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I got curious about what BTAS Freeze’s voice actor Michael Ansara sounded like without the reverb and wound up watching an episode of I Dream of Jeannie, where he played the villainous Blue Djinn. Not only is he Freeze blue, he’s also got the eyebrow game. XD I know that sometimes animators make characters look a little bit like their voice actors, so I wonder whether it had any inspiration or it it’s just coincidence.


Who knows, it could be! Although I think Freeze was visually designed after Boris Karloff, since both of them have that long-faced gauntness with the thousand-yard stare that made them iconic in their introductory films and shows.

You can REALLY see it when you compare Freeze to Imhotep:


Originally posted by gameraboy1

(Doesn’t help that Freeze’s backstory mirrors The Mummy to the point that he should be called the frozen homage to Boris Karloff’s legacy. His voice is similar too…..hmmm…..)

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🃏 Joker using the Rogues aesthetic, third entry: Mr. Freeze. 

Honestly i had lots of fun drawing this one, and i actually sketched it on paper like days in advance, even before making the Poison Ivy entry. Also i watched one of my fav films, The Devil Wears Prada, while drawing it. 🤣🤣

Also if you want to make fanart of this design please feel free to do so! Just credit me and tag me in your posts if you do!

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(Y’all keep sending joker bc u know we gonna kill him huh. That’s fair.)

G: Mr. Freeze used to be married right? He’s the guy that was trying to save his wife? I mean he must be a good husband then so marry him I guess, and that leaves me to fuck Kite Man so uhh. Yeah. Joker is already 6ft under he has no rights.

W: I too would marry Mr. Freeze and sleep with Kite-y boi, simply because idk if you can fuck Freeze since he’s always in his suit and he’d probably die anyway if his pp got too warm 👀

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Catwoman - This one is canon in a lot already but she has like 15 cats. And she loves them all so much. And they’re all named like, Washing Machine. and Chair.

Penguin - Also canon in a lot but he has at least one of like every known bird species ever somehow. Even the extinct ones. Penguins of course definitely dominant here but he 100% has a whole house full of like 100 flamingos as well

Riddler - Had a snake as a kid. Later Penguin starts letting a bunch of his birds hang out with him and he is freaked out at first but most of them take a liking to him and he very quickly gets attached. Like a month later he is raising 5 chickens and a flamingo. And of course has his lobster named Clarence Darrow

Two-Face - Has two cats and one is black and one is white and they have really dumb matching theme names and he loves them so much. Like every week he decides on different matching names but they stay consistent through the whole week. 

Scarecrow - Is a huge horse freak and has a big ranch full of horses who he loves. Also owns like, a tarantula or something because scary but he does genuinely love it so much

Bane: Would never reveal this to anyone but he has a chihuahua and a kitten and their names are Ren and Stimpy but he has never heard of the show and it may or may not actually exist in-universe.

Mr. Freeze - Co-owns 5 to 10 of Penguin’s penguins. Some of them without Penguin’s knowledge.

Ventriloquist - Maybe has a frog or toad… Cares for it deeply… Maybe like a goldfish too or a little snail

Mad Hatter - Has a rabbit but it’s a complete coincidence. He does not realize the Mad Hatter connection with it at all

Poison Ivy - Has a marimo which Harley co-owns

Harley Quinn - Has a pet rock which Poison Ivy co-owns. She also has multiple hyenas somehow.

Clayface - Also has a pet rock.

Killer Croc - Killer Croc

Man-Bat - Man-Bat

Joker - Hates the concept of having pets at all and is always yelling about them and is really mad whenever they are brought up at all. However, he does have a chimpanzee that lives in his house and eats all his food.

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Gotham Rogues Attending Pride

  • Poison Ivy builds a wall of vines to keep the fascist cops away from those celebrating pride (Commissioner Gordon is an exception, he supports us)
  • Harley Quinn protects the young children attending their first pride. (Big hammer scare away stupid protestors)
  • Scarecrow brings canisters of fear toxin and sprays any homophobic protestors that try to ruin the event
  • Penguin uses his underground influence to hire thugs to protect the attendees. They’re all wearing rainbow flags as capes.
  • Riddler’s robots march with the people as extra protection
  • Bane is the Official Pride Bodyguard and will walk with anyone who asks nicely. Bonus: Big Bane High Fives
  • Basically everyone is safe and protected.
  • Mr. Freeze offers free hugs as a supporting father. (even though he’s not a father, the thought still counts)
  • Firefly holds a fireworks show using rainbow colored fireworks
  • Catwoman, Two Face, and Killer Croc hand out water and snacks to keep everyone hydrated in the heat

Batkids Attending Pride

  • They all wear their corresponding flags and colors. Everyone has face paint on. It’s a celebration of love and acceptance
  • Dick Grayson stays on ground level and offers support for anyone scared or unsure of themselves.  Lots of pep talks and hugs

  • Jason Todd keeps guard on the rooftops, watching out for protestors

  • Damian Wayne attends his first pride. He hesitates not to maim the rogues, who are not their to cause harm but to have a good time. 

