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tw: blood
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Grounds for divorce.
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One of my first jayvik piece from February, my first out of four Leyendecker/ Arcane studies
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pure fucking sin
Pornstar!JayVik x fem!Reader (NSFW)
Synopsis: Working as a magazine intern has its perks. You meet a lot of different celebrities for the job. But normally, you know who the celebrities are before you interview them. That's not the case when you're dragged to a party the day before you have to go home and spend the holidays with your modest and prudish family. Wonder what they'd say if they found out the two flirty celebrities you were interviewing ended up being adult film stars. Maybe you shouldn't be wearing the purity ring your parents gave you after all.
Warnings: explicit nsfw content; threesome; ooc jayvik; touchstarved!reader, jayvik have an innocence kink, detailed description of pornography, jayvik take reader's phone and film her while fucking, humiliation (sorta), bondage, dirty talk, knife play, spanking, hair pulling, blindfolding, lots of sex toys (wand, vibrators, butt plug), nipple clamps, overstim, orgasm denial, multiple orgasms, oral (all receiving) & rough facefucking, rough fingering, first time squirting, first time anal, creampies (sorta cumplay too), double penetration, unprotected sex, and aftercare.
Word Count: 12.4k
A/N: jayvik is back, baby. and it's pure filth.
Tumblr media
It was loud. Large parties tended to be. The music, the eating, the conversations. They all created a hum over the room that gave you a headache. The obnoxiously bright colors of everyone's attire weren't helping, either. It was like a rainbow threw up on everyone around you—a very expensive rainbow. Some of the dresses and tuxes were priced more than your rent. 
Your self-altered white dress was probably the cheapest thing in the whole house. 
Mansion. It was definitely a mansion. Covered in elaborate winter decorations as the freezing air swirled around outside. Someone took your coat and handed you a ticket. You just nodded and muttered a thank you, holding onto the strap of your purse as you glanced around at everything in the house. 
It looked like a fine art museum but smelled like a bakery. Vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate wafted throughout the place. A string quartet played in one corner, adding an extra layer of class that the whole house already exuded. It made you feel entirely out of place and you'd only just entered. 
“We just need a few quotes from the hosts, okay?” 
Ezreal handed his coat off and pocketed his number. The bastard who’d talked you into going with him. Well, he had the authority to considering he was your boss. But still. He wasn't much older than you. It felt weird taking orders from him. 
Just two years ago, he was the office's intern. You were the one who took his place, acting first as an unpaid intern before, the next year, they offered to pay you. It put you underneath Ezreal, leaving him to act as your mentor and your boss.
"Yeah, well, I'll get them, and then I'm out of here. I have to be on the road by nine tomorrow." You followed Ezreal towards the center, rolling your eyes as he took a glass off a passing server's tray. "You can get as drunk as you want, but I'm here on business."
"Mhm. That's the plan." He gave you a bored look as he sipped on some champagne. "Really, you're at a fancy party, and you're not going to get even a little tipsy?"
“I’m here on business, Ezreal. Don’t drink while trying to work. Besides, I don’t want to nurse a hangover tomorrow. My parents will kill me.”
“For what, legally drinking?”
“They have a very specific idea of shit, you know this.” You tugged on the necklace you always wore just in case you ran into them. A little purity ring hung at the end. “When I’m at home, I’m the good kid they think I am.”
“At work, too. When the hell was the last time you even went out and had fun?” 
"Excuse me?" You scoffed as you looked around for the two guys who co-hosted the party. You only had names; it'd been all Ezreal had given you before you got here. "You say that like you have any idea what I do in my free time."
"What free time? I have your class schedule so I can make your work schedule, and as far as I'm aware, you go to and from work, home, and school pretty routinely. And the free time you got in between? Shit, (Y/N), gotta eat, study, and sleep some point in the day."
"Shut up." You pointedly pivoted away from him, but he just followed. 
“Seriously, when was the last time you went out and had fun?”
“Before I started grad school. But I can have fun after I graduate, yeah?” 
Ezreal grunted beside you, but he had a point. Or, at least he was very much making you think about the point he was trying to make. You were suffering from a serious case of burnout. The accompanying dry spell was definitely making it worse.
Two years was an exaggeration—you still went out and had fun on occasion with friends. And sometimes, after you finished your required duties at business parties, you had a drink or two. But it had been a little over a year since the dry spell had started. And you were seriously feeling the effects. Especially the past few weeks where you dove more and more into your nightstand drawer and contemplated swapping silicone for the real thing. 
But you were so out of practice with dating that you had no idea how you were supposed to…bring someone home. 
Didn’t matter. You just had to get through the night, and then you’d be spending the next week with your family. Your own personal hell considering the personality change you had to undergo, but you’d manage. No choice but to. 
“There,” Ezreal said, leaning over and nodding towards two men circled by a group of socialites. “Jayce and Viktor. Owners of the house, business partners. Just gotta ask them about their art collection and then you’re free to zip out of here, little prude.” 
“Piss off, Ezreal. Let’s just go introduce ourselves.”
"Oh, they already know me." Ezreal wiggled his eyebrows and started towards them. You contemplated throwing your purse at the back of his big blond head. If they already knew him, why the fuck did he need you there? Just before you approached the group, he turned and whispered, "left one is Jayce, right one is Viktor."
Jayce was a tan, broad-shouldered guy around Ezreal’s age. Probably putting him only a few years older than you. He donned a perfectly pressed white tux and dark hair that was almost styled as perfectly as Ezreal’s. But he held himself with ten times the grace and poise that Ezreal did. He looked like a million bucks with a smile that radiated it.
Viktor, however, was significantly leaner and a smidge older looking than Jayce. Paler with fluffier brown hair, his features were more angular compared to Jayce's chiseled jaw. He had an expertly crafted cane in one hand, a drink in the other. He screamed academic as he donned a partially unbuttoned red dress shirt and dark pants. 
Next to each other, they looked like opposite sides of a coin. But something in your gut told you that would’ve been underestimating them. 
You let Ezreal do the talking. 
"Jayce, Viktor. It's great to see you two again. Beautiful house, as always." Ezreal shook Jayce's and then Viktor's hand; Jayce swiped Viktor's drink to free his hand. "This is my associate (Y/N). She's saving me from having to work so I can freely enjoy any and all festivities." 
“Didn’t take you for one to avoid the hard work, Ezreal. Thought you liked doing it yourself.” Jayce cocked a scarred brow. 
"Mm, I do. But tonight, I wish to just enjoy the art. I never get to do that anymore." Ezreal lolled his head in your direction. "I swear, they're easy questions. Probably already been asked them by different reporters tonight."
"It is quite alright," Viktor said, his amber eyes falling to you. His accent stood out compared to Jayce and Ezreal's. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss (Y/N). I am sorry Ezreal is forcing you to work tonight." 
“It’s fine,” you breathed out. 
“Come, we’ll show you the pieces we have out.” Jayce gave you an award-winning smile and you felt like your heart was stolen away. 
You'd interacted with celebrities of all caliber before. Granted, most of the time, you were assisting others while they worked, there to fill the silence with all the random facts you'd been forced to learn about them. But you still interacted with them before. It was just more of a side-line position. So their PR charm was always on, but typically directed at the main interviewer—usually Ezreal. 
Never at you. Not like how Jayce and Viktor were throwing it your way. 
And worse? You had no fucking information buffer to cushion yourself with as you walked with them towards another section of their mansion. How were you supposed to fan the flames their sharp eyes and charming smiles threw your way when you knew nothing about them?
You stole a glance back at Ezreal who was already engulfed in conversation with others, swallowing back another glass of champagne. And despite being surrounded by people, there was a strange bubble forming around your trio. Maybe it was because they’d sandwiched you in or maybe it was because of their charming personas and their exceptionally attractive features. 
“We have multiple pieces here that Jayce and I have both collected and made ourselves over the years.” Viktor stopped in front of a large pair of mechanical gauntlets. “Some are functional, some are not.”
Jayce leaned forward and pressed a button on the gauntlets—they whirred to life instantly. You jumped, taking a picture with your phone. You had so many questions just based on the gauntlets alone. Going in without knowing much about the two men was not working in your favor. And if you admitted to not knowing, or you asked a question that showed how little you knew, you’d drown yourself in your own embarrassment. 
You were close to doing that anyway as you struggled to even nod your head as they spoke. They had the general politeness all celebrities had, but there was a charm about them, too. Like how Jayce tested a hand on the small of your back as he guided you close to explain the intricacies of the gauntlets first, then a painting Viktor had purchased. 
And Viktor, as Jayce motioned up to a marble statue, explained how phenomenal the details were. Down to the wrinkles of the fabric, the texture and details of the knuckles, the plush of the thighs as a hand gripped it. He reached over and asked you to hold out your arm. When you did, cringing at how you slightly trembled, Viktor brought his hand to your forearm and squeezed. He recreated nearly the exact hold the statue had, allowing for a literal comparison of the incredible talent. 
You managed to last through the whole fifteen-minute tour before your curiosity got the best of you. You were at the end of the house, away from most of those engaging with the party. Which meant you had no choice but to inquire with the two men rather than pull Ezreal aside and ask him. You just had to figure out how to word it correctly.
“These are all incredible, thank you for showing them to me.” You took a slow breath. Still sandwiched between them, it was really hard to keep your heart from wanting to leap out of your chest. Especially when your body still tingled from every little touch they gave you. “Ezreal, the great mentor he is, informed me only as much as you two were business partners together. Pardon the vulgarity, but it must be a hell of a business to be able to afford such insane pieces.”
You glanced down over the different pieces they had out. You could see a few partygoers playing with the gauntlets. 
“I mean, it’s one thing to procure these. It’s another to make them yourselves. Seriously, you have some serious talent. The both of you.” 
When you looked between the men, there was a shift in the air as they exchanged a look. You’d missed something, that much was clear. You just weren’t sure what. Maybe they hadn’t actually made the art pieces? No. There’d be no point in lying about something so easily disprovable in Piltover. People were nothing if not craving every ounce of credit they could for their work—if these were someone else’s, it’d be near impossible to cover that up. 
Besides, they didn’t seem like the types to steal what wasn’t theirs. They had too much pride in their work. Too much pride in each other. 
“Ezreal really just plucked you up and dragged you out tonight, didn’t he?” Jayce looked utterly amused when you shrugged. 
“It’s sorta something he’s known for with me. In his defense, he’s trying to get me to let loose every once in a while.” You glanced down at the notes you’d been taking on your phone. “But it’s kinda hard dividing my time between work and school.”
“Mm. That sounds like him,” Viktor murmured, glancing down to where Ezreal was getting a drink at the bar. “From one over-worker to another: take a break.”
