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Tumblr media
camilo !!
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Pairing: Pepa Madrigal x F!Reader
@mr-walkingrainbow Oh my god yes. I’ve been searching for someone who will do more then just Bruno or Camilo. Ok. Wooo. PEPA. PEPA MADRIGAL. Either Pepa x a female character. Or Pepa x Felix. But specifically no penis in Vagina sex cause I’m too gay for that lol. So. Whether it be fingering or oral idc. But I really want Pepa to be like. A huge Sub. Cause everything thinks she’s ultra dominant. But like she has a praise kink. Hair pulling kink. (Maybe a little dirty talk) but huge sub. Yeah. Uh. Go crazy! Thanks ❤
Pepa whined as she laid on her bed, her hands tied over her head with soft scarves. She whimpered as she waited for you, the anticipation making her nervous. You had tied her up ten minutes beforehand, telling her to wait patiently for you to come back. Her eyes were covered with a blindfold, depriving her from seeing. She was fully nude, her body exposed to the world.
You saunter into the room, a plethora of toys in your arms. Pepa was in for the time of her life.
"You ready, Sunshine?" You cooed, tracing your finger up her stomach to her chest before removing it.
"Yes Ma'am." She whispered out, rubbing her thighs together to try and gain some friction. You grin, loving the sight you were offered. Her body was your's to play with, like your own personal sex toy. Her face was already blazing red as she waited for what was to come.
You pull out a soft vibrator, pushing it to the lowest setting. Pepa heard the quiet buzzing and wiggled. You worm the vibrator between her legs, letting the dull throb vibrate against Pepa's clit. She clenched her legs, wanting more. You would always tease her till she was on edge, begging for release.
"More.." She said needily, grinding against the vibrator.
"More what?" You asked, wanting Pepa to ask properly.
"Please! more.." She cried out. You laugh and move to turn up the setting.
"Needy girl aren't you?" You tease, reaching out to tweak her nipple- tugging the bud between your fingertips. They were sensitive, causing Pepa to strain against the scarves. She wanted to touch you, to feel your hair tangled in her hands, to feel your warm skin against hers.
"Always a needy girl..." She mumbled out, letting out a gasp when she felt your hand snake around her throat. You placed gentle pressure, making sure not to hurt Pepa in the process. You straddled her, snug against the vibrator. You decided to grind against it, pushing it harder on Pepa's clit as you used one hand to grope her chest and the other to continue choking her.
Her hair was sprawled out underneath her, instead of being in it's usual braid. She looked stunning, all laid out for you like this.
You lean down to kiss her neck, climbing up her her with wet kisses. You sucked on her neck, taking time to leave hickies, licking the spot after you sucked on it. Pepa moaned, rutting her hips upwards. You let out a quiet groan in Pepa's ear, nibbling on the lobe. She was your princess, and you wanted to make her feel good.
"Please touch me." She whimpered, desperate for you to touch her cunt. You hum, debating on whether or not to give into her begging. She was simply too sweet to torture.
You turn the vibrator off, replacing it with your fingers. You started off steady, rubbing Pepa's clit lightly. She opened her legs, letting you press tender kisses up her thighs. You made sure to leave lovebites, claiming Pepa as yours. You threw her legs over your shoulders, licking in strides as you rubbed her clit. Pepa's hands involuntarily pushed against her restraints, wanting the freedom to run her hands through your hair.
You loved how submissive Pepa was for you. She mumbled your name through moans and gasps.
"So good." Was all she could muster, her core on fire. Pepa was so close to orgasming, her legs tensing up, but before she could you pulled away. She cried out angrily.
"Shh babe, you'll be okay." You purred out, taking off her restraints. She looked up at you, taking small breaths to calm herself.
You positioned yourself over her face, hovering.
"May I touch?" Pepa asked excitedly, waiting for your approval.
"Of course, Sunshine." You say as she greedily grabs at your thighs, forcing you down on her face. You let out a moan, yanking Pepa's hair so she was closer to you. She lapped at your pussy, working hard to make your legs shake.
She loved your taste, it was a mixture of tang and musk. Her eyes were glued to you the entire time. You tossed your head back in ecstasy, eyes fluttering. She grunted as you rode her face, letting your tits bounce freely. Pepa was mesmerized. Your body was perfect, she loved every inch of it.
"You're doing such a good job, Princess!" You praised, making sure she knew how much you adored her. You flipped your postion so your ass was in the air, and your face was looking down at her pussy. Pepa went back to eating you out, already missing your taste.
You started licking her cunt, taking note at what reactions you got. You both were on edge, really to explode.
She already had her orgasm denied once, so you made the decision to let her cum this time. You took a minute to admire how pretty her pussy looked, letting out a happy sigh.
Pepa was close again, feeling her toes curl in delight as you licked a certain spot over and over again, her moans turning into pleasurable screams. She orgasmed, her body shaking.
You leaned back, putting your full weight on her face as she worked. You grabbed the vibrator and turned it on to a high setting, already feeling overstimulated. The combination of Pepa's tongue and the vibrator was enough to help you reach your high as well, tossing your head back once again.
You were out of breath as you flopped back down next to Pepa. Neither of you could speak, facing each other. It was a moment of peace and bliss, and you laced your fingers through hers.
