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#Wanda Maximoff
So even though “What If...?” is non-canon to the regular MCU, the episodes do give us some interesting insight on the characters in the main universe:
1) Peggy Carter liked Steve Rogers before the Super-Soldier serum. 
(EDIT: Since people keep misinterpreting my point here, we get canon confirmation about this point in What If whereas it’s only heavily implied in the MCU) 
2) T’Challa wants to change the world for the better. When he was raised as a king, he approached world issues through more diplomatic means. When he was raised as a ravager, he took on a more direct approach. Regardless, T’Challa is a good dude who wants to help people.
3) Hank Pym has an inner darkness that he struggles with. We saw that in the “Ant-Man” movie when he told Darren Cross that he saw too much of himself in him. Then, we saw his darkness in full display in “What If...?” when he took out the Avengers.
4) Doctor Strange is extremely obsessive, to the point of being borderline reckless. We saw that with his determination to fix his hands, as well as his attempts to reverse Christine Palmer’s death.
5) Vision is just as madly in love with Wanda as she is with him. Wanda trapped a whole town in her made-up world just so she can settle down with Vision, whereas Vision fed people to zombie Wanda because he couldn’t bring himself to put her down. 
6) Erik Killmonger is straight up a cruel human being. “Black Panther” actually portrayed him in a more sympathetic light by showing how horrible his childhood was and having him die peacefully. But in “What If...?”, you see the full extent of his cruelty. 
7) Thor and Loki are dumbasses who just want to have a good time. Thor’s always been a himbo, but as we see in “What If...?”, he would’ve been far worse if he didn’t have people guiding him. And as for Loki, we already knew he was a party animal based on “Thor Ragnarok” and his own show. “What If...?” essentially said that he’d be an even bigger party animal had he been raised properly. 
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falsescarletwitch · a day ago
Jealousy, Jealousy
Summary: Y/N gets a little bit jealous that Natasha doesn't see the way that she feels about her- so why not see if she can make her a little jealous with her best friend. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Theme: Smut Word Count: 3.6k Warning(s): 18+ | Smut | Fingering | Oral | Cursing | Mommy Kink Author's Note: I uh- don't have much to say about this. But who doesn't love a jealous/possessive girlfriend. (Healthy, of course.)
Tumblr media
There was never a point in time that you could recall not knowing that Natasha Romanoff was the only woman you wanted to call yours.
Her smile was one of the first things you had always noticed about her. Teeth flashing with each eager grin, a faint indentation of dimples and accented cheekbones, as she would slip past a laugh or a shoulder nudge with the expression. She was never generally one to get mad towards you, in fact, you can’t generally recall a time when she ever raised her voice towards you.
Certainly, she never held back from anyone else on the team, especially Rogers or Stark when they chewed at her nerves. You could remember a point in time where Steve had gotten on your case about failing to subdue an enemy quickly enough, and the redhead was quick to act in your stead. You’d never seen the super soldier sulk back further than when Romanoff was in his personal space. She was never afraid to break past his comfort-zone as she snapped back at him in defense for you. Most of the time you couldn’t hide the incredulous smile at watching Rogers tuck his tail while Natasha would gather herself and drag you away from the situation.
Your eyes darted to the familiar pull of her laugh echoing across the room, leaning against the bartop as Bruce Banner chuckled along with her. She stood slightly bent forward, propping herself up against her forearms as you watched her eyes glint with amusement. A swell of jealousy pooled in the pit of your stomach when you noticed Banner’s eyes default to the subtle view of her breasts that were exposed under the low-cut V of her t-shirt. Of course, you couldn’t generally blame him, she was beautiful. It wasn’t just the infatuation of her body to you though, which maybe was far more dangerous.
“You’re practically as green as him,” Wanda’s voice chimed as she slumped beside you on the couch against the opposite arm, throwing her legs up to lay across your lap.
The only response you offered her at first was a dramatic roll of your eyes, scoffing at the words before turning away from the sight of Banner’s hopeless flirting. She wasn’t necessarily wrong, you were green with envy, and the ability of telepathy that Wanda held made it pointless to fire back any denial. Instead, you only casted your glance down, observing your best friend’s legs that were strewn across your lap. “You can be such a brat.”
A laugh bubbled out of Wanda’s chest as she shot you an uneasy grin, leaning up slightly. Her back bent forward as you felt your breath hitch at close proximity she’d soon found beside you. The warmth of her breath ghosted across your ear, swearing for a moment you could nearly feel her lips against the cartilage. There was no doubt about it in your mind that Wanda Maximoff was beautiful, but you were so invested in your feelings for Natasha you didn’t see her as much more than your best friend.
“We could…” a faint pause caused you to match Wanda’s gaze out of the corner of your eye, “make her jealous?”
The sensation of Wanda’s fingertips tracing up your forearm ignited a fire in your stomach you didn’t know could be lit by the touch. An array of goosebumps flourished across your skin as your head involuntarily lolled to the side to listen closer to the brunette’s words, and to faintly admire the way her breath washed across your skin. Even your best friend couldn’t ignore the flutter of butterflies in her abdomen at the way you gave into her. You were so infected by any touch right now, your body was falling into any little skin to skin contact. She continued the motion, and you couldn’t help yourself but to test a glance towards Natasha.
“Don’t,” Wanda scolded harshly, nearly making you wince at the roughness of the witch’s thumb and finger twisting your chin to look back towards her, “we’ve barely even started.” She wasn’t bluffing, her chin dipped to let her lips brush upwards along your neck, drawing a scratchy moan from the back of your throat. The sound took you both by surprise, and you felt her nails slightly press into the faint muscle of your bicep. A faint string brewed in the spot, but it was jaded by the way Wanda took the skin at your pulse between her teeth. You could feel the smirk pulling on her lips against your skin, she was enjoying this. And you felt yourself questioning whether it was because of the reaction you were giving her, or if Natasha had taken notice and begun to brew.
You wanted to look in her direction, to see if the woman you longed for was turning just as green, but Wanda had you amply distracted. She was sucking softly on the tissue, not enough to leave a mark, but enough to draw out a moan beneath your breath once again. A wave of embarrassment rocked through you, hoping no one else heard the slip- except maybe Natasha.
‘She’s watching,’ the brunette’s words drifted through your mind, and you scowled at the fact she was communicating telepathically. You hated it when she did it, but right now, it was probably less obvious than outright saying it to you in the chance the assassin saw or heard it. The impatience in you briefly won out, and as Wanda was busy working her lips along your neck, legs still across your lap, you chanced a glance towards the redhead.
Your best friend was right, Natasha’s jaw was locked in place, paying no heed further to whatever Bruce was spewing as emerald irises were even more darkened in the dim lighting of the event hall. You couldn’t help the wash of enjoyment that grew when you watched her meet your gaze. With an unexpected grin, taunting the older women, you parted your lips to draw out an exaggerated groan of pleasure as you tipped your head back, eyes closing to let Wanda continue with you.
The feeling of her lips against you was undoubtedly making you squirm slightly, after all, who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful woman having her way with you if even for a taunt? If you weren’t so distracted, you wouldn’t have mistaken the sharp grasp around your other forearm to be Maximoff’s, but the velocity in which you were pulled out from underneath the witch’s legs made you gasp as you stood face to face with Natasha. Her eyes were even more unforgiving up close, flicking back and forth between you and Wanda, who still wore a shit-eatting grin.
“Nat, is there something I-”
“What are you doing, Y/N?” She snapped firmly, keeping her fingers still wound snug around your arm as she stood intoxicatingly close to you. You could smell the faint floral aroma of her perfume that wafted past your nose, trying to keep your focus matched to hers despite the fact her body was nearly flush to you. Wanda had already left you in a state of slight desperation, and now that you were under Natasha Romanoff’s grip you could physically feel the pooling arousal between your thighs. You didn’t even notice the dismissive glance that the redhead sent towards your best friend that had her chuckling and removing herself from the situation.
A toothy smirk sprawled across your lips, trying her patience as you spoke, “You were busy with Bruce.”
The realization dawned on her almost immediately, her brows pulling together as she cocked her head, “You were jealous, weren’t you, sweetheart?”
You nearly felt your demeanor crumble at the way she now had the upper ground over you, throwing in the pet name only solidified that. You could just deny it, shake your head and roll your eyes at the accusation, but you knew she wasn’t stupid enough to believe that. Especially given the fact you’d whimpered at the way her grip didn’t relent around your arm when you tried to pull back.
“Don’t worry,” she mused, stepping towards you to a point where you had to bite back another sound of imprudence at the feeling of breasts pressing to your own, “I’ll show you how much of yours I am.” The grin on her lips never faltered as you sent her a bewildered glance, the look enticing a lowly chuckle from her, “I think you’ve been pining after me long enough, Y/N.”
This time it was your turn to pinch your brows together at the words. She’d known this entire time the evolving crush you’d had for her like a young child, and she’d toyed with that knowledge. You wanted to dispute that, or at least criticize her for taunting you this long when she knew damn well how you felt. Instead, you yelped at the way she tugged you along her path, dragging you back towards the elevator. You couldn’t deny yourself the luxury of casting Banner a short glance, looking like a wounded puppy which almost made you feel guilty.
