ayo-cowbelly · 7 months ago
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so i finished what we do in the shadows season 3 today
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fuckspn · a year ago
i really can’t get over the plan for the band kansas to appear in the supernatural finale. like obviously it’s hilarious because it means this show killed an entire band canonically but also it’s just. such a clear signal that the writers/producers were viewing the finale as “saying goodbye to the tv show supernatural” and not “wrapping up the story we’ve been telling,” because the only connection between kansas and the main characters of supernatural is a meta one (the use of “carry on wayward son” in the recaps before each season finale, and the girls in 10x05 singing it in their musical). in-universe, the band that’s most meaningful to the characters and that they bond over is led zeppelin, not kansas; dean and sam getting to heaven and finding the band kansas waiting to play a show for them would seem completely out of left field to them, because to them kansas is just a random band that wrote a song sam doesn’t even like. “everyone’s in heaven for a kansas concert at the roadhouse!” is the supernatural finale you come up with if you’re not thinking about the characters or the plot, but rather making a Grand Finale that requires minimal storytelling effort. like i would bet actual money the conversation/thought process behind the finale went something like this:
“supernatural is finally coming to an end, what should we do for the finale?”
“how about a huge reunion with all the beloved characters we’ve seen over the years? we could set it in heaven so we could bring back all the dead characters, maybe even set it in the roadhouse since we know fans loved it. maybe we could even book kansas to play carry on wayward son one last time.”
“perfect! but wait, how do sam and dean get to heaven?”
“idk, dean used to say he couldn’t live a normal life and sam used to want to quit hunting, so... dean gets killed on a hunt and sam dies of old age?”
“yeah, sure, fuck it. it’s all just groundwork to get to the big payoff of the heaven kansas concert anyway.”
whereas if they’d been thinking about where the characters were at story-wise by the end of season 15, it should have been more like:
“okay, so they’ve defeated chuck and finally gotten the free will they’ve spent years fighting for. what do they do with that?”
“well, sam was really messed up about losing eileen again, so his first order of business should be reuniting with her.”
“definitely. what about dean, though? he just watched cas die, and that always hits him hard.”
“you’re right, and he found out that cas loved him immediately beforehand. that’s gotta be fucking with his head.”
“okay, so we’ve gotta address the cas situation in some way. probably easiest just to bring him back to life, right?”
“yeah, we can figure out exactly how we want to play it later, but we can’t really wrap up dean’s storyline in 40 minutes if cas stays dead. hey, do you think they keep hunting now that chuck’s not forcing them to?”
and so on.
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wanna-buy-some-lettuce-kid · 2 months ago
The realization of how much platonic love the people around you have for you is so overwhelming sometimes
#kurkure talks#beef#the story about me and him doesnt end good#but i told my mom and i was scared shed react badly and she told me stuff to make me hapoy and let me cry in her lap#i met some friends today they were great i told them about stuff i felt anf they dorted my feelings out for me#i rested my head on one of thems lap when we were going back home and almost fell asleep#i held hands with three peolle today out of platonic love#this guy who talks in a neutral tone to me like did some stuff and it felt so good to be wanted and liked#this other friedn of mine whos sort of weve grown apart she made me her confidant and it feels sogood to be wanted godamit were meeting tom#my bestfriend gave me a big hug and stroked my back a little because i really wanted my bacm stroked and i felt loved#and i told them i wanted atgentiln and they did a bug physical affection and just held me close lwtting me see what they were doing#i had my last exam today and im going to go meet my vousins soon and it feels so good#people are rebloggimg thw post about comforting joy of being understoof( its in my top posts) and it was originally about my (ex) bf and#theyre tagging it qith such nice stuff i saw a ladybug day before before yesterday and i felt#alive and free and its#lovely to be breathing and free to talk and flirt with whoever i want and and ALIVE#and god fucking damn it im living and its great i am breathing and its hard to exist sometimes but this post is as much a come back to this#when im feeling down as it is a hi i want to make a positive post for my blog#toady
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the-shark-well · 5 months ago
please for the love of fucking christ stop "accepting" content creator apologies for the victims they're apologizing to .
