.
“Am I?” he chimed with a smile.
I wanted to be bratty, to fight the tension that was building and appear unfazed by his ministrations, but there was simply no pretending. Not when my body was already on the verge of spasming around his fingers that seemed to stroke the perfect place within me with every movement.
“Jesus Christ,” I sighed. I should’ve known better than to give him ammunition.
“You’ve resorted to blasphemy already?”
Spencer partnered the tease with a ruthless thrust, burying his fingers to the knuckle inside of me and holding them there. He waited until I ran out of breath and struggled to take another while also trying not to scream in a mixture of frustration and devastating need for more.
“I thought I told you we had to hurry?”
“We’ve got time,” he shot back without pause, “You’re just being a needy little brat.”
“Yes, I am,” I whined just as quickly, “I’m a fucking brat and I need you.”
He almost seemed disappointed in my compliance. His fingers began moving again, eliciting noises that were louder, higher, and sweeter after the anticipation. He tried to draw the attitude out of me by stopping again, waiting for a quip that didn’t come.
“Awww, no fight?” he cooed.
“I can’t. It’s your birthday,” I grumbled before biting my tongue. The pressure was becoming so unbearable I thought I might honestly draw blood. But after another few seconds of torture that felt like a lifetime, Spencer withdrew his hand completely.
He was testing the limits, watching how far I would let him go before begging. But even when he took the same soaked fingers and began rubbing me from the outside of my underwear, I only opened my mouth to steal quick, soft breaths and give pitiful whines.
“Oh, I like this…” he laughed, apparently having gotten past his concern about my sudden compliance, “I could get used to you behaving.”
The song-like cadence got to me, threatening to spark and ignite everything I was holding back. I almost bit back. I almost let the desire scorch my throat with a few choice words for the very rude genius, but I didn’t. The only thing that stopped me was the feel of cotton sliding down my thighs as he removed the final barrier between us.
“You’d miss my misbehaving,” I said with a chuckle. The sound mixed with another, a deep moan that filled my chest when I felt him press himself against my entrance. My back arched, causing him to slip inside of me just enough for us to both lose our words.
“I don’t know…”
If I’d wanted to say anything, my mouth wouldn’t have let me. It was too busy singing his praise while simultaneously begging him to silence it. My lips floundered for a kiss that he hung just far enough away from me to deny. Satisfaction was painted over every feature as he started to enter me, brushing his lips against my mouth every few seconds just to pull away before I was granted the intimacy I sought.
“You do look rather cute when you’re begging.”
It was strange, the way my body started to predict his movements. I met him in the middle of every motion, and I swore even our breath became synchronized in its rapid firing. It wasn’t until his hand rested over my throat we broke the rhythm. I wasn’t going to complain, letting the energy flow down my spine that arched towards him on instinct. His hips never stopped, and I could tell by the way his breath hitched and his fingers grew tighter around my neck that the new angle was as wonderful for him as it was for me.
“You look so sweet when you let go of every ounce of self-preservation and dignity you have and put your life in my hands,” he whispered with an affection that almost seemed odd considering the context. But then there was something else in his moans, a genuine gentleness that made my already arrhythmic heart beat faster.
“You know I’ll take care of you, don’t you?” he asked as his movements stayed calm and careful. Loving and safe.  
I didn’t even notice my eyes had closed, but it ultimately didn’t matter. Because when I opened them, I saw the same man that existed in every image behind my eyelids. The only indication he got that I was still capable of communication was the gentle curve of my lips that dropped open in a pleased sigh as his hips continued a slow, tender pace.
It still felt like too much, but not in a bad way. It was too much in the sense that I was reminded once again just how ruined he’d made me. And the smug little shit knew it, too.
“You don’t have a single thought in that pretty little head, do you?” he cooed, dragging his hand up the column of my throat to force his fingers against my tongue. True to my word, I didn’t try to fight back. I soaked the digits that still tasted like me with my jaw left open. His pupils dilated as he watched the spit pool in my mouth that awaited his instruction.
“You just want to be used. Like the perfect little doll you are.”
Unlike my own, his smile was more of a smirk. A crooked, ever so slightly wicked quirk that made my muscles tense around him in their own version of an affirmative answer. He took it, happily. His body crashed into mine, but it merely felt like an extension of myself returning home like the waves meeting the shore. I could feel him claiming his rightful place at the deepest parts of me, making his home with every powerful motion of his hips.
I could hardly breathe, let alone think. I didn’t want to. It felt unnecessary.
“My sweet little girl,” he muttered with an unbelievably chaste kiss in the center of my forehead, “You’d do anything to make your daddy happy.”
I felt detached from myself in a way that didn’t feel me with fear or pain. I could feel myself through his hands, strong and working the pliable flesh of my thighs as he held them up so that he could drive into me harder.
His eyes, also only half open, burned with intensity. I could feel the determination, the undying desire to grant me a serenity that no one else could. His need for me to feel safe and loved with the seemingly contradictory brutality.
But it wasn’t contradictory. The power behind every movement, the insistence on being as close to me as he possibly could, might have caused some physical pain, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure of sharing this space with him. Of sharing my body with him just to see what he would do with it. I already knew, but I wanted to feel it again and again. Because with each stroke of his hand and thrust of his hips, I felt it.
Spencer had free rein to do whatever he wanted, and he chose to love me.
“I’m so close. You know what I want,” he pleaded despite holding all of the power. He handed it to me with a low groan, trying to kiss my lips while he commanded, “Do it. Come for me.”
My body obeyed his command, falling to pieces around him with shockwaves breaking over every inch of me. My vision went white, crafting a halo of light around him as he also found himself reaching a peak that seemed different than the times we’d shared before.
I tried to figure out what had changed, what about this time made it unique. But as the euphoria faded, all I saw staring back at me was the same face as always, radiating a joy and understanding that warmed damp, chilly skin. Spencer’s release provided a similar warmth within me, and my body clung to him even tighter despite the exhaustion.
My breathing took its time to even out, but I was in no rush to leave him. I would have stayed like that forever, with Spencer covering me like the silliest, boniest blanket. If it wasn’t for the dead weight he eventually dropped on me, we probably would’ve spent the whole day lost in the covers. But he could thank the scars for me being a little less forgiving.
Of course, thankful is not the word to describe him at all. Whiny was more like it. Even as I turned our bodies together so that I would still be sitting on his lap, he did nothing but groan and bitch about it. That is, until I silenced him with a kiss that barely brushed over his lips.
That was enough to turn his frown back to the dopey smile I loved so much.
“Happy birthday, old man,” I purred, enjoying the way his hands grabbed me tighter at the loving nickname. But age wasn’t what was on his mind. I could see it in the way his eyes tore past my defenses and he held me closer like we could actually become one if he tried hard enough.
“I’m so in love with you, it’s infuriating,” he whispered.
“I’ve heard that one before.”
Spencer wasn’t in a joking mood, though. All of his humor seemed to be expended earlier in the day, and now he was just left with all the mushy, romantic innards that I normally kept at bay.
It wasn’t that bad, though, I thought as his hands framed my face so our foreheads would touch. There were worse things to be trapped with.
“It’s true,” he mumbled with his voice still high and slurred together, “I look at you and there is just… nothing that can be said that would ever explain the way it feels.”
“Gross,” I joked.
“Get used to it,” he returned. And if that wasn’t enough to make me laugh, he stuck his tongue out in the most childish display I’d seen from him since he’d fucking licked my hand on our picnic. It was also just charming enough that I was willing to let the sappy stuff slide.
“I’ll be nice to you this time,” I grumbled. “But also, speaking of time, you’d better hurry up if you don’t want to do the walk of shame with an audience.”
Spencer’s arms fell limp with a dramatic cry before he used them to cover his face once more.
“Ugh. Go,” he ordered. Despite his words, he still made me fight against greedy hands to wrestle my way out of bed. It would have been smarter to let me go quickly. I really don’t know what he was thinking, but he would learn his mistake soon enough. Because as I was finishing up in the bathroom, I heard a very amused voice chiming down the hall on the other side of the door.
“Good afternoon, Spencer.”
I debated not opening the door and freeing Spencer from the unbelievably uncomfortable position he’d just found himself in, but ultimately decided it was too cruel. Still, the stalling had taken up enough time that the poor guy felt compelled to reply.
And, of course, the only thing he could think to say was a pathetic, high pitched, “Hi.”
Somehow managing to contain the absolutely riotous laughter I felt in my gut, I opened the door with the straightest face I could muster.
It wasn’t enough. Spencer saw the pleasure I took in his humiliation and practically shoved me out of the bathroom to take my place behind the doors. While I found the action endearing in the most awkward way, my roommate was mostly just confused about how the fuck I’d managed to find someone as stupid as me.
“I didn’t know he was coming,” she said once she managed to smile at the silly situation.  
Clearing my throat, I tried to sound sincere in my bullshit apology. “Me either, sorry.”
In a way, I think the fact I couldn’t pull myself together worked in my favor. Normally, she would have scolded me (albeit playfully) for not alerting her of what she might be walking in on, but this time, she just tried to withhold the smile that still stretched over her cheeks despite her best efforts.
“You’re fine,” she sighed, giving in to the desire to go against her usual grumpy demeanor before retreating to her own room. “Have fun, you hooligans.”
Once her door clicked shut, I heard shuffling on the other side of the door next to me. Spencer’s shadow was visible from the light peeking out underneath, and I waited a few more restless seconds before I announced, “You can come out now, Spencer.”
Cautiously, the door creaked open just enough for his head to poke out and confirm that I wasn’t trying to trick him.
“I’ve never been a hooligan before,” he said with a bounce in his step and his eyebrows halfway up his face. To think that he was the same man who threatened to arrest me for existing at a nightclub was, in a word, hilarious.
“Well, good news for you,” I purred, and the sound must have reminded him of my more devilish nature, because his jubilance quickly shifted back to an obvious anxiety. I wrapped my arms around him even when it meant that his muscles tensed, dragging him down so I could whisper in his ear, “I was just about to ask if you wanted to help me play hooky.”
“And do what?”
It felt strange to say that I hadn’t really thought about it. That the second I’d seen him I knew that the day would be good and free and fun. That everything felt so perfectly fine that I didn’t even want to challenge it with a schedule.
Spencer looked at me, his answer apparent in the way he started to relax the longer we stayed wrapped up in a shitty apartment hallway. It didn’t matter what I said. Spencer would have followed me, just like I would have done for him.
And without the angst or uncertainty of what could go wrong, there was only one thing left for us to do. With a shrug and pout, I proposed the riskiest plan we’d had yet.
“Whatever we want.”
| Finale |
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more roman! percy please miss you had me gasping there. I just had a thought what if they decided to spar in the arena for a greek/roman power show or something (idk) and percy and annabeth are representives for each side like imagine the angst the drama and like somehow percy sees annabeths shoulder knife wound and asks her how she got it (yeah we are alll going to hell) and I personally think greek side/annabeth would win the spar a) because annabeth would have learned roman moves for Jason or looking around camp j and she is great at greel ones already plus fighting with percy all those years made annabeth know percy like the back of her hand b) because demolishing percy might be the only reprive poor annabeth will get. bonus angst points is she or someone else slips up and called him seedbed brain.
just more roman! percy please. we love hurt/no comfort in this household
Tumblr media
Ooooh. I’ve been doing some thinking on this one and decided to channel some BOTL!Annabeth a bit here. I've also changed a bit around for.... Well. You’ll see lol. Enjoy. Below is the chronological order of oneshots down below.
**Prequel Oneshot (This one is coming next and is pre-Greeks arriving)
1. Percy & Nico being friends in SoN and also finding out about Frank/Percy
2. Percy meeting CHB without having gotten his memories back and being totally sold to the Roman side.
3. Percy deadass breaking his girlfriend’s heart without knowing it and also being a terrifying praetor who puts up with no BS
4. Thalia Comes to Town
5. Frank, Percy, and Hazel explore the mysterious Argo II Room
6. This one!
7. Percy talking to Sally on the Argo II
8. Surprise one! No hints here. (To be Written)
9. Mark of Athena Alternate Ending. That’s all I’m saying here. (To Be Written)
“I’m sorry, so you... have actual gladiator fights?” Katie asked, brows scrunched together in alarm from where she was standing in front of the stadium. A line of Romans were filing in - all alight with excitement and loud cheers. Percy tilted his head.
“Yeah, its part of the War Games. Like - well you saw Deathball the other day - but there are others. Chariot racing and stuff. What do you guys do for fun?” He asked curiously. The Greeks all looked at one another.
“We, um, also do chariot racing - but mainly Capture the Flag,” Pollux finally answered. “We separate based on cabin and try to steal a banner from the other team and bring it to our side.”
“Oh! So like Siege!” Percy said eagerly. Good, good. Maybe they should play that next time. “With the war elephant?”
“With the what?” Travis asked. Percy didn’t want to sound rude, but... they didn’t have war elephants? That was so sad. Percy really liked Hannibal. Maybe they had a war lion or something. That would be super cool. There was a soft gasp from Percy’s side.
“Capture the Flag sounds fun!” Hazel said brightly. “We can maybe try that during our next War Games,” she said. Percy nodded. Connor raised his hands.
“That’s great, but does that mean we’re doing the gladiator fighting today?” He asked. Percy opened his mouth - a little uncertain. Did they not want to? Most of Camp Jupiter really looked forward to the matches. “It isn’t to the death, is it?”
Percy laughed.
“No, of course not. Well,” he said and bit his lip. “Not usually.”
Pollux muttered something under his breath.
“Honestly, what is with you people?” Travis asked. His brother stomped on his foot. “No! Look! Have you seen his arm?” He asked and Percy looked down. What was wrong with his arm? “They branded him too!”
“What?” He asked and looked down. “Oh, no. This is just my tattoo,” he said, rolling up his sleeve to show them. Based on their expressions, this apparently wasn’t better. “See? It’s a trident for my father and the lines are the number of quests I completed and the years I’ve been here,” he explained.
“It looks like a barcode,” Clarisse finally said and took out something around her neck. “We have camp necklaces. We get a bead for every year we’ve been at camp,” she said. “Usually it is decorated with something to symbolize the summer,” she said and tucked it back under her shirt. Huh. Percy’s hand went to his throat. Did he have one of those? Maybe Annabeth had it.
“...I still say they branded you,” Travis said and rubbed his forearm in sympathy. “That’s so permanent. Why would they do that?” He asked. Percy pursed his lips. He didn’t have an answer, actually. It was a good way to keep track of things? In retrospect... a simple necklace could do that too. It wasn’t like the tattoo was optional either.
“Hm,” he said and turned to Hazel. “I suppose that might be something we should revisit,” he said slowly. Maybe Reyna had a better idea of why they did it. If not, then switching to something less permanent seemed viable too.
“Of course, praetor,” Hazel said and smiled warmly to the Greeks. It disappeared when she saw Octavian rounding around the corner. Oh no. They had been getting along so well. “Heads up.”
“Yes, I see him,” Percy sighed. “Centurion Octavian,” he greeted politely.
“Praetor,” Octavian said and curled his lips at bit at Hazel. “I didn’t realize she was involved in diplomacy amount the Greeks-”
“Centurion Levesque was and is my sponsor,” Percy reminded him sharply. “All matters that pertain to me, pertain to her. As you explained the day we first met,” he said. Octavian scowled. Ugh.
“Sponsor?” Piper asked, walking up alongside Leo, Jason, and Annabeth. Percy gave them a nod of acknowledgement. Percy paused slightly at Jason’s presence. He didn’t quite know how to feel about the guy still. On one hand, Percy desperately wanted to compare notes. They basically had been through the same thing after all. On the other hand... he thought to Reyna.
“When a new camper comes along they usually have a sponsor to ensure their good behavior if they don’t have letters of recommendation,” Percy said and gave Hazel a warm smile. “It can be risky business. If the camper causes problems then they could be banished or executed. I hope I haven’t disappointed you, centurion,” he added. Hazel hummed.
“I suppose you have been satisfactory,” she told him. “Though I don’t know if I’m needed with you outranking me and all,” she said. Percy scoffed.
“In my mind, you will always outrank me Hazel Levesque,” he told her. Hazel laughed, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek. Octavian scowled at them both.
“Letters of recommendation,” Clarisse said and scoffed. “Um, I’m sorry. There’s an application process here?” She asked and jutted a thumb at them. “Jason, you didn’t tell us this! Who writes these letters?”
“Well, legacies tend to have letters. Direct children of the gods tend to have sponsors,” Hazel explained before Octavian could go into his obnoxious explanation. “How do you guys decide who is welcomed at your camp?” She asked. The group stared at her.
“...everyone is welcomed,” Annabeth finally said.
“Oh, how lovely-”
“And foolish,” Octavian said. He winced when Percy glared at him for cutting Hazel off. “I just mean it isn’t a good way to build a strong army,” he said and quickly looked around for support. “Ah! Praetor!” He called when he saw Reyna and Frank walking towards the stadium. They both stopped walking to look at Octavian, the Greeks, and then where Percy and Hazel were standing. “Come join the fun. Apparently the Greeks allow anyone into their ranks,” Octavian said. Frank looked away, probably hiding a laugh at Reyna’s look of exasperation towards their augur.
“High numbers are certainly a respectable way to build an army,” Reyna said carefully as she approached them. Her eyes flicked Jason over for a moment before hesitantly standing next to him. Frank slipped by her to gently shove Octavian to the side and take his place next to Percy. “Will any of you be joining in the gladiator fights today?” She asked.
“Bet you ten dollars that the Piper girl tries to fight Octavian - and wins,” Frank whispered. Percy looked down to hide his smile.
“Canadian dollars or American dollars?”
“Damn you. You would be lucky to get my Canadian money.”
“Isn’t Canadian money just maple syrup?” He asked innocently and laughed when Frank gave him a wounded look.
“Greeks versus Romans!” Octavian gasped, pulling Percy’s attention back to the conversation at hand. “Oh, how fun. You should know we take gladiator fights very seriously,” he said, eyes glittering. “Death isn’t always the goal, but it can be an outcome. Alongside... other consequences for whoever loses,” he purred. “So if you’re scared-”
“I would like to play,” Annabeth said. Octavian laughed. Percy didn't have to know Annabeth well to know this was a bad call. “Am I missing something?” she asked coldly. Octavian scoffed.
“I just think you should stick to crafts. Minerva was never renowned for her glory in battle now, was she? I'm sure you’ll be very useful the next time we have a weaving competition.”
Annabeth went eerily still. A few Greeks stepped away from her.
“Among Greeks,” she said evenly. “Athena is the goddess of battle strategy and has won a great number of victories,” she said. Octavian raised his eyebrows.
“She was a war goddess?” He asked. Annabeth nodded. “Oh, how fun! Why did the Greeks need an extra? It wasn’t like they were particularly adept in the craft,” he chuckled. Percy cleared his throat. “Apologies, if that is not deemed politically correct to say,” he said. Reyna stared at him with patented ‘why are you a dumbass all the time?’ look that Percy had grown to appreciate. “I just mean, we have Mars and his twin Bellona. Both war gods.”
This wasn’t good. Percy could see he had struck a nerve. Something about Annabeth literally glowed. Her fingers twitched by her side. Percy was about to intervene when she spoke again.
“Yes, the Romans... changed her after stealing our gods and culture,” she said - voice colder than Percy had ever heard it. “Perhaps I ought to show you why she was respected among the Greeks,” she turned her eyes to Frank. “By fighting a child of your beloved Mars.”
No. Absolutely not. Percy felt himself stiffen. He opened his mouth, but Reyna discreetly gripped his arm. Her turned and read her eyes. It would be disrespectful to take a challenge issued to Frank from him. It would also shame him. Percy tightened his jaw. Fine. He could still figure out a way around it.
“That’s not how the games work,” Percy said, still looking at Reyna for approval. She let go of him, nodding for him to continue. “You must fight the lowest rank and go up. Centurion Frank may be issued a challenge after you have defeated a probatio and a legionnaire before taking on someone of a higher frank such as a centurion or a praetor,” he said. Not that anyone ever challenged praetors, much to Percy’s chagrin. He missed fighting. He even got Reyna to lower the requirement in hopes to be challenged more, but nobody liked to fight him.
Granted, if he fought and lost the consequences would be.... not good. So it was probably a sign of respect that nobody ever tried to fight him, but still. He missed sparring with people outside his old cohort and Reyna... not that Reyna didn’t provide enough of a challenge. The bruises covering him proved that would be an unwise statement to make.
“Very well,” Annabeth said. “Point me in the direction of your most promising probatio,” she said and took out a small, celestial bronze knife. Percy grimaced at the sight of it. Gods, please let her be skilled with that thing. He wasn’t sure he wanted Annabeth to fight Frank, but he also didn’t want her humiliated.
Turns out, he had nothing to worry about. Percy and Reyna were seated in the praetor seats as the rest of the stadium buzzed with excitement of Greeks and Romans being pitted against one another. Annabeth immediately dampened their spirits by disarming the probatio in under two minutes. Percy smiled a little before turning to where Octavian was standing behind them. “You should probably find her a good legionnaire to fight,” he said and lifted a hand. “It looks as if Athena has some validity after all,” he told him loftily.
“Percy...” Reyna murmured and fixed him with an exasperated look as Octavian marched off with a low mutter. “You shouldn’t be happy a Greek won.”
“I’m always happy when Octavian looks like an idiot,” he said and leaned back in his chair. “Besides, it’s good for them to prove their worth, isn’t it? The others will respect them more,” he said. Though he was a little nervous, admittedly. Defeating a probatio and legionnaire was one thing. If she were to get up to higher rankings... that might be a problem.
The next fight was somehow even more brutal. Octavian had gone out and found Elijah who was currently appealing to be a centurion. Reyna closed her eyes. Damnit. If he lost this fight then he wouldn’t be eligible for the position for another three years. Not to mention he was currently in the second cohort, which belonged to Larry. The boy was known to be.... harsh with his punishments. The last time someone from his cohort lost a gladiator fight he had them sewn in a bag of weasels.
Annabeth didn’t appear know this. Maybe if she had then she wouldn’t have humiliated him so badly. Hadn’t Jason warned her? Or were Greeks just brutal at heart? Percy was regretting his earlier comment to Octavian as he watched Annabeth block Elijah’s first hit, disarm him, judo flip him to the ground, and place her foot on his throat. When he tried to move out from under her she used to handle of her knife to knock him out. The crowd gave an angry groan as Thalia Grace cheered loudly.
“YEAH, ANNABETH! SHOW THEM HOW WE DO IT GREECE!” Leo yelled, punching the air before leaning over to stick his tongue out at some of their campers. “If any of you hotties want to learn how to really fight then I’m taking numbers,” he grinned. Oh no. That’s not good.
“I guess I better get ready,” Frank said. He had come in a few minutes prior, leaning against the side of Percy’s chair with thoughtful eyes. Percy stiffened.
“Hubris,” Reyna said suddenly. “I believe that is her fatal flaw. We’ve offended her mother, so she will do anything to prove honor her,” she said slowly and bit her lip. “Play into that anger and it may be enough to give you a chance-”
“He’s not fighting her!” Percy whispered. “If he loses-”
“Percy, if I refuse to fight then I could be banished,” Frank told him gently. Percy closed his eyes. No. No, he couldn’t let that happen. Percy might be able to overrule it, but everyone would always know it was nepotism that kept Frank at this camp. It would surely ruin him. “And if you fight for me then people will think I asked you to. It is just as shameful,” he added before Percy could suggest it.
Damnit. He looked down at Annabeth. She was waiting - eyes burning bright with something he couldn’t understand. When their gazes met, she jutted out her chin. A strange tingling whispered at the back of his mind. He shook it away.
Before he could figure out their next move, Reyna stood up, silencing the stadium.
“You have fought valiantly, Annabeth Chase,” she declared. Percy glanced at her. What was she doing? They hadn’t talked anything over yet. “I know you plan to issue a challenge to Centurion Zhang next. However, I would like to issue you a challenge first. I think as a daughter of Bellona we should see which goddess of war prevails.”
Oh, this was some bullshit. Percy also stood up. No. Absolutely not. Screw it. Reyna did not spend all this time working to be praetor only to have it potentially swept out from under her like this. 
“I object,” he said. A curious murmur trickled through the crowd. Reyna narrowed her eyes. “I mean no disrespect to either Centurion Zhang or my co-praetor,” he added with a nod to where Reyna was now giving him the ‘why are you a dumbass all the time?’ look. “I think all my fellow members of the legion would agree it is time to prove myself Roman or Greek,” he said, playing into the one thing he knew would give him support without looking like he was covering for anyone. “To see which, I would like to fight myself,” he said.
A loud cheer sounded in return. Annabeth’s breath seemed to hitch from down below. Percy grimaced at her and grabbed Anaklusmos from his pocket. Frank and Reyna were both looking at him with pained eyes as the stadium began to chant his name. Octavian seemed happy at least. Finally, a match where he benefits no matter the outcome. Percy threw him a cold look before shrugging off his cloak and descending down to the arena.
Annabeth was waiting for him with pursed lips and a frustrated shake of the head.
“Haven’t you proven yourself enough?” She snapped as he walked next to her and held out his hand to shake.
“I couldn’t risk Frank or Reyna bearing the punishment of losing to you,” he said. Annabeth’s expression flickered at that. She slowly accepted his outstretched hand. Percy glanced down at frowned. They felt... familiar. Her hands. For a moment, he could have sworn he was on a beach with someone laughing beside him. It was gone when he let go.
“What punishment?”
“You think this is all for fun? Octavian wasn't lying earlier. Losers face consequences,” Percy told her lowly and stepped back. “Especially if they lose against a Greek. Don’t worry, though. Elijah and Mandy will only have extra duties for a couple days since they’re lower ranking,” he said when a flash of panic crossed her features. “The rest of us... are a bit different.”
“The punishments can’t be that harsh.”
“My very first fight here,” Percy said and got into position. She did the same. “I beat a centurion. It was against the rules, but Octavian wanted me put in my place. After I beat the centurion I thought the whole thing was over,” he said. “Except it wasn’t. His cohort was so shamed that they voted to have him buried alive. If he died then that was a sign the gods had given up on him. If he lived then the gods thought he had more to offer and could remain centurion of his cohort,” Percy told her. Annabeth’s expression gave nothing away. He raised his sword. “I never saw him again.”
It was the best thing about being praetor, actually. If Percy lost a fight it was a big deal, but nobody was hurt if they lost to him. He lost count of how valiantly he tried to resist these fights in the beginning.
“I lost on purpose after that,” he said and raised Anaklusmos. “Unfortunately for me, Michael realized what I was doing early on. We won’t go into details on what happened after that,” he said with a grimace. His stomach churned at the reminder. Percy’s first act of praetor was to outlaw certain punishments in memory of that particular day. He couldn’t get rid of them all, but he would at least do away with some. “I’m sorry,” he added. A bang echoed in the distance, signaling the beginning of the fight. “I know we were friends. We’re still friends, right? No matter how this ends?” He asked. Annabeth swallowed. Then lowered her weapon. “What are-”
She threw the knife down. Percy’s brain short-circuited.
“I didn’t mean to manipulate you into not fighting,” he said, realizing what had happened. Annabeth had been his friend. Of course she wouldn’t want to see him hurt. “If you walk away nobody here will forget it. Pick that up. Your mother and your camp-”
“I won’t fight you,” Annabeth said. “I don’t care if I lose the respect of everyone here. I won’t do it,” she said and turned to where Reyna was still sitting in the praetor stands before bowing lowly. She fixed a cold smile to where the crowd was muttering. “I guess you won’t find out if he’s Greek or Roman today,” she called, voice taut and smug. “Sorry to keep you in suspense,” she added. Her eyes landed on Frank. Then she turned away.
Percy didn’t know if this was good or bad. At least Annabeth couldn’t be banished for abandoning a fight like the rest of them. He reached down to pick up her knife. Knowing Octavian, he might try to steal it from her. The moment his fingers brushed the blade a jolt of pain shot through him.
“Annabeth! You have to let us save her!”
“I’m sorry, Percy Jackson, but your friend is beyond help.”
“Let me go! Who do you think you are?”
He coughed. There had been a scream - Hell, maybe it was his. The world was in a dizzying array of colors as he tried to process what he had seen. Annabeth had been there - younger and in tiny owl earrings, which had fixated in his mind for some reason. There had also been a younger boy who might have been Nico in some strange alternate reality. And a cliff. Annabeth was on the cliff? No, she had fallen off of it. He took a shaking breath as he tried to sit up only to find a Greek blonde boy in front of him. Wasn’t this the Apollo kid? Percy jerked back.
“Where... where’s Pranjal?” He asked, looking for their medic. The boy humphed as he pressed a finger against his forehead.
“Don’t start with me, Jackson,” he said. Percy looked around. Where was he? “Those Romans were all weird about me healing you, but they don’t have your previous medical history on file, so...” he shrugged. Percy blinked. “Yeah. Exactly. You probably don’t even know your body reacts better to nectar over ambrosia,” he said, handing him a bottle. “Specifically, sea water mixed with nectar, which I started making around the third time you nearly killed yourself,” he said. Percy glanced down at the bottle and then at the boy. Will, right? That seemed right. He also got the feeling he might get hit if he didn’t follow his instructions, so he took a small sip. Instantly, his body perked up.
“Wow,” he said with a nod. “That works fast.”
“I’ve treated you for years now. Don’t doubt me,” Will told him calmly and then sat down at the edge of the bed. “However, there is something we need to talk about,” he said slowly. “I think this little episode of yours illuminated the reason why Jason is getting his memory back quicker than you are,” he said.
Oh. Percy blinked. Then took another sip of the water-nectar-thingy Will had given him. He was right. This stuff did the trick nicely.
“Yeah, what exactly happened back there?” He asked, already fearing what the reaction would be. Nobody blamed Annabeth, right? He was fairly sure the blade wasn't poisoned or anything. Will bit his lip.
“You had a flashback. Think of your old memories as... Sort of behind a wall. Jason’s wall is starting to have holes in it that are trickling in. You... Have a second wall.”
“...I do? Why?”
Will stared at him. Percy got the feeling be was trying to find a way to phrase the next words carefully.
“Because after Hera took put up the first one, your subconscious must have decided to, um, repress them - which is totally normal for some who has been through war and a bajillion quests!” he said quickly as Percy reared his head back. “Percy. Percy, be cool about this-”
“Repress them?!” He demanded, decidedly not cool about this. “That isn't right. I've heard Jason’s accomplishments. They seem around the same intensity as what you guys said I did. If he isn't repressing anything-”
“People are different.”
People are also Greek and Roman, a voice whispered. Was that what this was? The Roman could handle his memories while the Greek couldn't? Percy felt a swell of frustration rise in him.
“Look,” Will said and sat in front of him as Percy tried to remember how to breathe. “Hera didn't just take away your bad memories. She took away the good ones that would comfort you, any coping mechanisms you had, your support network - it's actually great that your mind thought to protect itself like that! It just means it is going to be harder for you to remember and that your flashbacks can be more intense. That’s all.”
“Jason lost those things too,” Percy said stubbornly. Will grimaced. “It’s fine,” Percy muttered and stood up. Gods, if anyone found out... he was just trying to survive here. Why did everything have to be like this?
No. Stop whining. He could handle this. Taking one last deep breath he turned to Will.
“Thank you for your help. I should be attending my duties now.”
“I think we should talk about the best way for you to-”
“I’m fine!” Percy snapped and then cringed at his own voice. “Sorry. That... Sorry, ” be said and glanced at Will. “You’re trying to help me. I'm sorry,” he swallowed. “I need to do this first, but maybe later I can come back,” he said, suddenly grateful Pranjal hadn’t treated him after all. Will gave him a weak smile. Silence settled between them for a good ten seconds before he answered.
“Sure. Feel better,” he told him. Percy didn't need to be told twice. He pushed his way out of the Argo Medbay and towards the center of the ship. He could hear Annabeth’s voice from the other room. His mind flicked back to the image of her on that cliff. The fear that had shot through him. Part of him wanted to go and ask her about it. Ask how she survived. To learn what happened. His thoughts were interrupted by footsteps behind him. He turned to see Reyna and Frank.
“You’re awake,” Reyna greeted as Frank rushed over to hug him. “The Greek wouldn't tell us what was wrong with you due to patient confidentiality,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Octavian is trying to convince everyone that the Minerva girl cursed the blade.”
“She didn’t,” Percy said immediately. Reyna nodded. Frank only shook his head as he looked between them.
“I thought you said her fatal flaw was hubris? Why else would she give up the fight?” he asked. Percy hit his arm. “I’m serious. She might have been out to hurt you,” he said and squeezed his hand. “There should at least be an investigation.”
“No,” Percy said immediately. Frank sighed. “She’s innocent. It wasn't an attack. It was... A memory,” he said slowly.
“A memory?” Reyna asked. “Of what?”
“I’m not sure,” Percy admitted. “But I think if Annabeth’s fatal flaw really is pride... I might be one of the few people she would lay down that knife for,” he said. Frank’s expression went blank and Percy bit his tongue. “We were friends. I think we might have been close,” he said and ran a hand through his hair. “Maybe next time... we should just see what their Capture the Flag is all about.”
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jeonsweetpea · a year ago
Tumblr media
Boyfriend!AU | Boyfriend!Jungkook x Reader
genre: smut
rating: explicit
description: Forced to be stuck at home, you’ve lost motivation to exercise. Your boyfriend wants you to join him in the home gym, but you’ve always turned him down. That is, until you found out he had an exercise ball. Bouncing is always fun! A great workout too!
word count: 4.7k
warnings: UNPROFESSIONAL use of an exercise/yoga ball (seriously be careful lmfao), Dom!Jungkook, Jungkook forcing you to get your workout in *smirk*, cussing, fingering, oral sex (female and male receiving), edging, thigh riding, slight choking, handjob, ball sucking, unprotected sex (THIS IS FANFIC, WRAP IT UP PLEASE AND PEE AFTER SEX TOO), rough sex, dirty talk, spanking, overstimulation, and creampie.
a/n: HI EVERYONE! I FINISHED IT! Can you tell I’m bored… lol. I seriously want an exercise ball, no joke. As soon as I saw the picture of Jungkook and his luscious thighs, an idea sparked. Hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and indoors! I advise everyone to not use an exercise ball this way because Jungkook is a professional ;D LOLOL. Happy reading and please tell me what you think! I really do try to see every tag and every comment!
update: ARGH, once again my fic isn’t showing up in the tags. I’m so sad. I think I fixed it now.
Tag List: @mongryong-the-corgi​, @yzkyzkuniverse, @rain-fall-2019​, @yeontanie21 Thank you all! You four are the first to ever be tagged in any of my fics :)
Tumblr media
Being stuck at home for so long, you still managed to find a way to avoid exercise. It wasn’t that you were against the idea of it, it’s more because you didn’t have the motivation these days. Besides, walking to the bathroom and kitchen multiple times a day counted for something, right?
Okay, maybe not. “Occasionally” you would do some pilates on YouTube or dance but even that was getting repetitive. You needed something new, but you didn’t want to cave into your boyfriend’s wishes so fast.