“Where- where are we going?” You tried, struggling to keep up briefly behind her long and quick strides. A breath left your lungs as you finally drew in air once she stopped with you at the entrance to the elevator, impatiently tapping the button before looking over her shoulder at you.
“I told you, I’m going to prove how much of me is yours,” this time her tone was serious, unwavering, and her lips were pressed into a straight line. You might’ve fallen into a trance under her gaze if it hadn’t been for the sound of the elevator chiming to announce it’s arrival. There was no moment of hesitation as the older woman tugged you into the elevator, not even giving you time to glance back to the befuddled expressions on the rest of the team before the doors slid shut.
“But, where are we-”
Natasha’s body stepped around you quickly, cutting you off as her hand immediately pressed the emergency stop on the panel. A look of confusion met her as she stepped back in front of you, again leaving you no chance of a rebuttal before her hands were cupping your jaw and her lips were slamming against yours with velocity. Your balance wavered slightly, but the hold she had on your jaw practically kept you upright as you whined into the kiss. A faint taste of blood drifted over your tongue, but instead of inciting pain, it only made the drive of pleasure in you increase.
With your face firmly in her grasp, she began to step backwards, leading you along with her. Your feet struggled briefly, momentarily forgetting how to walk adequately before you were able to move along with her. You briefly took control, ushering her further back even when she tried to stop in the middle, not stopping until her back crashed against the back wall of the elevator. A gasp leapt from her lungs which you took advantage of eagerly by thrusting your tongue between her lips. The action rewarded you with a moan from the assassin that fell muffled into your mouth as your tongue swiped across hers. You wanted to repeat the sentiment when her taste rolled across your tastebuds, but you restrained yourself.
Your hand snaked down between you both, reaching vicariously for the bottom hem of her t-shirt. A laugh reverberated in Natasha’s chest, falling into your lips as she dropped her hands from your jaw to help you. She pulled the shirt off quickly, discarding the clothing item carelessly into the corner, hungrily cupping your face between her palms once again. The satisfaction of you in her grasp didn’t last though, pulling back to break the kiss as your lips ghosted down the side of her neck. A slow breath receded between Natasha’s lips, somewhere between a moan and a sigh, as you continued to trail your lips lower down and over her collarbones towards her breasts.
“Y/N-” the purr of your name falling across her tongue, and the feeling of her stare dropping down to watch you, only made your stomach churn in impatience. Your fingers worked to pull down the thin lace of her bra, silently appreciating the fact it was so easy to pull to the side. Her fingers forfeited to tangle back in your y/h/c strands as you took her nipple between your lips, earning a low groan of satisfaction from the older woman. You sucked back sporadically, gingerly using your teeth to scrape along the soft tissue and grinning at the involuntary jerk of Natasha pushing her chest closer against your mouth.
“Fuck…” the curse rolled off of her tongue as she pressed her head back against the wall of the elevator. Your tongue wrapped around the hardened bud, dropping your hand to now push under the waistband of her slacks. There was something particularly alluring about Natasha being in business casual wear, and right now, you were ever so appreciative of it. Your fingers dauntingly moved further down, clenching your jaw sharply at the realization that she wasn’t wearing any panties. A wicked grin crept across Natasha’s lips at knowing of the discovery you’d made, but as she moved to speak, your fingers ghosted along her slit, a moan ripping free from her throat at the touch.
Your fingers continued along her, gliding with ease at the thick coating of her slick. Any suspicions you had of Natasha being attracted to you in this moment were gone, feeling her practically dripping without even having touched her in the way she truly desired. Your lips abandoned her breast briefly, brushing your lips against the warmth of tanned skin as you spoke, “God- you’re soaked, mommy.”
The name caught you both abruptly off guard, your cheeks flushing in warmth as a shade of red sprawled across them. Natasha’s focus snapped down to scan over you, and at first you thought she was going to pull back, but when you felt her hips roll down to grind against your palm, any worry was sated. Her teeth hooked over her bottom lip, pupils nearly blown out in lust as a smug grin grew on her face. “Mommy, hm?”
You nodded shallowly, completely enthralled by the older woman who was helplessly grinding along your palm for any helpful friction. A whimper sounded in your chest when her hand clamped around your wrist, removing it from her pants and gently pushing it back in your direction. Your eyes watched her cautiously, thinking maybe she’d had enough, but as her fingers worked at the zipper on her slacks, you only felt the heat between your legs grow.
“You’re going to make mommy come then... okay sweetheart?” Her tone was coarse, deeper than it usually came across as she shimmied out of the slacks, letting them fall around her ankles before kicking them back to where her discarded shirt sat in the corner. Seeing her nearly nude in front of you, minus her bra, was sending you into a spiral. It was one thing to drool over Natasha Romanoff in her Black Widow garb, but seeing her completely exposed in front of you was a whole different ball game.
“Yes...” you quipped, nodding almost too enthusiastically as she returned her grip to sink through your hair with an approving chuckle. A slight pull against your hair brought you to your knees, and back towards her hot centre, feeling the heat practically radiating against your lips. You involuntarily whined as you felt her hook one of her legs over your shoulder, pressing her heel to the small of your back to keep you locked in place.
Whatever hesitancy you had left was void now, leaning in to let your lips traverse upwards along the inside of her thighs. As you continued upwards, you slowed the kisses at the crook of her thigh, just shy of where she wanted you most. Occasionally as you kiss along the spot, your nose would brush along her slit, causing her to pull you closer towards her, growling in a soft warning, “Stop teasing, детка [baby].”
You cast a final glance upwards, meeting Natasha’s glare that’s locked to you, and although there was a dominance in it, there was a softness behind her eyes as well. That was enough an answer for you to continue. Without notice, you rolled the flat of your tongue upwards, pressing deeply through her folds. You couldn’t stifle the groan at the mixture of a salty and sweet taste that filled your mouth from her slick. Natasha’s heel dug faintly into your back as her head fell back again, a moan rising from her chest that bounced off the metallic walls.
The grip she held in your hair tightened, anchoring you deeper against her cunt as she ground down onto your tongue. Her moans continued to decorate the elevator space, trying your best to find your breath against her. One of your arms lifted, looping around the thigh she had lifted over your shoulder, keeping her in place, while the other used the thumb of your freehand to press a circle against her clit.
Natasha’s strength faltered, but thankful to you, the support of her being draped over your shoulder kept her in place. The feeling of her nails scratching against your scalp made you groan against her, sending a vibration through her that made another gasp of pleasure break. Your tongue pressed down further, finding her entrance and slipping in without any resistance. Her walls promptly clamped around you, trying desperately to pull your tongue deeper. She was barely ushering sounds at this point, most falling trapped in her throat between the breaths she was trying to draw in. Your eyes lingered upwards to watch her, her mouth agape to silent sounds of pleasure as her head stayed tipped back against the wall. In all your time with the team, months and months of flirting and sly retorts, you never thought you’d get to this point with Natasha Romanoff. But here she was, riding your tongue, and falling apart under your touch in the confines of a stilled elevator.
“Come on, pretty girl, more,” there was still a slight hostility of a warning behind the plea, but regardless you weren’t going to test your limits. You were far too thankful for the fact that you’d gotten to taste her at this point, that you’d do anything she wanted you to do. The hand that you had previously working at her clit dropped down, simultaneously withdrawing your tongue from her core. An unexpected groan from the emptiness played from Natasha, teasing two of your fingers along her entrance before thrusting fully into the cling of her walls, bottoming out at your knuckles.
A scream of pleasure burst from the older woman, her back faintly arching off the wall to newly adjust around your digits. You withdrew slowly, helping dwindle the sting before thrusting sharply back into her and being rewarded with a gasp as her fingers tangled into your hair.
“Right... there,” she moaned between her lips, barely giving herself a chance to breathe before more followed as you began to pump gradually in and out of her soaked cunt. “Don’t..fucking...stop,” she slurred out between broken pants and sloppy moans. The sound of fucking you with her fingers sent you into a frenzy, wanting more and more as you began to already feel her walls flutter around you.
The coil in her stomach had begun to tighten, the thigh rested on your shoulder noticeably trembling as she grew closer to the edge. Your fingers continued to vigorously thrust into her, curling deeply to strike her g-spot with intention each time. The appeal of her chasing her orgasm made you want to keep her like this, but at the same time all you wanted to do was please the redhead. You leaned back in, running the tip of your tongue in quick circles along her bundle of nerves. That was all it took to send Natasha spiraling over the edge of climax.
Her thighs immediately tightened around your head, her leg wrapped around you following suit to keep your mouth in place against her. Your fingers continued to draw in and out of, ignoring the continuous clench of her walls fluttering as she came undone around them. A smile undeniably danced across your lips, your eyes watching her up through your brows. Her orgasm spilled along your knuckles, running partially down your wrist as she writhed against you. You never thought anyone could ever look so beautiful through an orgasm, cliché or not, but Natasha had you swooning entirely as she finally began to come down from the high.
