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#Vlad Masters

Musings about Lairs, Haunts and Casper High’s resident spooks.

Okay so I was just looking at my notes for the first 10 “episodes” and I just think it’s so funny that by the end of (what I have tentatively dubbed) “season one” Casper high has not one, but FOUR whole ghosts attached to it that aren’t Danny.

And im gonna try and go through that list without giving too much away but like.

There’s a huge difference between Lairs and Haunts-

When a ghost forms in the Ghost Zone they usually wind up with a Lair. The formation of a Lair door is just something the ghost zone does, beyond that it’s completely up to the ghost to decide if they actually want to utilize and/or build onto said door. If they don’t, it simply disapates back into the zone because no one is maintaining it. When a ghost moves into a new Lair it slowly warps to suit their needs. The stronger a ghost is, the larger they can make their lair. Most of the time it’s just kept as door, because it’s small and self contained and most importantly, easy to move out of harm’s way. When a Lair is large enough to be an Actual structure in the GZ, the ghost that’s maintaining it has poured a shit ton of time and energy into making it that way. Which is great bc, hey bigger territory but also not bc uhhh shit my house is a huge target and having to fix damage will drain ME of energy.

And Haunts are when a ghost lays claim to an area in the Human World. They also need to be maintained- specifically securing the perimeter against other ghosts (and sometimes humans) who’d otherwise “invade” their territory. This means that ghosts can’t have both a Haunt and a Lair bc they’d need to be an absolute fucking powerhouse in order to do so. I mean hypothetically, a ghost on Clockwork’s level could do it, but most of the the Ancients Generally prefer to stay in the Ghost Zone so there’s really no point to setting up shop in the human world as well.

So, back to the ghosts at casper High- they’re not even attached to the school itself just like. Very specific aspects of the school.

I guess Nurse Good is the most obvious bc once she takes up residence in the School Nurses office and just. doesn’t fucking leave. Ever.

The lunch lady doesn’t haunt the school cafeteria because she’s already got a Lair in the ghost zone. But she’s in there enough after hours to have the janitors and the ladies who find her prep work in the morning convinced otherwise.

Sidney isn’t haunting the school or even Danny’s locker- it’s the mirror that he spent like, 50 something years trapped in. He’s so attached to the thing that it remains his personal access point to the human world from the Ghost Zone.

And that brings me to another point, there’s an obvious difference between a haunted object and an actual place like, you can inhabit a place. Not so much with an object…it’s just a real world item that a ghost is linked to. So even with the mirror, Sidney is still able to have a Lair.

The Ghost writer is another example of the object-Lair combo except the thing he’s attached to is a person, not an object.

Oh!! And also!!! Ghosts and their attachments to people!! Like. Okay so the specific person ghost writer is linked to who you can probably guess but who I will not name due to spoily reasons? mMm yeah GW would not hesitate to kill for that human. Same with Danny and literally everyone that lives in Amity. And don’t even get me started on Nurse Good and the students at casper high. Like you bet your ass she goes full silent hill on Spectra once Danny’s done with her because HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY PATIENTS!!

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Vlad, to Corrin and Dani: No drinking, no drugs, no kissing, no tattoos, no piercings, no ritualistic animal slaughters of any kind.

Vlad: Oh, God, I’m giving them ideas.

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Revamp of my Film Noir Au, now named Mafia Au 

Danny lives a double-life, but this time is an hitman instead of a superhero, and all ghosts (minus Clockwork) are his targets/victims

Because like you know I love Aus where Danny isn’t playing nice 😈


Additional Arts with Jazz/Vlad/Dani and Au Information below the “Keep Reading”

(Triggers Warning: mention of violence and death) 

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Where does Vlad Master’s vampire aesthetic come from? I don’t recall any vampire like myths in Wisconsin 

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I saw a dude on Pinterest in these clothes and thought „Damn, Vlad would look so good in them.“ Obviously I had to draw it!


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Vlad: Oh, Fiddlesticks.

Corrin: Look I get this is a tense situation but let’s watch the fucking language.

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Since @enmitypark made a post on what they’re doing with the various pets in Danny Phantom, I decided to make a post similar to that for Maddie the cat. The italic stuff is stuff at least one of my three cats do.


- Vlad found her on the streets as a kitten. Her mother had left her behind while moving the rest of the litter to another location, so he decided to take her in.

- Danny and Jazz hate the fact that Vlad named the cat after their mom, so Danny decided to start calling her Snowball because of her loving to be outside in the snow. Jazz started calling her that too after hearing Danny call her that.

- Hates eating alone. If you have food down for her in a room when she’s hungry, and she’s the only one in there, she will start screaming as loud as she can for someone to come into the room with her.

- If she wants to get to another room and the door is closed, she WILL open the door herself or knock depending on if she feels like waiting or not. Both of these freaked Vlad out the first time he saw her do it. It freaked Danny out when he was going to the bathroom at Vlad’s (Jack wanted to visit, and Vlad said yes as long as he brought the other three Fentons) and Maddie managed to open the door on him. He swears he locked it.

