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#Wanda Maximoff ~ Scarlet Witch
marvelfanfn2187a113 · 26 minutes ago
Another one of my music videos, this one is one of my favorites, Speechless about Scarlet Witch
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frostedfaves · 2 hours ago
mommy!wanda feeding reader with her mommy milkers, for all us wanda thots please :)
A/N: this is softer than I meant it to be, I fear......
warnings: 18+ ONLY, thigh riding, mommy kink, lactation kink aka mommy milkers for the wanda thots :)
Of course Wanda caught you lingering in the hallway outside of your bedroom, despite how sneaky you thought you were
“Hi, Mommy.”
You eventually come into the room and sit on the edge of the bed, causing Wanda to tilt her head curiously as she watches you from her position against the pillows
“You want something.”
It’s not a question, and you’re not surprised that she can hear your screaming thoughts
“Come here.”
You don’t waste any time scrambling to sit next to her as she extends her arm out to you, using her free one to open her robe and pull one of her breasts over the top of her thin tank
“Don’t be shy now, love.”
You inch closer and latch onto her nipple with her guidance, nervously glancing up at her until you feel a sudden stream of milk hitting your tongue
“That’s it, such a good girl for me.”
She pulls one of your legs between hers and adjusts until you’re straddling her thigh, and you moan against her skin when she pushes your hips down in the same moment she raises her thigh
“No no, you’re okay,” she assures you calmly, moving to hold your head in place with one hand while continuing to guide your hips with the other. “You can take Mommy like this, I know you can.”
She alternates between observing your now desperate grinding and urgent suckling, unable to choose which sight she enjoys more in this moment
“Does my baby want to cum like this?” 
You nod your head quickly
“Okay, my love. Don’t let go or I’ll stop.”
She arches into you when you suck particularly hard on her sensitive nipple, whining and moaning around it as your orgasm hits you
“Thank you, Mommy,” you tell her with a shy smile once you finally pull away, and she chuckles while raising her hands to pet your cheeks, catching a drop of milk on your lips with her thumb
“Only the best for my princess.”
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pageofqueens · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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wandaromanova · 4 hours ago
Can you do a fluffy wanda one (with a little angst because of course) where reader and wanda are best friends, reader wants more, but thinks wanda is interested in vision so she doesnt say anything. And then one day a mission goes wrong, and reader gets into an accident that results in her getting powers, and it makes wanda wake up and confess her feelings?
Requited Love
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader
Warnings: cussing, injury, that’s all!
A/N: hello! i hope you enjoy what i’ve created out of your request, anon! sorry i couldn’t think about how i could incorporate the powers part of the request! not proofread, so i apologize for any grammatical errors! <3
Summary: Wanda Maximoff and Y/N L/N are your typical best friends who refuse to admit their feelings for each other.
Word Count: 3.3K (had a lil too much fun with this)
(gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You and your best friend, Wanda, had been friends practically since the moment she had joined the team. Being the youngest Avenger, you were so excited that there would finally be another member that was close to your age. Despite the events of Sokovia, you didn’t fear the woman. If anything, it only made the urge to get closer to her stronger.
Her powers absolutely mesmerized you. From the color of her powers to the different ways she could use them to her advantage; it was mind blowing how much power she had literally at her fingertips. As time went on, you and Wanda became very close. You’d always have movie nights together in your room, which eventually led to the Sokovian woman peacefully sleeping next to you in your bed.
Not only was Wanda drop dead gorgeous, but she was genuine and humble. She had confided in you about the many different traumas she had been through and expressed how the surreal amount of grief constantly consumed her. It broke your heart to know that such an amazing person was put through so much.
Her past could’ve easily turned her into a villain, but she decided to go the opposite direction. She came to the conclusion that her powers could help others and that’s what she had chosen to do in Sokovia and up to now. It was why she had agreed to join the Avengers in the first place. Wanda knew how awful the world could be and she wanted to be there for people the way that her family had been before they passed. The amount of respect you had for Wanda was immeasurable.
Over the span of two years, you and Wanda became joined to the hip. Wanda didn’t even sleep in her own bed anymore. Before, she would just accidentally fall asleep in your room or sneak into your room in the late hours of the night to sleep with you. But now, she just barged into your room every night and slept there. She said that you kept the nightmares she had at bay and you were more than happy to be there for her if it meant she got a full night’s rest.