“Sh-shit…” she breathed out in a light laugh, her chin finally dipping back down to match your gaze. Her leg fell off of your shoulder, and you took the time to remove your fingers from her cunt, bringing them to your lips to clean her orgasm off of you. Your own breathing was sporadic, caught by surprise when Natasha pulled you back up by your chin to clash her lips against yours. A gentle whine emitted against her lips, giving her a chance to slip her tongue between your lips and hum at the essence of her own taste in your mouth. You both stayed like that for a few minutes, your hands trailing random shapes on her abdomen as her hands cupped your jaw in their grasp, before you both drew back.
“See, sweetheart, no need to be jealous,” Natasha mocked gently, holding your stare as her thumb swept across the corner of your jaw, “leave the turning green to Bruce.” You couldn’t contain the faint chuckle that escaped at hearing her words, a smile spreading across your lips before you found them pressed back against her own.
Sometimes- jealousy can pay off.
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asgardsladyloki · 2 days ago
I miss the days of 2012 avengers fan fiction when everyone had their own floor in the tower. I wish someone would use that universe but the more heroes come the tower just gets longer and longer. That would be hilarious. Just a universe where everyone is happy and together, I’d love to read that.
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frenchrebelfries · a day ago
Steve: you're ok with Y/N taking this 3 weeks mission?
Natasha: *scoff* I'm not a baby Steve I can live without Y/N
Steve: *sigh in relief* good because Y/N just left awhile ago. Well see you around Romanoff enjoy your week off.
*5 minutes later*
Wanda: Umm... Steve... Natasha is taking the quinjet...
Steve: What?! *took a radio* Romanoff where are you going? you don't have the authority to take the quinjet!
Natasha: I'll be joining Y/N in the mission.
Steve: but I thought-
Natasha: I'm a baby alright! *radio cuts*
Steve: ...
Wanda: ...
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abimess · a day ago
Can i request a part 2 of "She was golden, you were plastic" showing where wanda gets jealous and throws glances at reader
Hi, love! You're the second person to ask about this so I decided to really write something hahaha it's not exactly a second part though, it's just a short thing... anyway, enjoy! hahaha
You can read the first part here: She was golden, you were plastic
Wanda is the jealous type.
You knew that already, but after the two of you started openly dating, it got worse.
Right now you were beside your locker, talking to Yelena. After Nat’s sister got transferred to your school, you and she started getting along pretty well. Much to Wanda's displeasure.
When the redhead got to school and saw you and Yelena talking, both of you with wide smiles on your faces, her blood boiled.
A few seconds later your speech was cut off by hands pulling your face, lips meeting yours eagerly.
"See you around, Y/l/n," Yelena says with an amused chuckle, walking away after, and you’re unable to respond, Wanda’s mouth still on yours.
"Wanda," you say when the kiss is over, moving away from your girlfriend, "I was in the middle of a conversation."
"I know, but I missed you." The redhead retorts with a pout, and you giggle amusedly. "I missed you too, but you can't do this kind of thing, love, it's rude."
"Fine then," Wanda says, her expression turning into an intense frown, "go talk to your friend. See you later."
"Wha-wait," you say, completely confused, but the redhead is already walking away, "Wanda!" You call her, but it goes unanswered as she keeps walking away. You sigh heavily. "Shit."
The rest of the day goes uneasily.
Wanda pretends you don’t exist in all the classes you take together, her eyes only meeting yours rarely, when she glares at you.
With each passing minute you get more confused, having no idea what you’ve done wrong.
When class is finally over, you go look for Wanda, wanting more than anything to sort things out, but the girl seems to have disappeared.
"Hey, Monica," you say when you see the girl sitting in one of the bleachers, "did you see Wanda?"
"She already left." She informs you with furrowed brows, you sigh. "Are you two okay?"
"I guess I'll find out," you grumble, making the girl look even more confused, "thanks, Mon." You say with a small smile and she reciprocates. After that, you leave.
Later that day, you knock on the Maximoff residence door.
"What did you do this time?" Pietro asks amused when he opens the door for you. You roll your eyes. "I didn't do anything."
"Well, if not you then the fish filet she was stabbing at lunch did something terrible." He jokes as he lets you in and you swallow hard.
"I think she's jealous." You say as the two of you walk through the house towards Wanda's room. "Of course she is," Pietro replies with amusement, but you can’t help but feel apprehensive.
"Good luck." He wishes when you get to the door and you smile at him before he walks away. Taking a deep breath, you know on the door. “Come in!”
"Hey." You greet softly as you open the door, entering the room hesitantly. "Oh, you're here," Wanda says bitterly, her eyes glaring at you, "weren't your friend available?"
"She probably was," you reply, sitting on her bed with her, but at a safe distance, "but you're always my first option though." You add, but Wanda rolls her eyes, not looking at you. "Babe-"
"Don't call me that." She interrupts angrily, and you furrow your brows. "Why?"
"Because I'm mad at you." She answers promptly, and you raise your brows, still confused. "Why?!"
"Because I am!" She answers even angrier than before, crossing her arms and resting her back against the headboard.
That doesn’t help you at all, so you sigh, having no idea what to do. But then an idea comes to mind. "Wanna know what Yelena and I were talking about?"
"Whatever, I don't care." She replies as casually as she can, but you notice you caught her attention and try to hold back a smile at that.
"I was telling her about the gift I got you for our anniversary." You let her know and she finally looks at you, her features softening. "You remembered."
"Of course I did!" You reply promptly. "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me." You say wholeheartedly, causing a small smile to appear on Wanda’s lips, her eyes shining.
"And I was gonna give it to you next week, on the actual date. But I like it better when you're not mad at me, so I think I'll give it to you now." You tease and Wanda rolls her eyes. But she’s smiling this time, so you smile as well.
You take the small velvet box from your bag and watch with amusement as Wanda’s gaze follows the item until you hand it to her. When she opens the lid, she gasps. "It's..."
You put your hand inside your shirt, exposing the golden chain around your neck, a "W" hanging from it. "At first I had no idea what to give you, then I remembered that song you like. I want to wear his initial on a chain around my neck, not because he owns me, but 'cause he really knows me."
You quote the lyrics from the song Wanda made you listen to so many times, you pretending you didn’t like it just to annoy her. "I thought it would be a good idea." You add with a shy shrug as Wanda watches you lovingly, her eyes glistening with tears.
"It is." She says, throwing herself at you and hugging you tight. "It is, I loved it, baby, thank you." She adds, depositing several kisses along your face and you giggle softly.
When she moves away, you smile fondly. "You own me though," you say after a while, "I'm all yours."
"Good," Wanda replies promptly, making you chuckle, "I'm all yours too." She adds truthfully and you smile widely, moving closer and kissing her on the lips.
"I want you to put it on me." She says when the kiss is over, handing you the golden chain and turning her back to you right after, making you giggle. "As you wish."
When you close the clasp of the necklace, Wanda turns to face you again. "Perfect." You say, looking at your initial on her chain, and the redhead advances against you again, kissing you passionately.
"Are you still mad at me?" You ask after the kiss is over and Wanda thinks for a while, her arms still loosely wrapped around your neck, and you giggle.
"No," she answers finally, but then her smiley face turns into a warning expression, "but if you ever give more attention to that bottle blonde than to me I'll make you swallow this necklace."
"Noted." You say with amusement and Wanda bites her lower lip before moving closer to you again.
Your lips meet at a slower pace this time, making you shiver. When the redhead pulls you down towards the mattress, you smile against her lips.
Wanda may be the jealous type, but this is one of the things you like about her the most.
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Breakable Heaven (Wanda Maximoff/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hi everyone!
Happy reading, hope you all enjoy!
Summary: Pietro Maximoff has been your best friend from the very first day of college. 3 years later and he's only asked one thing of you... To not pursue his twin, Wanda, who you've never met. Her moving in is only the beginning of a cruel summer.
Warnings: Slight language, mentions of drinking
“Is this really necessary?”
A pillow connected pointedly with your face in response, your middle finger flying up as you glared at the offender. “Yes. It is. Now repeat what I just said back to me.”
Rolling your eyes, you were sure to maintain eye contact as you dramatically repeated the words back. “I, Y/n Y/ln, Pietro Maximoff’s most loyal companion of all time and platonic soulmate swear on my life to not make a move on his twin sister because of my everlasting dedication to our friendship.” Pietro coughed pointedly and you rolled your eyes again. “Because Pietro is the most awesome person I’ve ever met, and the best friend of all time and I would rather share a dorm room with Vision than betray him. Happy?”
For a moment Pietro just stared at you, his arms crossed in mock contemplation. “I could do without the attitude… run it again!” He declared dramatically.
You stood and grabbed the pillow that was beside you and repeatedly beat him with it. “I’m going to request a transfer and you’re going to be sharing a dorm with Vision!” You exclaimed between hits.
Pietro caught the pillow and pushed you off, laughing when you fell to the floor. “Request a transfer, I dare you.” He teased. “You’ll probably end up with Barton who will watch you while you sleep.”
Again, you flipped your friend off as you got to your feet. “He won’t. Yelena already told Nat to tell him to back off.” You grumbled.
“Having the girlfriend do your dirty work I see.” Pietro replied, ruffling your hair.
You shoved him. “Yelena isn’t my girlfriend, dumbass, she’s my best friend.” You countered with an eye roll.
“Excuse you, I’m your best friend.” He protested.
Biting back laughter, you continued. “Okay, she’s my best friend who’s not an idiot.”
