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#Valerie Gray
danny-phangirl · 7 hours ago
DannyMay 2021. Day Seventeen
Phantom hit the chain tying him and Red Huntress together, again and again to no avail, seeing only how the rock crumbled under the effort.
(He could relate.)
"Do you think it's chipped? I think it is." He looked up and knew Val was glaring at him from under her mask. "You got an idea?"
Red Huntress, really frigging tired of this, chose to forego any banter and gave a straight answer. "We need a blade." Then, a crazy idea came to her. "Do ghost powers work like magic or something?" She asked.
"What? Why? How?"
"As in…" Val began, trying to remember what was so special about magical weapons and such in the books her dad used to read for her. "They already break the laws of physics, so, like, would something ghostly be stronger if it was sacred or ancient or stuff?"
Phantom looked sceptic, but thoughtful.
"If you're asking me if I have a magical haunted sword-" His face lit up in realization, but the next second it grew sombre. "-then, sort of, I do."
- - -
Phantom was anxious, and it showed.
"Okay, we gotta be really careful. No taking the sword out of the pumpkin and no, under any circumstances, touching the blade." His face had hardened, showing how serious he took this.
Unbeknown to Valerie, Danny was thinking back on when Lancer and Tucker had come back from witnessing their worst nightmares, with his teacher's speechless and his eyes wide in fear, and his best buddy hugging his knees, sobbing inconsolable.
"Yeah, I'm not dumb, I know the rules of cursed stuff." Red Huntress dismissed him and positioned her hand to get over with it.
"Well, goody you." Phantom remarked tersely, but prepared himself too.
Both teens got ready, and on the count of three, moved.
- - -
I hope this is understandable as them seeking their freedom from Skulker's murder game (and each other).
Also, I know in the show Lancer and Tucker only see relatively silly stuff to make it kid-friendly, but I would love to read about them having actual big fears. I would adapt Tucker's as fear of being alone, combined with abandonment issues, so him being in a deserted island with no effective way to communicate (connect) himself to others wouldn't be like "wow he really loves tech".
I don't have ideas for Lancer, since I don't want to confine his character to "the teacher", and I don't remember much of him from canon besides that.
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guardianrex · a day ago
Dannymay 12,021, Human Era, ao3
Valerie swerved around the air currents on the board that the Fentons had supplied her with as the first to volunteer for their ghost hunting club. Inventors they may be, but accurate at measuring how active ghosts were at any given time they were not, as there were far more ghosts showing up on Valerie’s radar than the Fentons had even suggested. There were ghosts everywhere tonight, and it looked like she wasn’t the only one fighting them. In between her taking down a swarm of bat shaped shadows that screeched up a headache, fiery birds, giant snakes dripping rotten venom and more, she caught Sam Manson shooting a giant green wolf before sucking it into a Thermos, as well as Tucker Foley swarming a python of his own with ecto-armed drones.
“What are you guys even doing up this late?” She was one to talk, sure, but she’d been out to enjoy the midnight air and her radar went off, and everyone knew that she and Dash had joined up the Fentons ghost hunting to keep the town safe. Valerie was shocked to see Tucker whipping out a wrist ray to shoot something that stretched far too long with more joints than could be counted while his fingers moved over the surface of his PDA, as he didn’t seem the type to even know how a weapon worked. “Where’s Danny?” They were almost never apart from him and she couldn’t handle him being-
“Which one?” Phantom laughed, zooming past her and firing off an arc of electricity at the ghost reaching out for Tucker, dodging a rush by a flaming bird. “I’m present, promise.”
“Are you behind this?” Valerie wanted to fire on the infuriating spook, but there was a massive spider that was trying to pin down Sam and she needed the aireal support as much as Tucker did.
“Really? I’m losing precious sleep on fights on purpose? Is that what you think?” It stopped in the air, twisting down and up around the trio of birds before shooting one out of the air, wrapping a rope of ectoplasm around one’s talons and swinging it first into the third bird before slamming it like a mace into the ghost staggering away from Tucker, and then once more into the spider attacking Sam, the flames on its feathers burning up the webs. “What teenager, dead or alive, would waste precious sleep time on this if they could like, not do that?”
“Shut up and fight, ghost.”
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dp-jumpstart-au · a day ago
Tumblr media
OK I’m drawing Danny and Val again to try and get back into it, and I might change how I draw them? It’d be nothing too big, I mostly just want to draw their hair differently
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writing-of-drabbles · a day ago
Okay so on that ‘Danny’s obsession is protection & space’ thing. Y’all really gonna tell me an obsession of his is protection and he’s not going to get overprotective of those closest to him? Not in the ‘if you accidentally step on a crack in the road I WILL lose my sanity’ way but more of when a ghost attacks and they’re put in danger, he can and will go absolutely feral. Snarling, glowing, all but wrapped around the person, arched back and a look of murder in his eyes. The other ghosts learn who his favorites are and collectively decide “yeah ok try to leave those specific people alone unless you want to get your head bit off.” and even then, sometimes he just decides to get overly protective of seemingly random people or Amity in general depending on his mood or the severity.
And unfortunately for my boy Phantom, he can’t exactly control his obsession. That ain’t how this works chief. Which winds up being very awkward when he almost tears off every piece of Skulker’s armor when Vlad decided to hire him to try and capture/kill Jack (which also wound up putting Maddie in a whole lot of danger but still). And also when he looked ready to curb-stomp Johnny 13 into oblivion when he decides Valerie is gonna be his next target. That was...a fun time. 
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echoghost1 · 2 days ago
DannyMay 2021 Prompt Day 05: Doorway
Things Left Behind
Summary: Danny was a naturally gifted Medium. His psychic abilities had manifested at a very young age and his parents couldn't be prouder, without him their business wouldn't be even half as successful as it was.
Word Count: 1487
You can read on AO3 or down below the cut
Danny blinked back into awareness and it felt like the world was swaying.
“Sweetie?” his mom asked as she squeezed his hand.
“Yeah,” his voice felt a little odd in his throat. Like it was still settling into place. “I’m back.”
“Dizzy?” his dad asked as he rubbed his thumb in a soothing circle on the back of Danny’s hand.
“Yeah,” he was always dizzy when he came back.
Then they asked him the stander questions after every session. Once they were satisfied with his answers, they finally broke the circle.
His mom helped him up and guided him to his resting throne. He never called it that out loud, but it’s not like it mattered. It made him feel fancy, and it was the plushest chair he had ever seen and it was just for him.
He pulled his legs up and rested his head against the armrest with a pillow nestled between the crook of his arm and his neck. He idly traced the protective rune stitched into the fabric of the pillow as he addressed their guests, “Did you find the answers you were looking for? Were you able to get closure?”
