#V; Safe In My Arms
f-ai-n · 8 months ago
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Hugs and thoughts (all platonic)
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clouds-dont-judge · a month ago
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hhhh i love love fatal vore angst but i am so emotional and sensitive my heart hurts afterwards /pos (thats how you know its the good stuff)
to balance out my misery i have drawn Them for the 10th time
soft sleepy tum cuddles :))
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wiildhearrted · 3 months ago
“You’re coming with me.” Toni casually claiming his mate u-u
The teasing had been endless.  She could see the pout clear as day upon his face even if he’d deny it, and she couldn’t help the grin that spread across her own features.  It’s not as though he hadn’t gotten in a few jabs of his own.  Nikki’s tongue is just that quick, and she’s spent far too much time watching him to know exactly where to poke and what buttons to push.
Tumblr media
“What if I don’t wanna?”  He’s just so cute when he’s flustered.  Mischievous grin turns into a fond smile, a crooked brow.  Even as she says it, she’s taking a step forward, arms open and reaching towards him.  The shifter giggles as he scoops her up with a grumble, offering Toni a nuzzle against his neck along with a few soft kisses.
“Don’t give me that look.  You know I don’ wanna be anywhere else.”
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lemememeringue · 10 months ago
my nicer dreams as of late involve me exploring this lively outer-world of my town in the evenings on overcast days that both exists and not. for a few hours in dream I feel truly free except for tonight bc I got stopped by plain clothed cops who thought I was a middle schooler. who put cops in my dreams
#mine#dream journal#one grabbed me by the arm and I was so jostled I woke up#I was just riding a scooter down an empty side road downtown#mum was literally just a few feet away. yes in my dream where I live and explore freely as an adult I still have my mom. I got anxiety.#anyway I'm mad that I woke up bc IN MY DREAM I literally remembered to put both my wallet and my phone in my pockets so I had id to prove#that I wasn't an unaccompanied minor. I did stress extremely childish that day but like a child from the 90s not modern at all#again‚ who put cops in my dream anyway they interrupted the soundtrack that was playing#anyway I haven't had a chance to talk abt this dream town I explore. it looks like my hometown but also the downtown district from texas#there are people who know me and don't and they walk around like it's a festival day#I've seen inside my childhood favourite library and a walmart and a small hospital and random clothing shops in the ''colour pop district''#all places are staffed by familiar faces and I feel safe roaming about as mum catches up w friends or runs errands in the background#the ''colour pop district'' is my favourite bc you turn off the bland highway into a rainbow street. this does not exist anywhere I've lived#I think I copied it off a street I saw of san francisco#I don't know where this outer-world came from. I don't WANT to greatly scrutinise or lucid dream here. it's mundane and magical#and new. v new. I don't go out much in dreams except nightmares on the road. I guess that's why I'm not in a car here.#it's always overcast and I wear long clothes but not my sunhat nor sunblock. I sometimes feel the burning on my knuckles and flushed face#there are no masks here either. I don't know the vaxx status of anyone and feel a twinge of fear in groups but I somehow know it's safe#I don't know When this takes place but it feels like present day#as previously mentioned I am an adult in these dreams but I do take advantage of my child size#people do not interact with me noticeably different than in reality#I don't think my name has been used here. it's always a nickname specific to that person and me. I feel very ungendered
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sysba · 7 months ago
ooh i feel absolutely terrible and it's Not improving 🥲
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birthofvcnus · a year ago
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found this little lady running through a field alone near an empty road, took us like an hour and a half of knocking on doors and stuff but we found her home !!!! turns out she’d been missing for two days and her family didn’t think they’d see her again :-(
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selflesstwin · 11 months ago
she lays her head down in Kaoru's lap -- time to watch the clouds from here! emerald hues drift to theirs, smiling when they meet. " hi, Kao! "
/ @earthssprout
Tumblr media
       Careful fingers continued weaving in flowers to the crown that they were working on. Two were complete and now they were finally completing their final one for the day. When Ari arrived to rest her head, they raised their arms up and resumed what they were doing, eyes not leaving the flowers. It wasn’t until she spoke that they took a small pause to look back down at the child, giving her a soft smile. “ Good afternoon, Princess Ari. Tell me what you see in the clouds. Can you see any shapes, animals, or maybe something else? ” 
       As they waited for a response, they briefly looked up to see if they could spot anything. “ That one looks like a butterfly. ” Not really but maybe she’d be able to make out a figure in the clouds. When they finally completed their work, they placed the flower crown on Ari’s head ( as best as they could since she was lying down ). After picking up the other two, they carefully handed them to their little sister, “ Here. I made one for Momo and Oda. Tell them that you made them. I’m sure they’d love that. ”
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selflesstwin-x · a year ago
she has not only handed them the spoon, but now, she offers them the jar -- angrily so, with a stomp of a little foot ( a squeak to follow it ). " NNN ... NO, THANK YOU! " Yes. Kaoru must put the spoon in the jar this time!