He had built a home gym in the spare room long before gyms were no longer available to the public. And you knew he’d be cheeky if you suddenly asked to join his workout sessions after several times of turning him down. You didn’t hate the idea of working out together, but you preferred being alone and not getting distracted. 
You had your own thing and he had his. Two different workout styles, two different people. He was a gym rat, you weren’t. But things were becoming boring and you became curious. 
It was late afternoon when you heard the shower running and the heavenly sound of your boyfriend’s singing. The sound had woken you up from your nap and you realized he probably just finished his workout. This would be the perfect time to explore the gym and see if it was something you could incorporate in your semi-sedentary lifestyle. A quick in and out without him knowing you were considering his offer. He couldn’t tease you if he didn’t know.
You rushed downstairs and entered the hallway, finding the room in the farthest corner. Opening the door, you stepped into the large room and turned on the lights. It was almost like you were seeing the gym for the first time because you’ve only been in there twice. Everything seemed so new and your boyfriend was very meticulous with his cleaning.
The wooden floor was smooth to walk on and felt as if you were gliding with each step. At the center of the back wall was a wide-screen television mounted right above a treadmill. A large rack of dumbbells of various weights was beside it and surrounding the rest of the room were many other types of equipment that you weren’t familiar with. 
You walked over to each foreign contraption and studied the pictures to figure out what they did. 
“So this one works the thighs…” you said in thought. “No wonder Jungkook’s are so muscular.” 
The weight the machine was set at was an impressive number, you assumed. You thought any number was impressive because if you were to set it, it would be much lower. And with that thought, you laughed at how much you would be struggling if you attempted this machine on your own. 
Walking over to another machine, you realized it was for the abs. You couldn’t help but poke your belly and wondered if you would prefer this over pilates. You didn’t want to try out anything in fear of injuring yourself, so you went over to the rack of dumbbells. 
They were organized very neatly and you thought about how your one pair of dumbbells was still sitting on the floor of your living room. Your boyfriend really was endearing and you thanked the heavens he loved to clean. 
“Ooh~, a kettlebell!” It was in front of the weight rack and you couldn’t leave without picking it up for fun. However, you made sure to use proper form in lifting it and grunted. “Oh my god, how does he lift this?!”
You set the heavy weight back down right away with a soft thud and shook your head. “I’ll… stick to the lighter weights.”
You were about to leave when you saw something in the corner of your eye. It was grey and tucked away where the minifridge was. As you approached the round object, you became excited. It was an exercise ball!
You picked it up right away and went over to where the gym mats were—the shape of a large black square—in the center of the room and set it down. Immediately, you sat on top of it and began bouncing up and down. It was more fun than you thought it’d be. Maybe it’s because you’ve been so bored these days, any little thing excites you.
But you didn’t care. Jungkook never told you about the exercise ball. That was betrayal at its finest. You remembered reading about how the exercise ball was a great replacement for chairs because you could roll your hips around or bounce to work your abs. You tried that out and liked the feeling of circling your hips on it. 
“Oh yeah~! This is so much fun.”
You then laid your back onto the ball, making sure your feet were planted firmly on the ground. Rolling back and forth, you liked the smooth back massage. You wondered how it’d feel if you flipped yourself over, so you rolled yourself back down until your butt met the floor before laying on your stomach on top of the ball.
Using your feet, you pushed yourself forward and backwards and even let out a “Whee!!!” sound like a little kid until someone entered the room. 
“Really? You finally come in here because of that thing?” 
You looked up and saw your boyfriend standing there with a huge smirk on his face and one arm crossed over another. He was wearing a purple hoodie and black jeans that hugged his thighs so snug, you could see the bulging outline of his muscles. His appearance startled you and you were in the middle of rolling forward, so you forgot to catch yourself and ended up doing an unwanted somersault of sorts.
“Ow~,” you whined, rubbing your head after you fell off. Jungkook ran over to you right away, kneeling down by your side. He tried not to laugh as he asked if you were okay and you hit his arm. “Stop laughing, my head hurts.”
“I’m sorry, you’re just so cute,” He pecked your “injury” and smiled. “You like the exercise ball?”
“Yes. But that doesn’t mean I’m working out with you or anything so wipe that smug grin off your face,” you said with your chin up high.
“Uh huh.”
“I mean it! I’m just here for the ball.”
You got off the ground and sat on top of the ball once again. Naturally, you began bouncing on it too and Jungkook chuckled. 
“You’re pretty good at bouncing,” he commented, the seduction in his tone being hard to miss.
“Isn’t that why you love me?”
“Oh, definitely. Let me show you how to use it though.”
You stopped bouncing. “Oh no. Don’t ruin my fun with exercise.”
“Just let me show you a couple of moves.” He walked over to the closest wall that wasn’t being blocked by any equipment. With the wave of his hand, he gestured you over and you sighed as you got up and rolled the ball over. Might as well try something new to cure your boredom. 
Jungkook picked up the ball and placed it against the wall. He then grabbed your arm, pulling you until your back came into contact with the ball. The support of the wall and your back being pressed against the ball helped keep it in place.  
“What is this?” 
“You’re going to do wall squats. The ball will support you. You love squats.”
“Correction: I love making my butt look good.”
“Come on, this is the same as when you do it on your yoga mat. Except you have more balance with the ball. Have your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down for me. You can have your arms out for stability.”
You narrowed your eyes at him and he simply gave you two thumbs up and a big goofy grin. Ugh. Whatever. To amuse him, you performed the squat like he instructed and the feeling of having the ball follow the natural curve of your back was nice. 
He waited for you to do another one, but you shrugged in response. 
“One and done.”
“Come on, baby. You can do more than that,” he cooed.
“Are you seriously going to make me workout right now?”
“Yes. Because you came in here and used my ball without permission,” he reminded, flashing his signature know-it-all smirk.
“You love it when I use your balls without permission,” you muttered.
“What was that?”
“Uh… 2! 3! 4!” You started doing more squats to avoid answering. Jungkook clicked his tongue at you and came closer to the area in between your outstretched arms. “Move out of my way. You wanted me to do these.”
“I did. You better give me 20 for being mouthy.”
“You’re so cute when you act tough,” you teased, lowering your arms but still doing the squats. Jungkook waited for you to be halfway done before he reached his arm out, cupping your clothed womanhood. You gasped and stopped all movement. “Babe…”
“Something wrong?” He traced the outline of your slit with his middle finger, up and down in an agonizingly slow fashion. You bit your lip and shook your head. “Do you like it?”
“I’ll continue if you keep squatting.”
Man, you just had to wear leggings today. The thin fabric was such a tease for you and him both. You resumed back to squatting and Jungkook’s hand followed your movements. Every time you went down, his finger slid up and grazed your clit, giving you that short burst of euphoric pleasure. Every time you came back up, his finger slid down and he put extra pressure to make it dip inside you. 
Obviously it couldn’t enter all the way in. The fabric of your leggings was a barrier between you and warm satisfaction. He knew this and you knew this and that made you whine in frustration. 
You found yourself slowing down the squats, prolonging that sweet feeling of friction for as long as you can. However, just when you were going down for the final squat, Jungkook instructed you to hold your position.
“Wait, this is a wall sit,” you whined. Jungkook picked up the pace with your fingers, rubbing you with even more pressure than before. 
“Hold it,” he growled, loving how you were stuck with your legs open and helpless. He enjoyed feeling the smooth fabric of your leggings and wondered what panties you were wearing today. But for now, he wanted to tease you until you had enough. Your thighs began to burn from holding the wall sit for so long. They were trembling more and more as Jungkook began circling your clit area and you moaned at the contact. You wanted him to rip a hole in your leggings like they did in porn videos, but you knew he would never ruin your clothes like that. 
“Are you getting tired, baby?” You shook your head because you wanted him to keep going, but then he stopped. Your disappointment erased the burning feeling in your thighs as you stood back up. “We’ll be moving onto crunches next.”
“Wait, what?”
He removed the ball from behind your back and set it down on the mat. You walked over with unease for what he was planning to do next. 
“Lie down on it and have your feet planted on the ground.”
You stared at him for a few seconds before adjusting yourself on the ball the way he instructed. It was a bit scary leaning back fully on the ball this time (maybe because Jungkook kept staring at you with this dark, lustful look in his eyes), but he held your hips in place and your feet kept you steady. 
“Roll up a bit so your neck hangs off the ball more,” he continued. “Good. Lift from your chest while putting your hands behind your head for a crunch.”
“No buts. Exercise is important. You’ve got to burn those calories one way or another, [Y/N].”
You gulped. He rarely used your real name. “Babe” or “Baby” was usually his go-to and his serious face surprised you… or was it more of an arousal? Lifting from your chest, you started doing crunches. Every time you did, you could see Jungkook standing in between your legs. 
“How many do I do?” you asked.
“Until I say stop.”
You kept going and he simply watched you. It was the type of intimidating gaze where he was basically undressing you with his eyes. He poked his tongue out, swiping across his bottom lip and you blushed a deep red each time you came up. After about 30 or so crunches, he told you to stop. When you tried to sit up, he told you to lie back down. 
“Stay. Rest your head on the ball. Keep your hips up,” he commanded. With your head thrown back onto the curve of the ball, you couldn’t see your boyfriend’s face anymore. All you could see was the back wall with the television, now upside-down to your point of view. 
Jungkook got down on his knees, rubbing your inner thighs and giving them a firm squeeze. “Let’s see how good your balance is.”
He proceeded to rip your leggings and you let out a shriek as your neck snapped up to look at him. “Jungkook!”
“I’ll buy you a new pair,” he muttered, not liking your tone. “I’ll rip your whole outfit off if you don’t be quiet.”
You sighed and let the sound of more stretching and tearing of fabric continue until your entire pelvic area was exposed. Jungkook smiled in satisfaction at his work and the sexy lace you had waiting underneath. He knew how aroused you were and could not wait any longer to make you a moaning mess. Pushing the panties to one side, he began eating you out like a starved man. 
It was exhilarating to be in this situation. The pleasure shot through your body so fast and yet, it wasn’t the only thing you were focusing on. You were worried you would fall off the ball or that your thighs would give out. Each time Jungkook licked a stripe across your cunt, you trembled and moans slipped out of you as if it was the only language you spoke. 
The more he enjoyed your essence, the louder he let it be known. A mix of ‘mmphs’ and noisy slurping sounds echoed in the room. Just when your legs were about to give out, Jungkook hooked his arms under your thighs and put your legs on his shoulders to keep you up and continued at a relentless pace. You threw your head back onto the ball and mewled. 
He had a strong grip on your thighs, making sure you would never fall. You wanted to grip on something too, anything really to squeeze to let out some of the pent-up energy Jungkook kept creating. The sides of the ball were all you had to grab as Jungkook worked his wet muscle across your folds.
You realized he was rolling you forward because you felt the smooth material of the ball leaving your butt and his tongue had been inserted deeper into you. Then he rolled you back to take his tongue out before starting a constant back and forth motion to tongue-fuck you. It was evil of him to use the ball this way, but it felt too good to resist. You loved being under his control as he continued rocking you back and forth. 
Once he stopped the movement of the ball, he focused his attention to your clit and sucked on it harshly. You felt one of your legs fall to the ground, so now you and Jungkook were sharing the effort of holding you up. He had let you down to insert his two fingers knuckles deep into your drenched pussy, gliding in and out with ease. 
Your walls tightened around his digits and your breathing became more desperate, more rapid. You closed your eyes as your abdominal muscles clenched, a pressure building in your core at an exponential rate, and you were so close to your high when everything stopped. Jungkook had removed his fingers out of you and his mouth as well. You felt him lower your other leg down and you rolled down from the ball slowly in frustration. He wiped the remains of your essence from his lips with his fingers and sucked on them.
“What the heck, Jungkook?!” you spat. “I was so close.” He removed his fingers and grinned. 
“I know, baby. But now it’s my turn to use the ball.”
He kicked the ball with a small amount of force, making it roll towards the wall you did squats with a moment ago. Securing it up against the wall, he sat down and gestured for you to come over. He was patting his thigh for some reason and you didn’t know what he wanted.
“Ride my thighs, baby. You’ve been staring at them since I walked in.”
“I-I have not!” you denied, but he could see right through you. That bunny smile of his was extra toothy and it irritated you. “Stop smiling like that.”
“What, you know you want to.”
He wrapped a hand behind your back and pulled you into his embrace, kissing you as you naturally found a seat on his thigh. It was a sloppy, desperate kiss that started with your lips and then found its way down the column of your neck. You grabbed a fistful of his hair, throwing your head back in pleasure when he lifted his thigh up slightly to put more pressure on your pussy. 
He then slipped your shirt off with ease, knowing you weren’t wearing a bra because there was no need for it inside the house. You began rocking your hips back and forth on his thigh, loving the friction of his jeans against your panties that were still on, but you were too intoxicated in arousal to remove them. Leggings were one thing, but these panties were expensive and you’ll be damned if Jungkook ripped them too. 
You forced more weight onto Jungkook’s thigh and he clenched his muscles in response. Everytime his jeans grazed your clit, you were in heaven. Your boyfriend decided to watch you enjoying yourself, loving how your breasts moved as you moved. The eye contact he held with you was bold, seductive, and intimidating all at once. You bit your lip, an action that definitely didn’t go unnoticed.
Your hand trailed down to your clit, your middle finger circling it as you picked up the pace on riding his thigh. The ball slightly shifted with each thrust you did and you were so close to your high until Jungkook snatched your hand and stopped you again. 
“Jungkook, this isn’t funny. Let me cum, please.”
“Edging isn’t so fun when you’re not in control, huh?” 
Maybe you shouldn’t have teased him so much the last time you two had sex...
“Get up,” he instructed. You obeyed and saw the creamy white stain you left on his thigh. Jungkook then pushed your shoulders down with enough force to let you know he wanted you on your knees. Now you were the one in between his thighs. “You’re going to work out this pretty mouth of yours. Understand?”
He traced the outline of your lips with his thumb and you nodded. “I understand.”
His jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped in the blink of an eye. He shoved the material down and revealed his muscular and beefy thighs. His boxers were the next thing to go and he even took off his hoodie, exposing his glorious abdominal muscles for your visual pleasure. 
It must have been constraining wearing jeans because he was so erect. The sight of his lengthy dick throbbing in anger made your pussy clench. Your mouth watered at its slight curve and large vein, making you more eager. He grabbed the back of your head without warning and shoved his cock deep into your mouth, triggering a natural gag response. 
Normally, he’d let you set your own pace, but today he desired more. He used the exercise ball to his advantage, the bounce helping him force his cock back into your mouth in repeated, consistent attacks. He let out the most satisfying moans as you rested your hands on his thighs for stability. 
Your eyes were watering at this point and he let you have a break for air. You spit on his cock and took one of his hefty balls in your mouth while stroking him with one hand. The different sensations drove him wild. 
“Fuck, baby. Just like that. You love balls, don’t you?”
You took his other ball in your mouth as a response, stroking him in long motions from the tip to the base, just how he liked it. It wasn’t long before your mouth was sucking his cock once again, but he held your head down, making your nose touch his pubic hair as you gagged.
He pulled you back and then pushed you down again and held you there. You didn’t know why you loved that burning pain in your throat paired with the lack of oxygen, but it was addicting. Finally, he let you go and you bobbed your head up and down while flashing your pretty eyelashes at him. 
Only you could be this gorgeous taking cock, Jungkook thought. Only you could have such an effect on him. His eyes never left yours and sharp exhales came out of him as his cock disappeared inside your mouth. 
He couldn’t take it anymore.
“Bounce on my cock. Now.”
You didn’t hesitate and stood up. He was impatient and so were you, so you didn’t bother taking off your leggings and straddled him right away while pushing your panties to the side. Thanks to the rip in the fabric, you plopped down on his needy cock with no trouble at all and satisfied both your needs. Nothing could be as delicious as your boyfriend’s dick being shoved into you up to the hilt.
Even though you were drenched beyond compare, there was still a slight burn when you sat down because his cock was just so damn big. It was a pleasurable pain though and you began bouncing on his cock like there was no tomorrow.
“That’s it, baby. Bounce on that cock, stretch that pussy real good. Faster,” he encouraged, spanking your ass to rile you up. You sped up, forcing your feet to touch the ground so you had more power to bounce. You rested your hands on his broad shoulders as your thighs started to feel the burn, but you didn’t want to stop. 
Jungkook grunted each time you slammed yourself down, loving how lost you were in your own pleasure. Your eyes were closed, your bottom lip was caught in between your teeth, and it was a beautiful sight to see. 
“Keep it up,” he smacked your ass, “Clench that pussy real tight. Yeah, just like that. Fuck! You’re such a little cockslut. Squeeze me harder.”
He pinched both of your nipples to grab your attention. Your eyes fluttered open and you screamed at how good it felt. He kneaded your breasts for a few seconds and then took one bud in his mouth, nipping at it and then prodding it with his tongue. His hand snaked its way up to your throat and he squeezed it enough to jolt your body with more arousal if that was even possible. 
His lips left your nipple and he glared at you. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight. Your pussy better be sore tomorrow or else you’ll have to workout with me again.” 
He constricted your throat a bit more and your hands grabbed his wrist as a natural instinct. You stopped bouncing due to exhaustion but managed to smile. 
“Make me.”
Jungkook chuckled at your bratty behavior. “You want me to make you sore?” He pulled you closer to whisper into your ear. “You don’t have a choice.”
That’s when Jungkook started to bounce, using the ball’s resilient nature to help set a natural pace that just wouldn’t stop. There was also the occasional bounce that was spontaneous, extra powerful, and came without warning, shooting his dick so far up into you that it had you seeing stars. 
“Fuck!!!” you shouted, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding onto him for dear life. He cupped your ass cheeks to help thrust into you deeper and you two continued to moan and make out during the bouncing session. Jungkook’s thighs were burning from the constant bouncing, but that feeling motivated him to keep going. 
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m close,” you said, near sobbing. All of your senses were being overwhelmed. Your face was buried into his neck and the smell of his floral sweetpea shower gel somehow became an aphrodisiac. “Please Jungkook, fuck me harder. Let me cum.”
Jungkook was panting hard, sweat was forming on his forehead, and he kissed you once more. The thrusts became even more brutal and your screams were silenced with the insertion of his naughty tongue. Everything was too much for you to handle and your walls tightened around his length, making him stutter his hips for a moment. 
You were so desperate that you started bouncing with him until finally, that built up pleasure in your abdominals overflowed and your orgasm hit you like a wave. You screamed out Jungkook’s name and he held you as your body trembled and your pussy spasmed hard. 
It took a few minutes for you to come back to your senses and he kissed you on the forehead in a gentle manner. You smiled at the sweet gesture but then screamed when Jungkook stood up and carried you. 
“I’m not done with you yet.”
You held onto him tightly in fear of falling as Jungkook nudged the ball back to the center of the room with his foot. Then he set you down and bended you over the ball so you’d lie on your stomach on top of it. Your hands and feet both touched the floor in order to hold you up. 
You felt him pull down your leggings and panties at the same time. Wasn’t long until his hand came into contact with the flesh of your cheeks as he smacked them several times. You enjoyed it so much, feeling turned on again.
He inserted himself back into you with ease and your pussy was immediately stuffed again with his torturous cock.
He began pounding into you without mercy with a firm hold on your hips, without holding back any of his ungodly strength, and the ball bounced as he thrusted, making every thrust even more intense. His balls smacked your clit each time and he bent over to plant searing hot kisses down your back.
Overstimulation made tears come out of your eyes, but you loved it. You loved it so much, it was as if you hadn’t had sex in a long time so you welcomed all the vicious attacks to your tight pussy. You could cum multiple times when it came to Jungkook. 
It was beyond hot when he was this way, fucking you like a beast and you, his prey. 
“You’re going to take this fat cock and cream over it again, you understand?” he panted, smacking your ass once more. It was red now and he caressed your peach tenderly. 
“Yes!” you shouted. You laid there and took the penetrations, took each inch with bliss and felt your eyes rolling back when he found your sweet spot again. You knew you were going to cum and he felt it. He felt your walls tensing up and he growled into your ear.
That sent you over the edge to cum again and he did too a few harsh thrusts after. You felt him painting your walls white and that feeling of being full of cock and cum was mind blowing. Jungkook didn’t want to leave your warmth too quickly, so he laid there on top of you as you both caught your breaths.
“So…” he breathed. “Are you going to work out with me from now on?” 
You let out a tired laugh. “Only if every workout ends up like that.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! Please leave a comment/reblog if you want! I’d appreciate it! Stay safe, stay hydrated, and stay active! Ya know... bounce. 
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sirenascales · 5 months ago
-> double black [part three] 18+
Tumblr media
-> Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai
-> Who knew getting fired from work could lead to this?
-> Content: SMUT, slight angst, violence, murder, swearing
A man is murdered and things get interesting as the investigation starts. [Chuuya x 1stPOV!F!Reader x Dazai]
2,981 words
note: no smut in this one hehe, but things are gonna get fun. enjoy!
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Final || masterlist
Tumblr media
"Hey... are you okay?" Kenji asked me a few days later, noticing the scowl on my face and realizing that I had been tapping my nail on my desk repeatedly for the last fifteen minutes. "You seem... pissed?"
I grunted, closing my eyes and slowly taking a deep breath. "I'm okay, Kenji. Just having a bad day." The others shared looks with each other, but chose not to pry. The frown on my face never left, my fists clenched as my blood continued to boil.
Then that all went away, when I felt a gentle hand against the back of my neck. I looked over at Dazai, who had lazily rolled himself in his chair over to me. He grinned. "I could see the steam coming from your ears!"
His hand never left my neck, moving until his fingers loosely wrapped around the column of my throat. Strangely enough, my anger had completely gone away when he touched me, and it felt nice to finally breathe. "With the day I'm having..." I sighed, the whole world seemingly melting away, Dazai's thumb stroking along my jaw.
Kunikida was clearly unimpressed, the man gritting his teeth. Atsushi looked shocked, his face tinged red while Ranpo and Kenji just touched their own necks gently.
"Does she like to get choked?"
"Who knows, man."
"Hey, I know what will make you feel better," Dazai suggested and I tilted my head, waiting for him to continue. He leaned in and would have kissed me if it weren't for a book smacking right into the side of Dazai's head.
"Do that on your own time! We have a schedule!" Kunikida fumed while I quickly turned around to cover my face, simply to muffle down my obnoxious laughter.
"Oh, dude!"
"Kunikida! What was that for!"
"Public indecency!"
Dazai rubbed his head, whining from the pain while I just giggled behind my hands. Dazai almost looked betrayed at me laughing at him and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, that's what you get for trying to play grab ass."
I purposely ignored Dazai's pouty face for the rest of the day, the man clearly upset that he didn't get to kiss me. I shook my head, glaring at him from across the office while threateningly pointing my pen at him.
"Work, dammit."
"I don't wanna! Bella, don't be so mean!"
I fixed him another glare before going back to my work, finishing up the final report for the last case we were on. After going through and making sure it was perfect, I saved and emailed it to the President, just as the door to the office slammed opened.
"He's gone!"
"Keiko?! What the he- Keiko, what's wrong?"
I stood up from my desk, my best friend standing before me in a frazzled state. She looked extremely distressed, tears falling down her face. I rushed to her, the woman collapsing into my arms as we both fell to our knees.
"He's gone!" she exclaimed before she started to sob into my chest. "He's gone! He's gone! He's gone!"
"Keiko..." I looked up at the others with wide eyes, them looking on with alarm. I turned back to Keiko, rubbing on her back as she continued to sob.
Tumblr media
Taichi was killed. He was found in an alleyway with multiple stab wounds. Keiko had received a call from the police after his identity was discovered, the detectives revealing the tragic news to her.
"I'm so sorry, Keiko..." I said to her softly, sitting with her in one of the small areas of the office, separated by simple dividers. "... how the hell did this happen? We just saw him last night when he dropped you off at my place..."
Keiko had finished crying, but the terrible sadness in her eyes was a clear indication of how devastated she was. I clenched my fists, feeling my anger from earlier building up again.
"I'm going to have to make my statement," Keiko said softly, chewing on her bottom lip.
"Do you want me to go with you to the station?" I asked and she shook her head.
"No... it's okay..."
"The thing is, you are also one of the last people to see him alive," Kunikida spoke up, standing by with Dazai and Atsushi. "You'll have to give your account too..."
Sighing deeply, I absentmindedly reached under my skirt, pausing when I didn't feel my knife against my thigh where it usually was. I gritted my teeth, shaking my head to myself before I went back to rubbing on Keiko's back in an attempt to comfort her.
Soon, Keiko and I left the Agency and headed on over to the police station. We gave our accounts of the night before when we last saw Taichi, us talking separately with a different agent.
"Now you know, Mr. Kamiya was in the Port Mafia," the agent said and I nodded. "And they have quite a bit of history with your little organization."
I didn't like the condescending tone in his voice, but I kept my cool. "Of course, but none of us have anything to do with this man's murder, and you have no evidence proving otherwise."
He just rolled his eyes at me. "Well, this is all we need. You're free to go."
I nodded before quietly making my way out of the interview room. I met with Keiko, who looked like she had been crying again and I pulled her into a comforting hug. "It's okay. This will be over soon."
Later on, I found myself back at the Agency, Keiko choosing to go home, despite my protests. My head was buried in my arms, not moving as I felt someone put their hand on my head, lightly scratching my scalp.
"Looks like the police will keep on investigating Taichi's murder," Dazai said and I peeked one eye out to find him leaning against my desk. "Thing is, I'm sure the Port Mafia will also be conducting their own investigation. Ohh, this is gonna get interesting~"
"So is it better if we stay out of this, then?" I asked, sitting up in my chair. "I mean, unless we're asked... we don't have to touch this."
Dazai regarded me for a moment, a mysterious smile growing on his face before he just threw his hands up nonchalantly. "I get it, you were friends with the guy."
"Not really," I corrected him immediately. "Keiko is my friend."
"Ohhhhh," Dazai just hummed, tapping his forefinger on his chin. "Well anywho, the police are gonna have their hands full if the Port Mafia really gets involved! It wouldn't hurt to help, right?"
I hesitated, a small smile soon growing on my face as I nodded. "Sure. Let's start tomorrow."
Tumblr media
"How about tonight instead?!" Dazai asked with a cheerful smile while I just glared at him angrily, the two of us now standing in the middle of the crime scene.
"Why do I even bother believing a word you say?" I hissed at him, attempting to kick the man but he quickly side stepped me. I gritted my teeth. "Ugh, plus it's already dark, Dazai. It's gonna be harder to find any evidence." Indeed, the only light we were getting was from the full moon up ahead, and the shitty lights above the side door of one of the buildings. "Are we even allowed to be here?"
Dazai simply nodded his head. "Of course, we were assigned to this case, afterall."
"... you told me the police were keeping it," I said, eyebrows twitching in annoyance. Was he serious?!
Dazai just smiled and threw his hands up. "Guess I was mistaken," he hummed and I sighed deeply, rubbing my temples.
"Okay so... what now?" I asked, finally looking around the crime scene. It was obviously taped off and Taichi's body was removed. All there was left was a giant stain of blood, which I now looked at with a worried face.
"Just by the nature of the crime alone, we can easily say it was a crime of passion. If this was a local gang or rival, he would have been shot, or even jumped and beaten to death. Official word is, he was stabbed over sixty times," Dazai explained, standing beside me and staring at the blood. "There is no sign of the murder weapon, no other physical evidence besides Taichi's dead body and blood. We'll have to wait for forensics to give us their final word, but I can tell... this might not be so easy to crack."
I nodded solemnly, my fists clenched tightly.
"Or... will it?"
I took in a deep breath before turning and sending Dazai a sheepish smile. "Well, we got our work cut out for us, huh."
Dazai chuckled softly. "Yeah, but that's what makes it fun."
"So Dazai," I started, crossing my arms over my chest. "I have a question."
"I may have an answer."
"Have you ever killed anyone before?"
Silence followed after my question and I turned to look at the man. His hands were in his pockets, a weird smile on his face. "I have. Quite a few."
For some reason, the answer didn't shock me as much as it probably should. "How do you sleep at night?"
More silence, before Dazai stood before me. I looked up at him, heart thudding when I saw that same dim look in his eyes. His lips curled up and he leaned in, making me hold my breath as he whispered.
"Like a baby."
My breath hitched in my throat, eyes going wide. I licked my lips nervously, nodding my head slowly. "I see..." Just... wow.
"You know, I could have gone without seeing your ugly face, Dazai."
A look of distaste grew on Dazai's face as the newcomer came sauntering up to us. He wore black, a familiar hat resting upon a familiar head of red hair. Blue eyes stared daggers into my coworker, mouth curled into a displeased snarl.
"Ah, Chuuya! It is a small world, after all," Dazai sang, the glare in his eyes not meeting the jovial tone of his voice.
Chuuya scoffed. "I thought you'd be fucking dead by now, but of course, you always love to piss me off."
"'Cause it's so much fun!"
The two men clearly didn't like each other, but that was the least of my concerns. All I could do was stare at Chuuya in shock. Of course, Taichi was one of his subordinates, he would want to find out who his killer was and get retribution. That was just how the Port Mafia worked.
I gulped, carefully trying to back away from the two. They could stand there and bicker with each other all they want. I had to get out of here before-
"Oh wait, meet my new friend!" Dazai wrapped his arm around my neck, wrestling me to his side effortlessly as I tried to break free. He knew I was trying to escape and made sure that didn't happen.
"Hey, let me go!" I hissed, not pleased with being pulled into a damn chokehold.
"Not until you meet my old friend!"
Chuuya growled. "We're not friends, damn traitor!"
Traitor? I grew confused, eyebrows pinched even as I fought against Dazai's hold. Chuuya narrowed his eyes when he finally got a good look at me.
"Hey... do I know you?"
Crap. "Uh..." I laughed sheepishly, Dazai now confused as he looked back and forth between the two of us.
"You know each other?"
"We met a few months ago," Chuuya spoke up, his eyes widening in realization before his eyes narrowed and he snarled.  "Knew you couldn't be trusted."
"Wait!" I exclaimed, making it out of Dazai's hold and holding my hands up to Chuuya. "I swear... I didn't even know about the ADA when we met. It was just as I said that night, I lost my job and was there to drink my pain away."
"Tch," Chuuya sounded, his eyes still narrowed. "And now you work with this traitorous bastard. Lucky you."
There was that word again.
"What do you mean by traitor?" I asked, at the same time Dazai spoke up.
"How the hell do you two know each other?"
Chuuya scoffed. "I fucked her."
I squeaked, Dazai's eyebrows raising.
"Interesting. I'm fucking her too."
I squeaked again, waving my hands wildly before either man could respond. "D-don't we have a murder to solve, huh?!"
It fell on deaf ears, the two men staring each other down, all before their eyes were on me and my trembling form.
"You know... I feel like we've been here before, Chuuya."
Said man snorted. "When you fucked my girls?"
"Like you haven't fucked mine?"
Okay, now I was confused. "Um... I don't understand..."
"Oh yeah!" Dazai exclaimed a bit too cheerfully, putting a hand on Chuuya's shoulder, earning a withering glare. "Chuuya and I go way back. Were the best of friends."
"No we weren't."
"We were partners! The best there was!"
"... tch."
Partners? What the hell did Dazai mean by partners? I looked between the two men, lips formed in a thin line. Then, the answer struck and my mouth fell open in shock. There was no fucking way... Dazai? I swallowed thickly, shaking my head for this was not the time or place to be thinking about this.
"Okay... I can only imagine just how deep this shit goes," I started, the men looking at me curiously. "But we have a murder to solve. Whatever... this," I gestured my hand between the two of them. "Is... it can wait. Y'all can make out or whatever later."
That was my attempt at breaking whatever tension there was, but I was the only one cackling when Dazai and Chuuya immediately protested.
"I will kill you!"
"That is not funny, bella!"
"Ugggh, I don't have the time for this. I should have known that the ADA would be investigating this, and that just pisses me off. You two should just stay out of my way," Chuuya said, hands in his coat pocket. "Though you... word is that you were one of the lasts who saw Taichi alive."
My heart dropped when Chuuya looked at me and I frowned. "And I told the police that I saw him when he dropped Keiko off at my apartment. There are cameras in the lobby that will show that I never left the apartment. We even ordered food in."
"Fuck. And there is no other evidence right now. No weapon, no hints of DNA. It's like the killer just vanished," Chuuya said to himself and I glanced at Dazai, seeing the amused look on his face.
"What if it was an ability user?" Dazai suggested. Chuuya gritted his teeth.
"Shut up! I don't need your help!"
"Really? Are you sure?" Dazai taunted the red head, quickly ducking when Chuuya swung his foot in a wide kick. Dazai didn't get hit, but the wall behind him took the damage, large cracks forming on the surface. I swallowed thickly. Just how strong was Chuuya?
"H-hey," I started nervously, foolishly getting between the two men before they could start a fight. "We're after the same goal, right? Why don't we just... work together?" The fierce glares I got made me shrink. "O-o-or! Or not! That's fine! Just don't fight!"
"Bella is right... fighting is so beneath me," Dazai said wistfully and I sighed deeply.
"Dazai, I'm being serious. This man was my best friend's boyfriend. I want to find his killer too."
"Just stay out of it," Chuuya growled. "This has nothing to do with either of you. The Port Mafia will handle this."
"Let's make it a race then." Both Chuuya and I were dumbfounded as we looked at Dazai, waiting for him to continue. "A competition to see who figures this out, the ADA or the Port Mafia."
"Dazai... what the hell?" I asked in disbelief, Chuuya stepped closer to him.
"What's the prize?"
Dazai smirked, raising a bandaged hand and pointing right to me. "Our bella."
My jaw dropped. "You're fucking kidding me?"
"No," Dazai answered rather seriously. "I'm not."
Chuuya is strangely quiet, his unreadable eyes now trained on me. I fidgeted under his gaze, looking away to find Dazai staring at me all the same. I shivered. I hated this; hated being part of such a stupid competition as a prize, and I hated that I fucking loved it. I screwed my eyes shut.
"Deal," Chuuya finally said and I gasped when I felt his familiar leather clad fingers cup my face, him moving my head to make me look at him. "Gotta say, I didn't expect to see you again, but I'm glad our paths have crossed a second time." I became extremely flustered and Chuuya smirked. "Tell me, Dazai. What was it like having my sloppy seconds?"
I gasped sharply with Dazai only laughing darkly, suddenly feeling his presence behind me. "Can't say it was too bad..." he answered and I just completely clocked out, breath hitching as I felt a bit embarrassed. And turned on. They knew exactly what to say to get me riled up.
"Okay, I'm leaving! It's late and I still haven't eaten dinner yet! Bye!" I was frantic trying to rush away from them as fast as I could. I didn't even turn back when Dazai called after me.
"See you tomorrow, bella!" Dazai chuckled softly, watching me disappear, hands stuffed in his pockets.
"A race? Really?" Chuuya asked incredulously, eyes piercing as he stared at his old partner.
"It will just make this all the more fun," Dazai hummed.
"You're a bastard," Chuuya scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Just stay out of my way. Taichi getting himself killed just ruined the investigation we had on him."
