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samijen · a day ago
Tumblr media
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sidemariana · 2 days ago
• Fingering you in public •
NSFW Scenarios of them fucking you in public :)
Characters included: Albedo, Kazuha, Venti and Xiao x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Sexual content ahead. Read responsibly.
Art: Fake Slackers' Manga
Tumblr media
Albedo 📚
"Love... The library is open still" You tried your best to sound normal as your boyfriend's fingers stimulated the softest spots of your body.
"I'm aware of that, doll. But I don't think someone can even notice anything. It seems like we're only studying, right?" With that line, his fingertips brushed against your g-spot with delicacy, giving you goosebumps.
You couldn't even move much in your sit. Someone could finally notice such lewd things you were doing.
You rested your face on the table, the smell of the paper pages from the books fulfilling your scent. A single tear made one specific word from that page wet.
"Albedo... Too much!" You gasped quietly.
His expression was kept unbothered, as if he was really studying the content of the book in front of him.
His fingers were so wet they made sinful sounds that fortunately were muffled by the ambience's noises.
Curving his fingers even more, that was enough to make you see stars. Your orgasm hit you, making you squirm in place and moan quietly.
"Fuck... That feels great-" You whimpered.
"Shush, (Name)... We're still in public" Albedo held a devilishly grin that made you almost want to slap him.
You saw his fingers when he took them out from you.
"So much slick it's almost comic" Indiscreetly he licked your essence, kissing your lips afterwards. "Your taste is better than anything I ever proved before"
"Could you finish what you started on your lab, perhaps?" You provoked him.
Kazuha 🍁
Your leader Beidou did an special dinner that night, as a way to thank the efforts of her crew.
What happened was that most of the participants were drunk by the end of the dinner, many fell asleep against some boxes of the ship, not even bothering to go to their own dorms and the others rested in the long wooden table.
You were almost exiting yourself to go to your dorm when you felt your boyfriend's hand caressing your thigh, soon carefully sliding your panties to the side to tease your clit.
"Kazuha! Here...? What if-"
"Look around, my dear, we're the only ones sober here. Those people are so wasted they won't even remember anything if they see our actions"
You were wet... So wet his middle finger could slide easily inside your walls, making the samurai chuckle to himself.
"Was my little bird horny already? Look at how easy is to pound my finger into you"
"Ah, Kazuha, right there, p-please" Another finger stimulated you by the time you gasped those words.
"Answer me, love. Were you thinking dirty things about us during the dinner?"
"Mhmm... Yes, I was... Ah, fuck it... Just please, don't deny my plea"
Kazuha's skilled fingers made you feel in heaven quickly. Quicker than you'd ever be able to do alone.
He felt your walls clenching slowly, kissing your lips after you came down from your high.
"Let's finish this on my dorm?" You whimpered softly.
Venti 🍎
The bard kept his innocent feature even if, from under the table, his slim fingers were being thrusted into your sensitive core in such a quick pace it was almost hard to not jerk up with the movements.
"Ah, of course! Master Diluc's wine is a blessing for the nation of Monstad!" He said happily during the conversation as if he wasn't fingering you out in public.
"Venti..." You gasped when his fingers reached the deepest point within you. "Venti, please..."
"Uh? Is everything alright, my muse? You don't seem too fine to me" His free hand touched your forehead that was humid with sweat. "Perhaps you're having a fever, I guess"
"You should get (Name) to her house" Diluc said from the counter.
Haven't he noticed the way you squirmed in your place because of Venti's stimulation? Your face got hot with the thought of being caught, but your high was way too close for you to think anything straight.
You held onto the table as you felt the tension from your lower belly snapping, your walls involuntarily clenching in a delicious pace.
"Awn... This is s-so good" Your eyes rolled softly in pleasure.
"Ahem, have you guys ever heard the ballad of the treasure chest?" The bard's loud voice gave you the chance to be a little louder for quick seconds.
"I don't think so" Diluc said uninterested.
"Well, I can sang it the next time I get back here on the tavern. Now I need to help my little girl here, she seems to have gotten worse"
"Venti, I can't believe you" You said once you were out of that place.
"I'm sure they didn't even notice anything, my muse"
Xiao 🎆
The adeptus somehow managed to get away from the meeting between Morax and the other adepti to go and fuck you with his fingers in an alley from Liyue Harbor.
"S-So suddenly. What happened, Xiao?" You whined while his fingers ravished your little pussy.
"All that talking made me feel frustrated and I need to control these feelings somehow, unless-"
"Shush, I get it... It's just- Ah! It's sensitive, babe" You whimpered under your breath.
His fingers entered and exited you in a hard pace while his other hand held your thigh open with such a hard grip it could bruise your skin.
Xiao was very demanding whenever he felt anger or frustration but it wasn't like you weren't used to it or didn't enjoy every time he was rougher on you.
"What if some of them get upset with your lack of presence, or someone find us here?" You finished your line with difficulty
"I couldn't care less about that, (Name)" Your body got weak when his voice and movements made you cum. "I wish I could taste you, but it's impossible when you're trapped between me and this wall. Though I will do it so on Wangshu Inn. I won't leave unsatisfied, that's for sure"
His strong arms held you in place when your knees faltered due your pleasure as things seemed to happen slowly while pure endorphin runned through your veins.
Blinking your eyes as if you were sleepy, you whispered to yourself;
"F-Fuck... That- That was a hard one"
His fingers left your walls making wet sounds just before the adeptus drank your juices.
"Always so inviting and delicious... I could eat you up all night long, my lovely"
Also, my friend Audi finished Albedo's part in here. Go check her blog <3
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sunlightocean · 15 hours ago
Hugging them from behind Pt 1. (Mondstadt Edition)
Fluff -  ☁️
Summary - You want to give your s/o a little surprise, so you decide to hug them from behind while their distracted. How do they react?
