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lifada · 38 minutes ago
[WandaVision Spoilers]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again” - Wanda
“The people need help!” - Vision
“Family is Forever” - Wanda
“It’s been Agatha all along~!” - Agatha
“Let go of my brother!” - Tommy
“Halloween’s a magical holiday” - Billy
“It’s not like your dead husband can die twice” - Fietro
“Thanks for the lesson” - Wanda
“This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch” - Agatha
“What is Grief if not Love Persevering” - Vision
“Given the chance and given your power, I’d bring my mom back. I know I would” - Monica
“Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad” - Darcy
“Sure we can. I’m a whiz at hot-wiring cars” - Jimmy
“The world’s not the same as you left it” - Hayward
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another thing lol
it was my birthday a week ago and i got more pop figures
Tumblr media
+ Falcon and 50’s vision
some of them are second hand but i don’t care their still good hahah. i love them so much
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araminia16 · an hour ago
Six Sentence Sunday (A/B/O Wandavision snippet)
HEYYYYYYY GUYS! I ran with my idea. The first chapter is almost done in like 2 hours. But I won’t post until I get further into chapter 2 so I can post the 2 parter quickly. I’m so pumped. I love A/B/O. The smut is gonna be steamy AF.
Vision looked down at Natasha, “No. Perfectly normal. Perhaps slightly more fatigued than usual as we only watched a single episode of I Love Lucy instead of two. I did not think much about it.” 
“Fuck. Means she had no clue it was coming on then. You’re a Beta right?” 
“I have some physical characteristics of an Alpha but lack the reproductive function and hormonal fluids necessary to have the designation. So yes, Beta, as you are or have been made to be.” 
“Can you scent her from here?” 
“I detect her increased pheromone levels and heavier scent particles native to her natural biology but I lack the practical experience to know what it means. I apologize.” 
Wanda still seemed oblivious to their presence as she tugged and pressed the comforters into the pile. 
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wigglywoowanda · an hour ago
I'm working on a Marvel fic and I'm debating on posting it here or on Wattapd! Which would you prefer? I have several ideas and I may just start doing imagines/one shots. Lemme know what you guys think! If you want an imagine or a head cannon, lemme know and shoot me an ask or a message!
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bumblesimagines · 2 hours ago
Green Thumb
Tumblr media
Part 6
Request: Yes or No
I don't know shit about science and it's pretty obvious lmao. Filler chapter
You opened the cold water bottle, shoulders slumping in relief as you drank the water. Dr. Cho approached you with a smile, holding a clipboard.
"I wish Dr. Banner were here to see this." She said, a sad look crossing over her features. Everyone was worried about him. Hulk and Bruce barely ever worked together.
"I have a theory that you won't age naturally." Dr. Cho said, placing her clipboard down. Your brows furrowed, glancing at the clipboard.
"It's just a theory for now. As you get older, your powers will grow. When you were a child, could you control roots?" Dr. Cho asked, picking up a notebook and clicking a pen.
"Uhm.. I healed a cat with a broken leg and never did it again." You told her, watching her nod and write on the paper.
"What happened when you did it?"
You frowned, hearing the pained mews coming from the small cat. It was still young, most likely an juvenile. You sat down beside the cat, reaching out and gently stroking its head. You looked at its broken leg, reaching out and hovering over the leg. You felt a tingling sensation, seeing the grass lean towards the leg and slowly turn brown. Your head tilted, the sound of the cats mews slowly stopped. You watched it stand and sniff its leg, turning to you and purring softly.
"If the grass turned brown.. It could've been dying. It means you healed the cat by taking the life of the grass." Dr. Cho said, continuing to write.
"Will I be able to do it again?" You asked, head tilting. Dr. Cho nodded, looking up at you. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear, glancing at the clipboard.
"How did you control the roots?"
"They were a fear reaction. I used them everytime I got scared.. It happened so much that I guess I eventually got control of them." You answered, looking down at the root bracelets. Dr. Cho nodded, tapping the pen against the notebook.
"Being able to open the ground.. That might've been an adrenaline rush reaction." Dr. Cho said, writing down a note on the clipboard.
"Extra training for the adrenaline?"
"Yes." Dr. Cho chuckled as you groaned, shoulders slumping. She licked her lips, clearing her throat.
"I also wonder if your powers extend past plants and Earth. Water, fire, and air are all natural things. With water comes ice, with air comes storms, with fire comes lava. The possibilities are endless." There was wonder and excitement in her eyes.
