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#Wanda Maximoff
saviorsong · 4 minutes ago
Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
Wanda x Reader
- Remember Me 
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scarlets-maximoff · 46 minutes ago
We had proposal au...Now...hear me prompt
AAAAAAA i LOVED writing this one!! i took a bit of liberty to insert some other marvel's characters, so I hope that's okay with you!! thank you so much for the prompt, hon <3
p.s: I'm sorry if my writing is not at its best right now, I've been struggling with writer's block lately :(
witch... wives?
Today might just be the happiest day of Wanda's life.
Okay, she can count on one hand how many joyful, truly happy days she has had during her life. Kinda tough trying to be happy in a world that does everything in its power to make you feel completely the opposite. But here she is, alive and well and happy. And do you know why is that? Well, dear reader…
Wanda Maximoff, former Avenger and current Scarlet Witch, is soon to be future Mrs. Harkness. She is getting married! And to the most beautiful, intelligent, perfect woman on the whole planet — and probably the multiverse too… — her Agatha.
So, imagine her elation at waking up before sunrise, magicking their whole cabin into a lustrous, enormous wood mansion and, last but not least, conjuring the loveliest wedding dress she could come up with. For herself, mind you. Wanda is perfectly aware of her fiancee's – she tries not to squeal at the fact that in a few hours they'd be wives – magical prowess and abilities. And speaking of her, it is of utmost importance, reader, that a bride and her fiance must not see each other before the ceremony. Wanda is perfectly aware of that too. It is why, despite both women's protests, Agatha isn't there with her at the moment.
She'd have to thank Monica and the rest of the gang for that. Wanda took the matters in her own hands and, as such, all preparations and arrangements were on her account. It's not particularly difficult to decorate an honest-to-god mansion when you're the Scarlet Witch. It really isn't.
But gods, how much Wanda missed her. How she missed her smile, so soft and beautiful, after they woke up and got ready for the day; how she missed Agatha's presence and company in their secluded little cabin, the walks they'd take in the afternoons. It was all for the best, but still. Wanda missed her Agatha. She couldn't wait to see her again. To feel her again.
Good thing they'd get married today then, huh?
"Wanda? Where are you?" A slightly muffled voice resonated from outside the house. Wanda shook her head, her mind still reeling with all the things she needed to sort out until the actual ceremony. Not that there was too much left to do: the walls had been already decorated, as for the hall and kitchen. Their garden had previously been tended to, many of Agatha's favourite wildflowers already blossoming and thriving. Everything was going as it should be.
Why is she so nervous then?
"In here, Monica!" The redhead didn't look up from her work, which was now directed towards the creation of her dress. A burgundy, satin dress, littered with intricate designs to resemble her own Scarlet Witch attire. Wanda felt her insides flutter at the thought of Agatha in her own wedding dress, a dreamy smile curling onto her face.
Darcy and Jimmy trailed behind S.W.O.R.D's newest director, excited looks coloring their faces. "Today is the big day, girl!" Monica exclaimed, already making her way towards the red witch to give her a hug, an embrace Wanda gladly accepted. Despite her nervousness, she couldn't help but squeal in delight. She was getting married!
"Thank you so much for being here. All of you." She gave the group a grateful smile.
Things between them have gotten much better after the Hex Anomaly, which is not to say that their beginning wasn't rocky. Wanda had much to apologize for, not only for the damage she'd done to the Westview citizens but also… to herself. With their friendship, she's learned to forgive herself. With Agatha… She's learned to truly live. To love without fear.
Stepping away from Monica's hold, Wanda cally walked towards the duo, embracing each one just as eagerly.
"Can we help you with anything? We brought some extra staff…" Darcy gestured to the hall's door just in time for said staff to come in. Wanda felt tears of happiness well up in her eyes at the sight of her old teammates. Her friends.
Clint had a huge smile on his face, his wife Laura and their children tucked comfortably under his arms. Thor, Sam and Bucky soon followed, each one of them with the goofiest smiles Wanda's ever seen.
Remember the squeal she let out earlier, reader? Well, let's just say it doesn't even come close to this one. "You guys are here!"
