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I’m actually so glad that you decided to ask! This blog is here for people like you who wanna reconnect with their ancestral roots.

I definitely respect that you wanna be like your Thầy Bói (師𧴤) great-grandfather. Thầy Bói specialize in divination, so naturally divinatory practices should be your starting place. But, before you even think about divining or doing any other occult work, you need to know your basics. I’ll write a detailed post about the philosophy you need to know before you engage in Pháp Thuật (法術) soon, but I’ll give you a crash course in the meantime.

First, you need to understand Âm and Dương, Yin and Yang, 陰陽. Out of the primordial chaos, came the Two Polarities, Âm and Dương. The Two created the Three and are the ultimate sources of all things. Everything can be classified into Âm or Dương (this gets more complicated but this is what we’ll say for now); before you use a tool, say an incantation, or put up offerings, you should consider where it falls on the Âm Dương dichotomy.

The next thing you should study is the Ngũ Hành, The Five Phases, 五行, I already have a post about them that you can find here.

Thirdly, you should study our cosmology, understand Thiên Địa Nhân (Heaven, Earth, and Man, 天地人), the Courts of Hell, reincarnation, karma, merit, the zodiac, et cetera.

Fourthly, you need to learn how to worship your ancestors, our ancestors are so important to our work.

Lastly, and I’m very sorry to say this, but knowing Vietnamese is extremely important in practicing Pháp Thuật. I know a great deal of Vietnamese witches don’t know the language but I’ll go into detail about it in a later post; the short of it is, you only have to know a few phrases to practice our kind of work.

Those are your basics. After which, I can give you a few divinatory methods we practice: Xin Âm Dương (Asking Gods or Ancestors Yes/No questions using two coins), Xin Keo, reading birth charts, reading palms, reading faces, seeing omens (I’ve got a post about superstitions and omens here), interpreting dreams, choosing auspicious and inauspicious days based on the stars and heavenly bodies, et cetera. There are many divinatory practices that Thầy Bói specializing in that sort of thing must know. I hope this is helpful to you, if you need any further help, you can DM me!

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Air Force veteran Michael Krawitz executive director for veterans for medical cannabis access, poses for a photo beside a mobile veterans clinic at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Center in Greensboro, N.C. 
Medical Marijuana first became legal in 1996 in California for a broad range of conditions; New Mexico became the first state specifically to include PTSD patients. “It’s quite a sea change.” Krawitz said.

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John Gerassi, Talking With Sartre, 118
Reminds me of my meeting with Ho Chi Minh and Pham Van Dong, the North Vietnamese prime minister, in 1966. They already knew a lot of what we were doing in the United States against the war, but Pham asked for some details, and as I told them, I saw Ho sort of nodding in a way that I interpreted him as thinking, ‘Not very tough stuff.’ So I started exaggerating a bit and when he made the gesture again, I really exaggerated. Then he interrupted me. 'When do you have fun?’ he asked, adding, 'A revolutionary who doesn’t have fun burns out too fast.’ To which Pham said: 'A good revolutionary must love life.’
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