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i’m making this its own post just to keep from getting too long on my art post but @taraninja16 added this onto my art so i thought i’d extrapolate on my vania issues!!


((disclaimer i’m not an official character designer by any means, i’m just a teenager who draws sometimes and has picked up a few tips from the internet lol))

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Anyone wanna hear me explain about how Cole and Vania are (half-)siblings? It probably makes no sense with their age but since when has Ninjago made sense? And also I’d rather not actually have it happen, but my brain decided to think “what if?” because I wanted Cole and Vania to be friends, which we’re probably not getting

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I just finished Castlevania season 3 and I haven’t seen such a good build up. The last two episodes were flawless! It was a rollercoaster of emotions and it was amazing. This scene in particular was my favorite:

“Well, I suppose I could’ve put up big signs all over the place. ‘Do not enter. Danger of dead. Abandon all hope.’ But this seemed to work well enough, for dead old dad.” - Alucard Tepeş

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Ah yes the Hargrevees family:

Sir Reginald Hargreeves: rich af, a genius scientist and a proper sadist. Wears a monocle.

Number 1: huge bulky guy, could snap your bones in half

Number 2: anger issues, never leaves his home without his favourite knife

Number 3: she can alter reality by simply lying

Number 4: talks to the dead

Number 5: the world’s greatest assassin, has killed loads of important people

Number 6: dead ( while he was alive he could possess monsters from other dimensions under his skin)

Number 7: almost destroyed the world by playing violin

And the scariest member of the family:

Actual Barbie doll mum.

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