cats-and-katanas a month ago
Fucking jumped into depression #shawtydidn鈥檛replyholdingmybreathtryingtodie
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littlecatninja a year ago
Tumblr media
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bewarethewise 11 months ago
I just realized who Nova and Thalia remind me of a little bit:
Tumblr media
Hot, morally grey lovable potty mouth and a charmingly cute, nerdy indecisive scholar.
Somehow ends up working.
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captain-blackbird 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Three shows with two brothers at the heart of the show on one network
And you want to know what I just realized, that each series ends with both brothers dead馃槖 and NO, reuniting in the afterlife is not a happy ending oh and that one or both brothers lose the love of their life before they really can live
Conclusion: CW hates brothers
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princessmishaps 9 months ago
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niklasuele 2 years ago
oh? they鈥檙e? cute???
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maiko-coy 4 years ago
Is Pachinko the son of Devil and king dices because he looks like a mix between the two? Did they have a son?!?
Tumblr media
He is just an unfinished character but鈥
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mokutone 12 months ago
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my sweet boy. my precious boy. please. personal space...boundaries!
#my art #naruto #rock lee #neji hy奴ga #kate asked what the question was that rock lee wanted to ask. and its just a question about nejis preformance earlier that day #hes been a little bit crankey and a little bit off and like any good rival rock lee is checking in. #thats also why he moved his sleeping mat so close. two questions answered at once! the efficiency of team gai is unmatched #tentens mat is a normal distance away and shes like ''how i sleep not having a weird intense rivalry'' [image of ninja asleep in clouds] #shes got a normal friendship with rock lee and a close friendship with neji #and half of her class are engaged in all these crazy intense competitive聽friendships #meanwhile she and choji and shikamaru and team 8 are like. what if we just didnt do that #of course neji cant actually answer rock lees question bc if he does rock lee will keep talking to him for another half hour before #gai sensei from across the camp will be like ''all RIGHT i know you kids have the vigorous power of YOUTH keeping you up鈥'' #''but a good night's rest is of PEAK importance ESPECIALLY on a mission!'' and rock lee will be like OH NO! YOURE RIGHT SENSEI! #and then his head will hit the folded up backpack hes using for a pillow and he will be out in minutes. #and neji will look over at tenten to see if she can share a knowing look with him about their two crazy teammates #but like he also wont move away from rock lee. even though as kate pointed out. rock lee had no inside voice and was way up in his grill #its bc they care about each other and every once and a while sharing sleep mats with ur friends is fun #sometimes tenten lee and neji all have their mats close together and then gai cries a little cause his kids get along so well #and hes so proud and happy to have such sweet and good and talented kids... #this is a lot of tags sorry i start thinking about team gai and i go insane its like thinking about yamato
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faebriel 10 months ago
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welcome to the club kiddo 鉁
Tumblr media
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dockaspbrak 3 months ago
Father paul confessional scenes could win an oscar
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sonknuxadow 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ive seen a few sonic age charts and masterposts over the years but most of them either had some kind of inaccuracy or used uncredited fanart so i decided to make my own. its not very good but idk i tried
i didnt include Every Sonic Character Ever but i included as many as i could think of, also all of this information comes from official character profiles and game manuals and stuff like that. hope this can be helpful
(also theres even more notes in the tags (mostly regarding shadow and mighty as well as a few characters that i didnt put on the chart) because i didnt want this post to be a mile long and there was some stuff i just couldnt fit on there)
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sentient-garbages 4 years ago
The Cardigan
I just realized. Logan is trying to get Patton to not get over his lost love. The. Cardigan. Patton says聽鈥渋t just weighs me down鈥. And Logan responds with聽鈥渢he onsie likely weighs more.鈥
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zymstarz 10 months ago
Tumblr media
happy trans day of visibility!! hylia zelda and link are all transgender nintendo told me so
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transpat 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
now that we know pran's character so well, this scene hits me so hard. this is pran, the boy who never asks anyone for help, not the parents he's reluctant to burden, not the friends he's trying to protect, not the boy who's always by his side, waiting for a chance to help him. this is pran, who knows better than anyone else, what happens if they're discovered, if his parents find out he asked their neighbors for help. closed up pran, who keeps all his troubles, his problems to himself. this pran, who reaches out only to pha for help, who approaches her himself, with such ease, confident he can ask anything of her.