You both jumped at any opportunity you guys could to be on the same mission as the other. You not only wanted to spend time with her, but you wanted to protect her. Lord knows that Wanda of all people could handle herself, but it kept you at peace when you were with her; knowing that she had you to back her up. Naturally, you fell in love with your best friend.
At first, you thought you were just confusing your special platonic friendship with Wanda for romantic feelings. But sometimes you caught yourself wanting to kiss Wanda. You knew damn well that friends don’t daydream about making out with each other. So, yeah, you definitely had feelings for Wanda, but there was one thing standing in your way; Vision.
Vision basically joined the team at the same time Wanda did. He was created during the Ultron situation and has been an Avenger since then. Wanda and Vision were very close. They weren’t as close as you and Wanda were, but he was a close second. They had a bond over the mind stone that you couldn’t ever compete with. This fact discouraged you and forced you to keep your mouth shut. You’d rather keep your feelings to yourself and suffer in private than risk your friendship with Wanda.
I mean, you didn’t even know if Wanda was into girls! She could be as straight as a wooden ruler and you would most definitely embarrass yourself if you told her. Vision wasn’t exactly a man by any means, he was a robot. If Wanda were to like Vision that must mean you had a chance right? Not to be an ass, but he’s literally a hunk of metal. Regardless of all these thoughts, you knew at the end of the day that you would have to hide your feelings for the sake of maintaining the relationship you currently have with the Sokovian.
You did pretty good at hiding your feelings for awhile. You acted as if everything was normal and not like you were emotionally crying out inside every time you saw Wanda with Vision. It began to get too much when you had caught sight of the pair cooking Paprikash in the communal kitchen. Cooking was something you and Wanda used to do together. It was kind of your thing. It may seem silly, but watching her do something with Vision that used to be sacred to you both hurt.
You began to distance yourself the closer Wanda and Vision got together. What sucked even more was that Wanda didn’t even acknowledge your sudden distance. She no longer slept in your room, opting to spend her nights with Vision. You were dying inside and Wanda didn’t even care to notice.
You had a mission to get to today. Usually, Wanda would be down in the hangar whenever you were going on a mission without her, but she wasn’t there today. She was probably off somewhere with Vision, again. It stung that Wanda didn’t even want to see you off. She was so preoccupied with Vision that she didn’t even give you a second thought. A toaster was stealing your best friend who you just so happened to be madly in love with away from you. And you couldn’t do anything to stop it.
So, you reluctantly got onto the Quinjet with Steve who was accompanying you on the mission. Fury only sent you two in for this mission because it was a simple one. It didn’t require the entire team to complete. You both were to capture and detain the scientist responsible for the latest human experimentations at the hands of Hydra. From the intel gathered by S.H.I.E.L.D, their security wasn’t that bad so it would be a walk in the park for you and Steve. You had just left and you already desperately wanted to go home and wallow in your own self pity in the comfort of your bed.
But first, you had to get this mission over with. The Quinjet landed a little far away from the small Hydra base. You and Steve made your way out of the jet and began to trudge your way toward the building. As you guys got closer, Steve stopped abruptly.
“No matter what, we stick together okay? Just because this should be an easy mission, doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. Understand?” He lectured you sternly as he stared at you intensely.
“Yeah. I got it, Cap.” You replied to him dismissively as you continued to make your way toward the building. You took note of the five guards that were guarding the entrance and gave Steve a nod before you both sprung into action.
After you guys had taken down the entrance guards, you both sneakily made your way into the building. It was pretty easy to find your target, seeing that the building was the size of a house. You and Steve barged into the room, the scientist whipping around quickly and freezing in shock at the sight of you both.
Steve quickly charged at the man and placed him into handcuffs. As Steve pulled the man up by the collar, forcing him to his feet, a thought crossed your mind. This is too easy. Only five guards and the professor was just conveniently in here? This had to be a setup.
Before you could voice your concerns to Steve, you felt a sharp pain rip through your shoulder as Hydra agents flooded into the room. You fell to your knees in pain as Steve threw the target to the ground. He quickly began to fight as many agents as he could. You stood up as you tried to temporarily forget the pain. You began to take on agents yourself. Despite being injured, you kicked their asses with ease.
You were down to the last agent while Steve was pulling the scientist back up to his feet, much more aggressively this time. For some reason, your thoughts went to Wanda. How would she react to your injury? Would she even bother to visit you to make sure you were okay?