"Wanda, stop pacing already! Your speech is fine, you don't have to worry about-"
"I can't, okay? What if I mess it up, what if I forget it?" Wanda almost succumbed with tears. Darcy, Monica and Laura were her bridesmaids, and the room they were in — a quaint little bedroom with a classic-looking mirror and a big closet — was directly in front of Agatha's. Oh, Agatha…
The older witch had arrived soon after her friends, but she didn't even catch a glimpse of her fiancee. How much ached to see her again. The waiting made her even more anxious and jittery.
The three bridesmaids sighed in unison. All of them were clad in soft red dresses that hung beautifully by their knees. Getting up from where they were seated, the trio calmly made their way towards the upset witch, whose hands were trembling with apprehension.
"Honey, it's okay. Everything will be fine, Wanda. Don't worry about 'what if's' or if you'll forget your speech or not," Laura Barton chuckled, a gentle look in her brown eyes, "Just let your heart say what it wants to say." She hummed, and Wanda felt a bit of the weight she's been carrying since morning falling away. She turned around to glance at them, gratitude shining in her gaze. Nothing had to be said as she closed her eyes, warmth sweeping through her as they hugged her close.
Everything would be fine…
The ceremony takes place at the front yard of their cabin.
The morning sun shines lazily on everyone's faces, the group of Wanda's and Agatha's friends all gathered in their seats. A long white rug decorates the garden's grass, heading towards the small altar at its end. The chirping of birds around the meadow calms Wanda's nerves, but she can't stop nervousness from taking over her heart. Dr. Strange is the one who will officialize their union. The wizard in question tries – and fails – to calm the woman down. It is to no avail.
Wanda knows she will only calm down when she sees her fianceé walking down the aisle. And, in no time, that's exactly what Agatha does.
The older witch can't keep her tears from falling.
Her ocean blue eyes catch Wanda's emerald ones, and a shiver runs all the way down her spine. Her fianceé looks absolutely otherworldly, with her fiery locks of auburn hair neatly braided behind her back, the crimson Scarlet Witch crown complementing her wedding dress perfectly. That smile Agatha loves so much, ear to ear.
Her own lilac dress, designed and decorated by herself, reflects the sunlight in a myriad of shades of purple, her brooch glinting in its pendant. As the guests get up from their seats to watch Agatha's entrance, Wanda tearfully smiles at her. A hand to her mouth to keep her from sobbing.
Agatha has to restrain herself from jumping on Wanda right there and kiss her into oblivion. When the actual ceremony begins, both women can't control the thundering of their hearts. And when Stephen conjures their wedding rings — ruby for Wanda and violet for her — even time itself seems to stop. There's no one else around but them, their trembling hands taking hold of each other.
And when both of them say yes?
Finally, they think in unison. Finally, the bride may kiss the bride. The applause and cheers are just a buzz to the women's ears but, after the ceremony has come to an end and the party gets started, they make their way to one Darcy Lewis with a mischievous look in their eyes, the scientist in question already trying her best not to laugh.
"Witch wives, Darls? Really?"
Her belly laugh could be heard throughout the entirety of their mansion.
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sadhoewithnoemotions · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Once again, stuck wondering how Logan and Peter met more specifically how Logan knew Peter. Like don't give me the boring answer like "Oh probably just knew eachother through mutual friends". I am dramtic, so I want dramatic. So personal favorite head canon of mine is that Peter is dead in the 2023 timeline which prompted Magneto to help with the whole time travel fiasco. Anyways-that still leaves a little grey area like where on Earth was Peter in the 2000's x-men movies. Was he part of the brotherhood? Is he married to Crystal and raising Luna? But still how does he know Logan!!! I've read fics where they met at some bar or just randomly and I love them all. This is just constantly on my mind, so now it can constantly be on all of your minds as well.
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thewidowsghost · an hour ago
Gone - Part 1 (Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Stark!Reader)
(Y/n) glances over from beside her father, meeting her redhead's gaze.Natasha's eyes glimmer, and (Y/n) beams at the little dog resting in her lap.(Y/n) Stark had gone the beginning of her young life single.
But that was before she met Natasha Romanoff, the gorgeous redheaded former assassin. The two had met when Natasha was undercover in Stark Industries back in 2010.
Natasha had instantly found an attraction to the younger Stark and (Y/n) couldn't take her eyes off Natasha - Natalie - at the time.
It wasn't until the end of the whole predicament with Hammer that (Y/n) had learned the redhead's true identity - Natasha Romanoff.