When you caught your breath, you said to her,
"You did an amazing job, I'm proud of you Sunshine."
Pepa gave a shy smile, nuzzling herself into your chest... before the eventual second round.
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Camilo S/O Ice Manipulation + Singing Frozen Songs
so upon reading @magicalencanto 's ice manipulation s/o camilo and saying the following:
hello I was literally thinking about this like what if they were together for sometime and she finds out she does have powers super late and its like 'into the unknown' and 'show yourself' AA love this
During the number 'All of You' where Bruno is apologizing to Pepa the intro can be heard on the piano if you listen carefully
Ghdssdf so anyway I bring you more Camilo x Reader Ice power manipulation Elsa style
Frozen AU Part 2
Tumblr media
- So this could either go two ways, the children of Encanto asking s/o to perform a 'famous song that they heard about from their traveling tios'
- Eventually she would perform the sequence of 'Let it Go' in the middle of Encanto being an ice castle on
- And imagine the look on Camilo's face when it's the part where you let your hair down ('I'm never going back, the past is in the past. Let it go, let it go.')
- Then you dress that you make!! He is star struck!!!
- While making the ice castle you make sure to bring everyone inside safely so it's a new experience for them
- Then the kids suddenly ask if you can perform one more act since they're already inside the castle, then they look at Camilo.
- They want you to perform the reprise version of For the First Time in Forever with Camilo
- Naturally you're worried bc thats a dangerous number so you ask Camilo to lift his ruana up and you quickly form a little ice shield on his chest so you know exactly where to aim and dont hurt him
- AND MY GOSH can you imagine how cool this number would be irl/not acting
- S/O going out of control in Encanto, and Camilo who is the pure embodiment of sunshine, walking through the blizzard and singing for you to realize there is hope and that it can be solved with love
- But we all know how the number ends then baam camilo ends up being hurt :((
(angst potential there hey hey other writers)
- BUT OKAY what about for Into the Unknown and Show Yourself?
- Into the Unknown I can see that there is more about s/o's past as she had never knew where she comes from and why she has powers even though she's not a Madrigal, so then she hears the Voice late at night and she wanders around Encanto and eventually ends up in the lake where the miracle started
- After seeing she's brought disaster to Encanto she leaves so solve the miracle's whereabouts and I'd imagine the whole family would come along as needed (wooo madrigal family adventure outside of Encanto time where they use their powers to stop danger, love to see that)
- Finally 'Show Yourself' would be super inspirational bc s/o is finally happy she knows where she comes from and when the visions start to appear before everyone I imagine it's memories with everyone from Encanto, including Camilo (who by the way is SO proud of you)
- After everything gets solved Camilo would definitely boast and brag about you, falling in love with you even more as the boyfriend of the 'Protector of Encanto'
- (then you hear the younger kids going 'YEAH RIGHT' and he deadass has a childish debate with them I love this man ahsdn)
❄️if anyone wants to add please do I need more aaa ❄️
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The phone rings and Wybie answers it. His friend, Coraline tells him that someone got in trouble. Unfortunately, Wybie can't hear her because the stereo has been turned up and the MK refuses to listen to him."I said..." Coraline began, just as Wybie's cousin Camilo dance kicks the stereo. "I got in trouble and I'm being sent home!" "Oh gosh," says her friend. "I dance kicked the stereo! Oh, you're on the phone. Sorry, Wybs," Says Camilo. (Got this from Bob's Burgers season 7 episode 13.)
Wybie groans at his cousin stumbling and singing drunkenly. "Camilo, seriously, no more apple juice for you!"
"I can quit any time!" He slurs before taking another shot. "Wooo!"
Hearing his phone ringing over all of the noise his friends and cousin are making, Wybie goes to look for it. "I'm not cleaning this all up in the morning, you guys." Once he spots the familiar black and white case under a pile of empty soda cans, he picks it up and answers when he sees Coraline's number. "Hello?" He glares at the others, still making too much noise and motions for them to be quiet. "Sorry, I, uh, I can't hear you." He yells, "Guys, turn the music down!
Mabel smirks, "I heard, "Turn it up"?" She Increases the volume on the stereo.
Wybie tries to ignore them. "Jonesy? Is everything okay?"
"I need you to come here," she muttered.
"What?" His brow furrowed. "You're two hours away. What's going on?"
"Uh, there's been some trouble," she says with some hesitation in her voice. "and someone's getting sent home."
He frowned as he could barely hear her. "Sorry, Jonesy, I can't hear you- BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE ARE BEING RUDE!"
"Pressing bass boost!" Neil cheered.
After muttering a quick curse word under his breath and while rubbing his temple, Wybie asked Coraline, "Who's being sent home?"
"Good Lord, guys!" Wybie yelled, then quickly apologized. "Sorry, Jonesy, we're having a little party over here-" He ducks as Raz gets thrown over his head.
The young psychic bounces back on his feet unscathed. "AGAIN!"
"I said," Coraline began just as Camilo dance kicked the stereo, stopping the music. "I got in trouble and I'm getting sent home!"
Wybie's eyes shoot open. "What?!"
"I dance-kicked the stereo," Camilo announced. "Oh, you're on the phone. Sorry, Wybes."
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