Warning : None.
Author Note : First headcanons!
Tumblr media
Diluc Ragnvindr 
“U-uhm, sweetheart? Is something wrong?”
- He would be flustered at first, he hasn’t had affection in a while. Bonus points if you snuggle into his back. But afterwards  he would definitely give you a pat or two on the head. (I AM SOFT FOR THIS MAN-)
Tumblr media
Kaeya Alberich
“Oh? Someone’s sly~”
- This man wouldn’t be flustered at all. He would just get more smug. He would probably grab your hand, turn you around, and then dip you like in those cliché movie scenes. Now you’re the one flustered. 
Tumblr media
Albedo Kreideprinz
“What are you doing?”
- He would be confused at first. The dude has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE in romance. It’s a miracle how you two got together. When you finally explain it to him, he gets a very faint but noticeable blush on his cheeks and hugs you back.
Tumblr media
Eula Lawrence
“Hugging me like and putting me off guard like this. Mark my words, vengeance will be mine!” (girl, we know you like it)
- Acts like she hates but she secretly loves it. Reading reports? She can read them while you’re hugging. Patrolling around Dadaupa Gorge? Hug her in the back after beating up hilichurls. Walking with her while she’s in Mond? The people who dislike the Lawrence Clan can suck it. In short, don’t stop with the back hugs. 
Tumblr media
Jean Gunnhildr
“I suppose I can do paper work while we cuddle.” 
- Would put down her work for a minute or two to cuddle with you. Barbatos pls give this woman a break, she needs it. Hug her on the couch while she’s doing paper work. Do it. She will finish her paper as fast as possible so she can cuddle with you.
Tumblr media
Lisa Minci
“If you wanted a hug you could have just asked~”
- This woman would tease you about it, but at the same time I can just imagine her pulling you to a random couch after works hours to cuddle and have some tea and cookies. Oh to be in your shoes-
Tumblr media
Mona Megistus
“T-the stars didn’t predict this-”
- She would probably be caught off guard. And flustered. Both. After that she would hug you back stiffly saying something along the lines of “But I am not opposed of this action.”
Tumblr media
“Looks like skipping choir was worth it”
- She would skip an entire mass just to cuddle with you, change my mind. She may be closed off and cold to others, but with you, she gets all soft, but she would die rather than letting anyone see her in that state. After you hug her in the back, she would wordlessly pull you in front of her and hug you back.
Tumblr media
“Oh? Was my windblume lonely?”
- He would just chuckle and then pull you into a proper hug. He would probably summon a gentle breeze to comb through your hair softly. Ugh I’m soft fr this man-
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stargazer-balladeer · 2 days ago
“When you’re gone…” [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
What happens to them after you die?
Characters Included: Albedo, Venti & Xiao
Notes: I’m sorry if xiao’s part seems rushed ;;w;; my mind kinda blanked out there- this angst was only meant for albedo tho :) but eh. Hope ya’ll like this!
Warning: Angst! Slight spoilers for the 2.3 dragonspine event in albedo’s.
Tumblr media
Pretends you aren’t. Stuck inside a dream where you’re still alive. He would still call you, talk to you, and take you on a date. Sucrose and the people close to Albedo was worried about his mental health when they saw him talking to himself, as if you were still there beside him. He couldn’t accept you’re gone afterall.
Possibly, just maybe, he might bring that fantasy to reality. I mean his master was able to create him and other creations, why can’t he?
Smiling in satisfaction at his creation, he caresses the smooth cold surface of the cheek, ignoring the lack of warmth for obvious reasons. His eyes bore against the bright eyes of his lover, bright but not fully alive. Before him was his proudest creation yet. After so many failed attempts, he was finally successful. There you are, similar to Albedo, an artificial human. Blinking at Albedo before slowly taking in your surroundings, he watches your eyes sparkle in wonder at the things that surrounds you, despite the obvious messiness of his workshop.
He worked tirelessly to make it work. He’s glad his hard work payed off. He placed his hand on your chin and make you look at him again, smiling brightly at your confused expression. “Greetings my love. How was your sleep?” You didn’t say anything at first before replying, “who am I?” Despite the painful twist in his chest, he chose to ignore it. Albedo replied in a sweet voice, “my lover. My [Y/N].”
But of course, you aren’t [Y/N]. Not his lover. It was a mere replacement of you. As much as Albedo doesn’t believe in reincarnation and the gods, he desperately wishes for you to come back in another life.
Tumblr media
Drinks everyday to forget the aching sensation in his chest. After all these years that pass by, you would think he is used to this, having lost so many friends and foes. Diluc and the others were concerned about his health but they can’t help him. What can they possibly do to mend a broken heart? But Kaeya and Diluc do encourage Venti to stop his consumption of alcohol.
As he grieves under the tree of Vanessa, he hums a tune. Creating a melody composing of a tale of his partner and the heartbroken bard. Maybe this would help soothe the ache in his chest.
The Tavern was bustling with drunk customers as usual, all laughing merrily without a care in this cruel world. The bard was in his usual spot near the bar, but instead of whisking the night away with drink after drink, he was simply playing with it. The actions make Diluc quirk a brow at. “You’re wasting the wine if you keep doing that.” He said offhandedly while eyeing the bard, long gone was the full-spirited Venti. Everyone that looks at him would take note of his horrible state.
