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#Wally West
idunnodudeijustwokeup · 11 days ago
My favourite superheroes are always the ones that are incredible talented and powerful with a amazing legacy of things they have done and people they have saved and allies in all the right places.
But when you look at them as a person????? Absolute human disasters. 10/10 would forget to put a lid on a blender before turning it on. Would forget their own birthday. Would walk across town before realizing they forgot their car and their shoes.
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shujubee · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keiynan Lonsdale for YoHomo
By May Truong
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batfam-yjsocialmedia · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ok let’s hope it actually works this time i’m so sorry for reuploading so much😶 Inspired by twit.bnha on instagram if you like bnha go follow them they’re posts are really funny and they are so nice.
Batfam profile pics by @inkydandy
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wrongyoungjustice · 8 months ago
Every friend group should include
A himbo,
Tumblr media
A mean bisexual,
Tumblr media
An even meaner lesbian,
Tumblr media
She/theys and he/theys,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A token straight that’s on thin ice,
Tumblr media
An astrology bitch who has everyone’s birth chart memorised,
Tumblr media
And a short king
Tumblr media
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batarangsoundsdumb · a month ago
hi, can you do headcanons where batfamily and maybe some other heroes are scared by Dick's intelligence?
like "my god, I totally forgot that he was a genius"
wally and dick go on a mission in france and while wally is whipping out google translate dick is already like 'bonjour, je cherche un homme qui s'appelle-'
he runs them out to slovenia on a lead and while wally is back to google translate dick is already helping the perp's grandma file her taxes
"how many languages do you speak?"
"mentally? two on a good day."
"and technically?"
"like thirteen? maybe fourteen if i squint?"
wally's like 'not that i expected anything less from you but what the fuck man'
damian assumes dick is ridiculously stupid at first because he's seen dick's file and it's like 'didn't finish college, hasn't had a stable job ever, still doesn't use his trustfund money' so clearly dick is beneath him
but when damian gets completely stumped over a chemical compound he can't identify, dick manages to identify it after 10 seconds of looking and damian's just like "i'm going to idolise the absolute shit out of you from here on out"
steph gives dick her med school homework to prove to bruce that college is really difficult and he just fills it all in in 15 minutes and hands it over while she's still ranting about the work load.
"how can you know this much about neurobiology?"
"i dabble"
12 year old dick grayson accidentally solved superman's case because he thought it was clark's crime novel and he's like "clearly this franklin guy killed his brother, his entire alibi is shit, it's too obvious. honestly uncle clark, i know you can write a better story than this."
jason tried to cheat dick out of a win at a pubquiz by switching all the questions with really specific ones and dick still won.
"which country was group 4's winner in the european football cup of 1996?"
"how the fuck"
tim knows that technically, dick is a genius, but he's also seen him flying into walls at 60 miles per hour so he's a little skeptical until dick's like "wanna see me hack the pentagon?" and genuinely hacks the pentagon
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why-i-love-comics · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal #1 (2020)
written by Joshua Williamson art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, & Adriano Lucas
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butwhyduh · a month ago
Heritage in the DC families:
Flash: you can all be the flash ☺️ more the merrier!
Superman: my legitimate son will be Superman to honor Krypton and protect the world.
Batman: one of you motherfuckers is taking over. There is 8 of you and someone is gonna ruin their life to become batman after it kills me.
Aquaman: bold of you to assume I can be killed.
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collectivefandomstuff · 6 months ago
Wally: Hi Dick, how are things in Gotham?
Dick: [tired] Tim and Steph introduced Damian to "magical girls" cartoons
Wally: to what?
Dick: You know, like Sailor Moon.
Wally: Oh, ok. That's... nice?
Dick: It was Steph and Tim. Of course it wasn't nice. Damian spent three hours ranting about how easy it would be to just incapacitate the heroines during the full minute they spend dancing and changing clothes
Wally: I-
Dick: I tried to explain that the dance numbers aren't part of the actual world of the show, they're more like a greek chorus.
