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#Viv what
//You know what else I realized? Depending on the verse Vivian has Jack and the Doctor’s Daughter vying for her affections.
Does this mean she’s Rose Tyler? XDDD
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maevesamy · 29 days ago
the argument of “jackson and viv should be just friends we need more m/f friendships” is stupid becuase sex education has them? they have adam/ola, ruby/otis (kinda/at the moment). but let’s say you want another one then okay why not push for the development of a steve/maeve or otis/amy or whatever other characters instead. and if u want one involving jackson why not a jackson/maeve or jackson/lily friendship or literally any other characters. basically why do jackson and viv need to be friends when we already have m/f friendships and there are so many opportunities besides them for more? and if u like their friendship, okay like almost every show has built relationships out of friendship and people have loved them. so what’s so different about them hmm?
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serpenteve · 19 days ago
I laughed out loud at Nikolai's speech about having a "Suli queen, a Grisha queen, a Ravka queen!" The author has been clear that the Grisha are based on Jews and the Suli are based on some messy smush of African cultures. Can you imagine a 19th century Russian prince declaring "We shall have a Kenyan queen, a Jewish queen, a Russian queen!" Not just the racism and antisemitism, but the misogyny that would have fed the inevitable revolt? The author's worldbuilding is nonexistent.
She builds up these obvious parallels to real-world marginalization and prejudice and then she picks and chooses when they will apply and who they will apply to and rewards/punishes characters in non-sensical ways 🙄
Zoya loses her shit and decides to turn into a fucking dragon to rain down fire on Fjerda and it's framed as an iconic #girlboss moment that lets her ascend the throne and singlehanded solve all of the anti-Grisha hate, anti-Suli racism, and sexism!!! But if Aleksander does the same with the Fold, he's an evil power-hungry villain................
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just-another-hhazbin · a month ago
But the comic you mentioned in your aroace Alastor discussion is not canon viv told on her Twitter that it didn't take place in HER universe. So all we have is the pilot itself to make theories from.
It’s canon to me.
Edit like weeks later lmao: it has been confirmed officially canon, anon was just confused, we are safe
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inadequate-nefelibata · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s the “Boys Being Hugged from Behind by their Love Interests” Extended Universe!
Jackson Marchetti from Sex Education | Daniel Larusso from The Karate Kid (1984)
(I could not think of more examples, if you know others, pls send them my way <3)
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definitelyblond · 2 months ago
Viv’s Top Vampire Movies
1. What We Do in the Shadows - 2014
Tumblr media
Hilarious. This mockumentary style movie has everything you could ask for when making fun of fantasy creatures. Taika Watiti is a genius.
2. Only Lovers Left Behind - 2013
Tumblr media
This is more of an Indie movie with Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swindon. Imagine if musicians had a lifetime to create music.
3. Interview With the Vampire - 1994
Tumblr media
A classic here. I mean it has Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise looking like Victorian gods up in here.
4. Daybreakers - 2009
Tumblr media
What society would be like if it was run by a race of predators that survive on the blood of humans.
5. Underworld - 2003
Tumblr media
A world where vampires and werewolves are at war with each other, but keep their secret feud under wraps and away from the humans. Again, everyone is hot.
6. Priest - 2011
Tumblr media
It takes a demon to fight a demon. In this post-apocalyptic world, priests are the savage protectors.
7. Van Helsing - 2004
Tumblr media
This movie reminds me of the Penny Dreadful series, it is chock full of Victorian monsters and legends. This one is a bit cheesy but hey who doesn’t love a little cheese.
8. Blade - 1998
Tumblr media
Half human and half vampire, this marvel legend is epitomized by Wesley Snipes. He was the badass superhero we had before the marvel MCU, they definitely need to bring him back.
9. From Dusk Till Dawn - 1996
Tumblr media
A story about two criminal brothers on the run from the law and when they stop at a strip joint, get way more than the bargained for.
10. Let Me In - 2010
Tumblr media
This is quite an odd movie, I believe that it is based on a Swedish film of the same name. I’m not sure entirely what it’s about, but there are definitely some underlying messages here.