Venti laughed, dryly if I may add. Looking up at the Tavern’s owner with eyes full of despair. “Say, Diluc.” Venti started putting his head on his hand, looking at the glass of wine on his hand. Humming as a reply, Diluc pours a drink for another customer. “How do you ease this ache?” There was a momentarily pause for a moment before Diluc heaved a heavy sigh. “It wouldn’t go away. Even as many years go by, the ache is still there. But we have to keep going. For the sake of the ones we have lost on the way.”
Venti’s eyes met his before smiling, not his usual smile but it’s still a smile. “Wise words as usual. You seem more wiser than me ehe.” He chuckled while Diluc sighed again. “All you do is drink wine anyway. I sometimes doubt that you’re THE anemo archon.”
Even though his ache isn’t gone completely, he knew he must keep going forward. Maybe the gods in celestia would fulfill his wish of your return. But until then, he will eagerly await for your return to this world.
Tumblr media
Acceptance. Anger. Resentment. Disappointment. All these mix up like chemicals inside him. All wanting to dominate one another. He has accepted your death, that was inevitable for you were a mere mortal. Death awaits you in every turn. But why did you have to go so soon? Did the gods really don’t care about his own happiness? Anger for he wasn’t to protect you on time. Resentment for whoever took you away from him and disappointment in himself.
Nothing changed much. Except that he’s more closed-off than before. He would tire himself out more. Preferring solitude now more than ever. But if you’re lucky enough, you can hear a sad melody being played through the wind near the Wangshu Inn rooftop.
As the tune of the flute dies out in the cold dead silence of the night, Xiao heaves out a sigh as he let the flute disappeared, leaving the trail of golden dust. He looks at the moon being blocked by the clouds as he recalls those days where it was you and him against the world. Closing his eyes, trying to recall the warmth you always emit when you hug him and the warmth of your smile.
Please, to the gods above, don’t let him forget these.
Opening his eyes as he reaches out for his mask, and then he was gone. Gone like the wind, swift like the lightning. As he continuously slaughters the monsters infesting the Liyue grounds, the face of you keeps replaying in his mind. Until he is unable to take it anymore. After swiftly killing off the last Hilichurl, he falls to the ground on his knees and cries. The burden on his chest was too much to bear. His broken cries echoes through the land with the dead bodies of the Hilichurls that he mercilessly slaughtered.
One day, you two will meet again. One day, he would finally see you again. One day in the distant future, be reincarnated and learn to love him all over again.
Tumblr media
[x] Main Page || [1] [2] Mondstadt Page || [x] Liyue Page
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kedrthetree · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if zhongli threw a snowball no one would guess it was him
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ssubby · a day ago
Canon Genshin stuff I obsess over
. Albedo is a talented artist with his hand in many projects including turning a dog general into a milf but he refuses to do more than three line strokes for Kaeya.
. Albedo's alchemy being artes from Khaen'riah.
. Kaeya hates grape juice, which is the fundamental ingredient of the wine he loves.
. Diluc doesn't drink but owns a bar.
. Gorou can communicate with dogs.
. Diona, a cat child, has beef with Diluc, a grown grumpy man.
. Diona purposely makes unimaginable drinks but they always taste good (I think because she got blessed by a wind spirit??)
. Venti claims to know every song from past, present and future, so he can literally do covers of songs by artists like Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Beyonce etc.
. Venti is allergic to cats and there's a cat tavern in his city.
. Xiao wants to dance to Venti's song. Dancer!Xiao is canon and not just an au idea.
. Zhongli created mora but has zero mora.
. Zhongli bought expensive chopsticks for Childe which Childe himself had to pay for.
. Chongyun once ghost hunted in a cold place without clothes.
. Chongyun only has to pull up a chair for spirits to be like "aight, imma head out"
. Xingyun matching tassels!!
. Kaeya's obvious interest in Albedo.
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lina-andel · 2 days ago
hmmm i heard that requests were open soo 😈
everyone always says that the archons wouldn’t recognize you and only the slimes/ monsters would… but what if someone did 🤭
like okay- what if it’s venti?? like he heard the rumors that there was an imposter and since he’s so connected with the wind and dvalin (who told him there was a big shift in Teyvat and that he should go to mondstat. where he found jean about to strike you, but he heard smthn in the wind idk )
and he just try’s telling everyone that it’s you- the creator. but no one listens cause 1. he’s literally drunk half the time 2. he’s known for playing pranks and being a loose tongue.
the only one who believed him was the traveler and paimon. so he just takes you to stormterror’s layer.
and somehow the other archons find out and they’re pissed because why is an archon, your most devoteed devotee- someone you gave a seat as archon of mondstat- siding with some imposter?
meanwhile venti, you, and dvalin are having the time of your lives playing with the wind and playing pranks on the mondstaters who were trying ro hunt you down🙈
any thought 🤔
Hey, what an interesting idea! Looks great!
I, of course, adhere to the idea that people associated with the Abyss will recognize you, but... This idea looks too good.
Anemo Archon always listened to the wind.
He conveyed everything to God - the prayers of the faithful, the news of the world, melodies and the history of other countries. Venti always followed all the news, reflecting on prayers or on new stories that he would play as a simple bard of his city.
He often sang Dvalin, listening to how he sometimes told him about something heavenly - elemental beings always felt Teyvat better than the Archons, because they were close to the Creator himself.
It was Dvalin who asked him to come to Mondstadt as soon as possible. And Venti listened to him, immediately moving as quickly as possible to the city, which was supposed to show the Creator the value of freedom.
Just in time to close the human from the Jean's sharp sword.
Goose bumps ran through his body - it was you! The Creator, whom all Teyvat has been waiting for so long, to whom they prayed so often and with pure fidelity! But now you... you were hurt so badly...