“I am.” You shoved your phone into your purse. “Well, sorta. I’m driving over to hang out with my family for the holiday. It’ll be my first full week off in about a year.”
“A year?” Jayce folded his arms over his chest. 
“Yeah. But grad student, magazine intern, lots of studying and homework? Can’t exactly take much time off.” You rubbed the back of your neck. You’d never talked this much about yourself before to someone who wasn’t a close friend. “But it’s okay. Really.”
“Eat, sleep, study, work, repeat?” Viktor leaned his weight on his cane and lolled his head to the side. When you shrugged a little shy, Viktor nodded. “I remember that as well. Quite a lonely life.”
That caught you off guard, and even Jayce peered over at him. But the look Viktor gave you wasn’t pity or judgement. There was a hint of mischief behind those amber eyes that made your body remind you exactly how loney the life was. Very, very fucking lonely. 
“What Viktor means,” Jayce said as he reached out and gently touched your shoulder. It burned through your dress. “Is that maintaining such a rigid routine can be isolating. You’re here tonight, away from routine. Far be it from me to agree with Ezreal, but you should have some fun.” 
“I…” You were having trouble thinking when Jayce’s hazel eyes were fixed on you. “I will try. Thank you—both of you. I appreciate you helping Ezreal and me out tonight.” 
“Please, the pleasure is ours,” Viktor murmured. 
“Truly.” Jayce nodded. 
You glanced over your shoulder and caught Ezreal chatting it up with a woman considerably out of his league. 
"Alright, I am going to spare that woman from Ezreal's attempt at flirting." You started to turn towards Ezreal, but stopped short, remembering etiquette. "And if I am unable to say so before I leave, the party is wonderful and the art is magnificent. Seriously. Thank you again for allowing me to see it and sparing the time to show me."
“Have fun,” Jayce said behind his glass, staring past you to look at Ezreal. 
“Yes, knock his ego down a peg,” Viktor added. 
Jayce and Viktor, you noted as you grinned on your way over to Ezreal, were your two new favorite celebrities. You just had to figure out who the hell they were first. 
It didn't take much to derail Ezreal's conversation. Just approaching, you could see the situation was one wrong word away from ending. And when you showed up and looped your arm through his and leaned against him all lovey-dovey, the woman—utterly gorgeous and sexy—turned on her heels. Ezreal was far less entertained by your antics than you. 
“Thanks,” he ground out, sipping his drink. “Unlike you, I’m trying to get lucky tonight.”
“Unlike you, I did my job. I got the necessary notes. I’ll type them up and have them to you by the end of the day tomorrow. That work?”
“Yup. Yeah.” He reached out for a passing glass of something pink, scrunched his nose at the taste—declaring it was too sweet—and passed it to you. Riding your high of your conversation with Jayce and Viktor, and mildly inconveniencing Ezreal, you took it. “Wow, (Y/N). How unexpected, you’re having a drink at one of these shindigs.”
“Mhm.” The drink was incredibly sweet. “Answer me a question though.”
“What the hell do Jayce and Viktor do as business partners? I mean, shit, Ezreal. This is some incredible stuff here. They have to be some important people, but for the life of me, I have no idea who they are. And it’s my job to know who people are.”
Ezreal gave you such a shit-eating grin that you almost threw your drink on him for that alone. His ego and cockiness usually worked in his favor at work. It got him through doors that most wouldn’t be able to go through even with a business pass. But a pretty face, high confidence, and charisma to boot? Ezreal was near unstoppable. 
"Wouldn't expect you to recognize them. Well." He shrugged. "I mean, you might. I don't know what you watch in your free time. But they're far more recognizable with their clothes off.”
You blinked at Ezreal, your brows furrowing. The dots were there—bright stars in the clouded darkness of your mind—but as you sipped your drink, you couldn't connect them. Ezreal did it for you. 
“They’re porn stars, (Y/N).”
You choked on the sweet liquid, coughing a little too loudly as Ezreal withheld his laughter. His face was turning red as he watched you attempt to compose yourself, reaching for a cocktail napkin to dab at your white dress. A bit of your drink had spilled in the process of your unsuccessful attempt to drink, staining the thick fabric a pale pink. 
“Wow, weren’t expecting that, huh?”
"Shut up, Ezreal." You shoved your glass in his hand, continuing to try and clean the dress but to no avail. "Are you serious? That's their profession?"
“Yes. Hundred percent.”
“And you’re just now telling me? The hell is wrong with you?”
“You never asked.”
“Because it’s always in the damn briefing.” You crumpled up the napkin in a fist as embarrassment flooded, and you replayed your whole interaction with them. “It’s always fucking mentioned, Ezreal. Real great boss you are, huh?”
“What? Worried about something you said?”
"Piss off." You glared at him before stalking off to find a bathroom so you could clean your dress. 
It took a few minutes to find an empty one, but the house was big enough that your worry was more focused on the stain setting than finding an unused bathroom. You found one on your fourth attempt, upstairs and inside a massive bedroom. It was quieter, more isolated. You didn’t bother closing the door all the way as you slipped into the marble bathroom, reaching for a washcloth to wet and dab against your dress. 
It wasn't working. The mirror was, though, and you got a clear look at how frazzled you appeared. Wide eyes, heavy breathing, slightly mussed hair. The stain on your dress was definitely not helping. You looked more like you'd spent the last twenty minutes running home after your car broke down rather than trying to make a good impression with two very fascinating guys. 
You threw the balled-up washcloth into the sink. Porn stars. That was a first. Well, there were the few times you had to painfully ask a few celebrities what it was like filming some hardcore sex scenes in their recent releases—answer always being awkward. But you'd never directly interviewed someone who worked in the adult film industry. 
Not like many of the questions would be different, though. 
You moved back and sat on the edge of the tub. You blamed your family—and yourself—for the weird feeling swirling through you. You’d watched porn before, just not…often. It’d been a weird thing in your family where you just didn’t talk about sex. Didn’t talk about sex, didn’t talk about masturbation, and you definitely didn’t talk about pornography. It was a very sin-free household. 
Didn't stop you from buying sex toys the second you moved out. Or from experimenting with partners in college. But the hyper-vigilant look at internet search history on the family computer and later all devices connected to the internet kept you looking only at clean websites. And that continued when you moved out. A bad habit you barely started to break.
You reached into your dress and plucked up the purity ring hanging at the end of the silver chain. It was worn and already starting to fade. Wait until you’re married and find the right person. You locked it in your jewelry box the first night you’d had sex, a painful guilt hitting you the second after. But that guilt slowly faded over time. 
Not enough to not wear it. But you clung to the excuse that it was in case your parents ever showed up unexpected. They’d wanted you to wear it around your finger like a proud wedding ring. But they conceded, since you were an adult, the necklace version was acceptable. A compromise you weren’t sure you liked anymore. 
Porn stars, huh?
You glanced down at your phone, unlocking it and exiting the notes app. That guilt riddled in your stomach as you dared a search of Jayce and Viktor. The addition of the one porn site you'd only ever gone to revealed a result. The top link. A shared profile.
You glanced around the bathroom as if you somehow weren't alone and clicked the link. 
First thing you noticed was the top thumbnail, the two men you'd just met both stark naked, mid-fuck. Nothing was left to the imagination and your body temperature instantly went up a few degrees. They were very well endowed below the belt. And the woman they were with was enjoying every second of it. 
In an attempt to maintain some professional aura, you kept your thighs from touching, even if just looking at the thumbnails was making you feel a way you knew wasn’t professional. Quite the opposite, in fact. 
They had over a hundred videos. All the thumbnails were eye-catching and, if you were alone in your bedroom, you would’ve described them as deliciously graphic. Since you were sitting in their bathroom, a twisting need growing between your legs that you were trying to ignore, you opted for something closer to purposefully graphic. 
Some had Viktor's mouth around Jayce's, others had Jayce's mouth around Viktor's. There were some that had them bound, with titles that made your cheeks hot enough to cook on. Vik's edged until he has a ruined orgasm. Jayce and Vik teach new star how to finger herself. Jayce is bound and stuffed with toys as he sucks Vik off. Jayce and Vik take turns eating out their friend until she can't cum anymore. 
You leaned your head back against the tub—research was a bad idea. Letting your own curiosity get the best of you was a bad idea. You were an adult—you were supposed to be able to maintain some control as you researched two stars you’d interviewed. You weren’t supposed to be so touch-starved that you were getting wet over fucking thumbnails and titles. 
Yet despite all that, you still lingered over one particular video. You bit your lip, contemplating your options. Those options were very quickly smothered by curiosity and you tapped the thumbnail, turning your volume down until you could just barely hear it as the video started. 
It was a woman tied up so tight that she couldn't move. Her legs were forced open, eyes covered with a blindfold, a vibrator pressed against her clit. Held by Viktor as Jayce walked on screen and ran his thumb over her mouth. Lying on her stomach, all the woman could do was open her mouth for Jayce, whimpering as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and slowly fucked her mouth. 
“She doesn’t cum until I do, got it, Vik?” Jayce kept his thrusts purposefully slow. “Wanna fill this pretty mouth with cum first.”
Viktor grunted in response, wiggling the vibrator over her clit and making her moan over Jayce’s cock. Vitkor was grinning, continuing the back and forth wiggling as his fingers pressed into her cunt. The sounds between the three of them were obscene, echoing in the bathroom even with the low volume. 
She was soaking wet—more than most stars typically were during videos. At least, the clearly faked ones you’d always end up coming across in the past. 
It was a genuine reaction, gushing around Viktor's fingers as they pumped into her. And he had her whimpering fast. Really fast. Sure, it was porn, overacting was expected. But there was something so genuine in her whimpers as Viktor's fingers fucked her and Jayce's cock pushed deep down her throat. And she was tugging on the restraints, trying to pull away from the vibrator, from Viktor. Her thighs were shaking, back arching as she choked on Jayce's cock. 
“Poor baby,” Viktor cooed. “Cannot cum yet. Gotta suck Jayce dry, baby.” 
He pulled the vibrator back, fingers continuing to fuck her. She squirmed until the restraints were digging into her skin and leaving marks. 
“You like it right there?” Viktor’s fingers were knuckle deep. “This where it is?”
She screamed around Jayce’s cock, his hips jutting forward as he fucked her face deeper. Viktor raised the vibrator back up, pressing it firmly against her clit. The camera panned to show her face, dark mascara-filled tears streamed down her cheeks, drool dripped from her mouth. 
“You wanna cum, sweetheart?” Jayce threw his head back as her pleas were muffled over his cock. “Viktor fingering that pussy that well? I know how well those fingers can work but damn, you must be real fucking needy.”
