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Aldrich Killian


Originally posted by xdavidvesux

“I had a thought that would guide me for years to come. Anonymity, Tony. Thanks to you, it’s been my mantra ever since, right? You simply rule from behind the scenes. Because the second you give evil a face, a Bin Laden, a Gaddafi, a Mandarin, you hand the people a target.

  Malekith the Accursed


Originally posted by thorsmightythighs

Your universe was not meant to be. Your world and your family will be EXTINGUISHED!!!”

  Alexander Pierce


Originally posted by nebulathespacepirate

Hail… HYDRA.”

Ronan the Accuser


Originally posted by delfranz

“They call me terrorist, radical, zealot because I obey the ancient laws of my people, the Kree…. and punish those who do not. Because I do not forgive your people for taking the life of my father, and his father, and his father before him. A thousand years of war between us will not be forgotten!“



Originally posted by marvelheroes

“Do you see the beauty of it? The inevitability? You rise, only to fall. You, Avengers, you are my meteor. My swift and terrible sword and the Earth will crack with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers; turn my own flesh against me. It means nothing! When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world… will be metal!”



Originally posted by jakesheadwarning

“You tried to hide your suit from me? Now, it’s gonna blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about.”

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Behold… the Vision!

The Avengers deal with their relationship issues.  Jan is certain Hank’s going to propose soon, but then he goes off to study some bacteria.  Meanwhile, Clint is surprised to see Natasha in her Black Widow gear again, because he thought she swore that stuff off - but apparently S.H.I.E.L.D. has given her a mission, and she and Clint haven’t gone on a date in weeks, so whatever, a girl’s gotta fine some way to pass the time, right?  And T’Challa muses over his relationship with his country and whether being an Avenger is fulfilling.

These are all cut short when some sort of “unearthly inhuman vision” attacks Jan.  Before he can actually kill her, though, something seems to short-circuit, and he passes out.  The other Avengers arrive, capture him, and question him once he awakens.  He seems confused because he was apparently given some sort of directive to kill them, but doesn’t actually want to go through with it, and takes on the name of “Vision” based on what Jan had said earlier (between Vis and the Avengers, she’s got a real knack for naming things).  Anyway, he eventually remembers that the guy who sent him was none other than Ultron-5, who we last saw a few issues ago in Avengers #55.  Together, all of them go to confront Ultron, and a fight breaks out.  Vision tries to get Ultron to tell him his origins because he doesn’t understand why he has human thoughts and memories, but Ultron remains mum and is eventually seemingly destroyed.  On the plus side, the other Avengers now trust him for destroying Ultron.  Might they have a new teammate?

- Avengers Vol 1 #57 (1968)

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In the conclusion to the Crimson Cowl arc, we get some answers, but also more questions!

So the Avengers are captured and put into a bomb which Jarvis, the big bad, wants to drop onto a city.  As he gloats, he then reveals that he’s not actually Jarvis, but actually the robot he initially revealed himself to be (talk about convoluted).  His name?  Ultron-5!  He talks about how he mind-controlled Jarvis into pretending he was the real Crimson Cowl, then kills him and has him disposed of.

Little does he know that Jarvis actually survived.  Bruised and beaten, he searches for help and finds the Black Knight, who, while a lone wolf, does want to do good things.  So Black Knight flies up to save the Avengers.  Radioactive Man, Melter, and Klaw are captured in the resulting fight, though Whirlwind (who is still Jan’s chauffeur) and Ultron get away.

Above, Jarvis reveals why he betrayed the Avengers in the first place: it’s because he needed money for his sick mom.  The Avengers forgive him.  Meanwhile, Ultron swears his revenge.  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  Heck if we know!

- Avengers Vol 1 #55 (1968)

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(Facebook — Debangshu Tewary)

  • Iron Man 2
  • Thor 2
  • Avengers 2
  • Iron Man 3

Iron Man 2: This movie was such a trash fire. It really was. The first movie is my favorite, but this one just messed up every single opportunity it had at being even half decent.

Thor 2: To be fair, I dislike the first Thor just as much as I dislike this one. I love the third movie, just because Taika is the chaotic genius Marvel needs, but the first two movies are so incredibly boring. They’re so boring, that I cannot remember most of this movie, only that I don’t like it. I can recall vague bits, though. Like the dude who played the 9th Doctor was in it, and an Infinity Stone was introduced, and I’m pretty sure someone died??? Idk. I just didn’t like this movie and I am so happy there’s going to be a fourth addition 😂 I just hope it’s as good as Ragnarok

Avengers 2: First issue I have with this movie is the romance! While Bruce and Natasha are some of my favorite characters, I think adding a romance between them was unnecessary. For some of you, you may not like that, but to me it really felt forced and I think the movie would be fine without it. Maybe there were little hints of pent up romantic feelings between Bruce and Natasha since the first time they met, idk, but I just think it was executed poorly. Then there was just Ultron in general. I think Ultron’s actor (I forgot his name, sorry) was perfect for the role, but I think they just made the character some semi-comedic bad guy, and really watered down any potential he had at being bad. I loved that the move introduced the twins, Wanda and Pietro, but that’s probably the only thing I loved about the movie. I also don’t like the “comedy” they put into the move, and I’m using quotation marks because I didn’t laugh at any of the jokes in the movie. Like the romance, it felt forced to me.