Unfortunately, you had chosen the wrong time to become distracted by your thoughts of Wanda. While your thoughts were racing, you failed to notice the glint of a knife in the agent’s left hand. As you blocked one of his punches, he quickly stabbed you right in the stomach. At this, Steve jumped in to help you and made quick work of knocking out the man who stabbed you.
You fully fell to the floor this time, gasping for air. Not only were you shot, but now you got stabbed. Seriously? Did god decide you weren’t already having a shitty enough time? Steve quickly picked you up in his arms in a panic. He carried you to the Quinjet while making sure the scientist was following behind you both. Steve placed your body onto the medical table that was in the Quinjet, handcuffed the man to a railing, and sped off to the compound. He took note of how much blood you lost; it was a lot to say the least. If he didn’t get to the compound soon, he feared you wouldn’t make it; and that wasn’t an option.
The 30 minute trip to the compound turned into a 15 minute ride. Steve quickly rushed you into the medical wing of the compound and placed you into the care of Doctor Helen Cho. He knew he had to tell the team about what happened. The Avengers were a family, and you being the youngest meant you were like a child to them, well besides Wanda obviously.
Steve hurriedly made his way into the living room of the Avenger’s living quarters and made sure Jarvis informed everyone that it was an emergency. As Steve entered, everyone turned to face him with worry present on each of their faces.
“What’s wrong, Rogers? Is everything okay?” Natasha asked as she looked over his body. There was an insane amount of blood all over his star-spangled suit. “It’s Y/N.”
At Steve’s words, everyone in the room stood in shock as their jaws dropped. But no one’s feelings could compare to Wanda’s. She abruptly stood up from the couch and made her way towards Steve.
“What about her? What happened to her?” Wanda began to get angry as hints of her powers made their way to her eyes. Steve took a step back and looked at Wanda before returning his gaze back to the other people in the room. You could hear a pin drop in the silence of the room.
“We went on a mission together. It was supposed to be an easy in and out thing. But we were setup. She got shot in the shoulder and stabbed in the abdomen. She’s in the medical wing right now.” Steve spoke strongly, attempting to remain calm for the sake of the team, but he was terrified inside. Your state refused to leave his mind. Your limp body in his arms as your warm blood covered his hands.
Wanda didn’t say another word as she ran towards the elevator and impatiently hit the button to the medical wing. She didn’t bother to wait for anyone else. Nothing mattered right now except you.
Wanda had feelings for you. Ever since she met you, you were this light in the darkness that was her life. You could cheer her up when no one else could. You knew her better than she knew herself. You were not only her best friend, but you were the woman she was irrevocably in love with. She was terrified to tell you how she felt. She thought she would lose you if she had confessed how she truly felt for you. So, she remained quiet and tried to forget about her feelings for you by hanging out with Vision more. She wasn’t using Vision by any means, she genuinely did enjoy his company. But he wasn’t you.
Wanda didn’t even wait for the elevator doors to fully open as she squeezed herself through the small gap and made her way towards the medical bay doors. Before Wanda could open the door, Steve abruptly grabbed her hand, stopping her from going any further. He must’ve taken the stairs. Damn his super soldier abilities.
“Wanda. Stop. I know you’re worried about Y/N, we all are. But barging in there won’t be any help. You need to let Cho and her nurses focus on helping her.” Steve desperately tried to talk some sense into Wanda; it worked. Wanda’s shoulders slumped as she made her way towards the seating area that was right outside the doors. All she could do was sit, wait, and pray to whatever god there was that you would be okay.
Wanda didn’t even know you were going on a mission today. If she did, she would’ve went to the hangar and hugged you before she left, like she always did. Oh fuck, she didn’t even get to see you off and now look at your state. Now that she thought about it, she had been neglecting you for some time now. She let her fear of her feelings consume her. She spent more time with Vision than with you, and now she wasn’t sure if she would get the opportunity to be with you again. The thought of not being able to tell you how in love with you she was mortified her. This was the wake up call she needed.
2 hours later
After two agonizingly slow hours, Doctor Cho made her way towards the anxious group of heroes. Wanda shot up from her seat and approached Helen.
“How is she? Please, tell me she’s okay.” Wanda asks as she nervously chews on her bottom lip. “Y/N is fine. Luckily, the knife didn’t hit any major arteries. She won’t be able to make any sudden movements for the next few weeks which means no missions until I give her clearance.” At Cho’s words, the entire team was struck with relief. Wanda’s eyes lit up at the good news. You were okay. You were still here.