/ @earthssprout
Tumblr media
       Oh, they’re about to become a brat. “ Wait. This isn’t fair, Ari. He started it. ” The items were placed on the floor so they could focus on taking a seat, making sure to cross their legs. Hands were then placed on their knees because they refused to put their spoon in the jar. This was an injustice. “ He deserves the punishment. He insulted me. I was defending myself. ” Not setting a good example here. “ I’m sorry, Ari, but... ” Hands moved to push the spoon and jar closer to her as they seriously stated, “ No, thank you. ”
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galvantual · a year ago
i'm too yearny for sleep
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coralsweep · a year ago
why am i so attached to geto’s long hair...
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aworldofyou · a year ago
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please enjoy mindel buying leliana's favorite meal and setting up an extravagant dinner for two by the fireplace and andraste's grace in a vase in the center of the table <3 please enjoy mindel placing herself in leliana's lap after dinner and smooching her wonderful girlfriend smack on the lips, arms around her neck as she whispers in her ear, "happy valentine's day my love" <3 sweet valentines things     /     @illiumflower​ , Mindel Cousland
Tumblr media
         This gift is taken by a wonderful surprise. She’s already arriving with flowers, chocolates, a necklace, and more than few bracelets balanced in paper bags for the love of her life. By the time she arrives home, Leliana had approached the center of their home with a sort of positive trepidation when the careful click of heels had her coming down the main hall. It would seem that both had the same idea to gift the other, and it didn’t take her long to entirely abandon her coat and step out of her heels with the careful press of toes to an achilles heel. One shoe, than the other, as she comes up to set the gifts along the counter.
           It’s there that Leliana collects Mindel’s face into her hands and pulls her over so she can lean over and kiss her. It there that she wraps her arms around her and trades tender words of affection between even gentler kisses before she buries her face into her shoulder with a mirth filled giggle. Only to turn away from her briefly to pull a bottle of Mindel’s favorite champagne from the plastic bag to show her love just what she came to offer.
           And of course, nothing could have made this night more perfect than the company that helped provide the wonderful boons of the evening. Nothing could have made it more perfect then the love of her life slipping into her lap the second contentment had been known between the duo. She had been taking a small drink of her remaining glass and only lifts it to help Mindel adjust along the top of her thighs. It’s there she sinks into her kiss, it is there she is happy making the little hum, with the slip of her arm around her middle. Abandoning the drink along the table just so she could lock Mindel agaisnt her.
         “A Valentines that would not be perfect without you, my dearest.” And then she kisses her again, and again, then moves to do the same to her shoulder. A devilish hand coming to rest along her thigh. And before long a smile turn sharp against her lips, “I love you, with everything I have in me. Everything I have to offer, my sweet. I love you, I love you - there are not enough words to reflect just how much I do.”
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I still think about that boy I had a crush on in 7th grade
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wiildhearrted · 6 months ago
They have been teasing each other for quite a while, competitive as always the shrimp and the pupper… arms swiftly wrap around the feminine figure picking her swiftly up and throwing her on the bed before long rough full of scars and wounds fingers start tickling her side. Lips swiftly press against the crook of her neck for raspberries … raspberries that gradually turned into soft sucking of the skin and fingertips started groping and exploring the warm body of his mate tenderly. Panting softly he pressed himself against her as he stopped the teasing.
She's been poking and and prodding at his sides all day. Pinching at his ribs and then dashing away before he can do anything about it with a giggle. This last time, she wasn't quite quick enough, his arms are around her waist and she's tossed over his shoulder, squealing as everything suddenly turns upside down. Before he can throw her on their bed, she gives him a playful swat on the butt.