He liked to ask the clients these questions after each session. He hoped that the answer would always be something akin to a yes, but it wasn’t always the case.
“Yes. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but you’re the real thing.” the woman turned to hold hands with her husband, “It feels so good to know that my brother is okay. That he isn’t mad at me.”
“That’s good to hear”, Danny smiled. The room felt peaceful, it was probably just the lingering emotions of this woman’s brother. His spirit was long gone, but strong emotions tended to hang around, like the perfume of a passing stranger.
“Are you sure he’s alright?” the husband asked his parents as if he wasn’t right there.
“Yes, he just needs to rest.”
“Yeah, I’ll be right as rain in no time. Don’t you worry,” Danny added with a thumbs up.
“Right as rain,” The woman laughed, “My brother used to say that all the time.”
Danny held the rune-covered pillow closer and tried not to react to that. He’d never said that one before. Why was he still talking like the spirit?
He waited until the clients had left and his mom was back in the seance room before he asked, “Can we do a cleansing?”
His mom stopped what she was doing, her hand still on the lid of the box where they stored the anointed candles. “Why? Are you not feeling okay?”
“Have I ever used the phrase ‘right as rain before’?” he asked only half-rhetorically.
“I’ll get the sage.”
Jazz didn’t necessarily like helping her parents with their spooky ghost stuff, but she knew she needed to be there for her brother. Besides, you couldn’t do a proper cleansing ritual with only two people.
When they discovered his natural gifts, aka his ability to be a voice for the dead, he quickly became their favorite child. How could he not? They had a business based on the occult and were more than happy to use his gifts for ‘the good of the family business’, as they liked to say.
Sure she was pretty jealous about it as a child, but once she saw how it was affecting him, she realized she didn’t want to be the favorite child anymore. There were plenty of nights where everyone in the house was woken up from his nightmares. Or how long it took for their parents to figure out how to make sure that Danny was Danny again after a seance so they didn’t have to keep exorcising him.
She had no idea how he was able to put up with all of that. Even now, with all the precautions and protection runes, he was always so tired after every seance.
She didn’t understand why he let them keep using him like that? Why he wasn’t angry with them for replacing his childhood with death and other people’s problems.
She asked him once, but all he did was parrot back what their parents said whenever anyone pointed out how young he was.
“I have a gift. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t use it to help others.”
He’d heard that line so many times, but she wasn’t sure if he ever really understood what he had given up. If he even knew how much that gift of his was a curse.
“If you ever want to stop, I’ll help you, okay. Just say the word and I’ll make mom and dad listen.”
He just smiled and shook his head, “You worry too much.”
She only worried this much because their parents didn’t worry enough.
Danny was used to being stared at while he at school, or anywhere in town really, but being used to something did not equate to liking it.
Regardless, he did his best to ignore the pair of eyes that was currently trying to bore its way into his skull.
Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic.
“I didn’t accidentally tune into spirit radio and not notice again, did I?” Danny asked as he leaned towards Tucker’s desk.
“No man, you’re good. Why?”
“Because someone is staring.”
“Who?” Tucker asked as he turned to look.
Danny sighed but didn’t bother stopping him.
“Ah, it’s just Valerie.”
“You don’t think she’s still mad about the Axion field trip do you?”
“Probably.” Tucker shrugged and slouched back in his desk chair. “You did lick her face in front of her dad and the entire student body.”
“I said I was sorry! Besides I’ve never housed an animal spirit before. I didn’t even know I could.”
“True. But I don’t think most people even believe your whole Medium thing.”
“Whole Medium thing? Gee, thanks.”
“What am I supposed to call it? Your Spooky Possession Time? Psychic Variety Hour?”
“Okay, no. That’s so much worse. Stop, please.” Danny asked while trying not to laugh too hard.
“Boys!” Mr. Lancer called from the front of the room, “If you are not discussing the current assignment I suggest you save it for after class.”
Both boys looked down at their respective desks and apologized.
Danny often described his ability as opening a door. That as a conduit he opened himself up to host the spirits that were called for, or that happened to be nearby, and then they would leave. Usually, this was done by his parents at the end of a seance. Occasionally he needed to be exorcised, but that hardly happened anymore.
The thing he never really considered was that by opening himself up, by offering himself that way sometimes spirits lingered in that metaphysical doorway. Sometimes they left small pieces of themselves behind, like footprints or fingerprints.
Expect that’s not what they were really leaving with him.
They left behind words, phrases he never used or had never heard himself, but felt so right when they came out of his mouth.
They left images that found their way out of his fingers as he doodled in the margins of his notebooks.
They left him songs that hid in his subconscious and didn’t emerge unless he heard them and he found himself humming along despite never hearing the song before.
Other times they’d leave a faded memory that only awakened when he found some old forgotten object and he’d be overwhelmed with emotions so strong and so foreign he’d think he was stuck in a waking dream.
He tried his best to keep himself cleansed. He tried to make a habit of it, but sometimes it wasn’t enough. Sometimes he’d host a particularly sentimental spirit and he’d need to add another cleansing to his routine.
He hoped he was just imagining it, but it felt like this was happening more often than not. So often that sometimes he wouldn’t notice until he’d catch himself starting to act strange. Or worse, when someone else pointed it out.
He didn’t want this to be getting worse.
If it was getting worse he’d have to stop. But if he stopped helping his parents with the seances, what else was there for him to do? What else was he if not a Medium?
He decided to teach his friends how to do the cleansing ritual. Just in case.
They couldn’t do it properly, they would need to find a third person, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. He didn’t want to do cleansings without his parents or at least his sister, but he also didn’t want to have to keep asking his parents for help.
He didn’t want them to know how frequent this was becoming.
He didn’t want them to make him stop.
He wasn’t sure he truly ever could.
He didn’t think the spirits would ever let him go.
He knew they wouldn’t.
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ectopuppy · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 13: Daydream
whatcha thinkin bout?
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q-gorgeous · 4 days ago
i didnt have a plan for this knjbhgv
Dash sat on the floor in Lancer’s classroom. A ghost attack had started happening not too long ago and parts of the ceiling had crumbled around the exits of the room, trapping them inside. 
The power had also gone out a few minutes ago and so Lancer was making his way around the classroom, placing and lighting candles. Dash watched as Mr. Lancer placed a candle on a desk near Danny. The candlelight flickered across the other boy’s face in a mesmerizing way.
Dash couldn’t help but notice how agitated Danny looked though. He didn’t seem to be scared about being caught in the midst of a ghost attack like he usually was when he was running away. He sat there, looking around the room, an annoyed expression on his face. Maybe annoyed he was stuck here? This class was supposed to end right after the ghost attack happened and Dash could only take so much of Lancer’s presence as well.