- She actually likes to take a bath, and will sometimes sit in a tub and yell for one. Confuses Vlad to no end, but Danny finds it hilarious,

- If she feels like she’s being ignored, she will climb up the front side of the closest person before either clinging onto their shirt or perching herself on their shoulders.

- Loves to jump onto the tops of bookshelves or cabinets and sleep up there.

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-pitbull puppy
-Danny’s unofficial pet after they met on the street and Cujo died
-Has neither powers nor a single thought between his ears
-Loves to be picked up and given treats though
-Danny has a dog bed set up for him when he ambles into his room, but Cujo almost always sleeps on him instead
-Danny babies Cujo and is his #1 apologist when Cujo’s gotten into trouble

-black shorthair cat
-one of those cats that perpetually looks teenaged; think blueberry
-technically Ida’s cat, but Sam dotes on her so much that Ida doesn’t mind if Lilith prefers Sam’s company
-Lilith only responds to that name, so whatever less-goth name the other Mansons picked for her went amiss
-Ball of energy, most of it nervous
-Doesn’t like ghosts– will stare at Danny when he comes over with her ears folded back
-not allowed on the couches so she just sits by them and sulks
-Jeremy loves her, Pam is dubious, Ida’s just happy Sam has something to devote her love to

-red-eyed dilute rat
-for whatever reason when Tucker was 13 all he wanted was a pet rat so Herbert was his birthday present
-named after the guy from ReAnimator
-has a setup that would frankly put PetSmart to bloody shame but is Always escaping
-a case study in hubris; going to get himself killed one day because he’s constantly trying to eat shit he shouldn’t (i.e. desserts, wires)
-Maurice Foley’s personal archenemy. Maurice Does Not like mice/rats/anything like that, but puts up with it for Tucker.
-“with my brain small, my meat huge, my pain endless, i tread onwards” -herbert probably

-brown short-haired Chihuahua
-a Christmas present for Dash when he was younger
-Dash immediately threw himself into researching pet care as deeply as he could, so he has a lot of Opinions about the bad rap small dogs get when people don’t respect their space
-Sweet and intelligent; always very happy to play with Dash
-Dash gets adorably self-conscious because he’s so big and he’s afraid he’ll hurt her
-Once he was walking Precious and he saw Phantom playing with his own dog and they introduced their dogs to each other(!!) and Dash just thinks it’s really nice that Phantom can have a dog he loves too

-Oriental longhair; think Pangur
-“Vlad’s sister’s” cat (Vlad doesn’t have a sister)
-Even more spoiled than Precious
-Instead of Danny negging him into getting a cat, Maja’s there pretty much the whole series
-Is the only thing Danny likes about staying at Vlad’s house
-Quiet and dainty most of the time, but can and will scream for pets/ice cubes/etc
-Exclusively eats off Vlad’s plate; refuses commercial cat food
-Bunts Vlad’s face while he’s laying down reading so he’ll give her kisses
-Sometimes Vlad brings her to the office to stroke her back Bond-style during meetings

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Vlad Masters from Danny Phantom is going to super hell for gay crimes and pestering a minor!!!

requested by: Anonymous

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We know the true…

Ty @ghost-malone​ for the idea :3c


I got several questions concerning my oc the last few days I didn’t say it explicitly since I didn’t thought people would like her tbh 💚

But just to let you know, Camille is free to use I may have draw a design but it’s just a face to fill some void and questions (How does the rat bastard manage all his life ? Who takes care of the cat when he isn’t there ? Does he even have somebody he considers a friend ? Even a little ? Just a bit ?)

So if you want it and if it makes you happy : change stuffs, change her backstory, ship her, make her hate her job etc ^^

Or draw/write your version of Vlad’s secretary
Invent. Create. Have fun 💚

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Vlad: What would you do-

Corrin and Dani, in unison: -if there was a child right in front of you?

Corrin and Dani: *Aggressively slapping air*

Vlad: ???

24 notes

My redesign of Flynn Fenton. I’m just making a completely new post for this because I went back and fixed the colors on his design, and also did a redesign of Misery Vex that I wanted to add. I also have a lot more backstory that I changed, I’ll add that underneath the keep reading thing.


I changed the color of her skin from purple to grey, because looking at the ghosts in the show their skin is usually either gray, green, blue or somewhere in between. I ended up just adding the purple to her cape instead. She was going to have more of a spider based design but it ended up just making the whole thing too busy. Her hair is meant to have a sort of spider web like shape, but I don’t know if it’s easy to tell that’s what it is. I’m not really too happy with how her design ended up but eh. Danny is there for scale.


Here is Flynn in a jumpsuit, I just wanted to draw him in one, also slightly different hairstyle. Maybe something he wears at some point after he is rescued from the Ghost Zone. But idk, I just wanted to draw him in one. The creature next to him is what his outfit in the first picture is made from. I’ll explain more of everything down below.


Keep reading

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where the fuck did vlad come up with the name plasmius

like danny obviously chose his ghost name because it was a pun based off his actual name and he’s a damn nerd

but what on god’s green earth made vlad go “hmm yes the only LOGICAL and NORMAL thing to name my edward cullen vampire ghost half is fucking PLASMIUS because THAT is a NORMAL CONCLUSION to come to”

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