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catbatart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission for MithPao on twitter of their flesh-eating necromancer vampire!
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duskconsumed · 3 years ago
‘ It may be that we are the same. ‘
‘ Which is why work such as yours is so valuable. ‘
‘ They might serve us as a weapon. ‘
‘ Know that you and your people are always in our prayers. ‘
‘ Let virtue always guide you... ‘
‘ It is better to have less thunder in the mouth, and more lightning in the hand. ‘
‘ I shall remain peacefully in this territory. ‘
‘ Better to die than to live in slavery. ‘
‘ It is clear that you will never be destroyed. ‘
‘ We endure, and await the day when our strength is rebuilt. ‘
‘ Their loyalties should not be entirely trusted. ‘
‘ Everybody has their code, the difference is I live by mine. ‘
‘ I was never defeated, only killed. ‘
‘ My apologies, and good luck on your quest. ‘
‘ That was a head shot, I think - ‘
‘ We havin’ fun yet? ‘
‘ Do you not know who you are? ‘
‘ Woof woof. I ain’t no damn dog, you fat motherfucker! ‘
‘ What do you think of that? ‘
‘ How did you become a vampire? ‘
‘ Next thing I knew, I was lying in a sewer, with this burnin’ in my stomach. ‘
‘ Damn right! ‘
‘ Such is the way some anarchs believes anarchy should be spread. ‘
‘ If I didn’t know any better, I would think you’re trying to be funny. ‘
‘ We have learned to work with the system to try and change it. ‘
‘ Why are you being so generous? ‘
‘ Just never take your eyes off them. ‘
‘ I hate authority. I hate organization. ‘
‘ You wanna walk the high way, big boy, you gotta pay the toll. Know what I mean? ‘
‘ Not even a shudder, I like that. ‘
‘ I see you remember the pain I put you through. ‘
‘ Where there is evil; I am. ‘
‘ I’d like to thank the son of a bitch for going anarch on us. ‘
‘ At least the bloodsucking bastard talks better than I do. ‘
‘ It’s the British public schools that do that to you. ‘
‘ I’ve been edited again, dammit! ‘
‘ You probably don’t know a whole hell of a lot about what’s going on. ‘
‘ Lucky you... ’
‘ Get your ass over here before you freeze. ‘
‘ Where you from anyway? ‘
‘ I thought I would go mad. ‘
‘ So I did what any self-respecting journalist would have done. I wrote a book. ‘
‘ All that ethnic stuff is real hot now. ‘
‘ What kind of parties they got? ‘
‘ Who the hell cares about the hippies? ‘
‘ The whole drug scene’s old news. President ___ says so. ‘
‘ Look how sick it looks now! ‘
‘ I hate to bring trouble, but I’m desperate. Can you hide me? ‘
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sanglantromantique · a year ago
My Opinions of the Clans & Factions...
Assamite: Has anyone ever even *seen* one of them?
Brujah: They throw really wild parties and their passion is fascinating but like, not every night needs to be full of rage and rebellion. Chill out.
Followers of Set: I hear they've rebranded but even if a snake sheds its skin, it's still a fucking snake.
Gangrel: there's something deeply appealing about the whole "inner animal" thing -- shifting one's form? But ugh, survive survive survive *yawn* do they even know how to have fun?
Giovanni: No.
La Sombra: The Catholic Church has a gorgeous aesthetic I admit, but I think some of them actually *believe* in that bullshit!
Malkavian: So many artists have been touched by madness and their eccentricities can actually be kind of fun! They're really prone to revealing uncomfortable truths at random, though. Which can kill a party pretty fast.
Nosferatu: Can I just not look at them or smell them, please? I threw up the last time.
Ravnos: Chimestry is pretty amazing, I won't lie but I think I've met *one*?
Toreador: Too pretty for our own good.
Tremere: and they call the Toreador extra???
Ventrue: fucking control freaks and snobs.
The Camarilla: Boo. Art is so much more than classical painting and sculpture! You're all stuck in the past and you need to move on.
The Sabbat: We might be monsters but we don't have to be monsters about it. There's no art in pointless cruelty.
Anarchs: FUCK YES.
