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#Wakhan Corridor

Wakhi nomad man with his gun inside his yurt, Big pamir, Wakhan, Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Taken on August 12, 2016

In the morning, in the big Pamir mountains, 4500 m high Afghanistan. The chief of the village takes its old gun and will go out for the whole day with 100 sheeps and his dogs to find the best grass. He never leaves without his gun as wolves are around he told me.Like every morning, he drunk a mix of salted yak milk and bread, the same thing he will eat for lunch and for diner.Sleeping in the yurt is a nice experience until 4 in the morning when the wakhi women enter the place to burn yak dungs and prepare the bread. It makes more smoke than heat…

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Somedays when the world gets too overwhelming & my mind is cluttered in a million places, I close my eyes for a few seconds and place myself in the middle of the Wakhan Corridor; free from all the internal demons we’re fighting here. 

Photos by Matthew Karsten

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