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#Umbrella academy

[Authors note: Oh, sweet jesus this one is a doozy. So much dialogue it was a bitch to figure out where would be a good point to end the chapter.]

In this chapter: We reunite with everyone, Luther and Diego share one consecutive brain cell, and we place the cards on the table. No holding back.

TW: Cursing, alcohol use, PTSD

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                                               Valhalla Pt 2
                            Family meeting with a dash of salt

“I’m telling you, the French had this wonderful word for it!” Klaus was regaling Allison of his time in France with you last year, and when you all came upon Elliot’s shop, you had completely forgotten why it is you were nervous in the first place. You grab Klaus’ flask and take a sip. Allison laughs as Five pulls open the door and you all enter. You move to go in last, making sure to hold the door open for Ben. “Thanks.” He murmurs. 

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Being that my FAVORITE time of year is coming because i love halloween BUT my FAVORITEEEE is Christmas 😭 so please send me holiday Ideas!😆 And follow me on insta! Denise_ravenqueen if you wanna know what I look like or see me sing and fangirl 😂


Originally posted by trapstrblog

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Five Hargreeves x Reader

Warnings: oh my gOD IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!! so no just fluff

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon that sent in the request, I saw it and fell in love with the idea immediately!!!! enjoy!!!!

Requests: #18 “Y’know, a kiss wouldn’t hurt” #21 “Just lemme sleep” and #40 “Ignoring me won’t solve anything”


Originally posted by tuagifs

Five, as you may have already guessed, was not a morning person.

But you were.

And once you woke up, you could not go back to sleep, even if it was four in the morning.

Which, today, it was.

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Literally was like “Is umbrella academy season 3 out yet” and opened netflix to check before realizing they haven’t even confirmed it yet lmao 

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kunacottontail: w a i t they’re only adopted siblings? i literally ONLY saw ‘omg there’s Actual Incest dont watch TUA’ posts when S1 came out!!

blink blink blink

the literal concept of the show is “on a specific day, a bunch of babies were born to people who were not pregnant when the day began. an eccentric billionaire found them, went around the world and adopted seven of them, and found out they all had superpowers, and raised them to Save The World, to incredibly mixed results.”

unless the show reveals in, like, another season or something that the father of all these children was some singular magical entity that impregnated a bunch of people simultaneously or whatever: no. everyone is adopted siblings. tho i think in the comics, Five and Luther are twins, but that’s not in the show.

like not to be That Guy, but the show has A Lot of fun with the fact Allison, a black woman, keeps introducing her husband to her brothers and sisters, who are white and latinx.

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i want- no. i NEED s3 allison to go ape shit lmao. this is a side of allison i want to see and not necessarily in an ‘evil’ way. allison is a character with flaw just as any other character on this show and i want them to show it. all of them have been through a lot and i want this to be allison’s breaking point. i don’t mean take away from her improvement and development as a character but show another side of her and let her make mistakes.

she had to leave ray being and if were being real claire probably doesn’t exist in this tl and if she does she definitely doesn’t know who allison is. this is not something i see allison taking lightly considering how she felt about claire in season one.

it’s just something for her character i really want to see.

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