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a girl in my class just walked in with a skirt and a whole look (denim jacket + graphic white tee) i wanted but didn’t buy for obvious reasons. (my fat af thighs and calves).

she looked stunning. her thighs and calves are long and skinny, her waist is tiny and her stomach and chest is so flat i am internally crying.

she’s my walking thinspo and i can’t do anything but regret being born in my curvy and fat body.

i hate myself so much.

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Im tempted to take a break from everything and just. Only talk to the people who take the least spoons.

But i also know that’s me wanting to isolate and also me showing fp behavior again.

But a l s o i do need time to myself. I need to be able to think about things and i just havent had time to breathe lately.

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