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Hey y’all! For this post, I wanted to talk about Direct Provision, or DP, in Ireland.

What is DP?: A program that gives asylum-seekers a place to wait.

But that’s good right?: Wrong. These places serve poor-quality food and have whole families cramped in one room, often alongside strangers. These places were supposed to be temporary – six months. But most have stayed for years, unable to live elsewhere, or even work due to their status in the country. They’re given 19 euros a week to live. In that, they must buy medication, household goods, clothes, etc. 

Also, did I mention it’s a for-profit system?

This disproportionately affects black and brown people. Here’s a video to learn more.

And here’s a petition you can sign to end this system. It’ll take about 45 seconds of your day:

Note: don’t donate to The money goes to them, and not to the petition you’re signing.

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