"Oh?" Dazai raised his eyebrows, amused. "Was he being a naughty boy?"
"Shut the fuck up, Dazai."
Tumblr media
I have this headcanon that Dazai and Chuuya definitely stole each other's girls and even shared them and had threesomes when they were partners and ya'll CANNOT tell me otherwise.
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itsallyscorner · 8 months ago
BABES! What is she’s a little mix member and a cast member of Spider-Man 💀
YES! Hiya my love and thank you for the request💜 I’m honestly so obsessed with these Little Mix requests, I didn’t think people would like them, but turns out people love them! I’m totally obsessed with these AHHH! Happy reading darling😌
The girls aren’t really involved in this one, but they are mentioned💜 Heavy on the dialogue, I tried :)! This one’s more focused on Tom & reader:)
Tumblr media
(Gif from Pinterest)
For your first time being in a movie, you’ve hit the jackpot. Not many people can say that their very first project in the movie industry was with Marvel Studios. You’ve been lucky enough to be casted in Spider-Man: Far From Home, playing Amelia James, a classmate of Peter but was from another universe. Though that last part wasn’t established yet.
You were currently at Capital FM’s studios doing an interview with Roman Kemp, someone who you were very familiar with. Accompanying you were your cast mates, Tom Holland, Jacob Batalon, and Zendaya. You lot were currently on the press tour promoting the movie that was only days away from premiering in London. You were all laughing at Tom who has been retelling a story of him getting punched on set.
Though you’ve only met him a few months ago, you felt as if you’ve known the charming man since forever. A fond smile was set on your lips as you watched him talk animatedly into the mic. You felt a nudge beside you. Turning, you see Zendaya smirking at you. She’s caught on at how you looked at Tom, always teasing how when either of you looked at each other, your eyes would turn into beating hearts.
You playfully roll your eyes and nudge her back. Your attention is diverted from her when Roman calls on you, “I’ve been wanting to mention this from the beginning, but it’s odd to see you without the girls in the studio.”
You nod chuckling, “I know! I actually feel weird not having them with me here because I’m so used to doing everything with them.”
“How was that like? I know you girls are genuinely close in real life, so how was it being away from them for so long?” Roman asked you.
“Honestly, I felt a bit anxious not having them by my side all the time. I hate not being with them because they’re like my safety blanket.” You explained. On your other side, you saw Tom frown at you.
You quickly add, “Not that I’m having a horrible time with you guys, it’s just that I miss them a lot. Like I don’t have Jesy beside me to make jokes with or Perrie to mother me around, you know?”
“She’s lying, she can’t wait to leave us. We’re horrible.” Tom jokes looking at you with that cheeky grin of his. You sigh swatting his arm, “That’s completely false, I loved working with these guys.”
“Have the girls visited you on set?” You tilt your head in thought.
“Well—not really. We’re busy working on our sixth album so everyone’s been at the studio here in London. But we have called each other on FaceTime and texted almost everyday, so we were always in contact even when I was away.” You answered fiddling with the hem of your dress. Tom has known you long enough and been in many interviews with you to know that the gesture was something when you felt nervous. Discreetly, he inches his hand closer to yours under the table until his large palm rests atop your hand. You look at him and flash him a smile before turning back to Roman.
Roman continues with his questions, “I know the girls are very supportive, but what was their reaction when you told them you were gonna be in a movie?”
You feel Tom’s hand squeeze yours and you couldn’t help the smile that makes it’s way to your lips. “They were so supportive and excited. I was actually reluctant about accepting the role, but they literally pushed me to do it and I’m so glad they did. I’m truly blessed to have them in my life.”
“Yeah, thank God for Little Mix, or else we would have never met (y/n).” Jacob says into his mic. Zendaya let’s out a “YES!”, high fiving her friend in agreement. You laugh at the two’s antics.
“Aren’t you glad they pushed you to take the role? Now you have us in your life.” Tom proudly states smirking at you.
“No, it’s actually worse now because you’re in it.” You tease him. Tom gasps and placed his free hand to his heart.
“I actually made it harder for myself because I told him some stuff about the new album and now I’m just nervous he’s going to spill something. Then I’m gonna be in trouble.” You go on to explain. Z shakes her head at you, “I told you not to tell him anything.”
Tom perks up and leans forward to glare at her, “Excuse me? I’m capable of keeping a secret, for your information.” He sassily tells her. You and Z burst out laughing at the man in beside you.
“Ok, so are we just going to ignore the fact that you were about to post a video of me in the studio recording a new song?” You question him. Tom was about to speak but Jacob beat him to it.
“I swear if it weren’t for me or Daya, you would’ve been responsible for leaking a song.” Jacob pointed out. Tom huffed out slumping himself into his chair.
“I just can’t catch a break can I?” He asks rhetorically looking at the ceiling. Roman smiles at the four of you, “Obviously from the energy in this room, you guys all seem to get along.”
“Everyone except for Tom.” Z mumbles under her breath. Roman snickers before continuing, “How was it like working with each other? Especially for you (y/n) because you’re the newbie of the group.”
“I mean for me, it was nice to work with everyone again. These guys are my friends so it was like hanging out with them everyday with a side of working. (Y/n)’s part of the group now too, so even better, karaoke nights are gonna be lit.” Jacob answered first. You sent him a wink with finger guns, him doing the same thing to you.
“I’m just glad there’s more women in the group. Laura wasn’t in this one so we were one girl down, then (y/n) came and we just had an amazing time together. It was nice to get away from those two and all the stuff they’re up to.” Z gestured to Tom and Jacob. You loved both of them, but when they were bored they were always up to no good.
“This was my first movie, so I was really nervous to step foot onto set. I remember when we had our first table read and feeling so intimidated because everyone there were professionals and had experience. Meanwhile there’s me with zero experience at all trying to fit in with all these actors.” You answered with a slight chuckle. Tom hums beside you squeezing your hand once again.
“But everyone was so sweet and welcoming. From the crew to the cast, they’re a really great group to work with and I’d like to work with them again, if given the chance.” You finished off.
“You know, for your first movie, you did amazing.” Tom complimented you. Roman quickly swooped in, “Tom, I actually wanted to talk to you about something you said last time you were here.”
Tom looks at him confused, “What did I say?”
“How was it like to finally meet (y/n)? Last time you were on here you admitted t—.” Roman began to talk but Tom cut him off.
“ADMITTED TO LISTENING TO LITTLE MIX!” Tom yells over Roman. He has slightly gotten up from his seat and was making wild motions at Roman with his hand. Everyone shot Tom a look except for Roman who stared at him amused.
Roman shook his head, a cheeky grin on his face, “Not quite, mate.”
“Y-yes. I did admit to listening to them, Touch is my favorite song.” Tom said nervously, regretting that he mentioned Touch.
Roman snickered at Tom, “Well it definitely had something to do with Touch, you had a lot to say about—.” Tom cuts him off again.
“The visual effects.” You raise a brow at Tom.
“Tom, there were barely any effects in that music video.” You tell him. Tom glances at you with wide eyes before correcting himself, “The camera work was really good.”
“Are you good?” Z asks Tom squinting at him. Tom let go of your hand and rubbed his palms together, something he did to ease his nerves.
“I’m great, man.” Tom’s voice pitches as he adjusts himself in his seat. Roman stifles a laugh before turning to you.
“Tom’s admitted to fancying you.” He reveals. Your eyes widen as Jacob and Z have smirks plastered onto their faces.
“Oh? When was this?” You look between Roman and Tom. Tom was cringing at himself hiding behind his hands.
“This is cruel.” You hear him mutter.
“He was promoting Homecoming I think. Then we were playing Touch and Tom just went into a whole conversation about the band and you.” Roman answered, a shit eating from on his face.
Tom pops up from his hand, “You don’t have proof!”
Roman looks at him with a ‘seriously?’ kind of expression as he pulls up a video on the screen. Shaking his head at Tom, “Mate, it’s my radio show.”
Tom groans as he shoves his face behind his jacket.
“Oh this is good.” Z laughs leaning back to face the monitor on the wall.
“Shall we watch my evidence, everyone?” Roman presses play.
“Is Touch the only song you know from Little Mix?” Roman asked. Tom shook his head almost offended.
“No! I’m a big fan of them, I really enjoy their music. Shout Out To My Ex, Woman Like Me, Wasabi? Ugh!” Tom closes his eyes while doing a chef’s kiss, “I’m a man, but their music is so empowering, I love it.”
Roman teasingly smiled at Tom, “Do you fancy any of them?”
“Mate, you can’t ask me that. They’re all very beautiful.” A blush starts to form on Tom’s pale cheeks.
Roman continued to prob at Tom, “You really don’t fancy at least one of them the most?”
Tom shyly smiled looking around, “I mean, (y/n)’s always stood out for me, if I’m being honest. Not just cause of her looks, but I’ve watched her interviews and she seems like a really sweet and funny person. I find that very attracting about her.” He admits.
“Have you seen the Touch video yet? Everyone was raving about her in the video.”
“Oh I definitely have, maybe a few times. She looked stunning, as always.” He dreamily smiled into his palm.
“If she were to watch this, what would you like to say?” Roman asked him. Tom’s face dropped at the mention of you seeing his confession.
“I hope she doesn’t see this. She’s gonna think I’m weird or something. I just ruined my chances.”
The video cuts off and Tom is still hiding behind his jacket. Jacob’s mouth is agape as he looks at Tom, “Dude, you just got exposed.”
“Really Jacob? Have I been exposed?” Tom finally comes out from behind his jacket, face fully flushed in embarrassment. You pouted at him, feeling bad that he was embarrassed, but your heart felt all giddy inside at the fact that he fancies you.
Roman holds his hand out cautiously at Tom, “Now before you permanently hate me, your mate Harrison put me up to this. Something about payback for a prank?”
Tom’s jaw drops as he looks out the window of the booth. Outside Harrison and Harry are seen laughing there asses off with tears in their eyes. Tom curses under his breath. The room suddenly felt like an oven, his face was flushed, his palms were sweaty, and his heart rapidly beated against his chest. Mustering up his courage he looked at you.
“Hey, at least you know who my favorite Little Mix member is now?” He awkwardly shrugged. You smiled at him, cheeks flushed as well.
“I can’t believe you’re an actual fan though!” You say, trying to ease off the embarrassment off him.
“Uh—that’s what you got from the video?” Z asked from beside you. You glance at her real quick to give her a look. Of course you were thrilled that Tom reciprocated your feelings, but at the moment it looked as if he were gonna pop a blood vessel at how hard he was glaring at Harry and Harrison.
“Of course I’m a fan! Who wouldn’t be? You guys are phenomenal, I remember watching you guys at the BRITS when you performed Shout Out To My Ex, it was epic.” His attention immediately turns to you, his eyes softening once they meet yours.
You place a comforting hand on his arm, “Why didn’t you just tell me I was your favorite?”
“Because he has a crush on you.” Jacob states as if it were an obvious fact. Tom was about to protest when Z cuts him off, “Man, don’t even try. You already got exposed and you were never good at hiding your feelings in the first place.”
Roman’s eyes shift to look at each of you, “Did I just unintentionally successfully set two people up?”
You look at Roman and shrugged your shoulders at him nonchalantly, “I don’t know yet Roman, maybe if Tom agrees for dinner, then you could say you’ve successfully set two people up.”
“Oh that was smooth.”
Tom looks at you mouth agape since he couldn’t believe you just asked him out on a live radio show.
“What?” He asks in disbelief.
“I’m asking you out, Tom.” You chuckle, your thumb tracing patterns onto his arm. Tom looks around wide eyed and leans into you, “Is this for the movie?”
Everyone in the room groans except for you and Tom. Instead you roll your eyes at him and shake his shoulders. Moving to be in his view your eyes connect with his brown ones.
“Hi, Tom, honey? I’m asking you out for dinner, don’t make me regret doing this on live radio.” You tell him, slightly joking. His eyes glance down at your lips before they return to your eyes.
“Yes, yes, yes—please, I would love to have dinner with you.” He finally snaps out of his thoughts and a smile forms on his lips. You smile back at him and lean back into your seat, “Great, we could go out tonight.”
“Sounds good.” He nods leaning back into his chair. Tom tries to fight the smile on his lips but was unsuccessful. So he sits there, smiling like an idiot. Sure, he just got humiliated on air, but it was worth it since he left that studio with the girl of his dreams anticipating the night to come.
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atinysunbaby · 3 months ago
hii if your requests are still open can you make a reaction with ateez? their s/o is an English teacher and what would be their reaction? thank you!!
I'm so sorry it took so long🙏💕
💎ATEEZ finding out you're
a teacher💎
💖Park Seonghwa💖
Tumblr media
You're currently correcting your students' exams. You're at your desk in your room and you let out sighs, disappointed by all the wrong answers on the papers.
You thought you were teaching those kids right, but you weren't apparently. Seonghwa enters your room after hearing you cursing over and over from frustration.
He has a confused expression on his face, starting to frown when he sees all the papers laid on your desk.
"Y/N baby what's all this?" He asks in a small voice. You turn around, suddenly overwhelmed from all the time you spent sitting there and correcting.
Seeing you so frustrated with tears threatening to spill from your eyes, your pretty boyfriend takes you in his arms, forbidding you to keep doing whatever you're doing and relax.
He brings you to the couch and makes you a cup of your favorite drink, he also wraps a blanket around your body. He joins you, sitting next to you.
He patiently waits for you to start speaking, stroking your hair and smiling fondly at your cute pouty face.
After a few minutes, you tell him everything and his reactions is so funny you burst out laughing.
He closes his mouth and blinks repeatedly before realising you kept this a secret for so long. He huffs sassily. "Why didn't you tell me you're a teacher. That's so fucking hot!"
You were about to explain yourself, but hearing those words spilling from his mouth you gasp loudly. "What- Seonghwa!!"
💙Kim Hongjoong💙
Tumblr media
Actually, him and the group are at the school you're teaching. They're gonna surprise the students and perform a few songs for them.
Hongjoong has no idea of you being a teacher and he didn't tell you what he'd be doing today. So the both of you are completely clueless about the awkward meeting you'll have later on.
You're in your class and speaking about an important exam that'll take place next week. You hear sighs and complains, but you're only doing your job and can't feel bad about that.
You're about to proceed your explanations, but you're cut off by the door opening. The principal walks in, motioning you to come closer. You do so and he explains about the group that'll make their entrance in a few seconds.
You just nod, a bit flustered from the interruption. You go sit in your chair still confused, but you wait for them to enter. When they finally do, your eyes widen. You stop breathing for a second and the boy you're watching mirrors your expression.
He chockes on his spit, San slaps him a few times on his back and smirks when he finds out the reason of his leader's sudden flustered state.
Let's say you and Hongjoong never hid something like that from each other again, not wanting to have another weird moment like that one.
💛Jeong Yunho💛
Tumblr media
Yunho secretly wants you to be a teacher, he kind of has a thing for that. It just would make you even more attractive in his eyes. The fact that you could be strict and confident, not taking anyone's shit.
He had doubts about you teaching, seeing you writing so often and being so tired when you came back home. He one day, forced you to tell him about your job. He wanted to know so bad, but when you actually confessed that you were in fact a teacher, he was the happiest puppy on earth.
But he never told you about his huge admiration and his attraction towards you and your job. It just happened that one day, you came home to hear him speaking on the phone.
"Yeah, I know.. God what am I gonna do! Ugh it's just so hot- she's so hot- What? NO!! I'm not going to tell her! Are you crazy man? If she finds out she'll never let me hear the end of it!"
"Yunho?" Your voice makes him throw his phone away, looking at you Iike he just got caught doing something illegal. You giggle at his reaction.
"I sure hope you were talking about me puppy~" He blushes and hides his face from you, flustered by your confidence. He always wanted you to speak to him that way and hearing you call him that, makes his heart beat way too fast.
You both had a lot of fun when Yunho confessed about some fantasies of his. Let's just say, he wasn't the only one having those thoughts.
💜Kang Yeosang💜
Tumblr media
You told Yeosang about your job when you both met. He asked you question after question and always was so happy to hear your answers.
With time, he only became more interested in you. Now, he's really proud to tell people that his girlfriend is a teacher. He even asks you sometimes to teach him a few things, he listens to you with so much attention.
Since he knows a lot about the subject you're teaching from the lessons you taught him, he helps you with your papers when you need help. He stays with you till late at night when you're too busy, making sure you aren't overworking yourself.
He comes at school to give you lunches and eats with you from time to time. He secretly waits for you in his car and calls you when you're done with a class. He surprises you when you least expect it, like when you're busy on your computer or with documents.
But what he loves the most, is when he comes to your office and you both makeout or have sex. It makes him so exited to know he's with you, a teacher, breaking rules and could be caught anytime.
There was one time, that you almost were. Another teacher knocked on the door and you told him he could enter when Yeosang was hidden under your desk. He made sure it was difficult enough for you to talk with the man in front of you.
🖤Choi San🖤
Tumblr media
San doesn't believe you. The moment the words leave your mouth, he just laughs. But from the serious look on your face, he starts to slowly believe that you are, in fact a teacher.
To be sure though, he demands that you bring him to the school you're teaching. You agree, only after asking your boss if it was alright to take your boyfriend when you'll have a day off.
You both enter the hallway, the school is quiet because all the students are in class. You lead the way to your office, San following you like a lost puppy.
His eyes are round and they sprinkle with love when a kid walks out of class and screams your name, so happy to see you. It makes San's heart swell from the cuteness, he never imagined that you'd be so good with kids.
Then you arrive at the door of your office, you tell San to open it. He looks at you, doubtful. But when you smile sweetly at him and nod, he doesn't hesitate and enter.
You walk in and watch his reaction, he seems cautious still. Until you go sit on your desk and wink at him. He shyly looks away and keep analyzing everything.
"Everything fits your personality so well. It's like this room is made for you" He turns to you with the biggest smile and you can't help but chuckle. You stand up and make your way to him, pecking his lips. "Told you I really am a teacher~"
💚Song Mingi💚
Tumblr media
Asks you to help him with something and it actually happens to be the subject you're teaching in school. When you tell him that, he takes some time to process it. When he finally does, he watches you with amazement.
"Wow seriously?" You nod shyly and he just gasp happily. "My girlfriend's a teacher! That's so- Oh I gotta call the boys and tell them!"
You watch him, amusement clearly written on your face. He always is so cute and it makes you love him even more everyday. You wait for him to be done bragging about you on the phone. You also have to confirm to the guys that it is indeed true because they didn't believe Mingi.
When he hangs up, you kiss him. He giggles and you tell him that you'll help him now. You both work for hours, because after being finished with helping him you both start working on your papers.
Mingi falls asleep on your lap after a while, you were writing while playing with his hair with your free hand. It quickly becomes your thing, working while playing with his hair or cuddling. He sometimes even helps you too.
❤Jung Wooyoung❤
Tumblr media
"Miss Y/N ugh?" Wooyoung says smirking. You just told him you're a teacher and the first thing he decides to do is tease you. You roll your eyes at him and are about to leave, but he grabs your hips and makes you sit on his laps.
You giggle and try to get away from his grip, but the more you wiggle and the more he tighten his hold on you. "Baby stop moving and let me cuddle you~" He whines cutely and that makes your body relax against him.
"You're so cute babe~" You coo and squeeze his cheek making him frown and try to move his face away. He ends up laughing, not being able to hide it anymore.
"So.. why did you become a teacher?" He asks you many questions to which you answer. It takes him a while to finally let go of you, needing to feel you against him.
You fall asleep on his shoulder and Wooyoung plays with your fingers. He watches you with love and admiration. "I love you so much~" He whispers sweetly.
Now, everytime you come home from work, he tells you to go lie down while he preapres dinner and do some chores. When he's done, he goes to see you in your room.
He kisses you on the head and wakes you up with a massage. He never will admit it, but since you told him about your job, he can't help but to take care of you. He wants to see you well rested.
🧡Choi Jongho🧡
Tumblr media
"What really?" He smiles and immediately asks you to teach him what you usually do at school. He wants to know everything about your job, because he's interested in everything you do.
"Shit! I gotta go- I got a meeting!" Jongho pouts watching you rush to take your bag and put on your coat, but he knows you don't have a choice.
You kiss him quickly, but Jongho doesn't let you pull away. He brings your face to his once again and kisses you deeper. You smile, but frown when your phone rings. You answer, getting off' Jongho's laps. "Hello?"
Jongho sighs in relief when you announce that the meeting is canceled. "Then we can cuddle and you can tell me more about school?"
He asks you with a teasing tone, you nod nonetheless taking his hand in yours and bringing him to the couch. You both watch a movie while talking about your jobs.
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Tumblr media
in which you and harry steal each other’s stuff that eventually leads to more.
a/n: hi beauties! here is my fic for @stylesharrys​ 10k challenge! my picture of harry is the one above, enemies to lovers, and prompt is: ‘can you use your mouth for something other than talking?’ dedicated to my appreciation for great teachers & wanting to become one, but not happening lol
thank you to my girls @bopbopstyles​ & @harrystylescherry​ for beta reading <3
enjoy 23.4k (LONG AH) words of teacher!harry x teacher!reader, (kind of) enemies to lovers, angst, smut, plus a bit of twist in between!
TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF STEAL YOUR HEART! i’d love to hear your favorite moments and thoughts!
pls rb to share! <3
Tumblr media
It was seven in the morning when you quickly sneaked over to the front desk where the cubbies for mail sat unbothered.
Call it a Monday ritual, where Nina would chuckle at your playfulness as you would take your fellow coworker’s mail and put it someplace else as said coworker would take something of yours and do the same.
Every Wednesday, he would take your bottle of milk from your own personal mini fridge and place it in different refrigerators throughout the building, leaving you to wander around to fifteen different classrooms as you raided their fridges and embarrassingly apologize for being in their business. But they would laugh it off knowing you and Harry always played games like that.
You could use different milk for your coffee that other teachers have, but since you’re lactose intolerant, you’d rather not, especially during work.
And today was no different for you. Every Monday, you would steal Harry’s mail from his mailbox and place it somewhere else; whether it’d be in your classroom or someone else’s classroom—sometimes you would even put it in other people’s mailboxes.
It may be immature of you both to be messing around in a school environment where you’re both teaching third graders how to behave and be nice to one another, but after working alongside Harry for six years, there was bound to be some kind of way to keep the workplace fun and light, but also remain somewhat professional.
But stealing each other’s belongings had begun a year after both of you started working at the school because after you two had met, things were a bit rocky, and somewhat still rocky as of now. You remembered the day so clearly when you accidentally stumbled upon his classroom.
You were nervous for your official first day because it was the first time you would have a class to yourself. You were rather proud of your achievements as you now had your own classroom at twenty-four. It was a different feeling when it was your own; when you were a TA for the high school down the street, but you rarely got to do any teaching because Miss Landson would never miss out on a day of teaching, so you were only really limited to grading papers and helping her students if they went up to you and asked. But you had no experience teaching in front of a whole class.
To say the least, you were nervous.
You had walked into your classroom to find it already decorated, and you assumed it was from the teacher prior who had just retired and didn’t take all of her decorations down. And although you brought many of your own decorations to put up, you didn’t mind it. It was nice to start off your first day not looking at empty walls, as they were filled with all sorts of decorative stars and colorful fliers.
Hesitantly, you took a seat in the comfy and cushioned chair, putting your bag down right beside the legs of the table, and spun around slowly as you tried to ease your nerves. Once you had fully spun around and made your way back to the correct position in front of the desk, you abruptly stopped spinning as you noticed a man standing in front of you with his arms crossed.
“What are you doing?” He had said with his brows furrowed. You looked at him as if you were a deer in headlights, feeling like you got caught doing something bad.
“I, uh…just getting a feel for the chair?” You sat up straighter, realizing that was such a bad and stupid answer.
“And why are you doing that in my classroom?” Your eyes widened at that, making you immediately stand up from his chair.
“I-I’m so sorry. I must’ve gone to the wrong classroom,” you hurriedly opened your folder that contained a copy of your contract, school rules, a map of the school, and the room number that you were supposed to be in.
“You must be the new teacher, correct?” He asked as he raised his brows, but still looked at you as if he was scolding you.
“Yeah, that’s me,” you said with a chuckle, hoping to try and lighten the mood as your face had reddened. Harry only nodded, and you felt his stare intimidate you, so you quickly gathered your belongings and walked around the desk. “Uh, nice to meet you,” you took your hand out as you told him your name, and you felt him hesitantly reach for it. But nonetheless, he shook it, and his heavy ring covered hand met your delicate two ringed one.
“You too. I’m Mr. Harry Styles,” he introduced himself.
Once he had said his name, chills had immediately risen onto your skin as he looked at you so intently. You couldn’t deny that he was incredibly handsome, green eyes piercing into yours, and most likely a year or two older than you, based on how well dressed he was. Everything about him had made you swoon for him.
But that had quickly changed later in that school year of your first year teaching.
It was January, after the Christmas break, when you noticed that some of your things in your classroom had gone missing. Just some basic school supplies such as your gold stapler and all of your expo markers were not in your classroom. You thought that it was impossible your students had taken them because they were in your class when you had left the last day you had gone on break.
It wasn’t until you were helping out with the rest of the staff, putting up decorations for Valentine’s Day when you noticed a certain someone had your gold stapler in his hand as he stapled heart shaped cutouts onto the bulletin board.
“Mr. Styles!”
“Oh, hello there. How are you on this fine Thursday afternoon? Did you know that one of my students-”
“You took my stapler!” You said, and he looked at you confusingly, so you looked at his hand so he would know what you were talking about.
“This is my stapler,” he held it up.
“I don’t think so because my gold stapler was taken from my class and now it’s gone, and I know you don’t have a gold-”
“Snooping in my classroom, are you now, Miss?” He said, interrupting you and a clearly amused look on his face.
“Uh, no, but-”
“Then how would you know I don’t have a gold stapler?”
“I-I…don’t,” you said softly because you really didn’t know as you were assuming.
“Then it’s settled. You must’ve misplaced your stapler,” he told you as he continued stapling decorations to the wall. You huffed as you had walked away, continuing what you were doing.
It wasn’t until a week later, your gold stapler had magically appeared on your desk when you walked into your classroom, and you noticed that a red stapler was on Harry’s desk, when you had buddy classroom meetups, and not in fact, a gold one. And you knew it was him, but decided not to confront him about it as you carried on with your day, happily using your stapler.
So, from that year, fast forward to five years later, taking each other’s things had continued on. Taking his mail and your milk had only started last year, and it’s been fun as you both found new hiding spots and watched each other lose your minds when trying to find them. It was nothing serious, really, and neither of you made an effort to stop.
“Where are you going to put it this time?” Nina asked, amused. You pursed your lip, thinking as you gathered all of his mail in your hands.
“Hmm. I was thinking under my refrigerator, but-”
“What do we have here?” A voice you recognized as Harry said as he snuck up on you, causing you to squeal and jump, making you drop his mail. “Think you dropped something, or is that my mail?” He said as he looked down at the dropped mail.
“Son of a bitch. What are you doing here so early?” You rolled your eyes as you bent down to pick up his mail. He usually arrived at the school around 7:30, and school started at eight.
If it were any other day when you weren’t his annoying coworker and fellow class buddy, he would’ve loved the sight below him, but he had to remind himself to snap out of his thoughts and get it together.
“Now, we are in a workplace where there are children around. Don’t be using that kind of language,” he teased, but proceeded to answer your question. “But I had to print some of the worksheets that I forgot to do on Friday, so here I am. And you know the printer, always getting jammed when you print too many.”
“Seems pretty irresponsible to me if you forgot on Friday,” you turned your head towards Nina as you chuckled, but only found her eyes dreamily staring at Harry, which caused you to roll your eyes. But you didn’t blame her; he was very attractive, but the fact that you both are always messing and annoying one another didn’t completely make your heart swoon for him.
“Says you; the one who gave them a worksheet that was supposed to be for the month later,” he said back. Your jaw slightly dropped, impressed that he still remembered that considering that that happened your first year at the school.
“Ugh, whatever,” you scoffed as you crossed your arms, mail still in your hands. Harry chuckled as he looked at his mail underneath your arms, so he went to grab them, causing you to uncross your arms.
“Think this is mine. Thanks for grabbing them for me,” he said sarcastically, and you sighed, bummed that you weren’t able to do your morning ritual by hiding his mail and watching him struggle while finding it.
You watched him walk away as he flicked through his mail, and as you were about to follow him because your classroom is right next to his, he turned around and stopped walking to look up at you.
“By the way, you look nice today,” he said, looking you up and down in a non-creepy way, before walking away to his classroom.
You slightly raised your brows as you were taken off guard by the compliment, but a tint of pink had creeped up your cheeks as they began to warm up. Turning around to look at Nina if she heard the same thing you did, she was already looking at you with a blushing and giddy smile as you whispered to her, “did he just say that?” To which you earned an immediate nod of her head.
With your lips curled into your mouth, you walked back to your classroom, to get on with the day as you tried not to gush over the words of the curly headed teacher next door.
Tumblr media
The rest of the week passed by quickly, and per Harry’s ritual, he moved your milk on Wednesday from your fridge to his fridge.
You had never thought about looking through his fridge since he would be quite obvious with knowing that it was in his room, but once you were getting cranky after looking through everyone's mini fridge and the lack of coffee, you had marched in his classroom and told him you gave up. And he chuckled, getting up from his desk as he walked over to his fridge before opening it and giving your container of milk. You took the milk, shaking your head as you walked back to your classroom as Harry followed.
“You know, I think we’re going to have to find something else to hide because I’m running out of places to stash your stuff in before they rot because you’ve been taking forever to find them lately,” he teased as he leaned against one of your student’s desks.
You rolled your eyes, pouring a splash of milk in your coffee. “I’m not taking forever,” you denied.
“Yeah, you are and you know it.”
You gave up arguing, silently agreeing. “Alright, you can pick something else, but I’m going to still do your mail. It’s fun searching through your monthly catalogs,” you said with a chuckle, and he dramatically gasped.
“It’s illegal to look through someone else’s mail!”
“Please. Like you don’t look through mine?” You said as you sipped your coffee, looking at him with testing eyes, and he was caught red-handed.
One day, you were walking to the cubbies and once you got there, you caught Harry sneaking a peek at one of your fashion magazines that you subscribed to. And since you have enough subscriptions that are being mailed to your home, you decided to mail some of them to the school.
“To be fair, it fell out of your mailbox. I was just simply putting it back,” he explained, and you smirked as you told him okay with a testing look.
The next week, there was a meeting with the rest of the staff after school was out of session in the multipurpose room. You took a seat next to Stephanie, or Mrs. Bale, as Harry sat in the row in front of you on the end with Mr. Ken. He was a bit older than Harry, already had that salt and pepper kind of hair and you thought he pulled it off really well, but he was already attractive to begin with.
“Thank you, everyone, for sticking around to attend this meeting. It’s Friday and I know everyone wants to go home, so I’ll keep it short,” Mrs. Morgan started, “So in one week on Saturday, there is a very special anniversary coming up, and that is the school’s 40th anniversary!” She said excitedly as she clapped her hands.
There was small chatter as everyone let out ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’, saying how that’s exciting and a big milestone.
“And we would like to do something to celebrate that—nothing huge, but I’ve already coordinated with a hotel to let us rent out their conference room for next week, and I’ve also hired an event coordinator to grab some decorations. But as for helping set up, I need everyone’s help for rearranging that.” Everyone nodded, not thrilled with the fact that they had to help out with organizing this event. “Just maybe if you can take the time of your busy lives and exhausting job, if some of you can, that would be great.”
Mrs. Morgan then started talking about what would be served, and to sign up if any of the staff were vegan or vegetarian. She also talked about games and photo booths, and expected everyone to participate and be a good sport because it would be a lot of fun when there are more people involved in the activities.
“Also, it is formal wear because the conference hall is a very luxury hotel that overlooks the coast. And besides, you get to dress up, so that’s always fun!” She said cheerfully as she was clearly very excited for the event.
The meeting didn’t go past twenty five minutes as people mainly chatted or asked questions on the location and capacity.
“Alright, everyone is free to go. If you’d like to sign up to help your dear principle set up for next Friday, please sign this clipboard right here.” She waved the clipboard in the air and set it down on the stage as the staff and teachers got up, and headed out of the multipurpose room and some stayed back to ask questions or sign the clipboard.
You stood up from your chair as you gathered your purse and backpack where you keep various folders of your student’s class work, homework, quizzes and tests.
“Gotta get to the kiddos, finally,” Stephanie said as she began to walk, and noticed that you weren’t following. “You coming?” She asked as she turned around.
“I’m just going to sign up for next Friday. I’ll see you on Monday,” you bid her goodbye.
“Oh, you’re an angel for wanting to help out. I’ll see you next week!” She said her goodbyes as she walked out of the room, and you walked towards the stage to sign your name up for setting up the event as well as writing your name down on the list of vegetarians, although you are pescatarian.
You scanned the list to see if there were any teachers you were close with signed up, but so far not many you really know personally, just the occasional hello and how are you. There were only about three people who signed up so far, including you, and you hoped that more people who write their name down and you also hoped the conference hall wasn’t that big because there were only three people helping out, then it would probably take a while to decorate and set everything up.
As you put the clipboard back down onto the edge of the wooden stage before taking one last glance at it, you turn around to be met with a hard chest, causing you to halt back slightly, and soft grunt coming out of your mouth.
Harry was staring right at you as you looked up, you gave him a look as you wondered why he was in your way and standing behind you so closely.
“Watch it, Mr. Styles,” you said, trying to pass by him, but he shifted towards the right as you took a step to your left, making you both face to face again.
“You were the one who bumped into me, Miss,” he said back with a smirk on your face.
You simply rolled your eyes, exhaustion taking over your mind as you’d rather not bicker with him at the moment. He noticed your tiredness, and kept his mouth shut and his games to himself as he let you walk by him. He picked up the clipboard, glancing down at it as he saw your name written down on the third line.
He felt a bit bad that only three people signed up to help out next Friday, especially considering the first two people were Kyle and Saya (Mr. and Mrs. Terrance) who both are way older, and it would be dangerous for them to lift anything heavy. Plus, he probably knew that you would take care of everything if they couldn’t lift anything, but he didn’t want all the work to be unloaded on you, so he decided to grab the pen and write his name down. He also signed his name on the vegetarian list as well.
Once he turned back around, you were already gone, so he lugged his black leather briefcase with him to the parking lot where he saw you walking towards your car. He snuck up behind you, making you squeal and gasp.
“You need to stop sneaking up on me,” you said as you caught your breath and fished for your keys in your purse.
“Thought you liked it?” He asked sarcastically, and you scoffed.
“Aww, annoying,” you stated.
“Aww, you too,” he said right back in the same tone as you, making you playfully roll your eyes, making a small chuckle fall from your lips.
“What do you want, Harry?”
“Just wanted to say that we’re on the event committee for setting up next Friday,” he said, and you raised your brows.
“Oh, goodie. More moments where you get to mess with me,” you told him in an unexcited tone as you gave him a look that told him you found him annoying.
“Please, you like when I tease you,” he said in a more low tone; his voice was deep as shivers ran down your spine.
