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#Virginia Potts

Anthony, drunk off his ass taking his turn to say stories in team bonding night: so you know, my dad loved trains as a kid right. Well I had passion for destroying everything in my path

Friggason: Can relate

Anthony: - And he had this elaborate, mechanical train sets they made back then, you know the ones you build around the room?? It was his favorite thing on earth and my territoial little toddler ass was like….Father cares not for me? Father favors unity with the machines? Has he forsaken my existence? And WELL, I knew where the tools were so-

Joseph: God this story is burned in my brain, white boys are such drama queens

Alianova: I like how Tony’s first instinct was to go terminator on his father’s belongings

Anthony: I WAS 3 CUT ME A BREAK. A N Y w a y, so I like. Smashed the train into pieces right, now. I didn’t wanna blame anybody for this cause dad had like, the temper of a hot teapot, so I’m like you know what. Let me just dismantle this and bury it, maybe he’ll assume Jarvis just,,,,cleaned the room and bagged the train somewhere and forgot about it

Beatriz: Okay wait I gotta ask, were you the family who had servants at their back and call 24/7m

Anthony: No??? We had a housekeeper.

Grant and James: [Sip soda in Poor]

Francis: DO you hear yourself?? Like when you talk???

Rupert: I will never understand rich people period

Hogan: Amen

Anthony: And so, I thought, ok. He’s gonna get another one it’s gonna be fine, or just forget about it all together. At 3 am in the fucking asscrack of night, I hear a military trumpet waking me up and to this day I haven’t got the slightest clue where he got it from but he DID, and he called a meeting to his room. What lays at his feet? The.fucking.train

Janet: Not even Agatha wrote this murder

Rupert: I’m having MIT flashbacks, you were so salty you got caught for that

Anthony: IM! SO terrified. Because Jarvis is watching me with that ‘I know you did some shit you weren’t supposed to’ look because he had dad instincts like that, I’m feeling like a damn Sherlock Holmes criminal waiting to be caught, dad is ranting so fast I feel like I’m listening to Greek recordings, brings the ceiling upside down, and grandma the whole time has an avocado facemask slipping off her cheeks and I can TELL they know I did it. I must have looked so guilty because dad just. Points at me and with the most betrayed voice yells “Y O U ! ?” … I look at my family, Jarvis, Mom , Grandma and Uncle Joseph… and they look AWAY Pepper

Vriginia: L O S I N G her shit

Joseph: YOU DONT KNOW THE WORSE OF IT– Howie is just, take him to his room, and I think, good on you man, keeping your cool– This fucker howls the most UNHINGED scream I’ve heard, jumps out THROUGH the window, and rolls on the lawn for like 2 hour. He also baught that ugly ass flamingo at that time and that bitch just watches him GO at it. Best thing I’ve seen in my life.

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Pepper Potts had infiltrated Hydra as part of her secret mission to find a man called Jude and get DNA samples from him. Along the way, she was in the room to find the man while Hydra were unveiling their new weapon. Hydra unveils their new robot which grabs the youngest Hydra member who was bullied by the Hydra co-workers. However, it starts to go wrong (or maybe right) when the robot goes rogue. The Hydra-Bot doesn’t care about this Hydra shit and cuts off the arm of the senior Hydra officer. While Hydra-Bot wrecks around, Pepper Potts armors up as Rescue and saves the young Hydra intern. 

- 2020 Rescue #2, 2020

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One short sequence I think is really underrated in Endgame, though, is when Pepper asks Tony whether he’ll be able to rest if he does nothing with the discovery of time travel.

Because she has been adamantly trying to get Tony to calm down with the Iron Man gig, to settle down for her. Even in Infinity War, we see her displeased with Tony’s new arc reactor and wanting him to promise not to use it - remove it, even. She demands he return to Earth, even when he silently refuses.

And then, in Endgame - she knows it’s what he has to do. And she finally accepts it, after years of looking back at it and coming to terms with the inevitable. This is who Tony is, he may die fighting. But that’s the man she married, and she needs to let him do this thing. She needs to let him be who he is.

That is progress. 

Pepper may need Tony, but the world needs him, too. Perhaps even more. And Tony needs to be his best self; which is when he can have both her and Morgan, as well as being Iron Man. If he can save the world, and bring everyone back; he should. This is Pepper realizing her arc, being selfless and letting go of Tony for the greater good - letting go of her fear of losing him.

During the final battle, she’s already prepared, and this small conversation before the events unfold is where she truly makes peace with the possible outcome of Tony’s demise.

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