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chocolatecakecas · a year ago
Okay so yes 1920s murder mystery party and Sam's so excited, they've all been meticulously planning for over a month, everyone was given a folder with all of their character's information and they've had plenty of time to plan. So of course the party is a complete mess. Garth keeps accidentally giving away all of his characters secrets with no prompting, Claire unexpectedly gets way too into it, Jack keeps giggling everytime someone asks him a question. Rowena drinks a little too much wine so she keeps mixing up her own life story and her character's backstory, Cas and Eileen never break character, and Dean is also extremely into it, too but he keeps getting distracted because Cas is wearing suspenders.
So after 4 hours they aren't even a little close to figuring out who the murderer is, which pretty sad considering that the main two requirements of all of their jobs is to 1) lie and 2) literally solve murder mysteries. So they just decide to listen to the tape that came with party kit to find out who it is. And the tape reveals a ton of background crucial information that they should have known about, but didn't, and they're all confused until Jack announced he knew all of it. Because it turns out Jack's character was the murderer, he didn't know because he read the papers wrong and he didn't give away all of that information because "nobody specifically asked" (the only rule was you couldn't lie about something if you were directly asked a question about it)
And now Jack and everyone feels so bad because they think they all ruined Sam's birthday. But then Sam starts laughing harder than he's ever laughed, and everyone joins in, laughing until their stomachs hurt. Because yeah it was a total disaster, but it was the best damn day of Sam's life.
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shitty-check-please-aus · 5 months ago
I am increasingly afraid that I may be a Hallmark movie protagonist
I am a woman who is from a Very Small Town living in a Very Big City
Used to love Christmas but is growing increasingly upset by the whole concept due to family issues surrounding the holiday- e.g. me getting too sad tonight to watch my favorite Christmas movies alone in my room on my laptop
Single as a jingle bell, too busy to find love
The biggest issue is that I don’t think I’m successful enough in my career at this point to need to be lured away to live on a christmas tree farm or whatever.
I swear if next year is another sad and difficult holiday I better get a whirlwind romance out of it
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goose-guy-goes · 9 months ago
Gang I can not express how weird it is to watch tommyinnit and ranboo and tubbo and all those creators when they are around the same age as you. Like damn I’m about to start working on my degree and my fellow teenagers are being funnier than me for the younger teenagers
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nibeul · 9 months ago
once I start drawing Rogue One shit, it’s over for y’all
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galaxygummydice · a month ago
How did they fuck this up so badly
How difficult is it to follow a games plotline and not do unnecessary bullshit
at least some parts were pretty to look at???
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whatifitoldyou · 3 months ago
the underlying queerness of Bilbo not being able to describe what Thorin meant to him
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darnianwayne · 6 months ago
having a lot of feelings today about how it was the introduction of damian that slowly but surely changed batfam dynamics throughout the years so they really all became more of a, yknow, family
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shima-draws · 10 months ago
Part of me really wishes they’d focused a bit more on Varian’s redemption arc;; they kinda wrapped it all up in one episode and it felt sort of rushed? I would have loved to see more of Varian coming to terms with the things he did and realizing how wrong he was and how awful he’d treated everyone in Corona--but he’s still holding onto that pain and the betrayal that turned him into a villain in the first place. That sort of torn feeling between “Yes, I need to take revenge for what they did” and “No, I’ve gone too far, I need to make up for my mistakes”.
Clearly this is something Andrew could take advantage of, because Varian obviously hadn’t made up his mind yet, and dangles the “Obviously you’re conflicted about this so you can still be friends with everyone after we wipe their memories and start fresh” option in front of his face. And Varian, alone and trapped in a jail cell, probably wouldn’t have hesitated to go along with Andrew’s plan, being so young and impressionable and ready to please just about anybody. And when he was presented with the option, with the chance to be friends with the people he once loved so dearly...of course he would go for it, because deep down he’s still desperate for their approval. It’s a win win, he can take revenge and then wipe the slate clean.
