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Hugging short people is so great, I can just rest my head on top of their head. Unmitigated.

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i have google docs open and im staring at my ipad keyboard

and i



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I just realized that my first crush (KND Operative Numbuh 4/Wallabee Beetles) and my current crush (the whole of the Bad Batch) have the same voice actor

And I don’t know what to do with this information 

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Remembering the time when a yt boy got mad at me for pocwashing Arthuriana characters hehe oh how silly<33333333he wasn’t even intrested about Arthurian literature or anything and it somehow went from “grrr blasian Lancelot bad grrrrr” to him defending police brutality like sir chill<333333

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Did they just not give david boreanaz any notes in season one or did he just learn out to act as he kept going?

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He sees Elian in her when she asks, dewy-eyed, for spare food, can almost feel her hunger as an echo in his own stomach. He sees burning Nania that firm and desperate resolve to change her life, carve it into something that makes her happy.

So while he doesn’t give her bread, he does take her twine-scared hands to bring her home, hoping that they will see the same.

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(stares at the last chapter of my fic, half finished and strung together by pieces of torn sheets, littered with plotholes and clichés, language so purple i’m about to go colourblind just thinking about it, unsatisfying ending)

(peeks at the subscriber count on ao3)


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you did not do this. you did not draw this. you didn’t tara oh my god oh my god oh my gof oh my go felmdkw oh my god tara tara i cant wjdj


there’s tears coming out of my eyes i can’t belauejwwnxkajks taraoh oh my god aka h f slapsak

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One of my bowls (one you eat out of) smells like celery.

I haven’t had celery since Christmas… and not in my apartment

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People on the internet like “dni if you like markiplier or ship anything” might as well say “dni if you comprehend the human concept of fun” like? Why????

Do you not…. like…. things…?

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Woven cord boats. They were probably the itchiest boats in existence.

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Attention To All Fan-Fic Writers

(or just writers in general)

trust me when i say this:


9/10 times i’ve kept coming back to a fic, not bc the plot was the most amazing unique original shit ever, but bc the atmosphere was so fucking perfectly focused on when it was needed.

from both a reader and a writers perspective, a good scene environment can make the reader feel what the characters are feeling and personally i can sometimes forget i’m reading, instead feeling like i’ve been placed in the room with the character/s. -(which makes me go dwell on the mood it left in me for the rest of the day)

sad, fluff, happy or scary, doesnt matter. i. keep. coming. back. to. them. bc it created a realistic environment

‼️take this w a grain of salt this is my opinion and i personally suck at describing the atmosphere in a scene/room myself so yeah do what u fucking want idfk

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I just went to take a nap and when i open Tumblr i have a shit Ton of notifications

Thanks y'all, for the likes and follows

Also, yay i have 20 followers here now

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just saw someone use the word kinkphobia

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