She whimpered again and again as Jayce’s thrusts were relentless. Jayce pulled the blindfold off and yanked her head back, rutting deep and holding her still as his eyes closed and he came. He shook, a bit of cum leaking out from the corner of her mouth as she choked on his cock. 
“Swallow it,” he huffed out, swiping his thumb over where it was leaking. “Then you can cum.”
She held his gaze, swallowing as he pulled his cock out. He pinched her chin and grinned down at her, patting her cheek a bit condescendingly as she sniffled. She was visibly shaking as Viktor continued to finger her and press the vibrator against her clit. 
“Good girl.” Jayce knelt in front of her and pressed his mouth to hers. “She can cum, Vik. Swallowed every last drop.” 
Viktor grunted and flipped the vibrator up to its second speed. The woman cried out against Jayce's lips, yanking on the restraints as she tried to ride the toy and Viktor's fingers. She pressed her forehead against Jayce's shoulder as she came, those indentations of the restraints digging deeper into her skin.
Viktor kept the toy there until she was sobbing—only then did he lower it and remove his fingers. 
He dropped the toy to the floor and the cameraman zoomed in on her leaking cunt. Viktor smiled as he spread her open, giving the camera a good view as she came down from her orgasm, dripping down onto the bed. The cameraman lingered as Viktor stood—one hand was on his cane, the other took his cock. He ran it through her folds, easily gathering enough slick before pressing his tip to her entrance. 
Jayce, as the woman gasped, pushed the blindfold back on and stepped off camera. When he came back, the cameraman was honed in on Viktor’s dick going in and out of her cunt. She was whining, burying her face into the mattress as Jayce straddled her back. He turned a bottle of lube upside down, dropping the blue substance down her ass. In his other hand, he lifted a vibrator, smirking as he licked the tip before pressing it against her asshole. 
She swallowed the toy with a throaty groan that intensified as Jayce flipped the toy on and it whirred to life. Viktor, fucking her pussy deep and hard, stuttered the second the toy was on. Jayce caught him instantly though, reaching up and jerking him into a kiss as his other hand continued to fuck her with the toy. 
Just over and over and over as the sounds echoed in the bathroom. The cameraman panned out and Viktor’s cheeks were pink, Jayce was hard again, and the woman seemed like she was on the verge of losing her mind. She came two more times before Viktor did, incoherent begs leaving her mouth the entire time. When Viktor finally came, he filled her up, pulling out slowly as Jayce continued to fuck her ass with the toy. 
Vitkor staggered back, staring down at her with half-lidded eyes. Jayce, still pushing the toy into her, held her open with his other hand so the camera could get a good shot of Viktor’s cum leaking out of her. 
She clenched around nothing in her pussy as she came again, Jayce’s movements relentless with the toy. The camera zoomed in as more cum leaked out and she cried into the mattress. 
“I think she likes having all her holes stuffed,” Viktor huffed out, licking his lips. 
“I agree.” Jayce spanked her hard and smirked. “What a needy whore.” 
Outside the door, you heard faint footsteps approaching. Immediately panicking, you turned your phone off, jumped to your feet, and rushed out of the bathroom. Even if it was hard to move as your cunt ached for something even remotely similar to the video. Hell, you would’ve taken your own fingers if you weren’t at their party. 
Standing up reminded you just how wet you'd gotten, though. A frustrating distraction as you swung the bedroom door open and bumped chest-first into Jayce. He gave you an amused expression as you staggered back, eyes wide. The memory of him fucking the woman's face was way too fresh as you looked at him. 
“Hi,” you blurted out, voice cracking. “Sorry, I…”
Jayce's amusement immediately shifted and you knew you'd been caught. He probably dealt with this all the time. Flustered fans who clearly enjoyed their videos, unable to look at them for the person they are off-screen. 
His eyes flickered down to your chest. 
“Is that a purity ring?” 
“No.” You weren’t sure why you lied. “Maybe.” 
There was a flicker in Jayce’s eyes that made you clench around nothing. 
“How unexpected.” 
“Family wants me to wear it. They’re…very set with certain ideals.” You weren’t sure why you were telling him this. “Like no sex before marriage, no alcohol, no pornography.”
You held up your hands and bit your lip. That embarrassment was back but Jayce looked totally enthralled by your rambling. 
“Not that that has anything to do with things. Or with you or Viktor. I mean…” You tucked your ring back into your dress and laughed nervously. “I’m going to stop talking now and I am going to go home before I say anything else stupid and humiliating. Goodnight.”
Jayce just grinned as you rushed by him, taking two stairs at a time as you rushed down them. You wanted to bury yourself under hundreds of feet of dirt or maybe climb under a rock and live there for the rest of your life. With a pounding heart, twisting anxiety, and the cool press of your ring against your sternum, you found Ezreal. 
“Going home, goodnight.”
“Hey, wait.” Ezreal, rushing after you, reached out and grabbed your wrist. “There are a few other people here we have to talk to.”
“No, no. You said the only work I had to do was talk to the hosts about their art collection.” You shook your head a bit frantically. “Done and done. Goodnight.”
“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N).” Ezreal scooted up behind you and turned you effortlessly towards the person he’d been mid-conversation with. Lowering his voice so only you could hear, he whispered in your ear. “You remember the CEO of our goddamn magazine?”
"Shit." You pushed your shoulders back and followed Ezreal up to Mrs. Kiramman. She looked just as elegant as ever and you wished you'd worn something nicer and far less white. Then you wouldn't have to face her with a stain on the top of your dress. "Evening, Mrs. Kiramman, you look lovely."
You’d met her on a few occasions and despite your relatively small position at the magazine, she always managed to remember you. 
“Ah, Miss (Y/L/N), as do you. Ezreal mentioned you were helping him out tonight. I appreciate you taking the time before your vacation.” Her accent brought out the sweetness she usually had, covering up the cutthroat interior you’d seen only on the rarest of occasions. Usually when you had to deliver coffee to the board members and she was arguing her stance. “Jayce and Viktor have already complimented you highly. Perhaps we will send you for any more interviews we have with them.” 
"They did?" The aching desire for friction transformed into a flooding warmth over your chest as your eyes darted aside. Jayce was coming down the stairs and walking directly towards Viktor. "I, uh, must admit, I was unaware of their profession prior to the interview."
“Uninformed, really?” Mrs. Kiramman immediately turned to Ezreal. He didn’t even try to hide his devilish grin and he raised his glass. 
“Wanted to spare them the typical starry-eyed look and endless awkwardness they normally get from interviewers. Forgive me.”
“Sure,” you and Mrs. Kiramman said in unison. 
Out of the corner of your eye, you caught Jayce leaning in to whisper to Viktor. His amber eyes flickered over to you and you cringed from head to toe. You were forever going to associate string music, the wonderful scent of shrimp puffs, and the delicious fruitiness of your spilled drink with this. With the goddamn potent humiliation that you knew Jayce was relaying to Viktor. 
“Well, if possible, Miss (Y/L/N),” Mrs. Kiramman said before taking a slow sip of her wine. “I would love if you could stick around a little longer. You made such an incredible impression on the hosts, I’m hoping that can transfer to others of influence here.”
You couldn’t exactly say no to the CEO so you nodded. “Of course. I’ll make some rounds, keep Ezreal in check.”
“Wonderful, I appreciate it.” She gave you a sweet grin. “And please, do try to have fun. Just…not too much. I must go do my own rounds now. Unfortunately, I am also here on business. Enjoy the evening, you two.”
She gave Ezreal a pointed look as he reached for another passing glass of champagne. You mimicked her, except your look was far less forgiving. The goddamn CEO was there and Ezreal hadn’t said anything. Although based on the stiffness of his shoulders, he hadn’t known either. And while Mrs. Kiramman was overall a wonderful woman, she was also your boss. Had to dress to impress and dial up the charm with her. 
And Ezreal was already tipsy and you had a pink stain coloring your dress. 
Things were going great.
Jittery, horny, and still internally cringing, you made rounds with Ezreal. He knew the name of those you didn’t, and you covered for him when his tipsy mind stalled in the middle of the conversation. Luckily, as the night went on, the guests were starting to get just as tipsy. It made the stiff, marketing-style conversations turn into nonsensical jokes. Mostly spurred on by Ezreal’s drunken charm and your exaggerated sober sweetness. 
Although you were getting a little drunk on the attention Jayce and Viktor were both giving you. Both from a distance as you caught their eyes lingering and when they were in a few of the groups you and Ezreal approached. 
It was purely accidental that one of them would end up beside you. Sometimes you were sandwiched in by both, other times it was one on your left and Ezreal on your right. But without fail, every time you were introduced to someone new, whichever guy was beside you—not including Ezreal—their hand would either go to your shoulder or back and they’d drop a compliment about you. 
And getting a compliment from the host the night you’d met them? Exceptionally high praise. It felt like you’d fallen onto a pile of feathers, each delicate thing teasing your skin as the summer sun warmed it. Definitely had something to do with the way your body reacted to their touches, too. Sometimes the direct skin contact of a hand on your arm as they did Ezreal’s job and introduced you to someone would make your brain short out. 
Like when you were offered a drink, talked up by a drunken guest that you were trying to impress. You weren't exactly interested in drinking, but sipping one was doable. Except the glass was a little awkward and some of the liquid dribbled out of the corner of your mouth. You apologized and went to wipe it, but Viktor was already reaching up, and he swiped his thumb over the corner of your mouth. 
"The cup choice was not ours. The company we ordered them from accidentally sent the wrong ones. It is impossible to drink from them and not make a mess.” His thumb grazed both your mouth and your jaw before it fell and you were absolutely fucking entranced for a second. Viktor grinned. “But it is delicious, is it not?”
“Very.” You nodded, voice tight. The image of him fucking the woman from the video was back and you desperately wanted to take her place in the video. A thought that should’ve sobered you up, but as Jayce snuck up behind you and his hand went to the small of your back, you were thoroughly and totally fucked. “Very delicious.” 
You were outside on their porch after that. It wasn’t set up the same as the rest of the house, a clear sign that guests were meant to stay inside. But you needed the cold air. Your dress was close to burning off of you and if you were standing beside Jayce and Viktor for another second, you were going to burst into flames. 
Thankfully, the winter air was helping. Not much, but enough. 
You leaned against the metal railing, hips jutting out as your head went to your arms. You were horny. That's all it boiled down to. You were really fucking horny and you were so desperate for some sort of relief that you almost tried hitting on a few of the more attractive guests to secure something you hadn't had in over a year. But a one night stand wasn't on your to-do list for the evening. Not when you had to be home so early in the morning. 