His words had come out naturally, and his eyes slightly widened at what just came out of his mouth, hoping you didn’t take it the wrong way because it can be taken differently. And you didn’t miss what he said, especially how he said it.
You hadn’t noticed the position you were both standing in and if someone were to walk by, they would definitely have some eyes on you; your back was against the trunk of your car as he stood quite close as he looked down at you while you looked up. It was like you were back to the day you first met him when you stumbled into the wrong classroom and he stared you down until you got up out of your chair. But this time, he was much closer and it seemed like he was definitely not annoyed at you.
And the slightest bit of sweat had run down your neck as you felt hot under his gazing green eyes and the bit of sun was shining right down on you both. You felt a bit nervous under his stare as it can come off quite intimidating, but through the years of knowing Harry, you knew how to bite back.
“That’s too bad though, isn’t it?” You asked, and he raised his brows. “That you would never know if I liked being teased or not.”
With that, you didn’t even wait to hear his response as you shifted to the side, turning around to walk to the driver’s side. He opened his mouth, but nothing seemed to come out of it as he was shocked to hear your words.
A smirk was present on your face as you chuckled a bit from his reaction before you said, “I’ll see you next week, Mr. Styles.”
Tumblr media
The weekend flew by with the slightest bit of drizzle, but luckily, Monday came in with sunshine. You were able to steal Harry’s mail successfully and hide it in the cabinets of the lounge room, but you were disappointed because he found it within ten minutes, and probably because you made the dumb mistake to put it where all the sugar is, so that was your fault. 
On Wednesday, you were surprised to see your milk in your fridge until you remembered Harry telling you that he was probably going to steal something else of yours that doesn’t require your milk spoiling. So, you skeptically searched your room as you tried to find something that was obvious that he stole, but you saw everything in place and nothing that you knew was taken. 
With a confusing expression on your face, you continued on with your day. 
It wasn’t until after lunch when you noticed something was different when you sat in your chair. Looking around, you felt like something was off when you leaned back. Your students were chatting as the movement of the chairs slid against the floor. You gave them about ten minutes to get situated because you weren’t one of those teachers who didn’t allow your students to use the restroom after lunch because they “should’ve gone at lunch.” 
So, you sat there wondering what felt so off about sitting down as you had five more minutes left until you had to teach. But once you figured it out, you gasped, telling your students that you would be back in three minutes and that you were going next door. 
Luckily the setup of the inside of the school is one large room with big divider walls for each classroom, so you didn’t have to go outside and you could practically hear other classrooms as well. 
Stomping over to Harry’s classroom, you walked in and he was sitting on his chair with a smirk on his face as he had his hands on the back of his head, telling his students to take out a math worksheet. He had heard you tell your class that you were leaving for just a few minutes, and he immediately knew that you were headed to his class. As you walked over to his desk, he turned towards you with a sly grin. 
“Oh, hello there. To what do I owe this pleasure of you visiting me?” He said in a very obvious tone, knowing that he’s done something. 
You took a deep breath, “You stole my footrest.” He slightly turned his head to the side as if he didn’t know what you were talking about. “You know, the one under my desk?” You clarified, and he opened his mouth as he realized what footrest you meant. “Where is it?” You really didn’t want to disrupt everyone’s class looking for it, so you just asked him. 
“Hmm, I’m not sure,” he said, and he was really getting on your nerves.
You didn’t want to put up with him, so you didn’t answer back as you took a look around his room until you noticed that he was way too comfortable in his chair. Looking at him weirdly, you walked around the desk to where he was sitting to find his sock covered feet resting on your footrest. 
“Ugh, Harry!” You slightly pushed his chair, causing it to roll to the side a bit. 
“Isn’t this what you do? Take your shoes off when the class is working?” 
“Yeah, doesn’t mean you get to do it too,”  you said before you bent down and roughly pushed his feet off, grabbing your footrest. 
“Woah, if you wanted to get under my desk, you should’ve just said so,” he said with a smirk. You rolled your eyes as you scoffed, quickly getting back up and backing away from his desk.
“Shut the fuck up,” you said quietly for only him to hear as his students were distracted doing their classwork. 
“Language. See you Friday night, by the way,” he said before you made your way out of his classroom and towards yours. 
It was only Wednesday, and you thought the days couldn’t go by any slower. 
Tumblr media
Friday rolled around, and you already knew it was going to be the longest day of the week. 
With work, and staying two hours after to wait and head to the venue to help, you already knew you were going to crash easily once you got home. And on top of it, Harry was going to be there as well, so you kept the interactions with him limited during work hours because you simply just did not want to put up with when you had a long day ahead of you. 
It wasn’t like you hated him--because you really didn’t. You tolerated and are civil with each other, and you’ve never gotten a chance to get to know him because all you two do is steal each other’s things. Besides, you really had no reason to hate him because you do the same thing to him. 
Luckily, he sensed that you didn’t really want to talk to him, so he knew to not bother you. He figured that you were having a long week, and he made it worse by stealing your footrest on Wednesday and to make matters even more worse, he bickered with you and made innuendos that you didn’t appreciate. So, ultimately he felt a bit bad for that and left you alone. 
Work seemed to go by pretty quickly, and you were already on your way to the venue; the time reading 4:30 p.m, and you hoped setting everything up didn’t take long. Did you regret signing up? Maybe as exhaustion took over you as you drove. But you know that you wouldn’t later on once you had finished decorating. Plus, you felt bad that there were only two people who signed up before you. 
The venue was about thirty minutes away from the school, and when you walked in, the conference hall was completely empty besides the uncovered tables and chairs, but luckily, it wasn’t a huge room. But there were no decorations yet or centerpieces, and you felt like it was going to take a while. Harry arrived right when you did along with Kyle and Saya. 
Mrs. Morgan had assigned you all different jobs so the work would be faster and everyone would finally go home. You were assigned to draping curtains in the entrance and on the window. Harry was in charge of carrying tables and boxes in and out of the storage room of the hotel. Kyle and Saya were placing table cloths on the tables and seat covers, along with placing centerpieces. 
Everyone was working hard for about an hour, and you were on a ladder, reaching for the top of the door frame to hang one side of the curtain. Thankfully, you decided to switch your mules from work to sneakers because you probably wouldn’t have worked as fast as you were. 
Kyle and Saya followed the hotel manager to a different storage closet to get more table cloths for the food table as Harry was still carrying chairs into the room. But you were having trouble draping the sheer curtain over the curtain rod. 
You were completely alone in the room as sweat dripped down your back from how hard and fast you’ve been working until Harry came into the room with his sleeves rolled up as he carried four chairs that were stacked on one another. You hadn’t seen him come in as you were still trying to hook the curtain, and you always didn’t realize the ladder was slowly closing in as you kept moving around. And Harry quickly put the chairs down, rushing over to you as he saw the ladder tipping and you were still working. 
Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as the ladder completely tipped over, causing you to fall off the ladder. You thought you were going to be met with the hard ground, but instead you were being caught in someone’s arms as you two hit the ground. Grunts came out of both of your mouths from the impact of the fall. Luckily, the ladder fell sideways rather on the both of you because that would have been a painful mess. 
“Oh my god,” you groaned, looking over and seeing Harry lying flat on his back with his eyes closed and one of his hands on his back. “Holy shit. Are you okay?!” 
Harry moved on his side to put pressure on his back as he was in a bit of a fetal position. Your body was sat against his as your back was against his stomach. 
“Fuck, that hurts,” he groaned out. 
“Harry, let me see if I can get some ice,” you were about to get up when he placed his available hand on your knee, stopping you from his touch. 
“No, don’t leave. Just…need a minute,” he said softly as his eyes were still closed. You nodded, staying in your seated position against him as you took your hand and rubbed his back. It was quite sweet, considering how you both normally acted towards each other, but you felt really bad that he was the one that had to take the pain. 
After a few minutes, he opened his eyes, looking up at the ceiling and remembering where he was. He sat up on his elbows, and you stood up to help him up. 
“You sure you’re okay?” You asked cautiously, not wanting him to collapse on you. 
“Yeah. Just a bit sore, but it’ll go away. Feel like I’m old and got a bad back now,” he tried to joke, hopefully lightening up the situation, making it humorous. But you were still worried as you held onto his arm to hold him up just in case. 
You scoffed amusingly, “Please. You’re thirty years old. You’re not gonna feel that until you’re maybe fifty.” Harry chuckled, telling you that you were right before you let go of his arm. “By the way, thank you for catching me. I didn’t even notice the ladder tipping over until it fully did. But I, uh, feel really bad that you had to take the fall,” you said, scratching your neck. 
“Eh, don’t worry about it. This pain will be temporary,” he brushed it off before taking a seat on one of the chairs for a moment to relax and not immediately go back to a strenuous task. 
“Let me know if you need anything, okay?” You said before walking away slowly, and he nodded. 
You two hadn’t been so nice or caring for each other like this, so it was definitely a new approach to it. But you didn’t mind it. Playing games with each other was fun, but you wished you had that sort of friendship where you could talk to him and not banter or bicker like a married couple because you think he was a genuinely cool and nice person, even though he really got annoying sometimes. Guess you just attracted annoying people, then. 
Tumblr media
You took another glance at yourself in the rearview mirror to make sure your makeup and hair was okay before you got out of your car. You stood still next to your car, trying to see your reflection from the window as you fixed the top of your dress. A blush colored cami dress was looking amazing on your body with the straps crossing each other on the back with a slit on the side. You wore nude heels and dangly diamond earrings to accessorize. With your hair pulled back into a low bun, you thought you looked very nice--beautiful even. 
There weren’t many times when you got to dress up for the fun of it nor does your job require you to go full glam when going into work. But you think some of your students will love seeing you dress all pretty because they would always compliment you on your outfits. 
You walked in just on time, not wanting to be too early when no one is there or too late, but the perfect time. There were a decent amount of people already as the room was filled with teachers, staff, and some people from the school district; all celebrating the anniversary of the school. Everyone was dressed gorgeously--like you, probably having a blast wearing fancy clothes that was hanging from a hanger, waiting to be worn. 
The place looked great, and you were really happy with how everything turned out. The lights were dimmed a tad bit as LED lights were pointed towards the wall as music played softly through the speakers. 
Stephanie found you once you walked in as she took you to the bar because luckily, tonight’s event was an open bar, all thanks to Mrs. Morgan. 
“You look bangin’! That color is amazing on you,” Stephanie complimented as she hyped you up. She was practically the only person you’ve gotten really close with when you started teaching. While you were somewhat close to the other teachers, you and Stephanie hung out outside of school and gossiped your hearts away. 
“Please, you’re too kind, but thank you. You look great as well,” you said back after you did a little turn for her, causing you both to laugh as you sipped your mojito. 
You two chatted for a bit as she asked about setting everything up last night, and you told her about the incident between you and Harry. 
“See, I knew you would fall for him,” she said, making a pun out of it. 
“Ha ha, very funny. I really did feel bad for him though.” A slight frown pulled onto your face and Stephanie chuckled before you saw her brows raised. 
“Ah, speak of the devil,” she said, and you turned around to find Harry in a lovely double-breasted cream colored suit and a light blue shirt under it. You try not to ogle him too much because you know that he’ll catch on and tease you about you checking him out, so you look at him quickly to find him already staring at you. 
“Evening, ladies. Already talking about me?” He smiled as his dimples popped out, making you swoon for him a tad bit more tonight, but you quickly snapped out of your thoughts.
“She was telling me about your little incident yesterday,” Stephanie said, and Harry nodded. 
“Yeah, how are you by the way? Are you still doing okay?” You asked, placing your hand on his arm before quickly pulling it away as you realized that you hadn’t asked him if he could be touched, but he smiled softly as you at the action. 
“I am, thanks for asking. I took some pain reliever medication and iced my back, so I’m fine. Just a bit sore, but all good,” he reassured, and you simply nodded, glad to hear that he was somewhat better than he looked yesterday. “I’ll be around. Gotta mingle and whatnot,” Harry said before walking away. 
After an hour of mingling and eating dinner, you were sat with Stephanie at a circle table along with Harry, Penelope or Miss Nguyen, and three other teachers who were in a deep discussion over wine. Going against your liking, Penelope was being a little too flirty with Harry, and you had no idea where this tinge of jealousy came from. You were hoping to sit next to him and Stephanie, but your plate was moved to the seat over as you went to get napkins. So now, you were on the left of Penelope instead of Harry. 
You saw her touch his arm as you did when you first arrived, but this time, she didn’t pull her arm away, and you thought he might’ve liked her arm there. With sneaking glances at the two of them as Stephanie watched some of the staff play the activities, you took a deep breath and stood up from your chair. 
“I’m going out to get some air,” you told Stephanie, not looking back to look at Harry rather wondering if he was watching you as you walked out. 
You took a step outside through the side doors of the venue that led to a balcony of the hotel. The hotel was on a hill overlooking the coast, and the sun was at its peak of saying goodbye for the day. The golden light illuminated everything around you as you felt calm, watching the sunset as you leaned against the railing before undoing your bun and letting your hair fall free. 
“Hey,” a voice from behind you said, and you quickly turned around and saw Harry standing a few feet away from you with one hand in his pocket while the other was holding a drink. 
“Hi,” you said back, turning back to the coast as Harry walked to stand beside you, watching the sunset as well. 
“S’pretty, innit?” 
“Yeah, it really is,” you responded, not turning your head to look at him, but being captivated by how the view in front of you looks. 
“You look amazing, by the way,” he complimented, and you blushed. Hard. You turned your head towards him as you caught him eyeing you up and down, and you felt intimidated. 
“You look great as well. I love your suit,” you said, hopefully to cover up your nerves. He said a thank you to you, and you turned your head back to the view as Harry continued looking at you. 
And you didn’t notice Harry looking at you the entire time as you watched the sunset. You didn’t know how entirely gorgeous you looked as the gold light was being melted onto your skin, making you look more beautiful than you already are. You also didn't know that Harry couldn’t simply stop staring at you because he was taken back and practically speechless with how the slightest bit of wind that was blowing the right way, which made your hair flow perfectly. You were the epitome of beauty, he thought, and he captured a mental picture to remember you in this moment because it was surely his favorite. 
“My ex never really liked watching the sunset,” you suddenly said, and Harry looked over at you. “I’m sorry. That was really random.” 
“No, no. It’s okay. You can talk about anything,” he encouraged. 
“Well, he never really liked watching the sunset with me. Always said that it was a waste of time and it was boring, but I don’t think so.” 
“It’s really not boring at all,” he said. 
“Yeah, I agree. But people have their own opinions. The earth deserves to be watched over.” You looked straight into the sun as it wasn’t bright enough to blind you anymore as you watched it turn into an orange tone. 
“Why did you two break up, if you don’t mind me asking?” 
“We just fell out of love with each other. We were together for three years, and the last few months of our relationship, there wasn’t any love. He stopped taking me out on dates, and when I asked if he wanted to go out, he always said he was busy. I believe he never cheated on me, but he just wasn’t in love with me anymore, and I can say the same for him—I wasn’t in love with him anymore. So, we had a mature talk and figured it was best to part ways,” you explained. 
“And are you happier because of the breakup?” 
“Much happier,” you simply said, and it was the end of that conversation. 
You didn’t know why you were telling Harry about your past relationships, but there was just something about the sunset where you could be your most vulnerable self. 
After a few moments of admiring the earth and its wondrous ways, Harry spoke. 
“Do you mind doing me a favor?” He asked. 
“What’s that?” You turned your head to look at him as you asked. 
“Do you, uh, mind taking a picture of me?” He asked nervously, not knowing how you were going to react to a random question. Your brows raised as you nodded slowly. You didn’t expect him to be the type to be in front of cameras or want his picture taken, but you did it for him anyways. 
“Oh yeah, of course,” you said, and his face perked up as he smiled softly. Harry took his phone out of his pocket and opened the camera icon before handing it to you. You took several pictures of him so he would have options to choose from, but he was standing completely still as he looked into the camera. “Maybe, like…move around?” 
“What d’ya mean?” 
“I don’t know, like give me some different poses,” you said, and a soft ‘oh’ came out of his mouth before he started to stand differently, occasionally giving you a smile. 
You tried hiding your face behind his phone as you looked at him through the screen, snapping at every chance you think that’ll be a great photo turnout. But you already know that either way, the photos will come out great no matter what. 
After a few more clicks, you smiled and gave his phone back to him as you stood there, watching him scroll through the photos before typing on his phone rather quickly right after. You thought if he was sending them to someone or sending them in general, and you wondered if it was a significant other. 
Trying not to look into it too much, you turned around towards the doors, and asked him, “Do you want to head back?” He looked up from his phone, putting it away. 
“Oh, yeah. Sure,” he followed you through the doors and towards the room where everyone was dancing on the dance floor. Harry had immediately parted ways with you as you saw him walk towards the bar while Stephanie dragged you on the dance floor. 
You kept the going down and throwing it back very minimal as these were the people you worked with, and only stepped side to side, swaying your hips just a tad bit. 
Harry, on the other hand, had already downed three tequila shots within six minutes, and including the drinks he had before he went outside with you, he was pretty buzzed. He watched you dance with Stephanie, and chuckled at how you were restraining yourself. He thought you were adorable. The whirling thoughts of his mind when he watched you take his picture was stuck in his head. Head to toe was splashed in the golden light giving you the most goddess-like look as a slight smirk was plastered on your face as you took his picture. Yeah, you were the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. 
It was a strange feeling to feel like this when it's been years of plotting against each other, and he hadn’t felt like this in a long while. The thumping of his heart had told him that he was falling. Just the mere vision of looking at you had made a butterfly in his stomach appear. You just had that effect on him. And it wasn’t like he was complaining, but he was definitely terrified of that feeling. 
So, that’s why he’s had three, now four, shots of straight tequila to ease his nerves and calm his mind as he watched you on the dance floor with a fifth shot in his hand. 
The music had turned into a much slower one, and the staff that brought their staff or significant other had taken over the dance floor as you walked back to the table to sit down. Stephanie brought her husband, who she immediately dragged to the dance floor, and you watched them smile and look at each other with hearts in their eyes as they swayed. You smiled, observing their faces and how in love they looked, somewhat wishing you had that as well. You hadn’t had a serious relationship in a long while--the last one being before you started teaching. 
You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around to find Harry smiling down at you with his hand out. 
“Would you like to dance?” He asked. You didn’t immediately grab his hand nor did you say anything; you just looked up at him in shock that he asked you. But after a few seconds, you grabbed his hand and nodded as he led you to the dance floor. 
Once you two were facing each other, you hesitantly wrapped your arms around his shoulder as he wrapped his around his waist. His hold wasn’t too high or too low, but it was placed on the right spot for you to feel comfortable, and you appreciated that. 
As you two swayed to the soft classical piano ballad music, your eyes were elsewhere; looking at the other people dancing and the people sitting to find that no one was watching you both and that didn’t matter. So, you trained your eyes towards Harry, and of course, he was already looking at you. Being under his stare was something you were somewhat used to, but when it comes down to it, it made nerves along with the flutter of your heart appear. It was as if he was looking deep into your soul, trying to figure something out, and it remains once he’s found what he’s looking for. 
“I was surprised you asked me to dance,” you said suddenly. You felt him pull you a bit closer, so your stomachs are pressing against one another, but not your chests, and your face was very close to his, making butterflies in your stomach present as you wondered if he had the same feeling. 
“Why’re so surprised?” He genuinely asked as he swayed you both in a slow circle. 
“Thought you might’ve asked Penelope to dance.” 
“Why’s that?” His brow crinkled, wondering what brought these questions to mind. 
“I mean, you were awfully close to her during dinner,” you said honestly, and Harry let out a chuckle, which you didn’t find amusing like you usually did. “What’s so funny?” 
“Are you jealous?” His face inched closer to you, and you could smell the alcohol on his tongue. With how fast he was downing those shots, it was slowly starting to kick in. 
“I’m not jealous. It was just an observation,” you said. 
“No, I think you’re jealous. Didn’t like seeing me give another teacher attention, huh? Just wanted to give it all to you, is that it?” He asked with a hushed tone in his voice. You opened your mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He was full on teasing you as you tried to ignore the arousal that was forming inside of you. 
“I’m not, okay? I was just genuinely wondering because you know, you think I’m annoying and whatnot, so I was surprised you asked me to dance,” you tried brushing it off, and Harry scoffed shaking his head. 
“You’re saying a load of bullshit right now, and you don’t even know how I feel. Can you use your mouth for something other than talking?” The words had come out like rapid fire, and he is fully blaming it on the alcohol because he would never say something like that sober. And you know he wouldn’t say something like that to you, so you found it humorous as you were a bit shocked you heard those words come out of his mouth. You looked at him with your brows raised and your jaw slightly open as it somewhat curved into a smile as you tried not to laugh. Harry hadn’t said anything else, neither had you, but you did give him a shoulder shrug as if it was telling him ‘we’ll see.’ 
The song had ended, and you and Harry made your way off the dance floor and to the table. It was nearing 8:30, which means the party was almost over in thirty minutes. So, you decided to leave a bit early to grab some dessert on your way home since you didn’t really like the selection at the party. 
“Think I’m gonna head home now,” you told Stephanie who made her way to the table. 
“Aww, okay. We’re gonna head out soon too. But drive safe and I’ll see you on Monday.” You two hugged each other, telling each other that you both had fun tonight before grabbing your clutch. 
“Uh, I’ll see you on Monday,” you told Harry. 
“I’ll walk out with you. I’m heading home as well,” he said, and you nodded your head as he took a last sip of his drink before you two headed outside of the hotel. 
The air was chilly as the sound of the coast was heard under the starry night that was above. You shivered slightly, turning to Harry as he was taking his suit jacket off and holding it out for you to wear it. 
“Oh, it’s okay,” you waved off. 
“Please, I insist,” he said, and you nodded before turning around, facing your back towards him as he slipped his cream colored suit jacket on your shoulders. 
The piece of clothing was warm and smelled like his usual tobacco vanille. As you were wearing it, you felt a sense of comfort, like Harry himself was hugging you, and you cherished the feeling of it, even if it wasn’t the real thing. 
“I’m parked over here. I can drive you-” you pointed to the left of the parking lot. 
“Oh no, it’s okay. I took an Uber anyway. Just gonna wait here for a few,” he said as he pulled his phone out of his pocket, blinking a few times from the bright screen. He was clearly buzzed, and couldn’t really think straight, so you took his phone out of his hands. 
“Let me drive you home. It’ll give me a piece of mind, yeah?” You offered, and by the look of your face, you were persistent, so he nodded, following you to your car. 
You started driving down the hill and onto the main street before you said, “Is it okay if I stop by the Sweet Treats before I drop you off?” You asked, referring to the dessert place about two miles away from your place. 
“Yeah, of course. S’bit early, so you can go wherever,” he replied as he leaned his head on the shoulder of the seat, clearly a bit sleepy. You let out a chuckle as you continued driving as Harry drifted to sleep. 
When Harry woke up, he looked around out the windows and found himself alone in the car until he saw you quickly walking towards your car with his suit jacket still around you. And all he could think was how great you look in his clothes. 
“Ah, you’re awake. I got you a cupcake and two cookies. Didn’t know what kind of flavor you like, so I just guessed and got you chocolate,” you said once you got in the car and handed him his box of sweets. 
“Oh, thank you. That’s very kind of you,” he smiles as he opened the box, and the sweetness of the desserts filled his nose. 
“Now, I’m going to need directions to your place,” you said as you started the car. 
Harry navigated you to his house, telling you to turn right here and turn left there. But you needed to make sure, asking him, “Wait, right here?” 
“Yeah, here,” he chuckled, playfully rolling his eyes as you were driving slow so you don’t miss the turn. And luckily, there were no cars behind you. 
Once you finally parked in front of his house, you noticed that he didn’t leave that far from you because you’ve been in this neighborhood before as your cousin lives a few houses down; it was probably a five minute drive to your place. 
“Thank you for the ride, and the dessert,” he said, turning his head towards you, and making no effort to get out of the car yet. 
“You’re welcome. Couldn’t let you be in an Uber while intoxicated--just doesn’t sit well with me,” you said honestly. Harry nodded, telling you that he appreciated it as he looked at you deeply.
“Also, about what I said when we were dancing--I’m sorry about that. That was out of line of me,” he apologized, feeling quite embarrassed from his words, and knowing that he was going to think about what he said and beat himself up over it after you leave. 
You let out a breathy chuckle, “No worries. It was quite funny. But maybe I could use my mouth for something other than talking.”
“W-What?” He gulped nervously, slightly turned on from your teasing. 
“Maybe one day you’ll find out,” you said with a sly smirk on your face as you watched Harry scratch his neck and run his hand through his hair nervously. “Goodnight, Harry,” you bid him goodbye, and that was his cue to get out of your car already. It wasn’t like you wanted to kick him out, but you wanted him to think about your words for the night. 
And since it was still too early to go to sleep, maybe you’ll think about his words to.
Tumblr media
It was Monday, a month later after the anniversary party, and you had Harry’s mail in your hand as you decided to stuff it into your filing cabinets that hold future worksheets and your students’ progress. 
It wasn’t until lunch when you were having the pasta you made the night prior as you watched a fashion competition on Netflix when you saw Harry stomp into your room. 
“Where’s my mail?” He asked immediately, not bothering to say hi to you. 
Ever since the party, your moods had changed towards each other. Of course, you both still messed with each other and annoyed one another, but the mood and energy between you two was different. And you didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. 
“Gotta find it, Mr. Styles,” you said as you took a bite of your food as you eyed him. You could tell he was beginning to get frustrated with you, but you didn’t see a reason to stop because it’s the same way with you when he hides your stuff. 
“Just hand it over. I’m not in the mood to put up with this right now,” he rolled his eyes as he huffed. 
“Now, those aren’t the rules. You made me find it until you just laughed and pointed at me, so now you have to-” 
“I swear to god, just give me my damn mail!” He said in a loud tone, not technically yelling, but enough for you to stop talking and finally notice how angry he looked. “Fuck, just give me my fuckin’ mail, so I could get out of here,” he added, waiting for you to make an effort to give him his mail, but you were too in shock by his words and tone that you didn’t move. “Well?” He said, arms crossed, and you snapped out of your thoughts and got up, walking over to your filing cabinet. 
Once you handed him his mail, he immediately snatched it, flipping through it as he walked out of your classroom with no thank you, and you swore that you heard him mutter ‘fuckin’ annoying’ as he walked out causing your stomach to drop. 
You sat back down in your chair, pushing your glass container away and turned off your phone as you took deep breaths, trying not to make a big deal out of it. But of course it was a big deal to you. You had thought that your relationship with Harry was doing okay, and you weren’t at each other’s throats, but that hope had all washed away within a minute as he raised his voice with you as if you were a little kid. 
Normally, you wouldn’t take bullshit like that, but this one seemed to hit differently as your eyes started to tear up and your hands started to shake. You got up from your seat, fast walking to the staff restroom before you let it all out. Your tears made its way down your face as you covered your mouth as muffled sobs echoed through the tiled walls. 
Tumblr media
A week later, you headed straight to your classroom, deciding that you weren’t going to move Harry’s mail around. 
There was an awkward tension between you two, and Harry’s at fault for it. He knew that he shouldn’t have raised his tone at you because it was completely unnecessary, and he knew better than that. He ultimately felt really bad for talking to you like that, and he didn’t even say please in a calm manner, which he should have. 
Last Monday when he got back to his desk, he immediately knew that he was wrong for how he spoke, so he had gotten up and walked back to your classroom, only to find you already headed for the staff restroom. And he hoped you weren’t crying, but he had a feeling you were. 
After that day, he had gone into your room to try and apologize the entire week, but you would either be talking to a student or avoiding him as you saw him enter your classroom, so you exited, saying an excuse just to be out of his presence. He frowned as he watched you walk away, but it was very understandable and he didn’t blame you whatsoever. 
Now, after a week of pondering what to say to you, Harry walked over to his mailbox to see all of the envelopes in his box. With a small frown, he turned towards Nina who was watching him, and he saw her shrug as she continued doing her work. He walked to your classroom to find you on your laptop, round tortoise framed glasses sat on your nose, and he thought you looked absolutely adorable. Sitting on the side of one of the students’ desks in the front row, you didn’t even bother to look up at him. 
“Hey,” he said. “Can we talk?” 
“About what?” You asked, still not looking at him, but obviously knowing what he wanted to talk about. 
“Please, look at me?” He pleaded, and he saw you take a deep breath in, taking your glasses off before looking at him. “I-I’m sorry. For last week. It was so unnecessary to talk to you like that and I regret it so much. You didn’t deserve that at all.” 
You nodded, “You’re right. I didn’t deserve it. But can you explain to me why you talked to me like that?” 
“I was waiting on something from my cousin back home. He had sent me some stickers that he made for the class, and I really wanted to give my students them already. And when I couldn’t find my mail, I got frustrated and annoyed, and I took it out on you, which I shouldn’t have,” Harry explained, and your face remained neutral. 
“You know, I would’ve eventually given it to you if you would’ve asked nicely, but you raised your voice and called me annoying when this is the kind of game we play. And it’s not an excuse to talk to me the way you did,” you said sternly, but also calmly. Harry felt like he was a kid getting lectured, which he thought this is probably how you looked like when your students got in trouble, and he thought that it was great how you’re so calm. 
“Yeah, it’s no excuse whatsoever. I feel really bad, and I’m really sorry,” he offered a small but sad smile as you looked him in the eyes to see if he meant it, and thankfully, you didn’t find a spec of lie. 
“I forgive you,” you said, and Harry lets out a deep breath. “But that doesn’t mean you go around talking to me or anyone like that ever again when they don’t deserve it,” you added. 
“Yeah, of course. It was just that moment, and I’m sorry it was you. But thank you for forgiving me,” he beamed gratefully and you nodded. “But just know that I think you’re more than annoying,” he confessed suddenly. 
“Do you?” You asked calmly, but on the inside, your heart was racing. 
“Yeah, way more than annoying. I mean I’ve known you for years, and I see you everyday. And I can’t believe this is the time when I’m about to confess this right now, but…” he took a deep breath before saying, “I like you. I really do.” Harry pursed his lips as you were looking at him with a shock expression, but your eyes were saying something else. 
They were almost telling him that you were happy to hear those words, but you didn't expect it and it was shocking to hear because of how sudden and how things escalated so quickly, but there was a hint of sparkle in your eyes, and for that, he remained hopeful. 
“You, uh, you like me?” You asked, wanting to make sure you’re not dreaming, but also wanting to hear it again. 
“I do. I like you. And I know it’s crazy to say it because the way we acted and treated each other seemed otherwise, but lately I’ve just been thinking about you nonstop and it’s driving me crazy,” he said with a small smile, still remaining hopeful.
“I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way,” he interrupted. “Because I mean who would like someone that messes and bickers with you every chance they get. But maybe that was the reason why I did it.” 
“What do you mean?” You asked curiously. 
“I guess… when I first met you, I thought you were way out of my league. And I know I put this front up to seem like I’m intimidating, but I’m not! I was actually intimidated by you,” he said honestly, and your eyes widened because you thought it was insane that this handsome man in front of you was intimidated by you. “And I kind of just wanted a reason for you to talk to me and see if we had this bond, and for some reason, I did a childish thing and stole your stapler-” 
“I knew it! You kept insisting that it was yours, but all of sudden ‘yours’ was gone and mine suddenly appeared,” you said excitedly causing him to laugh, which of course, made you join him as well. 
“Yeah, it was kind of immature, wasn’t it? But you started taking my things as well, and I was happy with that because at least we were interacting and talking y’know?” You nodded with a smile on your face. “And I may have acted cocky and whatnot, but I was just scared. I haven’t felt like this in a while, so I hid my feelings, and I couldn’t even believe myself when I confessed that I liked you, but I just needed to say it.”
“Harry, you know you should’ve just told me. But I get where you’re coming from. I was actually really intimidated by you, and I couldn’t believe I walked into the wrong classroom and practically trespassed,” you chuckled at the memory that was so long ago, but it was still so fresh in your mind. 
“It’s okay. You can trespass any time,” he joked. 
“But as time went by, I tried to deny my feelings for you, and then we started talking and it was less banter and more teasing, I knew I couldn’t push it away, so I accepted it,” you said, and he nodded his head with a look as if he’s trying to figure something out. 
“So, what you’re saying is…” he said, wanting to hear the full thing loud and clear. 
You laughed before you said, “I like you too, Harry.” 
The brightest smile was plastered on Harry’s face; dimples popping out with the crinkle by his eye present. You’d never thought you’d be the reason Harry would smile like that, let alone at you, but you weren’t complaining at all. His smile was contagious as you both let out giddy giggles, matching each other’s beaming grins. It was also beautiful as his cheeks had a tint of pink to it while running his finger on the tip of his nose, trying to hide his happiness. 
Suddenly, there was a knock on your door, turning both of your attentions to it, and Harry went to answer it since he was closer. When he opened the door, he found a small boy at your classroom doorstep, and you got up, walking over to your student. 
“Dawson? What’s up, buddy? Why’re you here so early?” You bent down as you talked to him, and you noticed that he had a sad frown on his face. “Are you okay?” 
“My mom dropped me off here early, so I’m here,” he said sadly, looking down at the floor. School started in about forty five minutes, which was usually too early to drop kids off as parents started dropping them off about twenty minutes before school. 
“Okay, that’s completely fine. Come in, yeah?” You stood on your feet, and moved out of the way to let him inside of the classroom. 
“I was wondering if I could talk to you?” He said once he put his backpack on his assigned chair. “You said that we could talk to you about anything, right?” 
“Yes, of course. Anything you like,” you said, reassuring him with a smile, and he nodded. 
“I’m going to head back to my classroom,” Harry said, and you nodded before Dawson spoke up. 
“No, wait!” He called out, and Harry stopped walking, giving your student his full attention. Dawson turned to you and asked, “Can Mr. Styles stay? He’s really nice when we have our buddy classroom days.”
You smiled at the young boy, “Of course he can--that is, if he can. Anything to make you comfortable.” 
“I’d be happy to stay for you, Dawson,” Harry offered him a smile as you walked over to the table in the back of the classroom that’s used for group work and teacher-students discussions. 
You sat at the octagon table, Dawson sitting on your right and Harry sitting on your left. You had completely turned your body towards Dawson as your back was facing Harry. 
“Dawson, since this is the first time we are speaking to each other one on one,” you turned around towards Harry, and softly grinned, and you turned back towards Dawson. “Well, two on one. But just know that whatever you say will stay between the three of us, and it will not leave this classroom, okay?” 
“Okay,” Dawson said softly. 
“Now, what’s on your mind?” 
Dawson began to tell you and Harry about how he feels neglected by his mother because of the reason that she’s starting to drop him off earlier than normal and not coming home until later as his aunt picks him up. He then told you two that he just feels a bit sad that he never gets to see his mom that much anymore, and how his father is rarely around, so he was quite torn. 
You felt your heart sink as you listened to him, making sure to not interrupt him as you and Harry listened to his words intently. 
“Okay, I’m done,” Dawson said, eyes a bit swollen from the tears that had fallen out of his eyes, and Harry got up to grab him a tissue box. 