  • Barbra Gordon drives a special float dedicated to lgbtq disabled folk
  • Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain do a duel speech that encompasses he entire movement and it’s history, hoping to educate old and young.
  • Stephanie Brown hosts a special program for autistic lgbtq kids (and adults are welcome as well)
  • Duke Tomas spearheads the poc lgbtq floats, there’s a float to represent everyone thanks to his hard work.
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Robin Musings, as per Mr. Freeze

aka Victor Freis, Ph.D. (Cryogenics), M.Sc. (Angst)

Robin I

  • Kid, go put on some pants, it’s cold in here
  • No I can’t turn up the heat, I would literally die
  • No I don’t want hot chocolate
  • Careful, don’t slip
  • Don’t sneeze on my freeze ray gun
  • Bless you
  • See that’s what you get for not wearing warm clothes

Robin II

  • Did you just call me baldy
  • Insouciant child, go away
  • No I can’t make snow cones, I’m not interested in your new business venture
  • Don’t you dare break my cryo-suit, I need that to live
  • That’s it, I’m calling Batman

Robin III

  • Are you wearing ice skates
  • I would be mad, but that’s actually a good technique
  • Damn
  • What do you mean you want to know how my blood vessels haven’t ruptured
  • Ah, a fellow nerd
  • No I’m not a water bender, I’m not the Avatar

Robin IV

  • What don you mean do I have paternal male baldness
  • No I don’t, I just shave my head
  • Why am I defending my fashion choices to you
  • No I can’t make froyo
  • If you must know, it’s because I’m useless in the kitchen

Robin III again

  • You better get that flamethrower away from me-!

Robin V

  • Oh my god
  • Why do you have a sword
  • How did you get your sword on fire
  • *sobs*
  • Where is the first Robin, I miss him I’ve done nothing to deserve you
  • Batman help me-

as per the wonderful suggestion of @lonestarspidey

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Art Therapy in Arkham: What Each Rogue Makes

Riddler: His love of play on words and trickly linguistics gets him to write some poetry. He likes to read it aloud sometimes, having people guess what the poem is about like it’s the longer version of one of his one-sentence riddles. It gets his thoughts down in a nice way and helps him exercise that riddle-making machine in his head.

Scarecrow: He picks up drawing, mostly in pencil. He draws scenery most of the time, and is pretty good at it. Scenery usually comes from memories in Georgia; landmarks that impacted him the most like the farm he grew up on. Occasionally he’ll draw a monster from his youth; most of the time it’ll be whithered old woman with sharp teeth and claws. Digs up old memories, but it helps helps him release some anger.

Hatter: Sewing, obviously. Making little accessories for his friends. The only no no is hats. Sorry, but it’s a sore subject, Jerv. But making clothing helps him feel better and keeps him busy from all his usual dangerous habits and thoughts.

Joker: He’s not allowed to have any art supplies ever again.

Harley Quinn: Collages. She’s definitely the sentimental type, so it’d make sense that she want to do something like scrapbooking to collect memories of her friends in Arkham and store them away. There’s a page for each friend. It helps her connect better with other patients and keeps up her emotional support.

Poison Ivy: Pottery. Something about taking material from the earth, giving it water, and making it into something beautiful really speaks to Ivy. She’ll usually make flower vases with beautiful sceneries of plants engraved into its exterior. They allow her to use it to plant something (when her abilities are suppressed, of course), and so it keeps her connected with nature.

Two-Face: Painting is his thing. He’s not great at it, but what matters is that his emotions translate through. Each one has some sort of duality to it, as is the theme with him. It helps him get his emotions out, as well as helping both alters coexist.

Mr. Freeze: Ice sculptures, of course. Some of his wife, others of things he misses back when he was still normal. It helps him grieve in a more healthy way.

Clayface: Drama, as he was once an actor. He’ll write entire screenplays and then act them out all by himself because he can be any and all the characters he wants. It’s great for him because it helps him relive the normal life he once had.

Firefly: He’s not allowed to paint anymore since all he paints is people and places on fire, so he’s taken a liking to building. They bought tinker toys specifically for him (plastic, not wood), which he uses to make life-size models of his own jetpack and flamethrower. Usually this would be banned, but it helps Garfield get more into the habit of wanting to build instead of watching things be destroyed, so it stays.

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The Characters who were/Are about be fucked over by the Harley Quinn show Club

 I love the show don’t attack me lol

The show is getting on my nerves rn lol

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the thing that I love and hate about Mr Freeze is that he’s called MISTER Freeze.  


This man has a doctorate.  

For an actual (semi-)medical field.

