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Vegeta: Complete and utter surprise and confusion. Like, “why are you putting your mouth… oh…”

Goku: Can barely take his eyes off you while you suck his dick. Just mesmerized at the sensations.

Raditz: Curious about what other holes he can stick his dick in.

Bardock: Finds it enjoyable but he much prefers to breed you.

Turles: Forces your head down to test those gag reflexes and see how far you can take him.

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Goku is all about food. So if you’re craving something weird he’s right there eating it with you.

Vegeta would get it for you easily, but he’s more concerned about you feeding weird shit to his baby.

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You’re definitely not alone there. Besides fighting and eating, breeding is one of their main drives.

Goku had Gohan like right after getting married. And don’t forget Goten. So between the Frieza Saga and the Cell Games, Goku fucked.

Vegeta had Trunks without even dating Bulma, he just needed to breed. And then had Bra/Bulla after the Buu Saga/during DBS.

I could definitely see that desire taking over them completely and they just lose all control until they get to breed.

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Yeah, I don’t think that’s true. He did say he was supposed to die in Z but he decided to keep him and continue his story arc. He wouldn’t have continued with him this far if he didn’t like him at all.

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So I’ve been playing a lot of Dragonball Legends recently, and I’ve been wondering: is there a distinct advantage or difference between alternating your hands for ki blasts and putting them together and firing them at the same time? (I have only seen Vegeta and Trunks do the hands together method, so it might be some sort of “royal technique” or something)

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