“Dawson,” you started, “I’m sorry you have to go through that. Have you told your mom how you felt?” He shook his head as aggressively wiped his face with the tissue. 
“Never see her anymore.” 
“What about when she drops you off at school?” 
“I’m always eating breakfast in the car, so I never get a chance to,” he placed his elbow on the table as he leaned his face against his hand, while the other hand traced the outline of the polished wood. 
“What about your aunt? Have you told her anything?” Harry pitches in, and you slightly turn your head towards him, gratefully he’s being involved. 
Dawson’s face changed to a much lighter one as if he had a realization to what Harry had said. 
“Oh, I-I haven’t told her anything.” 
“Maybe if you’re comfortable, you can talk to her when she picks you up, and I’m sure she’ll tell your mom if you’re not comfortable doing so,” Harry said, and Dawson nodded in agreement. 
“I want you to know that, your mother not being there for you at the moment or your father not being in the picture does not have to do with you. Don’t think that it has to do with you, okay? You’re good enough and you’re an amazing person that I’m so lucky to have you in my class,” you said, emphasizing your words so it was stuck in his mind. 
“You’re a great student, and my class and I are happy we’re that we’re classroom buddies,” Harry adds with a bright and reassuring smile on his face that lightened the mood, and added a smile on Dawson’s face as well. 
“C-Can I give you two a hug?” Dawson asked, standing up from his chair. 
“Of course, come here,” you scooted your chair back, opening your arms as you welcomed him into your arms. 
You knew that he really needed this hug by how tight he was hugging you, but you didn’t mind, glad to comfort him for as long as he needed as you rubbed his back as he buried his face into your shoulder. Once he let go, you rubbed his shoulders for good measure before he walked around you and over to Harry. 
Harry widely opened his arms before Dawson placed himself between them as they both gave each other big hugs. You heard Harry whisper how proud he was of the boy in his arms, and your heart swooned at the sight, making you blush and practically have hearts in your eyes as you witnessed their moment. 
There was a moment when Harry looked up from Dawson’s shoulder to look at you. A hint of gleam sparkled in both of your eyes as you looked at each other. Although you’ve just confessed your feelings for each other, you knew that this was going to be completely special. 
Tumblr media
You were sitting on the small couch that was in the back corner of the room. You were quite proud of this area of your classroom as you wanted to make it a comfortable place for your students to read or take a break at as you decorated it with a cream colored couch, a floral rug, and hung fairy lights along the wall. 
Sometimes you would take a seat on the couch during lunch when you were getting tired of sitting on your chair where your desk was, so it was a nice change up. 
With your container filled with your lunch on your lap as you looked down at your laptop, sat beside you and earphones in your ears, you saw Harry walk in with his lunch in his hands, a beaming grin on his face once he saw how comfy you looked. 
“Hey,” he greeted, taking a seat next to you on the couch. He completely turned his body towards you with his arm on the back of the couch as you did as well. 
“Hi,” you said with a smile. “What’s for lunch?” 
“Salmon with some veggies. I made it last night,” he said proudly, and you looked at his meal and ooh’ed. “Try some?” 
“Course I will. But you also just want me to boost your ego even more because I’m sure it’s good,” you teased. 
“Maybe. Open up f’me, yeah?” He said, cutting a piece of salmon and sticking a piece of green bean on his fork before bringing the fork up to your mouth. 
You tried not to think of his words so literally as there have been many times he would talk as if he was in the bedroom, not that you know anything about what he’s like in the sheets nor how you know his lips feel against yours. But you’re not complaining about his word choices; they do get you a bit turned on, but you simply couldn’t do anything about it. 
With your mouth open, he fed you a bite of his lunch and a ‘mm’ was heard from you as you chewed. 
“Wow, that’s really good,” you complimented the chef as you wiped your mouth with a napkin. 
“Well, thank you very much, darling,” he said, and you blushed. 
It’s been a month since you and Harry have known how you two feel about each other, and it was full of two days out of the week, eating lunch together. He had stumbled into your classroom one day, and asked if you wanted to have lunch together, and you said yes. So, lunch dates stuck, whether it’d be your classroom or his because he also has a comfy corner in his classroom with a record player next to the couch. When you two didn’t feel like staying inside, you would grab a bite to eat together. It also definitely made finding a place to eat much easier since you two found out you were both pescatarians. 
The mood is definitely different with each other as you two have slowly gotten to know one another as you tell each other about your childhood, past stories, interests, etc. You already knew that he was such a kind person, despite the bickering, but truly talking to him had confirmed your assumptions. 
Within the month had also made you earn a pet name from him. From your past relationships, you were always called babe (along with some nicknames from inside jokes), which in all honesty, you never really liked; it was a generic pet name from a significant other and it was an okay pet name. But hearing the word name ‘darling,’ especially from Harry, it was like butter. The name rolled off of his tongue, and you caved in as you continuously looked at his lips right after, wanting him to call you that multiple times. 
“I know my lunch isn’t all that interesting to feed you, but we can share a pie I made earlier this week if you’d like?” You said, looking down at your food as you only had a sandwich with avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce. 
“Sounds good,” he smiled before taking another bite of his delicious lunch. 
After a few minutes of talking about funny stories that happened during class and upcoming assignments, you changed the subject and nervously asked him a question that has been on your mind. 
“So, I was wondering…” you started, but trailed off as nerves crept up your skin. 
“That’s always interesting,” he teased. 
“Say, how about we go on a date? Like a real and official date?” You looked at him with hopeful eyes, and you saw a smirk slowly spreading onto his face as he blushed a bit. 
“Are you asking me out?” He was completely flattered and loved how you made the effort to ask him because he’s been thinking about it for an entire month, but was too nervous to do so. 
“Answer the question,” you chuckled. 
“I’m so flattered you're asking me. Y’know, really boosts my ego, let me tell you,” he stalled as he laughed, and you playfully rolled your eyes. 
When you had thought he was a kind guy, despite the bickering and being annoying with one another, the annoying Harry was still there. 
“Let me deflate your ego then, and take it back,” you joked, and his face immediately went down. His beaming smile as he teased and joked was gone and was replaced by a frown. 
“Hey, no. Don’t take it back. I was just messing with you,” he said softly, making you giggle from the change of moods he just went through. 
“Then answer the question, you big baby.” 
“Would love to go on a date with you. Of course I would,” he finally answered, and his smile, once again, was present. He reached over to hold your hand as his thumb caressed your skin. “I’ve been wanting to ask you since last month, but it was always a bad time or I would get nervous and come into your room to ask you a completely different question.” 
“Aww, that’s sweet. No need to be nervous anymore. But now I’m noticing that those days you came into my classroom, you always acted strange, but I brushed it off since this is so new and fresh still,” you explain, and he let out a breathy chuckle. 
“Yeah, those were the times when I was supposed to ask you on a date. But I’m glad you asked me, and I would absolutely love to go,” he smiled, still hand in hand with you. 
“I’m happy you said yes. I was wondering if you’d like to come over? I’ve been dying to try this new recipe out. It’s a Thai Coconut Curry rice, and I got it off YouTube, and I was watching it late at night and just wanted to make-” you paused, noticing Harry looking at you funny, but he was really just admiring how you’re just adorable when you ramble about things you’re passionate about. “I mean, if you think it’s too soon, I can look for a restaurant if-” 
Your idea of inviting him over had immediately been thrown out the window because he was looking at you funny, and was probably thinking that it was definitely too soon to be at each other’s houses, which you now see. But you didn’t know Harry was just simply adoring the way you talk. 
“No, no. I’d love to come over if you’d still have me. And I’d love to try that dish out,” he reassured you. 
“Really? It’s not too soon?” You asked, wanting to make sure he was okay with it. 
“Yes, I’m sure. And there’s no real timeline in how people should do things when they’re in a relationship. So, we’re going at whatever pace we both want,” he said, and you took in his words, thinking he was completely right. 
For the rest of your lunch breaks, you both scheduled a date and time, which was going to be this Saturday at 7 p.m, and as you suggested that time and day, you watched Harry look up as if he was thinking if he was available that day before he agreed to those suggestions. 
This was going to be the first date you’ve had in a long while, but you were excited knowing that it was with Harry.
Tumblr media
It was a brutal four days of waiting for date night to finally arrive, and you’ve never been so happy until Saturday. 
You had barely gotten any sleep due to your thoughts racing on what to talk to him about and what you should wear, but you managed to get about seven hours of sleep, which was really well considering how late you stayed up. 
Saturday morning, you decided to wake up at eight a.m to go on a run. You had so much energy inside of you, despite waking up, and you needed to let it all out of you so you’re not too overly excited. So, you thought a good run would exhaust you for a few hours. 
You ran around your neighborhood and on the main road for a good two hours. You just had so many things on your mind that you were thinking that you lost track of time as your legs continued on as you were in a daze. 
It was a beautiful day. Although there were a bit of clouds, the sun was out and shining. Thankfully, not at a brutal temperature where you couldn’t go out for a run. But it was the perfect weather for the morning. 
You got back to your house at around 10 a.m, immediately heading for the kitchen for a glass of water. The  coldness streamed down your throat, making you sigh in relief as exhaustion took over you. With tiredness settling over you, you knew that you needed to shower before anything else as sweat was dripping down your back, making your shirt stick to your skin, so you made your way to the shower, stripping down as the warm water hit your skin as you washed off your morning run. 
By 12 p.m, you had lunch and caught up on some grading; being very proud and impressed all your students did really well on the assigned homework. After grading papers, you decided to take a quick nap before you had to go out and get some groceries for tonight’s dinner, and the last thing on your mind before you were lulled into sleep from your run, was how a particular man you were excited to see at night. 
Once you’ve woken up and gotten groceries, buying plenty of spices, veggies, and a Thai curry paste, it was 4 p.m, making you right on time with the schedule you had in your head. You started chopping the veggies before you sautéed them to a beautiful golden brown as the sizzle of the pan brought music to your ears. 
You had a show playing in the midst of cooking that you’ve watched two hour long shows that you didn’t realize the time was now six p.m, meaning you’d have to get ready. As you walked to your room, you heard the splatter of liquid hitting the ground outside, so you looked out your window, seeing the sky had turned grey as rain fell down. 
Quickly, you grabbed your phone, opening your message up with Harry before you typed: (bold) started raining hard just now! Be safe when driving, and see you soon! You hit send before opening up Spotify, playing ABBA to hype yourself up as you sang along while getting ready. 
You opted for a minimalistic makeup look since you were just at home, and a pair of black cropped flared trousers with a nice white blouse. You looked yourself in the mirror and felt satisfied with your look, giving yourself a smile before you took a deep breath as nerves were catching up to you. Checking your phone, the time read 6:55 and no text back from Harry, which you assumed he was getting ready or on his way. 
Keeping yourself busy, you checked on the dish you were making that was on low heat as it simmered, and wiping down the counter and fixing the throw pillows are your couch. Your tasks didn’t take that long, about seven minutes in total, as it had already passed 7 p.m. 
He would arrive any minute, you thought. 
But you thought wrong. 
You had waited thirty minutes before you sent him another text asking if he was on his way, but later on you got nothing. Worriedly, you tried not to let your mind think the worst, but it was difficult not to because he wasn’t answering his phone whatsoever and the weather was horrible. 
As you waited another hour and a half with a glass of wine sitting in front of you, you were starting to get angry. How could he stand you up and not call you? You had thought you two were doing really well, and he seemed to want to go on a date with you, so why would he change his mind so quickly? 
It was 9 p.m when you decided to call it a night a bit earlier than you planned, so you placed the food you made in a container and washed the pot before grabbing the plates and utensils you placed on the dining table, and putting them away. The entire time, you were silent as disappointment and an upsetting feeling hit you. You really tried not to cry as you did your normal skin care routine as if it was a normal night, but it wasn’t. 
But when your head hit your pillows, the disappointment had settled, making you release your tears, hating that you’re going to bed feeling the complete opposite as you did when you woke up, 
Tumblr media
The night was slow as you watched the night from your bed, looking out at the window. It was most likely slow because you couldn’t sleep—only getting about three hours of sleep as you were woken up by the sun at six a.m. 
It wasn’t until about nine when you decided to get out of bed to start the day. You didn’t really have anything planned, but if you were to stay in bed, then you would continue being sad that your date didn’t show up. 
You were waiting for your coffee to brew when you heard your doorbell go off, grabbing your attention as you looked towards your door. You then looked down, noticing that you were wearing a flowy shirt with your pajama pants. Shrugging to yourself, you decided to walk to the door, not caring who’s behind it as you think that it may be your sister or cousin stopping by in the morning as they sometimes did. 
But you were completely wrong. 
It was the person who was supposed to be at your house last night just as he’s stood on your doorstep, but it’s the morning after, which doesn’t make it any better. 
You scoffed, shaking your head as if you couldn’t believe it. 
“You’re a bit late to dinner, don’t you think?” You immediately tell him as your words came out as an obvious tone. 
Harry expected those kinds of words to come out of you once you opened the door. He knew that you had just woken up, and it wasn’t smart that you were already in such a bad mood. Looking down at your pajama outfit, he tried not to let himself get too distracted by the way your nipples hardened under your white shirt that poked out due to the warmth of your house colliding with the coldness that is the outside. 
“I can explain-”
“Seems like you’re always explaining, huh?” You stressed, huffing as you were closing the door, but he quickly placed his hand on it, stopping it from closing him out. 
“No, please! I swear I have a good reason,” he pleaded. You looked him in the eye, and saw a hint of sadness, like he really just needed to explain it to you. 
“Y’know if you didn’t want to go out with me, you could’ve just told me that. Didn’t need to stand me up and have me wait for hours with a home cooked meal,” you opened the door a bit wider, but not moving so you could let him in. Instead, you crossed your arms as he stood at your doorstep. 
“I’m sorry. I did want to go out with you. But there was something I needed to do,” he said softly, looking down. 
“And you couldn’t even think to call me?” 
“I know I should’ve. I feel horrible, but my daughter needed my help, so I just couldn’t,” he confessed. Harry was really holding that in for a while, and he sighed in relief once he said the word. He noticed your change of face as it softens; you were taken back, and part of you was shocked because of how off guard that was. 
“Yeah. I have a six year old daughter. She’s in the first grade with Mrs. Monet,” he confirmed with a small nod. He was really nervous telling you as his hands shook and his heart pounded, not knowing how you would take his news. 
“How did I not know this?” You said, more to yourself than asking Harry. 
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just…I didn’t know how you would take it, so I refrained from telling you,” he apologized. And he did notice that it was like he was apologizing to you a lot (the other time was from when he raised his voice at you); it wasn’t like he had trouble expressing his words or needs to say something, he just needed a minute to gather his thoughts and wait for how other people react to what he has to say. 
“Harry, I teach the third grade where I absolutely adore my students, so I should love kids in general. I’m gonna take the news well,” you said more lightly, and your words made Harry’s shoulders drop as he relaxed a bit more. “What’s her name?” You asked as your anger with him had completely flew out the door, excited to hear all about her. 
“Her name is Bella Anne,” he smiled as he looked down. You wondered why he was always looking down as if he was a shy kid, but you brushed it off until he spoke again. “I know it’s a lot to take in and I still have to explain what happened, and it may be too soon to others, but again, we’re on our own timeline…” 
“What are you trying to say?” You asked curiously. 
“Would you like to meet her?” He asked nervously, and a big smile was placed on your face as you excitedly nodded your head and said yes. “So, would right now be too soon?” 
Your eyes widened, “Like right now?” 
“Yeah, she’s actually right here,” Harry looked down and averted his eyes slightly towards the side, right next to the door frame as he brought his hand out. And that was when you knew why he was always looking down so subtly. 
The little girl wearing blue denim overalls, a white t-shirt with a tan coat over along with some white sneakers, held her father’s hand as she looked up at you with her green eyes; the same as Harry’s. Your eyes immediately sparkle as you look at her, bending down so you’re eye level with her. 
“Hi, Bella. It’s nice to meet you,” you smiled at her as you greeted her. She shyly smiled as she waved at you before looking up at Harry causing you to look up at him as well to see what he had to say. 
“Go on, bub. Ask her what you wanted to ask,” he shook her hand in encouragement as Bella looked back at you. 
“Have you had breakfast?” Bella finally spoke, and your heart flutters at how cute you think her voice is. 
“I actually haven’t had breakfast yet. Why do you ask?” 
“Because we brought breakfast for you!” She let go of Harry’s hand before she bent down to pick up the paper bag, smiling as she held as much as she could up. You gasped, placing your hand on your cheek from the thoughtful gesture. 
“Well, I’ll only eat the food on one condition,” you proposed. Bella’s face dropped as she waited for you to tell her what that condition was, glancing up at Harry quickly before looking back at you. “You two have to join me for breakfast.” 
With that, her face lifted once again as she beamed at you and quickly said an okay. You opened the door and moved out of the way so Harry and Bella could walk in. Bella skipped into your house with no hesitation as Harry called out for her, but you told him that it was okay. 
“You didn’t need to do this,” he told you, feeling bad that he hasn’t even told you the full story of what had happened last night, and you being the angel that you are, openly invited both of them into your house when you had every right to slam the door in his face. 
“Don’t worry about it. We’ll talk later, but for now, let’s eat? I got coffee ready,” you said, brushing it off, and he nodded, still knowing that the conversation needed to happen. 
He followed you to the dining table where Bella had already taken the food out of the bag. She sat there proud of her contribution, and Harry said ‘good job’ and ‘thank you’ to her as he always did when she helped set the table. You got three plates from the cabinet and utensils from the drawer; the same ones you set from last night, but this time, with a plus one. 
You and Harry opened the containers of food as there were various breakfast dishes for the three of you to share. 
“So, Bella. What’s your favorite movie?” You asked, wanting to get to know her better. 
“I like Mamma Mia! That’s one of my favorite movies, but the next one would have to be The Princess and the Frog!” 
You gasped, “Mamma Mia is my favorite movie too! And The Princess and the Frog is an excellent choice.” Bella nodded, agreeing with you. 
Harry watched the two of you interact; talking about all of your interests and dislikes, most Harry already knew about, so he sat back and ate as he thought the sight before him was the most precious thing he’s witnessed. He’s noticed Bella’s eyes gleam as she talked her heart out, and how you gave her your full attention when she did. And he thought that the interaction and connection was so important to him when he introduced a potential love interest to his daughter. The bond between you and Bella wasn’t like anything he had seen before, and he was grateful it was with you. 
After an hour of talking at the table, Harry told Bella it was okay if she wanted to play on her iPad for a bit, and she nodded her head before asking you if it was okay. 
“Of course you can, sweet,” you said, giggling a bit because she felt the need to ask you, but you thought it was sweet; the pet name completely slipped out as if it were natural for you to say it, but you think it really suits her, and by the way her eyes lit up when you called her that, you think she likes it as well. 
Bella opened her backpack, grabbed her iPad out, before walking to Harry, whispering to him. 
“Go on and ask her,” he said to her before she walked around the table to you. 
“Do you think I can get the WiFi password please?” She asked politely, smiling to yourself as kids nowadays know so much of technology from a very young age. 
“Of course,” you said before she unlocked her iPad. 
You noticed her wallpaper, all too familiar because you were the one who took the picture. It was a picture of Harry in front of the sunset with his mouth open as he smiled with his two hands up, throwing peace signs at the camera. 
“I like how you put your wallpaper as your daddy,” you complimented, looking up at Harry as he blushed. 
“Me too! He went to this party type of thing, and I told him to take a picture in front of the beach!” She beamed. 
“Yeah, bub. She was there,” Harry pitched in. 
Bella suddenly gasped loudly, “Are you the pretty teacher that took his picture and bought us cupcakes?!” She asked excitedly. 
“Oh, uh, yeah. That would be me,” you said as you nervously chuckled. 
“Thank you! Those cupcakes were so good!” She thanked you, remembering how good those cupcakes tasted, and you told her that you were glad that you liked them. 
After you typed in your WiFi password, you told Bella that she could sit on the couch in the living area. 
“Twenty minutes, okay?” Harry called out as she walked away. 
“Okay!” Her soft voice yelled back as she took a seat on the couch. 
Your head turned towards Harry as he turned to you as well. Both of you had a moment of silence as you two looked at each with a soft and admiring look. Things were way different now as you now know Harry has a daughter, but in all honesty, you don’t mind it whatsoever. You’ve managed to adore that little girl in a matter of an hour and a half, and you think she’s the most beautiful little girl ever. 
“So the pretty teacher, huh? I liked her wallpaper,” you said with a mischievous grin, and Harry snickered. 
“Yeah, I kind of underexaggerated--should’ve said ‘the gorgeous teacher that I like who took the wallpaper,’” he flirted, and you raised your brows as you blushed, thinking that was incredibly smooth of him. After a minute of thinking how to go about this conversation, you spoke up.
“Do you want to tell me about last night?” You asked, and Harry nodded. 
“Bella was a bit in a bad mood from the morning she woke up. Couldn’t really do anything to please her, so I was pretty frustrated because she couldn’t really explain what was happening to her, just threw a tantrum while holding her head, and then I figured out that she had a headache, and that’s no fun,” he explained, and you nodded as he said so. “It was literally hours of crying nonstop for hours. The only time she stopped crying was when I gave her something to eat,” he chuckled. 
“Everyone stops being pouty after some food,” you joked. 
“She did for a bit, but then it was right back to crying. My mum came over because she was supposed to watch her while I was with you, and usually her Nan would cheer her up, but not this time. After a few hours of trying to comfort her, she started becoming clingy, and when I would leave her side, she would just start crying. By this point, I was just exhausted, so I held her as she slept, which then resulted in me sleeping, also thinking I would wake up just in time, but waking up at midnight.” 
The look on his face was a disappointing one as he couldn’t believe he missed the first official date, and if you were to forgive him, he’d make it up to you with every date you would give him. 
“I understand, H. I can imagine being a single parent is hard. At least, I hope you’re single,” you tried lightening up the moods. 
“Yeah, definitely single,” he confirmed with a smirk.
“Well, maybe not for long,” you teased at the fact of becoming his girlfriend sooner or later, and his heart started to race. 
“Oh yeah?” He smirked. “Is that what you’re thinking?” 
“Yeah. Are you?” 
“I’ve been thinking about it, darling,” he responded honestly, glad to know you’re on the same page. 
He could possibly ask right now, knowing you feel the same way about him as he does you, but with not showing up for the date and practically throwing having a daughter at you, it wasn’t the right time. He wanted it to be special, not during a time when he was explaining why he screwed up. 
“Good. I’m happy we’re thinking the same thing.” 
“Me too.” 
There was a moment of quietness between you two, and the only thing that was heard was Bella’s game that she was playing on her iPad and the thumping of both of your hearts. Harry checked the time on his phone, realizing that he had to leave. 
“What are your plans for today?” He asked. 
“Just clean up around here, and perhaps go to the farmers market before they close.” 
“Sounds lovely. The weather’s nice after all that raining last night,” he said, and you agreed. “I’m really sorry I wasn’t here though.” 
“Harry, stop apologizing. Bella’s your priority and I totally understand.” He sighed deeply before nodding his head. 
“Say, how about this: bring me that lovely dish you cooked yesterday for lunch tomorrow because I would love to try it, and this time, you come over to my house on Saturday for our date? I’ll cook you dinner,” he suggested. 
The corners of your lips perked up as you nodded, “I’d like that.” 
“Great. But we’ve got to go to my sister’s house right now. Can I help you with the dishes really quick before we leave?” Your face softened even more, thinking of how kind and helpful he is. 
“No, I got it from here. Thank you, though.” 
You and Harry got up as he called out for Bella, telling her that it was time to leave. Harry helped put her coat on as he muttered something to her. Bella walked over to you, and you bent down as you smiled at her. 
“Thank you for letting us have breakfast with you and letting us into your home,” she opened her arms, and your heart fluttered as you opened your arms as well, taking each other in for a hug. 
“It’s so great to have you both. You’re welcomed here anytime,” you said against her ear, and Bella hugged you tighter and you rubbed her small back. 
After you two let go of each other, you walked them to the door, a bit sad that they had to leave, but you’re reminded that you’ll see Harry tomorrow and hopefully Bella around school. 
“I’ll see you two soon. Drive safe, yeah?” You told Harry, and he nodded. 
“Always do. I’ll text you?” You nodded, reaching up to give him a hug. 
It was a quick hug that only lasted about five seconds, which was way too quick for your liking, but when you two let go, Harry pressed his lips against your cheek, and that totally made up for it. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled, and nothing came out of mouth, so you nodded instead and waved at the two. 
You watched them get into the car and drive off down the street, far enough where you couldn’t see them, so you watched back into your house and closed the door, placing your palm on your cheek as you felt the warmness of your skin heat up from the softness of his lips. And you hoped that you would get to feel his lips again.
Meanwhile as Harry was driving towards Gemma’s house, Fleetwood Mac was playing through the bluetooth of his phone until Bella spoke up, causing him to lower down the volume. 
“I really liked her,” she said. 
Harry smiled, agreeing with her, “Yeah, me too, bub.” 
“You’re right--she is pretty,” she confirmed, and Harry chuckled. 
“Very pretty.” 
“I hope I have her as my teacher when I get to the third grade.” Harry gasped, looking into the rear view mirror. 
“What?! You don’t want me to be your teacher?” Harry asked her, but knowing that his own daughter can’t be in his class, according to the rules and policy of the school. 
“I mean, maybe. But we might get annoyed with each other,” she stated, and Harry definitely agrees with her, but also loves how she’s not afraid of speaking her mind. “I hope I see her again soon,” Bella said, looking out the window as if she was in a dramatic movie. 
“You will, bub, you will.” 
And he meant what he said because Harry plans on keeping you around for a very long time. 
Tumblr media
It was Friday after school when you heard someone say ‘knock knock’ from the entrance of your classroom. You looked up from your laptop to find Harry peeking his head out into the door frame. 
“Hi! Come in,” you said, standing up and taking your glasses off. Harry fully stands up straight, walking into your classroom. You walked towards him until a small figure that is Bella who is running straight towards you, excitedly. 
“Oh, hi sweet!” 
“We were just about to leave, but figured we could stop by and say hi--or goodbye since we’re leaving,” Harry chuckled. 
“Aw, that’s so sweet of you two. Well, I’m glad you two stopped by. I’m probably staying here for another hour or so,” you said, and you think that was probably the reason you also never knew Harry had a daughter because you two never leave at the same time. 
“I also wanted to give you these,” Bella chirped, grabbing the box of cookies from Harry’s hands before giving them to you. “We made you these last night!” 
“Wow, thank you so much. I’ll be sure to have some after I have dinner, but I just know they’re really good.” Bella nodded her head in joy. 
“I heard you’re coming over tomorrow. I’m sad I won’t be there because I’ll be with Aunt Gem,” she frowned slightly. 
“Yeah, I will be. But how about this: next weekend, with your dad’s permission and if you two aren’t busy that weekend, we can go to the park? Have a little picnic there and play some games?” You suggested that idea to her, and she immediately said yes. 
“I’m definitely up for that plan,” Harry said, smiling from ear to ear as Bella jumped eagerly. “But for now, we really do have to go.” 
You hugged Bella once more, telling her you couldn’t wait for your picnic together before hugging Harry as well. You became flustered as you remembered the time he kissed you on the cheek. And it happened again--every time you two had lunch together, he kissed your cheek hello and goodbye, and you blushed every time. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow?” 
“Tomorrow,” you confirmed. 
And you couldn’t wait for the evening.
Tumblr media
As you knocked on Harry’s door, you were filled with nerves. 
The night was a bit cold out, so you wore a pair of black jeans, topped with a red leopard top, and some three inch black booties, and of course, a black coat for outside. In your hands, you held two bottles of Chardonnay--a wine that is paired well with seafood. And although you don’t know what he’s cooking up, you do know you two are pescatarians, so it saves you from roaming down the wine aisle. 
“You look absolutely gorgeous,” he complimented once he opened the door as he looked up and down at you. Harry was wearing a light blue vertical pinstripe button down with cream colored pants. His sleeves were rolled up, and his hair was pinned back with a clip. “Oh, sorry,” he said once he felt his clip that was still in his hair. 
“No, don’t be sorry. You look really handsome,” you complimented back. 
“Thank you. Come in,” he moved to the side of the door, stepping out of the way so you could walk in. 
The Styles’ residence was a very cozy and welcoming home. You had already felt welcomed by the presence of Harry, but his home just made you feel even more welcomed and loving. It was the perfect size, not too big where it looks empty, but not too small so Bella can still run around. There were pictures hung up on the walls, a fireplace, and neutral colored furniture that complimented Prussian colored walls. 
He led you to the kitchen, and you thought the kitchen was lovely as well with white cabinets and potted plants along the backsplash of the kitchen, which you assumed they were fresh herbs. 
“So, I made some seasoned shrimp, and bought some ingredients that I’ve chopped up already for some shrimp tacos? We can do our own if you’d like,” he said proudly. 
“I’d love that. Do you need help with anything?” 
“Yeah, if you don’t mind?” You shook your head. “Do you mind grabbing the toppings in the fridge? They’re all in bowls.”
You made your way over to his silver refrigerator and took out all the bowls you saw, placing all of them on the counter in a line. Harry turned the stove off before grabbing two plates from the cabinet on the side of the stove, and handed one to you. 
“So, these are raw tortillas, which I’ve already cooked and placed on the pan, so it’s really good.” 
“Everything smells amazing. I can’t wait,” you smiled at him. 
Impulsively, Harry leaned forward and placed his lips on your forehead as a thank you. Not really knowing he did it until he pulled back, you beamed at him, thinking the gesture was sweet and made your heart pound. 
You and Harry assembled your shrimp tacos together, giggling when you both would reach for something at the same time, causing your hands to touch before one of you pulls back shyly. After, you followed Harry to the dining table, and it was a beautiful grey wood table with cream colored cushioned chairs. And you came to the conclusion that everything about Harry’s house was beautiful, including Harry and Bella. 
“Thank you for coming,” he said before taking a bite of his taco. 
“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” You asked, and he gave you a sad look before you realized what he meant. “Harry, we’re passed that. It was one time, and you had to take care of your daughter. Yeah, I was angry when I was waiting for you, but only because I didn’t know what was going on. But I’m not mad anymore. Please, don’t beat yourself up with that.” 
“Yeah, you’re right. I still feel bad about making you wait,” he frowned. 
“Don’t. I’d wait for you if I have to,” you said, your words coming out as a double meaning to it. 
As you and Harry ate, you complimented him again on the food as you both drank a glass of wine. 
“Tell me about your family?” Harry asked. 
“Hmm. Well, my parents are divorced. They have been since I was sixteen, but they still have a really great relationship with one another. They see each other occasionally, not often. But I have a younger brother; he’s two years younger than me and he works at a magazine company in the marketing department. My dad is in the construction business, and my mom is a pharmacist. Not really much to tell, we were--are a great family,” you told him, smiling to yourself as you remember how lucky you are to have the family that you have. 
“Do you see them often?” 
“Not as much as I should,” you replied honestly. Your family lives about ten hours away from you by car, which does not cooperate with the school schedule. But you do see them on holidays and whatnot. “Can I ask you a question now?” Harry nodded nervously. 
“What’s your relationship like with Bella’s mom?” 
“Uh, well…we were together for the last two years of uni. We moved in together during those two years, and everything was great until she got pregnant. She kept saying that her life was over, but I kept telling her that everything was going to be alright. It was pretty rocky from then. When she had Bella, I immediately fell in love with my baby. She was this precious little thing in my arms, and I was committed, y’know? But she didn’t feel the same way. She was having trouble bonding with her, and I told her that that sometimes happened and she shouldn’t give up, but one day, she told me that she was over everything. That she’s in the peak of her career and that she’d rather travel. Of course, that turned into an argument, but at the end of the day, that was her choice, so I didn’t bother anymore.” 
“Does she still see Bella?” You asked hesitantly, and Harry can sense it. 
“Maybe once a month? If not, then every other month. But they only see each other for about an hour, and that’s about it,” Harry said, and you nodded, not saying anything. “If you’re wondering, I don’t love her anymore, like, I’m completely over her. Just because she’s Bella’s biological mother, that doesn’t mean I love her,” he said, wanting to make sure you knew. 
You chuckled softly at his assertiveness, “I know you don’t love her. You’re a wonderful father to Bella.” 
“I try,” he said shyly. 
“And that’s all that matters. She completely loves you and she looks up to you,” you told him honestly from what you observed. Harry doesn’t say anything but take in your words, and his heart flutters from it because everyone needs a bit of encouragement; it helps them keep going and to not give up. 
There were no words that fell between either of your lips as there was no need for it; just the unspoken connection that you two shared as you stared at each other so intently, silently sharing a bond with one another that will mean something so deeply to you hearts. A blush settled on both of your cheeks, and it definitely wasn’t the wine because it was so much stronger; Harry had that kind of affect. 
Harry placed his arms on the table, slightly leaning in. You did the same, and your faces were inches away. His hand reached up to brush your hair behind your ear before placing his palm on your cheek, your skin immediately heating up. As he looked at you, his thumb brushed your cheek and it was the most soothing and innocent action anyone has ever done to you, and it made goosebumps on your skin rise. 
“Can I ask you something?” Harry asked. 
“Anything,” you said softly. 
In a moment of weakness where you would let this man do anything to you, you felt strong and powerful. You felt confident and beautiful. And you think that is so important in seeking a partner because they should make you feel like that even with the simple act of staring. 
“Can I kiss you?” 
“Please do.” 
Harry smirked, glancing down at your lips before looking back up at your eyes--something he’s accustomed to doing to you, and you noticed every time. 
He placed his forehead against yours, nose touching as your lips were just a small movement apart. Harry’s hand moved closer to your mouth as he took his thumb and placed it on your bottom lip, pulling it down slightly. You were breathing deeply as you didn’t expect him to do that, but you were nonetheless turned on by it. 
And when he went to caress your cheek again, he finally leaned forward and kissed you. 
It was like everything you imagined. Through the years of tension that was building up, stealing each other’s belongings, the bickering, the days of daydreaming in class of how his lips would feel against yours, and all those nights imagining his lips against your skin—it all came down to something so explosive but marvelous at the same time. 
The taste of Chardonnay adding to his own was something so sweet as his tongue brushed against yours as you grabbed the back of his neck to bring him in closer. Your lips molded together as if it were one, and there was no hint of rushing it even further. It was sweet and slow, taking in one another’s feel as the spark between you two heightened and bursted. 
Once you two pulled back, and the appearance of swollen lips and being breathless, you two looked at each other and giggled, finally relieved that happened. 
“Not sure if this is too soon, considering this our first date, but will you be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously, and your kissed lips turned up, smiling brightly at him. 
“So, when you meant soon, that meant the next week, huh?” You teased, not completely answering his questions straight away. 
“Precisely,” he chuckled, knee shaking under the table. 
“But I thought you’d never ask sooner, so yes. I will be your girlfriend.” Beaming, you held his hand as you said so, and Harry’s face dropped. 
“Really? You’re not messing with me, right?” He said shockingly. 