Wally: [encouraging] you're great at explaining stuff!
Dick: [tense] That's when Jason got involved
Wally: oh
Dick: Jason was adamant that the dance thing happened in real time and that it worked because the heroines were intimidating enough to paralyze their opponents with charisma alone
Dick: that opened a whole new can of worms
Dick: [haunted] at some point Tim and Steph got involved again to stoke the fire
Dick: It got really confusing, but I remember Tim taunting Damian for not fighting in girly tights "like the rest of us" because "that's what REAL heroes do"
Dick: Jason said that any hero worth their salt can execute a costume change mid-fight
Dick: A challenge was issued. Several actually. And a bet.
Wally: [coughs] So... how ARE things in Gotham?
Dick: they're not great
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woahjaybird · 6 months ago
So i have come to the conclusion that Superheroes get tired, and superheroes get hungry, and I’m pretty sure they sometimes can’t fit a few bucks in their suits but they’re still hungry and tired so i came up with this headcanon that there’s a little confectioner’s store (convenience store?) that wasn’t doing all that great and business was low and they were thinking of having to close until one day. Until fucking BATMAN shows up with another at LEAST two dozen superheroes and they just...start browsing... and batman says “get what you’d like.”
and the shop owner is like wow are they not gonna fucking pay and then speedsters are putting in stuff on the counter and supers are flying to the top shelves and they’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing and the store owner just hears dialogue from here and there that sounds something like “Ooh what flavour is that?” “I think it’s blue” *smack* “No DUH” or “I kinda want these chips but i also want these” “Just get them both, Batman’s paying!” and then after like a solid twenty minutes they all run out in a single line and they’re all waiting outside and there’s like three bags’ worth of stuff and the store owner is trying frantically to check them all out and fucking Batman is just standing there patiently, and there’s a bunch of faces peering on the window, and that was that.
That was the moment that Batman and his bunch’a buddies saved a small business.
And they didn’t dare STOP. Thing was/is, it became a THING. Superheroes that happened to be in Gotham would just,,,, go grab a snack over there. And people were terrified, because it surely wasn’t only superheroes, but villains as well. We’re talking about a 3am sneak in of the riddler’s and a thumbs up to the owner, who just stared at them silently while the riddler grabs  like a polar pop.
Oh, and it’s a very RESPECTED (and feared) little store. Because nobody even dares to even TRY and steal something. Not even the riddler. Nope. Nobody.  Not even the bravest bravado of all Gotham. And it’s funny because nobody even GOES there. Just superheroes and villains. There might as well be a poster that says ‘no civilians allowed’ in big block letters because there has literally never been anyone besides the owner and their family that has even stepped FOOT in that store.
Not that it’s any bad for business. Batman tends to be over-generous sometimes, and some costumers even have an ACCOUNT. How that works it that they’ll just... pay in advance. One day, Nightwing came in around with a ziploc bag with $30, and asked if he could pay in advance of the visits he’d make until it ran out, and then so on and so forth until there were like at least 10 accounts with 100 dollars each.
And sometimes the batfamily (who are literally regulars) will come in (in like packs of at least 4) and sometimes they’re beat up, sometimes they’re just skipping inside, sometimes they’re being carried over somebody’s shoulder. And most interactions include:
Batman: what do you want?
Red robin: *reaches for monster drink*
Batman: *slaps his hand away*
Red Robin: *settles for gatorade*
*red hood opening a fridge and ‘cooling down’*
impulse: but i got that flavor last time!
superboy: but they don’t have ANY OTHERS
Spoiler: -and then i was like ‘yo wtf’ and she was like ‘i dunno bro looks like you could use some waffles’ and what’s THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN right? I mean is she flirting with me or something because damn i like her but at the same time i don’t but like-
store owner: 
red hood, at the door: you said you were getting CRACKERS, SPOILER. 
*random run-ins of superheroes waiting for the bathroom.*
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