It was then that Danny looked up and met Dash’s gaze. Dash pulled his eyes away and started studying the grooves in the tiles on the floor. 
Dash didn’t notice the other boy making his way towards him until he was sitting down on the floor next to him. Dash jumped a little, turning his head towards Danny. 
“Are you having fun looking at the floor or something?” Danny asked. 
“What do you want, Fenton?”
Danny shrugged. “Honestly I’m kind of bored. I’ve never stuck around for this end of a ghost fight before. Do you guys always wait around like this?”
Dash frowned at Danny’s wording. “We usually have drill procedures that we follow during a ghost attack, normally they’re kind of like fire or tornado drills. Not that you’d know since you’re always sleeping during class when they go over it or running away.”
Danny shrugged again. They sat in silence for a few moments before Valerie groaned across the classroom. 
“Ugh! Where’s Phantom? If he’s supposed to be such a hero, where is he? This should be over by now.” Valerie huffed. 
“Maybe he’s busy with something else, Valerie. What about the Red Huntress? Where’s she at right now? She could be doing something.” Danny said to her across the room.
Dash watched with wide eyes as Valerie crossed her arms and started grumbling. 
“Aren’t you guys friends? What was up with that?” Dash asked. 
“She knows how I feel about Phantom.” And he left it at that.
“Okay.” Dash said. Then a thought crossed his head. “Hey, how do you always manage to run out of the room before a ghost attack anyways? At first we were always like ‘oh Fenton’s just afraid of the ghosts’ but it’s like you knew they were coming.”
“Aha, intuition?” Danny said, scratching the back of his neck.
“No, really. Do you carry around one of your parent’s inventions or something?”
Danny pointed a finger at him sharply. “Yes! Exactly. I carry one of my parent’s inventions around all the time.”
“Can I see it then?” Dash asked.
“Oh, well, uh, you see.” Danny gestured around the classroom. “I forgot to bring it today. Hence why I’m still here.” 
“Well maybe you can show me-”
Dash heard the shout of Mr. Fenton through all the rubble and after a moment all the rumbling that had been in the building a moment before stopped and the power turned back on. Dash let out a breath. 
“Well look at that.” Danny said standing up. “I better go get my stuff since we’ll be out of here soon.”
Dash watched as Danny walked back across the classroom to where he had been sitting earlier and watched what little candlelight he could see dance across his face before the other boy blew the candle out.
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coffeecakecafe · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
dannymay2021: day 13 - DAYDREAM
Valerie dreams of vengeance, always
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a-go-ni-a · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I couldn't participate in dannymay unfortunately, because monthly art changelles make me really stressed, some I've drawn some simple drawings: trans Danny and my ship Gray Ghost.
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rekkaroonii · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Me: I should stop drawing exclusively Danny Phantom older redesigns... no one is gonna know who they are
Also me: no ❤️
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popculturebuffet · 6 days ago
Danny Phantom Road to Reign Storm : Shades of Gray Review
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! And a special thank you to all of you lovely people who liked, literally and metaphorically, my “Bitter Reunions” review!” I was very proud of that one and you people are lovely. And since the audience is clearly there i’ve decided to go ahead with making this a full arc on the blog. Welcome friends old and new to 
Basically me covering every important episode leading into the first tv movie and my faviorite episode of the series , Reign Storm. I DID plan to cram this all into the months leading up to July, when Reign Storm first aired.. buuuuutttt with my vacation in July, I simply didn’t have the room to shove all the episodes needed into that time space. But it ended up working out perfectly anyways as doing the math, I realized doing these monthly i’d hit Reign Storm in October PERFECTLY timed for Halloween as long as I did two episodes that month.. and given one of the episodes needed for this arc is Fright Knight, The Show’s Halloween episode, it was just too good to pass up. So yeah if you like Danny Phantom stick with this blog as from now until October i’ll be bringing you some of the shows best episodes once a month. And honestly if the reviews keep up their popularity, or hell being optomistic INCREASE it I intend to make this a permeant part of the blog and just pick other episodes to review after Reign Storm. And if you hop over to my pateron at and help me reach my goal of making 20 dollars a month (i’m up to 15 now), I will ALSO do a review of the second TV movie and another one of the series best episodes, The Ultimate Enemy. I also have exclusive reviews, a patreon discord and a free review a month for five dollar backers so if you want me to double up on Danny or review some other great animated show hop on over. 
Now out of the episodes for this marathon this is the one I was dreading the most outside of Fright Knight. Like Fright Knight I just remember not liking it but unlike Fright Knight, where I remember the reason very well, I just couldn’t recall why, especially since I loved the other Valerie centric episodes. Life Lessons is a great Chained Heat story and the series best use of Skulker, Reign Storm is again my favorite episode, Flirting with Disaster is again one of the series best even if I don’t like the redeisgn of Valerie’s Suit, and finally D-Stabilized is the last great episode of the show. Granted I don’t HATE Phantom Planet the way a lot of fans do, but in hindsight it’s still not GOOD. Huh that might be worth a look in fact as of this very sentence i’m adding THAT one to my pateron stretch goals too at 30. No really. 
In hindsight those reasons turned out ot have jack all to do with episode quality: Turns out I just felt really bad for Valerie and seeing her life ruined, and it clouded my memories of how  much the rest of this episode slaps.. as well as obscured it’s ACTUAL problems. But why did I feel so bad, why does this episode rule, and what serious Tucker shaped issues does this episode have? Join me under the cut to find out!
Tumblr media
As a heads up despite the title.. I will not be making any Fifty Shades of Grey jokes. In large part because these are teenagers... I have limits. The other reason is that serious sucks, glorifies abuse and better men than me, i.e. Domnick Noble, have torn apart why this series is terrible, glorifies abuse, misrepresents bdsm, and in general just sucks eggs. There’s nothing I can add and thankfully it seems it’s starting to fade into the ashes of history. Thankfully though, Jamie Dornan has not as Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar has proven he’s not only geninely talented but funny too and thanks to that we got this gem. 
I wont’ lie I was waiting for a chance to use this.. this movie is a treasure and worth your time. Seek it out. 
We open with a typical day for Danny... running for his life from Dash whose taking his D out on him. 
Tumblr media
Haven’t pulled that one out in a while... 