-"What are you doing ?! Are you that blind?" - Venti stood in front of you, shielding you from evil looks and weapons, which is how people wanted him to stick into your fragile body. -"Why are you so rude to the Creator? Can't you see their beautiful aura of divinity?"
-"This is not the Creator!" - someone from the crowd shouted - and Barbatos never felt such hatred from the people of this city before. -"This is an impostor who has decided to take the place of the noble Creator! Step aside, bard and do not carry drunken nonsense!"
He could not allow anyone to hurt you.
That is why he, smoothly moving behind you, gently hugged you so as not to hurt your wounds - with sincere care and love - and, spreading his wings, soared into the heavens with you, placing you on the back of Dvalin, who flew after his friend on your call.
They took you to a place where no man would go without a special need - to old Mondshtadt, to the place where the history of the new city began. And Venti knew he could only trust a few. For example, the Traveler who tried to break through the crowd towards you, but could not.
The wind soon after brought Morax's message to him.
He was terribly angry - it seems that the stone cannot tell the same as the wind, and therefore he did not know that you are not an impostor at all, on the contrary - the one whom they all should respect and cherish, like the Creator himself once did them... Venti knew that Zhongli would not back down from his decisions at all, and therefore knew that if necessary, he would not even look at the fact that he was a weak god, he would protect you as needed.
In the meantime, he will watch with you how the knights get confused by the wind, which prevents them from going further.
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veritaoscurata · 2 days ago
This isn’t a request or anything, just wanna share something funny.
Cult members: (explaining that reader is god and how they have a religion dedicated to them)
Reader, who is anti religion for ✋ reasons ✋: (falls to their knees) I BECAME THE THING I SWORE TO DESTROY!!!! NOOOO!!!
ASFLKEMFELMK!!! As someone who is a lapsed follower of a religion and forever have Two Battles Inside of Me every time I think about Certain Things and Certain Subjects, I feel this very intensely.
Warnings: Heavy religious content and descriptions. Morbid imagery related to cannibalism. Primarily focuses on Roman Catholic aesthetics as that's the religion I've grown up with and know the best.
Tumblr media
If she could have said no, if she could have turned down the offer without fears of being struck down - Would Mary walked away from her role?
Would Mary know that's even possible, if the choice existed in the first place?
It's a thought that enters your mind. It's an idea that refuses to leave. It's a seed that plants deep in your chest, barbed thorns and curling veins threatening to burst from your heart like a morbid bloom, curling pungently sweet like lilies in service.
It's the only thing that keeps you sane as you're housed and entombed in the Temple made in your honor. When people travel far and wide to seek your light and be delivered from their evils, all the while jasmine and incense is heavy on your tongue, helping keep your words you're my evils and i never wanted this and please do not worship me weighed down.
They seek you out. They always do. They ask for forgiveness and for revelations. They demand an audience and a miracle. They take and take and you feel yourself going through the process of transubstantiation but only backwards: Body turned into bread. Blood turned into wine. Something they can devour. Something they will devour so they always have a piece of you inside of them.
You wonder who will be the first to do so. The one who shall brush their lips against your cheeks, breath hot and excited, before hands seize you, drag to be taken apart, shared amongst them in the crowd.
Will it be Venti, the Most Enthusiastic of the Seven? Sweet Venti who sings you hymns, drowning you in praise and beauty. He who spreads the gospel of your reluctant words through the gales while his voice carries a longing only you can fill?
Will it be Zhongli, the Most Loyal of the Archons? Wise Zhongli who crowns you with a halo made of gold and precious gems. He who carves the canon of your life into steles found throughout Teyvat and his gaze carries a want that only you can sate?
Will it be Ei, the Most Dedicated of the First to Follow? Etheral Ei who sends you endless tributes that are gold and frankincense, myrrh and sage. She who ensures you endless sacrifices while her hands shake with greed that only you can stop?
It's coming. You know it's coming. You kneel in the gardens and fold your hands against your chest - a mockery of the sign, you realize with a giddy hysteria - and can only feel the racing of your heart as the mysteries of sorrow continue to play out before your wretched eyes.
If you could have said no, if you could have turned down the offer without fears of being struck down - Would you have walked away from your role?
Is that even possible? Does the choice ever exist in the first place?
You close your eyes and can only listen to their approach.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dont put genshin characters into a hunger game simulator guys
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crystalizedlegend · 6 hours ago
little blurb as an add-on to this brainrot because i was thinking about it a lot
Tumblr media
galaxy eyes stared down at the three figures kneeling in front of them with apathetic eyes. The moment they had turned their gaze on the three archons, they had collapsed, bleeding but even so they remained pleading.
"'Please forgive me...' Isn't that something along the lines of what I said to you when I had no idea of what could have caused the people i loved to hunt me?" Their voice rang out stong with deep malice as the injuries that they had received before sprung to life on the three archons in front of them.
"Your Grace-" Venti sobbed as another open wound (one he had given to their grace with his bow and arrow) gushed red.
"Save your breath, Archon of Monstad." You hissed, you shoe digging into one of his injuries as you stomped on him. "I was an innocent person who knew nothing of what was going on but everyone looked at me like I was monster."
"The real monsters were all of you."
Blood covered the creator's shoes as they stepped back. Zhongli struggled to keep in his sobs, amber eyes staring up at you with unspoken pleas that you ignored.
Ei wasn't much better off, desperately trying to stop her bleeding while sobbing out how sorry she was.
"This is your punishment, and a final remember that I will never forgive you." The creator knelt down and gripped Ei's jaw. "Even if you search, Teyvat will never let you find me."
They stood back up and turned away from them before walking off, ignoring the pleas from the archons. Ignoring the other injured people in the crowd. Ignoring the people crying for them. Ignoring the people running after them, only to be stopped by teyvat itself.