"So, you're saying (Y/N) is gonna be the next Avatar?" You turned towards Sam, chuckling softly.
"Hey, bird boy." You greeted, giving him a smile. Sam took a seat beside you on the bed, watching Dr. Cho. She was called somewhere else, giving a small nod before walking away.
"Guess we should start officially calling you Mother Nature." Sam said, grinning as he bumped his shoulder with yours.
"If what the doc said was true.. You're gonna be powerful as fuck." Sam pointed out, noticing your nervousness.
"Yeah.. I just.. Could I handle that?"
"(Y/N), you were literally on a floating rock fighting a robot army. You're more than ready. Plus, I'll be here to help and so will your girlfriend."
"Wanda is not my girlfriend, Sam." You huffed lightly, looking away from him. Sam hummed, nodding slowly. You slid off the bed, looking at him.
"Wanna help me try out some powers?" You asked. Sam nodded, following you out of the room and the new facility.
"Let's try out this idea I have."
"I don't like your ideas, Sam." You watched him with a small frown. Sam simply chuckled in return, justifying your concern.
"Oh." You said softly, watching him pick up a rock. Sam's grin widened as he tossed the rock and caught it. He suddenly threw it, hitting your stomach. It didn't hurt but it still caught you off guard.
"Expect the unexpected, (Y/N)!" Sam called, collecting more rocks and throwing them. You dodged some, getting hit by others. You huffed, thrusting your hand forward and feeling a gust of wind go by. Your eyes widened, watching Sam fly back. You laughed, jogging over to him. Sam groaned, sitting up.
"Not what I had in mind."
"Expect the unexpected, Sam." You chuckled, helping him up. Sam dusted off his back and legs, rubbing his back.
"How'd you do that?"
"No clue but it'll probably take ages for me to do it again." You sighed, looking back at the facility. You noticed Wanda exiting, using her powers to fly over.
"What are you boys up to?" Wanda questioned, noticing Sam rubbing his back.
"Testing some things out." You answered, patting Sam's shoulder. Wanda cocked a brow, unconvinced.
"(Y/N) can control.. The wind, I guess." Sam told her, straightening his back and wincing.
"Felt like I got bodyslammed by Dwayne Johnson." Sam breathed out, touching his chest. You let out a soft laugh, smiling softly.
"Sorry, Sam. You're a great target though." You shrugged lightly, earning a glare from him. Wanda looked down at the scattered rocks, brows furrowing.
"Sam definitely bullied kids during dodgeball." You crossed your arms, hearing him snicker.
"Dodgeball was the only time you could hit another student on purpose and not get in trouble." Sam said, picking up the rocks and looking them over.
"Wanna give it another go, Aang?" Sam asked, quirking a brow. You nodded, watching him hum and back up a few feet.
"Why don't you search for that sensation you get with roots? Focus on the rocks and look for it." Wanda advised, backing away so she wouldn't accidentally get hit. Sam licked his lips, tossing the rocks again. You focused on them, dodging them out of instinct. You held your hands up infront of you, swallowing before you felt it. You clenched your fist, watching the rock stop midair. Sam grinned and clapped.
"I see you, Aang!"
"Shut up, Sam." You laughed, reaching out with your other hand and letting the rock drop. You held the rock, looking it over.
"How the hell am I supposed to focus on air? It's all around us. I was able to focus on objects but.." You sighed, looking at the two.
"This is an accomplishment, (N/N)." Wanda pointed out, gently grabbing your arm. "Don't sulk over things you haven't even tried out yet."
"Yeah, Negative Nancy." Sam walked towards you, smiling as he pointed at the rock.
"You made this freeze in the air. How many people on this Earth can do that?" Sam cocked a brow. You bit back a smile, nodding. You licked your lips, looking back down at the rocks on the ground. You unclenched your hands, staring down at the rocks until they began to levitate. A small giggle left you as you watched them rise up.
"The kids are gonna freak out when they find out." You whispered, suddenly moving your hand forward and watching the rocks fly into the forested area.
"I should probably let Dr. Cho know about the new discoveries." You said, giving them a smile. Wanda hummed.
"I'll go with you." She offered. You nodded, glancing at Sam who gave you a knowing look. You scoffed softly and turned away from him, heading back. Wanda walked along beside you.
"I never properly thanked you for.. For everything. You helped a lot back when.." Wanda trailed off, swallowing. You nodded in understanding. The wound was still fresh.
"Anytime, Wanda." You said softly, offering a small smile. Wanda returned it, looking forward. She cleared her throat, fiddling with her fingers.
