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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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Vetinari looked as if he was going to say something, and then didn’t. He looked back down through his reading glasses and put his pen to the page in front of him. Moist rocked on his heels. He was fairly sure his socks were on inside out. There was silence for a few moments except for the clock in the outer room (Moist had forgotten to shut the door) and Vetinari writing.

“Mr Lipwig,” he said eventually.
“Yes sir?”
Still looking at the paper, he shook his head. “Close the door, please.”
Moist did so.
“Thank you.”
“No problem sir.”

He watched Vetinari awkwardly as he replenished the ink in his pen and read back the last few sentences he had written under his breath. The light caught on the silver frames of his reading glasses. Moist usually wouldn’t have noticed them. He tried to work out why he was noticing them now.
“Have you got new glasses, sir?”

Vetinari felt for a pencil for a moment and made a note in the margin, expertly maneuvering his long fingers to hold both writing implements in the same hand while not getting ink on the paper. “No.”


Moist tried to find something in the room that was more interesting. Then he asked a dangerous question. “Did you want to see me for a particular reason, sir, or just because it’s Wednesday?”

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wip: i repeat, this is what i’m doing now.

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the bunny i knit as a valentine’s day gift for my bf💜 it was my first time using DPNs so it was such a “trust the process/pattern” experience haha. no eyes yet but when i find some buttons he’ll be able to see! very fun to knit

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A sketch of Pép and Tiu referenced from the ‘Butterfly Couple’ by JC Leyendecker

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Human religion is people!

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Stopping for the day since I’ve been animating all day, but I really like this frame now that it’s been lined~

(if I’m going to selfship, I gotta do it with some style)

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Photo of the beginning stages of a quilt coalescing… this one will be for my Mr. Fuzzy. I’m having a hard time with the greens. Everything is also a bit darker IRL.

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how the hell do i fill the rest of the canvas

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Hello and thank you I’ve been thinking about these two a lot! ❤


G: How do they flirt?

  • She tries to be confident but ends up nervously laughing and smiling a lot

U: What’s their voice like?

  • Its clear, light, and pleasant.

I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?

  • You know, after she leaves Feramoore she goes from a 4 to a firm 9 and we love this for her

N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?

  • This is the 18th century and in book 3 she’s pretty poor so nothing fancy. Probably just whatever fruit is in season and bread

E: How are they with children?

  • She panics and often thinks she’s awful with them, but she’s actually pretty good with them. She’s best with older kids tho

V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

  • People who always need to be right are the most annoying to her

R: What are their hands like?

  • They’re soft and just about always smell vaguely floral (she’s a plant gay)


V: What’s the easiest way to annoy them?

  • “You see, there are actually more positives of Drusslish colonialism in Astristan…”

A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?

  • World history and literature

S: How stealthy are they?

  • Considering that they were forced into hiding at like age 12 till they were 24, I think their stealth skills are pretty refined

H: What is their deadly sin?

  • Anger :(

Thanks for the ask, I have been thoroughly enjoying these

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Working on a little something ^^

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