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Could I get some vampire orphanage hcs? Or like what if Taeyeon runs it, like not just for really young children either, any vampire under “20”, that’s been abandoned or recently turned


✿after the snsd members met their mates or moved away to start a new adventure taeyeon felt alone 

✿she had spent all this time with her girls and now it’s just her

✿she’s thrilled they’ve all started a new chapter of their lives but god damn does she miss having a full house

✿she kinda floated around for a few months not knowing how to spend her time


✿she heard a group of vampires in one of the hot spots talking about how it was hard for them after becoming full grown and leaving the orphanage

✿and it clicks

✿she has a big ass house 

✿lots of love to give 

✿she protected a clan and a coven during the darkest time in supernatural history what harm can looking after some fully grown vampires do?

✿snsd are asked for their permission for their rooms to be used for this

✿they all agree and give her their full support 

✿so she spends a few weeks getting everything ready 

✿she creates the cutest leaflets to hand out to orphanages 

✿she gets so giddy the first time she gets a call about somebody moving in!!!!!!

✿to her surprise it only takes a few weeks for all the rooms to be full 

✿there is so much love and respect!!!!!!

✿she is happy to put her knowledge and survival history to good use

✿so many activities going on 

✿jewellery making 


✿song writing 




✿even tho vampires don’t need sleep she does have a routine where at human sleeping hours they’re more calm 

✿it’ll help them keep up their human facade when they’re ready to fly the nest

✿when they’re really ready to leave and take on the world she does her best to help them find a home and get comfortable

✿her home warming gift is always the biggest bunch of flowers 

✿keeps in touch with every single person that has stayed with her

✿she’s got their back no matter what

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every time Zen calls men wolves, I imagine an AU where Zen is a werewolf and Jumin is a vampire and they just hate each other. Seven would be, like, a witch or something. I guess Yoosung could be a witch-in-training? Rika is a fae and V is a ghost who died a couple hundred years ago but can’t stay dead because Rika is his former lover/arch nemesis. Uh, Saeran could be a zombie? XD And Vanderwood and Jaehee are the only humans and very tired with all the supernatural shenanigans.

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The walls were made of a dark grey stone, traces of black colouring them, as if charcoal always rained on the manor. He didn’t know whether they were the aftermath of a fire or simply the unique colouration of the dreaded stone that one villager had murmured him about between a beer of two in the inn, four towns away. There was no reason to fear a building material, Izuku thought. He was a scholar, even if a bit young, but he wasn’t superstitious.

Izuku stood in front of the immense dark wooden entrance, the door’s panels standing tall, far above him, a feeling of dread pressing through his veins.

He knocked on one of the two panels that were each five time his size; and without anyone pulling it, the doors slowly creaked open.

The hallway of the grand entrance was gargantuan, tall immobile statues staring down at him with their frozen eyes. It felt like the interior of a cathedral, if not for the darkness that seemed to sip in each corner, big blotches of black ink obscuring the entire space like they would on one of his parchments, often to his greatest despair.

“Hello?” he said in a poised voice, trying to sound as sure as himself as he possibly could. There was barely a glimmer of light coming through the tiny opening a wind had probably pushed open.

Silence answered.

He stepped forwards, ignoring the way the hair on his neck slowly started rising up, chills running down his spine.

“I’m- Midoriya Izuku”, he continued loudly, echoes answering him back, “is there anyone here?”

Was there anyone that was supposed to greet him?

Maybe he was being rude. Yep. He should have waited outside. Damn it.

He turned on his heels and walked towards the open door, two metres away from him.

Then the tall heavy panels of the door slammed close.

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Could I get some vampire orphanage hcs? Or like what if Taeyeon runs it, like not just for really young children either, any vampire under “20”, that’s been abandoned or recently turned


✿there are three types of “orphanages” in the vampire world

✿each stage of being a vampire has different needs and it’s easier to separate them