“Can we see her?” Steve asked from behind Wanda as he made his way to stand beside her. “Yes, shes awkward, but only one person can go in at a time. She’s very sensitive right now from the anesthesia.” Helen gave the team a smile before walking off.
Everyone looked at Wanda as she gave them a nod. Of course she had to go in first. You and Wanda may have been oblivious to each other’s feelings, but the team wasn’t. It was almost annoying how unaware you two were of how the other person felt.
Wanda quietly made her way into your room and almost let out a sigh of relief as she saw you laying on the table awake. You were trying to reach for a glass of water beside your bed, but the pain in your side made the small task a burden. Wanda quickly made her way to the table and handed you the glass of water. You were startled since you didn’t even hear her enter the room. You took the water from her hands and took a long sip before handing it back to her.
“What’re you doing here?” You asked coldly as you glared at the Sokovian woman. She was shocked at your animosity. You were never like this with her before. “I needed to make sure you were okay. I was worried sick.” Wanda frowned as she pulled a chair up to your bedside and sat in it.
“Oh. Now you suddenly remember I exist? It only took me nearly dying for you to notice me again.” You knew you weren’t being fair. You guys were just best friends and she was entitled to hang out and be with whoever she wanted. But the part of you that loved her and longed for more took over.
“Y/N. I’m sorry I haven’t been around as often. I got caught up hanging out with Vision when I should’ve been there for you.” Wanda’s eyes softened as she stared at your face. She missed you so much. She may have seen you around the compound, but she hasn’t been this close to you in what felt like decades.
“Yeah. You got caught up with Vision. Why don’t you just go back to him now. I’m fine.” You stubbornly spoke as you tore your eyes away from Wanda and stared out the window in front of your bed.
Wanda made a ballsy move and grabbed your hand in here. Thankfully, you didn’t move it away. “Y/N. I don’t care about Vision, I care about you. I love you and I mean that in more than a friendly way.” At Wanda’s words, your head snapped back to her as you looked over her features for any indication of a lie; you didn’t find any.
“I was spending time with Vision to try and forget my feelings for you. That obviously backfired and only solidified what I already knew I felt. I’m sorry it took such a terrible situation for me to finally grow the balls to tell you this. I love you Y/N.” Wanda squeezed your hand tightly as she stared at you full of love and adoration.
You were speechless. As cliche as it sounds, this was what you’ve wanted since the moment you laid eyes on her. She said the three words you’ve been longing to hear spill from her mouth. She loved you too.
“I love you too, Wanda. I’m sorry. I thought you had a thing for Vision and I let jealousy and insecurity get the better of me.” You looked down in shame as you tried to pull your hand out of Wanda’s hold, but she only gripped it tighter.
“Don’t be sorry. I completely understand. I’m so glad your okay and I’m so unbelievably happy that you feel the same way.” Wanda smiled brightly at you as you smiled right back. You guys must’ve looked like maniacs with your big, cheesy smiles, but you didn’t care.
Wanda began to slowly lean towards you. You attempted to meet her in the middle, but only ended up wincing in pain as you were reminded of your impressive stab wound. Wanda let out a laugh.
“Let me handle it, moya lyubov (my love).” Wanda said before closing the gap between you both and giving you a heated, desperate kiss. All the pent up emotions that you both had been withholding from each other were coming to light through this kiss. You guys were interrupted by the door swinging open abruptly and the sound of someone clearing their throat.
You both jumped apart as you cringed at the sting of your injuries. You turned to the door and caught sight of the team standing at the door with shit eating grins on their face.
“Sorry to interrupt you, lovebirds. But we wanted to check on Y/N too. Cho gave us the clear to come in now.” Natasha smirked at yours and Wanda’s flustered states.
“Pay up, Barnes.” Sam said as he held his hand out to Bucky, who groaned before placing 50 dollars in his hand. You and Wanda stared at the two confused, Bucky took notice of this and decided to fill you both in.
“We made a bet on when you two would get together. I said in the next two months, he said in the next two weeks. He won.” Bucky gave you both a shy, almost embarrassed smile.
Everyone in the room laughed, making you and Wanda turn even more red than before. You didn’t care about the inevitable, endless teasing you would have to endure after today. You would deal with the comments forever as long as it meant Wanda was by your side. You once thought that she didn’t feel the same, and you were so glad you were proven wrong. Sometimes, love can be requited after all.