(Y/n) had been the one to have enough courage to ask Natasha out on their first date. Natasha had smiled a little at (Y/n)'s nervousness and agreed.
Four years later, the two were still going strong, and Tony had no idea that the two young women were in a relationship.
(Y/n) glances over from beside her father, meeting her redhead's gaze.
Natasha's eyes glimmer, and (Y/n) beams at the little dog resting in her lap.
Tumblr media
Natasha was the one who had gotten (Y/n) the Australian Shepherd for Christmas when they had returned to their shared apartment half an hour away from the Compound.
Scout - the Australian Shepherd puppy - raises her head and nuzzles (Y/n)'s chin.
Scout's tail wags happily, and she jumps off the younger Stark's lap and streaks over to Natasha and Wanda - who were sitting on the same couch. Wanda was very much fond of her mentor.
Scout yips excitedly, and Natasha raises an eyebrow at the puppy but does lean forward and pick up the shepherd, Wanda petting the dog.
Steve walks into the room, his brow furrowed when he announces to the Avengers in the room, "We have a mission!"
"Who?" Tony asks, his gaze shifting to the Capsicle.
"Everyone," Steve replies, and (Y/n) frowns, her face turning grim at the thought of her love, father, and best friend leaving to go on yet another dangerous mission.
The other Avengers scramble around, grabbing their mission suits and their mission gear.
(Y/n) had walked down to the workshops where there were a few Iron Man suits that needed repairing.
"Are you going to be alright?" Natasha asks softly, walking up to her girlfriend.
(Y/n) nods, though a soft scowl is still prominent on her face.
Natasha softens, letting her fingers stroke between (Y/n)'s eyebrows, and frown slides off (Y/n)'s face.
(Y/n) smiles endearingly at her girlfriend, her gaze gentle.
"Be careful," (Y/n) says softly, the other Avengers walking through the workshop. She waits until the rest of her friends cross into the other room before she places a soft kiss on Natasha's lips. "I love you," she murmurs. "Come home safe."
"I will," Natasha replies, her eyes soft and loving.
Scout lets out a soft bark, and Natasha leans down to caress the puppy on the head.
Natasha straightens back up and (Y/n) turns, placing the new prototype of Natasha's Widow's Bites onto her girlfriend's wrists.
"Please be careful," (Y/n) repeats, and Natasha nods calmly, used to (Y/n)'s worry - as (Y/n) wasn't an Avenger but an inventor like her father.
"I'll come home to you," Natasha murmurs, and (Y/n) smiles warmly.
"Coming, Nat?" Clint pokes his head into the workshop.
"Yeah," Natasha jogs over to her old friend.
"Good luck," (Y/n) calls after the two.
The Avengers board the Quinjet, and (Y/n) remains in the workshop with Scout.
Suddenly, the power turns off, and Scout whimpers and shrinks to stand behind (Y/n).
(Y/n) stands still for a moment, her eyes adjusting to the lack of light; it is almost pitch black.
Suspicious, she crouches under one of the workshop tables, Scout clutched tightly to her chest, and she had placed her hand over to puppy's muzzle to keep her from barking.
"Shh," (Y/n) murmurs, soothing the dog in her lap.
Scout lets out a soft whimper, burying her head into (Y/n)'s neck.
Scout lets out a yelp as a resounding boom echoes through the Compound.
"Shh," (Y/n) soothes, rises to her feet, and slinks forward to put Scout into one of the closets - (Y/n) would get Scout later after she figured out what was going on.
"Boss," comes FRIDAY's voice through the Iron Man suit.
"What is it, FRIDAY?" Tony asks as he blasts some of the HYDRA agents with his repulsors.
"There's been a power outage at the Compound," FRIDAY tells Tony, and the billionaire's eyes widen with fear.
"What's the status on (Y/n)?" Tony asks.
"I don't know, Boss," FRIDAY says. "I'm locked out of the system."
"Looks like you fell for our little trap," says a HYDRA agent, and Tony's heart floods with fear.
"We've got to get back to the Compound," Tony says into the COMs, blasting the HYDRA agent.
"Why?" It's Natasha who answers, and Tony is slightly confused at the former assassin's worried tone.
"There's been a huge power outage at the Compound, and FRIDAY can't power it back up," Tony tells the team.