✿one for baby vampires

✿one for fully grown vampires

✿and one for newly turned vampires

✿these are run mostly by vampires

✿in rare occasions they are run by humans 

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My OC’s: Vampire AU

  1. Alyss Amell is a late 1700′s French vampire, and just, the sweetest little blood sucker; very polite, never kills her victims. Bitten at age 21 by nomad vampire Duncan to save her from dying of consumption. Pining for years over the pretty red-headed priestess with the beautiful voice who she can’t speak to because she’s always in the church at night and Alyss can’t step on hollowed ground. Leliana catches on eventually and is very endeared to the hopeless undead girl. 
  2. Claira Hawke is Alyss’ human cousin visiting from England but ends up staying when Alyss turns. Always frantically trying to convince the town that her “sickly” cousin is very frail and that’s why she can’t leave the house and also she has tons of allergies like garlic and…crosses (”It’s the metal you see, Mayor Meredith, it just makes her skin hive up, you know, allergies.”). A terrible liar but Leliana helps her keep Alyss a secret.
  3. Ronan Aeducan’s family is the head of a powerful modern-day (but a millennia old) coven but he fakes his own death so he doesn’t have to inherit leadership. Ends up opening a vampire-themed bar to go undercover, the goths of the town love it. He also over-pays a mortal bartender, Nora Brosca to keep his secret and be his daytime task-runner (he refuses to turn her into a vampire despite her repeated requests though). Ronan drinks animal blood since he was a vegetarian before he was a vampire and he sees this as the closest vampiric equivalent. 
  4. Kyung-Jae “Kieran” Tabris is in the same timeline as Ronan and new to being a vampire. Got into a bad fight and could not afford medical care (cough cough guess which “first world” country he lives in) but was saved by century-old Blue Surana who had been walking home that night from the research lab she works nightshifts at. Now he’s greatly frustrated because he thinks being a vampire is so cool but none of his human college classmates believe him (”Look how pale and pretty I am now!” [”you were always pale and pretty..”] “Well look how strong I am!” [”idk you spend a lot of time at the gym dude”] “Ugh, come on! I can’t eat garlic!” [”Yeah well you’re also lactose intolerant :/”] Is invited to work at Ronan Aeducan’s vampire bar once Ronan notices that Kieran is, in fact, an actual vampire.
  5. Blue Surana is the unofficial, unintentional coven leader of the small group of vampires that she’s either met (like Ronan Aeducan and centuries old now-phlebotomist Alyss Amell and her now-vampire wife Leliana) or turned (like Isseya Mahariel). Among others in her found-family is human vampire-hunter Cassian Cousland who she has befriended (or rather, saved, because he’d been nearly killed by a hostile vampire named Rendon Howe) whose family has protected humans from vampires for generations. He’s the first ever Cousland to befriend vampires and keep them a secret from humans and other hunters. This arrangement comes with the understanding and agreement that Blue Surana and her coven vow to not kill any human (human Nora Brosca is not thrilled about the lack of murder: “Oh come ON! Where’s the excitement in being friends with the undead if there isn’t even a littttle murder? As a treat?” [”Nora, no.”])


thank you for the ask!! :) I don’t know a lot about vampire lore but I tried, and this was fun to brainstorm! <3 

Send me an AU and I will give you 5 OC Headcanons

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My AUs | masterpost


4 mg Ativan: Anxious!Ava


canon storyline but instead of psychopathy Ava has a diagnosed panic disorder and sensory processing issues. Her and Connor are no longer involved romantically and she is with Sarah, who helped diagnose her issues and is her rock as she tries to navigate work with her new knowledge of her mind

Tags: #anxiousava

Bloodletting: Vampire!au


Sarah is a medical student who had to take time off due to personal issues. Her therapist thought it would be good for her to get away from the city, so she moves to a tiny cottage on her own that’s nestled near a large forest. She is an artist in her free time and sells her work to make a living now, though she does work part time at a coffee shop on the nearest highway.

She gets lost on a hike one day and can’t find her way home. It’s quickly getting dark and her phone has died, so Sarah is relieved when she finds an old house a little ways off the path. Upon knocking, she is greeted by a beautiful and regal looking woman, who regards her with cautious and the tiniest hint of curiosity. She begs for this mysterious woman, Ava, to let her in to use her phone. Ava is much too interested in this spunky little human to tell her she doesn’t have a phone or any contact to the city.

Tags: #vampire!au #vampire!ava #artist!sarah #bloodletting

Chance Meeting (twice over): Teen!au


Sarah Reese is a stereotypical “I hate the world” teenager. Her mother’s boyfriend invites them to South Africa to visit him, much to Sarah’s chagrin. There, she meets a snarky, energy drink addicted, South African girl who turns her life upside down in the best way possible. When their short time spent together ends, how will the two cope halfway across the world from each other?

Tags: #teen!au #teen!ava #teen!sarah #chance meeting (twice over)

La Douleur Exquise: hanahaki!au


The excruciating pain of loving someone you can’t have is powerful enough to kill you; unless you kill it first.

Tags: #la douleur exquise #hanahaki!au

Murmur | Mum!ava


Ava Bekker has a soft spot for kids, that’s clear as day. She’s always so gentle and reassuring with her young patients, and the bad paediatric cases always hit her the hardest. She never really thought about having them, her job was too important and she never had a relationship serious enough to even consider having kids with the person. When an orphaned patient comes into Ava’s care, she becomes a bit more attached than expected.

Tags: #murmur #mum!ava #mum!sarah

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Title: Wishbones

Author: Me / bluefay

Pairing: Draco/Harry

Rating: Explicit

Length: 42.2k

Summary: In November of 1961, Harry makes the move from LA to New York City in order to escape his aunt, uncle, and cousin. There, he rents a cramped apartment from one Draco Malfoy, the mysterious landlord of the building, and soon learns that nothing is as it seems.