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gremlinfxck · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Wanda icon ;3
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thenatashamaximoff · 10 hours ago
Dangerous Love; Ch. 10
Summary: You and Wanda breakup after finding out about her secret relationship. Natasha’s there to comfort you. Chapter 10.
Pairing: Wanda x Reader; Natasha x Reader
Warnings: cheating
Words: 10,916
Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9
✨🏆Winner for Best Series of the 2021 Tumbies🏆✨
┌─────────────☢─────────────┐ @chynagirl13 @rebeliz777 @madamevirgo @natasharomanoffswife  @coollemonsaresour @swords-are-cool @d14n4ol @yourmcu @the-camilucha @tomy5girls @severepeanutartisanhands @messuhp @queenelizabeth193 @hardqueendetective @username23345 @stephanieromanoff @lameasseasterbunny @marvelfansince08love @leah-halliwell92 @trikruismybitch @pipsxpreath @hello-itsbarbie @shelby-victoria7 @simpforwandanat @bebe404 @infamous-light @afuckingshituniverse @loomontoia @euphouriaszn2 @mmmmokdok @solotexastiger @an-evergreen-rose @upsidedowndanvers @ima-gi–na-tion @vanessa5122 @wlwlovesreading @fanboy7794 @sophixsa @b-5by5 @llamadramaonthefarma @171611 @therealmeari @diaryoflife @cantcontroltheirfear @women-am-i-right @catching-up-with-kayla @obsessed-with-wandamaximoff @ilovedeanspie  └─────────────☢─────────────┘ ┌─────────────∞─────────────┐ @myfavoriteficss @pinkytoecrust @cyncity32 @ironscarletwidowsoilder @peachbear88 @magicallymaximoff @peggycarter-steverogers​  └─────────────∞─────────────┘
I’m too tired to edit it so I’ll do it in the morning. Enjoy for now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She turned away from him with a heavy sigh. She knew Steve was implying that she would be the most likely to attempt a prison break, despite that being something you didn’t want. And though she really didn’t want to track her down, she was aware that Wanda doing something that could cause her arrest was the last thing you would want. She sent Steve a nod and he finally stepped away from her car, allowing her to open the door and climb into the vehicle.
Natasha watched as her fingers drummed across the counter underneath her impatiently, her heart beating slowly but heavily in her chest. She was anxiously nervous, feeling as if she hadn't talked to you in a long time, fearful that she didn't know what to say within the small time limit and miss out on hearing your voice. The sound of the barred door opening made her pick her head up, her slow-beating heart completely stopping when she saw your smiling face, her shoulders relaxing as the officer guided you to the chair on the other side of the glass. You sat down and picked up the phone, Natasha mirroring your movement.
You looked at Natasha through the glass, the way her eyes held the soft regret she was trying not to show. You sighed thoughtfully, the phone hanging loosely in your hand against your ear. She waited patiently, wanting nothing more than to hear your voice, but by the way you were staring at her, it was clear that you weren’t going to get any type of word out, being too distracted by her. It's always her.
“Are they treating you okay?” she asked softly, leaning against the counter in front of her, her grip on the phone tight. It was like she feared she was going to drop it, holding it against her head as steady as she would hold a gun when facing an enemy.
“Everything’s fine here, Nat,” you said just as gently, smiling at her. You leaned forward, closer towards her, and she found herself doing the same out of instinct. The need to get close to you was strong for her. "I'm pretty sure I arrested most of the people in this joint. I know it's only been a couple of days, but as long as they don't find out who I am, everything will stay fine."
Her lips formed a tight, thin line as she looked at you, her free hand flat on the counter. "I guess it's a good thing Steve doesn't know your powers are back," she said lowly, your smile falling into a sly smirk as you raised an eyebrow. "You would've been placed in the Raft with Meyer and Isobel. You and I wouldn't be having this conversation." No visitors in the Raft, no chance at seeing sunshine during your time. She would've been broken if she couldn't talk to you, but she couldn't let you know that. Not now, at least.
"Wanda told you," you pointed out, leaning back. "I would've told you, but I kinda got tied up."
She laughed lightly, nodding her head. "She told me what happened. You… shouldn't have to go through this alone. I'm doing everything I can to get you out of here."