(look I don’t know if cryogenics qualify as a medical field I’m not a doctor)

But still, he has earned the name Dr Fries and he could easily have transferred that over to his villain name but he didn’t! Unlike literally every other villain who managed to get a doctorate before hitting their breaking point-

(which is honestly pretty surprising if you think about it I mean if they already have an extreme enough personality that they’d snap over something like, i dunno, getting turned down or someone eating their sandwich you’d think it would have happened back when they were pulling 3 day long study sessions and fulled by coffee and spite alone) 

-and also several who didn’t (exibit A for my previous rant) he decided not to use it in his villain name.  

Like, he still calls himself Mister but I guess he just wants everyone to stay on a last name basis with him since he’s married??? Like yeah his wife’s frozen in a block of ice but he’s still her husband people.

(and I also hate it because I actually keep wanting to call him “Dr. Freeze” and I have to consciously remember that it isn’t his villain name)

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Jervis: I sleep with a dagger under my pillow.

Bridgit: Weak. I sleep with a mini torch.

Oswald: The only way to sleep is with a gun.

Freeze: I have a freeze bomb in my bed

Jonathan: You’re all pathetic.

Bridgit: Oh? What do you sleep with?

Jonathan: Jerome

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So, I’ve been wanting to write a post on something I came to realize after watching walkthroughs of Mr. Freeze’s DLC in Arkham Origins (Cold Cold Heart), how it connects to his own retelling of his origins to Hugo Strange in Arkham City, and how it connects to Batman: The Animated Series.

We were lead to believe that Victor Fries had been stealing company resources to save Nora. For YEARS it was given as a reason for him being a criminal and how he’s still “bad” even though he felt he had no choice.

Well, take a look at what Arkham Origins gives us:


What we learn is that Ferris Boyle approached Victor Fries and made a deal with him: make me weapons, and I’ll pay to save your wife. Victor HATES violence, he doesn’t believe in such things…..but he was vulnerable. He had no choice in his mind so he agreed.

He went on to build Ferris Boyle several cryoguns and cryocannons, but while HE was fulfilling his end of the bargain in spades, Ferris purposely dodged Victor’s questions regarding Nora’s research. He kept BEGGING to know what was going on, and Ferris kept saying “ it’s too soon we need more time you’re asking too much” blah blah blah.

Now, it seems to me that Ferris NEVER intended on saving Nora. Victor was making him a TREMENDOUS amount of money through creating these dangerous weapons and like Hell was he going to blow money on a woman he thought was a lost cause anyways. Most likely…..he planned on wasting time to the point that it was too late to cure Nora, and just go the whole “sorry it’s too late we can’t help her just let her go.”

Victor wasn’t the one breaking the law…..Ferris was. Victor honored his contract while his boss refused to honor his side of things, expecting Nora to die so he didn’t have to blow money on her while her husband was slaving away, desperately doing something he didn’t believe in in the false hopes that Gotham’s humanitarian would help save his wife. Victor was angry, so he decided to do the research himself. Ferris found out, and, in Victor’s words, claimed Nora was HIS property.

Victor used company resources, ergo, his wife was now GothCorp property and he could do whatever the Hell he wanted to her and had his guards basically steal her body right in front of her husband. Victor went ballistic, but was beaten back and knocked into the cryofluids that mutated him. Ferris never intended on helping Nora or Victor, and now saw Nora as yet another way to make money on the black market.

There are a few lines Freeze says to Batman in Arkham Origins that really chills me to the bone:

“I won’t allow my wife to be subjected to any more tests. Do you understand!?”

“Do you have any idea what Boyle was doing to her!?”

Seems to me that Ferris Boyle was torturing Nora. He was using her as a guinea pig for his own sick experiments. And we wonder why Freeze is so damn angry in Arkham Origins. Wouldn’t you be angry too if your spouse was reduced to a lab experiment?

The DLC in question takes what Batman: The Animated Series gave us and made it better. There isn’t that stupid need to turn Freeze into an angry decapitated head that whines about being alone, and the games expand on his potential to be a hero by having him learn to trust and even help Batman.

Really freaking stinks that all his work ended up for nothing, because man……Nora should have been cured (Freeze was DAYS AWAY when Scarecrow apparently kidnapped her), and even if Freeze couldn’t go back to being himself again, just knowing she was alive would have made his miserable existence just that tiny bit better.

That is….if he allowed himself to live. Seems to me that he had always planned on taking off his helmet once Nora was saved. It’s too late to save him……only Nora meant anything to him. Not even his own life mattered compared to hers. :(

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(Pt. 1)

Gryffindor: Montoya, Barnes, Maroni, Zsasz, Bridget

Ravenclaw: Allen, Fries, Ecco

Slytherin: Fish, Dent, Falcone, Strange, Theo, Tetch, Ra’s, Sofia, Lazlo

Hufflepuff: Essen, Crane

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