Her giggling doesn't cease once her back hits the mattress, squirming as his fingers dance along her sides. "Toni!! Aaah! 'M ticklish!" He can barely understand her between the giggles, even as her head instinctively moves to the side to give him more access to her neck.
The shift in tone is slow, gradual as his lips longer just a bit longer on her neck. Fingers dancing along her sides turn to palms, hands gripping and squeezing at her hips and waist. Her own breath comes out in a sigh, hands running up his back and holding him close.
Her head turns when he stills, presses himself against her, and she nuzzles at the crook of his next. Lips ghost against his skin.
"Whyd you stop?"
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gotharab · 2 months ago
im at the point where im practicing backbends spontaneously in other ppls living rooms
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manicpixiedreamcurl · a month ago
Headcanon: Eddie cannot get over how he can make you come over and over just by rubbing.
Warnings: 18+ only, an inordinate amount of clit rubbing, overstimulation, mentions of a safe word but it isn’t used, we get right into it under the cut. 
Word Count: ~1,580
"I love playing with your clit,"
You watch his hand between your legs in the mirror, mouth open and drooling. 
The image of you, slumped against Eddie’s chest, is framed by posters and memorabilia in the space where his guitar would normally be. It's resting by your side on the bed where he'd left it before pulling you between his legs and flipping your skirt up. Your pretty cotton panties that he'd barely managed to drag down before getting at your pussy are still wrapped, wet and crumpled, around your right calf.
"Before you," Eddie continues, his fingers still rubbing relentless circles on your clit. The calluses built by guitar strings catch perfectly on the sensitive button, smoothed by the slick pouring from your cunt. "I thought it was this extra thing you could do to get a girl off while fucking her. Like when you get your tongue on my balls." Your thighs start to shake. Your grip on Eddie's forearm tightens but it’s like he doesn't even feel it, movements relentless. "But it's like, you don't even really need my cock."
"I need your cock," you protest in a quiet little whine. Eddie grins at you in the mirror. He grips your chin, tilts your head so he can lean down and give you a sweet kiss on your warm cheek. All the while, your body is writhing desperately against his chest and his hand. 
"I mean, fuck,” he laughs breathlessly in you ear, shaking his head, eyes wide with amusement. “I just give this tiny thing a little rub," he changes his movements, back and forth at an angle, sending your hips flying as you cry out again, getting dangerously close to another moment of blinding pleasure. "And your whole body- it’s mine. Like you'd let me do anything to you if I just promised to touch you here."
"I would let you do anything to me, Eddie," you promise, voice getting higher.
"Not really my point, sweetheart," he says, smiling a little sardonically. "But that’s okay. This head was empty the second I made you cum the first time."
You groan, the little bit of degradation pushing you over, the sharp raw feeling of your clit sending pleasure through your cunt and the rest of your body. You smack the mattress at your side, nails digging into his arm but he doesn't fucking stop, just goes back to circling your swollen clit.
"Just like that," he breathes, grinding his hard cock into your back. "Fucking look at you."
You look like you're in pain. Your clit is raw with overstimulation, your legs tired from kicking and shaking. There's tears building in your eyes, blurring the image of the two of you on his bed. You can still make out his smile. 
"It hurts," 
"Thought you said you'd let me do anything to you."
You whine. "I can't come anymore, Eddie."
He hums a little in your ear, eyes dark on yours in the mirror. He does that grin of his, really a cheeky purse of his lips, and tilts his head a little. "Well, you say that but, I mean-"
Eddie's left hand is down by his right now, spreading the sodden lips of your cunt open with his ringed fingers in a V. His right hand gives your clit a good slap, the sound of your wetness overtaking the sound of spanked skin. You wail, legs kicking. Eddie brings his own legs, still covered with his jeans, over yours, forcing them open with his calves tucked inside yours.
He gives you more quick rubs, your body tensing when he draws back, ready for the crack of pleasure-pain. He rains down quick little smacks. Your hips grind against his cock as your body tries desperately to get you away from the pain and towards the pleasure at the same time. 
You cry his name, and come again with tears running down your cheeks, feeling the hot gush of wetness from your cunt, covering your thighs and Eddie's hand, leaking down to his well used sheets. They’ll smell of you, just as much as they do him, now. 