Tumblr media
Dash is not a character I like a lot. He’s like Flash Thomspon.. but minus the things at that eventually made Flash Intresting: a growing friendship with the hero as he grows out of being a horses ass and some hidden depths. He DOES get a really good episode with Danny that sent the shippers racing and Butch Hartman racing to ban those shippers from his forums, no really heard that happened, but otherwise he’s just your standard dickish bully. Scott Bullock DOES give it his best and we do get some great gags with him but he’s mainly there for Danny to either ruin danny’s life, get humilaited by danny, or be part of some hamfisted “you shouldn’t sink to your bullies level” aseop that dosen’t work because sometimes you have to defend yourself and what the fuck is Danny supposed to do otherwise, Sam.  My point is Dash wasn’t great and neither was Splitting Images. It’s part of why I object to calling the first 9 episodes “The Magnifcent 9″ as some do, as that episode is plain bad and the first episode after them is this one, which as we’ll get to is pretty damn good. I will howver admit the rest of the 9 are really great and a a few, for the record: What You Want, Bitter Reunions, Prisoner of Love and My Brother’s Keeper, are some of my faviorites of the series peirod. I just feel singling those episodes out as some hot streak when it goes cold pretty quickly is kinda weird, and that season 1 on the whole is VERY strong, with only a handful of weak episodes in the bunch, so it feels disingenuous to say the rest of the season isn’t as good when it clearly is. 
Danny’s problems only get worse when he pisses off the episode’s antagonist...
Tumblr media
No no.. that’s next time. No it’s Valerie who Danny accidently spills coffee on and whose response is to tell Kwan to beat him up a bunch. 
Tumblr media
At this point I was wondering why Danny didn’t you know just duck away and use his ghost powers.. but it turns out that was the joke because as the Ambigously Gay Duo, I mean there’s gotta be shippers for these guys right? The chemistry is there man.. the chemstiry is there, charge at one another Danny just ducks off and phases and leaves them to smack into one another. 
Danny ends up phasing into the parking lot and encounters a puppy. AWWW LOOOKIT THE LITTLE DOGGO. 
Tumblr media
He’s so precious. Nick is really missing out on not making this guy a plushie. Just saying. But naturally this being Danny’s life he’s not allowed to have nice things and the dog instead turns into a hellhound. As you do. And not the sexy goth kind the giant classical kind that bites your head off or lives in Stephen King’s basement. Naturally, he’s named Cujo. Here’s an artist interpretation of what happens to our hero next. 
Tumblr media
So being dragged along, Danny ends up at Axion Labs. I get the feeling this place was SUPPOSED to be more important given that like Valerie it gets a lot of importance here and was likely supposed to be this series version of S.T.A.R. Labs, a place for the ghosts to break into and take stuff. Looking at the wiki this happens all of once and the Lab itself only shows up twice after this.  The reason is simple: Unlike most superhero works almost all the super powered players are ghosts. Ergo, the Fentons are going to have any equipment they really need and given their lab is also right next to the very portal they all escape out of , it just didn’t make a lot of sense to have a second location for that sort of thing. As such it only comes up the one time they need something not ghost related, and for another episode featuring Valerie. 
So naturally as Valerie’s Dad promotes his new security.. Danny unwittingly trashes it fighting the ghost dog and Damon is unfairly fired because his boss is a white dipshits and white dispshits don’t pay attention to things like basic logic or you know, look at security cameras to check for acountablity. 
So Damon and Valerie are forced to sell everything they can in a yard sale and move. And in show of his character depsite Val having JUST sicked Kwan on Danny yesterday.. or the day before that the time scale’s not very clear here, but it had to be recent.. he still shows empathy. He feels bad both her dad lost his job.. and that it’s his fault. he’s a good honest kid. Even Sam, depsite her tendency towards self righteousness feels bad. Tucker though... this is his actual dialogue:
“She’s having a hard week.. which means I can catch her on the rebound! Sweet!”
Tumblr media
 So to recap, Tucker’s first thought upon seeing a fellow classmate, one who is a bitch but still dosen’t deserve this, at a clear low point in her life, depressed, humilatied and having lost everything is... “She’s emotionally vulnerable for me to pray on! I might have a shot now!”
Yeah... this is the episode’s biggest problem. The episode TRIES to portray Tucker as sympathetic after this as he tries picking her up....but he’s VERY not. He tried preying on her vunerablities. I’ve screwed up, come on too strong, been a bit offputting but even at my lowest and dumbest I knew better than to try and prey on someone’s worst emotional moments to make them like me. It dosen’t WORK, she rebuffs him as well as Danny’s genuine attempts to reach out because h’es a good person and not a predatory little shithead, but it dosen’t make it okay and again the rest of the episode tries to make him seem like a nice guy.. after this.
This episode in general reminds me why Tucker isn’t the best episode. He DID get an excellent spotlight episode early on with “What You Want”, one of my personal faviorites... but otherwise he’s a coin flip: He’ll either be Danny’s loyal if geeky and egositical best friend... or an egositical little shit who dosen’t care about what other people think, and isn’t a good friend let alone a good person.  I chalk this up to the series broad nature: while it dosen’t lack depth, not in the slightest, being very loud and bold with characterizations as is Butch Hartman’s signture means sometimes the characters get amped up a bit too far past likeablity> it happens to all of the main cast EXCEPT Danny. Sam tends to get too self righeous, Jazz tends to be a bit too over the top in not liking her parents beyond her usual very resonable and understandable amount, Jack fluctuates between likeable bufoon and dangerous jackass and Maddy sometimes gets sucked up into that. The show is very good but it’s tendency to flanderize the cast when convient is easily i’ts biggest weakness and something that would only get worse for Butch Hartman across all shows as he degraded as a creator and human being over the years. 
Anyway Cujo shows up again, Danny tries to stop him, he gets Linused again, you get the bit. Valerie is PISSED and now thinking the two are in cahoots, wants answers for what the fuck they are. Meanwhile Danny TRIES putting the pupper back in the portal but Kujo digs his way out. Yes he DIGS his way out of the ghost zone portal that’s necessary for all the other ghosts to get through. How?
Tumblr media
The next day at School the Popular Kids prove how good people they are by shunning their friend who just lost everything for not being able to got to the concert. Team Fenton once again feels bad and Tucker once again swoops though this time TRYING to be nice and being a bit awkard.. but again the episode shot that in the foot, head and gonad by having Tucker EXPLICITLY go after her earlier because she was vulnerable. You don’t get to have him be awkard and have trouble approaching her.. especially since Tucker usually DOSEN’T have this issue anyway. His problem with girls is that he comes on way to strong, struggled there myself. Though where as iwth me it’s because i’m awkward as shit and tried way too hard, with him it’s because he overcompensates for feeling awkard by being an egocentric buttmunch. 