"Why don't you use your powers? Get yourself out?" she suggested. "We can-"
"Go on the run? Constantly look over my shoulder? That’s not a life I want to live. And certainly not a life I want you to live, either." Your smile didn't waver, finding her absolutely adorable right now. Of course she knew using your powers was a bad idea, but she wasn't thinking properly. She's never been able to think properly when she's looking into your eyes. And you chuckled as her cheeks burned a bright red, looking down at the counter beneath her to try and hide it.
"I know," she sighed, shaking her head. "I just… I hate that you're in there and I'm out here."
"I wouldn't have it any other way." You breathed out, blinking slowly as you looked at her carefully. "I do need a favor from you, though.”
She picked her head up. “Anything.” It was said instantly, no hesitation in giving you whatever you wanted, to do anything you needed to make yourself feel better about prison. She didn’t care that she sounded desperate, the way your soft laugh reached her ears through the phone was worth it. She matched your smile.
“I need you to stop blaming yourself.”
The smile on her face faded away as her eyes cast down, scratching at the counter beneath her. “He wouldn’t have found out if I hadn’t-”
“He was going to find out no matter what,” you assured her. You shrugged when she looked back at you. “I was going to tell him myself. It's what you would've done."
She furrowed her eyebrows, her head tilted slightly for a brief moment as she said, "What?"
You cleared your throat as your cheeks flushed underneath her curious eye. "I kind of created a sort of question for whenever I'm faced with a moral dilemma. It's helping me."
"What question?"
Your cheeks lit up with a light shade of red as you finally looked away from her, suddenly embarrassed. "It's a silly thing, really."
"Doesn't make me want to hear it any less," she expressed.
You sighed, your head hanging as you thought about it, hiding the small smile threatening your lips. "Alright," you said with a sigh, shaking your head as you picked it up to look at her once more. "I would ask myself… W.W.N.D."
She furrowed her eyebrows, her head tilting with confusion once more, and you smiled softly at her. "What?"
"What would Natasha do?"
She rolled her eyes, a smile crawling on her lips as she laughed softly. You grinned, matching her laughter. "You're ridiculous. That can't possibly work."
"It does, actually." You chuckled. "It's the reason why I didn't kill Isobel," you shrugged casually, "and Meyer. And… I really wanted to kill Meyer." For making you kill Wanda. For making you kill her. The things Meyer has done to you, you'll never get it out of your mind. The pain you felt when shooting the fake Natasha. The agony that flowed through you when you realized that you had killed Wanda. You sighed, looking down at your hand. "When I shot you- the fake you, I… didn't have a chance to process it at the time."
"I'm feeling it now, though," you continued, looking up at her. She saw the exhaustion you were attempting to hide peeking through, the burnt eyes from the unshed tears, the clenched jaw to prevent yourself from letting it all out. "I couldn't even… hold you. I-" You huffed, pausing for a minute to gather yourself. The moment replayed in your head like a movie, haunting your thoughts. "I had to fight every bone in my body to walk away. And it was the hardest thing I've ever done."
She had to look away from you, knowing her face would give her away. She could only imagine what you had gone through, and that didn't do any justice to your experience. Meyer took the two people that meant the world to you and used them against you, just knowing that it'd break you down. She knew your little question wouldn’t do you any good if she had been there instead of Wanda. What would Natasha do? Kill them, both of them, for what they did to you.
"Nat, I know I messed up-"
"Time's almost over," the guard interrupted from behind you. "Wrap it up."
You sighed. "I'm sorry. I hurt you and that wasn't fair of me to do."
"I told myself I would never do that to you. You're the last person who deserved a heartbreak like that." You sighed, glancing over your shoulder at the guard. You saw him preparing to get your ass out of here, the tightly crossed arms over his chest breaking as he stepped towards you. You turned back to Natasha, your time running out. You had to make this quick. You hadn't gotten the chance to properly talk to her since the dinner fiasco, to give her a decent apology. She deserves an apology. "I'm so sorry. I will never forgive myself for doing that to you." 
Her lips pursed together, her tongue forming the first syllable of a sentence as she thought about her next words, and you waited patiently for her to say something, your eyes sparkling with hope. Her mouth opened when the guard behind you warned you that your time was up, stepping forward in preparation to forcefully take the phone away from you if need be. You didn’t look away from Natasha, blinking slowly as you took this opportunity to memorize her face.
Her mouth was still open, the first letter running between her lips after the guard took the phone out of your hand and hung it up for you. He guided you away from the booth with a strong grip on your forearm and Natasha finally managed to get the sentence out, “I still love you.”