Eddie settles his broad hand firmly on your pussy, not moving, just giving you the soothing warmth of him against your sore cunt. 
"No more," you plead, turning your face to his chest, seeking comfort from the very person who'd made you feel so sore and filthy. 
Eddie presses a firm kiss to the top of your hair, barely pressing the heel of his palm against the top of your cunt, but you’re so sensitive that the tears start building again. You sniffle against his chest and Eddie shushes you gently.
“I want one more from your little clit,” he tells you earnestly. “Just one more, sweetheart, I promise.”
Your quiet sob has him cooing, blowing softly to spread cool air over your heated, sweaty face. He lets you rub your cheek against the soft, worn cotton of his t-shirt, burying your nose against his chest to smell smoke and boy. “Cross your heart?” You mumble, tears still tracking. You look up at his big, doe eyes. Behind the mischief, they’re all love and sweet attention, making your heart flutter.
The hand that isn’t pressed to your twitching cunt draws a cross over his chest. 
“Wan’ a kiss,” you say, feeling a little desperate for him, wanting some softness before you let him ruin you completely. 
The kiss he gives you is warm and wet, tastes of Eddie-Eddie-Eddie. You mewl happily, settling yourself back into his broad chest. Eddie hums a laugh at the feeling of you relaxing in his arms. “S’fucking sweet,” he mumbles against your lips, pulling away. His cock twitches at the sight of the spit that connects your lips with his, and he cleans some of the drool from the corner of your mouth with his thumb. 
You make to lean your head back on his shoulder, but Eddie’s shuffling both of you forward toward the edge of his bed. When your feet touch the floor, your body collapses, legs unprepared and shaky. Eddie hauls you up before you can hit the ground, one arm wrapped over your chest, the other your waist as he shuffles you towards that space in the mirror for the two of you. 
He’s laughing at the unsteady steps he’s forcing you to take, cooing his faux apology with an exaggerated pout. “Eddie,” you say, worried by his intentions. “Need it gentle.”
He scoffs, presses his foot to your calf to get your legs wide for him, runs his arm up your torso to hold your skirt to your stomach. He’s patronising you when he says, “I know what you need.”
Eddie presses two rough fingers to your sore button, and rubs in long horizontal stripes that you can hear from your soaked cunt like stepping in a puddle. 
His name comes in a long, pained sound. The edges of your swollen clit raw and protesting while he flicks it back and forth. You watch it all happen in the mirror, his left hand, ringed and broad, clasping the heaviness of one of your tits, the other moving in a pale blur between your legs. 
Eddie’s gaze, wild and excited, is intent on that place. You can feel his cock twitching through his pants against your back, the subtle movements of his hips secondary for him, compared to making you feel this. 
It hurts. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts. 
You could get him to stop, if you wanted. Just cry red and Eddie would have you hauled up in his arms, lying back on his bed, receiving all the sweet kisses and praises your tender heart could want. 
But you’d lose what he’s building you towards, what he wants so much to give you. 
So you just beat your hand against his hip, your body thrashing and pushing to try and end this painful incline. 
“Come on,” Eddie breathes, his soft hair tickling your shoulder. And that’s enough.
It’s numb. Your clit is numb, and then it’s burning and something snaps and it feels like it’ll never stop. The blinding, sickening pleasure concentrated in that one tiny spot that now rules your whole body. Your hole clenches wildly, the emptiness nothing compared to the euphoria of what’s happening at the top of your pussy.
Even as Eddie’s fingers slow to a stop, cupping the hot flesh, it keeps coming, peaks and troughs of tingling pleasure in your clit as if he’s still playing with it. 
“Look at you,” he laughs.
You’re legless, leaning your whole weight on him, the relief that he’s finished overwhelming. You feel so good, sticking it out for him, letting him take you further than you thought you could go. 
Only, Eddie’s thick fingers are circling your hole. When he sinks the longest inside, he has to tighten the arm around your waist to keep you, practically jumping to get away, against his body. 
“You promised!” You cry, feeling the rough pads of his fingers rubbing deep in your gooey cunt. 
“Said one more from your clit.” He smacks a kiss to the spot where your neck meets your shoulder, licks the sweat that’s built there. Eddie’s big eyes find yours in the mirror. “Now I want a couple from this perfect spot inside that makes you gush all over me.”
