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AutoCAD swallowed me whole. It’s currently 3.30 AM and I just finished up with my elevations for tomorrow. Revit didn’t quite work out so I went the good old fashioned way. Lots of sketching, taking notes and seekining alternatives but I’m quite happy with the results. We’ll see what happens in the morning.

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2020/05/31 | 6/100 Days of Productivity

I finally wrote my friends some postcards for their birthdays (almost all of them have their birthday in May) and I cannot wait to deliver them.

I will have to be productive the upcoming week, though. I hope to hand in all my Swedish assignments (which includes me counting to 50) and I still have to put together my business plan presentation.

But sometimes productivity means self care. And for me, taking time to visit my friends (even if it is just for dropping off postcards) is one of the best ways to do some self care.

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🔮aztec rituals

🔮casting lots (throwing dice or knucklebones) (opening to random pages of a book)


🔮egyptian statues

🔮haruspicy (sacrifice a sheep)

🔮ifa (placement of palm nuts on a tray)

🔮mayan calendar

🔮oracle bones (interpreting cracks in bones caused by heat)

🔮oracle of delphi (travel to delphi)

🔮roman augury (interpreting the behaviour of birds)


🔮tasseography (e.g. interpreting the remains of coffee sediment in a cup)

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I’m going to say this twice. Once for the people actually paying attention and once louder for the people in the back.


You have to get organized because if you aren’t then you won’t survive. Period.


You think that I am kidding but I’m really not.  

If I’m being quite honest you cannot survive college being unorganized much less nursing school.

There are too many things that need to be done and too many plans and conflicts. If you think that you are above getting a planner and organizing your life then I am praying for you because the road ahead is not going to be easy.

Now I am compulsive with my schedule and I have several of them because then I feel guilty if I don’t stick to it. Honestly the way that I have it set up, if  follow it,  then there is time for other things in my life.

I guess I’ll just walk you everything I have and what helps me, and I’ll also suggest things that I know my friends use but I don’t.

So first I have this desk calendar. I did it myself because I have this big pad of paper that I don’t really use anymore, and desk calendars can be expensive. Now you don’t have to get a desk calendar in particular, any calendar works really. I just personally like the desk one because I work mainly at desk and just have to look down to see what is happening in the month. The monthly calendar helps me visualize the tests, quizzes, due dates, and tutorial times that I have happening throughout time without the need to flip through a bunch of stuff


Next I have Momentum. Momentum is a google chrome extension that changes the appearance of Now, I use it for study purposes because the background is nice peaceful with a clock on it. It gives you the weather and a motivational quote. However what I like best about it is that it’s a productivity extension. You can set your goal for the day, and in the bottom right corner you can write To Do’s. I am a Hoe for a to do list. It makes me feel accomplished and like I have purpose. Additionally, when I start to get sidetracked the fact that every time I open a new tab I’m reminded of all things I have to do.


Next I have my bullet journal. Now I personally use a bullet journal because I spend so much time making look pretty that I have no other choice than to use it as my agenda. If I try using the premade agendas I give up halfway through be cause I feel no obligation to keep using it. In my agenda I write daily things, not always relating to school. It has lists of books to read and buy, to do lists, appointments. It helps to have a small notebook where I have everything written down.


Next we have google calendars, now I don’t really use this anymore because of quarantine but my friends abide by it and it can be used in several different ways. Whenever I still had face to face would use it as a schedule maker. What is really cool about google calendar is that you can make recurrent events and get notifications on your phone or laptop. Kinda like a reminder. “Hey you have to be here now.” This was especially helpful on the days that I had three classes, tutoring, work, and three hours of commuting. It’s easy to forget where you’re supposed to be at the right time. This will be handy when I start clinical, if COVID ever allows.The other way that google calendars can be used is the way that I use my desk calendar and you will get notifications when you have due dates, tests, and events.

Now this is all I have in terms of organization of course material and deadlines. If you have any questions or other suggestions because I’m always looking for other innovate myself let me know.

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New June spread featuring fairy lights and lanterns. Also, my weekly spread is on the next page. I don’t feel the need to have a monthly calendar because I use my weeklys so much. FYI, missing from this picture is my empty coffee cup.

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30.05.20 I 6/100 days of productivity

Thank you guys so much for 200 followers!!!

spent the day reviewing Chem notes, planning some basic designs and learning the rules of dimensioning

🎶 Congratulations- Post Malone ft. Quavo

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Told my dad my plans for graduate school after never telling him anything about my major, school, or my future. Did not get the support I would like but at this point, I need to understand that in order to live the life I want, I am going to disappoint my parents somehow.

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Today I returned to my dorm, and it wasn’t fun at all. I was ready to come back like a month ago, but today I wanted nothing more than just stay home with my family and cats. I cried in the morning, so I put full face of makeup on, so I wouldn’t start bawling when it was time to leave.

I had so much stuff to take with me, which irritated me even more, as I hate having to haul lots of stuff around. I had literally brought almost all of my clothes home with me, even though I knew I am not going to go out much, and if I am, I’m gonna wear the same shit every time, because it’s comfortable. 
Of course there was also food my grandma cooked for me, I brought a blender with me as well, my school stuff, shoes, etc. you get the drill. Cheers to my lack of self-control.

Also my dorm pass doesn’t work for some rickety reason, I’ll have to talk to the dorm manager tomorrow about that.

The remainder of this semester is going to be a bitch - almost all of my friends will be free for the summer in, like, 2 weeks, but I will have to do this for about 2 more months. I had a redbull left in my fridge from before quarantine and I was so done with everything I downed it so I could be at least tiny bit productive today. 

I’m tired.

My roommate is a really cool girl and we don’t bother each other much, but she talks with her boyfriend all. the. goddamn. time over computer. When I get in my zone and really focus I can’t even hear her sometimes, usually I will also put on some music for good measure, but some days it bugs the hell out of me. 
Also, I need some gamers to enlighten me - how the fuck do you sit for the entire day with just some slight adjustments from time to time, because can’t relate, I need movement or I combust

Get good nights sleep and dance around a little bit when you feel down

Lots of love <3

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Day 30/30 days of productivity


I did some errands for my mom this morning and went on a run outside. It is really hot here nowadays and I didn’t drink enough water before so it was quite a painful run and a not very useful one.

I went on another run at the beginning of the afternoon but I did it on the treadmill. And now my whole body aches!

I did my duolingo lessons and finished to read On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I also made dinner and trust me, it was good!

I ordered books for my next writing project. It is a project I’ve always wanted to write and with the current events, I think now is a good time to start. Please, if you are looking for resources to know more about the Black Lives Matter movement, please read this document, it lists several resources to begin with.

now watching: the vampire diaries

I’m tagging @study-louise @evelovespineapple and @commanderbensolo please feel free to join!

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On June 10 I have the internship exam and I will have to speak through the slides that I have just finished preparing (which will surely have to be fixed).

Then on June 15 I have a very difficult exam; both will be done online, which further worries me.
Next Monday I will contact the professor to tell her that I will take the exam. She needs to know it because she must give me more time than for do the exercises, etc.

In addition to worrying about the written exam of the 15th, I am worried about the subsequent oral exam on theory, of which I still know little.

Today because of anxiety I took too much xanax and fell into a deep sleep for three hours …
But I am satisfied that at least I managed to finish the slides.
Tomorrow I start the real study. Or at least I hope to do it…

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The photos from my mental health awareness month photoshoot. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you will know I struggle with depression, an eating disorder, and body dysmorphia. To talk about it with other people, I decided to do it the best way i could and that was through photography

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