"We've got to go, then," Steve says.
Natasha is rather fidgety on the Quinjet ride back to the Compound, the other Avengers notice.
Wanda wants to know what her mentor is thinking but has enough respect for her not to delve into Natasha's mind.
Natasha is the first one off the Quinjet, plunging into the darkened Compound.
Natasha hears a wail from the closet where she and (Y/n) had said goodbye not even three hours before.
Natasha opens the closet door, her muscles tensed, ready for a fight, but she lowers her guard when she sees that it's Scout.
The Australian Shepherd whimpers softly as she buries her head in Natasha's chest, the former assassin having kneeled to greet Scout.
"Where is she, huh?" Natasha asks softly, cuddling the puppy close to her chest.
When the rest of the Avengers - minus Tony - finally find Natasha, they find her in the same position - cuddling (Y/n)'s puppy in her arms.
"We have to find her," Natasha says, straightening up, and as she does, the lights flicker and then turn on.
Finally noticing the chaos in the workshop, Natasha inhales sharply.
Drawers of filing cabinets had been thrown open.
There was blood on the floor.
Natasha's breath stumbles as she sees the blood. Her heart races, thudding in her chest.
Tony walks into the room, his eyes wide with shock.
"Come on," Natasha says despairingly, stepping forward to look into Tony's eyes. "We've got to find her."
And with that, Natasha marches out of the workshop and to the control room, Scout still cuddled into her.
The puppy had rested her head on Natasha's left shoulder, her small nose touching Natasha's neck. Scout's soft breathing familiarly hits Natasha's neck - like how (Y/n)'s breath would when they were cuddling on the couch in their shared apartment's living room - and Natasha's heart aches with anguish.
Tony comes into the control room sometime later. Maybe midnight, Natasha thinks.
The redhead had sat down in a chair, patrolling all the cameras as they scanned around, looking for (Y/n) everywhere; Scout had fallen asleep in her lap.
Natasha had gone slightly hysterical, snarking at everyone who tried to convince her to leave the room, but Tony doesn't try. After a moment, the emerald-eyed former assassin glances over to look at her love's father.
"Here," is the only thing Tony says as he hands his friend a peanut butter sandwich.
"Thanks, Tony," Natasha says softly, taking a bit of the sandwich. "You here to help look for (Y/n)?"
There is another pause. and Tony murmurs, "And to see a friend."
"Clearly, your friend is fine," Natasha says, taking a bit of her sandwich, her eyes welling with tears again.
Tumblr media
Natasha can tell by Tony's silence that he wants to ask her a question, but he doesn't. Tony pats her on the shoulder comfortingly before he leaves the room.
Word Count: 1333 words
Love you guys!                  Kaitlynn ❤️😊
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Tumblr media
I thought the little sum symbol in Calculus looked familiar
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ashyblondwaves · an hour ago
Hope you are going well!!!!
Has anybody ever barged in on Wanda and Vision because they heard Wanda making some very loud very painful sounding sounds? And then she and Vision are just pounding one out and whoever walked in just shuts the door and runs as far away as soon as possible?
Or have they almost barged in and then they heard either Wanda go “more, daddy” or Vision go “tell daddy what you want” and some loud slapping?
Do you have any other headcanons about people walking in on them? I just read your last couple drabbles with the daddy thing and the getting walked in on thing and I’m so here for it.
Have a good night!!!!
Here’s the thing about Wanda and Vision. They think they’re so sneaky but nah.
Everyone has heard them. Everyone.
The team has learned to do a count before going anywhere near Wanda’s room. Are Wanda and or Vision in the room? Good. It’s safe to walk down the hall. They’re both gone? Abort mission! That usually means they’re going to pound town.
The stuff they have heard is the kind of stuff that makes you unable to look someone in the eye for awhile. Moaning, yelling, “daddy”, cursing, slapping, squishing.
You name it. Wanda and Vision are terrible at being sneaky.
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abimess · an hour ago
It only takes the holidays
Hey, guys. I decided to do and exclusive post just for this story so it can be better organized. Good reading! 
This story is based on the narrative develop on the songs “dorothea” and “tis the damn season” by Taylor Swift. It’s not exactly the same, though. But I made some references to both songs so let me know if you got any =)
Summary: Life happens and things change, but it seems like some feelings stay the same. After ten years, Wanda finally comes back to her hometown to spend the holidays with her family, what also means seeing you again. What will come out of this encounter?