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lemememeringue · 7 months ago
dreamt I was a child again and was being hunted down by a gaggle of similarly aged teens in matching leather jackets.
#mine#dream journal#this is one of those dreams I Know I've had before but it doesn't happen often enough for me to remember in the moment and lucid speedrun#dream started w me trying to get into the apartment but there are two rambunctious little boys who try to get inside and break stuff#I chase one out but can't grab the other#mum comes home and snatches up one kid while I try to get the other back under control#kid makes a break for it and runs down the street so I chase after him#I get turned around and stumble across said gang of biker kids#they have the child who is now in a tiny jacket of his own and a motorcycle helmet#I grab the kid and yank off the helmet. kid is now safe in my arms and v chill#the other teens are annoyed / amused by my presence and threaten to ?? lock me in a cold dark room w a dead body and a ghost#I hold my tongue and don't say that I'm not scared of ghosts and dead bodies#instead I mumble some pleasantries and try to run back to mum w baby in hand#the leader (some teenage boy) runs after me but the rest sort of just.. wait. they expect me to be back.#the teen boy taunts me and I am not amused. I feel like he could easily overtake me but he's just enjoying the chase#I get turned around and the roads and buildings gain and lose familiarity in equal measure#I make too many wrong turns and I see the teens again just watching and waiting#I wave w my free hand and grab my flip phone and speed dial mum#she doesn't pick up and I leave a brief message just saying that I love her. I fully expect to be taken to a secondary location.#and then I wake up. which is annoying partly bc it's 6am and partly bc !! what happens next??#where do dreams like this even come from. I don't think I even saw that many children my own age outside of an educational event#the toddlers don't surprise me too much. they remind me of my foster brothers we had for a brief time#I used to dream abt them a lot more I think. they were always running off#allegedly dreams abt being chased thru the streets means I'm worried abt finances and dreams abt kids could mean *checks notes* anything#I did review my savings progress yesterday but I'm not so much stressed abt strain as I am abt how long it takes to accumulate#maybe that's why I wasn't so much scared as I was annoyed? idk
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munsonquinns · 3 days ago
i need a shower smut with eddie munson
not even a want anymore its a NEED
author’s note: …yeah, this is just…probably one of the dirties things i’ve written in a while. i laugh every time i write smut because it feels so ridiculous, but i really liked how it came together, so enjoy!
cw: 18+ (no minors allowed, seriously), dom/sub undertones (if you squint), fem!reader, brattiness (from reader but it’s very toned down, i promise), unprotected sex, oral (f&m receiving), p in v sex, ect.
word count: 2k
Tumblr media
Eddie never asked because it felt silly, but when you would sneak in behind the shower curtain after a long, grueling day—he could breathe a little easier. You could wrap your arms around his middle, squeezing him tight, and he would relax against you, rubbing the tips of his fingers against your own where they were connected around his stomach. It wasn’t always about sex, or the need to let out all the pent up frustrations from the day—sometimes all Eddie needed was a place to feel safe, free of any worry, surrounding himself in the love you showered him with. It wasn’t something you expected from him initially, though he was always willing to show his love for you—in an endless amount of displays of affection, Eddie had no shame.
But, he never expected any in return; part of him not sure if he even deserved it. Fortunately, Eddie learned quickly that wasn’t the case. It was the little things—holding hands in the grocery store, wrapping your arms around his waist as you waited in line for a movie, running your fingers through his hair as he sat between your legs every evening, coming up with another ridiculous campaign to play out with his friends. Eddie loved to be showered in love, he was the biggest sap you’d ever met—the mind-blowing sex was just a bonus.
“Been waiting for this all day, baby.” He sighs, his hair wetting from the stream of the shower, water cascading off his head and around you like a curtain. “Thinking ‘bout that dirty mouth of yours.”
“Yeah?” Your voice sultry and sweet, hands coming up to push Eddie’s hair out of his face. He smiled under your gaze, his own hands rising to assist you. “Tell me all about it.”
He huffs out a small laugh, watching the way your eyes traveled his naked body, just as eager as he was. “Thought about that pretty little mouth on my dick.” His thumbs drags against your lips, catching onto the bottom one with the edge of his ring. You couldn’t help but think about how ridiculous it was that he never took them off, even for a shower.