and he not only requests her aid, but also snitches on pat to her. his face here?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
its absolute adoration, but also the beginnings of mischief. (and his expressions w her are so open, unguarded, that in itself drives me mad. he's only this free, makes such silly expressions w pat otherwise.) like he knows pha's told pat not to hurt pran and he's glad to tell on him, get that boy in trouble. it's pha he complains to, pha he lets see how much of a burden this is upon him.
really makes me wish they got more screen time i really want to know the kind of relationship they had. one of dedicated support, of unspoken trust, of quiet understanding. two ppl who grew up together, who weren't forced to compete but weren't allowed to befriend each other, two ppl who learned roundabout ways to make the other's life less lonely, less miserable.
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comradekatara a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
that鈥檚 rough buddy
Tumblr media
[id: black and white digital sketch of katara smiling smugly while she looks at zuko, who has his head buried in his hands beside text that reads,聽鈥渟hut up.鈥 end id.]聽
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kitsure a month ago
Tumblr media
I didn鈥檛 realize how much I needed to see a happy little Shinsha ;_;
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ihatebnha a month ago
sigh I鈥檓 in a soft mood n just wanna be cuddled n babied by deku :(( is that too much to ask for??
Yes, because universe decided to be a bicth (in that order) and not to make him real </3
But... being cuddled and babied by deku.... babied and cuddled... i am HGNNNN...........
(warning: i talk about hair brushing and i tried to make it neutral but i am a white person so...l)
He feels bad, you know? For being kinda... overbearing about things he later realizes you can probably, most definitely handle.
He gasps when he notices you trying to re-light the burner on your gas stove, or nudges you aside with his hip and a nervous frown when the frying oil looks too hot and has already popped... twice.
He gets nervous watching you decorate your apartment; pestering you about letting him do the work of hammer-and-nailing, even while he's got you steadied with firms hands on the chair鈥攐r your waist.
And he always tries to pull the mop out of your hands, or the windex from your determined grip, voice tight and raw when he asks, "baby, are you sure you wanna handle that? I know you got a headache last time.鈥
He's honestly kind of a baby like that, hopping around on his feet watching you... which is funny when you consider that he only becomes that way in trying to treat you like a baby. But what are boyfriends for if not looking out for their partners? Much less one who it supposed to be a hero at his day job.
So he feels bad, yeah... and tries to make up for it, too.
He always notices on the days when you struggle to brush your hair. Maybe you woke up wrong or maybe you're just tired... but he's happy to push you down between his thighs to do the work of detangling by himself. He may have large hands, but they're always so gentle: knuckles soft on the knots, brush slow on the carefully sectioned curls.
When he鈥檚 busy, he makes time for you. Sitting you on his lap in the office, he will type up reports to the soft sound of your phone keyboard clicking, the rhythmic pants of your breath on his neck. He can鈥檛 focus entirely on you, but he鈥檒l do what he can in the form of a reminder: I want you here. You make things better. Stay.
And he cuddles you... spending a good, long half hour making the bed nice for you by fluffing up your pillows and tucking you in real tight. He lays next to you, his expression hesitant, apologetic... and rubs his fingers across your belly, or smooths down the wisps of hair on your forehead.
He whispers. "Sorry. Sorry for being so... such a pain. You must be so sick of me, huh?"
Yet you鈥檝e never felt more cared for.
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languor-em a month ago
I come rolling into your ask box to ask for a Leshy X Reader. Anything as long as it's soft and fluffy, for I am pathetic and in love with a tree.
I gotta apologize, I went a bit crazy with this?? Not that it's super long or like,, well thought out but I had an idea and word vomited so!! Thank you!!!
In the Woods Somewhere (Leshy x GN!Reader)
In which the world blips, and you remember.
There had been a blip.
You weren鈥檛 sure how you knew this, weren鈥檛 sure how you were able to even register such a thing in the first place- but you knew. It was one of the few things you were certain about nowadays. Though you did not know much, you knew something for certain.
One moment, there had been nothing. And the next- everything.
You weren鈥檛 sure if you had even existed for the longest time- much of your memory was just鈥 blacked out. A thick, suffocating, corrupting nothing had taken the place of passing time. Had taken your consciousness, your very being. You had simply stopped, not even floating among the nothingness on the outskirts of your word. You were just鈥 gone.