'Divine Retribution.... I hope for it to be my last mark left on these people.'
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cafe-de-lune · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
꒰ ☕️ ꒱ؘ Order: House Special ࿐ ࿔*:・゚
꒰ ☕️ ꒱ؘ Special details: afab!idol reader with 4NEMO
꒰ ☕️ ꒱ؘ Warnings: idol culture, fluff,
ft. 4nemo ( venti, kazuha, aether, xiao ), mentions of dckz, lumine, tvt, l/yue, dainsleif, tomo
Tumblr media
.˚🎤 ༘┊͙ general ;
You are a female soloist under FREEDOM Entertainment—the same entertainment as boy group 4NEMO. (You debuted earlier than them by two years) And you cover a variety of genres (think like red velvet). You can do girl crush concepts to more cutesy concepts to ballads and such
You also have a lot of collabs. You and Lumine (from abyss entertainment) recently had a collab that shook the world with your more dark and girl crush concept. (Just imagine the year end performances) Another collab was you and tvt’s rapper, xingqiu, and L/YUE’s Ganyu
And just recently, you have been dabbling in acting as well. Your most recent role was as a side character in a romance drama. You were playing as the love interest of the female lead’s older brother (who just so happens to be dckz’s Childe)
And now you are confirmed to have your first lead role in another romance drama with the male lead being actor dainsleif (it also features L/YUE’s Ningguang and actor Tomo)
So far, the public knows that you are good friends with Ganyu and Beidou from L/YUE, Xingqiu from tvt, Venti and Kazuha from 4NEMO, solo artist Lumine, actor Thoma, actress Jean and Lisa
You are well regarded as a respected solo artist that has very little scandals (if you don’t count dating scandals that is…)
Little is known of your private life as you are pretty secretive about it
.˚🎤 ༘┊͙ 4NEMO ;
You and 4NEMO would be really close considering you trained with each other and are under the same label. There would be stories from time to time of 4NEMO’s encounters with you during your trainee years
During trainee years, you were closest with Venti and Kazuha. Aether was a little shy around you and Xiao was naturally more quiet and kept to himself but you still had some encounters with them (little did you know they just liked you)
There has also been a rumour that you and 4NEMO are going to have a collab soon but nothing has been confirmed. (The main producer of 4NEMO dropped some pictures of a blurred title as well as a ft. (name))
4NEMO has been spotted many times attending your concerts.
Venti really has no shame when interacting with you whether that be behind cameras or on camera. He isn’t scared of any “scandals” that may pop up and it’s natural for him to be affectionate with people he is close to
In private, he would exchange hugs with you, pet your head (and it doesn’t matter if you are taller than him. he would resort to climbing surfaces if he needed to. Apparently he once told aether to hold him so that he can be higher), pinch your cheeks and make those finger heart gestures to you
In public, it’s a little tones down after a “dating rumour scandal” broke out. Basically, he was caught on camera doing the finger heart gesture as well as putting an arm around your shoulder
But he gives no shits whenever you are performing. He would cheer for you and actively mouth the lyrics, shout fanchants and dance along. And when the camera pans to him, he becomes more enthusiastic
There was some time where you and Venti (as well as DCKZ’s kaeya) would co-emcee Inkigayo together. And the energy was chaotic
Predebut Venti featured in one of your title tracks but at the time, people only knew him as a trainee
When you were filing your first lead role in a drama with actor dainsleif, he sent you a food truck and he picked good photos to display on the stickers and banners and etc, but one of the stickers was a meme photo of you
Lumine secretly ships you and her brother Aether together. And it’s no surprise because he gets surprisingly shy and blushy around you. (Lumine accidentally liked a fan edit video of him and you and it made it to Soompi. She quickly unliked it tho)
Lumine would try to act as Cupid between you two. One of the ways is that she asks aether to ask you to sign a copy of your recent album even though she can request it herself since you and Lumine are close. But Lumine was adamant that aether goes
It’s not really well known as he keeps it as a good secret, but he is a big fan of yours. There are only speculations of him being a big fan of yours based his little movements when he is reacting to you performing as well as the fact that his ideal type matches you
Though the most famous fancam of him reacting to you was during the MAMA, when you were performing your ballad and he started to cry (he was also caught muttering “pretty” when you first appeared but it was kinda overshadowed by his crying)
Venti once said during a vlive that Aether recently cried while watching ( drama name ) and it was the one where you played as the female lead. But venti left out the fact that him (and Xiao) religiously watched the drama no matter how busy they were
Kazuha, gifted you with a lot of the lyrics he wrote. (Which many fans have pointed out to be true as they look at the credits) And considering how poetic he is, it’s no surprise that he wrote the lyrics to many of your ballads
Predebut Kazuha filmed a Valentine’s Day chocolate commercial with you (it was during your rookie years) in which he acted as the guy you were trying to give the chocolates to
It was caught on many fancams that he is quite the gentleman. He offered a hand when you were going down the stage in your high heels, and he stood in front of a fan cam that was filming you but you were fixing your dress.