Warnings: angst, death, grief, alcohol, swearing, mention of sex (not smut), fluff 
Good reading!
Chapter 1: It only takes a commercial
Chapter 2: (stay tuned)
Chapter 3: (stay tuned)
Chapter 4: (stay tuned)
Chapter 5: (stay tuned)
Chapter 6: (stay tuned)
Chapter 7: (stay tuned)
Chapter 8: (stay tuned)
Chapter 9: (stay tuned)
Chapter 10: (stay tuned)
Chapter 11: (stay tuned)
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lieutenant-simp · an hour ago
Stuck With Pity (2)
F!Reader x Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: definitely some PG-13 stuff. Cussing? Angst too but if has a happy ending this time.
Summary : After the whole fiasco in the elevator do you hash it out with Wanda or wallow in self pity. Only your friends can make you go and figure your shit out.
Tumblr media
Not my Gif
A/N: I changed R from GN! to F! cause I wanted to. This was requested by one person, and you my friend will get what you ask for. Thank you for showing so much love to the first part too. ilysm. This was not proofread so take it as you will. Please leave me requests!!
Words: 2,202
Read the first part here !
Sitting in the elevator the tears now falling freely from her eyes Wanda can’t even muster the strength to push the button to her floor. The look in your eyes when you looked at her broke her heart, and it’s all her fault. She knew that you valued privacy, everyone did, so why did she go in your head. She just sobs silently trying to think of how to fix this.
“F-FRIDAY, t-t-take me to m-my room” She can barely get the words out before she cries harder. The only thing going through her mind is you, the emotion on your face twisting her heart more and more when she looks at you. You’re friends, you tended to make you nervous, and now she understood why. She ruins everything with you, she went against your privacy, her reasons didn’t matter, she never got permission.
The doors open slowly and she barely makes it to her bed before collapsing again. Her mind, usually in order, to keep her powers under control, but right now she can’t think of anything but you and how she messed up. All her fears were coming true, you hated her.
Taking the stairs two at a time, desperately trying not to fall from your distorted vision. Reaching the stairs to your floor you feel as if you cannot even get the door open fast enough. Closing your it behind you fall to the floor. You curl up pulling your legs to your chest and resting your head on them. The tears running down, subsequently wetting your knees as you cry.
Wanda hates you now, that was your worst fear. Not only did she hate you but the utter pity she felt for you. It’s why you never opened up to any of the Avengers. You’re not helpless, you’ve saved their asses multiple times in countless missions, you are far from helpless. But when Wanda looked at you, you knew she thought you were, a lost puppy, and that’s why you never opened up to any of them. Especially her, you loved her and now she thinks you need saving.
The crying subsiding you stand slowly then walk to your bedroom, stumbling slightly before falling into bed, cuddling yourself up in your blankets, and turning on the tv. If you were gonna wallow, you might as well be comfy and warm. You laugh quietly when you pick the show you watch with Wanda, a sitcom from the 50s, the tears already threatening to spill from your eyes again. You breathe slowly trying to focus on the show. You just spent half an hour crying you are not doing that again.
You don’t even register the door opening until Steve says something.
“Hey Y/N/N” You gasp and reach for your gun by your bedside table before noticing who it was. “Just me, sorry sorry. I tried knocking but you didn’t answer and I was worried and-“ you cut him off with you shaking your head. “Well, we-I was wondering what was wrong? You seemed to like my breakfasts and I- Are you crying?”
You turn your head away from him, you didn’t want him to pity you too. Now everyone was going to think you were helpless. You didn’t want to be seen as a kicked puppy.
Steve seems to understand what happened, as he was really the only one who knew your crush on Wanda. “I saw the elevator got stuck, and you were in there with Wanda, is that it?” You cry more and Steve comes over to sit on the chair next to your bed. “I’m sorry, I- should I get Nat or something to come in I don’t know what to do I -“ You cut him off
“She hates me now” You look up at Steve who is surprised by your talking again. “She-she looked in my head and she saw that I liked her, and I know she doesn’t like me back. She looked like I was just some sick animal that needed her pity” Your voice edged with anger with every word spoken. “she hates me” okay back to sad and now you’re crying.