“Pretty and dirty?” You tease, hands sliding down his slick chest, tracing over the tattoo on his chest.
“Fucking filthy, actually.” His hand grips your chin gently, lips jutting forward at the motion, mouth parted slightly. “Gonna let me fuck that mouth?”
You nod impishly, hand already ascending toward Eddie’s dick. It wasn’t a surprise that he was already half hard, riled up from both the touching and just seeing you. He sighs out at the first touch, like he’s been waiting years for this—it would never fail to make your insides flutter, the way he cherished these moments so much.
Eddie reaches over you for the shampoo bottle as you settle on your knees against the porcelain, spread out to keep you from slipping. You gave him a look, eyebrows knitting together.
“What? I can multitask.” He squirts a generous amount of product in his hand and lathers it into his hair—he wasn’t lying, but you weren’t going to make it easy.
You tugged at him gently, tongue swirling around the tip of his cock, self-satisfied at the way he curses above you. It doesn’t take much to get Eddie worked up, but your mouth around his dick—that’s what did him in. Your head dips down, tongue dragging from the base of his shaft and upward, before your mouth is closing around, cheeks hollowed out as you swallow him down in one quick motion. Eddie would never get tired of that, knowing his body—your body, so well, that you knew exactly how much you could take.
And you would take everything if you could.
“Fuuuuck.” It’s long and drawn out, his hand bracing against the wall, the other twisting in your at the root, pulling your head back and off of him. “It’s gonna be like that?” You couldn’t take him seriously, not with the ridiculous amount of soap covering his face.
“Uh huh,” You nod, pulling away from the resistance of his grip, “Now, stop interrupting me.” And the groan that follows as your mouth closes around him, hands reaching what your mouth couldn't—well, it was heavenly.
You pull back, thumb tracing his slit at the tip of his cock, a mixture of spit and water creating a slippery mess, the glide of your hand like velvet as you jerked him off. “Such a little brat.” Eddie groans, hand still gripping your hair. “Trying to make me come before I even get the chance to fuck you? That’s cruel.”
“So don’t,” It’s a challenge, and Eddie is willing to tackle it, “and maybe then, I’ll let you fuck me.”
Eddie scoffs, half amused at your attitude, but frustrated at how badly he wanted it. He’d come all over your face if he could, but the idea of burying himself inside you was much more enticing. You waste no time in returning your attention to his dick, letting his hand guide you deep, nose brushing the trimmed bush of curls at his base, his tip nudging the back of your throat. You gagged, feeling his hand loosen slightly. A quick shake of your head gives him all the assurance he needs, pulling your head back roughly before forcing you to swallow him back down, welcoming the way he used you for his own pleasure, pliant to him and only him.
Part of you remembers how shy Eddie used to be—forcing himself to keep quiet, both with his sounds and words, too afraid he’d say something would offend you or you would poke fun at how loud he tended to be. But that Eddie was long gone, moaning out unabashedly above you. “Gotta stop—fuck, want to—wanna go down on you, baby.”
Except you really don’t want to, leaning back in to kiss the tip of his dick, hands wrapping around his thighs. Eddie’s having none of it, though—pulling your face back in the same manner as earlier, chin bound in his grip, but tighter this time.
“Did you hear me?” Eddie’s voice is firm, rough—and he’s staring right into your eyes, that darkened gaze sending a flurry of tingles down your spine. “You’re really asking for it tonight, aren’t you?”
You shrug sheepishly, priding yourself off of the fact that he was so riled up—Eddie enjoyed the back and forth game as much as you did, the brattier you acted, the more Eddie felt free of inhibition, falling into the role that you both needed.
“Up.” He nods, releasing his grip on your face and helping you up, but it doesn’t take long before he’s got you crowded up against the tile wall, cold biting into your back. His hand trails up the back of your calf, your thigh, before he’s lifting your leg over his shoulder and spreading you wide open for him.
Eddie bites at the inside of your thigh, sucking hard at the skin there, the smallest of bruises beginning to form. “Now who’s wasting time?” You perk up, hand buried deep in his wet curls.
“Shut up.” His tone is playful, but the way he’s gripping your thighs tells a different story, his nose bumping against your clit as he drags a finger through your folds, gathering up a sheen of wetness on his finger, before prodding at your entrance, slowly pushing his fingertip past that threshold. He’s had enough time to learn your body and know what makes you tick, which is why he likes to drag things out so much—it’s torture to you, but for Eddie, it’s too good an opportunity to pass up.
