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I was happy with how this sketch came out for one of my classes, so here you go.

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The dead of night
Only radiant stars
My discreet soul
And a solemn moon


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Seated on a bench

I sniffed

The reeking wind

of lowliness

entered my little

craggy nose,

taking its toll

from my nostrils

down the loops

then brrrrr ha!

Just exhaled it-

The saturated dust

in the thick air

of lonesome.

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i will never forget

how we met each other

one lovely night

how you spilled your coffee

on my clean white shirt

and how you quickly apologized

my life

was never the same

since the day you met me

i am forever grateful

that i found you—

my sweet serendipity

wbm // untitled #12

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Rolls Royce Black Cars(2048x1536)

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One confusing day
After the other
Makes this trap
Even more telling
That conceivably
I’m in purgatory


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