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#Voice Ask Meme

thank you so much! i loved the poem, thank you for introducing me to it. i read it out here.

poem text:

If I was dead,
and my bones adrift
like dropped oars
in the deep, turning earth;

or drowned,
and my skull
a listening shell
on the dark ocean bed;

if I was dead,
and my heart
soft mulch
for a red, red rose;

or burned,
and my body
a fistful of grit, thrown
in the face of the wind;

if I was dead,
and my eyes,
blind at the roots of flowers,
wept into nothing,

I swear your love
would raise me
out of my grave,
in my flesh and blood,

like Lazarus;
hungry for this,
and this, and this,
your living kiss.

Carol Ann Duffy

from Rapture (London: Picador, 2005)

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hi thank you!! <3

i recited a passage from ‘this is how you lose the time war’ by max gladstone and amal el-mohtar, which i started reading yesterday. you can hear it here.

this is the passage:

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oh god i’ve had this ask sitting in my drafts for FAR too long. we’re all v done with this tag game and here i am! idek how many weeks/months later! dragging it out! (sorry, sophie!) hahaha without further ado:

5. a childhood story in which tiny!kim makes an unnecessary phone call

6. this one time i went on a hiking trip to montana and i didn’t get left behind by the LITERAL marathon-runners i went with (icymi, another exciting thing i’ve done is here)

(place your requests for mumbles mcgee over here)

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This one was a delight, thank you pal! 13 I already answered but here are the other two!


And the pictures I mentioned are under the cut!

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Full offense but why are you like this???????

I’m not a singer, y’all. I’ve done that one last so no one needs to inflict themselves 😂


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Gosh, thank you so much for these friend! Sorry about the accidental and unrehearsed pansexuality treatise, in which I didn’t even really go into explaining it at all, whoops 😂


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Send “A wild _ appeared!” and my muse will react

After a seemingly endless string of wild Bidoof, the last thing Kouki was expecting to run into was a legendary Pokémon. Instead of reaching for an useless item he could distract it with, this time he was hurriedly looking for a Pokéball because that was an once-in-a-lifetime chance and there was no way he was letting it go to waste.

After thinking about it a bit further, though, he remembered a previous conversation about Ho-oh. Gold did have a point back then, there were some things that humanity wasn’t meant to know about. The point of his research was always to share what he learned with everyone and help people understand the world around them a little better, so even if he caught the legendary Pokémon and studied as much about it as he could, there would be no point if he had to keep all that knowledge to himself. In fact, he’d just cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

That didn’t stop him from taking a few pictures, though. It was an once-in-a-lifetime chance, after all, and he was going to tell all his friends about it.

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Alcina: Reaper, you’re back from your hunt early.

Reaper: Forest’s haunted.

Alcina: …What?

Reaper: *she grabs a crossbow and a bunch of bolts* Forest’s haunted.

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a baby!

that’s a very good reason to have that option, you’re doing great

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tag dump ii

#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ when you look on those towers so soon to fall ❜(plotting call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ do not unsheathe me without reason do not wield me without valor ❜(starter call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ i am my mother’s savage daughter the one who runs barefoot cursing sharp stones ❜(inbox call)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ feel the wrath of her sword ❜(crack)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ these words are not used for anything else that’s why there is probably no reason to honor the promise from long ago ❜(answered)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ a fairy that should have fallen to the ground soared ❜(mobile post)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ i too have been losing my gentleness / since the first young wound ❜(scheduled post)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ you want to join fairy tail right? ❜(submitted post)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ do you hear the voices calling out your name? ❜(anonymous inquires)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛  darkness blankets me & the moon offers me its paltry alms of light i choke with gratitude & i cannot speak ❜(ask memes)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ nostalgia is something scary that illuminates the past & it leaves you feeling empty because you can’t get it back ❜(saved)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ & so the grand magic games begin ❜(dash games)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ i've heard you've been causing trouble again even if Master forgives you i won't ❜(dash commentary)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ she conquered her demons & wore her scars like wings ❜(ic)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ & the magic council decrees ❜(psa)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ out of character ❜#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ i love when the skies are crying ❜(ooc)#✧ ・ ° ・↣ ❛ call it loneliness that deep beautiful color no one can describe: over these dark mountains the gathering autumn dusk ❜(ooc)
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