He pulls the finger away and toward your clit, making slow, precise circles against the sensitive bud—really, really dragging it out, what an asshole. He leans forward, swiping his tongue through your folds, dipping inside of you teasingly. It wasn’t the same as his fingers or him, but it still had your back arching away from the tile in delectation, the hot heat of his mouth like fire against your sensitive cunt.
You squeal softly, desperately canting your hips upward in an attempt to grind against his mouth, feel his tongue delve deeper, but he pulls back. “Stay still.” His voice is soft, but demanding, not leaving room for any argument.
“Baby, please—“ You sound pathetic, so worked up by a few minutes of his mouth that you couldn’t take it any longer, “want you inside me.”
Eddie pulls back, staring up from where he was knelt below you, leg still slung around his shoulder. “What was that?” You knew damn well he heard you, his expression coy and sweet. “I didn’t hear you.”
“Eddie, come on,” You pant, yanking gently at his hair. He smirks, a small noise of amusement slipping its way past his lips. “Stop being like that.”
“You’re making a lot of demands, sweetheart.” He notes, finally giving your leg a break, setting down gently against the edge of the tub as he stood, crowding you in even further. “You think you deserve it?”
You nod slowly, neck craned slightly to look up at him. His hand comes up, wiping across your face in a quick, but light slap. It didn’t startle you—it was nothing new; you and Eddie had very clear, set boundaries with one another, he knew you could take it.
“Answer me.” He’s rubbing at the tender spot with the pad of his thumb, his expression a stark difference from the tone in his voice. He always looked at you so soft, like you’d break—not that easy, you always told him. “Don’t act so shy now.”
“Yes—yes, I do.” You say softly, hand reaching for his waist to pull him closer, provide any kind of contact or relief, desperate to feel his skin against your own. “Please, baby.”
“So pretty when you beg.” His voice is quiet, admiring the way your lip juts out slightly. He leans forward, kissing you slowly, tongue slipping inside and tangling with your own. “Turn.”
You had no qualms, immediately twisting your body around, allowing Eddie to maneuver you how he pleased. “Bend—more, there you go.” He instructs, hand running along the slope of your back, giving him the perfect view of your ass. He squeezes gently, hand reaching down to guide his dick against your cunt, slipping through your folds.
You push back, barely, but it’s just enough to have him slipping inside, both of you sighing in relief. “So good—feels so fuckin’ good.” You moan, making a feeble attempt to move your hips, but Eddie has a tight grip, keeping them still.
“Shit—you gotta stop squeezing me, don’t want to come that quick, sweetheart.” His hips are slow, but steady—a gentle rhythm as he thrust into you, careful not to tip over the edge too quickly—not that he was very far off.
“Sorry—can’t help myself.” You giggle softly, meeting his hips eagerly, hands pressed against the wall to keep you upright. You whine out at a particular jolt of his hips, his fingers tightening around your hips. “Harder.”
His hand comes around to wrap around your front, squeezing at one of your breasts—it pulls you backwards, back flat against his chest. “Gonna come,” He breathes out, hips snapping relentlessly now, “want me to pull out?”
Always a gentleman—you try not to laugh at the absurdity of it all, that somehow within these private moments of existential pleasure, he still managed to keep you based in reality.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.”
And he does, hips stuttering to a slow stop as he reaches his tipping point, spilling inside of you—his hand is desperately reaching around you, rubbing at the sensitive nub between your legs, gasping as you came, quick and hard—you barely had time to realize it, the euphoric feeling overwhelming your body, skin warm and flushed against his own. He grunts softly, jaw clenching as he lets the few seconds of aftershocks run through his system, before finally pulling out.
“We gotta start making that a weekly thing.” Eddie comments after a few minutes of silence, allowing you two to finally continue your shower, though you mostly lean against Eddie for the rest of the duration. He didn’t mind.
“We’ll see.” You tease, reaching up on your tiptoes to peck him on the lips. “As long as you behave.”
“Me—Me, behave?” Eddie rolls his eyes dramatically, failing to hide the smile that creeps onto his face. “You’re unbelievable.”
It definitely becomes a weekly thing.
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