"I was wondering if you'd like to.. Have coffee sometime?" Wanda asked. You tilted your head, brows furrowing as you looked at her.
"We always have coffee together, Wanda."
"Yes, but.." Wanda licked her lips, avoiding your gaze as she thought about her next words.
"I believe Wanda is trying to ask you out on a date, (Y/N)." You both flinched at the sound of Visions' voice, turning to face him.
"My apologies." He said, giving a small nod. His gaze flickered between you and Wanda, though it lingered on Wanda longer. You cleared your throat, glancing at a flushed Wanda.
"Uhm, thank you, Vis."
"I couldn't help but notice what you did with the rocks. Is it something new?" Vision asked curiously. You nodded.
"Yeah, uhm.. Dr. Cho had some theories and I was trying them out. She believes there's a lot more to my powers than controling trees." You explained. Vision hummed.
"Fascinating." Vision mumbled, nodding. "That would make you an elemental, correct?"
"Yeah.." You slowly nodded, surprised the term hadn't come to mind sooner.
"Well, good luck." Vision gave a polite smile, walking towards the doors and phasing through them.
"He's gonna give someone a heart attack one of these days." You breathed out. Wanda chuckled.
"He means well." She looked at you, smiling. You nodded, opened the door and letting Wanda walk in first. You entered and searched for Dr. Cho, finding her and telling her about the new ability. After she walked away, you turned towards Wanda.
"We can have coffee tomorrow."
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oxiegoeimi · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
📸 Title: King of Birds
📸 Artist: #ryky
Intentionally crazy because sanity is a product of my ethnicity, a DSM defined by the 21st Century, and religion is always changing stances. Stupid because it’s in my DNA to rebel against the haughty, well-dressed 1% who decided that being male is associated with trucking, black coffee, and casualties of war. So, you want equality for minorities but teach your children that so called white people are the devil. Double standards are indoctrinating children with hatred instead of love. I’m not smart, and this writing isn’t a sermon. I’m a fish swimming up steam toward rationality, devising means of exploring the stars through my psyche, detonating on this environment with my heart. Putrid and angry is my reflection at itself for not embracing Disney, a land before time, and promises written before my soul wandered these conscious planes. Dastardly with my imagination, quick witted and able to decipher wavelengths before they appear on paper, struggling to slow down my heartbeat. Therefore, I’ll spill the contents of my diary on the internet. Look out below, another young blood who chases sunshine and rainbows. Ready or not, hide and seek, truth or dare, tug-of-war with the music. Not the fastest runner, but more stubborn than a mule. Here we come new world; prepare yourself because we’re about to turn you upside down for the trillionth time. Loved ones never taken lightly, won’t waste freewill being bound …
- oxiegoeimi
wild 11.1 🦁🏳🔐💙 remember to always #trust #nature 🌲 #Healer 🔥 #Spirit 🕊 #hope ⚜️ #grace ☔️ #love 🌸 #life 🌊 #unity 🌈 #believe 💝 #weareone ✂️🕚🎶 #energy #PinkySwear #prayer #meditation #freelove #hereandhereafter #dream #vision #Eternity #paradise #infinity #light #origin #writing #source #journey #create #coexist together 💜🌠🌅🌟 (at Blue Flame)
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janetadamsspeak · 4 hours ago
You have to envision it. Before this video which was taken at the top of the Eiffel Tower I envisioned me going to the top of the tower. That vision helped me to focus on finding what I needed to do in order to get there. Pricing of flights. Pricing of hotels. Price of visiting the Eiffel Tower. Once I zoned in the vision became reality. Envision what you want to do and start the work towards it. ————- Every day during Financial Literacy Month I will be sharing a money tip! Please share with others who could benefit! #FinancialLiteracyMonth #moneytips #vision #traveltheworld #globaltravel #influencer #buildingwealth #globalspeaker #entrepreneurlife #personalfinanceforwomen #financialfreedom💰 #payoffdebt #savemoneylivebetter
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impactwithdj · 6 hours ago
Coming soon is the next season of OUR SHOW, Season 5 dubbed “The Entrepreneurial Season” #IYWTheEntrepreneurialSeason The Upcoming "Impact" IG LIVE Sessions will no longer be on @ThinkMahogany . They will strictly be on @ImpactWithDJ “Impact Your World with Debra-Jane” is an Instagram Live Show on @ImpactWithDJ every Monday at 3pm GMT with different Guests discussing various Topics with FOCUS ON IMPACT. #IYWWDJ with #DebraJane ………. ᴍᴀᴋɪɴɢ ᴀɴ ɪᴍᴘᴀᴄᴛ _____________________________ #Impact #ImpactWithDJ #ImpactYourWorld   #ThinkMahogany #Entrepreneur #SheBoss #HeBoss #BossBabe #CareerGrowth #Entrepreneurship #EntrepreneurialMindset #FinancialFreedom #WinningBusiness #BusinessGrowth #Vision #Success #Business #Motivation #Career #EntrepreneurSeason #TogetherWeRise #LiftAsYouClimb Video credit: @businesswifey 🖤
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coppersmama · 7 hours ago
WandaVision Trivia Night coming up on Monday, April 19. Message the library to sign up - we just need an email address to send the invite link to!