Something just felt wrong about trying to get fucked before you slipped the purity ring out of your collar and went home, acting like the good, perfect daughter you were. 
You’d just have to settle for something in your nightstand. One of those would fuck you well enough. 
"Are you alright?" 
You jumped at the voice behind you. You hadn’t even noticed the door opening as Viktor stepped out. He shivered as the wind blew around you. 
“Yeah, sorry. I just needed some fresh air.” 
"Mm, understandable. These parties can be overwhelming. Jayce is much better at these sort of events than I am. I personally prefer to lose myself in my work." He stood beside you, one arm resting on the railing. You felt your blood pressure rise at the mention of his work and you glanced back out over their incredible backyard. "The art, tinkering, and creating side of work. Not the porn. Although, that is also an enjoyable pastime." 
Your hands shook as you tried to look as casual as possible, but you just kept thinking back to the video. Of him and Jayce stripped totally naked. The desire to be the one between them was back full force. 
Guess they figured out you knew their profession.
“Does it bother you, what Jayce and I do?” 
“What?” That caught your attention. “No, not at all.” 
Viktor reached up and tugged on the back of your necklace, drawing the ring over your skin slowly until it was visible. 
“Jayce mentioned your conversation outside our room. Hence my query.” His fingers grazed the back of your neck as his hand fell and he examined the purity ring. “I must admit I think this is the first time I have seen one of these since I came to Piltover.”
“My family lives just outside the city. Like perfectly between Zaun and here.”
“Ah, so they live untouched by both cities' impurities.” He dropped the ring. “And they wished to keep their precious daughter pure, too. Untouched by the sins of either city.” 
“Bingo,” you breathed. Suddenly the winter air was nowhere near enough to cool you down. You needed snow. But you worried that even if you jumped into a pile, it’d melt before you even touched it. “That’s it exactly.”
“And what would they say if they knew you were interviewing two adult film stars tonight? Quite literally left alone to wander in the bed of sin?”
“Considering I have never even heard my parents say the word pornography, they’d probably faint.” Your breaths were shallow and quick. “They still think I’m a virgin who’s never so much as even thought about another person. I’m still their perfect little girl in their eyes. Still…untouched and pure.”
Viktor turned his attention from the backyard to you. Yours, however, dropped to his lips as his tongue darted out, wetting them slightly. You were aware he knew you watching him, that you were entranced with just the small action. 
“But you are not, are you?” His eyes narrowed, a hint of nerves in his voice as he tested the waters with his words. When your reaction was simply meeting his gaze, his smile deepened. 
“No.” You bit your lip. “Not at all.” 
“Well.” Viktor pushed up from the railing and started back towards the door. “Should you wish to change your mind and aim for some fun tonight, I believe you already know where our bedroom is.” 
The door shut softly behind him and you fell back against the railing, mouth parted. 
Your brain was very clearly shorting itself out but not enough to ignore what Viktor had just offered. What the hell were you supposed to do now? 
Stick to your guns, right? Just go home, pull out all the damn toys you had, and recreate the video you watched. You could do that. That was what you were supposed to do. You weren’t the one to take risks at parties like this, especially when your damn CEO was there. 
You could not have sex with two porn stars before you went home to celebrate the holidays. You couldn't. You'd already broken so many of the rules your parents had set. Fucking two porn stars would shatter the entire list. It'd melt the purity ring down until it was nothing. An empty promise you'd broken years ago, even if you still wore it like you hadn't. 
When you went back inside, you fully intending to retrieve your jacket and leave. You weren't even going to say goodbye to Ezreal. But your eyes fell to the stairs and the offer, a giant billboard in your mind, was impossible to pass up. And with nothing upstairs for guests to look at, you knew as you went up that the burning feeling on the back of your neck was from two sets of curious gazes. 
You stood in their bedroom, looking around nervously. What the hell were you doing? Having fun. But you were standing in some strangers’ bedroom waiting for a one night stand. First one in so long, you felt the nerves down to your core. 
But you really didn't want to cum around silicone again. You wanted the real damn thing. Which was why, when the two men knocked on the open door and peered in, you stood your ground as they came in. 
“See?” Jayce locked the door behind him as Viktor sauntered in. “Told you she’d want to have some fun.”
They made you come up with a word, dragging out the nerves that twisted inside you. It forced you to face what you were asking for from them as you muttered Atlas. But they weren’t letting you off that easily—they needed to know what you wanted. Down to every detail. A precaution, they assured, so they wouldn’t go overboard. 
But all you could really say boiled down to three things: you wanted them, you wanted them to fuck you, and you wanted them to do whatever the hell they wanted.
"So if we wanted to stuff all those pretty holes of yours, you'd let us?" Jayce stalked towards you until you were backing up towards the bed. You fell atop it as he loomed over you. "You ever even have a finger in your ass?"
“Jayce, be nice.” Viktor was flipping the overhead light on, dimming it down so it lit the room in a low orangish hue. 
“I have,” you muttered. “I’ve experimented.”
“Didn’t answer my first question.” Jayce kicked your legs open and it pushed the hem of your dress up. “If Vik and I wanted to put a toy in every hole of yours and just leave you like that until you couldn’t cum anymore, would you let us?” 
You grabbed two fistfuls of their plush comforter. 
“I would.” 
You caught a surprised look from Viktor as he glanced over, opening their closet to expose a big wooden chest. You wanted them inside you and you wanted them inside you as soon as you could get. But Jayce’s sly smile as he looked you over told you he was going drag it out. 
“Then you remember that word, cause, baby, we aren’t going to hold back.” Jayce reached down and flipped you onto your stomach, fingers going for the zipper of your dress. “Vik, get the rope and the wand.” 
Everything felt surreal as Jayce stripped you. He asked if you were attached to the underwear you wore, and when you shook your head, he just grinned. Viktor came back with the rope and the wand, setting the toy aside as he helped Jayce bind you. The rope dug into your skin as they wrapped it from your ankles to your arms. Your ankles pressed against your thighs, legs forcibly spread, as the rope bound your arms together behind your back. 
The most you could move as the rope dug into your skin was simple wobbly moves. 
“Say the word and we stop,” Viktor cooed in your ear. “That is the only word we will stop with, understand? Not no, stop, or wait. Say the word so we know you know it.”
“Atlas,” you breathed, voice shaking. 
“If you want to change any parameters or we do something you don’t like, that’s what you say.” Jayce drew his fingers over your thighs. “Understood?”
“Y-Yeah.” You weren’t sure who you were supposed to look at. 
“Then,” Viktor murmured as he wrapped the chain of your necklace around his finger and lifted your purity ring. “Let the fun begin, hm?”
They didn’t touch you at first. You wanted them to, but they wouldn’t. They just hung the wand down, holding it by the long cord, and dangled it between your legs. It barely touched your cunt, the loud whirring filling the space between your gasps every time it touched you. But you couldn’t move to get it closer. And every time you tried to, the ropes just pressed into your skin. 
Viktor made a show of checking his watch twice during the whole event, making the torment feel even longer. You had no idea how much time had passed, just that your clit was throbbing for attention, your underwear was soaked, and Jayce and Viktor were absolutely enjoying the sight of you trying to get more from the wand. 
“Maybe we should just hang the wand up and leave her like this,” Viktor whispered. “We do have a party to host, after all.” 
“And you told me to be nice." Jayce handed Viktor the cord, making the vibrator swing enough to give your clit just the slightest bit of pressure. He knelt down and pressed two fingers to the toy until it was pressed directly against your clit, and you yelped. After all the teasing, it was like finding water in the desert. "See, look how desperate she already is. Soaked through her underwear like she pissed herself." 
You had a wand at home, you knew how strong the vibrations were. But with Jayce pressing it so firmly against you, it felt like it was on the highest setting, not the lowest. Not a thought entered your head as it gave your clit the attention it'd been needing the whole night. 
“How long has it been since someone’s touched you like this?” Jayce wiggled the wand and drew another gasping moan from you. “How long have you been fucking yourself and calling it enough?”
“Answer him, (Y/N),” Viktor dropped the cord and walked to the side of the bed and he grabbed a fistful of your hair. “How long have you been craving the real thing?”
“Little over a year,” you ground out, words morphing into an annoyed cry when Jayce pulled the toy back. 
“That long?” He pressed the head of the wand to your inner thigh and scoffed. “Nobody’s touched this pretty cunt in that long? Viktor—”
“You must be desperate to cum, then.” Viktor let go of your hair and drew his thumb over your mouth. “That first one will feel incredible. So long, I am sure a few more seconds with the wand and you would be cumming in those panties. It would be cruel to keep it from you any longer, would it not?” 
“What’s going through that head of yours, Vik?” Jayce’s thumb found your clit and he rubbed slow circles over it. 
“A few ideas.” Viktor glanced down at your purity ring again. “Hand me her phone.” 
Jayce reached aside for your purse, leaving the vibrator on beside you on the bed and your clit untouched. When he handed it to Viktor, he went back to only using his thumb and giving you those close circles. 
“Passcode?” Viktor didn’t even look up at you as he took the phone. 
You muttered off the four numbers and Viktor typed them in, his unreadable expression shifting as he glanced at you again. 
“Jayce, she was watching one of our videos.” He turned your phone towards Jayce and turned the volume up, the obscene sounds worsening the humiliation by the second. 
You closed your eyes as the woman’s moans pushed through the speakers and Jayce laughed. 
“Adorable.” Jayce rubbed your clit a little faster and you tried to lift your hips. “You like what you saw, (Y/N)?” 
"Must have. She wants to be stuffed, if I do recall." Viktor glanced back at Jayce. "We still have the toy, do we not? Why not recreate it for her? And, we can send her home with her own version."
Viktor flipped your camera on and there was a soft ding as he started to record. Your walls clenched around nothing as Viktor panned the camera down to Jayce between your legs. 
“Ha. You’re extra cruel tonight.” He held his hand out and Viktor passed him your phone. And he held it over your cunt as he rubbed your clit. “You want us to fuck all your holes, baby?” 
He grabbed the vibrator and panned back so he could get a good shot as he pressed it firmly against your clit. 
You nodded your head and whined a little too loudly. Nobody had ever had this kind of hold over you, not even in your fantasies. You were wrapped around their fingers, completely at their mercy. Except they didn't seem to have any. 
“Keep recording and do not let her even get close to cumming yet.” Viktor stood up, his cane thumping as he walked with purpose back to the chest. “I want to dress her up nice and pretty with a few more things, first.”