“Of course I will! How could I say no?” You placed your hands on the sides of his face and caressed your thumb, meeting your pointer finger as you pinched his cheek ever so gently in a comforting way, and not childish one. And Harry finds it sweet and it might be one of his favorite things if you keep doing it. 
Harry took your lips in with his again, knowing he won’t get used to the feeling of having your lips on his. It was a surreal feeling that he’s been wanting to happen for a very long time, and he’s talking about years, way before he even confessed his feelings. 
After a few minutes of kissing and getting used to each other’s soft lips, Harry suggested moving to the living area. So, you two cleaned up after much declining from Harry as he rejected your help, but you helped him anyway. 
Taking a seat on his couch as you waited for Harry to open the wine in the kitchen, you took a look around the living room. It was very warm and comforting; it made you feel safe. From the moment you stepped into his home, it had that sort of feel of security, like you were being wrapped up in a warm hug of love and safeness. And you absolutely loved it.
Harry finally joined you, taking a seat next to you as he poured more wine into both of your glasses—you two having the same amount. 
“What’s your family like?” You asked, only knowing the basics of them. 
“Well, as you know, I’ve got a sister; grew up with her and my mum. My parents got a divorce when I was seven, and it was a bit weird. I was young at the time, so I didn’t really know how to deal with it, but luckily mum always told me that it didn’t have to do with Gem or me,” Harry remembered that day so vividly as him and Gemma were sat on the couch of their childhood home as his mum and dad was in front of them. 
“Did you still see your dad?” You asked. 
“Yeah, we did all the time. I still do see him to this day. He was always an amazing father; never left us worrying. He’s an amazing granddad to Bella, and I really love their relationship.” 
“That’s amazing,” you smiled fondly at him, and Harry agreed. 
For the next hours, you cuddled up to Harry as you both talked about anything and everything as you two were a bit tipsy off your friend called Chardonnay, and off one another as the kisses hadn’t stopped. You hadn’t realized you were talking for so long that it was almost midnight, and you suggested you call it a night to get out of his hair. 
“Wait, how about you stay the night?” He suggested instead. 
“I shouldn’t,” you had sobered up during the last hours as you told him you’d pass on another glass of wine, to which he stopped drinking as well. 
“No, please. I insist. I know that you’re a bit sober, but I don’t want you driving like this anyways,” his hand met your forearm, rubbing it slightly as a way to convince you, and the mere touch is enough for you to say yes. 
“Okay,” you complied, nodded your head. Harry smiled, grabbing your hand as he led you to his room. 
Walking into his closet, he told you to pick anything you’d like to wear as he went to change into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, but hoping you’d be okay with him sleeping shirtless. 
You opted for one of his band tees and one of his a pair of shorts that were actually pretty short on you, so you were eager to see what it would look like on Harry. You met him in his restroom as he handed you a toothbrush and a makeup wipes, telling you that Bella liked to do makeup on him sometimes, so he bought wipes for it, and you told him that the next time she does it, to invite you over. 
Once you and Harry got ready for bed, you had felt like you were intruding, but he reminded you that you weren’t and that if you wanted to sleep in the guest bedroom that he would be okay with that. But you wanted to spend the night with him, so you climbed into bed with him, the worries about things being ‘too soon’ or ‘too quick’ flew out the window as you both were on your own timeline of your relationship. 
Harry pulled you into his bare tattoo chest, and luckily you were totally okay with him sleeping without a shirt on. You were amazed with his inked body, thinking how beautiful it is and wanting to look at every single detail of art that’s permanently on him. He kissed your forehead as you two made light conversation before your eyes dropped and slowly closed. 
You were in his arms, sharing a bed with him for the first time on the night of your first official date where he asked you to be his girlfriend and your first kiss with him. 
Everything had happened so fast, but with the warmth of his arms around you, feeling ultimate safety, it felt so right. 
Tumblr media
The next morning arrived and Harry already knew that the night prior was the best sleep he’s ever had. 
He had been sleeping well, but he didn’t know what sleeping with you felt like until last night, and he loved every bit of it, even though he only had memory of the moment before falling asleep and waking up to you. 
The hold on his girlfriend’s arms became tighter as he woke up from the morning light that was peeking through the shutters. It was a quiet Sunday morning; no one in a rush to get anyone as it was everyone’s day to sleep in. 
The position you both were in as you cuddled was an interesting one. Harry had woken up to you both facing each other as Harry's arm was under your neck and your arm on his waist. But what was different was that his thigh was between your legs, squeezed together by them. 
He didn’t want to move because that’ll wake you up, he’s sure. So, he laid still, brushing off the hairs on your face as he watched you peacefully sleep. You were quite adorable as you slept, even though there was a bit of dried up drool on the corner of your mouth. But still adorable. 
After a few moments of laying there, his eyes were slowly starting to close as the silence took over, making him sleepy again. But after a minute of having his eyes closed, movement from you had startled him awake again. 
You were still sleeping, and your position hadn’t changed, only the movement of your hips slightly grinding down on his thigh in your sleep had left him wide awake. He thought it was a mere coincidence of you jolting, but as you continued to do it, he knew that you were having some sort of dream. And he hoped it was about him. 
Harry had been semi hard since waking up, but he felt himself start to grow harder in his pants as you let out quiet whimpers. He leaned forward, pressing a small kiss to your lips before kissing around your entire face in order to wake you up, thinking he could get used to this. 
You stirred, but your hips didn’t stop, and Harry continued to kiss your face until you opened your eyes and yours locked with his as you started back a tad bit, looking at him. 
“Morning, darling,” he greeted, bringing you back into him. There was a bit of a smirk on his face, and your eyes widened, remembering the dream you just had before you woke up. The familiar heat between your legs that made its appearance every time you had a glass or two was being relieved by Harry’s thigh. 
“Oh, god. I’m so sorry,” you said, moving back to push his leg out from between yours, but he pulled you back in, placing his leg between yours again. 
“No, no. C’mere. Don’t be sorry. Were you dreamin’?” He asked, voice deep and raspy from the slumber. And it only added to your arousal as you felt very wet inside of your panties. 
“Uh, yeah. I was,” you replied, rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand as you stretched, hoping to hide away the embarrassment you’re feeling. 
“What about?” He consulted with a smirk on his face. You still had your eyes covered, but you know him all too well to know that he has a mischievous grin on his face, and you know yourself all too well to know that you’re red. Harry grabbed your wrists gently, pulling your arms. “C’mon, don’t hide from me please.” Once he held your arms down, you opened your eyes, meeting his gaze once again. “Wanna tell me about your dream?” 
“It’s embarrassing,” you muttered. 
“M’sure it’s not. I’ll tell you something ‘embarrassing’ if you tell me,” he emphasized ‘embarrassing’ as a sarcastic tone because he knows that it’s not really anything to be ashamed of. 
After a few moments of thinking, wondering if Harry would laugh at you, you huffed as you told him. “Every time I have a few drinks, I tend to have some sex dreams.” 
“Yeah?” He smirked. “What was your dream this time?” He asked curiously, but the look on his face tells you that he already knows and just wants you to say it. 
Figuring that you’ve already confessed that you had a wet dream, you told him honestly. “It was about you.”
Harry’s brows raised at that, shifting closer to you before he briefly kissed your cheek. He hadn’t said anything, and it’s driving you insane because here he was, telling you to tell him, and once you did, not a word out of his mouth. 
“Are you not going to say anything?” Your brows furrowed. 
“How about you tell me all about your dream?” He suggested, and the crease on your brow flattened. 
“Yeah. Then maybe after, we can make those dreams into a reality.” 
There was no stutter in his words. No lie in what he said. He had this raging hard on below him, and he knows that you’re probably wet already, so why not help each other out? After all, you two are together. 
“How does that sound?” He asked when you hadn’t said anything, dipping his head down to kiss your neck. “Do you want that? Because it’s okay if you don’t. Although, I’d still like to hear about your dream-”
“No, no! I want that. I want that so bad, please,” you pleaded, eyes looking into him so innocently when your dreams were about him railing you. 
“Do tell then, darling,” he gave you a kiss to your lips before, pulling back too quickly, so you pulled him by the neck, reconnecting your lips again. 
Unlike last night’s kisses, this one was eager and rushed, knowing it’ll lead to way more. Your tongues met, and Harry grabbed the back of your thigh, squeezing the flesh, making you hiss out. 
“So we were actually in the position,” you started your storytelling. “We kissed for a while,” Harry pecked your lips again, making you chuckle. “It felt nice, like I felt it through my dreams.” 
“Maybe that’s because I was actually kissing you,” he pitched in. 
“Maybe. And I really liked it.”
“Tell me more,” he hands roamed against your arm that was resting on his waist, and you could already feel the chills from his touch rise on your skin. 
“Your hand sneaked down to my panties, and you teased me a bit, not putting your hand inside of them right away.” 
“Like this?” As you said so, his hand trailed down your torso, slightly pulling your (his) shirt up to reveal a bit of your stomach as he raked his finger down your skin and to the hem of your shorts, dragging his nail along the hem. 
“Yeah, like that,” you confirmed as butterflies settled into your stomach. “Then you took my pants off, and you touched me very slowly.” 
“Can I take this off?” He asked, and you breathed out a ‘yes’ before he pushed the shorts down and you kicked them off your legs. You were wearing red lace panties, just like the top you were wearing, and he admired them for a quick second before taking them off. 
“Can I touch you?” You asked suddenly as you were half bare in front of him. 
“Is that part of your dream?” 
You shook your head, “no, but I really want to touch you, if you’d let me?” 
“Please do. I want you to touch me,” he gave you his consent, and you placed the palm of your hand on top of his clothed crotch, feeling him out as his hands roamed your thighs, Harry softly moaning from your touch. 
“Take this off, yeah?” You referred to his boxers, and he briskly took them off, kicking them on the floor. You looked down at him, impressed by his size, but did do well with your wet core as he still hadn’t touched you yet. “Next, you rubbed my clit for a while as you kissed me.” 
His fingers finally met your clit, and he rubbed as the wetness from your arousal had lubricated his fingers. He lifted your shirt up, and you slightly sat up for a moment to take off the material, finally fully bare for him, and the sight in front of him was to die for. 
“God, you’re so fuckin’ beautiful,” he said, fingers still rubbing you and his mouth immediately going on your breasts, kissing the skin and sucking on your nipples. You moaned out at both of the feelings of his hands and mouth on you. 
Suddenly you felt his finger dip into your wet hole, plunging them in and out of you as he curled his fingers up, hitting that soft spot of your upper walls. 
“Oh my, fuck,” you moaned out as Harry continued to kiss your tits. 
“You like that?” 
“Mhm. So good,” you felt as if you were about to come on his finger, but you held back, edging yourself and wanting the feeling to last longer. 
You looked down at his cock as it stood straight up and looked quite painful, but Harry didn’t show it; only focusing on your pleasure and getting you off. But you cared, so you licked your hand, and grabbed his cock, pumping it slowly. Harry hadn’t expected you to do that as he groaned, throwing his head back, exposing his neck, so you leaned forward, kissing and sucking on the skin of his collarbone; not wanting to go too high up because he does have a daughter.
“Like that, darling,” he moaned out while you were pumping your hand around the tip, learning that was probably his most sensitive spot. 
The thrusting of his fingers hadn’t stopped as well, alternating between fingering you and rubbing your clit as you started to grind against his hand. 
“Do you wanna fuck me?” You asked straightforwardly, slowing down your movements as did he. “It was part of my dream,” you added. 
“Y’know, you can just ask me to fuck you. Don’t have to say it was in your dream,” he smirked. 
“True, but it really was in my dream. That’s why I was practically humping your leg,” you chuckled. “It’s okay if it’s too soon, I’m close anyways.” 
“Yeah? Let me fuck with you then. Been wanting to feel you,” he smiled before turning around to grab a condom. He turned back around at you, his smile no longer there. 
“What’s wrong?” 
“I don’t have a condom.”
“Oh,” you said, trying to think if you had one in your purse. 
“I haven’t had sex in about two years, so I don’t have any.” 
“Yeah, I don’t think I have one either.” Neither of you said anything, trying to see how to resolve this situation. Harry could possibly go to the store quickly and get one, but you had a better idea. “We can go without one? I mean I’m clean. I have an IUD. I haven’t had sex in about a year, and I recently got tested and I’m clean,” you stated, and Harry nodded. 
“Okay. I got tested about a month or two ago, and I’m clean as well,” he told you, not giving you a straight answer. 
“So, yeah?” 
With that, he crashed his lips onto yours, gladly taking in the softness of them. You moaned against his lips as he grabbed your ass, pulling your body closer to his while squeezing. His hand made his way back to your clit, rubbing it relentlessly, causing you to whimper from the sensitivity, and you physically pulled his hand out from between your legs and looked him in the eye.
“Fuck me already,” you demanded. 
“Alright, alright. So bossy,” he teased, and you rolled your eyes. 
Your chests were pressed together as there was no change in position, just the two of you on your sides, facing each other. Harry reached between you, grabbing a hold of his cock before running the tip up and down your slit, collecting your wetness to coat it. You slightly bucked your hips, urging him to put himself inside of you already, and he chuckled at your eagerness, but obliged as he slowly pushed into you. 
The position was definitely different than what you were used to, but he was so deep into you that you felt him everywhere. You both groaned out, sighing in relief that you two finally made it this far. Harry started to thrust into you, grabbing your leg, placing it high on his hip, practically on the side of his stomach as he fucked you. 
“Holy fuck, yes. That feels so good,” you screamed out as you placed your hand on the side of his face. 
“So fuckin’ tight for me, yeah? Love the way I’m fuckin’ you?” He asked before taking in your lips with his quickly, and pulling away so you could answer him. 
“Mhm. So big. Just like that,” you said, feeling him every time he hit that lovely spot inside of you, making you moan loudly. 
“M’not gonna last,” he said, chest heaving deeply as continued thrusting. There was so much foreplay that happened before the fucking that he could’ve came with your gentle touch of your hand wrapped around his cock, and also because he hasn’t gotten a single bit of action in two years. 
“Me neither,” you agreed, bouncing the way you can as you met his thrusts. Harry’s tongue met one of your nipples as you continued your movements, trying to get both of you on edge of an orgasm. 
“Tell me what you need. Let me get you there,” he said, wanting to help you out. 
“Play with my clit,” you breathed out, and his hand immediately went in between you to rub your sensitive button. Once you felt his fingers on you, it didn’t take you long to reach your peak. “Oh... shit, H,” you let out, voice shaky as your orgasm surged through you, whimpering his name out into the air, not ashamed with how loud you were being, 
Harry took place of you, pounding into you as you rode your high. “There you go. That’s it, darling. Look so pretty cummin’ for me.” With sloppy thrusts, his orgasm rushed through him, finally releasing inside of you as groans came out and he smashed his face on the pillow. Moans of your name was practically all he knew as they came out muffled from the pillow. 
You pulled him into your chest to calm down from his high, and the hot and deep breaths against your skin made you warm up as you scratch his curly hair lightly. 
After a moment of being in each other’s arms, you felt his lips press against your collarbones, sucking the skin lightly. His head moved up to your neck, only kissing it as he knows not to leave love bites there because of work. 
He pulled his head back, laying his head next to you against the pillow as he lazily smiled, looking so fucked out as do you. You moved to cuddle into his side as he gladly took you into his arms. 
“That was amazing,” you said. 
“Really, really good,” he agreed. “Did I do your dream justice?” 
You giggled, completely forgetting that you started out telling him about your dream.
“Way better actually.” 
“Can’t believe you’re my girlfriend now,” an overwhelming feeling hits him as his face is in disbelief. 
“I can’t either. Do you think Bella would be happy?” You worriedly asked, hoping the little six year old, that you’ve grown to adore, would love to have you around often. 
“Please. She would be ecstatic. She loves you so much already. But how about we don’t tell her yet? Just have you around, so she could get used to you, and then we’ll tell her?” He suggested. 
“That’s actually a really great idea. I wanna make sure she likes me fully enough to tell her,” you said, and Harry nods his head, chuckling as you’re still not convinced Bella loves you already. 
“Can you believe after five years, we’re in this position?” 
You smiled fondly at the fact; you really couldn’t believe it nor would have guessed you would end up like this with Harry. But you knew all this time that he was a genuine person, and if he truly hated you from the beginning he wouldn’t have talked to you at all throughout the years. 
“It’s crazy, but I’m so happy,” you smiled at him, eyes gleaming with happiness as you placed your hand on his stubbled cheek.
“Me too. Does that mean you’re gonna stop stealing my mail?” He joked, making you laugh loudly; the voice echoing the room. He smiled at you as he watched you laugh, realizing that might be his one favorite sounds right next to you moaning his name. 
“Nah, I’m still gonna take your mail. But think I stole something else.” 
“What’s that?” 
“Well, I did steal your heart, right?” Harry blushed, a crimson red settling on his cheeks, and you gently pinched his cheek as you did the night prior. And he was right, he loved when you did that. 
“Who knew you would be cheesy,” he teased, and you playfully slapped his chest. “But yeah, you completely stole my heart.” You smiled, cuddling more into his che
As you two laid on his bed in each other’s arms, there was a comfortable feeling that you two felt, knowing that this has possibly got to be the most safe you both have ever felt. 
And as your chests pounded in sync, you thought that he had stolen your heart too, and you wouldn’t mind if he kept it. 
Tumblr media
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finnwrld · a year ago
Lost Rings
Pairing: Harry Potter x Gryffindor/fem!reader
Requested by: anon!
Word Count: 2.3k
Warnings: fluffyyyy, swearing, lowkey VERY rushed at the end
Summary: AU where whenever you lose an item, it ends up in your soulmates’ possession
A/n: okay hi im back!
i cannot write soulmate aus if you couldn’t tell by the fact that this is legit just my first fic with a different beginning. 
i cannot write anything fast im so sorry 
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
You, Hermione, Ron, and Harry trudged your way back up to the castle. The breeze whipped through your hair and your eyes were filled with the vibrant green of the grounds. It was April and the four of you were trying to enjoy your one day off as much as possible. The last weeks had been filled with studying for exams, mountains of homework, and late nights in the common room. You had just finished a fun day at Hogmead and with your money bags considerably lighter the four of you made your way back to Hogwarts for dinner. 
Hermione and Ron were taking the lead, bickering about something or other, leaving you and Harry to take up the rear. Not that you were mad. The two of you were deep in conversation about the upcoming Defense Against the Dark Arts exam and you barely even realized that you were entering the Gryffindor common room until Hermione said,
“Come on y/n, I have to talk to you about something.” Wishing a quick goodbye to Harry and Ron, you followed Hermione up to your shared dorm. Shutting the door, she turned to you and said,
“I know you fancy Harry.” 
Your eyes widened at her proclamation, “What… no!! Plus, he’s never shown up with anything I’ve lost, so there’s no point” you added, reasonably. 
“You haven’t lost anything though,” Hermione said, a slight mischievous tone. You rolled your eyes, but she was right though. You have very few valuables, so it wasn’t like you were just going to go around forgetting about the things you had. You brought your hands up to crack your knuckles when you noticed something. 
“Hermione…” you said slowly, “where is my ring?” She looked at you, her smile poorly concealed. 
“It might have fallen off in the Three Broomsticks… and I took it,” You scrunch your eyes in disbelief. The nerve of this girl.
“And what did you do with it, Hermione,” you asked, taking a deep breath in preparation for her response. 
“Um…” she was looking everywhere but at you, “I threw it.” Your eyes widened and your hand shot up to cover your gaping mouth.
“You… WHAT?” you yelped. 
“I threw it!” Your head fell into your hands and you were fighting the urge to start screaming.
“Hermione. If Harry Potter isn’t my soulmate then that ring could be ANYWHERE.” 
“I will pay for it if he doesn’t have it!” she quickly spat out. 
“Fine… but he won’t have it… AND I DON'T LIKE HIM!” you called as you left the room. 
You made your way down to the Great Hall for dinner, chatting with Neville about his transfiguration homework. The mixed sound of voices and silverware filled your ears as you neared the entryway. As usual, the many smells of the food-filled your nose as you stepped into the hall, your mouth watering. You and Neville sat down at the Gryffindor table, Harry and Ron already sitting across from you. Harry was deep in conversation with Ron, so you didn’t say anything, but Harry broke his eye contact with Ron to catch yours, giving you a bashful smile. It filled your stomach with butterflies and you fought the blush that was creeping up your neck. You scolded yourself for having such a strong reaction to such a small gesture but he was just so adorable. 
You felt bad for outright lying to Hermione about your feelings for Harry but you weren’t about to expose yourself if she wouldn’t admit that she fancied Ron. You had had feelings for the boy for years, but he always had eyes for other girls, Cho Chang for example. 
Speak of the fucking devil.
Cho Chang sauntered over to the Gryffindor table as Harry was in conversation with Ron.
She was just so bloody perfect. Her long sleek hair rarely had a hair out of place. She was an exemplary quidditch player. She was smart and popular. And of course, she was very kind, so there was no excuse for you to hate her. Okay, hate was a strong word, but you had a strong dislike towards Cho Chang. 
So as she walked over to the table you quickly busied yourself with adding food to your plate but you couldn’t help but overhear. 
“Harry,” she said with her sickeningly sweet voice. 
“Oh -uh- hi Cho,” Harry said. 
“Did you hear about the next Hogsmead weekend?” she simpered. 
He glanced away from Ron, “Uh… yeah, I think so.” 
“There is going to be a sale at Madam Puddifoot’s,” she added as she batted her eyelashes.
“That’s nice,” he said with a smile. The oblivious wanker.
Cho’s eyebrows knitted together and she quickly turned on her heel with a huff. Harry turned to you, looking extremely confused. 
“What was that about?” he asked. You merely shrugged. 
Hermione was the one to speak up, “She wanted you to ask her to Hogsmead, gosh you two are so dimwitted!” 
Harry’s eyebrows raised, “What? Well then didn’t she just ask me?” 
“Merlin Harry, be a bit more oblivious. She didn’t want to ask you, she wanted YOU to ask HER,” you explained. 
“Well, that’s strange,” he responded with a tilted head. 
“Well some people are too scared to make the first move,” Hermione said, staring directly at you. You rolled your eyes at her and turned back to Harry.
“Yeah, plus she probably expected you too, especially after you snogged.” 
“Ugh! Girls are so confusing,” he groaned, dropping his head in his hands. But something caught your eyes as he did. 
His usually bare hands now were decorated with a ring. A silver ring. Your silver ring. You squint your eyes trying to grasp what this meant. 
Hermione hit your thigh from under the table. You turned to her and was met with her face, in a similar expression to yours. You just stared at each other until your shock was broken by Ron saying,
“Oi! You girls okay?” 
“What- oh uh, yes… um, Y/n and I just have so business to attend too,” Hermione said, her voice wavering a bit.
“Yes… um- must- leave now,” you added. And then Hermione and you jumped up and ran out of the Great Hall.
“Do you know what this means?!” Hermione squealed, beaming ear to ear. 
“Hermione… let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” you said, reproachfully.  “He could’ve found it.”
“No-no-no! Y/n you don’t understand! I threw it so incredibly far! There is no way he would’ve found it without us knowing!” she squealed. 
“I doubt you threw it that far,” you said, “Plus he fancies Cho, he wouldn't like me.” 
“He denied going to hogsmeade with her! Do you really think he fancies her?”
“He could,” you murmured. She swatted your arm saying,
“You just don’t want to accept that Harry Potter is your soulmate!” You rolled your eyes at her, but she was right. Finding your soulmate so early in life is so rare and you knew how Harry acted. He would never let you get hurt, which is a very difficult task considering his lifestyle. Meaning, you would have to be left out of his life. And you were not about to let him go off on his own with Ron and Hermione, just letting himself get hurt. 
“Let’s try more jewelry than y/n!” Hermione said, snapping you out of your thoughts. 
“What do you mean?”
“Well if you don’t believe me then let’s try it with more items!” 
The next item was your necklace. 
You and Hermione fought over what item to choose for days, but she was dead set on the necklace you have that had a deer dangling from it. 
“There's no way he wont wear it!” Hermione said, exasperatedly. 
“Fine!” you agreed, throwing your hands up. With a satisfied smile, Hermione sauntered out of the common room to go throw it into the lake. You flopped down onto the couch, sighing as you looked at your piles of homework you still had to do. School was stressful enough without having to worry about Harry. 
Before you could even finish your thought, Harry Potter sat directly on your leg.
“HARRY JAMES!” you shouted. 
“Sorry, sorry,” he said, jumping up with his hands raised. 
“What were you and Hermione talking about?” Ron said as he sat down in the chair by the fireplace.
You slowly raised yourself to a sitting position to give yourself time to think of an excuse, “Um- Just trying to figure out which jumper my dad would like the most for his birthday, that's all.”  Harry looked at you curiously as he sat down in the empty space beside you. 
“That's nice of you,” Harry said, leaning back on the couch, considerably closer to you than you had first realized. 
“Oh- ah yeah… definitely,” you spluttered, “I have to go upstairs and… grab my quill.” And with that you jumped up out of the couch, and sprinted up to the dormitories, just catching Harry’s voice, filled with concern saying, 
“Did I do something wrong?” 
You and Hermione were sitting in charms practicing the growing charm. You had managed to get your candle to about a third bigger, whereas Hermione has managed to triple its size. 
“y/n, you need to change your wand movement. It’s more of a steady movement up than a flick,” she said grasping your hand. At this point you had been friends with Hermione so long you knew just to accept her constant corrections. 
“Alright, alright!” you said, pulling your wrist out of her grasp. Taking her words into account you moved your wand in a steady line upwards, and sure enough, your candle started to grow with it. 
“Well done Y/l/n, Well done!” Flitwick cried from across the classroom. 
Harry and Ron flipped around to see the candle that was almost completely blocking your face. Ron poked out from behind it with a shocked look on his face, “You did that just from Hermione correcting you?” 
“Always the tone of surprise,” she said with a slightly shy smile. 
“Could you help me Y/n?” Harry said, standing up out of his chair. 
“Oh- uh yeah,” you replied, slightly flustered. You quickly got out of your chair and weaved around your table to reach Harrys. Adjusting your tie a bit you said, “Okay well you just say the incantation and almost… draw a straight line with your wand.” 
“Alright,” Harry muttered. Screwing his face up in concentration, he muttered the incantation and flicked his wand up. The candle did nothing. 
“Harry,” you teased, “I said draw a line not flick your wand.”
“Okay well you never showed me!” he said, a blush rising up his neck. 
“Here, hold out your hand,” you said, feeling slightly bold. He brought his wand up and you slowly wrapped your fingers around his wrist. He let out a small gasp, his eyes fixed on your hand. 
“All you have to do is slowly raise it up,” you whispered, not daring to meet his eyes as you steadily raised his arm up. You could feel his arms getting hotter as your hand lingered, and not wanting to make it awkward you dropped his arm. 
“Oh, um- okay I’ll try myself,” he stuttered. Still not looking at his face, you fixed your eyes on his candle. He muttered the incantation and slowly raised his wand. This time, his candle began to grow with it as well. Well before the wick completely dislodged itself and flew up into the air. Jumping back in surprise you yelped, “Fucking hell!” 
Ron had his hands up covering his face, “Bloody hell Harry, how did you manage that?” Harry was on his feet, leaning on his hands, staring down the center of the candle. 
“I think it was-,” but his words were ignored by you because something had just fallen out of his shirt. 
Your silver deer necklace was dangling from Harry’s neck. 
“Hermione,” you said slowly. 
“Huh?” she said, not even bothering to look up from her candle. 
“Hermione,” you said again. You caught her eye, giving her a look that summed up “Oh my fucking god get over here now.” 
Understanding, she got up and made her way over to you. Her eyes slowly locked on Harry's necklace, gasping as they did. 
“Oh,” she said, breathaly.
“Bathroom, now,” you muttered. 
“You have to tell him,” she said sharply, pacing throughout the bathroom. 
“Hermione I can’t just go up to him and say ‘Hello I’m your soulmate’” you said, exasperatedly. 
Shaking her head she said, “True, but what else are you supposed to do?” 
“I don’t know!” You plopped down on the floor of the bathroom, running your fingers through your hair. 
“Maybe you could… set up like a meeting and tell him… romantically?” Hermione suggested, shrugging.
“Not really my style,” you replied. She nodded and started pacing faster. 
“What if you sent him a letter?” she said.
“Hermione!” you yelled, burying your head in your hands, “I can’t tell Harry Potter that I’m his soulmate through a fucking letter.” 
Before Hermione could respond though, a voice came from the doorway of the bathroom. 
“I’m your soulmate?” 
It was timid and quiet, but there was no doubt it was Harry’s. Your stomach dropped, your face froze, staring at Hermione with complete fear.
“Y/n?” There it was again, the timid voice, but this time it was closer. He was standing near you now. Hermione slipped out of the bathroom, leaving just the two of you. 
“Yeah,” you said, staring down at your hands. You could feel his shoulder as he sat down next to you. 
“Why didn’t you say anything?” 
“I’m not sure… maybe because you fancy Cho?” you muttered, still not daring to raise your head.
“Y/n?” he said, lowering his head to try and meet your eyes, “I don’t fancy Cho, I hope you realize that.” 
“You don’t?” you whispered, finally raising your head. 
“No,” he said simply, a smile ghosting his lips. 
“Well that's good, because I fancy you,” you said, playfully pushing his shoulder. 
“Well I’m glad you fancy me, because I fancy you,” he said, a smile finally forming on his lips, “Oh and i think i need to give this back to you.” He pulled off the deer necklace and slowly strung it back around your neck. 
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lathalea · 6 months ago
All Is Fair in Love and Trade –  Part 3/10
Tumblr media
Relationships: Thorin x Reader
Rating: E
Warnings: pure, unadulterated smut (and some battle aftermath)
For @gwen-ever You can read the other parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 ...
Notes for this part: Tharkûn - Gandalf
* * *
All Is Fair in Love and Trade, part 3/10
You are in trouble. You kissed Thorin Oakenshield. Yes, the King himself. Whoops. And, what’s worse, he kissed you back. You still remember how he smiled at you afterwards. First you thought it was a triumphant smile of a conqueror used to winning all of his battles, but then you noticed that mysterious flicker of emotion in his eyes and you weren’t sure of anything any longer. Shit.
Sighing, you look around. In the faint light of lanterns, you can see countless dwarves huddled in groups. There are children, expectant mothers, the elders, and everyone else who is not able to hold a battle axe and join the fighting at the entrance to your city in the Iron Hills. You know that everyone is safe here, in the deep caves, protected by thick walls of stone and a labyrinth of hidden passages no Orc can penetrate.
It is late night now. At least you think so. You lost track of time. Many hours have passed since you saw the King in that secluded passage, but you still feel his passionate kiss on your lips. That’s all it was! One kiss exchanged in the heat of the moment, at the brink of battle! Right. A good luck kiss between a sovereign and his subject. Just a tad more sensual than one would expect. Yes. Nothing more than that. And yes, you decide to ignore the fact that when you kissed, your heart beat faster, your cheeks flushed and your mind was drifting blissfully among the clouds.
Damn your chaotic mind! Dwarves are dying left and right out there, protecting the lives of their brethren, protecting your life, and the only thing you can think of is how good of a kisser His Infuriating Majesty is?! Where is your detached, professional mind when you need it the most? Another sigh escapes your lips. Sitting down on a bench you rest your back against a wall, wrapping yourself in a blanket. You know you won’t get any sleep, but at least you won’t be cold while your mind keeps on racing in circles. Mahal, keep him safe. You correct yourself. Mahal, keep our warriors safe.
Not being trained for war, you feel useless now. You hate the feeling of being idle and unable to influence the situation. The last report you received a couple of hours ago said that the battle was a difficult one, mostly because of the overwhelming enemy forces, but there was still hope. Lord Dain. You are sure the raven you sent has reached him hours ago. The question was: would Dain’s warriors arrive on time?
Mahal, let us survive the night. Mahal, keep Thorin safe. No, not Thorin, that’s not his true name. If you only knew his secret name, Mahal would surely listen to your pleas. You shake your head in exasperation. What is happening to you? Are you losing your senses? You know very well that the only way you’d know his true name was if you were bound to him in marriage. The dwarven custom dictates that only after the ceremony the couple can exchange their true names in private so that no other ears can hear them. Wait a moment! You’re not thinking about marriage, are you? You’ve always hated that stuff, it simply wasn’t your thing. You prefer a less formal approach to things. Why would you bind yourself to some reputable old fart with smelly feet, who would most probably be useless in bed but instead would try to order you around and scrutinize your every move? You could find the joys of the marital bed elsewhere and keep your independence, thank you very much. Marriages and weddings were good for young, idealistic maidens. All those useless gowns (well, seven, to be exact, one for every day of the wedding), lengthy preparations, and those boring, endless ceremonies… Ugh. No, you're definitely not thinking about marriage. Especially not when it comes to Thorin Oakenshield. The Biggest Goat Under the Mountain. You wonder why he never married. It was common knowledge that he received quite a few political proposals of marriage, but never agreed to any of them. Perhaps that was for the best. You wouldn’t wish any woman to become the wife of this cantankerous, bullheaded, presumptuous dwarf. Besides, he’s the king, so his wedding would probably take twice as much as the usual weddings and it would be at least five times as pompous. Yaaawn.
Damn it, Ragna, snap out of it! You need to find yourself a new lover, that’s what’s wrong with you. You close your eyes and try to imagine what you would like him to look like. You can see him already: long, dark, wavy hair you would run your hands through, lush beard, eyes blue like sapphires, the strong line of his jaw, a regal nose. As he walks towards you, you admire his warriors’ body, the raw male power slumbering in his every move. He smirks at you in a very alluring way and then speaks in that deep voice of his, sinfully sweet and dark like wild honey: “When I return, we will talk...”
Wait… what?!
A resonant sound of warning horns reaches you. Someone is running; you can hear the heavy stomping of dwarven boots against the stone.
“My lady! My lady!” a messenger stops in front of you.
“What is it?” you ask sharply, already standing up, your blanket thrown off your shoulders.
“We’re saved! Lord Dain is coming! The Orcs won’t know what hit’em!”
A wave of cheerful shouts and murmurs fills the cavern as the news reaches everyone.
Your first reaction is to leave and go to the battlements, to see it with your own eyes, to make sure… But you sit down again, recalling once again that you are not a warrior and can’t help in the battle. Thanking the messenger, you decide to do what you do best: organize, procure and negotiate. Quickly you gather the dwarves who are skilled in the art of healing; there will be wounded warriors soon. And there are also medicinal supplies to think of and infirmaries to prepare. Plus, you’d need cooks; everyone will be famished. Finally you have something productive to do.
Another messenger finds you as you are dozing off, your head propped on your elbow resting against a small medicine table in one of the infirmaries. Together with a group of skilled dwarves, you left the hideout several hours ago to prepare everything for the exhausted and wounded warriors.
“It’s over, Lady Ragna! It’s all over!” the messenger shouts into your ear. Startled, you bump your head against the hard surface of the table. Ouch.
“What is over?” you growl at him.
“We have won!” the copper-headed youngster claps his hands together and smiles.