So Cujo attacks, linsued, you get it. Act 1 is a reptitivie. The scenes are all NECESSARY, the axiom labs breaks in sets off Valerie’s downward spiral, the house sets up how bad it is for her and reinforces her hatred and finally this one has Tucker reveal to valrie what she saw were ghosts, leading to her big origin story moment in the next scene now she knows what to blame for her misfortunes. It just dosen’t make the Danny and Dog shenanigans any less repittive and they don’t do much diffrent each time apart from a VERY funny bit where Danny makes a who let the Dogs out joke Sam finds blisterly unfunnya nd I find delightfully unfunny. 
So at home Valrie is frustrated, her dad is now Axiom Labs security guard because clearly white douche just wants to humiliate him further, and WOW this episode has a lot of clearly unintended racial subtext: it’s not a bad thing mind, but an upper middle class black family looses eveyrthing in a second because of a white guy’s accidental fuck up and another white guy’s utter douchebaggery runing his career despite what’s clearly been a sterling situation. I mean... it’s pretty hard to ignore and I don’t know why I would but it enhances the episode in hindsight. Damon comes off as genuinely charming, hardowrking friendly guy who lost everything because of NOTHING he did wrong. Just because one white asshole didn’t BOTHER considerng that maybe it wasn’t the security system’s fault. 
But Val gets a package.. from Vlad. Vlad claims in a letter to have heard her troubles, and gives her the equipment to do something about it. He also is watching from the Window because fuck subtley. But I do love this origin story. For one Vlad knowing works perfectly and while the series felt the need to have vlad show up in person to hammer in he’s behind Val’s gear, they wisely didn’t feel the need to force an explination why he knwos about all this. His intro episode established he has connections in the ghost zone: he hired skulker and the shriner vultures, we learn later in the season he has his own portal. If he was already keeping tabs just on Jack to try and steal his wife, would he suddenly STOP now he has a new prize in Danny and directly has an intrest in Danny’s career as a hero and steering him away from that. 
As for why do this at all.. it’s simply good strategy: Vlad HAS minons.. but Skulker costs money and only beat Danny so far due to Danny’s own inexperince and something Vlad made for him, and as seen in “Bitter Reunions”, Vlad can’t entirely rely on him not to kill Danny and rob him of his prize.  The Shriners meanwhile are loyal and wouldn’t kill him.. but as we’ve seen are no real match for Danny. Vlad has pieces on the board but none are strong enough to take the one he wants and any ghost he could get introduced so far has it out for Danny and like Skulker would simply wipe him out instead. 
Valrarie fixes that problem: While she also wants to kill him if she succeeds, then that not only leaves Maddie vunerable in her grief, but also leaves him with a worthly replacement, and with Val’s inexperince, that’s not guaranteed she will. If she captures him, as she’s revealed to have her own fenton thermos, then she really woudln’t have anyone else to take him too other than the Fentons, and given Vlad backed val, has been nothing but nice and supportive, she’d have no reason not to trust him. No matter which way things go, Vlad has his heir and Danny is out of the picture.
So with Cujo’s repeated escapes, Sam comes up with a plan: she gives Danny a dog training book for him to deal with it, then says “I can’t be seen with a ghost boy and fucks off”... I mean yes she has a point and stays nearbye to watch, but it’s still pretty dickish> Not the most she’ll get this episode though. 
So Danny tries training him.. only to find out Cujo IS trained, which deepens the mystery. But before he can get into the why Valerie attacks. Valerie strikes me as a weird combination of the Second Green Goblin and Venom, smiliar to how Vlad is also a combination of the first and the lethal protector. But while Vlad has Norman’s personality and Venom’s powerset and knoweldge of the heroes perosnal life as a threat, Valarie is the oppositie. Her arsenal purposfully echos the various goblins: she has a glider, a laser (though a rifle rather than a glove thing), and razor sharp throwing weapons (little pink razor discs for val, Bat shaped projectiles for the goblins. Her personality though comes of a LOT like a more like Eddie Brock: someone who lost everything thanks to the hero just doing their job, and blames him for it and refuses to see him as a good person despite it clearly being true. She’s not INSANE like Eddie but she is just as blinded by vengance. I specified the second goblin because she SLIGHTLY echoes harry as someone who, at least at first, genuinely has a reason to think the hero did something bad and easily blends into their personal life. It’s not a lot but it’s still a little. 
A nice touch I like is much like Danny himself Val.. isn’t really skilled at first. She just GOT this equipment hours ago presumibly and dosen’t have anywhere to practice with it, and seems too impatient and angry to WAIT to do that anyway. So during the first fight she misses Danny constantly, with all thre of her weapons as she also has missiles, and regularly stumbles with the hoverboard , to the point she actually falls off at one point, though Vlad was smart enough to build an autopilot in the thing to pick her up as soon as it senses she was detached. I like it because in some works, even good ones, she’d of already picked up the skill in an instant. Instead just like our hero she has to learn how to use her stuff wisely. She does land ONE hit.. and that’s when Danny realizes he’s in danger as while she’s not skilled YET, the one hit from the razor thing DOES in fact hurt him. And she does start to get a grip on them as she goes, meaning h’es in real trouble and Danny runs to sam for help. 
How she does.. is infamous. Espcieally people like me who shipped sam and danny at the time. Sam makes out with Danny, tackling him, and this fake Val out, hence the term fake out make out, though both try to deny it was nothing after. I don’t MIND the Sam and Danny will they or won’t they arc on paper.. but it runs into a problem a LOT of shows of the time did.. and nick did THREE times in teh same era: they drag it out for the ENTIRE SERIES. They hint at Sam and Danny as far back as this but apart from some chemsitry and ship tease here and there they don’t do anything to build up to the relationship properly, and they just sorta frustratingly hint at it without EVER paying it off. 
And I get the old axiom “Oh if the relationship happens it will be boring” But then why are you bothering with it? If fans don’t want to see what happens with these two as a couple then WHY are we tuning in. Sure if it dosen’t quite work out after the fact, feel free to toss it... but if your NEVER going to pull the trigger, why load the gun? 
And there are exceptions to the rule: She Ra took all series.. but Catra was an antagonist till the final season, and said final season spent a good amount of time on it. Ducktales very clearly built up Weblena but didn’t have the creative freedom of say Owl House of being an original property to pull that trigger so they did hte best they could.. and poosssibly TRIED to backtrack in the finale, but it’s hard to tell if tha’ts what it was or not. I’m just caling poor writing.
But this shit just never sits well with me and Nick is the reason. This show, Avatar and Zoey Fucking 101 all ruined the idea for me by taking an entire fucking season to pay off the main relationship. Especially Zoey seriously fuck that show. Jamie Lynn Spears seems nice like her sister (#FreeBritney), but I sunk SO many hours into hoping for a relationship that just wasn’t worth the effort there. May be worth exploring at some point. Point is while i’m not against Sam and Danny despite their more jerkass moments, the show had no real intrest in actually developing them as a burdgoning couple.. which was made 10 times worse by this very arc as the next episodes with her would make VALERIE a far better poteitial love intrest and character in general. And yeah.. i’ve switched to that ship in adult age despite not having rewatched those episode. Becuase apparently “pairing sinvolving a thorughly intresting character who gets fucked over because it’s not the series OTP” is my life now. Welcome to the club with CJ and Tom, Valerie, i’m having Jackets made. 