Then all of a sudden- a blip. A shudder shooting through the world鈥檚 very core- like a snake shedding its skin. A shifting of things slightly to the left, you supposed.
And with that blip, nothing gave way to everything.
You had awoken softly, surprisingly so, laid on a bed piled high with quilts and pelts. The faint smell of herbs had soaked into the air, moonlight playing off of leaves and flowers sitting peacefully within their pots and vases. It looked as though the forest had simply grown into your home- and you felt a faint sense of pride at that thought. You sat up, unsure, your mind slowly remembering what it was like to have a body. You wiggled your fingers and cracked your joints, inspecting your form like it was the first time you had seen it.
It all felt鈥 unfamiliar.
And yet- you had been here before. You knew it at the very core of your being.
You stood, feet padding quietly along the wood floor, moving to a long burnt-out hearth framed with carved statues. There was an intricate bird, a squirrel, a wolf- and something in your heart swelled at the sight, a smile stretching across your face for reasons you were not aware of.
You reached out, trembling, brushing a finger against the polished fur of the wolf. Your heart skipped- images flashing through your mind at their own accord.
Gnarled wooden hands moving deftly, a well sharpened knife making quick work of the wood he held. You were sat next to him, working on a project of your own. But your eyes always wandered back to him, to his hands. Worn and wise, and oh so capable of true artistry. You had smiled, and he had paused in his work. He reached out towards you, bark pressing against the skin of your cheek and a thumb trailing a gentle path. You closed your eyes, and a deep, quiet chuckle drifted into your ears.
You couldn鈥檛 remember his face.
Something about that thought had shot something like a pike through your heart, ice piercing through your chest and wrenching tears from your eyes.
You couldn鈥檛 remember his face, but you could remember his touch, his warmth.
Something ached, and your hands gripped at your chest. There was something missing here, something wrong- something you had forgotten.
Your feet moved of their own accord in your distress, following a path so well used that your muscles remembered it long after your mind had forgotten. You had the sense to grab a pelt before your feet carried you completely outside, wrapping it tightly around trembling shoulders before shaking hands pushed a worn wooden door open.
Night greeted you, as did a path overgrown with all manner of plants. You walked slowly, recognizing Nightshade, Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Lilly-of-the-Valley, juniper, holly, mistletoe- plants that you innately knew had their uses. Your hands twitched, faint memories of fingers stained green and the air thick with the smell of crushed reagents. There was his laugh again, soft and fond- a light shake of his head and a heavy hand on the small of your back. The tickle of leaves against your forehead, the scent of pine and moss overcoming everything else.
Orange- his eyes were orange. Like the sun itself.
You had made good distance by now, though you weren鈥檛 entirely sure what you were measuring that against. The little footpath leading from your home had merged onto a larger, but equally overgrown one. It led you deeper and deeper into the forest, the branches of trees and the peaks of mountains intermittently hiding the moon from view. But you knew, as viscerally and deeply as anything, that you were making good time. That you were nearly there, that there were just a few more miles to go before you reached it.
Reached what, you wondered.
But you didn鈥檛 know. All you knew was that it was out there- in the woods somewhere. And that it was your beacon in this dark night.
You passed cracked boulders, gold dust shimmering lightly in the moonlight. You passed a pier on a massive lake, the wetlands gripping at your feet and the air heavy with the smell of rotting wood and earth. You moved through a mountain path, the cold sharp and sinking down to your very bones like the teeth of a steel trap. Your feet hurt, something they had not experienced in鈥 Stars only know how long. All of this felt distinctly familiar, but new. As if someone had taken the same old story and shifted something about it, something mostly unnoticeable. But you lived the story. You knew how things were meant to be- felt it.
You left the mountain path, emerging once more into the woods. Fireflies littered the path before you, providing sparse light when the moon could not. Your hand reached out of its own accord, meeting a slice in a grand fur beside you. You looked, nostalgia flooding your system at the axe mark carved into the bark.
He had terrified you when you had first met- all tall and beastly. Though you had not come as a challenger, you were still a survivor. You had swiped at him with the little hatchet you used for gathering particularly stubborn plants, and he had deftly moved out of the way. Your blade had lodged into a fur tree, and you had almost run away.
But you hadn鈥檛. And instead, you had followed him to his home.