The knife glinted and Jayce lifted the wand from your cunt, filming as Viktor carefully slid the blade underneath your bra. It was sharp enough to slice cleanly through the material and expose your chest. Viktor drew the back of the knife down your stomach before he closed it, setting it aside and opting to grab two nipple clamps. He brushed your nipples with his fingers, tweaked them until your eyes closed, before he put the clamps on. 
You bit your lip at the pinching, whimpering when they whirred to life. 
He handed Jayce the knife and took your phone. 
"Show the camera that pretty cunt, would you, Jayce?" Viktor stood to get a good shot, and Jayce didn't fucking hesitate before the knife ripped through the fabric and he jerked the threads of your underwear off of you. "Look at that."
“Real fucking wet, aren’t you?” Jayce’s fingers ran through your folds, holding you open as Viktor got closer. “You want us to fuck you that badly?”
Your breath hitched as one of them, you weren’t sure who, rubbed your clit. You were so wet that it glided over the bundle of nerves with an embarrassing ease. Imagining how easily their fingers could slip inside you was even worse. 
“Yes,” you huffed out when you realized they were waiting for a response. “I do.”
“Might not even need lube,” Jayce murmured as he lowered his fingers to your ass. Coated thoroughly with your own wetness, he pressed the tip of one finger against your ass until you took him down to the knuckle, gasping and squirming as much as you could with the rope. “Damn, Vik. She’s so tight I don’t know if we’ll be able to fit in there.” 
He pulled his finger out, and you were wet enough that you dripped down to keep coating him. The burn doubled as he pushed it back in and wiggled it around. 
"Maybe a little toy, but it'd take all night to open up this pretty asshole for us." Jayce leaned his head against your thigh and nibbled on the soft skin. "You said you had a finger in your ass before, but you ever have a dick?" 
“J-Just a toy,” you stuttered out. “Butt-plug.”
“How overzealous.” Viktor’s fingers pressed against your entrance and you realized the exact situation you were in. Jayce rubbing your clit, a finger fucking your ass. Viktor holding your phone and recording as he slowly pushed one finger into your cunt. “Thinking she can take one of us because she had a plug in her once.”
“I want it.” You ground your teeth together. “I want it.” 
“It would be quite a sight to see cum leaking outta both those holes,” Jayce muttered, stealing more slick so he could test a second finger. You took it with a whine and clenched around both their fingers. Jayce’s fingers worked your clit faster just as Viktor gave you another finger and found the spongy spot that had you near crying. “Oh, Vik. I think she really likes this.”
“Hm?” Viktor moved his fingers faster, hitting you deeper as you squeezed them. Close, close, fucking close. It was rushing you so fast, it felt like a speeding car with no brakes. “I concur. But should we give it to her?”
“You don’t want to let her cum yet? Make that choice quick, Vik. Poor girl’s right there.” Jayce purposefully rubbed your clit just the right way. “I’d give it a few seconds before she creams herself.” 
“Stop,” Viktor said suddenly, and Jayce’s fingers stalled the same time as his—still inside you, your walls fluttering as your orgasm stopped just a second away from you. They could flick your clit and you’d cum, or maybe if their fingers even twitched that would’ve done it. 
“Fuck,” you groaned out, trying to move your hips to give you what they wouldn’t. 
“Not yet.” Viktor sighed and lolled his head to the side. “I want a third finger in her first. Besides, she is just too much fun to tease.”
Viktor handed Jayce the phone and your eyes clamped hard as a third finger teased your ass. You were successfully dripping down Viktor’s fingers and coating Jayce’s, the burn mixing with pleasure as his finger pressed into you. 
When it was halfway in, Viktor's hair tickled your stomach. It was the only hint at what was about to come before his tongue flicked against your clit. You clenched around their fingers as Viktor's tongue lapped at you slowly, circling the bundle of nerves slowly. When Jayce's finger was fully inside of you, Viktor sucked your clit into his mouth and hummed. 
Your orgasm was back, and you felt like you were standing in the middle of a tornado. One push in any direction and you'd find yourself within the storm. And Viktor and Jayce's hands were holding you by your shoulders. 
“You gonna let her cum this time, Vik?” Jayce opened his fingers and the burn they caused ripped through the pleasure for a second before it disappeared. “Poor girl’s barely holding on.” 
Viktor lifted his head, his thumb rubbing your clit in its place. Their hands were firm on your shoulders, pushing and pulling you as the wind whipped around you. 
“Yeah.” The tips of Viktor’s fingers rubbed your spongy spot as tears slipped down your cheeks. “Let her cum.”
They shoved you back into the storm, Viktor's mouth going back to your clit. The warmth of his tongue contrasted the wind whipping around you, taking complete control over every part of you. Jayce's fingers in your ass, Viktor's in your cunt, his tongue flicking your clit—there was no way to cum other than hard. 
Over a year's worth of loneliness, of using your toys and pretending they were the real thing, of wishing you'd gone out and met someone. It all hit you without warning. It tore through you, made the ropes restraining you imprint the weaved pattern into your skin until it burned. Your guttural cry echoed loudly in the room and there was no damn way it didn't carry at least remotely down the hallway. 
Viktor lifted his head slowly, fingers staying inside your cunt as he looked up at you. Jayce was chuckling, very slowly moving his fingers in your ass, and you could feel yourself still fluttering around them. 
“Viktor,” Jayce said, his voice low and hoarse. 
“Hm? I know that tone. What is it?” 
“I want to make her cum until that pretty pussy squirts.” Jayce shoved his fingers deep and you gasped. “You ever squirt before?” 
You shook your head, unable to open your eyes or catch your breath. Your whole body was trembling, still squeezing around their fingers. 
“You mind if we take a detour, Vik?”
“I will get the toys.” 
When you opened your eyes next, the men were naked, a few toys had been laid out on the bed, all covered in different colored condoms, and Jayce jerked you to the edge of the bed. 
“Open,” Viktor murmured, grabbing your jaw. You licked your lips as you stared at his erection, a bead of precum at the tip. “Take what you can.”
A lubed-up metal plug pressed into your ass as you took Viktor into your mouth. It was big enough inside you that it stretched you more than Jayce's fingers, and you hummed around Viktor. You took him as far as you could, and Viktor asked if that was your limit. When you nodded, he reached down and took a fistful of your hair and slowly started thrusting, not going past where you'd stopped. 
Tears pricked your eyes as Viktor fucked your mouth, and they spilled as Jayce lowered his mouth to your clit, giving it a few licks before he put the wand on it. His fingers, cleaned and parting your folds, pushed into you. There was no teasing—as soon as he found your spongy spot, he was chasing your orgasm at a brutal pace. The sounds of his fingers fucking you, the vibrator abusing your clit, and Viktor fucking your face was vulgar in the room. 
With the vibrator on your already sensitive clit and quite literally every hole full, you came quickly a second time. Your whole body shook and your eyes clamped shut. Viktor rutted past your limit as you hummed around his cock, yanking back on your head as he pulled out. His brow cocked, head dropped back, and his chest expanded quickly as he caught his breath. Precum leaked from his tip as he blew out a long breath. 
“Her mouth feel that good, Vik?” Jayce grinned up at him and Viktor scoffed. 
“Come see for yourself.”
Jayce reached over for a toy you didn’t recognize. He flipped the wand off and pushed the pink, u-shaped toy into your cunt, one end pressing against your g-spot, the other touching your clit. Jayce chuckled before standing and walking to stand beside Viktor, waiting until you put your mouth around his cock to turn the toy on. 
“Careful,” Viktor murmured. “She cannot deepthroat yet.”
“Don’t worry.” Jayce let out a long groan as you took as much of him as you could. His fingers danced over your throat. “We’ll train you.”
The toy inside your cunt vibrated loudly, pushing you to the edge as Jayce and Viktor alternated who fucked your mouth. Viktor held up your phone, holding it as steady as he could as his hips snapped forward. You already knew your makeup had run severely as he wiped your cheeks. Jayce pushed a little deeper when Viktor pulled out, making you choke on his cock. 
“Purity ring.” Jayce laughed dryly. “Baby, you’re pure fucking sin.”
You came again, Jayce yanking your mouth down over him. Your moan silenced itself on Jayce, and he cursed as the vibrations rocked him. 
"Christ, you're right, Vik. Mouth feels fucking great." Jayce pulled out with a pop as you started to whine, the vibrator way too much on your clit.��
“Atlas,” you cried when neither of them moved it. “Atlas, Atlas. Shit.”
Jayce had it out in seconds, running his hands over your thighs and kissing them gently. Viktor moved hair out of your face as your eyes closed and you caught your breath. 
“You okay?” Viktor was fully cleaning your cheeks now. 
“Yeah.” You nodded and licked your lips. “Was just a little too much.”
“Let’s give that clit a break,” Jayce whispered as he lowered his hand down and tugged on the plug. “Give somewhere else the attention it needs. If you still plan on having us both fuck you.”
You nodded again and Viktor glanced back. He ran his fingers lightly over your chest, playing lazily with the nipple clamps. Your chest moved rapidly as he turned them off and removed them. Jayce's gaze flickered from the new toy he was holding to Viktor lowering his head, dragging his tongue over one sensitive nipple. 
He lapped at you just as lazily as he'd been fiddling with the clamps. Drawing sigh after sigh from you, mixing in little nips and sucks as he kissed over your chest. He'd stop and suck on random spots, and when he lifted, you caught a flash of a mark. He left them all over your chest as Jayce prepped the toy. 
It felt fucking huge pressing into your ass. 
“You know, I almost wish we were recording this.” Jayce gave you each inch of the toy gradually. “First time anal and you’re taking the toy this fucking well? Hand me her phone, Vik. She needs to see how good she looks stretched around this.”
You barely heard the ding as Jayce pulled the toy out and pushed it back in. It was all careful movements until the toy finally started to move easily in and out of you. The burn was still there but it was very, very slowly subsiding. And then he flipped the toy on and your body shook from the vibrations. 
He pushed the toy all the way in and wiggled it a few times, and on your chest, Viktor sucked a nipple into his mouth. 
"Keep this in there." Jayce pushed on the toy again. "Now, how's that clit doing?" 
Jayce gave it a gentle stroke and your body jolted. When he was met with silence, he did it again and again and again until his fingers were pushing back into your cunt and he was rubbing your clit without mercy. 
“I have no intention of stopping, (Y/N).” His fingers already knew where your spot was. “Not until you squirt or you say that pretty word again. This pussy, until you fucking soak me, is mine.”
He meant it. You came again by the time Viktor had kissed down your stomach, littering you with hickies. Viktor straddled you after that, swapping his fingers with Jayce's as he rubbed your clit. You were so sensitive, it didn't take much, and they both knew it. 