In one of your FREEDOM ent family concerts, there was an open stadium but it started to rain. He took off his suit jacket and gave it to you in hopes he could at least keep you relatively dry
You, Kazuha, Beidou from L/YUE, and Zhongli from DCKZ collabed on a year end award program and you covered each other’s famous songs (like the 10cm collab with Rose from blackpink, Jihyo from twice, and Chanyeol of Exo)
Kazuha is also one of the first ones to check up on you whenever a “scandal” broke out. He would try to distract it from you to keep your mind off of it. And it doesn’t matter if he is doing a tour halfway across the world with a ridiculous time difference
Like Aether, Xiao is a really big fan of yours. Except, the difference is that it’s a as really well known fact in the 4NEMO fandom that Xiao is a big fan of you. (He tries to act it off as nothing but he is really bad at acting) Whenever you are performing in award shows or something, there would be fancams of him singing along and doing the signature dance movement
Whenever Xiao is doing vlives, he would often have your songs softly playing in the background as he talks to his fans
and one time, during a reality show they were filming, fans spotted a poster of you on his wall as well as your light stick neatly displayed on his shelf
And he becomes the victim of Venti’s teasing whenever something related to you comes up. Like whenever they are just watching a show in their own private time and you come up (like a commercial or as a gust on a show), Venti would smirk and turn to Xiao, which turns to both Aether and Kazuha looking at him
Xiao, of course, would glare at them and be like “what???” while doing his best to scowl while having a dash of pink across his face and on the tips of his ears
During a FREEDOM ent family concert, Xiao rapped Xingqiu’s part in one of your songs (the song that you collabed with Xingqiu) and you can bet that he was really happy since you two got closer especially during rehearsals
Tumblr media
. . . . . ꒰ ♡ ꒱ ,, another one that’s released from draft hell. Ehe ⌲˘͈ᵕ˘͈
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dourpeep · 2 days ago
Had this thought while I was spacing out in my extra time during exams
Bedo is like that one kid that never pays attention to classes and is always in his own world doing something else(sketching probs) and never studies, but still somehow aces every test.
Xiao probably always looks like he’s spacing out and paying attention to anything else but the class going on, but is especially diligent in History class just because Zhongli is the teacher. Gets average marks in tests(except History, mf aces that insufferable pain) just because he can’t care enough meaning he could get higher marks but doesn’t care enough to do so
Scara probably fails a few classes while others are average, but has like one or two classes he always aces. I bet you this mf has even handed in an entire blank sheet with only his name written before “Just because.”
- 🔒
I don't even have to add anything to this, it's perfect as is-
But I will hehehehehhehe
Featuring: Albedo, Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha, Gorou, Venti
Albedo?? Nodnod yes. Absolutely.
The trick is, is that there isn't a trick. The sketching that he does actually helps him remember what they're going over in class (or even is a visual representation of what they're learning) and while he doesn't study, his notes?? Immaculate. They're to-the-point yet also in-depth and everyone knows that if you need to copy anyone's notes...Albedo's are the best to.
Not...not that he really lets people. He's more than happy to teach them himself. Probably does tutoring as a tutor.
Xiao seems like the type of person who'd prematurely go over the course materials.
So maybe the week before, he'll already be reading ahead, taking notes, asking questions (though, ofc notably only with his favorite professor, Zhongli). But other than that?? He doesn't really feel the need to study more. He's doing really well, better than most of the class, and can even (though he wouldn't purposely) afford to fail a few tests without worrying too much about his grade.
Also very smart but he's too stubborn for his own good.
He's the type of student that no one really wants to have, but also can't really complain about either because he doesn't act up (apart from being a pos about turning in blank stuff) and it's not like they can get mad because a student isn't good at a subject.
Most likely submitted that blank test in the class that he's absolutely acing just to prove a point.
I'll add a few more >>
Kazuha is similar to Xiao and Albedo where he kinda does his own thing during class, staring out the window, balancing a pencil on the tip of his finger, humming (much to his seatmate's distate). He's not particularly incredible nor is he bad at any subject. Very cozy average.
He puts effort where effort is due, but doesn't feel the need to go above and beyond because he'd rather save his energy for any extracurriculars he has going on. Probably takes martial arts or even assists/teaches on his own time.
Gorou, as a student is above average! He's someone that a lot of people look up to, probably a student leadership position like on the council or perhaps some sort of student committee where he helps people figure stuff out for themselves and helps plan student activities.
He does his best to do better in classes because he wants to be a good role model to those who look up to him, but there are times where he doesn't do so well and it's impossible to not notice. Slumped shoulders, knitted brows, worrying at his lip w/ his teeth--nothing that a pat on the back won't help though. Overall, very cheerful and most people on campus know who he is.
Venti is actually a TA which, once you get to actually know him, is really fitting! Otherwise, most people know him to be a little lackadaisical and wonder what he's always doing on campus when he doesn't seem to have a set schedule (because he doesn't, as a TA) and is often seen lounging around the music hall or courtyard.
That being said, he is (or was?) a pretty good student when he was still studying--in fact, that's one of the reasons why he was able to get a TA position so quickly. Lots of networking with his professors, really getting to understand the subjects he was learning and all that jazz.
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azempyrea · 2 days ago
Large espresso of angst with zhongli and venti if u please (I’m trying to get used to this)😅
-- a large ("full-fledged" fic) + espresso :: worship (daily prayers) + a shot of angst for Venti !!
Tumblr media
I do hope you're alright with me choosing Venti !! I've had a lot of event asks for Zhongli, so I supposed it was time for Venti to get some.. "love" !
Hope you enjoy :DD
Every day before the incident, Venti played a solemn, yet calming tune on his lyre.
The breezes that spun through the trees of Wolvendom and the Cecilias of Starsnatch cliff were normally calm about every day. They symbolized the peace and freedom of the nation as it's people dance and sung merrily under their Archon's gaze. It was always like this, for centuries on end.
The bard placed a bouquet of some of the local flowers on the pedestal of a makeshift altar in the vicinity of the Thousand Winds temple. The most dominant flowers being those of Cecilias, pure as the snow on Dragonspine.
But even the gentle breezes had their days of turmoil; they were a reflection of the Anemo Archon's mood afterall. Even the pure, white snow upon Dragonspine could be tainted crimson.
