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I love drawing my characters’ hypothetical kids, so here you go! She’s an absolute wild child, basically lives outside, and will end up becoming your friend at the end of the day. She also loves Sylvia’s/Vincenzo’s kid!

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Vincenzo: No it’s not hard for being a paper. Besides of getting cuts, burn, steps on, getting wet, and other things. Also I’m not a cop, I’m a co-worker-

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Vincenzo: I hang out with the co-workers sometimes. I hang out with the captain. They’re are some who are good to me as a friend… Sometimes I can get name call from other cops who aren’t nice…

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Vincenzo: I am a paper, plus I’m half folden. Paper kinds can be flat, crash, folded, ripped, and different colors.

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Meet Vincenzo, he works at the police station as a coworker. He’s a paper spices. His ability to stretch his arms and legs… I just got bored and wanted to make an new ocs, I think I’m going to make new ones- *Screaming and thinking about the other ocs* Hope you like it^^

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the evolution of my old ass OC Giuditta, formely Steve

at one point i decided to make the “edgy” and the “LOL XD rAnDoM” part two separate characters, and they became Vins and scribble

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My youngest child is a SNEAK. A thief. A criminal mastermind.

I watched him come downstairs and attempt to break into my Stella D’Oro cookies and then fail, because he dropped them on the floor. So when I heard him I ordered him to put them back. I thought I caught them all. But apparently I hadn’t. From where I’m sitting on the couch I can see partially into my kitchen.

He came back downstairs and saw me on the computer and got down on his hands and knees and when I asked what he was doing just looked at me and smiled. He then proceeds to go into the kitchen while I’m distracted and get two more cookies he apparently stashed somewhere and try to sneak past me again. Like, as soon as a I looked over at him he got down low close to the floor and tried to hide himself behind the couch! I look at him and go “what are you doing?” and he says “you left these” and shows me the two cookies in his hand. A SNEAK! I have to laugh because I admire his determination.

Now I can’t keep blaming his older brother for eating all the cookies! 

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