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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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I feel like I was a pawn in a game, just a toy for the master of puppets to move around, not actually a living thing, just a piece of glass, waiting for the master to get bored, but little did I know the master was done, he didn’t need a toy anymore, he didn’t need any of his toys, so one by one he broke them. As fragile as glass, he planned to break me last, in an unwanted manner, just thrown away as if I was never a pawn in his game. The puppet master, say his name.

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I’m done with the first draft of Calling Home [working title only]. 26,163 words in six part, which might be broken down to four regular chapters. I haven’t decided. It will probably depend on the final word count and where the most dramatic cliffhangers can reasonably be placed.

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I just realised the woman Mae Whitman who is the voice of Amity in the owl house ALSO voices Katara in avatar the last airbender AND in the process of discovering that I ALSO discovered she did the voice of TINKER BELL IN THOSE MOVIES FROM THE EARLY 2000s and my mind is BLOWN!!!!!!!!

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i’ve genuinely never met a man so insanely respectful and aware (he asked for my friend’s pronouns unprompted), he’s got such a fantastic music taste, like we initially bonded over the grateful dead and we have so many of the same interests its scary. he’s a whole foot taller than me so hehehe tall boi

he’s also just so cUTE like wtF sweet round face and eyelashes for days and a kind smile and adorable little circle glasses

he’s hella into drugs but specifically the chemistry of it and he can go on forever about specific chemical formulas and their effects on u and its so so fantastic to see him get so excited and nerdy about it because thats exACTLY what i’m like with my major too and we sometimes just sit and listen to each other geek out about our respective academic interests and its so wonderful

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