“Well” You look at Steve, who is confused about how to help you, “I can guarantee that none of us pity you because quite frankly you don’t need us. But if it makes you feel better, I cried yesterday” You look at him puzzled. “Well Bucky was out yesterday and he got me flowers and I cried when he gave them to me, they were the ones I told him were my favorite when we trained together before we were frozen. He remembered and I cried” You just look at him more confused now. “you said you didn’t want pity, well I gave you something that made me cry so we’re even. No pity from you when I said it so now you know there isn’t pity from me”
"You didn't see her, she looked like she hated me. She saw it and I don't want to be seen as weak, especially from her" You hear Steve sigh slightly.
"Look Y/N, if she pitied you, she would've done it a long time ago, you would've noticed sooner. She has never given you any indication that she thought about you that way. You've been her shoulder to cry on before as well, you never pitied her. This shouldn't change anything." You nod at his words trying to understand them. You feel your head trying to twist them and prove him wrong, but you know he's right. Deep down you know he is, but you would never dare tell him that, it will go straight to his ego.
You laugh softly “For an old guy who isn’t good with the ladies, you know just what to say don’t you”
He claps for back gently. “What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t” He removes his hand from your back, “I have to train now, but if you need anything from me, call me”
You laugh quietly, “Of course old man”
Wanda sits on her bed, the tears spilling from her eyes occasionally. She sits and watches a show, your show, the 50s sitcom you watch together. She wishes she could go back to when you first started watching it.
“Wandaaaa, you pick this time” You put the remote down and cross your arms.
“No Y/N, you pick I’m making the popcorn” Wanda stands in the kitchen grabbing drinks and indeed making popcorn.
“You put it in the microwave how hard can it be” you pout at her.
“Need I remind you of last weekend when you BURNT IT?!” You gasp slightly. Your face flushing.
“You promised to not bring it up again! As an apology, I accept you picking what we watch” You grin at her in triumph.
“Fine.” That was all she said before grabbing the popcorn and sitting down next to you. Not before grabbing your feet that sat at her end of the couch and putting them on top of her when she sat. Your mouth hangs slightly open, your feet are on her lap. Quickly gaining your composure, she hands you your bag of popcorn before eating a bite of her own. You smile at her softly.
“Thank you Ms. Maximoff” you nod your head slightly in appreciation. Before laughing at the groan Wanda gives you. She puts on a sitcom you haven’t seen before. It looks old. You hear Wanda gasp at you.
“It’s not that old, besides it’s good, you’ll like it” You grin sheepishly at her.
“Did you just read my mind ?” you ask laughing. “Ms. Maximoff how scandalous” She laughs at you.
“You think loud it is not my fault“ You grin at her a blush spreading across your face. You really did love her. And she loved you, you guys just didn’t know it yet.
Wanda sits on her bed, the show, your show, still playing, it's been an hour. Occasionally she’ll cry but it has mostly subsided, her thought however never strayed far from you, your face. Too lost in thought to hear her door being knocked on before a certain redhead slips in. Wanda only notices her company when she feels the bed dip down slightly.
"Hey, Nat" Wand gives her, her best grin. Her voice however hoarse and dry and it hurt to speak. "Wanda, we have been friends for a while now, I don't need to read minds to know that you're upset" She reaches out slightly to grab the other girl's shoulder. Wanda sighs softly, the tears already threatening to spill again.
“I- She hates me, Nat. She hates me. I-I read her mind and she hates me. I was trying to help her and then she looked at me and she was so upset with me and I know I shouldn’t have read her mind but I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what to do. All I seem to do is mess everything I love up. It’s only a matter of time before you leave too” Her words laced with anger at the last sentence. She looks up at Nat with tears in her eyes.
“Oh Wands. She doesn’t feel that what. You’ve read her mind countless times and she never reacted like this. You need to talk to her and- wait did you say that you loved her? Like in a friend way or-?” Wanda just buries her head in her hands.
“No, I love her. I just want to kiss her and tell her how much she means to me and I am always there for her and that she can always rely on me. She means everything to me” She groans “But I fucked it all up like I always do”
“Wanda, it’s okay. She very clearly feels the same way you just need to tal-“ Wanda glared at her
“You didn’t see her eyes, the way she looked at me, she hates me”
“Wanda, she doesn't hate you. she's in her room crying. Your her friend go help her. If you don't want her to actually hate you, go to her.” Wanda seems to nod as if she’s finally understanding. she stands abruptly.