Iron Man 3: There were so many missed opportunities. So so many missed opportunities. The Mandarin, being the biggest and maybe the most obvious. Having a drunk pretend to be the Mandarin was cheap and very underwhelming.

Part of me wanted to put endgame on here, only because I feel 90% of the movie was just fan service and it could’ve ended faster if they went back in time to before Thanos snapped and just cut his hand off, or maybe just killed him off before he even got the stones, but hey, that’s just me. I just think I have a love-hate kinda feel towards endgame.

->These are all my opinions, I’m sorry if you don’t like them! Feel free to reblog/comment on your least favorite MCU movies.<-

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For @phaticserpent​ cuz imma say it again, YER DA BEST XD

Pairing: Yandere!Ultron x Reader, slight Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Implied abuse, slight smut, Ultron being obsessive (i guess that is a warning tho you should know from the title XD)

A/N: The plot of the movie is kinda broken in this so sorry XD


Originally posted by doctorfunkensteins

Two weeks.

Two weeks since Ultron had kidnapped and taken you to his lair. Two whole weeks you had been stuck inside with only a few windows to look out of. You felt like a prisoner. Yes, you were provided a comfortable bed and delicious food to eat, but you wanted to leave. You sighed, sitting on the edge of your bed and rubbing your forehead with your hand. Being alone most of the day was not pleasant. And though your captor was a psychotic, supremely intelligent robot, you wished sometimes he would visit more often just so you would have some kind of company. You heart the metal door leading to your room click, making you jump from the sudden noise.

“Ah, my dear I believed you would be sleeping this time of night,” Ultron said as he entered the room, closing the door behind him. You stood up and folded your arms in front of you nervously.

“I couldn’t sleep,” you replied, voice quiet. “Did you… want me to be asleep?” Ultron tilted his head slightly.

“Not necessarily,” he chuckled, approaching you. His size was so intimidating, and he looked like a skyscraper compared to your short frame. “Though you do look tired, my dear.”

“A little,” you admitted. “Why… why do you always come at night?”

“Y/N, you know I am busy during the day,” Ultron told you. “It takes a lot of work to slowly take over humanity.”

“S-sorry,” you whispered, looking down at your feet. His hand came up to your face and cupped your chin with two of his digits.

“You don’t need to apologize,” he stated. “You have done no wrong.” You could hear the light smile on his face. When he touched you your face turned a dark shade of pink, though it might have been hard to see due to the dim lighting in the room. You felt vulnerable at this moment. All you had covering you was a long sweater. No pants. Only the silk panties he had provided you. And he was so close to you, and his cool fingers gingerly touching your chin was soothing, in a way.

This should be wrong. He killed your friend.

But you liked it. And you didn’t know why.

“My Y/N, you are heating up, are you alright?” Ultron asked, though he full well knew what you were feeling and probably thinking. You took a step back from him, breaking the tension.

“I-I’m fine,” you said, rubbing your arm nervously. “I-I just… um…”

“What is it, Y/N?” Ultron asked. “You shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind around me. Are you… afraid of me?” You didn’t respond. Ultron walked up to you again.

“You shouldn’t be,” he told you. “I give you protection. I give you everything you need to survive. I give you love.” He grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him. You let out a slight whimper at the sudden movement. You still did not reply.

“What is it, your want Steve back?” He demanded, raising his voice. “You angry with me for killing him? He was in my way of having you. He loved you and he shouldn’t have. If he was smart, if any of them were smart they would have stayed out of my way, but no. You loved him, didn’t you? Is this why you act so miserable toward me?”

“No,” you squeaked. “No, i didn’t even have feelings for him… He was only a friend to me but still… I…” You stammered over your words. “You didn’t need to kill him i would have gone with you anyways…”

“Is that so?” Ultron asked, a small smirk on his face. He sauntered over to you once more and wrapped his hand around your neck, not applying pressure but it still made you gasp. “Tell me you wanted to come with me…”

“I… i wanted to come with you, Ultron,” you murmur.