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serpenteve · a month ago
i feel like there was clearly a split in the writing's room not only when it comes to Alekasander but also Alina's character. It's absolutely nonsenscial to me to have claim you want to give your main character more agency even changing the pivotal intimate scene between her and the suppsoed vilalin and then packpadall and say that he was just distracting her and didn't really want her to be powerful in that deux ex machina scene when it makes no sense in the show wtf?!
There's is certainly a lot of whiplash concerning the Darkling going from being Alina's #1 simp and being in damn near tears whenever he looks at her to.......dramatically declaring "but why would we destroy the fold when it's the greatest weapon we have muhahahahaha!!!" 😂
At least in the books, with the Darkling playing his true feelings close to his chest, the transformation didn't feel like it came out of nowhere.
I am pretty sure there is a Darklina shipper and anti on the writing team and I'm pretty sure Leigh has some authorial weight to throw around as well. I think she might be a little pissed that Ben went and humanized the hell out of him by making the Darkling such an overt simp because it will sway people away from her endgame ship. But I feel that even Ben is frustrated with his character being the villain because in his interviews, he's kind of like "ughh but WHY does he have to be so evil, they COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL"
So even he sees the wasted potential of Darklina ☠️
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heelchampbucks · 8 months ago
This is extremely difficult for me to write, but I've swallowed what little pride I have.
Some of you are aware of how difficult things have been financially for my husband and I in recent months. At the beginning of September he had to take time off from his new job due to health issues. This has put a serious strain on our finances. I stay at home - I left my job as a nursing assistant in March due to Covid-19 and have been collecting unemployment as my children are unable to physically attend school and there is no place for them to stay should I be working. Since September I've had to stay at home to care for my husband, who until about a month ago couldn't walk unassisted and was in debilitating pain.
My unemployment benefits have now run out. I have applied for extended benefits, but have been told by the only person I could get in touch with on the phone that those applications can take up to 2 months to be processed.
I need help now. There are many bills overdue - phone, rent, electricity. My husband's doctor and hospital bills from before he was approved for Medicaid are in the thousands. My middle child needs new glasses and they're already in at the eye doctor's but I can't afford to pay for them. I need new glasses but can't afford to order them. The family needs food. (I have applied for ebt and the lady I had a phone interview with last week said that getting the approval will take about a month due to the amount of applications.) Our pets need food as well. There are things in my house that need repairing asap - my washing machine, a faucet, a leaking pipe beneath the house.
I know that everyone is having a tough time now. I'm just one voice among millions. But if you can spare just a little to help us out until we get through this I will be forever grateful. If you can't it's okay and I understand (2020 has been a year, trust me I know), but please give this a reblog?
PayPal: here
Again, this took a lot for me to even type, and I'm not sure if I'll even post... It's currently 7am and if this sees the dash before midnight it'll be a miracle. Thank you everyone.
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youichi-kuramochi · 3 months ago
FIC: arms wide, wishing; arms closed, praying (2/3)
by viverella / @youichi-kuramochi Fandom: Haikyuu!! Relationship: Miya Osamu/Suna Rintarou Rating: Teen and up audiences Word count: approx. 5.6k (this chapter) / 10.8k total (so far) Summary: Five years after the fact, Osamu wonders if it’s too late for them to start trying to pick up the pieces, wonders what it would take to put it all back together again. The answer: one night of heartache, seven months of healing, and another five to let the cards fall where they may. (a love story in three acts)
act two epigraph: “I wanted you to love me on purpose.”
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starlatte27 · 2 months ago
Anyone else getting sick of the dumb Stolitz ship drama and just want to go back to a time where the show was just about Blitzo's crazy office and his found family?
Tumblr media
As honestly, this series is starting to feel like a vanity fanfiction a 50 year old man would make about his wife that he cheated on in New Jersey rather than a actually mature story about the effects of cheating.
Tumblr media
It's so nasty lljgfljlkjlhhkgjhgfgh! 🤢
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glacierhousebi · 6 months ago
listening to strange trails after dark is an experience bc one minute you’re driving on the freeway in a melancholy dream state while “the night we met” plays over the stereo, surrounded by intermittent spaces of void and neon colors...and the next you’re in albertsons under harsh fluorescent lights, walking jauntily through nearly-empty aisles to the beat of “the world ender” while silently pretending you’re a badass vengeful ghost.
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