Jayce moved the toy with his free hand, his fingers soaked and filling your cunt. He turned the power up on the toy a little more and Viktor, eyes fixed on Jayce’s changing expression as you squirmed, picked up your phone and continued to rub your clit. It was an overwhelming feeling at first, and you worried that all the stimulation was going to just…make you combust. You wouldn’t cum, you’d just explode. 
Even after everything, it felt fucking incredible. Even with the burning embarrassment of the camera fixed on you. Even with a toy stretching you wide, Jayce’s fingers fucking you raw, and your clit barely able to survive Viktor’s harsh circles. 
But you didn’t combust—you came. And you soaked your thighs, eyes clamping shut, head pressing back, body shaking. You came and you came hard, the whole thing wrecking you as you sobbed out a moan. 
The bed was wet underneath you as you shifted slightly. 
“There it is,” Jayce muttered. 
"You are nothing if not determined," Viktor added, lowering your phone. He peered back at you and rubbed your thighs. "Pretty girl just squirted."
You gasped as Jayce pulled the toy out. You felt gaping and empty in both holes. 
 "Still want us to fuck you?" Jayce dropped the toy aside. 
“I-I do.” It was hard to speak, but you wanted them to fuck you. Even if you weren’t sure you’d cum again, you really wanted them inside you. “Please.”
“How polite,” Viktor commented. 
"Adorably so," Jayce murmured. 
You had a momentary breather as Jayce stood and Viktor slid off of you. 
"Top or bottom?" Jayce yanked you closer towards the pillows, tugging up on some of the ropes that dug a little too hard into you. 
“Bottom.” Viktor ran his hand over his right leg as his other hand went for the binding on your legs. 
Your legs were sore and numb when the bindings came off. They kept your arms behind your back, and gave you another breather before bringing you to your knees. Viktor was beneath you, guiding your face to his shoulder as Jayce jerked your ass in the air. He took your phone again—or, that's what you assumed when you heard the blasted ding. His fingers explored a bit, pressing into your cunt first and then your asshole, muttering about how easily you could take his fingers now. 
Then you felt the lube. It was cold against your asshole as Jayce spread it around you and then himself. He made you take him first, the burning back as he pushed himself in. He was bigger than the toy and you felt like you were going to split in two. You’d only taken half of him when you bit down onto Viktor’s shoulder. 
You thought you really were going to split in two when Jayce was still inside you. And he was still filming as Viktor pushed himself into your cunt. 
“You’ve taken more than some of the people we’ve filmed videos with.” Jayce reached around and rubbed your clit. You bit down harder on Viktor’s shoulder, drawing a hiss from him. “You’d be a goddamn star in the industry.”
Viktor tugged on the back of your necklace. “Might have to lose this, though.” 
You nearly screamed when Viktor was fully inside you. They were both bigger than any toy you’ve had inside you before, both filling you more than you’ve ever been filled. 
"What's the word again, baby?" Jayce smacked your ass. "If it becomes too much, what's the word you say?"
“Atlas,” you said against Viktor’s shoulder. “It’s Atlas.”
“Good girl,” Viktor whispered in your ear. 
That scream that wanted to escape earlier came when they started moving their hips. Their pace was forgiving at first. Giving you time to adjust to the foreign sensations. But as soon as you started to loosen up and ease around them, it was almost brutal. The burning pleasure caused you to cry against Viktor, and he trailed soothing kisses over your shoulder. 
Jayce leaned forward, tugging on the bindings until your arms were free and you scrambled to hold yourself up, hands grabbing at the pillows. Jayce's hand went to your back, running tender circles as they continued to fuck you. 
"Touch yourself," Jayce murmured. "Want you to cum before we do."
It felt so damn good, but as you brought a trembling hand to your clit, you weren't sure you'd be able to cum. Your ring hung from your neck, bouncing as their hips slammed against yours. Your elbow nearly gave out as you touched it. It was so sore and sensitive, but it felt so good. It all felt so good. So, so fucking good. 
You worked it a little faster, biting through the soreness, clenching around both of them until your walls started to flutter. Panting and whimpering, barely hearing their grunts and moans, you came again. It was harder than you were expecting, rocking you as you fell forward onto Viktor, fingers still rubbing your clit. 
Your sob choked out of you, one hand grabbing a tight hold on the pillows as you shook. Your wetness dripped down between you, and you closed your eyes, the room feeling like it was starting to spin. You weren’t sure how much more you could take as they fucked you. Weren’t sure you’d be able to survive much longer. 
But they weren’t as far off as you thought. 
Jayce came first, cursing as his fingers dug into your hips. You were sure they’d bruise as he jerked you back onto his cock. It was an unfamiliar feeling as he came inside you, shooting ropes of cum into your ass as deep as he could get. And Viktor wasn’t far behind. Jayce was still inside you when Viktor came, rutting as deep as he could get in your cunt. 
Wetness still dripped as they stayed in you, the three of you trying to catch your breaths. 
When they pulled out, all that wetness doubled and Jayce kept his group on your hips, keeping your ass in the air. He pushed you open as your phone dinged and his fingers toyed with both your ass and your cunt. He pushed their cum back into you as it seeped out, making you subconsciously wrap an arm around Viktor at each oversensitive touch. 
Viktor responded by wrapping an arm around your waist, going back to kiss your shoulder as Jayce fingered you. 
"Holy fuck," Jayce breathed after lowering your phone. He fell down next to Viktor, making you both bounce. "I wasn't joking. Did real fucking well for what we gave you."
He helped you lay down, sandwiching you between them in a heap of messy and sweaty bodies. They both ran their hands over your back, lulling you into a sleep you knew you couldn't give in to.
“You alive down there, (Y/N)?” Jayce played with your hair. 
“Mhm, just need a second.” Your words slurred and the two men laughed. “Just…fuck. One second.”
Jayce placed a tender kiss to the back of your head before he stood, handing Viktor his cane.
"Stay," Viktor murmured as he got up, him and Jayce disappearing.
Water ran in the bathroom, the toilet flushed, and by the time they were back, Viktor was between your legs with a damp washcloth. He was careful with his movements, eyes soft as he stared up at you after Jayce flipped you over. Jayce held you against his chest, tipping your chin back and telling you to open. Cold water slipped down your throat and when he pulled it away, you leaned your head against his shoulder. 
"Want to stay the night?" Jayce whispered in your ear. 
“I…I can’t.” But your eyes were already closed. “Gotta be home early tomorrow.”
“Mm, that’s right. To the sin-free family.” Jayce fingered your necklace, the ring feeling heavy around your neck. “Be sure not to sit down too hard around them or they’ll know how naughty their daughter’s been.” 
“Here.” Viktor threw a large shirt at Jayce. He pulled it over your head and shoulders with ease. “Rest at the very least. We will wake you up once the party ends.”
“But…” You tried to sit up and winced, already sore. 
"(Y/N), do you really wish to go downstairs in nothing but your dress, still full of our cum, and fucked out, for everyone to see?" Jayce kissed your cheek. "Love the idea of you walking around down there with no underwear on, but don't think you do."
“Sleep.” Viktor cupped your jaw as Jayce tucked you under the covers. “We will wake you in a few hours.”
You nodded, snuggling into their plush mattress and pillows with extreme ease. They lingered for as long as you were semi-conscious, and you barely heard the door shut behind them after they dressed and flicked the lights off. All you could do was lay in the one position. Even if you hadn’t passed out immediately, the soreness seeping in would’ve prevented you from moving. 
It hadn't entirely set in yet, but as soon as you woke up, the reality would hit you. The gravity of the situation would probably drop you to your knees. But that was for morning (Y/N) to process. You'd let that version of you work through the aftermath of getting fucked by two near strangers that had absolutely ruined you for any future partners. Because who the hell would ever fuck you like that again?
Didn’t matter. Your brain was already switching off as you fell asleep. 
You’d figure it out in the morning. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
week 3 | haunted armour AU
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buttermynutter · 2 days ago
Making Beaches | 5 - Drought
"You'll be the first to know."
Viktor's words followed you the entirety of the month, lingering behind you as closely as your shadow. 
The fact that your meetings had become more scarce didn't help, new responsibilities that had attacked you as you grew older demanded that you only see him once every few weeks. He had taken on additional tasks as well, but the most recent that he had informed you of knocked at the back of your mind, begging you to unleash your panic. 
He had told you the news in the moonlight as you sat together in the shallow water on the cave's floor, his face illuminated only enough for you to see that he was positively distraught, his eyes shifting away from yours and his lips strained.
"My parents have encouraged me to apply to an academy in Piltover."
"Piltover?" you had asked, the anxiety not quite settling in — yet. "I thought you didn't want to associate with that city, you told me you rather learn how to breathe underwater 'the hard way'."
Viktor smiled, but it was grim, accompanied by, "I don't, but I don't have much say in the matter. Besides, I don't want to say it, but I think that if I do, I can fix some things down here." 
You held your breath, and he seemed to sense your discomfort as he brought one hand around your back to tip your head onto his shoulder, clearing his throat awkwardly. 
"I know we've already started seeing each other less, but trust me, you're the reason I'm having such doubts about going. Even people outside my family keep telling me I was practically born for this, yet I'm still hoping that we get a message that tells me I wasn't all along."
It was your turn for a distant smile, answering, "Who knows, maybe they'll allow fish as pets." 
He had let out a laugh that didn't quite reverberate through his chest like usual, the sound even more hollow in the echoes of the cavern. 
"This is your dream," you whispered; part of you was aware that you were doing so because you didn't want your voice to crack. "I'll be here when you come back."
"I know you will," Viktor said, this time with a smile that reached his eyes. "You always have been."
The two of you sat without speaking as you desperately tried to hold onto the moment, your frenzied thoughts overpowering the gentle, almost taunting whistling of wind. 
"I should go," he had stated abruptly, his voice so low that you couldn't have heard it without your head right next to his.
You nodded, saying without much thought, "It's getting late, be careful with the rocks in the dark."
For the first time during that night your eyes met, his usual honeyed hues dreary. You still wondered now whether or not if you had looked a little longer you would've recognized they were swimming with tears, but he had quickly stood up and shuffled to shore in the back of the cave, shaking the water from his legs. 
"Don't look so down, you're too pretty for that," he called to you, a quiver barely detectable in his voice. "Besides, it's not as if we know I have to go... yet. Either way, you'll be the first to know."
"You're right, we don't," you had replied, his sad gaze piercing through the water as you submerged into the sea.
But the both of you knew you did.
You were now on your way to the cave once more, part of you begging to stay behind. After all, if you never found out, you would never have to face the consequences, right?