Though it was too late.
She slowly hung up the phone and stood up, the chair scraping against the floor. She quickly wiped a tear away and made her way to the exit, sucking in a shaky breath as she let an officer lead the way. She was angry, sad, frustrated. She knew she needed to get you out, not just for you, but for herself. The desire to touch you had never been this strong before. She just wanted you to be safe in her arms.
The sun hit her face when she stepped outside the prison, her eyes fluttering close as she basked in the warmth. She wanted to see your face light up again, the same expression you had when she found you in that factory, when you saw the sunlight. She let the tear slide down her face, sucking in a more steady breath as she opened her eyes. She took a step forward, but froze when she spotted Steve at the final fence between her and the parking lot. He sighed when they made eye contact, Steve shoving his hands into his pockets.
She walked forward confidently, the guard posted at the exit opened the gate when she neared it and closed it when she crossed it. She continued past him, ignoring his calls for her as she made a beeline to her car. He followed her, clearly ignoring the hint that she didn't want to talk to him, his mouth shut as he walked with her. She attempted to open her car door, but his hand forced it close.
"I don't have anything to say to you," Natasha stated, staring at her car and ignoring his gaze, "and I certainly don't want to hear what you have to say."
"You knew this was coming," Steve declared, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against her car, ultimately blocking her from opening the door. "Y/N killed people-"
"So have you," she countered. "So have I. Hell, Wanda blew up a building and didn't suffer these types of consequences!"
"What Wanda did was an accident," Steve clarified. "What Y/N did was to satisfy a desire. It's the makings of a serial killer. She's out of control."
Natasha turned to face him, her jaw clenched tightly. "Last I checked, the two people who tortured her in more ways than you can imagine are still alive. I say that's some restraint to these desires you think she has.” She crossed her arms over her chest as she shook her head at him, eyes narrowed. She would’ve ended their lives if she was in your position. "You decided to toss her into a prison with people she arrested. If they find out who she is-"
"I'm sure she won't hesitate to fight back," Steve countered. "It's what she does."
Natasha's shoulders slackened, her arms falling to her sides. She knew there was no use in arguing with Steve, he's never going to let you see the light of day anytime soon. "What do you want?" There was no way he came all the way down here to defend his actions, he could do that through a text message for all she cared. There was something else on his mind. And by the way he sighed at her question, she was right.
"I can't get a hold of Wanda," he stated. 
"I'm sure she's avoiding you," she said casually, shrugging nonchalantly, "just like I've been trying to do. She's clearly better at it than I am."
“I just want you to make sure she’s not doing something stupid,” Steve stated. “Last thing I need is to arrest another Avenger.”
After a day of searching, Natasha's knuckles rapped against the wooden door before her, clearing her throat and glancing down the hallway of the apartment complex as if she were making sure she wasn't followed. She was only here for you, making sure Wanda truly wasn’t as stupid as Steve thinks she’d be. And there was a part of her mind that imagined the apartment behind the door was something you’d see out of a crime film - blueprints of the prison splayed out on a table, schedules of all the prison guards, the prisoners’ itinerary. She smiled at the thought.
There was a shuffle from somewhere beyond the door, Natasha breathing out when she realized that someone was home and that she had to stay now. And as she waited for the door to open, knocking against it once more to assure her that she wasn't going anywhere, she caught the sense that there was more than just one person in the apartment. She was only required to talk to the one Steve wanted her to talk to, company was not a part of the deal.
She was about to leave when the door was pulled open, Wanda’s eyes widening briefly when she saw Natasha on the other side. She cleared her throat, sticking herself tightly between the door and the threshold, ultimately blocking the view into the room behind her.
“What are you doing here?” Her voice radiated impatience, restlessness pinched her eyes. She didn't want Natasha here as much as Natasha didn't want to be here.
She crossed her arms over her chest, eyeballing the witch carefully. “Steve wanted me to check up on you,” she answered, “so here I am.”
“So, you’re doing favors for Steve now?” Natasha furrowed her eyebrows at the question, clearly annoyed by the angle she decided to take it. She didn't need to defend her actions, ignoring the judgement in Wanda's eye as they maintained contact. "I thought you would've been ignoring him because of what he did to-"
"What are you doing?"
