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Waiting outside by the door.

Waiting outside by the door is a wonderful thing. It has been so for many thousands of years, and it will be so for many thousands more. For without waiting outside by the door, there would be no progress in life as we know it.

That being said, waiting outside by the door does have its drawbacks. For example, many people are forced to wait for far longer than they should. This is because there is no way of predicting how long someone will take when waiting outside by a door.

However, there is a way to solve this. If only we could have some kind of technology that allows us to see how long someone will take when they are waiting outside by a door.

Therefore, I suggest that we invent some kind of technological device which will allow us to see how long someone will take when they are waiting outside by a door.

This will allow us to see how long someone will take when they are waiting outside by a door. This will help everyone have a more productive and pleasant life.

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Girl, 8, dies after being electrocuted by faulty Christmas lights moments after snap showed her waiting for switch-on

Girl, 8, dies after being electrocuted by faulty Christmas lights moments after snap showed her waiting for switch-on

AN 8-YEAR-OLD girl posed for a picture waiting to watch the Christmas lights being switched on with her family – moments before she was electrocuted to death by one of the decorations. 
Julia Honoria Franco suffered an electric shock as she touched an exposed piece of metal on the Christmas decorations in the municipality of Caldas Novas in the Brazilian state of Goias this…


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Blessed are all those who wait for him. Isaiah 30:18


I give you all my impatience and I believe that everything is beautiful in its time. I choose to trust you today that your plans and your timing are perfect for my life. I wait on you Lord with eager expectation. Give me peace and God give me patience in this moment. Amen. 

*You can find this full guided prayer,“Wait With Expectation”, on the Churchome app*

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Sketchy style commission for Vlad Lakamov!
Featuring agent Black from Iconoclasts game.

Thanks to the customer I discovered this beautiful and challenging, funny and tragic… this awesome game. It’s 100% worth your attention!
You know the game is good when you can’t forget every single character and their story.

Seems like most people tend to draw Black in fighting mode (and believe me, she’s badass), but I truly enjoyed drawing this scene.
She’s just sitting there and waiting. And she’s damn tired of it all.

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The thing about waiting is that is sucks. We know this. People tell me I have lots of patience and yet I can’t stand waiting. What I’m coming to realize is this waiting stems from doing everything that is required and having to wait anyway due to some complication.

An example of this and a simple one that can apply to many is working x amount of days and getting paid x amount of money on x date. When this doesn’t happen, you feel cheated. Why did I just work? This IS an exchange here, let’s not pretend it isn’t. I’m doing your work. You’re paying me. That’s how it works. Delays suck. Even if recieving benefits, it shouldn’t be much different. Holdups can happen however. Someone that is responsible for you getting paid decides to not do their job in a timely matter and you get screwed. Give me a game or task and I’ll sit there for as long as it takes. I know there is an end result. When that end result doesn’t come regardless of doing what is needed or what was shared is the difficult part.

They say don’t get mad over what you can’t control. Good advice, I’ll even mention it to others. However, how many things do you have to let slip before it then does get to you? Before it pushes the limit? Sometimes, you really, truly, just don’t want to bother anymore. You start getting a case of the fuck it’s for your life. When this gets to the extreme, this can be real bad. Thing is…I still want to live this life. There are reasons to go on but it doesn’t change the reality of things. So what happens instead is sinking into depression.

Keeping the faith, distractions, and keeping active help counter balance all the above…but it all can hit like a truck sometimes. Those are the points in time that really suck.

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Your eyes are like glass.

Your hair golden like wheat.

Your smile is as bright as the sun.

You know when I’m in a foul mood, you go out of your way to make me smile.

A poet of the ages.

Smart, funny, and sweet. Romantic and fun.

You see the world as opportunity, you see yourself thriving.

Nothing I want more than to see you achieve your goals.

Unable and restricted to what I feel.

Wanting what I can’t have.

Seeing the beauty in a world ugliness.

Your friendship and generosity shatter my heart.

I’ll hold you back, keep you stationary. I’d break you.

But there’s nothing in the world that would keep me from seeing you achieve greatness.

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I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t seen any of the new Haikyuu episodes because I’m waiting for the season to finish so I can binge the entire series again. It’s a struggle because twitter and tags always have spoilers but I just gotta do this.

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I don’t like to get super duper personal on this blog, but. It’s taking me longer than I thought to get some writing out for you guys because Marie’s moving week basically turned into Marie’s moving month hahaha. I won’t get into the gory details but this is a really emotional move for me and most of my time has been spent packing and moping 💀

I’m also still in online uni and exam week is fast approaching so there is just a lot of shit happening all at once in my life and fics have very much taken the back burner.

That being said, I’m still actively working on the OT7 fic when I can as well as something else I think you guys might like that probably won’t end up being too long so hopefully I’ll at least have that out for you sooner rather than later.

I love writing for you guys and the anticipation for something from me is incredibly humbling. I’m sorry that real life has basically grabbed me by the shoulders and shaken me recently. I’m hoping, once I’m fully moved, writing will start coming out more regularly again. Thanks as always for your patience and understanding. 🙏🏻

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