“Louder,” Ultron hums. Your hands are on his that is wrapped around your throat. Your face was heating up again and your arousal was obvious to him now.

“I wanted to come with you,” you speak, louder this time though your voice is squeaky with nervousness. Your legs felt weak. “I’ve always felt… drawn to you, but… never…” You didn’t need to say anything else. He tossed you on to the nearby bed, hand still around your throat and he mounted you, his free hand on your inner thigh. Ultron lowered his face to yours, hearing your shaky breaths.

“You want me… I know you do,” he hummed into your ear, making you shiver. You clamped your legs together out of instinct. He growled and pried them apart again, and you whimpered as his hand slid up to your panties, sticking one digit in and grazing over your soaking mound.

“I do, please, I do…” You begged, squirming for more touch. Ultron chuckled.

“You’re lucky,” he said. “I built myself something just for you…”

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🥺 I hope you like it (sorry it took so long! I know it’s a bit basic, but I couldn’t think of anything)

Trigger warning: violence, cursing

You ended the phone call and glanced at Ultron, he won’t like this.

“What was it about?”

“Uh, apparently, our group was hired by Stark—“ you have never seen Ultron stand up that fast. “Before you say anything, they told us he’s going to be busy and we won’t see him.”

“Perhaps not but he has a tendency to flirt around. Doesn’t matter how busy he is, he’ll sneak in.”

“Ultron, I promise you, I won’t even go near him.”

“You don’t have to promise me anything…..just, be safe.”

“I will.” He pulled you in for a kiss and you snuck a hand around his neck, smirking as he melted under your touch. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Ultron smiled. “Now go, you’re going to be late!” He laughed. You left the condo, hailed a taxi to Stark Tower. Your engineer team was already there, with a few missing members.

“You must be [Y/N], nice to meet you. I’m Pepper.” She introduced. She guided the group to the lab, you grinned as your entire team gawked at the condition of the equipment. “I’m sure Mr. Stark will want to meet you all. You’re free to use anything in here. Good luck.” Within a few hours, everyone started building. The project was to try and limit pollution in every city, according to Stark, your group was the closest.

“The mastermind! [Not your name but something close], right?” Tony Stark himself strutted in.

“Uh, it’s [Y/N] sir.”

“Right! I like the way you think, your idea is impeccable and brilliant!”

“Thank you, sir.” You smiled. “I couldn’t have done it without them.” Tony waved at your teammates, who all swooned.

“Wow, you even went ahead and built it! You didn’t have to.” He inspected the draft, prototype and the final sketches.

“We know you’re a busy man… we thought we would save you the time.” You shrugged.

“My dear, you are, a lifesaver.” Tony praised. “Right, I’ll get out of your way! Good luck to you all!” Everyone waved goodbye to him as he left, only for him to jump back in.

“Oh, one more thing, if you ever need anything, Pepper is just down the hall.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure.” And with that, he was gone. One by one, your teammates disappeared as the sky darkened. You smiled at the fast pace and how much you accomplished, before checking the time. “Wow! May I offer you a ride home?” Tony appeared, you jumped in shock.

“Uhh no thank you.” You smiled. “I have enough money for a taxi.”

“No need. I’ll take you home, come on dear.” He started walking and you followed after him, a bit unsure. Stupid social anxiety…..he seems nice? The car was…..shiny and glorious. It was too luxurious for your taste.

“Uh, wow! That’s…..woah.”

“Doesn’t give off a lot of pollution, designed her that way. Get in!” He opened the passgender door for you and you politely climbed in. “So, where do you live?” You gave him your address and quickly texted Ultron.

[ So I’m in Stark’s car, he offered me a ride home…….don’t come out?? ]

[ Are you okay? ]

[ Yeah :,) I didn’t want to seem rude ]

[ Oh, [Y/N] ]

[ :P ]

[ I’ll see you soon ]

“Should I put on music?” Tony asked.

“Uh sure!” You smiled. When he tapped on the screen, your ears begged to turn it off. How loud does he listen to his music? Holy shit my ears…..I’m going to be deaf by morning. The entire ride was absolutely awkward. By the time you reached your house, you jumped out of the car. “Thank you for the ride!” Thinking it was the end until he got out.

“Wow! That is one pretty house. Do you live alone?”

“Uhhh I have a boyfriend…..he comes home late.”

“Figures. I’ll escort you to the entrance.”

“That’s okay!” But he didn’t listen. You knew he was being nice and cautious, however he melt making the entire situation uncomfortable. He took the elevator to your house, peeking inside. You could tell Ultron hid anything that gave away his identity and you let out a breath of relief.

“What does your boyfriend do?”

“He’s uh……a Doctor.” You immediately got a text.