Before we move on i’ll also say this.. Valerie’s outfit is awesome. It’s simple,  a miliatary style bodysuit with a cool helmet but it just WORKS. It’s striking, deadly looking and a nice contrast to Danny: Almost all red with hints of black to contrast his all black with hints of white, a mask in contrast to Danny never being spotted because of Atom Eve Logic: if no one supsects a hero at your school, your not going to think someone is. 
Tucker runs into Valerie the next day and finds she has an intrest in ghost hunting... and then decides to exploit that using his own knowledge of ghosts and when Val scoffs at his cheap ploy, he brings up Danny’s family being ghost hunters. 
Tumblr media
I mean... good god this makes him look just as bad as not worse than that line before.. and that’s a HIGH bar to clear. But the facts of the matter are  A) Val is showing an interesting in hunting ghosts, after having a grudge AGAINST HIS BEST FRIEND.  I get Tucker is thinking with his dick but there’s a limit to how stupid that can make you.. it’s a high limit but come on man. B) Telling her ANYTHING short of what he just did endangers Danny and while he could use being around Danny a a cover that’s just going to make her want to visit Danny’s parents and this posisbly team up with them, and get even BETTER armed.  C) She has repeadtly shown NO INTREST in you and only does the second you have valuable info, you shallow, stupid dipshit. 
Good god Tucker sucks in this episode. And I thought he was bad in King Tuck but good fucking christ he somehow got worse.
Sam however proves she too can be a buttwipe, as she’s hostile to Valerie from this point onward. While sh’es not WRONG to not want her to kill him, Danny at least gets WHY: He ruined her life and as fara s she can tell, he’s just a bad guy who did it for kicks. He did genuinely hurt her and feels awful about it. Sam... is a dick because Val used to be a dick, and is ignoring any and all reasons. The two also stupidly tell val she can’t sit, which is just dumb. Val also isn’t much better at being sneaky by asking Danny about his parents... though at least she has no real reason to hide it as she dosen’t know Danny’s the ghost boy. 
We do get a really cooll shot at the game their at as Cujo returns again and Val and Danny leave in unison to go suit up. I love stuff like that. 
We get another fight with the two, one Danny wins.. but only barely and partly because unlike Val, he’s not trying to actually hurt her and just trying to talk to her, as well as having to keep Cujo from eating her. Val does, as mentioned have a thermos.. but can’t open it and Tuck PITCHES IN TO HELP. Grante dhe COULD just be a distraction but frankly i’ts hard to tell. Danny gets away.
The next class Danny and Sam berate tucker for letting Tucker Jr think for him and the best Tucker can rebuttal with is “A girl finally likes me, i’m going with this”
Tumblr media
SHE DOSNE’T. LIKE. YOU. YOU ARE A TOOL. In both senses of the word. A means to an end. A way for her to get to Danny’s Parents and possibly get more equipment, proper training or both. Also that plot thread is never followed up on and it bothers me a lot. But the real point is , she is not intrested. She wasn’t before, and you only were beacause she’s hot. No really what other reason does he have. He never talks abotu her personality or anything, he’s just happy someone’s intresteed. And i’ve been there, trust me, but even I, lonely as I am, wouldn’t put a possible relationship over the saftey of people I care about! Jesus christ man do you even LIKE Danny. And he also has the GALL to tell Danny “don’t you trust me?”
Tumblr media
That’s not the problem you stupid hat wearing ... person. I’m running out of insults. Danny is concerned your DATING someone who wants to transparnetly use you to help kill him! GAHHHHHHHH.
Danny’s response is also stupid. “I trust you tucker”
Tumblr media
Our heroes head to Axiom Labs that night, though Danny’s uneasy as Damon is on duty. This episode is a good showcase of who Danny is: he wants to help Cujo because the dog genuinelY ISN’T evil, jsut a dog wanting something from it’s old home. And he dosen’t HATE Valerie because he gets she has every reason to hate him, he simply dosen’t want to die and wants to get through to her. He’s the ONLY one in Team Phantom to not be a moron about her really: Sam is leaning way too hard on “she’s our enemy so she’s evil” even though it makes no sense and at worst Valerie was just a bitch before, and Tucker is thinking entierly about getitng a girlfriend and putting it over his friends lives. 
Danny leaves Cujo with his friends, using the Fenton Fisher as a dog chain, and goes in to find why.. and finds Valerie. And this time he’s at his most vunerable as he’s tryign to reason with her.. and she wants to kill him, AND has now had enough field time and preperation to actually be a threat. It’s a neat progression going from novice to mildly skilled to on Danny’s level and actually shows some pretty good depth from Valerie: she went from a vacuous teenager to a badass with only DAYS, and it took danny much longer to get as skilled as he is by this point. It’s no wonder she’s the second biggest threat he’s faced, nor that Vlad backed her: he saw what she was capable of when she put herself to it. 
The fight both triggers the alarm, and sends Danny down into the old guard dog Kennel. Now realizing why Kujo is mad he grabs his squeaky and gives it to the good boy, FINALLY sending him off. He also genuinely tries ending the conflict with Valerie, telling her not all ghosts are bad, he didn’t mean anything and trying to bury the hatchet. And who knows.. in another life she could’ve let go of her anger, truly teamed up with Danny and joined the team then and there, giving himn a valuable ally and depriving Vlad of a pawn. Maybe their relationship would’ve happened. 
But sadly as you likely know.. tha’ts not what happens. She instead flips him and tries to kill him, not buying it. It’s her biggest weaknesss really: Val is so clouded by rage and resintment she can’t see that Danny TRULY is a good person who just done goofed and thus robs herself of a potetial friend and ally simply by refusing to let go of a grudge. Danny by contrast let go of his own animosity imiedlty: Despite having ZERO reaosn to be sympathetic, he has been the whole time and genuinely has wanted to help her and help undo his screw up. It’s what makes him the better person: he can forgive.. she can’t. 
Tucker does get ONE moment of not being a shithead and takes the fall for the mess in the room to save Damon’s job. WIth that Danny has yet another powerful, driven and personal arch enemy.. btu Sam has valeries tickets and takes the guys to the show Val couldn’t go to and embarasses the popular kids. Horays all around. 