The winds did not answer him that day, though he could tell they feel his anger. They did not reflect his anger, but instead someone elses. His grand creator, the heavenly divinity of Teyvat, he assumed.
He had only assumed that the Creator was furious someone else had worn their skin and not that they were sad at the prospect of someone they once loved was hunting them like an animal.
He had only assumed that the Anemo-infused arrows that rained down upon the aforementioned imposter carried an air of justice to them -liberating the world of such filth- and not that the arrows were piercing not a heretic, but instead the same "god" he loved so reverently.
He had assumed that your blood ran red as you lay on the now tainted snow of Dragonspine, frostbite eating away at your worn-down body. He had assumed that you were someone to hate and despise as you "committed a sin of the gravest order", instead of the one he had committed his own life and blood to.
He was proven wrong not soon after, as he watched the golden ichor pour from your wounds.
Now, he sang a solemn tune once more, yet no longer calming. Instead it told of sorrow, grief and inner turmoil; a reflection of his own guilt.
The flowers left at the altar had long wilted once her arrived there one more, a week of no maintenance leaving them to rot away. He envied the flowers as he saw their shriveled form, as he wanted to do the same the moment your soft smile turned a grimace when looking directly at him.
He added a bouquet of local flowers once more, crushing the wilted Cecilias and tossing their wilted petals to the breeze. Instead of those pure flowers that grew upon the highest peaks of the Nation of Freedom, the wrapped flowers contained only Dandelions.
Taking a handful and blowing them to the breeze -now slightly harsher around the area of the cliff he situated himself on- he made a wish. A wish that he could make up for his own sins and win your favor once more.
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dreamingofaria · 2 days ago
interference ii.
request » ❛ reading genshin men who has unrequited love to reader? That I love it Feel free to delete/ignore this but is it ok for you to do a part 2 of it but this time its venti,kazuha,scara,gorou and thoma? ❜
genshin men and how they choose to act on unrequited feelings, part 2.
feat. kazuha, thoma, venti, gorou, & scaramouche x gn!reader
tw: long post, hurt and no comfort, mentions of kazuha’s friend’s death, depictions of unhappy/unhealthy relationships, yandere thoughts, (some toxic) jealousy, & unreciprocated feelings
Fingertips press into the soft earth that supports a blade as it stands tall and strong even against the winds of Inazuma's brutal coastlines. There hadn't felt like there was any other place to go rather than here ever since Kazuha had stepped off the boat, expecting your bouncing steps as you eagerly awaited him on shores lined with the dotted paths of your footsteps, but no such imprints had existed this time. He'd sought you out, delving into the dangerous territories of Inazuma's lands, but this time, his ability to find that which he sought felt like a curse the second he did find you. You were not alone, not in danger, not hurt nor incapacitated - you were none of these things. You were simply in the arms of someone else just when the winds had begun to sing of romance and heartstrings to the Inazuman wanderer, and now, as he sits in front of the blade, the winds sing of hissing regrets and poisonous taunts. His journey out to sea had been just a single day too late. His feelings had bloomed far too slow. You were like the loose sand of the beaches filtering through his fingers, the one thing he could forever seek yet never have. Few things had ever reached into the depths of his own soul and caused such pain that visiting an old friend could not even soothe it, and in all his days, not once had teardrops stained the earth where the blade was impaled. Now, they rolled off his chin profusely until the earth became dark and wet. Kazuha yearned with everything to tell you the feelings boiling inside of him, but all they will remain as are secrets between him and the whispering winds and the blade at his fingertips.
Thoma reminds himself a thousand times over that not everyone comes from the same walk of life. In his world where the clan is structured, wealthy, and honorable, there is order, peace, and formality. In the world he sees you rapidly falling into with the person you claim as your new lover, he sees nothing but chaos and pain. When you show up on those rainy nights climbing the steps to the Kamisato Estate, it's not until the guards are vehemently barking at you so loud the rain itself quivers that Thoma realizes you had no where else to turn, and his splitting, aching heart can tell the difference between your tears and the rain. It is tears and distress that bring you to him, a name on your shaky lips that kills another fracturing part of him, but nothing hurts more than when you turn back the following morning and walk yourself back into the arms of someone so undeserving and detrimental. On one side of the estate gate, you stand on uneven stone in front of someone who could never provide even the slightest for you, and on the other, Thoma stands among the spotless estate in which he absolutely wished he could keep you as his own. It is not something he has ever expected to feel, this agony. It rips apart his faith in others and chews it up and spits it out on the sandy ground of the Kamisato Estate, but even when Miss Kamisato inquires about the dullness in his eyes and the droop in his shoulders, there isn't a single word Thoma can even come up with that would do justice to explain this unfathomable heartache. You have chosen, poorly so, but he has no right nor any room to change the course of fate. All he can do is hope that on those terrible nights where your brittle world fragments again into a thousand tiny pieces, you will have faith that he will be there to pick up the mess, no matter how sharp those pieces are and how deep they cut.
Should he have told you? Should he have thought this through and acted sooner? Should he really be taking out the anger on others unbeknownst to them? It's not like the drunkards pouring out of Angel's Share at three in the morning can hold their weight like the timeless archon, and the powerful surges of air send each one back onto their hands and knees on Mondstadt's stone-packed streets. It should amuse him - he should be smiling - he should be laughing and singing and you should -
"Venti! We should talk."
Oh, the way his heart had dropped as if there was no wind beneath it at all. He'd been so scared that you'd found out the truth of who, or more so what, he was, but the words that you had laid upon him were worse. They were so, so, so much worse.