Shaking off the feeling, you only pushed yourself harder, spiralling through the boulders. You simply drifted underwater for a moment, attempting to formulate a reaction for the expected, albeit dreaded outcome; but, deep down, you knew you wouldn't be able to disguise your disappointment.      
Being a good friend comes first, you thought to yourself.
Friend — if only you could come out of the cave as something more. You cursed yourself for not expressing yourself sooner. He had already mentioned the academy before; you should have foretold this, but you supposed that ignorance was bliss. 
Viktor was already seated in the water once you approached him, the expression on his face unreadable. He patted the sand beside him and you obliged, his eyes not quite meeting yours. 
After a succession of shaky breaths, he finally uttered, "I've been accepted. The academy is in session two months from now, but I'm supposed to leave tomorrow to acquaint myself with Piltover."
"Tomorrow?" you gasped, unable to contain yourself. "I mean, I'm very happy for you. I know you've wanted this since we met." 
He took your hand underwater and smiled apologetically, his demeanor now as dismal as you felt. 
"I feel very lucky I get to see you this one last time, I wouldn't rather be spending this last day with anybody else."
You bit your lip, trying to hold back the inevitable stream of tears. 
To your surprise, when you looked over, Viktor was already crying, his rattling breaths viscerally wracking his body. You laughed at the absurdity of the situation and he seemed to understand, chuckling as well while squeezing your hand tighter. 
"You'll come back, won't you?" you whispered, the words heavier than the tension in the air.
"Of course I will," he replied immediately. "I found my brightest light in the sea, I won't be able to look at even a drop of water without being reminded of you."
You felt as if he was wringing your heart, Viktor as perfect as ever even with his eyes red from crying, the color drained from his face, still smiling.
"What're you grinning about?" you mused, suppressing the sense of doom that awaited you outside of the cave.
"You. I'm just thinking about us," he replied.
Furrowed your brow, you glanced at him but he gave no sign of elaborating, so you continued, "If you're leaving on the path by the shore, I can wave you goodbye."
"I'd like that," he said, his expression lightening. "Although it might be a problem, I don't think I'd be able to leave if you were there; and if someone on land spots you?"
"It'll be worth it." You considered the notion a moment before responding, "Just call them crazy and tell them I was a walrus."
"I couldn't do that," he chuckled. "Nobody would believe that if they saw that beautiful face of yours."
You turned towards each other in tandem, your hearbeat skipping along the tide as his eyes flitted down to your mouth, leaning a bit closer. 
Abruptly, your heart dropped into the waves as Viktor said under his breath, "My fingers are pruning, I think that's my sign to leave."
The way his words tore the breath from you made you believe that you finally understood what it felt like to drown.
Forcing a laugh, you replied, "After all this time, a little water still gets to you. I guess some things aren't meant to be."
Voice unsteady, he sighed, "Someday, I'll can make them meant to be."
There was a long pause puncuated only by the empty dripping of water before Viktor continued, "I'll miss you, you know. Every scale. I still haven't learned to swim, but with you, I can fly." 
And he left with his breath still on your lips. 
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Sellsword | Viktor x Reader | SFW Pt. 1
Tumblr media
Premise: You and Viktor grew up together and became each other’s rock. You lost touch after being forced to leave and find your brother who went missing. After years of getting by as a skilled sellsword, you arrive in Piltover for a new job, and to catch up with the man you always vowed to protect. 
Warnings: This part is SFW, but the next part will be NSFW. Just fluff and reminiscing in this one. Mentions of physical disability & light teasing about it (from kids), fair warning. 
(This is long, buckle up lol)
Viktor had never known another friend like you. Comrades had always been a rare thing for him, especially as a child. 
He thought about you often, even as the years went on without another sight of you. Each day that passed, Viktor kept you in his memory—in those longing thoughts for what used to be.
Viktor pondered one specific day in particular. You were floating in the river, carefree as usual with your face to the warm summer sky. Viktor stood there hesitantly on the bank, leaning into his cane, dressed in his own tattered swim trunks.
He couldn’t help but take in how easily you relaxed and found wonder in the small things, despite coming from the undercity like he did. Viktor seemed to bear the weight of that reality much more than you did, as you never let it deter you for even a moment. 
“Are you coming in this time, Vik?” You had called from in the water, glancing his way. 
Viktor swallowed hard and adjusted the cane beneath him, as if that were an answer in and of itself. He gave you a weak smile that vanished faster than it appeared. 
“Come on, Viktor, it’s hot out today. It’ll help you cool off,” You returned, rolling back into a crouched position in the water. You waded there despite it being more shallow, eyes on Viktor sympathetically. 
“I don’t know...” Viktor said quietly, casting his eyes down. 
Viktor wanted to swim with you like he always wanted to, but his leg made it an intimidating feat. He was afraid of the short distance he would need to move in order to climb in. He didn’t trust his legs to get him there without embarrassment. 
“You shouldn’t have to watch me have all the fun. I can help if you’d like.”
Viktor felt a slight wave of guilt at that. He didn’t want to need help. He wished he could run in with you and not have to worry about his body giving out on him. It made things much harder for him. 
Viktor took a deep breath and slowly made his way closer to the edge, leaning against the cane all the while. He toed the edge and looked down at the water as it ran by and glistened beneath the sun. 
He wanted nothing more than to feel the cool sensation against his skin, and to be there with you. His one friend willing to stick by his side through it all. Viktor was always afraid of letting you down, no matter how often you stayed anyway. 
“Looks like the cripple is attempting to swim today.”
Viktor noticed how quickly your head turned at the voice of a young boy stood across the river on an elevated rock face, on the border that lead to topside. Several other kids stood around him and snickered, all eyeing Viktor maliciously. 
“Not when he slips and falls first!” Another sneered in his direction. 
Viktor’s heart shattered immediately, and the shame washed over him. His eyes fell to his feet and he cursed that setback of his. 
“Shut up!” You had shouted at them, standing at your full height in the river. 
Viktor lifted his head at the sound of your voice, and he wanted to tell you not to defend him. To not get yourself on their bad sides too. 
But you were different from the other kids. Born with a natural skill when it came to defending yourself and others, they didn’t mess with you. The damage your fist could make was known among the children of Piltover. 
You reached for the river rocks below and chucked them in their direction, narrowly missing as a warning. 
“Shut your mouths or I’ll bury you!” You screamed at them, teeth grit all the while. 
The kids scattered at once with their squeals, afraid of what you were capable of. Truthfully, you were just as much of an outcast as Viktor, since most of them feared you and your fiercely protective nature when it came to the boy. 
Viktor swallowed hard while he watched them run as fast as they could, and the last rock clunked against the ground. He heard as the water was disturbed, and he noticed you were half a step away from him, hand extended. 
“Don’t listen to them, Viktor. They’re a bunch of snot-nosed brats,” you growled, visibly trying to shake the anger. “I’ll help you in, just trust me okay?” 
Extra weary from their taunts, Viktor found it hard to do just that. His wide eyes met yours, and in that moment, he felt as those fears were quelled just enough for him to put a hand in your palm. 
You arranged yourself accordingly to help Viktor find a more comfortable position, dropping his cane. Carefully, you guided him into the water, completely unfazed by the assistance. 
It never bothered you, in fact. It was a quality about you that Viktor was eternally grateful for. 
Viktor sucked a breath in at the water’s cool sensation until his skin had the chance to get used to it. Even so, Viktor took those steps into the river with your help, moving into the deeper area so he could float more comfortably. 
When Viktor was submerged enough to float and wade in the water, relieving the weight from his legs, a wide smile spread across his face. He shared that giddy look with you. 
“See? It’s not so bad, is it?” 
Viktor shook his head with a small bubble of a laugh, slowly moving away from you as his confidence grew, releasing your hand to his dismay. 
Your laugh in return warmed his heart immensely, and Viktor made sure to commit that sound to memory. 
“You’re a natural, Viktor!” You giggled, watching as the boy lifted himself to float in the water. 
Viktor was overjoyed by the small victory, so much so that he even closed his eyes to soak up the sun’s warmth. He didn’t usually bother with swimming, thus he missed out on many fun summer days doing exactly that. 
The two of you splashed around for a time, pushing against the small current all the while. You were sent further down the river little by little by its natural push, and neither of you paid much attention to it. 
However, the current seemed to grow stronger after a while, and it wasn’t until Viktor slipped on a rock and was swept away that you realized just how far out you were. 
Viktor panicked all the while he tried to reach for something to grab, only to come up short. His heart pounded and the fear got the better of him. 
“Viktor!” You shouted at him, quick to swim through the rapidly moving current. 
You were always a strong swimmer, but you were afraid of the speed he gained from losing his resistance. He thrashed in the water, calling out to you with raw fear in his tone. 
The drop-off was nearing and Viktor knew it. His heart clenched and he closed his eyes the moment he felt the edge. He hoped it would be painless, at the very least. 
But your hand clamped around his wrist and suspended Viktor in the air, moments away from falling into the river below. It was scarily high, and both of you froze. 
Viktor watched as you tried to hold both of you above the small waterfall, fighting against the current at the same time. With your feet wedged in between the rocks below, you just managed it despite all odds. 
Even with your strength, there was no way you could pull him up again. Viktor was too afraid to try and climb, so it was ultimately up to you. 
Slipping little by little, you knew there was no choice. 
“Viktor, we have to jump. But only when I say. Make sure you hold your breath!” The genuine concern reflected in your eyes, along with that sure conviction. “I’ll find you again, don’t worry.” 
Viktor’s heart pounded all the while, but he had no other option. He nodded, trying to push back the fear. 
Your determined eyes were the last thing Viktor saw before you yelled ‘now!’ and kicked yourself off the ledge, consequently throwing him farther away, hopefully sparing him from any rocks below. 
Viktor resurfaced with a gasping breath in much deeper water than the stream. He coughed up the water he couldn’t help from taking in, thrashing around for dear life.  
“Y/n!” Viktor screamed in between gasps, and he tried to catch a glimpse of you.
Viktor was afraid you hadn’t thrown yourself far enough, and were unconscious in the water somewhere. Helpless within the depths. That thought nearly killed him. 
But the hand around his arm forced him to stop his flailing. Viktor was pulled into you while you panted, sure to keep him close. You paddled over to the bank and helped Viktor climb up.
“I’m so sorry, Viktor,” you murmured to him, and pulled yourself out of the water, completely drenched. You sat on the edge and met Viktor’s eye. “I should’ve been more careful. I shouldn’t have pushed you into doing it.” 
After Viktor regained his bearings from his place in the grass, he only felt the rush of adrenaline he so rarely knew. Since you were both safe when it was all said and done, all he could do was laugh. 