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wodstories · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Back when cybercafes were really big, I used to work night shift at one. It's gone now. Closed up shop a few years back. But that's not important. There was this girl who used to come in 1AM every morning: real pretty, with just this elaborate hair-do. She looked like she'd come from one of those Korean period dramas, you know? Like, straight from the set. Except she'd dressed up in normal clothes. Anyway, she'd come in every night and she'd play MMOs until about 5AM. The boys in the cyber cafe went wild over her, but she wasn't interested. She just wanted to play. What was weird was that she didn't do any raids, no arena, no PvP. She just ran her little characters all over the map and sometimes, when she found a good outcropping, she'd park her character and pull out a book to read. I asked her once why she did that and she said, "I like how the sun looks in these games." I still think about that a lot." 📍 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 📸 Soumil Kumar - This week, our guest author for WoD Stories is Cassandra Khaw writing about Kindred in Kuala Lumpur. Check out a longer story from Cassandra in Vampire: The Masquerade - Walk Among Us audiobook 📖
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hazelenergy · 8 months ago
The vampire version of fuck marry kill is bite fright ignite thank you for coming to my Elysium talk
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duskconsumed · 3 years ago
‘ I hear they really know what they’re doing. ‘
‘ Not that I can afford to be picky. ‘
‘ You think they’d be sucking my dick just to get me to talk to them. ‘
‘ I’d at least like to know if my money’s going somewhere nice. ‘
‘ I don’t even know what the fuck a ‘filthy lucker’ is. ‘
‘ I’ve seen my fair share of the wet work, but those guys creep my ass out. ‘
‘ Is she gonna be alright? ‘
‘ Shut the fuck up before I pull off your head and spit down the hole . ‘
‘ I feel like I’m gonna sweat to death. ‘
‘ It’s not like I’m Gandhi or Mother Teresa or any of that shit . ‘
‘ You need some money? ‘
‘ Fuck it, man. I was gonna ditch town. ‘
‘ They’re not already dead, are they? ‘
‘ You operate well under pressure. ‘
‘ I’m proud of you, ___. ‘
‘ How does this feel? How about when I stick it... here? ‘
‘ This is one of my favorite cities... it’s like nowhere else on earth. ‘
‘ You- you are worth keeping. ‘
‘ You would not have survived this long if you didn’t have some strength. ‘
‘ Well, damned if I would hobble along after you. ‘
‘ Don’t try to hide your smirk; I know what you’re thinking. ‘
‘ You’re too fond of protesting that looks don’t matter. ‘
‘ It was an important lesson, I think. ‘
‘ You’re greatest strength comes from the darkness within. ‘
‘ I chose you, much as you try to deny it. ‘
‘ Nevertheless, he had to die. ‘
‘ I realized then, that you would do whatever was necesarry. ‘
‘ I expect no less, for I know my worth. ‘
‘ Pronounce it properly - your accent is atrocious. ‘
‘ Make me proud tonight, or your ashes will blow across the dunes as the sun rises. ‘
‘ I will only choose the very best. ‘
‘ Stop drinking blood on the carpet; it’s Persian. ‘
‘ My head’s pounding, I can’t stand it! ‘
‘ I ought to return you to the loony bin. ‘
‘ I only had a nervous breakdown! ‘
‘ You could USE a bit of pain, you whining whelp. ‘
‘ Oh, good. Very good. Scream. That’s good. ‘
‘ Don’t think straight, think curved. Think bent. Get WAY bent! ’
‘ Why, I’m your guardian angel. Your conscience! Your Jimminny-Jesus-Chirst-Cricket! ‘
‘ I am me, as you are we, and you need to pull yerself together! ‘
‘ You just can’t think RIGHT. You can think WRONG. ‘
‘ You should listen better. ‘
‘ Then my mind was playing tricks on me. ‘
‘ I reject them! I tear their heads open, and blow up their airships, and burn their land! ‘
‘ BLEA! ‘
‘ Be simple, be true. Ah, but you can’t. ‘
‘ What is this thing called madness? ‘
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sanglantromantique · a year ago
Tumblr media
(Ft. @zeldafan42 's horrible gremlin and Morgan's housemate, Art and a mention of @sewerhaven FILE YOUR TAXES, YOUNG MAN)
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vodkasoakedrose · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New outfit came in today ~~~
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malkgender · a year ago
Tumblr media
when you wanna have a nossie’s night out but yall gotta preserve the masquerade
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sanglantromantique · a year ago
Vampire the Masquerade Asks
Brujah: What makes you the most angry? What is your pet peeve?
Gangrel: What animal do you most relate to? What traits make you feel that way?
Malkavian: What do you think makes you different from others? Would you change that if you could?
Nosferatu: Least favorite thing about yourself and how has it impacted you *positively*?
Toreador: What do you find most beautiful? Do you think others agree?
Tremere: What do you want out of life and what's the worst thing you would do to achieve it?
Ventrue: Your favorite thing about yourself and how it's negatively affected you?
Assamite: Are you good at keeping secrets? Do you have any dark secrets?
Tzimisce: What would you change about yourself and how would you change it?
Ravnos: What is your biggest vice and what is your greatest virtue?
Giovanni: What do you think happens after death? Would you want to talk to the dead if you could?
La Sombra: How important is your family to you, do you feel they're your responsibility?
Followers of Set: Do you think honesty is the best policy? Why or why not?