Notes: Although this isn’t as cracky as I intended it to be, I’m still pretty pleased with the outcome! This is by far my longest fic, and I’m so glad I was able to push myself. If you’re into historical fiction/the 60′s, vampires, odd jobs, badass Cho Chang, noir, and New York City, then this is the fic for you  👻

Thank you to @veelawings and @peachpety for cheering me on and helping me to finish this beast!! And thank you to my creative director/amazing wife @a-knitting-hufflepuff for listening to my endless complaints, giving me amazing ideas, and loving me unconditionally despite the fact that I type very loudly 😜😘

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Magni felt the nibbles against the inner sides of her thighs and her neck. Pale fingers glided along her skin, faint trickles of pleasure seeping through her bones, her soul. Pain shot beneath sharp teeth dug deep into sun-darken skin, lingering with a flush of pleasure that left Magni gasping when fingers drifted over a place brimming with fire, yearning to be touched.

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⛔ Warning: blood/violence

Vampire AU. In which Ben is a really good friend :’)


Although Ben had his back turned to the bloodshed in the alleyway, he squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the glamour spell.

     There were scarcely any humans walking the streets, but the few who passed were entirely unaware of what was happening, thanks to Ben’s magic.

     They couldn’t hear the screams for mercy. They couldn’t see the mangled body. They didn’t have a clue that he was protecting them as much as he was protecting Lee; after all, witnesses were dealt with swiftly.

     The screams faded into whimpers, and then into silence. Ben felt like he could breathe again. He knew better than to look, but part of him hoped Lee was becoming less animalistic. Steeling himself, Ben pivoted where he hovered just enough to peek at the end of the alley.

     He caught sight of starving red eyes and a flash of razor-sharp teeth just before Lee sank his jaws around the ravaged flesh of his prey’s neck.

     Ben stared for a second, expression blank. Then faced the street again and tuned out the sounds of Lee feeding on his third victim of the night.

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And the last drawing for today X) Blame my mind for it X’)

I’m usually not into vampire stuff, but my mind kept screaming this idea, so…I drew it X) The vampire!au idea, you can say X) Now if you excuse me, i’m gonna hide X)

Lucifer and Michael belong to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)

Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane

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Sanders Sides: Virgil
Blurb: After seventy years of searching for his Soulblood, Virgil is highly doubtful he’ll find them tonight. 
Fic Type: Vampire!AU, Soulmateish!AU, Vampire!Virgil 
Overall Fic Warnings: Talk of Thralls, Blood, Biting
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Virgil exhaled, running his tongue over his teeth as he tried to not fidget in front of the large grey stone door. 

Even with the thick barrier he could still smell them.

The Humans.

The scent of their blood had his fangs already fully extended, aching to burying themselves into the nearest neck he could find.

Only that wasn’t why he was here. He wasn’t here to feed. Not on October ThirST. The one day of a year where humans had agreed to allow vampires to come among them and choose their–

Virgil grimaced, ducking his head as the large door was wrenched upwards, a loud DING echoing in his ears to signal that it was his turn to venture into the Stadium where the humans awaited.

Where he could…could potentially find his….


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“You would tell me … if I was … something other than human, wouldn’t you?” There was no doubt in Thorin’s mind that Bilbo would know.

Bilbo stared, his face carefully blank. “If you asked it of me … I would tell you anything that you want to know,” he finally answered.

Stepping closer, Thorin studied his One. “Am I human?”

“Yes, of course, you are, Thorin. That’s a silly question,” Bilbo huffed patiently, breaking his expressionless mask to give his hunter a reassuring look.

Thorin felt no less confused. He knew Bilbo spoke in riddles sometimes, but his answered seemed pretty straightforward. “I felt … different,” he admitted softly, squeezing his fists and stretching his hands.

Bilbo closed the distance between them and reached up to cup his hunter’s jaw in his hands with a small sigh. “That man is an idiot. Don’t let his words bother you. You are human.”

Thorin nodded and grabbed one of the vampire’s hands to redirect it to his lips. “I felt … more though. For a moment,” he sighed. Maybe he was just perceiving things that weren’t there because of what Slayer had said, like the suggestion of enchantment.

“Well, I never said you weren’t,” Bilbo huffed.

“Weren’t what?” Thorin narrowed his eyes.

More than human. You asked if you were human, not if you were only human.” Bilbo pointed out.

Thorin’s brow furrowed as he considered that. “What?”

Sighing, Bilbo slid his hands down Thorin’s front, settling them on his waist as he pushed against him.

Thorin was almost distracted. “Are you saying I’m more than just human?”

“All I’m saying is that you didn’t ask.” Bilbo deflected, pushing against him harder. Thorin stumbled back from the vampire’s force until he hit a tree. Bilbo rubbed against him, and heat shot to his groin.

~~Excerpt from chapter 71 of Of Cold Hearts by Domestic Goddess on Ao3 to be updated on Oct 5th. Subscribe now! ❤

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