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c0ast2c0ast · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mountain Viewssss
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racingmuppett · a month ago
Sport sites and pages ready to release the thousands videos about Marc's comeback they prepared since last year
Tumblr media
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davidjdobrikstesla · 2 years ago
views | david dobrik x reader
plot: you’re David’s guest on the podcast. you end up almost falling asleep, when the episode ends, David carries you to bed and you cuddle until you fall asleep.
requested?: no, i just came up with the idea during school lmao
a/n: pLEASE GUYS, request something!! my requests are open and you can request anything! i have a surprising amount of free time (sad, i know) so i could most likely get it done really quick. request anything! <3
962 words
The Lovesac devoured you, practically whole. David sat across from you, on the couch and Jason sat on the other side of the couch. Joe had just left for a couple of minutes to go do something, leaving us together.
"What's up, guys, welcome back to Viewsss," David started, leaning the microphone near his mouth, "The podcast were I make seventy percent of the profits."
You muffled a giggle, looking over to Jason, who was probably used to jokes like this.
"Please, David," Jason begged, putting a voice on, "Please, I-I just need a bit more money. I need to send Charlie and Wyatt to school. I can barely afford food for dinner."
"Mhm..." David hummed, "Not my problem!" He finally came to a conclusion. You and David laughed, as Jason sighed.
"Right, now that that joke is over, are you going to introduce this weeks guest?" Jason asked, shifting in his seat. David looked at you, smiling.
"As you probably heard, we are joined today by a special guest, Y/N L/N." He announced, giving you jazz hands.
"Hi, everyone!" You spoke into the microphone, not yet used to the feeling, "I hope you guys now, I am currently doing this against my will."
"Oh, shut up, you begged me to be on the podcast!" he said. You rolled my eyes.
"She just rolled her eyes, guys. Finally, a girl who won't take David's shit," Jason said, rather happily and accomplished, "I never knew this day would come."
"She loves me, guys, I promise," David reassured anyone who was listening, "She's normally a very suck-up kind of girlfriend."
You pretended to threaten to slap him. Sure, you loved him, but that didn't mean he could be annoying sometimes.
"Awh, young love," Jason sighed, "How have you been, Y/N? Being in the vlogs now as David's girlfriend rather then just a victim of David's pranks?"
"I think you mean still being a victim of his pranks," You joked. Jason chuckled, and David smirked, "Well, nothings changed, really. I was in the vlogs just as much as I am now."
"But the fans..?" David asked. You looked at him, he was biting his lip.
"Well, they're pretty accepting of it..." You explained. David interrupted you.
"Except there's these motherfuckers that keep on comparing her to Liza." He snarled, angrily. Jason looked at him, rather confuses, as were you, "And to any of you who are doing that, fuck off because her and Liza are best friends."
You realised he eventually made a joke out of it. Liza was probably the biggest supporter of you two, and you were thankful of it.
"True, true," you smiled, "Liza's adorable. We're getting married soon, you know?"
"Oh my, God!" David squealed, "Ah! I ship it sooo much!"
"You two are so adorable together!" Jason said in the same tone. You three laughed, "But, seriously, how's it going?"
"Pretty good. Contrary to popular belief, he only gets on your nerves sometimes. He's sweet, and the fan-fictions on Tumblr about him are really funny."
"Expect a video of that on her channel soon." He said, winking at you. After talking about a few more things, like how you met, how Trisha and Jason's fight have been going and Joe's protest to get more then twenty seconds on Joe's Teeny Weeny Podcast, you were started to get sleepy, slowly laying on the Lovesac until you were laying down completely. Jason was rambling on about Trisha's sex toys for some reason, but you were zoning out, only giving a few remarks every now and then. David realised shortly after that you looked as if you were about to pass out.
"So, Y/N and I," David said, starting on a different story, immediately getting your attention. You looked at him, "We got a box from Adam and Eve today."
"I saw that." Jason added, sounded quite interested.
"Oh, yeah," You replied, "That was weird. We, uhm, recorded a video of it for Dave's second channel. Expect that soon."
"Those dildos were...really something, Y/N. Can David compete?" Jason asked. David shot him a dirty glare.
"The tentacle one was honestly horrifying." You joked. On went the talk about Adam and Eve until they wrapped up the podcast. They said goodbye, as did you, and finished. Jason talked to Joe while they started to pack up. David came down to you on the other side of the lounge-room, and squatted to get to your level. He ran a few fingers through your loose hair before speaking.
"Tired?" he asked. You nodded, "Alright, stay here while Jason and I pack up. I'll be back soon."
It was only five minutes that you were alone in the living room, while Joe, Jason and David packed everything back up into the podcast room. The trio walked out, and Joe collected all his things into his arms.
"See ya later, David." Jason said, grabbing his coat from the couch. Joe collected all his things, saying goodbye to David too, "Gonna take Y/N to bed now? She looks tired."
"Yeah, I'll probably have to carry her, as usual." Your boyfriend replied. You heard Jason laugh, and one more goodbye before the sound of the front door opening and closing. You heard heavy footsteps walking towards you. You opened your eyes only a bit, to see David standing over you.
"C'mon, babygirl, let's get you to bed." He whispered. You reached out your arms for him, and he took that as an invitation. He dropped to his knees, and wrapped his arms around you, picking you up bridal style. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He carried you to your shared bedroom, and plopped you down on your side of the bed. He stripped off to just his underwear, and hopped in beside you. He pulled you closer, and into an embrace.
"Go to sleep, princess," he whispered into your ear, combing your hair with his fingers, "I've got you."
And you stayed there until you fell asleep, shortly after, with David slowly stroking your hair.
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