Caitiff: Do you feel the need to be accepted by others? What would you give up for that acceptance?
The Sabbat: What is your most monstrous quality?
Anarch: What's something you want to change about the world?
The Camarilla: What Traditions are most important to you?
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engardetoreador · a year ago
house rules at my elysium:
no fighting
no disciplines
no tzimisce
awoo ($350 reward)
pet the cats but don’t eat them i swear to god
the wifi is called “click this one beckett” and you must bring me a small gift in exchange for the password
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vampblrimagines · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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tackytoreador · a year ago
This is how I like to imagine most Kindred checking their blogs:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vodkasoakedrose · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ready for the moonlit pool party ~~
Got my flamingo too!!
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duskconsumed · 3 years ago
‘ Power is what gives the night meaning. ‘
‘ Repeat after me! Say it! ‘
‘ But what if I choose not to become a vampire? ‘
‘ Is that all there is to it? Have I really changed into a vampire? ‘
‘ You are now one of the chosen ones, one of the great immortals. ‘
‘ It is expressly forbidden. ‘
‘ I recognize that your enemies are my enemies. ‘
‘ I admire your strength, but I don’t trust your motives. ‘
‘ They’re heeere... ‘
‘ Don’t worry, you will not die. ‘
‘ I advise you to pray to your God - but believe me, you’re in hell. ‘
‘ You must stop thinking of yourself as one of them. ‘
‘ Does their food sustain me? Do I age? Can I mate with them? ‘
‘ I welcome whatever you need to be. ‘
‘ From an aesthetic standpoint, they’re pretty damn gross. ‘
‘ My meat is your meat; my wine is your wine; my bed is your bed. ‘
‘ All bullshit of course, but it sounds nice. ‘
‘ Mastermastermaster -! ‘
‘ When I decide to feed you I shall. Until then, begone! ‘
‘ It all looks the same to me. ‘
‘ You ain’t seen nothin’ yet ‘
‘ Of what use are pictures and poems? ‘
‘ You’re fatally misguided, but I respect your dignity. ‘
‘ It is a delicacy to be swallowed whole. ‘
‘ Trust me - your face has amazing bone structure. ‘
‘ You deserve no freedom, you deserve only contempt. ‘
‘ For you, the only freedom is death. ‘
‘ You know, I envy you. ‘
‘ My dear, I never told you how close I came to death. ‘
‘ I have no questions about your loyalty. ‘
‘ I didn’t mention this merely to impress you. ‘
‘ Why are there so many versions of the same story? ‘
‘ When it all comes crashing down, it’ll take us with it. ‘
‘ You’re nothing more than a faithful lapdog. ‘
‘ That snake may be predictable, but not any easier to deal with. ‘
‘ You’re far craftier than you let on. ‘
‘ You’re a constant pain in my neck. ‘
‘ I make some good points, you just don’t want to understand me. ’
‘ That’s a good plan, but here’s what we’re gonna do... ‘
‘ You think we got a problem? I don’t think we got a problem. ‘
‘ Buy ‘em or break ‘em. ‘
‘ I understand your problem, what would you like to see happen now? ‘
‘ I’ll worry about that tomorrow night. ‘
‘ I love the smell of napalm in the evening. ‘
‘ Nothing gets ‘em talking like a few quick jolts with 40,000 watts. ‘
‘ In numbers there is strength. ‘
‘ Now, if we do this my way... ‘
‘ Eternity is not merely about power. ‘
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wodstories · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
"Imagine being able to shape your body however you please. Think beyond the fat and muscle, beyond "more here, less there," beyond color of your pupils and density of hair. God's original creation is imperfect; our bodies are clumsy and flawed, our flesh could be rearranged for better performance, our bone structure redefined to make us more stable or to move faster. What would you do with the power to mold yourself like clay?" 📍 Tomsk, Russia 📷 @cottonbro - Read more about clan Tzimisce in Vampire: The Masquerade Companion, available for free on 📖
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diviinitism-a · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                     it's  getting  faster,   moving  faster  now,   it's  getting  out  of  hand,   on  the  tenth  floor,   down  the  back  stairs,   it's  a  no  man's  land.   lights  are  flashing,   cars  are  crashing,   getting  frequent  now.  i've  got  the  spirit,   lose  the  feeling,   let  it  out  somehow.
          †    ⎯⎯    DIVIINITISM.    indie multimuse featuring canon and original muses from vampire the masquerade, the lost boys, tombstone, blade, skyrim, fallout, gotham, fright night, and more. semi selective. embraced by arcade.
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vodkasoakedrose · a year ago
Tumblr media
I /had/ to get it on a shirt. Autarkis life out here lmao
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portwinecanvas · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ah... a little art of my sire. Was some of tonight's painting practice...
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