There was brief moment of silence before Pietro spoke. “That’s it, I’m requesting the transfer. I’ll start putting up wanted posters for a new best friend tonight.”
Just as you were about to respond with another sarcastic remark a knock on the door echoed through your small dorm room. Both you and Pietro shared a glance before you both rushed to the door.
Pietro beat you by a few seconds, his hands on either side of the wall as he blocked you from the door, his expression serious as he looked down at you. “Every friend I’ve ever had has tried something with Wanda even when I beg them not to. They always pursue her and she's never interested enough and they end up hating me for it.” He began. “It wasn’t easy before but it’s different with you. I couldn’t bear to lose you, Y/n. You're too important to me.”
Each word you best friend said managed to tug harshly at your heartstrings. “I know, Piet.” You said sincerely, a hand on his arm. “I love you, okay? I’d never do anything to intentionally jeopardize our friendship.”
Unexpectedly, Pietro pulled you into a tight embrace, lifting you off the ground ever so slightly before letting you go. You couldn’t help but laugh as his carefree smile fell back into place. “That’s why you’re my best friend. I love you, too, pipsqueak.” He ruffled your hair, and you swatted his hand away. “I can’t wait for you to get to know her, I know you’ll both get along great.” He said excitedly as he turned and opened the door.
The bulky figure of your friend blocked the view as you watched arms wrap around him as he lifted who you assumed to be Wanda off her feet in the same bear hug you had been trapped in moments before.
The first sound you heard was her melodic laughter.
From that alone, it was safe to say that you were in for trouble based on the way your heart leapt at the mere sound. Though you reasoned it was probably just nerves from meeting your best friend’s twin first time. Maybe because she meant so much to him and you were nervous about making a good first impression.
Definitely just nerves.
After another few moments, Pietro placed Wanda back on her feet and moved to the side. Your heart lurched again at the sight before you.
You knew she was beautiful from the pictures Pietro had shown you, but pictures did her no justice. Cameras were clearly not physically capable of portraying just how breathtakingly beautiful this woman was. You quickly shook that away though. Not wanting to even have thoughts that broke your promise to Pietro. You quickly focused back on the moment. Not on her.
Your composure was neutral but inside, everything in your world felt like it had just been flipped on its head.
“Sister, this is my best friend and now our roommate, Y/n.” Pietro introduced with a wave of his hand.
You nodded slightly in Wanda’s direction, shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket. If the sight of her left your thoughts a mess, you knew that you had to do all you could to avoid physical contact. “Nice to meet you, Wanda. I’ve heard a lot about you.” You said casually.
Wanda smiled back at you, and it took everything you had not to swoon. “And I’ve heard plenty about you. If my brother’s stories are anything to go by, I’m certainly in for some chaos living with you two.”
“Yes, you certainly are.” You agreed with a nod and chuckle, “Bonus for you, you’ll be known for having the best roommates on campus come fall. Plus, you came at the perfect time, little Maximoff.”
Wanda made a face. “I’m only twelve minutes younger than Pietro.”
“And you’re also a few months older than Y/n here.” Pietro chimed in.
“Hey, no twin teaming up on me!” You protested.
Wanda and Pietro shrugged in unison, and you rolled your eyes in response. “Better start getting used to it.” Pietro replied.
“I usually don’t say this, but he’s right.” Wanda said with a wink, and you suddenly began rethinking your life choices. “And why is it the perfect time to get here?” she added.
You shot your friend a quick glare before turning back to face Wanda. “Because you get to help us pack up the last few pieces of our dorm and move into our wonderful new apartment.” You said in an overly enthusiastic voice.
“Lucky me.” Wanda retorted flatly.
You smirked and walked back into the door to begin gathering the last few things that were scattered around the room.
Tonight would be your first night in the new apartment that you would be sharing with Pietro and Wanda. Deciding to move off campus with your best friend was an easy decision. When he told you that his twin decided to transfer and wasn’t sure where she was going to live, it was a simple enough to offer to include her. Even if you had never met. You would do anything for your best friend and if his twin was anything like him, you knew it would be a perfect fit.
Thankfully you were all able to find an affordable apartment not far from campus with three bedrooms. It was something you had been looking forward to all year. Almost as much as all of your friends were looking forward to it since they claimed both you and Pietro could throw even better parties now.
The first of which would be happening that night even if everything still needed to be settled. Your friends could be convincing to say the least.
Just as you had moved the last of the boxes to your bedroom you heard the sound of the front door connect harshly with the wall and excited voices appear in the entry way.
“The party has arrived!” You heard your friend shout as he pushed the sunglasses to the top of his head.
You were the first one out of your room, “Stark, I swear, if there is a dent in that wall you will be paying for the security deposit we’ll be losing.” You warned.
Pietro appeared at your side with his arms crossed. “Savages, all of you.” He added in support, his tone mockingly reprimanding.
Natasha shut the door behind the group as Steve analyzed the wall. “Just a little dent. I can patch it up in no time.” The blonde man offered helpfully.
“Stark will be paying for any materials you need.” You replied, punching Tony’s shoulder.
He grumbled in protest but agreed. “Where’s the newbie?” Yelena asked, wandering out of your kitchen with a handful of grapes.
“Sure, help yourself, Yelena. Make yourself comfortable.” Pietro muttered sarcastically.
Yelena shrugged, “That was always the deal at your dorm. Right, Y/n?”
Pietro looked at you expectantly and you shrugged as Yelena leaned against you and you wrapped an arm around her on reflex. “She has a point.”
“And you complain about me teaming up against you.” Pietro mumbled as he flipped you off. Both you and Yelena returned the gesture playfully.
“Back to the question we’ve all been asking. Where is the cooler twin?” Natasha repeated with a smirk. “We’re in desperate need of a replacement Maximoff.”
“I hate all of you. Why am I even friends with any of you?” Pietro deadpanned, flipping the collective group off. Everyone laughed. “Sister, your presence is being requested!”
A moment later, Wanda walked out, her eyes lingering on you for a moment longer than necessary. You liked to think you were just imaging it as the arm you had comfortably wrapped around Yelena twitched slightly, fighting the urge to fall back to your side.
Almost as if you were caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing. It was ridiculous. You barely knew Wanda. Knew nothing about her and Yelena was one of your best friends, there was nothing to be guilty for.
Wanda was just your best friend’s sister.
The words looped like a mantra in your mind as you broke eye contact with the other woman, your gaze naturally returning to the other occupants of the room.
“Hello.” Wanda greeted shyly with an awkward wave.
Pietro made his way over to his sister to begin the introductions. “Everyone this is my sister, Wanda. The inferior Maximoff.” He emphasized as Wanda smacked his shoulder. “Wanda, these are the village idiots.” Everyone protested as he gestured broadly to the group standing before them.
“If we’re idiots that makes you idiot supreme.” You countered as you moved to stand next to Wanda. “Since your brother is the worst at introductions, allow me. We have Tony, Pepper, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, and Sam.” You said going down the line as each person replied with a quick greeting.
A cough caught your attention and you fought back a smile, knowing exactly what was coming. “Forgetting something?” the voice grumbled.
“Oh! And I guess this is Yelena.” You added with a laugh, the other woman shoving you in annoyance.
Pietro leaned down slightly to pretend to whisper in Wanda’s ear but loud enough to ensure that the rest of the room heard him. “Yelena is Y/n’s future wife.” Wanda shifted, her gaze immediately falling away from you.
“Uh… With Y/n’s track record? No thanks.” Yelena replied playfully. “Besides, we’ve tried a few times. Not for us.”
“I resent that.” You grumbled. “And are you saying my performance was anything less than extraordinary? Because I’d be more than willing to satisfy your complaints if it was.” You added with a wiggle of your eyebrows.
“Okay, okay. Enough about my little sister’s sex life.” Natasha groaned; her face scrunched in disgust. “New topic.”
Laughter filled the room, one voice in particular absent from the group and you couldn’t help but look over at Wanda, her curious eyes once again on you. You quickly looked away. “Romanoff is right, new topic and more importantly… I think we’ve been sober long enough!” Tony declared.
“Shots!” Sam added excitedly as he rushed into the kitchen, pulling along a reluctant Bucky and Steve.
The rest of the night past in a blur, the gathering was small but with this group things always managed to get out of hand. Though exhaustion did manage to kick in a few hours later. No one even noticed when you began throwing the various shots Sam and Tony kept handing you down the sink.
The distracted nature of the group increased even more when Pietro moved the couches against the wall, drunkenly declaring the start of a game you didn’t understand. You took the declaration as your best chance for some fresh air without interruption and quietly snuck out the front door and down the stairs of the complex into the cool night air.
As you wandered around the building you paused in front of a gate, the community garden hidden behind the walls of iron and vines. It was the best place for peace.
The gates opened silently as you wandered in. From the outside, the garden was so unassuming, but inside the sight was quite the view. The archways wrapped in vines; the ground littered with dozens of rose bushes, encasing you in a green oasis. In your haze of exhaustion, it might have been the most breathtaking sight you had ever seen, and you couldn’t have been more content that this haven was a part of your new home.
You settled into a bench that was off to the side of the path, your eyes closing as you relished in the moment of tranquility.