"...and we're dating!" Your smile was the most adorable thing he had ever been graced with, but this time, not even the smile brighter than a thousand suns could do anything to help him.
The alcohol had never hit his veins. There were no veins to hit. There was no intoxication, no dulling of this foul taste in his mouth and soothing of the agitation in his mind. All he could think about was you and what could have been. A night under the stars at the foot of the Anemo archon statue - confessions of truths you wholly deserved, a song to help ease the atmosphere, and arms for you to place yourself within. A life with you at his side where you rightfully belonged and where he could show you things no one else would ever come close to being able to do.
Another intoxicated gentleman of Mondstadt fell straight into a cart, sending the cart careening down the alleyways as it spilled barrels of goods. There were voices yelling and a few more men showed up at the scene, and the Anemo archon himself sat his chin in his hand where he sat far atop the wall of the city. He couldn't do anything to change your mind, but that didn't mean he had to be happy with the way everything had turned out.
"Redeployment?" the way your own body language seemed to just, well, fall, Gorou could almost see the ears and tails drooping on you with the evident disappointment and worry in your voice. "How long? And... does that mean things are getting bad again?"
"I'm... I'm not sure how long, and..." an ear flicker betrays his own regret of having to bestow such news upon you like this, but you deserve to know. "There's a lot of tension right now in Inazuma." It was the best he could do, the lightest way he could put the tumultuous tides of Inazuma's politics.
"I was really hoping I could introduce you to them, but now that I know you're not going to be around... Gorou, I met someone, and I... I really like them."
The way he cursed such visible emotion was unholy in its own right. His tail bounced in agitation at it moved flat between his legs and back up in the next instant in which he forced himself to fake it, just for you, and it was stiff as a board just like the smile that crossed his face. "That's... so exciting!"
This was par for the course, wasn't it? He wasn't even reliable enough to be around to be there for you; how could he even call himself a friend? It seemed such an insignificant thought when he'd signed up for his role in the resistance, but such commitment and responsibility had drawbacks all the same. Even though his heart rapidly hammered in his chest and his tail did all sorts of weird things in excitement of seeing you, he would have to find new ways to explain his odd behavior and just move on. It wouldn't be fair to drag you into anything so messy, and he was happy for you.
Wasn't he?
How positively delectable you are, standing here with your shoulders so squared with confidence and a gleam in your eye as you tell him in full, elated breaths, "And they said yes!"
It didn't matter what they said. They were irrelevant, insignificant, and unworthy. You were royalty, far above anyone around you, and you deserved such a pedestal, but only someone like Scaramouche could truly give you that. Didn't you know that? What was the point of such immature crushes and pathetic dates? No, you were beyond that, and this wasn't your school years any more. You needed to see yourself for your own worth, and it was a worth greater than this minute speck of dust you call a lover could ever even properly comprehend.
His scoff doesn't seem to deter you, but that's alright. It doesn't matter. He'll make you see the truth within yourself because only he can understand it, apparently, and only he can help you bring out such power from within. You shouldn't have even bothered running around with such insolent mortals and bumbling idiots. You were even more potent than the vision he wielded, greater than the power of an archon, more seductive than the all-influencing power of Celestia itself. Maybe he's a tad drunk on such seduction, but it fringes the framework of his love for you, and once you see everything he can do to bring out the best in you, it will not matter at all that anyone else said yes. 
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venti: why did the chicken cross the road?? to get to the idiot's house.
kaeya: i don't get it
venti: knock knock
kaeya: who's there?
venti: the chicken.
kaeya: i won't punch you in the face on one condition.
venti: yeah?
kaeya: tell that joke to diluc.
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fearfauwn · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
waiting for venti rerunn,, in the mean time, coat snatcher!!
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veritaoscurata · 2 days ago
i am looking respectfully at the modern au 👀 how would noire react to us trying to get his attention? his sister's attention? he clearly loves briony so maybe if we make her happy he'll be happy with us. big brain logic there folx.
Noire is the definition of Do As I Say, Not As I Do when it comes to his sister. 💀💀💀
The first time he gets a Rare Voiceline — Briony loves gushing about these to him whenever they meet up when their schedules allow it, trying so hard to get her favorite ones from Thoma or Aether to play — from you, he’s surprised but pleased. Especially since the voiceline has you sighing wistfully about wanting to see something beautiful. He jokingly has the camera turn around so you’re looking at the screen and gestures to himself, complete with a cocky, ‘Tada!’ while Assi and Babs share a long look like the other is the camera from the office.
The first time he notices you dealing much more damage than should be possible, he’s surprised but excited. He thinks maybe the build for you got a quiet buff and that makes you even better than ever! Hell yeah, All-Creator Supremacy. Can’t help but praise you when you somehow oneshot the most difficult bosses, pleased as hell, and goes to make your favorite dish again to add to his ever growing collection of it as a sign of thanks.
The first he notices he keeps getting you when he uses his wishes to get another character — doesn’t really want them, but Briony is excited for them when she saw their trailer and he plans to play them so he can give her pointers on how to use them — he’s surprised but happy all the same. He likes you, after all, and is telling himself it’s you being eager to keep coming home to him. It’s a pain to whale for the event character to finally come out but hey he got you multiple times and miHoYo made bank again. Everyone wins.
But the second anything weird happens to Briony, though, no matter what form it takes — from him hearing Venti trying to coax ‘a pretty smile from the pretty one~!’ when he knows that shouldn’t be possible, (he checked the voicelines and forums after wanting to find a complete list for your lines) to realizing with a lot of alarm that her phone camera is on while she’s playing and only when she has, like, Aether or Thoma in her party — Noire is by her side, trying to convince her to get a new phone and try a new game or something because this is a little sus, sis, ngl.
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