You jump up on your feet and leave the infirmary in a hurry, forgetting to take off the apron you wore during your work to protect your dress. It feels surreal. When you put on your elegant gown last morning, your mind was set on the negotiations and on impressing the King. Now, in the aftermath of a battle, it’s only a nuisance. Your legs carry you towards the main gate to the city in record time. You stop in your tracks. The gate is wide open and visibly damaged. Bodies of dead orcs are scattered around the entrance hall, but you can’t see any dwarves among the deceased. Thank Mahal! Several warriors are already getting rid of the filth and the healers are busy attending to the dwarves who need help the most.
Slowly, a wide flood of warriors returning from the battle pours into the city. Your eyes scan their faces impatiently, but there is no sight of him. Your fingers are nervously fiddling with the edge of your apron. You recall what they said about the Battle of the Five Armies that happened five years ago. King Thorin II Oakenshield suffered a serious wound and barely survived. Luckily, Tharkûn the Grey Wizard was there and helped him recover from that almost fatal injury. Mahal, please, let Thorin be among the survivors once again!
That is when you see him, walking through the gate, Lord Dain beside him, their armors dented, both of them grinning in triumph. And - thank Mahal! - they both seem uninjured. A wave of relief washes over you. As soon as the two rulers enter the city, the entrance hall explodes in cheers and applause.
King Thorin stands in the middle of the crowd talking to the warriors, his hair unruly, almost black, his face smudged with dirt, but you don’t think you have ever seen him so regal, so commanding. You order your suddenly weakened knees not to fail you now. From the edge of the hall you steal another glance at him and in that moment your eyes meet. As his sapphire gaze burns into your face, you feel a slight tingling in your lips, recalling the kiss you shared before the battle. You bite your lip. Damn it. Stupid, enticing, arrogant, titillating King, although the way he looks at you now makes you think of a powerful battle ram preparing to charge at the gates of a besieged castle. Yup, he’s doing it again. One look at you and the flames of your desire burst up to the ceiling of the mountain cavern. And it’s a very high ceiling.
In a few quick strides, Thorin Oakenshield, the King Under the Mountain, approaches you. His movements make you think of a wild beast prowling its prey.
“It is time for us to talk, Lady Ragna,” he states in a husky voice, his eyes burning into your face.
“It is,” you agree, hoping your face doesn’t betray the emotions that are raging inside you.
You walk through several pathways in silence, keeping a respectful distance, not meeting each other’s gaze. The city is almost empty, most of its inhabitants still in hiding, the warriors still at the gate. Soon, there will be music, food and celebration, but for now, the deeper into the mountain you go, the more deserted it looks. Suddenly, without a warning, the ruler of Erebor, Thorin, the second of his name, pulls you into a narrow, forgotten corridor, taking your breath away.
His lips crash with yours with the fury of a raging storm. He tastes like red hot iron and smells like the cool mountain wind. You feel the cold surface of a stone wall against your back, the hardness of his armor mercilessly pressing against your breasts, you’re barely able to breathe, but who cares. Who would have thought of breathing at such a moment? Not you. Not when he’s back, victorious and unharmed. The city is safe. He is alive. And you feel more alive than you have felt in a long while. Your hands are entangled in his hair and you’re pulling him towards you, demanding more, not planning to let him go anytime soon, at least not until you’re done with him.
The kiss is like a battle all over again, but this time you are both fighting against a common enemy: the flames of your lust. Yes, of course, you want to be devoured by this fire once and for all, let’s face it, you’ve wanted it since you laid your eyes on Thorin Oakenshield for the first time. But now you want to cherish it. Everyone in the Iron Hills is currently celebrating the victory against the Orc army, it is obvious that you’re going to do the same, and with the King Under the Mountain himself, nonetheless. It’s only proper that he is shown how grateful his subjects in the Iron Hills are, right? Besides, he’s a fine specimen of dwarfhood and you have always had a weakness for fearless and strapping, very well-built warriors. And, Mahal, he is very well-built. Very.
His tongue slides into your mouth, hot and impatient, finding yours and beginning a sensual dance as they both intertwine. He is exploring, eager to conquer the new, unknown land that he encountered in this secluded passage. You. One of his hands cups the back of your head as he dives into yet another passionate kiss while his other hand travels along the curves of your body and cups one of your shapely buttocks. Through the fabric of your gown you can feel his fingers pressing into the softness of your skin. A moan escapes your lips, stifled by his kiss. Yes, you should probably keep quiet, you wouldn’t like to be discovered, would you? You suck at his delicious lower lip instead of making any more noises, and hear a low rumble awakening in his chest, a herald of a storm of passion to come.
You can feel his hard thigh pressing against your legs and you slightly pull them apart.
“Lift me up,” you purr into his ear and wrap your arms around his neck.
One glance into his sapphire eyes darkened with yearning and you know he understood you at once. Clever king. He grabs your waist and lifts you into the air as if you weighed nothing more than a feather. Ohh. Mahal, he’s so strong! Your skirts bundled up, you wrap your legs around his waist, brushing against the cold metal of his cuirass. Stupid armor. No matter, you have more important things to focus on now. Thorin presses you against the wall and holds you firmly, one of his massive hands wrapped around your thigh as his scorching lips begin their explorations along your neck, sending delicious shivers down your spine.
“You’re like wine…” he murmurs huskily into your skin, his beard prickling against it.
“Old and musty?” you grin, running your fingers through his silky, slightly damp hair, a few strands of silver against ebony.
“Strong, sweet,” he chuckles and playfully catches a patch of your skin between his teeth only to let it go and cover it with his greedy mouth, “And going straight to my head.”
His low voice makes you think of molten dark chocolate, intoxicating and sinful. You want to reply but then one of his large hands covers your breast, burning through the fabric of your clothes and you forget about everything else. There is roughness in his caresses, but it’s exactly what you are after. The thrill of a battle. Blood is thrumming through your veins with impossible speed; warmth uncoils deep inside you as you press your hips against him. Thank Mahal you’re not some innocent maiden because you’d faint in ecstasy in a blink of an eye. This dwarf is a serious danger to womankind. All those dwarven ladies will surely be grateful to you knowing that you decided to take care of this walking explosive all by yourself. And judging by what your senses tell you, this explosive is quite large and definitely ready for action. Good. He’s not the only one. You grin, running your hands upwards, along his strong neck, feeling the muscles underneath the heat of his skin. Your hands move to his bearded cheeks, lifting his head. Thorin’s heavily-lidded gaze is blurred with passion, his chest is heaving and it takes a moment until his eyes regain focus. Yummy. You could devour him right here and now. You can. And you want to.
“Would his majesty grant a favour to his faithful subject?” you cast him one of the appealing looks from your arsenal, attempting to keep your head clear. It’s not an easy task, though, feeling his exhilarating closeness, his bold touch, his raw scent, his heat burning your skin. He is like a furnace fueled by pure lust and adrenaline. Relishing in the sensation of his beard brushing against your hands, you barely notice that he takes one of them in his hand and places a surprisingly gentle kiss in the middle of your palm. You bite on your lower lip not to whimper as his lips send a wave of heat through your body.
“It depends on the favour,” he raises one of his thick eyebrows, flashing his teeth in a grin, their white, even rows contrasting with the smudges of blood and dirt on his face.
You thought you were in a forgotten, drafty corridor, but it feels as if you were in the middle of forges working at full capacity. Mahal, it’s bloody hot in here. Mahal, he’s bloody hot. Focus. You have to focus.
You take a deep breath and open your mouth, a small smile dancing on your lips.
“Would his majesty agree to move to a more… comfortable place so that we can finish our negotiations undisturbed?” your eyelids flutter invitingly.
“You are lucky, my lady,” King Under the Mountain chuckles as his hands close around your waist. Yes, they do. Such large, manly hands of a warrior. Damn, it’s getting even hotter in here than before.
“Oh? Does that mean my favour will be granted by your majesty?” you tilt your head slightly.
“That means I find you quite irresistible, my lady Ragna, and I plan to continue our negotiations for a while,” he replies and both quickly and effortlessly lifts you up, throws you over his shoulder. You manage to utter a faint squeal of surprise. Now he holds you in a firm grasp, carrying you away deeper into the mountain, while you’re graced with a delicious view of his muscular buttocks covered by the dark fabric of his trousers.
For a long while, it’s only the brute of a king, his heavy steps echoing in the empty corridors of the mountain, and you, hanging from his shoulder.
“How about you let me go, your majesty? I can walk myself!” you wiggle your body, but he tightens his iron grip around your thighs.
“When I’m done with you, you will not be too eager to walk, my lady,” you can feel a rumbling chuckle filling his chest as he puts you down on the floor.
You gasp in fake indignation (a girl needs to keep her appearances, right?) and then you see him open a heavy wooden door. King Thorin II Oakenshield himself makes a courtly bow, gesturing at you to enter the room. You gather your skirts, trying not to notice how wrinkled and stained they have become due to your recent, well, negotiations with the King. Gracefully you raise your chin and walk into the chamber, making sure to subtly swing your hips when passing him by. As you predicted, you are rewarded with an approving growl. King or no king, he’s definitely a man, and you are planning to get thoroughly acquainted with that particular aspect of the King of Carven Stone. Besides, you already know that some parts of him have to be carved of stone. Really. There is no other explanation for what you felt a few moments ago in that corridor.
“Enjoying the view, Lady Ragna?” the sound of the closing door behind you brings you back to reality. You seriously need to get this king out your system one way or another. You can barely think of anything else. Or anyone.
Forcing yourself to look around, you recognize where you are. Most of the walls are covered with shelves filled with large scrolls of parchment. There are only large maps of various areas hanging on one of the walls, but the largest map is beneath your feet. The central part of the floor in this room is made into a map of the known Middle Earth encrusted with various types of stone and precious gems. The sapphire Blue Mountains in the East, then the Shire with its hills, the Misty Mountains, and then Rhovanion with the emerald Mirkwood. Last but not least, there is a magnificent red ruby marking the Lonely Mountain on the map. One of the greatest points of pride of the craftsmen and jewelers of the Iron Hills.
“The Map Room? How do you know of this place, your majesty?” you turn to your sovereign. You know this place all too well.
He takes a step towards you and corrects you pointedly, his eyes are burning into you, “Thorin. I’m not a complete stranger to Iron Hills, Ragna. Lord Dain is immensely proud of this room,” he points at the floor.
A round of happy shouts echoes somewhere away, along with the cheerful sounds of music.
“Just as the people of Iron Hills are proud of their king,” you smile and close the distance between you, placing your hands on the hard metal of his cuirass. The armor is slightly dented on his left shoulder, and there is a black smudge running across it. It’s not dwarf blood for sure.
“Are they, Ragna?” he looks into your eyes, his darkened gaze never leaving your face. Why haven’t you noticed before how thick and soft his eyelashes were, just like his well-defined eyebrows?
“They are. Very much, Thorin,” you admit, subconsciously licking your lips.
“Will you show me, how proud they are, Ragna?” there is a flicker in his gaze as he raspily speaks your name, his lips approaching yours. You want to hear him say your name over and over, and preferably never stop. A sudden thought comes to your mind. How would it feel to hear your true name spoken by him, in that scandalously low voice of his? Snap out of it, Ragna, stop daydreaming! Focus on here and now.
The King… no, Thorin is towering over you and in that very moment you allow yourself to feel feminine and delicate for once, shedding your usual armor of a tough negotiator. You stand on your tiptoes, your nose brushes against his, and then you tilt your head, closing your eyes.
“This much…” you murmur. A faint smell of pine envelops you, your lips meet his, kindling the flames between you yet again.
You press into him, and Thorin, clearly surprised by your sudden movement, takes a step back. Now his back is pressed against a wall, or rather, a detailed map of the Old Forest Road. While your lips meet his, the kiss bursting with barely contained passion, your fingers don’t waste any time and reach towards the leather straps holding his armor in place. Whoever designed this piece of junk clearly had no idea about how horny the dwarven ladies can be.
“My faithful subjects seem to be very eager tonight,” he chuckles, cupping your face with his hand.
“Shut up, your majesty, and help me free you from this contraption, or I swear to Mahal, I’m not letting you out of here!” you let your irritation get the better of you.
“And very feisty,” he observes in amusement, but his hands quickly help you and soon the breastplate and other armor parts fall to the floor with a clink. “I may take you next time to the battlefield, Ragna,” he grins.
“First, you have another battle to take part in, Thorin,” you inform him, greedily pulling at the drawstrings of his gambeson, noticing some red stains on its sleeves. Couldn’t he have worn even more layers to that stupid battle?
“This battle I intend to relish,” Thorin the Warrior retorts and throws the gambeson to the floor. He wears a white, long-sleeve undershirt and a sigh of relief leaves your mouth. The fabric isn’t stained with blood. Thank Mahal, he truly isn’t injured. Your gaze slides along the outline of his pectorals, his shirt clinging to his taut torso. Finally! Your bodies crash into each other and at that moment all that matters is his lips against yours, his hands delving in your hair and his hard torso pressing against your breasts.
“What if anyone comes in?” you blurt out suddenly as your hands find their way under his shirt, moving along his body, following the well-defined lines of his muscles.
“They won’t. The door is locked,” he replies, peppering your skin with countless kisses.
You take an effort to glance at the entrance to the chamber and see a turned key in the lock. Perfect. Both this chamber and the king are yours now.
“That little apron of yours is driving me wild,” he murmurs raspily into your ear, his hand pressing into your buttock, squeezing it gently. Thorin has clearly found something to his liking.
“Is it because you wish to get underneath it?” you throw your head backwards, giving a silvery laugh.
“You are indeed a formidable negotiator, Ragna. You can read people’s minds,” Thorin the King smirks, helping you get rid of the apron. As soon as it falls to the floor, his mouth lands on that special place where your neck and shoulder meet, assaulting it with insistent, rough kisses, the hard bristles of his beard brushing against your softness, leaving a trail of sizzling hot skin in its wake.
You hum in approval when his wanton lips move to your cleavage and you inwardly congratulate yourself for your choice of a low cut dress. Thorin the Lover is very meticulous, exploring every inch of your uncovered skin in search of your most sensitive places. Thorin the King orders his hands to roam your body and one of them manages to coax one of your breasts out of your bodice, just enough so his tongue can toy with your nipple. You feel the calloused palm of a warrior against your suddenly bared, delicate skin, along with the deliciously wet heat of his mouth and you’re melting like a wax candle under his touch. This is when your knees decide to give way beneath you, but he holds you firmly, your lower back pressed against his firm body. Yes, he is definitely made of rock.
“You need to lay down, Ragna,” he purrs in that sinful voice of his and before you manage to let out anything more than a whimper, gently he lays you down on the floor, on top of his gambeson and your apron to shield you from the chill of the stone. My, my, how thoughtful we are.
That moment passes quickly when he presses your lips against yours once again, as if to make sure that you haven’t forgotten how intoxicating his caresses are. And then, there are his hands doing something to your bodice, but you don’t care, entranced by his kiss. You have to admit, he is a splendid kisser, making the familiar pool of heat grow between your legs.
“Damned feminine garments,” he grumbles.
You hear the sound of ripping fabric and suddenly you can take a deep breath, unconstricted by any clothes.
“Have you ruined my dress, you brute?” you protest, but then you let out a moan when his hands cover your breasts. Oh Mahal, his wonderful hands.
“I’ll buy you a new one. Now let me worship those magnificent peaks of yours…” he rumbles with a lustful glint in his eyes as he admires your mostly bare body spread underneath him, your back resting across the black marble range of Misty Mountains on the floor. “The great Mount Gundabad,” he grazes your left nipple with his teeth, “the magnificent Methedras,” he flicks his tongue around your right nipple, “and the High Pass between them,” his scorching lips travel along the valley between your breasts.
By the Valar! That’s it. You can’t wait any longer. You’re going to get your fill of this mercilessly alluring king once and for all. But first, before the last shred of thought leaves your mind (currently drowning in a haze of lust), you need to make some things clear.
“Don’t think that’s going to change anything in the negotiations between Iron Hills and Erebor,” you state clearly. Articulating words when Thorin the Lover feasts on your breasts is a greater challenge than you thought. Damn his tantalizing lips!
“Are you concerned I’m suddenly going to agree to all your conditions?” Thorin the King asks, but you hear a playful tone in his voice.
“That would make the negotiations even more boring than before.”
“Then let’s make sure these negotiations are twice as eventful,” this is when he doubles his efforts. No, scratch that. Triples them. His mouth travels down the soft plain of your belly, as if following the river Anduin on the map beneath your back and finding your navel along the way.
“The Carrock,” he breathes into your skin surrounding it, exploring the map of your body. “Did you know you can get a clear view of Erebor from there?”
As he speaks these words, his hand travels to the mound at the juncture of your hips. It’s still covered with a thin lace fabric of your small clothes.
“The Lonely Mountain?” you breathe in, feeling his fingers burning your skin, playing with the edge of the lace.
“Lonely? Not for much longer,” with a small smirk, he places a kiss below your navel while his fingers boldly yet gently slide under the fabric to seize the hidden treasure it has guarded until now.
A whimper escapes your lips as you feel his touch as he finds his way between your folds, straight to your temple of womanhood. Oh…! How on earth does he know how you like to be caressed the most?
It doesn’t take him long to find your ruby bud of pleasure. Oh, Mahal, his devilishly skilled fingers! Perhaps the rumors saying that he enjoys playing harp are true after all, because he is playing you exceedingly well. Oh, so very well. A tormented whimper betrays you as his fingers unhurriedly find an especially inventive way to pleasure you, his movements slow but steady. You can feel his gaze on your face, but you can barely lift your eyelids, constant waves of pleasure washing over your mind.
A cool whiff of air around your hips makes you realize that now you are completely naked, bare under his hungry gaze. His ministrations suddenly stop and you gasp in protest, opening your eyes. Thorin is positioned between your legs now, his shirt gone, and you can finally take in the magnificent view of his bare chest, his broad shoulders, his well-honed pectorals generously covered by dark hair, the lines of his abdominal muscles taunting your fingers to run over them, along with a line of hair mockingly disappearing into his trousers. Why is he so far away from you, out of reach of your arms? And why is he lowering himself over you this way…? Oh. Oh, Mahal.
For a blink of an eye, his face hovers above your mound, his hot breath fanning your skin. He raises his intent gaze from above the secret place between your legs and meets your widened eyes as you lick your lips in anticipation. A flicker dances in the endless depths of his eyes and then his mouth falls on the most sensitive part of your body, eliciting another moan out of you. As his lips dance against your slick hotness, you let out another moan, a louder one. He swirls his tongue around that special place of yours, just the way you like it, and then starts sucking on it gently, sending waves of pleasure straight to your core. Another moan, and another. And then his fingers join in, delving between your folds and entering you slowly, making your back arch at this unexpected bliss, while his mouth and beard are still pressed against you. He is still doing his magic. Yes, you are a harp now, and you want to be played by him, always, without end. You don’t want to be anything else as long as he keeps this immense pleasure flooding your senses, running through your veins, sending ecstatic shivers throughout your body.
“You are exquisite, Ragna…” he purrs into your skin, the vibrations making you moan in delight and this is what pushes you over the edge for the first time, pure ecstasy taking over your body, and you let yourself lose in the sensual pleasure he brought you. Its sudden intensity has been both surprising and overwhelming. A few long moments pass before you return to your senses.
“Is this how you like it?” his caresses slowly subside. “Are these the negotiations you had in mind?”
“Mahal, Thorin, I need more…!” you demand, still feeling slightly dazed, but you sit up, making him raise his head. Oh, yes, you want more. He looks at you playfully, and you can’t stop yourself from once again admiring his handsome features, from his lush hair, through his dark blue flickering eyes, half-lidded with lust, to the curve of his mouth in his beard glistening with your juices.
“A new addendum to the treaty?” Thorin the King raises his eyebrow with a knowing smile.
“Yes. Written in fine cursive so you have to come closer!” You’re going to wipe that smile off his face if he teases you any longer, that sly raven of a king!
Thorin the Lover lunges at you, his fluid movements making you think of a feral beast pouncing at his prey, but there’s one thing this beast fails to notice. You are not the prey. He is.
“This close?” he murmurs into your ear, his bearded cheek brushing against yours, just like his coarse chest hair brushes against the tips of your breasts. His arms are on both sides of you supporting his large, hot body that covers you completely. He gives off heat as if he were fueled by forge fires.
“Perfect,” you turn your head, finding his lips and delving into a kiss while your fingers start unlacing the bindings of his trousers. It is time to set another beast free.
“This is what I need,” you inform him graciously as your hand runs over the large bulge in his pants. He lets out a low growl, but doesn’t interrupt the kiss, clearly enjoying your attention.
“Help yourself,” Thorin the King graciously allows you this favour, brushing his lips against yours.
“Oh my, I didn’t know the king’s scepter was carved out of rock,” you free his impressive length out of his clothes, wrapping your hand around its base, your fingers unable to meet around his member. Oh my, indeed. His skin is silky smooth and hot under your palm.
Thorin the Lover hisses in pleasure, “It’s one of the king’s best-guarded secrets.”
Your hand moves up and down along his shaft several times in one smooth caress, tightening slightly, and then letting go of his delicious scepter completely.
“Mahal, woman, you are a tease!” he mutters raspily, pressing his forehead against yours, breathing heavily.
“And what are you going to do about it?” you challenge him once again, meeting his dark gaze.
“I’m going to give it to you, Ragna,” his husky voice makes you shiver with want. This deliciously handsome and annoyingly arrogant king is going to be yours. You invite him in, pulling your legs wider apart as he leads his member towards your heat. Soon you feel him pressing against your entrance, and you hold your breath but then you hear his whisper.
“Look at me,” as these words leave your lips, as your eyes meet yet again, he enters you unhurriedly, savoring every moment of it. A soft whimper escapes you as your body adjusts to his size and you drown in his gaze. Mahal, he feels even harder than before. Halfway through he pulls out a bit and then returns, steadily going forward, his movements sending torrents of pleasure across your body. Oh my, oh my, oh my! You can’t come yet, you have to withstand it, you can't turn into a molten puddle of bliss just yet! You take a deep breath to steady yourself, and then, with one powerful thrust of his hips, he fills you completely.
“Thorin,” you mumble, your legs instinctively wrapping around him as he lowers himself above you. You had a clever plan, you were supposed to do something, but now it’s all gone from your head. There is only his touch, his lips against yours, his hand firmly gripping your hip, your hands on his back, keeping him close, his temple braids brushing against your skin.
“Ragna, beautiful Ragna,” he replies and thrusts again. You reply with a moan, your hips meeting his as he thrusts once more.
“This is…” you manage to utter two words as your bodies find a steady rhythm, slowly picking up the pace. Where are you, Ragna’s brain? Ah, right. Between your legs.
Thorin the Warrior claims your lips savagely and thrusts all the way inside of you, as if a primeval urge has taken over him. You cling to him, wanting to finally quench your desire, demanding more of the growing pleasure. His hand moves under your bottom, his movements not stopping.
“Thorin…” you cry out, liquid euphoria filling your veins.
“That’s it, say my name again,” his hand squeezes your buttock, coaxing you.
A lengthy moan leaves your lips.
“My name, Ragna, let me hear it,” Thorin the King orders you, relentlessly thrusting inside you.
“Thooo...rin…” you utter a barely comprehensible whisper.
“Yes, exactly, say it one more time,” he murmurs into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. His hand lifts your hips slightly and he finds a new angle while his nimble fingers travel between your bodies, quickly finding the rosy bud of your pleasure.
“Don’t stop…” you arch your head back at these suddenly enhanced sensations. Oh no, you never, ever want him to stop. He’s filling you completely, and moving his fingers in a steady rhythm that is slowly driving you wild from ecstasy. “Don’t you dare…”
“I’m not stopping, not until you come for me. Not until I hear you say my name once again, Ragna,” as his voice weaves its wild magic around you, both his thrusts and caresses speed up, bringing you to fulfillment.
“Thorin, oh Mahal, Thorin!” a wave of indescribable pleasure takes you over as you reach your peak of ecstasy, the world spinning around you. Countless stars explode under your eyelids, like fireworks on Durin’s Day, and you’re floating away, holding on to the one who brought this bliss upon you, the one whose name you keep moaning, whispering as he keeps delving into you, unstoppable, bringing you even more pleasure with every thrust. You feel his hands resting firmly on your hips as his movements become more erratic. Suddenly his hips buckle against yours as he reaches his own summit and you feel his glorious warmth spilling inside you.
A faint smile appears on your face as his incredibly hot body rolls off of yours. You feel the delicious wetness between your legs and let out a satiated sigh when a possessive arm wraps around your waist and pulls you towards him. You rest your head on his chest and a triumphant smile appears on your lips. Thorin the King turns out to be possessive and you allow yourself to enjoy the outcome of your encounter. In Thorin the Lover’s arms you find warmth and tenderness; this is definitely not what you expected. Clearly, he is not one of those lovers who try to leave as soon as possible after the deed is done in order to avoid any other interactions besides carnal pleasure. Some dwarves are surprisingly insecure after sharing a bed with another, but not this one. Listening to your heartbeats slowing down, your fingers playing lazily with his coarse chest hair, you raise your head and look at him. Thorin’s face is serene, his eyes closed, even the continuous frown is gone from his brow, and yet his presence is unwavering, as if he was in the exact place he was meant to be, his presence dominating the surroundings. In that moment, you don’t see a warrior any longer, nor a king or a lover. There is simply a very satisfied dwarf in front of you, basking in the afterglow of lovemaking. Lovemaking. You shake your head. Don’t be silly, Ragna. Where are those silly thoughts of love coming from? It’s about the physical needs, about quenching your desires, nothing else. Soon, you will both gather your things, refresh, and return to the celebrations, forgetting about this little incident. Your gaze moves towards Thorin’s sizeable member resting against his thigh. Scratch that. A big incident. There is nothing little about the king’s scepter.
You are feasting your eyes on his strapping naked body stretched on the floor beside you, his wide back resting on his sadly rumpled gambeson, his head in the vicinity of the ruby peak of Erebor, while his muscular legs are pointing at the western edge of the emerald Mirkwood.
“I have never known one could find so much pleasure scattered across the whole Rhovanion. I think I reached my diamond peak somewhere around the Mountains of Mirkwood,” you whisper dreamily, fully satiated, not sure if he’s awake or slumbering.
“Impossible. I was aiming at Esgaroth. I will not have anyone say that Thranduil’s kingdom is the source of pleasure for the most alluring lady of the Iron Hills,” he murmurs back, not opening his eyes, but you feel his hand wandering along your back, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.
You reward his words with a chuckle. “Let us agree that we didn’t go farther than the East Bight!”
“You don’t want me to start another round of negotiations with you, Ragna,” he warns you playfully, opening one eye only to close if after a moment, making you think of a content dragon slumbering on a pile of gold.
Rolling onto his side, Thorin pulls you into his arms, bringing your back flush against his chest. You let out a satisfied purr, enjoying his warmth and slowly dozing off in his strong embrace, lulled into sleep by his steady breathing and the sounds of faraway celebrations echoing in the corridors of the city.
You are not sure how long you were sleeping, but you wake up more rested than you felt in a long while. Judging by the sounds of merriment, the whole Iron Hills are still celebrating. The dwarven stamina is legendary, after all. And about that stamina… a long, muscular arm is wrapped around you and you recall all the recent events quite clearly. Slowly, you turn around, trying not to wake Thorin the… No, now he’s Thorin. Just Thorin. The dwarf who has helped you reach two “diamond peaks” of pleasure and bliss. Looking into his peaceful face, his eyes still closed, you let your mind wander. How has it felt for him? What have those moments of passion meant to him? Was it only that unusual tension between you? Or the usual surge of adrenaline after the battle? But why has he looked at you so intently as you lay in his arms? Was it just a trick of light? What about the way he touched you so reverently, so tenderly after you made l… No. That L-word again. You shake your head. You are tired, exhausted even, and your mind plays tricks on you. This is so unlike you, Ragna! Stop acting like an infatuated maiden! The reason you feel so good, so right in his embrace is because this particular dwarf has just given you two great orgasms, that’s all. As soon as he leaves the Iron Hills, he will barely remember your name. He is the king, you are one of Lord Dain’s advisors. You need to woman up and be ready to continue the negotiations - the real negotiations between Erebor and Iron Hills, not the ones between your lustful bodies - first thing tomorrow morning. And you have to be as ruthless and as fierce as you usually are.
You allow yourself the last moment of weakness. A stray strand of hair has fallen across Thorin’s face a moment ago. You brush it off with your hand, cursing yourself for this unusually affectionate gesture. It has been only a couple of hours spent in Thorin’s arms, nothing else. Whatever has happened between you, you decide to think of it later. Right now you are busy observing the peaceful face of the sleeping warrior, the king, and the lover, etching it in your memory. You realize it’s probably the only time you get to see him from up close. You try not to think of what happens next. Tomorrow will be another day, filled with negotiations and…
The King’s eyelids flutter, uncovering the cerulean blue of his eyes. The tender gaze of Thorin the Lover rests on your face, the tips of his fingers softly brushing against your cheek as he gives you a disarming smile. And then you hear his entrancing murmur that makes your treacherous heart beat faster.
“Good morning, Ragna.”
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alpacaparkaseok · 5 months ago
The Pact - Date #7
Pairing/Genre: OT7 BTS x reader (not poly), idol!BTS, best friend BTS
Word Count: 7.2k
Premise: The truth about the pact the boys have about you has been revealed. What happens when you agree to go on a single date with each of them?
Warnings: a bit of talking down on yourself, the confusion continues, general fluff with a touch of angst 
a/n: this is the final date. is this going by so fast?? please let me know your thoughts on the date, on everything else overall...and I’ll see you soon? Next Saturday is the finale!
Tumblr media
Date #7
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Tumblr media
Note from the creator of this stupid idea:
I loved her first.
 “Who do you think it was? Any ideas?”
           “I…” you shrug. “No?”
           Gina arches a brow, staring you down from across your kitchen table. “So, that was a lie.”
           You can’t stop the laugh that bubbles up from your chest, Gina also chuckling. It’s a relief, the fact that she doesn’t hesitate to call you out. You’re grateful that you finagled her number from Jin, shooting him a text that looked a lot like this:
Me: Burn this after reading
Me: We can’t have any evidence !!
Kim Seokjinnie: ok, hi. I’m not burning my phone weirdo. I’ll just keep it away from Jungkook. What’s up??
Me: Hi. You know what I meant.
Me: Can you give me Gina’s number?
Kim Seokjinnie: Sure, I’ll send you the contact in a second. You two gonna hang out or something?
Me: Hopefully…do you think it’s weird if I just ask her out of the blue? Will she not wanna come?
Kim Seokjinnie: Nah, she’s pretty chill. I bet she’ll come
Kim Seokjinnie: *Kim Seokjinnie shared a contact with you*
Kim Seokjinnie: do you need anything before I burn my phone?
Me: no, thank you!! I owe you one. I’m short on friends rn, hopefully she’ll come over
Kim Seokjinnie: I’m sorry  miss you. We’ll all get to hang out once this is all over, I promise.
“Yah! I really don’t know. I mean they’ve all be so…”
“So what?”
You sigh, sounding like some kid in a dreamy teen movie. “Perfect?”
“There’s no such thing,” Gina huffs, leaning back in her chair. It’s a bit rickety, you’d found it at a yard sale with Namjoon and Jimin. You had just moved into your apartment, and realized that you were a little low on furniture. Together, you’d managed to find three mismatching chairs that made you grin each time you saw them.
It was a little odd at the time, you didn’t want to buy three chairs. Two seemed like plenty. They convinced you though, and looking back you understand why they were so adamant.
Wasn’t it rule #3? “Limit one-on-one interaction”? Three chairs made it so that there was always space for at least two of them.
Suddenly you look at the most average things in your house with different eyes.
Groaning, you rub your hands over your face. You’ve probably smudged your makeup, but you don’t care. It’s Friday night, you can do whatever you want.
“Unfortunately, I really think that there might be.” You let out a dry chuckle. “Seven dates with the world’s most perfect men. I knew I was screwed from the beginning, but this, I mean, I didn’t expect it to go this far.”
“On the bright side, you only have one more to go.” Gina gets up, stretching before moving to put her plate in the sink. She’d picked up some takeout on her way to your house, proving to you that you two are going to be friends for a long, long time.
“I’m terrified because of that. What happens after tomorrow’s date? I know it’s up to me, but I feel like I’m waiting for someone to come tell me the next step.”
Gina hums in agreement, shooting you an apologetic look. “Maybe I shouldn’t have pointed out how flirty they were at the haunted house. You never would have gotten into this mess.”
“No,” you wave her off. “It’s not your fault. Jungkook let it slip anyway, after the door closed on us in the basement. Ugh, I still get freaked out thinking about that. Has that happened since?”
Gina pauses over the sink, back turned to you as she runs her plate under the hot water. After a moment she shuts it off, turning around to wipe her hands off on a dish towel before leaning up against the counter.
Your stomach drops. “What.”
“It’s just…” she crosses her arms and uncrosses them, unsure of what to do with her hands. “The door is connected to a little button on every employee’s key fob. You know, just for some extra scare factor.”
You meet her sheepish gaze with a blank stare. “So you’re telling me…”
“It’s just a part of the tour,” Gina shrugs. “Wait, what happened? He told you about the pact when the door closed? That’s…that’s honestly not the most romantic setting-”
“No no, we had a little moment after the door closed, and we almost kissed. But he stopped himself and said the I didn’t have to worry about him making a move. When we got out, I asked him why, and that’s when he mentioned the pact.”
“So tomorrow is the last date, correct?”
           “Look,” Gina notices your worried expression. “Do yourself a favor. Let go. Don’t waste tomorrow thinking about what’s gonna happen next. Focus on the moment, ok? Then how about we get together next week sometime to talk everything over? If you feel like that might help, that is.”
           You definitely made the right choice in inviting Gina over. You can already feel your stress levels going down.
Tumblr media
           You’re up early the next morning, earlier than you’d like. You’re not sure how long you’ve been sitting on your sofa, basking in the golden morning sun and watching the little dust motes float in the air, but it’s certainly been a while.
           For once, it’s quiet in your mind. You’re not sure why now, why today. There’s no doubt you’ll be your typical bumbling mess once Yoongi picks you up, but for now all is peaceful.
           It’s the last date. Somehow, despite how much you’ve enjoyed these little escapades, you feel relief at the thought. Knowing that you’ve made it nearly to the end without doing anything remarkably stupid (you’re still mortified that you and Jimin got kicked out of that basilica but oh well), and now you’re so close.  
           For now, you slide your worries under the rug, to be left there for the weekend. You curl your legs under you and lean your head back against the cushions to drink in the sunlight. It warms your skin, leaving you feeling even better than before.
           Yoongi is supposed to be here around four. Jungkook had sent you a quick text earlier in the week checking that you didn’t have any plans for Saturday afternoon and night. You didn’t bother to tell him that you always had all day open for them.
           While the exchange had been short, you couldn’t help but wonder if he was blushing just as much as you when his contact popped up on your screen. In an instant you were plunged into the memory of clinging to him just outside your front door, Jungkook’s shaky breaths the only thing keeping you planted in reality.
