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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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i can’t wait to thrive in university. imagine studying what i want to study?? imagine moving away from home? imagine becoming embroiled in a secret society of mysterious classics students, all of whom are distrusting of each other, and get entangled in a plot to murder one of the group?? imagine making my own food?

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> studyblr 2o2o quarantine challenge <

Week 2 || Sat - Take a picture of a meal you’ve cooked or something you’ve baked

Yesterday I was craving for carbonara so me and my dad spent few hours studying the perfect recipe. I think we’re finally getting there, now it’s all about practise!

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Inspiration, I found an old wooden desk in an alley today on my walk, it’s beautiful and worn. I will hopefully be able to stain and fix it so I can adorn my room with a fixture from the past. Perhaps a more Freudian inspired room would assist on me actually finish a masteral thesis.

I also am hoping to find in the future a beautiful old mirror to hand on my wall and a type writer to continue encourage me.

I hope to be posting more, please feel free to ask me questions.

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Day 5/30 Productivity

Wasn’t overall productive in any one thing. I switched from thing to thing today because nothing was of any interest to me.

I did however have to hop over my neighbor’s fence because whoever was seeing the property to possibly rent left the back door open. So I didn’t want the other people on the other end to have their heater go out. And turns out it’s a good thing I went over there, because the water outside was on, and where I live we are still getting snow and stuff so we don’t want any pipes bursting. I should also note that I did alert the property managers before I just jumped their fence.

I’m assuming I’m just tired because I woke up on and off last night and my eyes are doing that blurry thing which probably means I need to call it a night.

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04.03.2020- My set-up at the kitchen table for my microecon exam! Still haven’t been able to actually clean off all the junk from my desk, and I need to find another place for my printer. Hopefully, I can figure all that out this weekend.

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this is honestly the perfect dorm meal: instant noodles 🖤

i’m at home now, but i was too lazy to cook so i had some spicy instant noodles! and idk i kind of suddenly missed dorm life? all those nights where i had no time (and money lolol) to buy food, so i had to resort to eating instant noodles. all those all-nighters. all those late night rant sessions with my roommate. truly hope things can go back to normal soon :(

[ 66/100 days of productivity - 04 April 2020 ]

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I get a lot of questions about what we do at vet school to help with our clinical problem solving. I write down our clinical questions and then put answers down in pencil to change when my lecturers duscuss answers later. It’s probably my favorite format of content delivery on our course cause it gets the brain juices flowing!

as always, my ask box is always open to questions as are my messages if you ever need someone to talk to :) stay safe everyone <3

♫ Lucky Strike, Troye Sivan

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4/100 days of productivity

[April 3, 2020] went to work for an hour and a half and they sent me back home. The campus felt weird, empty and lonely, I thought deers we going to be enjoying this but I didn’t see them, they know something is wrong. I bought so food but HEB was so creepy, everybody wearing masks and they had audio in the background taking about covid19 and it made more creepy and scary, it was just like a movie. Even when I didn’t do much I felt productive because I got ready in the morning after days of not doing my makeup and only wearing leggings and big shirts.

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