Final Thoughts:
Shades of Gray is a decent episode. Valerie is a throughly engaging antagonist, a rare sympathetic one in this show and a unique enemy; Danny can’t just pop her in the ghost zone and be done with her and while it dosen’t come up here he has to worry about actually hurting her when their fighting, something he really dosen’t with the more resilent ghosts he faces. He has to use his skill to compensate and fair is fair does so well, but it creates an intresting dynamic: he now has one of his enmies right at School, and thus like with having to guard his ghost half from his parents is never truly safe anywhere now. 
Cujo is also intresting. While his shictk is repetiive, the idea of an ANIMAL ghost, whose simply acting on insticnt is an intresting one I wish they revisited. He’s not malicious he’s simply a dog and simply wants his toy and likely dosen’t even fully comprehend he’s dead. I honeslty wish Danny had kept the little guy as a pet. It would’ve been adorable. 
But this episode is held back by Tucker as i’ve made clear. He’s at his most obnoxious, selfish and self serving here and is entirely too stupid to live. He priortizes maybe being in a relatinship over his best friends life and said relationship starts with him trying to pick her up when she’s vunerable. He’s an utter ballbag this episode and I pray to god he isn’t this bad in the rest of the episodes. Still this is far better than I remembered, and proves that on average even when Danny Phantom’s not at it’s bet, it’s still damn good. 
Next Month on Road to Reign Storm: Walker declares war on Danny and changes things for our hero for good. Also another good doggie. 
Tommorow: Treasure of the golden suns continues! And given this episode has a content warning i’m not excited. 
See you at the next rainbow!
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enmitypark · 6 days ago
how bout instead of danny having a superhero complex and black-and-white morality while valerie is the gritty angsty one...we switch the labels.
i don’t think i need to explain how danny would go bc it’s literally just fanon danny. but valerie’s already got the basic makeup for a classic superhero origin story— she lives in a town that faces a lot of weird fantastical threats; she has a secret identity; she’s willing to put in the effort to train and keep track of her enemies; she’s got a black-and-white morality and is happy to throw hands over it— all that’s missing is the mentality. instead of hunting ghosts, what if she defeats them? instead of hating danny’s guts, what if she just considers him her “villain”?
which is well and good until danny gets hurt, really hurt, and valerie abruptly realizes that they’re just two kids in a lot of danger.
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writing-dumps · 8 days ago
Bad Luck Tuck: The Sequel
DannyMay Day 9 - Candlelight
Summary: Confessions are meant to be these big romantic gestures to show your crush all the love you feel for them. For someone like Tucker this is something that takes a lot of money, time, and effort to accomplish; even with the help of friends it's often very hard to execute.
Confessions to a half-ghost superhero that's being hounded by the Justice League is infinitely worse.
(sequel to How to Take Out a Ghost by TooFineFoley & 2nd part of The Meddling Jerkwad League series)
Ao3 Link
“Gotta say, it feels good to know I’m better than the Justice League at something,” Valerie said, a smug grin on her lips. “Kinda makes me wanna apply for a superhero grant from Wayne industries myself.”
“Oh you should. Those guys are completely hopeless,” Sam said, nodding. “Danny could recommend you.” Valerie laughed.
“After that? I’d be surprised if they ever let him back up there.” She dragged the video back to the halfway point and watched all of the laughter and chaos at normal speed, Sam chuckling with her.
“Yeah, hopefully it means they’ll stay out of Amity for a while too.” The other girl grimaced.
“Still no luck?” she asked softly. Sam shook her head. “Damn, that’s gotta be torture for him.” The goth sighed in agreement.
For the past several months, Tucker had been trying his damnedest to ask Danny out, but it seemed like fate—and the Jerkwad League—was determined to throw a wrench into every one of his perfectly laid out plans.
The first incident was when he used almost six months’ allowance and all his money from brief business ventures to pay Kwan’s dad to put “Danny, will you go out with me?” in skywriting above the town square. He planned to nonchalantly ask the other boy to look into the sky and then give him the perfect flower to symbolize his fiery love for the halfa; a red camellia.
Sam sent Danny a cryptic text to meet at the square and was hiding behind a bench nearby, recording on her phone for the two boys to look back on when they’re old and gray with two big dogs running around in a beautiful apartment along the lakeshore and wearing matching couples sweatshirts (Tucker may have fantasized a few times about a future with Danny, but just a few).
The plane had flown off, Danny had been just a few feet away, and Tucker didn’t sweat through his button up for once.
The scene was completely and utterly perfect.
Then Superman had flown right through the smoke trail as he passed above, looked around, and flew off in another direction.
‘Mr. Romantic’ hadn’t noticed anything amiss nor Sam’s ‘abort now!’ motions until he greeted Danny with a suave smile and told him to look up.
“‘Danny, go out’?” the halfa had read out slowly, a confused grin on his face. “Uh, thanks? I didn’t know getting ungrounded was such a big deal.”
Color drained from Tucker’s face so quickly that day, Sam was almost positive he was about to pass out on the spot. She remembered watching with a grimace as her friend started to backpedal, laughing too loudly and saying how he’d missed his best friend lately. He pushed Danny toward the arcade and dropped the camellia hidden behind his back in the fountain.
It took a while, but after a good pep talk (a.k.a. him talking out his problem while she sat and doodled his pained expression, nodding along periodically), he was ready for take two.
This time, Tucker also enlisted the help of Valerie. The three of them worked together to help him make a huge space-themed banner with lots of Danny’s favorite constellations and planets with the words “In this whole entire universe, all I want is you” painted in big bold white letters.
It took them four days to wait for the layers of paint to dry before adding more. This was in addition to trying to find the right materials to accurately depict all the little details without Danny noticing—running around to find a paint store with just the right shade of purple paint was a lot harder than they expected at 1am, half an hour before they had to meet the halfa at the park to end patrol (we’re looking for dark purple, Sam, not northwestern purple!)—but eventually the geek gave it his gold stamp of approval.
So on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Val had set up the banner above Casper’s front entrance right before final bell, Sam stalled Danny, and Tucker rushed to the locker room to change.
Not five minutes later, Sam caught a glimpse of Mr. Romantic in a pressed black tux, red bowtie, and strutting through the halls with another red camellia in his hand as he passed the classroom door. She knew Val was waiting outside to capture the event, and, after a text from her friend, she led Danny outside, promising to finish their debate on the best music genre later (it’s punk rock, Danny’s just in denial).
Crowds of students had greeted them at the front and Sam had to push and shove the two of them through. Many students had pieced together Tucker’s plan while Val was putting up the banner and stuck around to watch the event, but Sam had known the crowds still shouldn’t have been that big.