“Looks like I wasn’t the only one to sneak out.” You heard a voice say, your heart leaping into your throat once again as Wanda settled beside you, so close that even the slightest movement would leave her pressed against your side.
Suddenly the garden dulled in comparison, and you forced yourself to look at the flowers before you rather than at the work of art that was by your side. She was the most breathtaking sight. No contest.
“Just needed some fresh air.” You mumbled absently.
“Same here. Pietro tends to get carried away.” Wanda replied and you hummed in response.
The silence that settled between you was awkward and stilted but you feared that the second you let down your defenses, allowed her any closer everything you had built would come crashing down. The most important promise you made would crumble like dust in the wind.
Even if the attraction was one sided you couldn’t let it grow. You needed to stamp it out. That meant keeping her at arms distance until you figured it out.
“You know, Pietro has always spoke so highly of you. I told him he was lucky to have found a best friend in his first roommate. I didn’t really talk to mine.” Wanda recounted softly after several minutes of uncomfortable silence.
“I was the one that got lucky to be paired with him.” You admitted, your voice earnest. “He’s the best friend I’ve ever had… Even if he is annoying most of the time.” You added, your lips quirking up in a small smirk.
Wanda giggled. “You know, when he signed up for co-ed dorms, he thought something would eventually happen with his roommate.”
“Oh, trust me, I know. He tried during our orientation week. I think he realized pretty early on he wasn’t my type.” You informed her with a laugh.
Wanda laughed along with you, and you felt the nerves under your skin buzz with excitement from the sound. “Oh yeah? What is your type then?” She asked boldly, her head titled in amusement.
Suddenly you couldn’t look away, like you were prisoner to her gaze. You chose to answer with sincerely. “My type is... Someone who moves me. Who makes me question if I had really been living before, you know?” Wanda nodded, her lips curling up slightly and you hated the way your eyes were immediately drawn to the action. “What’s yours?”
For a moment she seemed to contemplate the question, as you processed the fact that she was suddenly close enough that you could see every speck of color in her emerald eyes. “Someone I look forward to… Who I know I would do anything to be with... Who I need to be with.”
You swallowed thickly, every fiber of your being telling you to move. To get closer. As close as you could. “Have you found that yet?” You eventually managed to get out.
“I think I’m waiting for it to find me.” Wanda’s voice dropped to a whisper, mere inches between you both as you fought against the magnetic force you felt pulling you closer and closer to her.
There was something so delicate about the moment. So ethereal and frail. A breakable heaven.
Her lips were almost brushing against yours, the feeling of being around her was intoxicating. There had never been a high like being in her presence and you would never be able to pull away. Not when she was right... There.
“Hey! There you are! We’ve been looking all over for you!” As if being awoken from a trance, you sprung away from Wanda to the opposite side of the bench, cursing yourself for even entertaining the idea of giving in to temptation.
You both looked up to see Pietro leaning out of the window of the apartment, his expression still encompassed in a drunken bliss. You had never been more relieved to see him so plastered. “Are you two done being lame? We’re starting a new game!” He shouted, his eyes widening when a neighbor shouted at him to shut up.
Wanda turned to look at you, her eyes sparkling with an unspoken question. “Go. I’ll be up in a few minutes.” You told her flatly. All she managed was a small nod before walking off, her figure disappearing behind the garden gates moments later. You let out a heavy breath.
All it took was one day with Wanda to know that you were in for a cruel summer.
And that is all folks! In case anyone was wondering, it is indeed inspired by Cruel Summer by the queen herself, Taylor Swift. This story is set to have 4 chapters. With most of it already written out I think I'll space it out to once a week, maybe twice depending on how my writing goes.
As always, thoughts and comments always welcome :)
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honeyedtulips · 2 days ago
lovin' you
Tumblr media
*image above is not mine*
pairing: wanda maximoff x reader ♡
genre: fluffy headcanons ♡
summary: headcanons of dating wanda maximoff ♡
word count: 607 ♡
a/n: thank you for this request! i hope you all enjoy this! the song is lovin' you by minnie riperton if you’d like to listen while you read. have a great day, my angels! remember that you are full of many beautiful things! ♡
♡ wanda is the softest girlfriend
♡ she's so cuddly and sweet
♡ loves holding your hands
♡ she's obsessed with your hands
♡ whenever you touch her, even just rubbing her back, she melts
♡ whenever you hold her hand, you can feel a cute little spark of her powers everytime
♡ its like a little pop of electricity, but it doesn't hurt
♡ it actually tickles
♡ its like her magic is nuzzling against you and then it disappears
♡ it only happens for like a split second, but its adorable that it happens nearly every single time that you two hold hands
♡ she loves to bake for you too!!
♡ whatever you like, from brownies to blueberry muffins, she'll make it
♡ she likes it when you join her in the kitchen
♡ she'll put on some romantic music and cheesy love songs
♡ and kiss your nose when you help her stir the batter
♡ of course, she'll flick some flour on you too, just to have a little fun
♡ and then when you start to fight back and throw food at her, she'll cheat and use her powers
♡ sometimes, you two will join in the kitchen and bake when wanda can't sleep
♡ or if she's just woken up from a particularly upsetting nightmare
♡ you'll be able to tell just by the look on her face that she doesn't want to be alone and that she's very upset
♡ so, you'll gather her in your arms and take her to the kitchen
♡ there you two will quietly bake something, usually muffins (wanda loves to eat muffins the most in the middle of the night, mostly strawberry or blueberry)
♡ soft music will play in the background
♡ and while she quietly sings, you'll give her a sweet back hug and hum along
♡ soft, gentle kisses melt onto your lips as she whispers how much she loves you, how much she adores you, how much she needs you
♡ she also loves movie nights with you
♡ the two of you can go from animal/nature documentaries to romantic comedies
♡ the whole time she's buried beneath a blanket while she sits beside you, her head softly nesting on your shoulder
♡ when something funny or cute happens, she'll clutch your wrist and laugh
♡ you think it's adorable how she always touches you when something happens, showing you that no matter what happens, you're always on her mind
♡ the same thing happens at parties or events
♡ whenever something hilarious or weird happens, her eyes always quickly roam around to find yours
♡ and if you're not there, she'll tell you later on that you were the first person she thought of to tell
♡ wanda decides to propose to you nearly three years after dating
♡ she decides to do it on the 1000th day anniversary of your relationship
♡ she makes the cutest ring with her powers
♡ it has your favorite colors on one side and hers on the other
♡ and the most shiny, sparkling star-shaped diamond on the top
♡ she sets up a romantic candlelit dinner in the garden
♡ seated beside a small cluster of roses
♡ with a finished plate of what was once your favorite dish sitting on the table
♡ wanda drops down to one knee
♡ her sparkly red dress glitters in the moonlight
♡ and she presents a black box
♡ the ring sits inside, waiting to be unveiled
♡ she gives you a long, heartfelt speech about how much she loves you
♡ she nearly sobs in the middle of it
♡ when she finally shows you the ring and asks you to marry her, both of your eyes are red from tears
♡ of course, you say yes
♡ how could you love anyone else in this big world of endless space
♡ when wanda exists?
honeyedtulips x♡🌷
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scarlet-witxh · a day ago
bottom!Wandanat x reader NSFW headcanons
Requested: yes 
AN: 18+ only, minors dni.
Tumblr media
They both like to try and tease you (Natasha more than Wanda) knowing it doesn't work and you’ll only punish them later for it 
While they aren’t the best at teasing you, you tease them all the time, always whispering things to them at inappropriate times or not letting them cum when you’ve been edging them for awhile
Natasha likes being degraded while Wanda likes being praised, so you find a way to do both in the same sentence
“Nat, stop being such a whore, why don't you be a good girl like Wanda?” 
 If one of them misbehaves, to punish them, you’ll make them watch while you fuck the other, completely acting like they aren’t in the room or constantly asking them if wish it was them you were fucking
Sex tends to stay in your shared bedroom but sometimes during Tony’s parties you’ll sneak off to the closet room you can find and take them both
For a while, Wanda tried to use her powers during sex to try and tease both you and Natasha, so you asked Bruce to design handcuffs that would limit her powers though you never told him why you needed them
Natasha is always sending nudes to your group chat, even during missions when you aren’t together, Wanda follows and sends some of her own, and even when you tell them to stop, they don’t listen and instead send some they took together the last time you were away 
When you get back from the mission, you avoid them, their punishment being no sex until you’ve decided they had suffered enough, which is usually a week 
Neither of them lasts very long after that week, you’re always rougher than normal when that happens and neither of them can walk properly the next day
When they go on missions together and you have to stay back, you always get them back, sending your own pictures and even videos knowing they won’t be able to do anything while they are working
They come home, begging for you to fuck them, which you listen to, thinking they had waited long enough
 You all have your own floor at the compound, which you’re grateful for, there’s less of a chance someone will walk in on you and you’re able to have sex outside of the bedroom
 Wanda likes having her hair pulled while Nat likes having marks left on her body
 Your favorite position is when someone is sitting on a table or counter (Nat) while the other is bent over, eating them out (Wanda) while you fuck them from behind
Another position thats used often is someone laying down on the bed (Wanda) getting eaten out by the other who on their hands and knees (Nat) getting fucked from behind 
 Wanda whines the most, but Natasha has the louder moans, it’s another reason you’re glad to have the whole floor to yourselves 
 It happens very rarely when Wanda and Natasha are more in control but you’re telling them what to do, if they do it wrong they get punished (depending on their moods, they will purposely not listen to you)
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Wanda: Didn’t your last girlfriend, like, steal your Rolex and sell it for drug money?