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adorkwithaplan · 7 hours ago
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titaniasfics · 8 hours ago
Wanda x Vision
“You make the hurt go away”
I’m dumping so hard for them rn
Oooh, anon, I’m dumping so hard for them, too!
I’m putting this ask together with another anon’s ask. I’ll link their ask to this drabble:
Jealous Vision, but make him clueless that he's jealous. Bonus if one or all of the Avengers notice.
Hope you enjoy it!
You Make The Hurt Go Away
Takes place between Age of Ultron and Civil War
“May I borrow Ms. Maximoff for a moment?” Lieutenant Colonel Donovan, a newly assigned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent stationed at the compound, asks as he offers Wanda his hand. The disco mashup that had been pounding through the banquet hall shifts, turning into a ballad that Vision finds more pleasing. Tony’s fundraising galas always have the desired effect of ingratiating the Avengers to key government and military brass in the hopes of maintaining a certain image of competence and approachability. It helps when the inevitable takes place and they find themselves in a messy fight.
“I cannot presume to speak for Ms. Maximoff,” Vision answers Donovan. “Perhaps you should ask her directly.” Wanda makes a pretense of coughing to cover a laugh, something he has seen her do many times. It means he has done something to humor her and he derives a jolt of pleasure at making her laugh.
“Oh, erm, sorry. Ms. Maximoff, I was hoping to introduce you to members of my tactical unit. They are very enthusiastic about meeting you.
“I don’t see anything wrong with that.” She empties her flute of champagne and hands it to Vision. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”
“Naturally,” he says, setting the flute down on an empty table as she drifts away. Donovan leads her to the group of young men, all in uniform, all clearly eager to meet Wanda. Vision cannot hear their conversation but it is clear that Donovan is making introductions.
“That guy has had his eye on Wanda since day one,” Sam says, holding his own champagne flute. “
“Has he?” Vision asks.
“Yeah. He’s a real lady killer, that one. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was trying to make his move on Wanda. She outdid herself with that dress tonight.”
“I believe we can partly thank Natasha for the success of Wanda’s outfit. It certainly required most of the afternoon to achieve the final result.”
“Success is a good way to describe it,” Sam responded between chuckles. Wanda was drawing more than a few glances with her aesthetically alluring, red off-the-shoulder evening gown that slinks over her figure, a revealing slit reaching up to her mid-thigh. Vision had been so impressed by her ensemble when she first revealed it at the compound that he had experienced a flash of physical discomfort that exploded along his neurons and landed at the base of his spine, wreaking havoc on his…male extremities. He had these reactions often when it came to Wanda lately and no amount of diagnostics or self-assessments had been able to detect the anomaly to explain the cause of his reactions.  
What if she was having the same effect on those young men?
His chest tightened and he put his hand over it, willing it to relax. “I am sure it is nothing more than fascination—“
He observes the tableau with this new information in place. Donovan’s hand, which is on Wanda’s elbow, slips to the small of her back, bringing him into closer proximity to her. The tightening in Vision’s chest becomes a surge of heat that races across his skin, landing on the tips of his fingers which twitch with an inexplicable urge to claw at something.
“Excuse me,” Vision says.
Sam smiles, pointing at the group. “That’s right. You better go get your girl.”
Vision almost argues that Wanda is most definitely not his girl, or anyone else’s, for that matter. She is her own woman and this insistence by humans to behave possessively toward each other is a never-ending source of confusion, but when Donovan’s snakes an arm around Wanda’s waist and, what’s more, she takes a small step as to evade the incursion, all logic disappears and Vision loses the thread of his thoughts.