When they had finally made their way outside to the front steps, she saw their friend holding the camellia’s stem tightly in one fist, a little grey box in the other, and looking a bit shaken towards the end of the street. She remembered following his gaze to the actual real life Batmobile turning the corner followed a few meters back by Walker and a mob of his guards.
She had seen, in real time, the change in his demeanor from hopeless romantic to just hopeless.
It took another, more involved pep talk filled with many frustrated tears—this time from Sam, Valerie, and Jazz—to try again.
Half a truck full of red and white flower petals came to town, courtesy of Danny’s parents—who had also somehow gotten in on the whole thing—and the three friends and sister had spent the better part of the next two days in a secluded area in the park, moving every petal around into their proper places spelling out “Danny” in white petals with the red petals scattered underneath in one big pile. He’d planned to hide in the pile and when Danny flew down to inspect it at the end of his patrol, he’d pop out and confess his love straight, skipping any chance for another interruption.
Sam, Val, and Jazz were hiding in nearby bushes, having come back a few minutes early from their own patrol routes, and all three had their phones out, poised and ready to record.
Then three Green Lanterns—a black guy, a ginger, and… a pig-guy??—had rocketed down from hundreds of feet up, right on top of the flower pile. The three in the bushes had watched as all of their hard work blew away in the wind, revealing Tucker on one knee with another camellia in his hands and a quickly souring expression.
Apparently, they had seen the name from high up and had been looking for Danny Phantom because the ginger and pig-guy wanted to meet the kid who’s kept the entire Justice League on their toes and if he was a threat to their planet (Ooo-ah or something, Sam hadn’t been paying attention).
Leading up to the next weekend, the name Bad Luck Tuck had started up again at school after the flower confession failure—Danny having been completely clueless as to why, of course—and Mr. Romantic had officially left the building, leaving only Mr. Vengeance.
Kitty had been very angry when they told her about the reemergence of the old nickname during their visit to her lair; she said Johnny and Shadow went on a ‘Broad Trip’, but that she had no clue where they went and if they’re in the human world, she was going to kill the both of them a second and third time for going without her.
So without a punching bag and lots and lots of frustrated wall kicking, pillow ripping, and muffled screaming later, he tried again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
Each time being thwarted by stupid heroes in flashy tights who really really had no business coming to Amity. They were worse than the ghosts and they were supposed to be the good guys! Sam had really felt the secondhand frustration as if it were her own with each incident; no matter how big or small the type of confession Tucker tried, it was completely and utterly thwarted by poorly timed hero visits.
Sending a written love letter.
Lost in the wind when the Flash ran through.
A picnic invite.
Flash again, thinking it was laid out for him when he came by to give Danny an updated communicator.
A fucking paper airplane from two feet away.
Fell down the drain when Martian Manhunter showed up out of thin air between the two, the folded invitation to dinner and a movie bouncing off his cape harmlessly.
The TFF Bazooka was, unfortunately, only the latest in a long line of failed attempts to confess to his crush and it was almost too much for his heart to handle.
Sam made another face thinking about her friend's downtrodden expression when they were teleported home after another failure.
“Yeah, he hasn’t been having the best of times,” Sam agreed. “But based on Danny’s text the other day, that’s definitely going to change.” The two girls shared a knowing look.
“Sam I really don’t want to go to Nasty Burger right now,” Tucker said, trudging along behind her, jacket hood up and shoulders slumped. “I just wanna go home and pretend like none of Friday really happened and-” He cut himself off as they walked in, looking around in confusion at the empty, but well decorated restaurant.
Red, white, and pink cardboard hearts and shimmering streamers were strung from the ceiling leading a path to a booth in the back. It was situated far away from the windows and had a mostly stain-free red tablecloth with a single lit candle in the center. Fancy table settings that he’d only seen once during a trip to IKEA were placed for two with white napkins folded into the shape of lopsided swans.
The smell of sizzling meat filled his nose and he turned to look at Valerie behind the counter, cooking what looked like hamburger patties in the vague shape of steak, a bowl of mashed potatoes and two large cups filled to the brim with orange soda set to the side on a serving tray.
A knock to his left had him turning to the window, staring directly at Johnny on his bike with Shadow poking out from under him to wave. The ghost biker had his hands around his lips, exaggeratedly mouthing “you’re welcome” before revving his bike and riding off.
“Uh,”—Tucker whipped his head around at the familiar voice, surprised eyes locking with Danny’s nervous ones—“So I know this might seem a little much, but, um,” He took a deep breath.
“Tucker, you’re one of my best friends and while I want us to be friends still I don’t think we’re good to stay like that so I, uh…” he stuttered out, fiddling with something behind his back. “Wait, hold on that didn’t sound right, lemme—” Danny pulled out a red camellia. Tucker’s eyes began to water.
“I know that I’m not good at a lot of stuff and- and you probably deserve way better, but I need to at least get this off my chest, so please just hear me out.” He took another breath.
“Tucker Foley, I have been in love with you since middle school and I would really like it if we could be boyfrie—” the other boy didn’t let him finish, rushing forward to wrap his arms around his neck and kiss him breathless.
He could stand to be a little less mad at the League, he mused to himself later, curled around Danny in the cheap plastic booth as the boy went on about his own struggles with the heroes coming to town, dinner partly forgotten on the table. Their poor timing wasn’t really their fault and he got such a great surprise out of it that he honestly couldn’t care less anymore. As long as he could stay in this moment, cuddled up next to Danny, his boyfriend, forever.
A bright light flashed in front of them, followed by the appearance of a woman in a magician’s outfit. “Phantom! We need-”
As Danny invisibly slipped away to transform, Tucker fired excuse after excuse to explain away Phantom’s absence, hiding the extra table setting under his jacket while struggling to keep his gut sucked in.
Yeah, he thought to himself bitterly, he could stand to be a little more mad at the League.
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tygerbloom · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Had to do some dark gray sketches too to balance things out! Always felt like Dan not meeting up with Valerie in the past was a missed opportunity! Also like the idea of dan somehow coming back into the fold as his own entity and bothering Valerie constantly. I know in fanfiction where dan pretends to be human and people recognize his similarities to danny he calls himself hid cousin so I feel like he'd look like danny but paler and edgier. Maybe having some vlad features since he's a fusion? Idk just spit balling
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tygerbloom · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here is another sketch dump and its just various dp characters. I really want to do redesigns again and like if I was given the reigns to reboot/ remake dp what would i do exercises... I have so many ideas but I like the idea of Valerie being back with the popular group because of Star and hijinks ensuing. Ofc had to do pages to for tucker, Sam and dani! I just like playing with wardrobes and expressions
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tygerbloom · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Its Danny May again. Idk if ill participate but I'm in a DP mood again so I'm back on my bullshiiit!
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