Pietro: So? I don’t need a phone and a watch.
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rebeliz777 · a day ago
A few lines at the time - II
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader / Yelena Belova x Reader
Tumblr media
The rest of the day is a whirlwind of activity. Pepper arranges for a team to pack and deliver all your belongings into your apartment in the Compound. Not that you have the time to let that little fact sink in, you’re actually moving into the Avengers’ Compound. 
Elizabeth returns with Jack, another one of the magazine's attorneys and you study your contract and what it entails on a deeper level. She asks relentlessly about your sunglasses, but you refuse to take them off claiming a headache. 
You find out that you’ll have an editor to review your pieces, and Anna herself holds the power to veto or approve what goes to publishing. 
Pepper will also be involved in the process, and a member of the team that has yet to be selected. It all seems very reasonable to you, so you have no objections about it. 
The last appointment of your day is with Happy Morgan, Stark Industries Head of Security, who takes you around the Compound introducing you to the staff that works and lives among the group of heroes, and he also gives you a list of the places you'll need to be wary of. 
By the time you’re finally back on your floor it’s already seven fifteen, and although you’re tired to your bones you still have a dinner to attend to, so you quickly jump in the shower. 
You tug at the sweater you’ve chosen to wear as you look at your reflection in the mirror. Tony said to look casual, reminding you that you’re home now and no one is really expecting you to show up in a cocktail dress, or anything of the sort. This is a private dinner in the general kitchen downstairs, but you still want to look nice when you meet the rest of the Avengers. 
Your eye is bruised and your cheek has gone from a reddish faint color to a light purple shade, a not so nice reminder that Natasha Romanoff really did knock you out earlier. 
Checking the time you notice is almost eight, and you make your way out of the front door. 
You’re nervous, so much so that your stomach is tied in knots, but you take a couple of deep breaths and head towards the elevator. 
Much sooner than you’d have liked the elevator comes to a stop, and the only thing left to do is take a deep breath and take this bull by the horns, or whatever that saying is. 
“There she is.” Tony announces when you round the corner and enter the kitchen, and you’re once again mesmerized by this place. 
The kitchen is easily bigger than your old entire apartment was, and it’s connected to a dining room that holds a large table in the center of it and a few lounge couches close to the windows. 
Shockingly, that’s not what surprises you the most, although there’s a lot to be admired because this is designed by and for one of the wealthiest men alive. What really catches you by surprise is the dynamic between the world’s mightiest heroes itself. 
“Hi.” You wave when everyone turns to look at you, due to Tony’s announcement. Every single person in the room greets you back from their spots, while Tony walks over to you and offers you his arm to escort you around.
“Smells amazing here.” You notice and he smiles. 
“Maximoff is a great cook.” He nods while he looks you up and down. “Casual chic. I like your style.” He tells you as he walks you to the dining area first. 
“Why, thank you. I kinda wish I could say the same.” He laughs as you eye him up and down too. He’s wearing sweats and a Led Zeppelin shirt that’s seen better days. 
“Uh oh.” Sam Wilson says as you approach the table, where there’s a poker game happening. “She gets along with Tony. I smell trouble already.”
“Calm your feathers, Sammie.” Tony tells him with a gentle smile. “I have a feeling she’ll get along with just about everyone.”
“When you say just about everyone--” Natasha lets her sentence hang in the air.
“I mean except specifically you.” Tony nods his head, and that pulls a laugh out of you. 
“I mean, I hold no hard feelings for what happened.” You clarify quickly, to what she grins and looks around the table with precaution before meeting your stare again. 
The action makes you think of a child that’s being forced to do something that they don’t want to do, but has to.
“I’m sorry. I hope you know it was an honest accident.” She apologizes, leaving you once again, speechless. Just when you think you have her figured out, she goes and proves you wrong. 
You never thought she’d apologize in front of everyone else, but you couldn’t have been more wrong. Forced or not, although a little voice in the back of your head reminds you that this is the Black Widow, and you can’t think of a person who’d have the power to force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.
“That's Barnes.” Tony introduces you, and he looks up with a kind smile. 
“James Buchanan Barnes,” he says as he runs a hand through his long hair to push it back. “But you can call me Bucky, everyone does.”
“And you can call me anything you want.” Sam Wilson says, pulling a laugh out of you. 
“I’ll stick with feathers then.” You tell him in jest, gaining a few laughs from everyone else. “Sam, was it?”
“Yes.” He nods as he reaches out to shake your hand. 
“Geez, Nat.” James Barnes says, as he takes another card from the stock resting on the table. “You just had to intimidate her, not actually punch the writer in the face.”
“That was a bad call.” Sam agrees. “She has the power to make you or break you, on paper of course.”
“So what I’m getting here is that there was an actual talk and an agreement to intimidate me before you even met me.” You conclude, and Steve Rogers chokes on his drink, much to everyone’s amusement. 
“Intimidate, yes.” Yelena says, as she takes a seat beside Natasha. “No one ever agreed on the black eye though.”
“Noted.” You nod, and she winks at you. 
“Told you it wouldn’t matter.” She reminds you, and although you’ve never been a shy person per se, you can feel your face blushing under her particular attention. 
That actually happened, and it’s clear now that she was flirting before just as she is now. 
“Dinner is almost ready,” Bruce says as he approaches the table with a kind smile directed at you. “I hope they’re not scaring you too much.”
“I’m fine.” You return his smile. “We met earlier.” You tell Tony when he sends you a look. 
“That’s good.” Bruce moves on. “Come on, guys. Help set the table, please.”
Again, you watch everyone move and do something. They’re like a well oiled machine, working together. Yelena picks up the cards while Sam and Bucky take care of the coins and drinks. Natasha and Steve are picking up the plates and napkins from the cabinets while Bruce goes back to the kitchen. 
“Come on.” Tony gives you a knowing look, but you take his offered arm one more time in contemplative silence. 
“Hi.” Peter Parker smiles at you from where he’s currently mixing up a salad. 
“You met already?” Tony asks, just as Clint Barton comes to you with a smile on his lips. 
“We did, earlier in the gym.” He answers for you, and for a moment you’re caught watching them work.
Everyone moves around each other easily and comfortably, and you realise that you really are watching a family prepare for a normal dinner at home. For a moment, only for a flitting moment, you forget who they are and what they represent, or the incredible things they can do as a whole. 
These people have protected earth time after time, they’re heroes to the world and the universe, but here? Here they’re just a family getting ready to dine. 
“The only one left then is our lovely chef.” Tony’s voice pulls you out of your head, and you blink yourself back to this moment. “Wanda Maximoff, meet the writer.”
You chuckle at his flourish, and offer your actual name when the chef turns to look at you. 
“Nice to meet you.” Wanda Maximoff smiles kindly at you, and you -quite literally- lose your breath. 
It’s not that you didn’t know what she looks like, you’ve seen the pictures and countless of videos of her online, you didn’t live under a rock after all. But to say that the cameras don’t do justice to her beauty would be a gross understatement. 
She’s gorgeous, hands down the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in person. 
And she has an accent too. 
“Likewise.” You smile, and next she hands you a large plate containing pork ribs. Your favorite.  
“Help me take this to the table?” She asks, and you’re still nodding when she turns around to pick up a second plate with more ribs. 
"I have to admit, I didn't expect you to be like this." She says when she meets your eyes again.
"Like what?" You ask, feeling like a teenager all over again under her pretty smile. 
"Well, kinda cute. Even with the black eye."
You swallow with difficulty, while she grins and walks over to the table, where everyone is already waiting for the food.
Did she just--she did. She did.
And that’s how you meet Wanda Maximoff.
Dinner is relatively normal. The boys fight for the bigger ribs on the plates, and Natasha has to intervene to rail them back in, much like an older sister would do. 
Tony takes over most of the talking, but Clint and Sam meet his cocky comments with playful jabs that make him think twice about the next thing he’s going to say. 
That is, of course, until the conversation naturally gravitates towards you. 
“So, you’re gonna start writing right away?” Steve asks you, and his attempt at being subtle about it endeers him to you in a sense. 
“No, not right away.” You admit. “I kinda want to get to know you guys a bit better, before I begin ‘spreading the tea’ about you to the world.”
You catch Wanda's subtle laugh at hearing your words, but the boys mean business, you can already tell. 
“Like one on one sessions?” Bucky, like he asked you to call him, asks you while all the attention shifts towards you. Not that you mind, tonight is about getting to know you and you were expecting a certain level of curiosity from their part about the work you were hired to do. 
“Why you ask, you wanna go first?” You retort, and you’re taken aback by how quickly his face gets as red as a tomato. The guys laugh at his obvious bashfulness, while you offer him a sincere apologetic smile. “I was thinking more like just hanging out with you guys when you’re free, and we’ll take it from there.”
“In that case,” Yelena says. “I wanna go first.”