By the time Rapunzel comes back to Corona Varian already seems to have fully accepted that he messed up, badly, and he wants to make up for it, but doesn’t see any other way around it other than going to the extremes again. I would have liked to see this inner conflict pushed even further, maybe with Andrew taunting Varian that listen, we’re all you have, we’re all you have to turn to, we were the ones that picked up the pieces and gave you a new purpose and if you betray us here you’ll have NOBODY, and be all alone again. And Varian knows this because he firmly believes Rapunzel and the others won’t ever forgive him, so he’s caught in a battle of morals, “Do I help the only people that actually ever LISTENED to me or save the kingdom at the cost of being abandoned again”. And in the end his good side wins over the bad, and he decides that hey, everyone may still hate me but I won’t make the same mistake twice, I’m going to make the right decision this time. And that in turn moves Rapunzel into forgiving him and knowing that he truly regrets hurting her, and that she can start to trust him again.
Another thing that they really glossed over was Quirin’s rescue;; I know the fans hypothesized for AGES what the note he wrote said, only to have it be an anti-climactic “I’m proud of you, Varian” when it could have been SO much more than that. Maybe information about the Brotherhood or some ancient secret kept about Zhan Tiri, maybe even any of Quirin’s knowledge on the black rocks and the moonstone. It felt really disappointing when it was just oh yeah Quirin’s proud of Varian but we all knew that already! And ofc that’s a driving factor to Varian’s character arc, wanting his dad to be proud, so being told that was definitely important, but there could have been more.
And I guess his rescue was sort of a let down too since it’s been building for an entire season, and then Rapunzel just swoops in and gets him out in two seconds flat and is like welp. That was easy. IDK I just think there could have been more drama around it--I would have loved to see an episode focused solely on Varian and Rapunzel, maybe they have to venture out and get a special artifact or something that works with her hair incantation to break the amber, and during that time they start to rebuild their friendship and actually talk things out fully. (I mean they kind of hit on some of those points in Be Very Afraid but not ALL of it.) They’d probably bring up Cass, too, and Varian tells Rapunzel if there was still a chance for me after all I did, then there’s a chance for her, too. And after lots of danger and perils they manage to get what they need, and by then they’ve completely mended their friendship, and Raps comments on how grateful she is that Varian’s back by her side again and it’s SOFT. And then after that they free Quirin--something that came of teamwork, something that would feel a lot more satisfying than what we were given. That would round out Varian’s redemption as a whole, helping Rapunzel, giving her advice, and taking his own part in saving his father rather than just having Rapunzel do all the work. 
TLDR Varian’s redemption felt really rushed ESPECIALLY considering how much work they put into his story arc in the first season so it wrapped up in a really anti-climactic way (and there’s also the fact that he’s such a big fan favorite so we would not have minded a longer redemption arc for him?) along with Quirin’s rescue and the note being kind of a letdown and this is how I would have made it better
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thefoxandthetypewriter · 10 months ago
three chapters into if we were villains and heres my thoughts so far
1. Alexander owns my heart
2. James and Oliver just need to get married already
3. will someone PLEASE help me arrange a production of Macbeth on halloween so I can cover myself in blood and run through the woods barefoot
4. I hate Richard with a passion
5. Wren and Filippa don't get enough credit
6. Did I mention that Alexander is my favorite?
7. I want to go to this school so bad
8. That whole voicing-your-insecurities thing was brilliant and creepy and I loved it
9. I can feel the Terrible Thing™ coming and I'm fucking terrified I love these guys to much
10. the fact that I couldn't fit this down to exactly 7 points is driving me up the wall
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funderfulart · 7 months ago
so. the wwdits final.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is basically my mood board for the episode
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mattibee · 4 months ago
lotta things to be fucked up about with omicron but whats hitting me is like.. it feels like the beginning of 2020 again but nobody really cares anymore..