Viktor easily recalled the startled look on your face at his own strange reaction. The amusement bubbled up inside of him until you had no choice but to laugh in return. 
The two of you laughed as if the most hilarious thing had happened, like you weren’t in the most dangerous situation either of you had ever encountered. 
Eventually, Viktor laid back in his spot, to which you followed suit and found a place next to him. The hot sun beat down and worked to dry you off. 
“Don’t be sorry, it was fun,” Viktor giggled, staring up at what little amount of blue sky was let in through the outskirts of the city. The rare sight of normalcy that wasn’t found further inside the undercity. 
“That’s a way to put it,” You returned with a humoured lift in your voice. 
Viktor never forgot the way you brought so much light and joy into his life, where he often found an absence of it. It was always an easy thing for you, and Viktor held that quality about you close to his heart. 
But that solid, trustworthy friendship was taken from him before he could truly understand why you were the most important person in his life. Viktor’s heart broke the day you confided in him about your brother’s disappearance. 
It was known he was involved with some gritty people—people you tried to stay away from despite being a zaunite. But Viktor never thought you would be dragged into it too. 
You left to find him. To make your mark in the undercity before you were even a proper teenager. Even if you had to take down each criminal just to do it, you were going to find your brother and bring him home. 
You promised Viktor you would return for him, and he committed that promise to his memory and heart. But by the time he was recruited for the academy in topside, there had been no sight of you. You were like a ghost lost in the belly of the city, too far from his grasp. 
He felt the ache of his loss every day since then, and the longing he felt to be with you again never ceased.
But as you stand below in the city square, Viktor can’t believe his eyes. There you are, after all those years, alive and in the flesh. From inside the lab, he can’t help but ogle, wide eyed and heart racing. 
If he could run, he would. But Viktor only leans into his crutch and tries to get a grip of himself. 
You’ve arrived in Piltover, with business unbeknownst to him as you shake hands with Heimerdinger and a few higher-up enforcers. He needs to know what has changed, and where you’ve been, for what little he understands about the situation from his place is agonizing. 
After some time of waiting, Viktor’s world is turned upside down the moment the lab door opens, and a wave of familiarity fills the space. He turns to see who it is, only to freeze in his place. 
A chill runs up his spine at the sight of you, followed by a rush of warmth in his face. He has waited years for this moment and Viktor can’t fathom it. 
“Y/n...” Viktor murmurs just above a whisper, eyes growing large with each emotion that circulates inside him. It’s almost too much to handle, and he doesn’t know how to digest it all. 
Jayce smiles at Viktor’s immediate recognition, and he gestures to you, just as overcome with all the feelings you two once shared. 
“Y/n was telling me she knew you growing up, and I thought it was time you two caught up,” Jayce says, lingering by the door. He points toward the hall. “I’ll leave you to it then.” 
Viktor doesn’t have the capacity to hear Jayce’s words or say anything in return, for he’s so engrossed in the sight of you that nothing else matters. 
While the traces of your child-like appearance remain in small fragments, you’re grown up, just like he is. Your face is more carefully contoured and primed with age, your body is that of a woman—one seasoned by rigorous activity and strength. 
You’re beautiful, and Viktor’s mind short-circuits at the realization. 
“Viktor,” you return softly, offering him a gentle smile as you approach him, arms already extended to embrace him. 
Viktor jolts at the sudden impact of your body against his, arms wrapping around his midsection, but he quickly eases into it, fighting back the tears that gather in his waterline. He secures his arms around your shoulders and allows himself to lean into the embrace. 
The warmth of you is agonizingly sweet against his chest, and Viktor can hardly recall the last time anyone has hugged him or shown him any sort of affection. His world had been colder without you, and the rewards of having you near are immediate. 
“You’re taller now,” you chuckle into his chest with one last squeeze before you pull back and gaze up at him. “I guess we both are.” 
Viktor manages a lopsided grin despite the strong pull of emotions within his chest, and he sucks in a rigid breath. “A decade changes many things.” 
Verbalizing how long is has been since Viktor last laid eyes on you seems to hurt even more, and he can’t help but notice how the swell of sadness comes through your features. 
“I suppose I have a lot of explaining to do,” you say, mournful of all the lost time. 
Viktor leans against one of the tables and invites you to do the same, in which you remain close to his side. “Before you get into the rest of it, what are you doing here in Piltover?” 
He gazes down at you, taking in each and every fleeting emotion that runs across your face. It has been so long since he’s had the chance to look at you, and Viktor refuses to let that opportunity slip through his fingers. 
“I signed on as an instructor at the academy. I’ll be mostly training the enforcer scouts.”
Viktor’s heart pulls at what that means, and he swallows hard. He can feel as his body sings with hope. “So you will be staying in the city then? You’ll be here?” 
Viktor nearly melts at the sight of your genuine smile, and the sensation of your hand in his palm. He has to double-take, for even the slightest signs of affection shake him down to his core. 
“Yes, that’s right. I’ll be here in topside for the foreseeable future,” you hum, clearly just as relieved by the news. 
Viktor can hardly take it. The sight of you and the face he so dearly missed, finally returned to him at last. The dearest friend he ever had, back in his life. He does his best to hold back the tears that threaten to spill. 
“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear that,” Viktor croaks, barely able to form the words. 
“I’ll be here for you now like I used to be before,” you manage, pressed against his shoulder to offer him what comfort you can. “But hopefully with better critical thinking skills.”
Viktor chuckles at the sentiment and discreetly wipes at his eyes. “What happened, y/n? Why were you gone for so long?” 
“When my brother vanished, I caught wind of who had taken him. I had to jump through hoops, exhausting every lead I had until I got him back from the gang he got caught up in,” you begin, preparing for the long-winded explanation you know Viktor deserves. “He was with me for a few months before he was claimed by Shimmer. It turns out, he was dealing it. When he found himself in a tough spot and unable to pay his debts, he returned to it, and it killed him.” 
Viktor’s face softens and his hand gently squeezes your own. “I’m terribly sorry that happened, y/n.” 
With a deep breath, you continue. “Of course, the moment he wasn’t alive to pay the debt anymore, the gang expected me to. So, I did what I do best, and I became a sellsword. If a terrible man needed to be taken out and I was promised a payment, I did it. I’ve taken more lives than I can count, but at least it helped clean the streets of some of the worst criminals in the undercity. With cash in my pocket, I paid the gang little by little until I struck a deal under the table with an enforcer. If I took out as many of the grunts as I could, allowing the boss to be arrested, I would be untouchable by the law. I would be let off, and I wouldn’t have to pay the debt back. So, I did exactly that.” 
Many thoughts and emotions ebb and flow through Viktor all the while he listens, struck by how extreme it all sounds. He never knew what became of you, and to hear it, Viktor doesn’t know exactly how to feel. 
“You became a mercenary?” Viktor presses, as if he didn’t believe it the first time. 
You nod, visibly afraid of what Viktor thinks of you. “Yes. I’m not entirely proud of it, but I did what I had to. There was nothing left for me to do when my life was on the line. I only ever wanted to save my brother and make the undercity a better place, even if it meant killing those who deserved it. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry this happened, Viktor.” 
Viktor’s chest clenches the moment he hears the regret in your voice, shattered by the weight of it all. Instinctively, he puts an arm around you and keeps you close, paranoid that you might be swept away from him again. “Don’t be sorry, y/n. I understand why you did it. What matters is that you’re out of it now and life can be different for you. For us.” 
“You were always the sweet one out of us, Viktor,” you say, much to his surprise. Leaning into his contact, you continue. “I missed you every day I was gone. After my brother died, I wanted nothing more than to come back home and see you again, to make sure you were alright. But I couldn’t risk pulling you down with me, not when things were so dark. I couldn’t do that to you.” 
“I know, y/n. Please don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re here now and that’s what matters,” Viktor returns kindly, heart more at ease with the explanation. 
While it wasn’t the life he hoped you would have, Viktor can’t be angry with you, or resentful of your past work. He knows all too well the dangers of the undercity, and what it takes to survive. 
You stand up fully and embrace Viktor once again, keeping him tight in your arms. Viktor is less surprised this time, and he gladly holds you since he wasn’t able to for all those years. 
“I won’t leave you again, Viktor. You hear me? No matter what happens, I’ll always be here to protect you. To make sure you’re safe and content.” 
A small chuckle comes from Viktor at the muffled reply, and his hand caresses your back absently. Those heavy yet explosive feelings inside him come alive at your declaration. 
“Having you near again has done exactly that. But I’m afraid not much danger occurs in the lab.” 
Pulling back just enough to gaze up at Viktor, you cock a brow. “Does anything ever blow up? Or catch fire?” 
Viktor makes a conflicted sound. “Ehh, occasionally, I suppose.” 
“Perfect. Then I’ll be here to make sure you don’t blow the place up. How’s that?” You muse, dropping your arms from the embrace, much to Viktor’s dismay. 
He longs for the warmth of you once more, yet Viktor watches how you turn on your heel and gaze around the lab, arms folding behind your back. “So how did my dear Viktor end up in a place like this?” 
Viktor’s heart races at your interest, but his usual bashfulness returns with his shrug. “It’s kind of a long story.” 
You give him a smile from over your shoulder with your enticing response. “I have more than enough time. I want to know everything, and don’t spare the details.” 
A hopeful sensation simmers within Viktor’s whole body, and he swallows back his reservations. It doesn’t take him long to realize his adoration for you has swelled tenfold, and those feelings are even deeper than he initially thought. 
Viktor is overjoyed to have you back, yet he can’t help but feel like he’s in over his head.
He is completely and utterly in love with you. 
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nowwheresmynut · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Parallel play.
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mischievous-piltovan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I haven't post much original content as of late, and I've been tagged in a whole lot tag-games which I haven't responded (sorry ;-;), so here's a screenshot for a little Jayce x Reader x Viktor oneshot I'm working on (it's around 2k words for now).
But with a Choose Your Own Adventure twist 👀
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shinobi-illuminator · 2 days ago
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Viktor in an Eeyore onsie. You’re welcome
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arcaneincorrectquotes · 10 hours ago
Jayce: Lol heads up if you try to make a candle with food coloring, the food coloring will just sink to the bottom of the glass, and when the flame eventually reaches the bottom all the food coloring will catch fire and become one giant tall flame that you cannot possibly blow out and the glass will start to crack and then you'll throw your tea on it in a panic and then the extremely hot food coloring will boil and sizzle horribly and then the glass will shatter. Please take my word on this lmfao
Viktor: What did you do op?
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biby-24k · 5 months ago
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the angel who got too close to the sun
viktor icon free to use
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smooches for my baby boy because i’m sick and tired of jayce slander
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