With that settled, the conversation moves along rather quickly. Something about Clint jumping a fence because of a dare, not that you can pay the necessary attention because although Yelena is not sitting next to you, she seems to hold you hostage to her magnetic stare. 
Red wine is served, dishes are pushed to the side and you quickly learn how playful this group of people really gets after dinner. 
The boys take turns teasing Peter, not that nthe youngest in the group is shy in meeting their teasing right on. It comes to a point where he calls Bucky ‘grandpa’ and it goes downhill from there. The grandpa jokes don’t let up for the rest of the night. 
“Belova’s turn.” Sam says with a laugh. “Her favorite task in the whole wide world.”
“Fuck you, Sam.” She flips him off, making the table erupt in laughter, since she’s not really upset. 
Dish duty. They have turns for it, which means every single person does the dishes at least once a week, and that’s something that the world definitely needs to know about, you decide. 
“I’ll help you.” Steve offers, and off they go to clean up the dishes. 
“Let me refill your glass.” Wanda offers as everyone stands up from the table. 
“Thank you.”
She smiles and you’re once again caught in her, even as you bid goodnight to the ones that are going to bed, or in Bruce’s case, back to his lab. 
You already have an idea of what your first piece of writing will be, and you begin to feel a little less anxious about the job. 
“Here you go.” Wanda comes back with your glass of wine and one for herself, plus another breathtaking smile. “I was gonna have this on the balcony, care to join me?”
“Sure.” You nod fast and she chuckles lightly, much to your degrim. There’s no way this woman doesn’t know the effect she’s having on you, but you’re not complaining.
Looking over your shoulder, you catch Yelena’s eyes and the small smile she sends your way before you follow Wanda out. 
“So what’s the verdict?” She asks, after you’ve settled on two lounge chairs on the balcony and have had your first sip of delicious wine. 
The question is light enough, but you’re once again forced to meet her eyes. It’s unfair, you think, how layback and cool she seems, while your mind reels with thoughts of her in very inappropriate scenarios. 
“On what exactly?” You counter back, keeping your tone light as well and when she takes two seconds to answer, you go back to look at the stars shining high above you. The view is amazing out here, and you have to admit that as far as favorite spots in the Compound goes, this balcony might have just become yours. 
“You’ve met us,” she says, pulling your attention back. “You must have an opinion. I wanna hear it.”
Looking at her, you’re finally able to see a little apprehension in her eyes. She’s nervous, but unwilling to let you see it fully for whatever reason. 
You try putting yourself in her shoes, in their shoes, for a second and you think about what your presence here truly means. 
How would you feel if a stranger moved into your house with the whole purpose of watching you and your family interact, just so she can write an article about it for a world wide known magazine? 
You’d be nervous, and surely you’d try to show your best face. But you’d be angry too, perhaps feel betrayed that the world you fight endlessly to protect is forcing you to share your privacy with it. 
How much more do they as ‘heroes’ have to give up for the world to trust them? 
“I came here with zero expectations. This morning I was unemployed, and tonight I’ll be sleeping in the Avengers’ Compound.”
She studies you for a moment, but she must find something in your expression that she likes because she smiles again, and takes another sip of her wine. 
“You seem to fit right in,” she says after a beat. “That rarely happens.”
“What do you mean?” You ask with a light laugh. “How many writers have you guys already scared away?”
“Two.” She answers, and your brain comes to a halt. “You didn’t know this.”
“Anna said--” you stop yourself, and the smile on her face turns more sincere. 
“You’re the first that Anna’s sent, if that makes you feel better.”
“It does, actually. Thank you. I’d hate to feel like a second choice.” 
You don’t know it now, but those words will come back to haunt you in the future.  
“Tell me about the last writer you scared away.” You ask her, and she sits on her side, to be able to look at you fully. 
“The first one made it to dinner, but everyone was put off when she pulled out a little notebook and started taking notes about us. In front of us.” 
“Oh, no.” You laugh, and she rolls her eyes in good humor. 
“It went downhill from there, no one even made it to dessert.”
“I bet. Thank God I left my little notebook in my room then. Imagine the trauma.” You joke, and she laughs along with you. 
“It wasn’t only that,” she continues. “She wasn’t comfortable, like I don’t know - ”
“She didn’t fit in.” You offer and she nods. 
“She really didn’t.” 
She smiles softly, probably remembering what she told you earlier and if you blush under her gaze, it can’t be held against you. 
“What about the second one?” You quickly ask her, not willing to let her intense stare get to you any further than it already has. 
“Oh, I never met the second one. He didn’t make it past Natasha’s welcome wagon in the lobby.”
You laugh to yourself as you think that over. You can see that clearly happening. 
“Ok, be honest with me.” You move to sit on the edge of your chair as well, if only to be able to look right at her when she answers what you’re about to ask. “How crazy am I for taking this job?”
“Pretty crazy.” She answers without missing a beat, but she also reaches out to grab your hand reasurengly. “You treated us like people, like normal people, and that’s already an upgrade.”
How fucked up are people in general? You wonder. It’s really not that hard to be a decent human being. 
You can’t expect greatness from someone all the time, that’s not admiration or even respect, that’s a longlife sentence. 
“It really isn’t.” You disagree, which prompts her to squeeze your hand before letting go. 
“We have what we have, when we have it.” She says, repeating something that in her lips sounds like she’s said it over a thousand times. 
“That’s--something.” You decide on, and by this point her smile is quickly becoming one of your favorite sights too. 
“She really got you, didn’t she?” She points to your bruise, and you shrug lightly. 
“I find it fitting that I was punched on my first day here, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Things are a little different now that Yelena is here. Lighter in a way. Natasha would have never done that before.” She says all of this with a thoughtful expression on her face, which your brain immediately decides to put together. 
What you saw in the morning and during dinner, made it clear that Natasha is somewhat of an older sister figure to Yelena, which must make Wanda think of her famous late brother. 
“Ok, I have to ask.” You declare, just when you feel like her mood might be going down. “What is the story behind the hole in --”
“No one mentions the hole in the ceiling.” She cuts you off, although you catch the smile that she’s trying to contain. “But seriously, don’t bring it up around Natasha. She’s a bit sensitive about it.”
“Oh, come on!” She stands up, taking your empty glass from your hands. “That’s not fair.”
“I’m just trying to look out for you. Trust me.” She tells you and the weird thing is, you believe her. 
You walk back inside the dining room, and you notice that Yelena and Steve are no longer in the kitchen and everything is looking spotless. 
“So, about this one on one time?” She prompts as she makes for the dishwasher, and you follow her. 
“What about it?” You shrug casually. 
“Sign me up for the day after tomorrow.” She tells you with a hint of cockiness that you instantly feel drawn to. That was really hot. Confidence in a woman who looks like that? 
“I’ll show you a thing or two that might strike your writing muse.”
The way you feel inclined to just lean forward and kiss her catches you by surprise, and you take a step back from her. 
“Looking forward to it.” You swallow, and her eyes fall on your lips before she turns around to walk out. 
“Good night.” She calls out, only barely looking over her shoulder one last time. “It was very nice to meet you.”
You want to say it back, but your traitorous tongue is tied at the moment, and you just limit yourself to watch her leave. 
No, you tell yourself. You can’t go there, you won’t go there. You wouldn’t be breaching your contract or anything, but you can’t. 
You won’t. 
You just won’t.
In the privacy of your room, you go straight to your laptop and write down a few points that you’ll want to elaborate on your piece for the magazine. You can always unpack tomorrow. 
If you pull this off the way your optimistic brain is encouraging you to, then this whole thing might just work out in the end. 
You meet Yelena in the kitchen, like you two planned last night during dinner. 
“You’re late.” She says when you walk inside, her eyes not even on you but on the green watch around her wrist. 
“It’s seven sharp.” You disagree. “Seven.” You deadpan, and she looks up with a scrunchy smile that you respond to immediately. 
“Not a morning person, I see.” She nods, and motions for you to follow her. “Everyone is an early riser here.”
“What kind of hell did I descend into?” You dramatically wonder out loud, and she’s laughing when she turns to look at you and takes up walking backwards down a hallway that you totally missed last night. 
“Superheros, baby.” She tells you with a pretty grin that you really wouldn’t mind seeing everyday. 
Her whole personality is something that you wouldn’t really mind to be surrounded by that often. She’s energetic, has a pretty contagious laugh and a dry sense of humor that just makes you feel light. 
Shaking your head, you take a deep breath as you follow her.
“So what does Yelena Belova do on a normal day?” You ask her, and she rolls her eyes. Good thing that you’re not the only dramatic one here. 
“Are you really going to do that?” She retorts, as she falls in step beside you and you enter a large bridge that unites two -even larger- buildings. 
“Do what?” You ask her distractedly. Looking up and down around you, you notice how big the lobby on the bottom of this bridge is. 
“The bridge connects the living quarters with the training facility,” she tells you. “I meant the questions, are you going to ask them all day?”
“How else am I gonna get to know you then?” You tell her, and she rolls her eyes again. “You do that a lot.”
“Beats punching you in the face though.” She’s quick to point out, and you fake offense. 
“I was told that was an accident.” You remind her, and she nods, but doesn’t let up the amused smile on her lips. 
“My sister rarely does anything by accident. You should write that down.”