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awkwardglobofgoop · 5 months ago
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hella1975 · 16 days ago
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look at these mf platters my cousin(28) made, me and my sister keep eating them and the party isnt even meant to start for another hour - we also keep playing drinking games, but thats just what happens when youre always the first ones ready i think
#omw to australia as we speak#your cousin is talented that literally looks delicious i would not leave that table if i saw that at a party#my family parties are really funny bc for starters ive only been to one (1) family party on my dad's side#and it wasnt really a party bc it was day time and also it was awkward as all anything#bc it was me and my sister in this random irish village surrounded by strangers who hate our mother lmfao#BUT as much as i slate my immediate extended family (does that even make sense? i just mean my grandparents) on my mum's side#her family's parties are so fucking fun#bc both sides of my family are GINORMOUS like i think my mum worked out i have over 400 cousins total lmfao#but my dad's side are spread out between tipperary and london so it's less intense#whereas my mum's side literally ALL live in my hometown like none of them moved from within the same ten mile radius#it was one of the reasons i hated my hometown so much bc i couldnt do anything without my cousins's friend's plumber's dog telling my mum#but anyway i digress my actual family not including my close relatives are so so lovely#and the parties were hilarious we always had a xmas party at the same pub and it was such a vibe#and i have multiple cousins in my year group (i was had form with one like my cousins are just everywhere)#(he came up to me in year 7 and went 'hi i think im your cousin' and i went 'that checks out' and that was that)#so we'd just spend the whole time on one table bitching about people in our year#this got ranty but yeah <3 family parties are such a specific vibe but i rate it <3#hope you had fun! sorry i didnt see this ask when u sent it im useless#ask
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plasticgirlplasticgun · a month ago
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bioswear · 5 days ago
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Nightwish Weekend Staycation Photodump 🤘
What an amazing reminder of what it means to be alive, being here, being human.
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l-ovey · 21 days ago
#I HAD A DREAM AND MAMMON WAS IN IT OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOD#he was super tall and for somw fuckin reason he was wearing his bunny outfit BAHAJSGAJHAHAHAHA#HE WAS SO CLIBGY IM GONNA CRY#ok like in the dream i think we were hanging out with these other people and we were all sittibg in a circle right#so i was sitting facing everyone but he was facing the other way?? and he was hugging me#DOES THAT MAKE SENSE#like we werent facing each other but his arms were around my waist and his head is resting on my shoulders#and i was ruffling his hair HNFJGJNB#IT WAS SO FUCKIN SOFT BY THE WAY . YEAH#i was ruffling his hair bc i was trying to comfort him#bc he was whining . bc my attention isnt on him KDBDKLDNSLS#like i was chatting with the people we were hanging out with and he was sulking like a BABY#so i was ruffling his hair etcetc and he was whining KDBDKDBD#AND THEN . he called my attention and our faces were so close to each other AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA#and i had my hands through his hair right . and i could feel how hot his skin was?? THE BABY HAD A HIGH FUCKIN FEVER#AND I PANICKED AND WAS LIKE WHATS WRONG OH MY GOD IM SORRY FOR IGNORING YOU#and i told everyone that the partys over and shooed them away and i had mammon take off his bunny outfit . ehem#i mean like not entirely take off . just unbutton a few top buttons so i could um . IDK WHAT ITS CALLED IN ENGLISH#but whenever i get a fever my mom would soak a towel in some slightly cold water and try to absorb (??) the heat out of the skin#and hopefully lower the temperature of the person?? IF THAT MAKES SENSE???#SO YEAH . i prepare the towel and take care of him while absolutely panicking#and he looked like he was so uncomfortable WAAAAH#brows scrunched up and everytging#his skin felt so hot to the touch and i wanted to bring him to a hospital already SOBS#AND THATS TGE ONLY STUFF I REMEMBER . OG MY GOODNESS#thjs dream . INSANE#%.logbook#yu’s crazy dreams
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