For a game.
And there it was.
Your heart pounded in your chest at the sight of the cozy little cabin, memories rushing back to you all at once, years of emotions surging forward in a great wave. You had been gone for so long, everything had changed so completely, and yet- here you were again. After the end of all things.
You took a step towards the cabin, you remembered him teaching you how to play cards.
Another step, he smiled the first time you had beaten him, offering you a cup of tea.
Another step, you held a trembling hand towards his, sobbing as he took it. He smelled of petrichor and home.
Yet another step, he held you as tightly as he could without hurting you. He had almost lost you, he whimpered, he couldn't stand to lose you.
Your feet hit the wood of his porch, your hand resting gently on the splintery bannister. Gnarled hands gently gripped your waist, hooves and feet moving slowly along the floor of his cabin. He spun you, dipping you low as you both laughed together.
Your hand touched the door, far more weather-worn than your own, moss and lichen taking the wood over at a steady rate.
You kissed him softly, your hands tangling in his mane of leaves and twigs. He held you as if he were afraid you would disappear if he let go, and his tail wrapped around you both.
You opened the door, your breath catching in your throat as your eyes landed on the familiar surroundings.
Candlelight faintly lit the little room, various knick-knacks and props littering all available counter space. Pelts were draped along the back of chairs and on the ground, and a hearth glowed softly with the embers of a dead fire.
And there, sitting alone at a wooden table, was him.
The man who held you with a tenderness you had not felt before or sense. The man who looked at you as if you alone had placed the moon and all the stars in the sky. The man who had danced with you in the rain, held you as you cried, grounded you when the world felt all too much.
And as he stood, candlelight reflecting from the bumps and ridges of his face, the last piece of the puzzle finally clicked into place.
And all at once, as though his own memories had finally returned to him, Leshy let out a trembling gasp. A word fell from his lips, quiet and questioning- and holding the weight of the whole world on it's syllables.
But you remembered it, and you wondered how you had managed to forget your own name in the first place.
"Yeah," you all but whispered, "It's me."
You smiled, a shaking and weak thing, and tears began to blur your vision. He was looking at you with wide, shocked eyes- his hands frozen in reaching out for you. His eyes flitted up and down your form, taking in every detail he could. Your heart swelled at the flash of recognition that finally sparked across his face, your tears finally falling from your eyes and dripping down your cheeks.
"I'm finally home."
And that was all it took for the damn to break.
Leshy suddenly surged forward, falling to his knees and bundling you up in his arms, a sob tearing from his woody chest and the leaves of his hair tickling against your face as he tucked his head into the crook of your neck. You were quick to return his embrace, cries of your own wrenching from your throat. You were home. You were really, truly home.
"I thought I had lost you," he whispered, his voice crackling with emotion, "I thought we were all lost- I thought it was all going to end."
"I hadn't meant to leave," came your murmured reply, "I didn't want to leave you."
He did not respond, merely nuzzling further into your neck and holding you as tight as he dared.
"I missed you," you whispered against the top of his head, curling further into the great Scrybe of Beasts and gripping him like a lifeline. A part of you feared you would lose him if you let go, that all of this would simply disappear back into nothing.
But it wouldn't. You wouldn't let it.
And neither would he, you realized as he moved to look at your face, a hand coming up to cup your cheek with the reverence of a man seeing the moon for the very first time. And you smiled, like someone seeing sunlight after a long stint in darkness, your much smaller hand coming to rest upon the gnarled bark on the back of his.
Neither of you said anything as Leshy pressed his forehead against your own, both his hands now holding the sides of your face. You held both his hands in turn, your eyes fluttering closed with a watery laugh. You nuzzled against each other, years of love expressed softly in this one blessed moment of reunion.
There had been a blip.
And it had brought you home.
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saniwa 2 months ago
Okay yeah a quick skim through made it pretty clear as to why the anime feels so flat in comparison to the images that live in my head
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So much of blue period is in the expressions, the pauses, the body language of the characters, and the framework of dynamic angles and lighting to inform the mood of the scene and none of that is present in the anime for one reason or other (be it time constraints of screentime, inexperience of staff, etc.)
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smittyw 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hello sunny enjoyers, character development is underway which means im drawing him again! bonus cheer squad co-captain in high school hehe
Tumblr media
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