She walks past you, leaving you to huff on your own and also reeling about the information she’s just revealed. 
“She won’t punch me again though, right?” You jog to catch up to her, and she’s full on laughing now. 
“I don’t think so, no.” She shakes her head while holding a glass door open for you to walk through. 
“I’m asking because although I try to stay fit, I know that I wouldn’t survive a throwdown with your sister. I just know it.”
“Well, not many people can.” She grins, and you’re pretty sure that you’ve gone pale. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you if she tries anything.”
She winks, and you lean back as she walks by you again. Did she just--? She did. And did you just get flustered because of a wink? You definitely did.   
But no. This is your job, you’re going to be living here for the foreseeable future and there’s no way in hell that you’re jeopardizing the best working opportunity you’ve encountered like this. 
But she’s definitely flirting with you, right? She is, and dang it! She’s just too cute for you to ignore. 
Feedback is appreciated:
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tati3001 · 2 days ago
Ocean Breeze [I]
Summary: Wanda is set to marry Steve Rogers, but once she meets the Rogers family it is not Steve who catches her eyes.
Words: 1,417
Tumblr media
"WANDA, YOUR BROTHER needs you!" Iryna called her daughter, as her son coughed on the upper floor. The beaming sun poured down on the Maximoff house, streams of sunlight shined through the windows and made a clear image for the mother who was on the patio. Loud thuds were heard as the young woman ran up the stairs and towards her room. Pietro was coughing and arching, trying to get air inside his lungs.
She rubbed his back and pressed a glass of water on his lips for him to drink. Wanda maintained the movements as her brother settled down. "Better?". He nodded. "Thank you". "Come on, it's time for lunch". Talking softly she helped him stand up and walk down the stairs as he held onto her. "I want to eat outside," He said gently.
"Piet, I don't think that's a good idea..." She stopped herself as he begged her with his eyes. "Of course" She smiled. Iryna and Pietro walked behind Wanda as the girl took the plates with food towards the table. "Pietro has an announcement to make".
Wanda turned around to look at her as well did Natasha, who was filling the water jar. "We're moving to Massachusetts!" He exclaimed excitedly. "Massachusetts?" Wanda asked confused. "Such a filthy city," Iryna said. "Yes. Through an old friend of mother's inspector Michaud, I have found a job. In an office. A lowly clerk in a big company being with my own little desk".
"It sounds wonderful" Natasha smiled. "Makes no sense to me whatsoever. How are we supposed to look after you if you're gone all day?" Iryna exclaimed as Wanda set the table. "The doctor did say I should exert myself more and you do spoil me". "He's a country doctor with one dead eye. I hardly believe he knows-". "I've let you codled me all my life..." Pietro started as Nat walked towards the table.
She shared a look with Wanda as they both sat on the table at the left of Iryna. "It's time I take control of our little family" He stated as he sat down. "Well... I've often dreamed of having a small shop again" Iryna talked as Wanda exchanged plates with Natasha and they both served their food, Pietro's and Iryna's.
Her mind wandered off, as it usually did when they were at the table, and it would take her to places she knew she could never go. In which she could live freely. And deep down the thoughts tormented her, because she knew she could never leave her family. "Wanda... Dear... Wanda, dear" Iryna tapped her daughter's hand softly until she got her attention. "Yes, mother?".
"Pay attention dear" She smiled at her. "Go on, darling" She indicated Pietro. "We can move right after the wedding," He said. "Oh, who's wedding are we going to?" Natasha questioned. "Well, yours... dear" Wanda looked at Natasha in surprise as she softly laughed. "Oh, but who am I going to marry?". "Why, Pietro of course". Natasha chuckled trying to keep her smile but it was slowly fading away.
"Natasha, we don't even know who your mother was" Natasha slowly nodded. "Illegitimates have been dealt an unlucky hand. We should consider ourselves lucky that you have Pietro" He softly chuckled as Wanda took Natasha's shaking hand as the red-headed squeezed it. "And he is so excited. Oh, and you will be Madame Maximoff, just like me!" She exclaimed excitedly. "Oh dear, but you're not the only one". She said grabbing the girls' attention.
"What?". "Well, dear. Natasha will not be the only one that is going to have a wedding" She smiled. "And who am I going to marry?". "Why, Mr. Rogers of course". Wanda looked at her mother confused. "Mr. Rogers?. Who is he, mother?".
"Oh, just the son of an old family friend" The smile on Wanda's face slowly started to fade as she looked away from her mother. "Mother...". "It's the best" She smiled at Natasha who looked at Wanda worriedly. Wanda played with the neck of her dress as her mother kept muttering about the good that it will do for their family.
"The wedding will be in Massachusetts, right after we get there," She said, taking a quick look at Wanda's face. "We will be leaving next week". The Maximoff mother took the dishes away to give her children time to talk. Pietro was told to follow his mother since his cough had gotten worse. Wanda cleaned the tears from her face as Nat pull her against her and rubbed her back. "We'll be okay" She whispered passing her fingers through her hair and kissing her temple.
──✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ──
"THAT WAS A disaster" Y/n exclaimed as she entered the house. "Yes, Y/n. You ruined it again". "She didn't ruin it. They were kissing. I saw". Her sister said. "Kissing!? My god, what is wrong with you!?" Her mother exclaimed. "You're the one that keeps throwing me at these men". "I'm not throwing you". "Yes, you are. It's humiliating. You'd pawn me off on a widower, a cripple. Anyone who would take me. The whole town of Amherst knows how bad you wanna get rid of me".
"What's all this fuss?" Their father asked coming into the room. "Mother's trying to disown me again". "I was married at eighteen, Y/n. It's high time for you to get a husband". "And move out, you mean?". "Well, yes. That is what happens when a girl gets married". "Why doesn't anyone care if I get a husband?". "Y/n doesn't have to marry anyone as far as I'm concerned". The father said ignoring his other daughter.
Y/n sighed. "Thank you, dad. Jesus, at least somebody around here isn't trying to kick me out of the family". "So, you would just have her stay here in our house till kingdom come? Doing nothing all day?". "I do plenty". "Oh, like what?". "I'm the one that found all those bird's nests" Y/n pointed at them as Gamora made an expression of discomfort.
"All right, ladies. Time to clear out. So I can enjoy my pipe and newspaper in peace, huh?". "Very well. It's time for u to get back to the kitchen anyway. Girls, come with me". Y/n scoffed. "Do I have to?". "You have a bad attitude young lady". "I just don't wanna do chores twenty-four hours a day" She exclaimed, grabbing the tray her mother was giving her.
"And what would you do instead?". "I would just... Think" She smiled at her father after he defended her and made her way towards the kitchen. For the rest of the evening, Y/n had to remain at the kitchen with her mother and sister cleaning it, and as the sun started to settle down they started to make dinner.
Towards the end of the cooking, Y/n's mother had left the kitchen and welcome the guests into their home. "Gamora, get back here" Y/n exclaimed when she found her sister looking around instead of helping her. "I never get any fun" Gamora rolled her eyes and walked back to the kitchen to help her sister finish.
The noises that came from the other room of the house let Y/n know that the guests were moving to the dining room, and wait for dinner to be ready. Their mother came back and rush them to get out of the kitchen and welcome the guests.
Iryna's conversation with the father of the Roger's was interrupted when the girls entered the room. She smiled at them, and shortly they were introducing each other.  "This is Madame Maximoff" Their father presented Iryna. "This is her son, Pietro, his wife, Natasha. Pietro's twin sister and Steve's fiance, Wanda".
Upon hearing their names, each young adult moved their hands and smiled as a greeting. But Wanda was frozen on spot. "Wanda... Wanda!" Iryna whispered and softly hit the brunette's arm trying to get her back. But Wanda was worlds away.
Her gaze was blocked upon Y/n. Not only Wanda though Y/n was breathtaking, but there was something that prevented her from looking away. She looked at Y/n up and down as she forced her mind to remember where did she know her from. She suddenly gasped when the name of the girl in front of her crashed in her mind. "Y/n?" She whispered. Y/n looked at her confused at first but then smiled.
──✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ──
TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Even though I was very busy these days, I knew I had to do it, and if someone has already done it, then now there are two of us
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lovesfern · 2 days ago
🚨so while the mcu fandom is still trying to play the trauma olympics with these characters i think it’s time the universe acknowledged sylvie had it worse than both wanda and thor or really any of your fav characters combined girl literally lost her family lost her planet lost her timeline as a child and grew up as she puts it in the ends of a thousand worlds but sure keep hating her for killing the man who took everything from her🚨
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incorrectquotesmcu · 14 hours ago
Y/N: Hey, you wanna go out on a date? I asked Vision and he said he was fine with it, but I was still a little—
Wanda: Hold on. You— You asked my ex if you could ask me out?
Y/N: Uh, yes? It was kinda on a whim.
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frenchrebelfries · 23 hours ago
*Wanda and Natasha sparring*
Y/N: my bitches so fine, I'll tap both of them later
Sam: did you just call them bitch-
*Smacks Sam in the face*
Sam: Ow! what was that for?!
Y/N: don't call them bitch
Sam: but you just literally call them bi-
*Smacks Sam harder*
Sam: WTF Y/N! that hurt!!
*Bucky scoffs*
Sam: shut up
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