She walks to the kitchen quickly grabbing the popcorn. Her anxiety rises every second that passes and she passes into the hall to the elevator. She waits patiently for it to reach your floor. She walks quickly to your bedroom door before she overthinks it too much and goes back to her room.
Her hand hovers over the door when it opens in front of her. Steve? He's coming out of your room, you guys were close I guess it makes sense but the little pit of jealousy is still there. Steve grabs Wanda arm gently before whispering in her ear
“Please don’t hurt her” Wanda can only nod before going in. She closes the door behind her. She looks at you and your eyes are red and swollen. You turn away from her.
“Why are you here?” It comes out as barely a whisper. If she wasn’t so focused on you she wouldn’t have heard it.
“I’m sorry, for going into your head. I just wanted to know what was wrong. I’m sorry for invading your privacy” You shake your head gently.
“No Wanda, that’s not why I’m upset” She looks at you, confusion written on her face. “I love you, and you don’t feel the same way. You looked at me, and you saw how much I cared for you and you felt bad. You- You pitied me and we’ve talked about how I feel about that before. You know I don’t want that, not from you. Wanda, you mean everything to me. I don’t want you to look at me as if I’m helpless though. I just, I care about what you think, I care about you. I know I’m rambling but I cannot go another day without telling you how I fe-“ You freeze, you feel soft lips on yours, Wanda's. You kiss back and wrap your arms around her waist. She kisses you gently.
“I love you too Y/N, I could never pity you, you’re so capable, and every day I’m jealous of how much you can do on your own” You smile at her.
“You mean that?” She shakes her head and you pull her in for another kiss. This one hungrier, rougher. You pull her on top of you, her legs move to straddle your hips. The food she brought was long forgotten. Her hands move to your hair pulling you closer. You pull back for air, the widest grin spreads across your face.
“You’re absolutely perfect” Wanda leans her head against yours. Before she kisses you back, pouring all her emotions into it. Your hands still resting at her sides. She stands slowly. “Stay please” She smiles at you.
“Of course Y/N/N, I wasn't planning on it” You smile and lean back onto your bed outstretching your hands. She laughs. She puts the popcorn she brought next to you as she climbs into your arms. Her head resting on your chest. “I love you too.”
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bonniebirddoesgifs · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Agatha ‘Agnes’ Harkness and Wanda Maximoff (Wandavision) - Credit if using
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nileqt87 · an hour ago
This iconic song was used in the trailers, which I suspect was itself a pop-culture reference to an X-Files episode that featured the song prominently as the kill switch to an evil A.I. not unlike Ultron and a girl who sacrificed herself to join her dead boyfriend in cyberspace. Sound similar? Mulder and Scully even debate at the end on whether sentient artificial life is the same as human life.
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quainttrelle · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
               ❝    HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN’S SCORN    ❞
    an INDEPENDENT multi-muse Mutual Exclusive blog                     containing a few canons and a multitude of original characters                                               Primarily female based characters            based upon supernatural, greek myth and other genres.                                                                                    multiple different verses and welcomed to plotting!
                           ✧   .   Written and Empowered by Nessie   .   ✧
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you-said-yes · an hour ago
erik, over the phone: ho ho ho!
wanda: dad!
wanda and peter, to each other while covering the receiver: shit
erik: kids i'm on my way
peter: great!
peter and wanda, to each other again: fuck
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sour-lemon-baby · 2 hours ago
Wanda: When I said you should try being friendlier this isn't what I meant.
Vision, stirring a cup of tea aggressively: Oh, so now I'm TOO friendly? There's no pleasing you.
Agatha, who broke into their house an hour ago: Two sugars please.
Vision: Coming right up.
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sour-lemon-baby · 2 hours ago
Agatha: When do you usually go to sleep?
Wanda: Whenever I collapse is entirely up to the gods.
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vizh · 3 hours ago
Wanda: I am straight-up depressed. Vision’s been doing his best to cheer me up. He gave me a sticker this morning, just for waking up.
Nat: Ew, it’s like you’re dating your teacher.
Wanda: I know, it’s so hot.
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