[ A doctor? Seriously? O.o ]

[ Hey, you’d be a great doctor. Now shut up, it’s hard improvising ]

“Cool cool. I’m going to head out, I look forward to seeing your lovely face tomorrow. And that ass.” Tony winked at you. Before you could even register what happened, Ultron flew out of the room and tackled him.

“Say that again.” He growled. Ultron pushed Tony into a wall.

“I thought you were dead.” Tony coughed.

“Well, you failed.”

“So he’s your boyfriend? Damn.” Another cough. He extended his arm and something crashed through the window.

“Please stop!!” Your cries ended up on deaf ears. You stood there helplessly, wishing you had some kind of fighting ability. Both Ultron and Iron man flew out the window, wrestling with each other in the sky. You couldn’t help out other than clear the destroyed furnitures. You were unsure who was winning, until Tony crashed in the house. He aimed at Ultron and fired. You jumped to catch the blast, all you could feel was unbearable pain and your vision blurred. Your entire body twitched and breathing grew to be difficult.

“[Y/N]!” Ultron rushed to your aid. “Why? What would you do that?”

“I’ll take her to the hospital.”

Don’t touch her.” Ultron clutched you closer and Tony pulled his hand back.

“You really love her……”

“And you took her from me.” Ultron cried. “You and the Avengers take everything! You could’ve left us alone……you could’ve left her alone.”

“I’m sorry…..I didn’t know you were her boyfriend!”

“Doesn’t give you the right to flirt or say something inappropriate about her body.”

“Okay, okay. But we’re losing time, we need to treat [Y/N]. If we don’t, she’ll die.” Tony exited his suit. “We need some medical supplies—“

“I already called a sentry.”

“So there’s more of you……great.”

“After Sokovia, I rebuilt myself and went into hiding. Thanks to you.”

“Stop arguing.” Your voice was weak and barely audible, but they managed to hear. “If I die, I’ll come back and kick both of your asses.” Ultron and Tony chuckled.

The sentry arrived rather quickly with S.H.I.E.L.D’s medical kit, which Tony gawked over. Once they were done, Ultron wrapped the wound with ace bandages and laid you on the couch, which was surprisingingly in a better condition than the other furnitures.

“I guess I have to pay for all……this.” Tony motioned to the destruction. “If……if you want, I can get Vision to restore you.”

“I’d rather avoid another encounter with the Avengers.”

“That’s understandable.” With that, he left. Ultron sat down.

“Why did you take that. You know I can withstand it, I have more bodies……it wouldn’t effect me.”

“I love you, dummy. I don’t want to see you die.”

“But I won’t.”

“Dummy, I said I would do anything for you. I would die for you.”

“You’re the ‘dummy’ here.” Ultron chuckled. “You scared me, I don’t know what I would’ve done if you were ever taken from me.”

“Lucky I have you.”

“It’s the other way around.” He leaned in to give you a gentle kiss on the forehead. “You need to rest…..what kind of soup do you want?”

“I’ll eat anything you make.” You wiggled your brows.

“Food, [Y/N]. Food!”

“Yes, you’re a snack.”

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No ♥️

Trigger warning: mention of depression and suicide

But to answer your DEPRESSING question,

He’s frustrated he can’t attend your funeral. He’s absolutely angered he couldn’t do anything. He’s heartbroken. He basically tears up the entire house and has an uncontrollable meltdown. He sobs for hours, maybe days. He would sulk in the darkest corners, staring at pictures of moments you two shared. He lays on your bed in a curled position, clutching anything that had a special meaning to you/something you gave to him as a gift

He would just shut down. Some times, at night, he would visit your grave/urn and cry. He starts to have depressive/suicidal thoughts. He thinks of throwing himself into the ocean and sinking down to the bottom, but he curses his infinite existence as a program.

After a few years, he moves on. He goes back to his old life, staying hidden, reading books online, playing games. Of course, it’s not the same. Not without his s/o


But because his s/o believes in reincarnation, it takes a few years for them to find Ultron and BOOM they live happily ever after 🥳

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Ultron vs The Terminator.  Talk about a robotics nightmare!  If you have a fear of robots (robophobia??), this match is not for you.

Both of these were extremely hard to destroy, leaving their human foes exhausted at just trying to accomplish that task.

But there is a big difference.  Terminator (at least the original version) couldn’t hack into any kind of computer systems.  Ultron pretty much locked into whatever system he wanted to get into.

The Terminator was a singular robot but Ultron seemed to be able to get into the mainframe of various systems, thus making him infinitely more dangerous.

Therefore …

Winner: Ultron

But realistically these two are more likely to work together in taking over the world  than destroying each other.

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