“Right,” Vision steps through the small groups of people that converge on his path, as if placed there on purpose to create obstacles as he attempts to reach Wanda. When he arrives, Wanda looks up at him in surprise.
“Vision,” she says and he hears the relief in her voice. She takes another step away from Donovan, forcing him to drop his arm altogether.
“Wanda, I believe you promised me a dance?”
Her smile splits her face. “I believe I did.” She glances back at the men she’d been talking to, tossing an “Enjoy the rest of your night” over her shoulder as she walks away.
She tugs at Vision’s arm and he is prepared to stop somewhere in the middle of the dance floor, but she keeps them moving until they leave the hall and end up in an outside terrace, the music and lights spilling out into the dimly lit night.
“Thank you for that,” Wanda says, smoothing her hands over her dress. “That was creepy but I didn’t want to make a scene.”
“Sam mentioned Donovan might be interested in you. I would not have interfered but I sensed you were not comfortable with his attentions.”
Wanda’s face reflects confusion. “So if I had been interested in Donovan, you wouldn’t have stepped in?”
“No,” Vision answers. “You are free to choose the person you wish to spend time with.”
“But is that the only reason you interfered?” she prods.
Vision frowns. “I respect your right as an individual.”
Wanda steps up to Vision and, without warning, envelopes him in a hug. She has hugged him before, but it has always been for comfort or sympathy, nothing more. But this? The sensation of her body against his, her arms looped around his neck – it’s like nothing he’s ever experienced before.
“You’re not answering the question,” she whispers, her warm breath caressing his cheek. “Tell me your truth, and I’ll tell you mine.”
Vision pulls back, looking at Wanda’s perfectly made-up face her professionally-styled hair, and sees beneath the artifice the woman he calls his friend because he does not know what else he is allowed to call her.
“No, it is not the only reason I interfered.” He feels exposed, like the tiny creatures that he has observed lying exposed to the sun along the sands on the beach.
“My turn, then,” she says, drawing up close to him. “There is only one person I am interested in and he is not out there, trying to add another notch to his belt. He is here, with me.” Vision shakes his head, a question poised on his tongue. “Before you ask, he’s you. I’m only interested in you.”
“Wanda,” he permits himself to caress her face, cradling her incredible softness in his palm. “You can have anyone you like. Someone like you. Flesh and blood, with real feelings, real humanity—“
“Don’t do that,” she says and her eyes flash as they do when her temper rises. “We are not arguing your humanity again.”
“But it bears repeating because there is so much you cannot have because of the way I am made—“
“And yet it’s everything I want.” Wanda steps closer, which he cannot imagine how much closer she can possibly get, but he is willing to let her try. “You’re my friend, you listen to me, you know what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling with just a look,” she is caressing his cheek in turn and Vision imagines he could sustain an entire existence from that sensation alone. “You make me laugh and you make all the hurt go away.”
“Accept this. I know you feel something for me, too.”
“I do,” he whispers. “I feel so much for you.”
“Then just try. Please? All I’m asking is that you try.”
“Ok, I'll try.” Vision nods, threading his fingers through her long, lustrous hair. “Is this the part where I get to kiss you?”
Wanda bursts into a long peal of laughter, the sound more harmonious and lovely than the music from the party. “Yes, Vision, this is the part where we get to kiss.”
“Oh, good.” He lowers his head, his lips brushing hers. He has watched enough sitcoms to understand the basic mechanics but there was nothing implied that compares to this. Her soft, warm lips molding themselves to his, the tip of her tongue tracing the seam of his mouth, sending shivers of electricity throughout his body. She’s leading him, teaching him what she likes and he is desperate to learn, returning each caress, each swipe, each moan measure for measure until her mouth gives way and he can taste her beneath the champagne and lipstick.
When they come apart, Wanda is breathless, her lipstick smudged, her eyes as bright as the fairy lights that decorate the garden. “Wow. Just wow.”
He blinks quickly, pulling her to him again. “I could not agree more.”
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n0obmaster69 · 8 hours ago
I miss Tony,I miss Natasha, I miss Loki,I miss uncle P, I miss Wandavision weekends,I miss Sirius,I miss James, I miss Remus, I miss Vision,I miss Wanda,I miss Lily, I miss Lucy, I miss Edmund,I miss Regulus, . . . yeah it's 2am
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ginger-sass-master · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vision wears my stuff again, this time my onesie and my Stark Industries sneakers :)
Oh and of course my happy socks
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Vision: Citizens of Westview.
Vision: I stand before you because if I was behind you, you wouldn't see me.
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