           Either way, it was safe to say that you were a blushing mess despite the simplicity of the text. He kept it strictly professional, not once alluding to the events of last Saturday. But you could still hear those words he uttered when he asked if you ever thought about what might have happened if he’d kissed you in the haunted house when he had the chance.
           “I do. Every day.”
           Of course you thought about it. You let out an amused huff on the couch, laughing to yourself. Who wouldn’t? But the only thing was the fact that you were thinking about a lot of things. Not just Jungkook.
           Or his lips, for that matter.
           The couch rustles as you get up, deciding to change out of your red sweatshirt for a green one. You’d been instructed to dress warm, which made you wonder what was planned for today. Outside everything looks warm and pleasant, certainly no need for anything too heavy.
           By the time afternoon rolls around, you’re tempted to call up Gina for a late lunch or something. To say you’re antsy is an understatement; you’re positively losing it. The clock on the wall has decided to try its hand at stopping time altogether, and you think it’s doing a pretty good job of it. Every time you glace over, seemingly no time has passed.
           This time, you really start to wonder if no time has passed. You swear it’s been stuck at 3 o’clock for a while-
           The sound of someone knocking on your door has you nearly tipping over from where you perch trying to grab the clock.
           For some stupid reason, you’re frozen to your spot at the far end of your living room. Holding the clock in your hands, you jump a little as a second tentative knock sounds.
           To your utter mortification, your mouth opens and you yell out, “Come in!”
           You’re still frozen in place when the door opens and Yoongi pokes his head in. His eyes immediately land on you, a sheepish smile that he has a hard time containing immediately breaking out.
           “You’re not planning on throwing that at me, right?” He asks, making you glare down at the clock you cling to.
           “Oh.” Your knuckles have turned white, and somehow your heart has decided to try its hand at sprinting a marathon. “No. I- it’s broken. I think.”
           Yoongi shuffles inside, closing the door gently behind him before wandering over to you. His pale complexion makes the pink on his cheeks easy to spot. Somehow the fact that he’s blushing makes you blush.
           “Do you have batteries around here?” He asks quietly, hiding his amusement.
           “Maybe in the kitchen?” You brush past him, handing off the clock. “Would you mind getting the old batteries out?”
           He mumbles out a sure, plopping down on your sofa while he gets to work on the clock. He’s wearing a similar outfit to you, which makes you smile. It’s not very often these days that he sports a bandana and you wonder if he somehow knew that you love the way he looks in it. His hair looks particularly fluffy as it kisses his forehead, the dark bandana giving him an air of coolness you know you could never pull off.
           Rummaging around your kitchen drawers, you pause when you realize what you’re doing. Are you stalling? What’s the rush to fix a clock when you have Min Yoongi in the other room waiting to take you out?
           Closing the drawer, you take a deep breath and shake your head.
           “Sorry Yoongi,” you call out, trudging back into the living room. “I’m an idiot.”
           He looks at you over his shoulder, a smirk tugging at his lips. “What’s your reasoning?”
           Yoongi chuckles, setting the clock down on the coffee table before getting to his feet. “Wow, is it just me or…”
           You wince. “This got off to a bad start, huh.”
           Looking at each other from across the room, you realize just how much you’ve missed him. His witty sarcastic remarks, his honesty.
           “Can we start over? Go knock on the door again.”
           Yoongi’s already on his way, huffing out a laugh as he steps outside. “Alright, see you in a second.” The door clicks shut behind him, and you’re suddenly left with the silence of your house.
           As Yoongi timidly knocks on the door, the same sense of calm you experienced this morning settles over you.
           The seventh date. No more guessing who’s on the other side of the door, no more anxious glances in the mirror to check that everything looks flawless. It’s just you, Yoongi, and the door between you.
           There’s already a smile on your face as you open that door, finding Yoongi standing with his hands in his pocket. He returns your grin, feeling like a fellow conspirator in a heist that has yet to be planned.
           “I’m here,” he announces, then adds with a chuckle, “finally.”
           “Took you long enough,” you tease, reaching out to grab his jacket and pull him inside. He feigns a horrified expression at your flirty nature, but you just roll your eyes. You’re not sure who wraps their arms around the other first, but the next thing you know, you’re wrapped up in a tight embrace.
           I missed you, is what you want to say, but the words get caught in your throat. The lump that’s formed there only grows thicker with emotion as Yoongi’s gravelly voice rumbles against your hair.
           “How’re you holding up?”
           Your arms fall around his waist, ever aware of his shoulder. Even though he says he’s completely healed now, you aren’t taking any chances. It’s quiet for a long moment as you struggle to find an answer.
           “I…fine. I’m fine.” You pull away and arch an eyebrow at him, pleased to see that is cheeks are still rosy despite the serious look in his eye. “How are you holding up?”
           He lets out a breathy laugh, dropping your gaze. “Fine.” Then, when he catches your disbelieving stare, he states as innocently as possible, “What? Aren’t we lying to each other tonight?”
           “You suck.”
           “See!” He exclaims as you step out of his grasp to grab your things. “You always do that when you’ve been caught in a lie!”
           “Ugh, yah! I wasn’t lying,” you turn around to face him, walking backward toward your room. “I’m fine, really.”
           He shrugs. “And so am I.”
           You stifle your laughter as you enter your room, grabbing your things and wondering if you should grab a coat. “Do I really need a coat?” You call down the hall.
           Pursing your lips, you snatch the puffy monstrosity from your closet before turning to head out. Double checking that you have everything you need; your eyes can’t help but glance at the item sitting atop your dresser.
           You stick your tongue out at it. A few seconds later it’s tucked safely away in your top drawer and you’re heading out into the hallway. Your stomach does an uneasy flip as you recall the words that are practically burned in the backs of your eyelids now.
           I loved her first.
           Yoongi gets up from off the couch, waiting for you beside the door. His dark eyes survey you as you walk toward him. “Good to go?” He asks quietly. Clutching your coat a little tighter to your chest, you nod.
           The two of you head out, locking up your apartment and settling in the car that Yoongi drove over. Before long, you’re out on the highway, speeding toward your destination.
           Which, you’ve just realized, is still a mystery to you.
           “Sooo…” You begin, smiling lazily at Yoongi. You take a moment to admire his hands that are wrapped around the steering wheel. “Where are we going?”
           A smile tugs at his lips, but he manages to contain it as he adopts a serious expression. He glances over at you. “We’re going to see the sea.”
           “We’re…” you stutter, furrowing your brows. “We’re going to see the sea?”
           A breathy chuckle escapes him. “Yeah. But it’s a long drive, so are you down to listen to a murder-mystery with me?”
Tumblr media
            You’re still pretty sure that it was the nosy maid that did it by the time you arrive at your destination. Two hours, one murder-mystery short audiobook, and several snacks later, the sun is well on its way to the horizon when Yoongi pulls off to a sandy parking lot filled to the brim with cars.
           There’s tons of people mulling about, several of them appear to be young families who smile fondly as their children laugh and play in the sand. There’s a couple of food-trucks that have popped up on the beach, which sport long lines. Yoongi observes them woefully, seeming to come to some sort of understanding with himself before moving to get out of the car.
           “Woah, what’s with all the people? Is this beach always this busy?”
           It’s a beach you’ve never been to before, the pristine sand glowing as the sun makes its way across the sky.
           “Today’s a special occasion,” Yoongi explains, popping the trunk and rummaging around. “We should probably pick out a spot now before all the good ones are taken.”
           You come around to the back of the car to meet him, taking the blanket he extends out to you. Leaving your big coat in the backseat, you hope he doesn’t scold you and tell you to put it on. Right now it’s windy, but fairly warm. No need to look like a living marshmallow just yet.
           Before you can inquire after what the special occasion is, Yoongi passes you a couple of water bottles and begins rattling off instructions.
           “How about I jump in line to buy us some dinner,” the way he says it so casually has your heart skipping a beat for some reason, “and you head down the beach to scout out a decent spot?”
           “But what kind of spot do you mean? Is there a show or something?”
           Yoongi pauses, closing the trunk and running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, something like that. A show. Just find a spot that you like, I’ll come find you with our food, ok?”
           “Ay ay, captain.” You trudge away, hoisting the blanket up higher in your arms as you begin to look for an empty space. The immediate surrounding beach area appears to be pretty packed, which has you marching farther and farther away from the parking lot.
           You grin as a couple of children race past you, giggling as they fly their kites. It’s looks like it’s a little boy and with his younger sister, trying their best to keep their kites afloat in wind. Waving at them, your smile only grows as the boy sheepishly turns away and the girl cheerfully waves back.
           It feels like you walk for years before finding a clearing. You were definitely looking for a semi-secluded spot, not too keen on spending your long-awaited date with Yoongi surrounded by strangers. It doesn’t even occur to you to ask someone what the big deal is about today before you’re laying the blanket out. Not wanting to leave anything unattended just for it to blow away, you decide to just be patient until Yoongi finds you.
           The sand is warm beneath the blanket as you plop down, resting with your face turned toward the sun as you let out a content sigh. Despite the chill of the wind, the sun warms you right up.
           “Why are you alone?”
           Peeking one eye open at the little voice, you’re delighted to see the same little girl from earlier standing a little ways away. She watches you with a meek expression, her kite forgotten at her feet.
           “Oh, I’m not alone,” you explain. “I’m just waiting for my friend to come find me. He went to go get food.”
           “Oh.” The young girl shuffles her feet. “My mommy says that I need to get all my wiggles out before the show.”
           You chuckle. “Really? What show are we watching tonight? Is it Disney?” That would certainly make sense for all of the young families here tonight. Did Yoongi bring you to a beach-front outdoor movie?
           “No, silly!” The girl giggles at your questions. “The sky’s coming to say hello!”
           “That’s what my mommy said. She said, ‘Young-mi get your wiggles out, the sky is coming to say hello soon!’”
           You blink, a little amused by Young-mi’s earnest response. “I see…I didn’t know that the sky was coming to say hello tonight.”
           “Then why are you here?”
           “Oh,” you crane your neck toward the parking lot, but it’s too far away to see Yoongi. “My friend brought me, as a surprise.”
           “Wow,” Young-mi utters in a reverent tone. “Can I meet your friend?”
           “I don’t see why not.”
           With a gleeful shout, Young-mi takes off running, her kite skipping along the ground behind her. She runs toward her family, her mother grinning at the sight before reaching out to pull her into her arms. You watch on with a forgotten smile, wondering for a split second what that would be like.
           If you squint, that could be Yoongi sitting beside Young-mi’s mother, throwing his head back with laughter at something his daughter says to him. Their son crouches in the sand nearby, digging around as though searching for gold.
           Laying down with a soft sigh, you close your eyes and let the little daydream take over. Here, at the beach. Telling your children that this is where you had your first date; laughing as they make disgusted faces when Yoongi plants a loud kiss on your cheek-
           “Did the nosy maid get to you?”
           Yoongi stands above you with arms laden with food. He blocks out the sun, the rays coming around to make him appear like an angel. Judging from the delicious smells radiating from the food he carries, you think he actually might be.
           “Ah, so you agree that you think it was her that murdered Duke Rittington?” Your voice sounds a little croaky, a testament to the fact that you were just dozing a moment ago. Leaning up to ease some of the food from his arms, Yoongi snorts.
           “No. It was obviously the son. Why can’t you see it?”
           Rolling your eyes, you pat a spot next to you on the blankets. Yoongi takes the seat without hesitation. “Because, the son seems like too easy of a suspect. Whereas the maid-”
           The screams of Young-mi as she rushes toward you cut you off. “You have a boyfriend?!”
           “Oh, no.”
           Yoongi leans over, still busy arranging the bags of food – is that a cheeseburger you see? – around the blanket. “Who’s that?” He mumbles.
           “I, uh, made a friend while you were grabbing food,” you explain with a small smile.
           Now Young-mi reaches your blanket, dropping to her knees as she gazes up at Yoongi with wide, innocent eyes. “Hi, my name is Young-mi and I’m four years old. I’m the second tallest in my class.” Young-mi prattles off information, her large eyes never once leaving Yoongi’s face. “Are you her boyfriend? I hope you’re her boyfriend.”
           Yoongi lets out a startled laugh. “You do? Why’s that?”
           “You’re so pretty.”
           Now both of you burst out laughing, Young-mi looking utterly confused at your outburst. Yoongi covers his face with his hands, shaking his head.
           “What? What’s so funny?” Young-mi questions.
           You grin at her. “You think he’s pretty?” The little girl nods enthusiastically. “I do too.”
           Yoongi peers over at you at this comment, an unasked question in his eyes. The pink in his cheeks has intensified, as has your own blush.
           “Aren’t I supposed to be the one complementing you?” He asks under his breath. You shrug.
           “You brought food, so now we’re even.”
           Young-mi lingers a little while longer, asking a few questions and drawing in the sand. Munching down on your cheeseburger, you eye Young-mi’s kite.
           “Do you mind if I try to fly your kite for a second?” The question is out of your mouth before you can fully process it, but Young-mi looks up at you excitedly.
           “Yes!!” She squeals, immediately dragging the little handle over to you. “You have to run really fast, that’s what my mommy told me. Then it’ll fly!”
           Glancing back at Yoongi as you clamber to your feet, you don’t miss the fond smile he wears as he watches the interaction take place. You wave at him, heading off down the beach with Young-mi. Once you’ve walked far enough, you wink down at her.
           “Ok, you run on ahead and I’ll catch up in a few seconds.”
           The girl wastes no time running off, her laughter making you feel lighter than you have in weeks. Once she’s far enough off, you take off after her. She heads straight toward her family, who smile at you as you attempt to get the kite off the ground.
           Sand flies up behind you as you race, and you catch a glimpse of Yoongi with his phone out, recording you with a wide smile on his face. The sun has hit the horizon now, a dizzying array of colors sending your mind into a joyful frenzy. Up ahead, Young-mi has successfully made it to her family and is waiting for you to catch up. She jumps up and down as the kite soars above you, the little pinwheels attached to it spinning around in the wind.
           A bit more energy overtakes you, and you sprint the last few yards toward Young-mi, unable to stop the laugh that jumps out of you. You feel so free, here on the beach. It’s almost like you’re up there flying with the kite-
           Someone shouts it, you’re not exactly sure who, but by the time the plea registers in your ears, it’s too late. Foot catching in the hole that Young-mi’s brother had been digging earlier, you feel a twist of pain before tumbling to the ground.
           You cry out, barely managing to catch yourself before faceplanting it. The handle from Young-mi’s kite digs painfully into your hand, but that’s the least of your problems at the moment.
           Young-mi’s family rushes over to you, but before they reach you Yoongi is dropping to your side.
           “Oh,” you pant, “hi Yoongs.”
           “Are you alright?” He’s also panting, and you wonder if he had begun running after you before you even fell, foreseeing your path. “Your foot…”
           “I am so sorry!” Young-mi’s mother stoops down on your other side, her husband right behind her. “We completely forgot that Doyun even dug that hole! Can you move? Are you in pain?”
           From where you’re laying belly-down on the sand, you can’t help but feel the burn of embarrassment in your cheeks. “I…move? Yeah, I can – ah never mind.” You wince as you attempt to get to your feet only for the dull ache in your right foot to flare up to a fiery red pain. Yoongi immediately reaches out for you, unsure of what to do. His hands ghost over your leg, but retract when you hiss in pain.
           “Here, my husband-” Young-mi’s mother points over her shoulder to the man in question. “He’s a nurse. Honey, could you…?”
           “Do you mind if I take a look at your ankle?” The man asks in a gentle voice. “Just to make sure nothing’s broken.”
           With a nod, you allow both him and Yoongi to help you swivel around to sit the correct way, the blush you already have deepening even more when Yoongi takes up a spot at your back. He gently pushes your shoulders back until you’re leaning into his chest, his arms coming to wrap around you in a protective manner.
           When you wince as the man delicately presses down on your already swollen ankle, Yoongi begins talking.
           “So, is it just me, or has this entire night been a disaster?”
           You let out a choked laugh. “No, Yoongs. Well, maybe it has, but it’s all my fault. I can’t believe I fell, how embarrassing…”
           “Oh, are you two out on a date? Er, sorry for prying…”
           Both you and Yoongi awkwardly chuckle. “No, no…um, yeah. We are.”
           “It’s our first date, actually,” Yoongi adds as an afterthought.
           “How exciting! Honey, it’s their first date, did you hear that?”
           The man currently inspecting your ankle spares the two of you a kindly glance. “Good for you two. You make a good looking couple.”
           “But I swear I’ve seen you before,” the mother comments, squinting at Yoongi. “Where do I know you from…”
           You can feel Yoongi tense up behind you, but he doesn’t say anything yet. Instead he takes to finding your hands (which you’ve slipped into your sweatshirt pocket to avoid accidentally punching the man poking and prodding at your foot), eventually curling his hands around yours and steadily unclenching your fists.
           “Oh! I know it! Do you do commercials?”
           Yoongi lets out an audible sigh of relief, which makes you smile for half a second before a particularly hard prod at your ankle sends you into a tailspin.
           “Yeah, I’ve done a few commercials.”
           “I knew it. How’s it looking, honey?”
           Her husband sits back on his heels, giving you a nod. “Nothing appears to be broken, you just twisted it pretty good. Babe, grab that icepack out of the cooler. You should keep ice on it for a while to counter the swelling.”
           A second later you’re handing a little bag of ice. “I don’t wanna take your ice,” you comment lamely. Yoongi chuckles in your ear, pulling back from you and standing.
           “It’s just a disposable pack we used for the cooler,” the mother explains, waving off your concern. “No need to worry. We’ve got plenty more. Now, go enjoy your date!”
           “Yeah, try your best to have fun. And keep ice on that, on and off for the next couple of days. It shouldn’t give you too much trouble after that.” With a wink toward Yoongi, your temporary nurse gives him a little nudge. “You seem like a good man. I think you’re in good hands here, miss.”
           Young-mi bids you a mournful goodbye as you limp away with Yoongi, quickly coming to find that sand isn’t the kindest to people hopping around on one leg. You’ve made it all of four hops while clinging to Yoongi before he stops.
           “Hop on my back,” he commands, stepping directly in front of you.
           You blanch. “But Yoongi…your shoulder.”
           “It’s fine. Just hop on. You don’t need to limp all the way back to where we’re sitting.” When you hesitate another moment, he looks back at you over his shoulder, his dark eyes sparking in the sunset. “Jagiya.”
           Well, the man puts up a convincing argument.
           Yoongi crouches down so you don’t have to jump, and with a bit of careful maneuvering you manage to hop onto his back. His hands grip your thighs, hoisting you up a bit higher which makes you gasp a little. Your arms instinctively wrap around his neck, careful to avoid putting too much pressure on shoulder.
           Setting off toward your abandoned blanket and food, you can’t help but feel a rise of disappointment in your chest.
           “Yoongi?” You mumble, almost sounding like an embarrassed child.
           Hiding your face in the back of his neck, you groan. “I’m sorry.”
           Yoongi’s steps falter before he continues on, confusion evident in his tone. “Sorry? For what?”
           The calm that you felt earlier has completely shattered at this point, and you grit your teeth against the pain in your ankle and the onslaught of emotions that surface. What happened to picture perfect? Why couldn’t you focus?
           Other than sitting in the car together, you feel as though you’ve hardly touched base with Yoongi. You haven’t seen the man in nearly two months, and yet here you are distracted as ever. Distracted with your dumb broke clock, distracted with the audiobook, distracted with a kite.
           Yoongi stops in his tracks as he feels hot tears against his neck. “Jagiya?”
           “I- I’m so sorry, Yoongi,” you blubber. “I’m an idiot! I c-can’t focus on anything tonight and…and now I’ve made everything fall apart by going and getting h-hurt…Yoongi, it hurts so bad. A-and now I’m complaining, which is making everything worse!”
           You’re surprised when Yoongi doesn’t say a single thing, instead picking up where he left off as he trudges on toward the blanket. In response to his silence, you continue in your repentant monologue.
           “And you waited in line to get us fooood,” you bite down on your lip as you fight the urge to wail. “It’s probably c-cold now, and you waited for s-so long to get it…I feel like such a bad person…if you don’t wanna continue the date, I u-understand. I promise I won’t tell anyone if you want! J-just, I’m so sorry, Yoongi. I’ve completely ruined this, and you drove t-two hours to get me here….” You’ve reached the blanket now, Yoongi gently sets you down, and you hobble on one foot as you half-expect him to grab his keys and set off toward the car. “I just can’t think straight because I read that stupid pact and-”
           “Woah, back up.”
           Swiveling around to face you, Yoongi has a frown etched into his face. It makes you want to turn and run, to crawl into a cave to die from embarrassment, but it’s the fact that you can barely manage to stand on one foot at the moment – let alone run – that has you standing still.
           “You read the pact?” You blink, hopping a little. When Yoongi sees your struggle he reaches out to you, steadying you. “Here, let’s sit.”
           “W-we’re staying?”
           Yoongi gazes down at you, the look in his eyes turning unspeakable soft. “Yes, jagiya. Unless you aren’t feeling up to it anymore?” He looks as though the thought of leaving now pains him, but he waits patiently for your answer.
           “I wanna stay.”
           “Good. Now, what’s this about you reading the pact?”
           Having successfully turned into a sniffling mess, you wipe away your tears with an angry swipe. It’s time to come clean.
           “I found a copy in Jin’s room-”
           “What were you doing in Jin’s room?!” Yoongi whispers frantically, growing more concerned by the second. You wave him off.
           “-and I took it! I knew I shouldn’t, but I just wanted to know, you know? So I stole it but that was stupid because then I saw that thing on the back…the little note.” Your words trail off, unable to even say the word lovewhen Yoongi’s looking at you like he’s unsure of whether he wants to laugh or cry.
           “The little…note?”
           “Yeah, you know…” You shake your head, moving on. “And since I saw that, I’ve been a mess. Like, an actual mess. I finally called Gina help just to get some help, I needed someone to talk to because you know, I can’t talk to you guys right now which is stupid. But I’m still so lost and I screwed everything up and my ankle hurts Min Yoongi!”
           You’ve stunned yourself into silence with your outburst, Yoongi across from you looks a bit lost himself as he sits back on his heels. It’s clear the moment he comes to a realization.
           “The note.”
           It’s all you can do to breathe normally and not burst out into tears again. Yoongi’s expression turns mournful when he sees you.
           “Oh, jagiya…” leaning forward, Yoongi somehow manages to pull you into his lap. Wrapping his arms around you and tucking your head close to his chest, Yoongi pulls you in as close as he can. He sways gently back and forth, a hand coming up to cup your cheek to make you look at him.
           You do so begrudgingly, feeling like nothing more than a large child. However, the moment you meet his eyes, it hits you like a lightning strike.
           “Do you remember,” he begins quietly, “that time when your final paper accidentally got deleted? All you had left to do on it was add the reference page. You were distraught, remember?”
           Of course you do. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Countless hours spent laboring over a final essay for a class you loathed, only to make a stupid mistake and delete it all. All of it, all nineteen pages were gone in a blink. Your hard work along with it.
           “I remember you called me, a sobbing mess. Obviously I thought you’d hurt yourself, the way you were crying about killed me.” He tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear, leaving you completely enraptured in his spell as he continues speaking. “I fought with Namjoon because I needed to go see you, but we had a schedule. It was an interview, I don’t even remember for what or with whom, but I was so angry. I seriously thought I was gonna punch him. Then I remembered he goes to the gym a lot more than me, so I didn’t.”
           He manages to make you crack a small grin at that. The sight spurs him on. “But I’ll never forget the sight I saw when I finally made it out to your house later that night. It was like what, two in the morning? No one knew I was even going over, which obviously I did on purpose. I didn’t want to get into another argument. When I walked in your apartment, you were sat at the kitchen table. Remember?”
           The memory is vague, tinged with exhaustion and disappointment, but it’s there. You’d set up camp at your kitchen table all day, missing all other appointments just to try to rewrite your paper. You were half delirious at that point, staring at the screen seemed equal to burning at the stake.
           “I’ve never seen you look more exhausted in my entire life,” Yoongi chuckles. “I remember I was ready to write the paper for you, I was so sad for you. But when I made it over there, I was floored to see that you’d already written it. Not only that, but you’d written twenty-seven pages. Twenty-seven! Who does that?!” He shakes his head at you, looking absolutely shocked.
           “When I asked you why you would do that, you just shrugged and said, ‘why not reach for the stars?’ Then you submitted it, stood up, walked over to me and gave me a hug before going straight to bed. I was so shocked that I just stood there for ages, trying to fathom what had just happened.”
           Yoongi sighs, glancing up at the night sky. You admire his jawline from this angle, nuzzling in a little closer to him for warmth. He notices that you didn’t bring your coat out with you, giving you a playful glare before gently rubbing his hands up and down your arms.
           “Why did you tell me that?”
           You can feel his shrug. “You are more capable, more special than you will ever know. I’ve always kept that in my heart, over the years. Why not reach for the stars? Jagiya…”
           Yoongi shuffles a little bit before cupping your chin and pointing toward the horizon where the sun has slipped down. The night sky is becoming more visible by the second, a few stray stars winking down at you.
           “Look.” He points at a certain spot in the sky just in time for you to see a streak of breathtaking light.
           A falling star.
           In the span of a few minutes, you’re completely speechless as the sky continues to darken and your eyes are glued heavenward. Gradually, more and more falling stars dart across the sky, taking your breath away. As they continue, you recall Young-mi’s words. The sky is coming to say hello.
           Yoongi reaches for your hand, easily enveloping it while tracing the outline of your knuckles.
           “You,” Yoongi breathes out, sending tingles down your spine. “Are the stars I’ve been reaching for ever since that night.”
           Heart thundering against your ribs, you turn to look at him only to find his eyes also trained on the heavens. He speaks the words softly, almost to himself, but you still catch them.
           “You’re a star, all the way up there…and I’m all the way down here. Maybe all I’m meant to do is admire you from afar. But for tonight, just for a moment, I’ll hold you.” His eyes slide down to meet yours, glinting with pure starlight. Cold and beautiful. Hurtling toward you, burning up in your atmosphere and leaving you wondering what would happen if you let him in.
           If it would lead to utter destruction or the most beautiful thing you’ve ever witnessed.
           All words have escaped you at this moment in time, but you don’t feel the need to scramble for some sort of a response. Instead you settle for snuggling in a bit closer, allowing Yoongi to hold you a bit tighter.
           Tonight, he’ll hold you close to his chest while what will later be recorded as the most prominent meteor shower in recent history rains down above you. The dark night sky is set aflame with streaks of silver as falling stars graze the earth, sharing a sweet goodnight kiss as they hurtle through space. You marvel at the seemingly never-ending parade the night sky puts on, relishing the way Yoongi keeps your warm as he also marvels at the wonder above you.
           There’s no words that are exchanged for the entirety of the meteor shower, the only form of communication found in the patterns Yoongi traces out against the back of your hand and the way he gazes down at you from time to time. As though making sure you’re really there.
           It’s a long while before the meteor shower begins to fade, and it’s only when you hear Yoongi softly calling your name that you realized you’ve dozed off.
           “It’s over, jagiya,” he coos, brushing hair away from your eyes. “Let’s get you to the car, then you can sleep the rest of the way home.”
           Somehow you two manage to make it to the car, you yourself being much more coherent by then due to the sharp pains in your ankle. You realize that you two are some of the few people left at the beach, making you wonder when everyone else left.
           Your eyes are half-closed when Yoongi begins to drive away, your hand finding his atop the console.
           “You know you don’t need to worry about us, right?” Yoongi mumbles out, glancing over at you with a worried expression. “We’ll support whatever you decide to do. Remember what I said before? You’re the most capable person I know. You don’t need us, not really. Just…be happy.”
           You mumble out something incoherent, not completely realizing that he’s referring to the aftermath of the pact until you’re already asleep.
           The next thing you know, you’re parked in front of your apartment and Yoongi is grinning down at you from the passenger side door.
           “C’mon,” he urges, helping you out of the car. “Careful with the ankle.”
           It takes a bit of careful maneuvering to get up the stairs to your apartment, but you manage to make it. Leaning up against the door, you fumble for your keys.
           Once you’ve found them, you hand them straight over to Yoongi. You’re far too tired to attempt unlocking your door at the moment. He laughs at your behavior, shooting you a proud gummy smile when he unlocks the door. You don’t even have to ask before he’s assisting you inside, helping you hobble to your room before turning to leave.
           “Thank you, Yoongi. For everything.”
           Yoongi smiles down at his shoes. “We’ll swing by tomorrow to check up on you if that’s ok?”
           Your stomach flips to remember that you’re over now with these dates. Now what-
           “Or just shoot me a text? I know that might be awkward if we all show up…”
           “Thank you. I’ll text you?” You sigh, running your hands over your face. “Yoongi, I…” You trail off, staring up at him from your bed as your mind and heart races. There’s just no words.
           With a soft smile, he leans down and pecks your nose. The innocent gesture has your ears turning red, which widens his grin.
           “I know.” He whispers back.
           And then he’s gone.
           And you’re left here, suddenly colder than ever.
Tumblr media
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albedohoe · 3 months ago
So,,,The Boys lose their coat and can't find it anywhere, but what they don't know is that their crush decided to steal it when they weren't looking and decides to wear it for the whole day. Then in the evening, they meet each other for the usual dinner, and The Boys notice that they have their coat. They ask them why they have it, and their crush just says," Well I'm always thinking about you, and I wanted to have something that reminded me of you with me."
Tumblr media
Synopsis: y/n takes one of the tall boys coats for the day.
Warnings: none!
Game/ fandom: genshin impact
Characters: zhongli, childe, kaeya, Diluc, and Dainsleif
Pronouns for reader: gender neutral/ not mentioned
A/n: hello! I’m always really happy to get these requests from you because they’re always so cute, and a lot of fun to write! I had to ponder about this one for a while, so sorry it took me a bit to get it finalized, but as always I hope you enjoy and have a amazing day/afternoon/evening!
Tumblr media
— zhongli —
Note: it’s a very minor detail I slipped in, but you work at wangsheng funeral parlor.
Zhongli looked everywhere for his coat before leaving for work, but to no avail. It was only going to be a minor inconvenience if he didn’t have it, so he dealt without it for the day. He was looking forward to having dinner with you anyway, so having a lost coat wasn’t going to ruin that for him.
Speaking of his dinner date with you! When he arrived he saw you wearing his coat. His first thought was “how... how did they get it?” Because he always has his coat with him. He’ll ask you, and you simply say that he left it at work when you were working late, filling something out for a client last minute.
The night continued as normal until you were handing his coat back to him, as you did so you said, “you know... I really like your coat. It’s something that makes it feel like you’re with me even when you’re not.”
To say the least he ended up with a dusting of blush on his face, and a warm smile directed towards you. He let you keep his coat for a while longer, and he truly felt as though he was in love with you.
— childe —
Stealing childes coat in the first place was... difficulty to say the least. He always, and I mean always had it with him. Especially in snezhnaya. Then it was even more difficult.
So when he was looking for it while getting ready in the morning, you stealing it was impossible in his mind. It was the last thing he would think of. Thus, when he saw you with his coat at dinner, he had to congratulate you on successfully sneaking his coat away from him.
Though you only laughed and said, “well it wasn’t that hard? You forgot to take it with you after your visit yesterday?” Oh yeah... he did do that. He then asked you why you held onto it and you said, “to be honest... it’s a warm reminder that you’re with me. I apologize for not returning it sooner, but nonetheless thank you for... unknowingly lending me your coat.”
Childe could feel his heart hammering in his chest, and his face turning hot. He found you to be so kind, and you could never fail to make him weak in the knees, and flustered for you. Surely, he could survive the harsh cold in snezhnaya without his coat right? If anything he could just buy another.
— Diluc —
It was a cold morning in mondstadt, and Diluc needed to head into angels share to do a few things before they opened for the day. Sadly, his coat was nowhere to be seen! Ah well... it can’t be that bad right? Wrong. At least the tavern was nice and warm right? Wrong. It was cold in there too! All day he was freezing!
He was feeling frustrated as he made his way to where you planned to meet for diner, and as he made his way over to you... he saw you, with his coat on! He was freezing all day so you could be comfortable?! He was honestly kinda upset, but when you greeted him with a smile and a wave his anger subsided, and he only sighed sitting down at the table.
“Diluc! I’m glad you could make it! I know it was cold today and uh... thank you for letting me barrow your coat...” you said your confidence and excitement turning into a sheepish thank you. He only grunted, as he was still a bit... frustrated. “I mean you’re coats super warm, and a reminder of you, so genuinely... thank you.”
His eyes turned wide, and he felt the tips of his ears becoming hot. “Yeah... it’s fine. The cold wasn’t as bad as it seemed, so I managed” he said lying straight to your face. You saw behind his failed attempt at a facade and said, “hm... well I’m glad it wasn’t too bad.” Your warm, and happy smile made you for the freezing temperatures all day.
— kaeya —
Kaeya had a mission today, and he needed his coat! But he couldn’t find it anywhere... just his luck. Fine. He’ll go without it then.
Coming back from a successful, yet difficult mission he made his way to good hunter for a scheduled dinner date with you. Seeing the familiar shades of his coat, he smiled knowing you’ve taken it.
He sneaked begins you, and startled you by saying, “I like your coat. Wonder where you got it from? Mind sharing the designer?” In a teasing tone. “Archons kaeya! Holy... ugh you scared me!” You said surprised by the sudden appearance of the cavalry captain.
He apologized sitting down at the table, and teased you again about the coat saying, “truly is a magnificent coat. I wish I had one for myself! Oh wait... I think I do, but I couldn’t find it today. Care to explain why?” His goofy grin only grew as he rested his head on his hand awaiting your response.
“Well... I took it because I always think about you.” You said sinking down as if you could hide your reddened face from the all knowing man I’m front of you “and I wanted something to remind me of you when you’re gone...”
Truly not the answer Kaeya was expecting, but to be fair he never knew what to expect from you. He could feel his own face heating up a bit as he said, “well in that case... I suppose you could keep it for a while. I do have some knights stuff to take care of, so I won’t be able to see you for a while. So take care of it for me will you?”
— Dainsleif —
Waking up without yes coat, Dainsleif knew one place that it could’ve gone. He had a sneaking suspicion that it was with you this whole time, so he knew it couldn’t have gone too far.
His suspicion was confirmed later on though, when he met you for dinner. He saw the all to familiar patterns on his coat, and it made you stick out like a sore thumb.
“So I see I was correct. You did steal my coat.” He said with a smile as he sat down at the table slightly startling you with his sudden appearance. “Oh! Uh... yes... I’m sorry!” You said worrying that he might be mad at you.
He chuckled a bit saying, “no, no it’s alright. I didn’t miss it too much. I knew it was in safe hands” his happy smile ignited sparks in your heart, and you said, “I think about you a lot you know... so that’s why I took your coat. As a reminder that you’re with me.. I hope it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.”
Dainsleif felt butterflies in his stomach at your kind words. He didn’t know how to react, but he wanted to say something. He took your hands in his, and said, “I’ll make sure to be around more often, so that won’t be a problem.” He kissed your hand as a way of promising that he’ll be true to his word.
Tumblr media
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