“I’m fine,” Wanda assured a bit too quickly, ignoring her question and raising an eyebrow at her. She pursed her lips together and smiled at the redhead. “You can leave no-” Natasha stuck her hand out, preventing her from closing the door and locking her out.
"I'm surprised you still kept this apartment," Natasha admitted, attempting to distract Wanda so she can barge into the room. "Nobody lives here, you could let it open up for someone who needs it."
Wanda looked down at the floor beneath her feet, her cheeks flushing. She didn't want to admit the truth, that she was holding on to the apartment in hopes that you came back, the idea of her having you in her arms once more was enough to make her keep paying for the apartment.
"Do you have company?" she questioned when she sensed that her statement wasn't going to get a reply.
Wanda shook her head as she picked her head up. "No, just me."
The redhead nodded, her lips formed in a tight line. Her hand remained firm on the door, no intentions of letting Wanda close it any time soon. She needed a new distraction, something that'll lower her guard. She's hiding something and she was set on finding out what that something is. "You know, it may not seem like it, but I'm still fighting for her."
"We all want her out," Wanda assured.
But Natasha shook her head. "You know what I mean." They locked eyes once more, Wanda connecting the pieces of her words in her head. 
Natasha was no longer a threat to her in this little competition, knowing she was close to getting you back. The moment in the motel, it was just a taste of what she was missing because once she manages to get you again, she's never going to let go. She's not going to let this second chance slip out of her grasp.
All she had to do was pull you just a bit more to her and you were hers to keep.
The door was pushed open while Wanda got lost in her thoughts, blinking slowly, trying to process what the hell just happened as Natasha walked into the apartment. The door closed behind the redhead, Wanda crossing her arms over her chest as she turned to see Natasha staring Vision down.
"Don't jump to conclusions," Wanda stated, reading exactly what was happening in the assassin's mind. "He's helping me."
Natasha's eyes scanned the materials on the table in front of the android. There weren't any blueprints of the prison or schedules of the guards, but there were the familiar folders with SHIELD’s logo printed on it scattered across the table. Vision closed the current folder he was reading as he moved to stand up, shoving his hands into his pockets as he stared down Natasha.
"We're trying to find something that'll get Y/N out." Natasha turned to look at Wanda, eyebrow raised. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "He's the only one who wasn't busy."
"Wanda was just stepping out," Vision expressed. "I could use another hand." He gestured towards the pile of folders next to him, sending Natasha a soft smile. She couldn't help but wonder how tightly wound he is around Wanda's finger, doing anything for her with no second thought. She’s sure the last thing he wants is for you to be free, the only one coming in between him and her. With you in jail, he has a better chance at reconciling with Wanda.
Though, it must be difficult if all she’s doing is putting her time and energy on you, completely oblivious to his true intentions.
Natasha looked at Wanda, the restlessness in her eyes as she couldn't seem to sit still for more than five seconds. She couldn't care less if Natasha was here, she wanted to leave so she could go see you. Because the longer she is stuck here, the longer she has to wait. 
Natasha saw you yesterday. It's only fair that Wanda gets a chance today. "I'll stay here," the redhead stated, stepping towards Vision. "I can help him."
Wanda’s face flushed with relief, her shoulders relaxing, as she thanked Natasha with her eyes. And as the witch left, leaving just Natasha and Vision, the two stared at each other, the tension thick in the air between them. She hasn’t really had a decent conversation with Vision in a while, having no common interests with the android. But now there was a common interest, despite it not being his preferred choice. So, when she sat down at the table, he joined her.
“Why are you doing this?” Natasha questioned, reaching across the table to pick up a folder. “You’re not Y/N’s biggest fan.”
Vision sighed softly as he, too, grabbed a folder. “I love her.”
“Funny,” she commented. “She cheated on Y/N with you. Not to mention she’s not giving you the slightest time of day.” She flicked through the folder in her hands, leaning back in the chair and propping her legs up onto the table. Sighing, she added, “Most people cheat because they’re too focused on what they’re missing rather than what they have.”
He looked up at her, his eyes scanning her face as she read the file. “You love Y/N. You wouldn’t cheat on her.”
“No,” Natasha stated confidently.
“Wanda thought that, too.” When she looked up at him, he looked back down at the papers beneath him, his lips pursing together. “Her heart was just as broken as Y/N’s was.”
Anger coursed through her at his statement, her eyebrows pinching together as her feet slid off the table. He didn’t look up at her movement, knowing she was mad. “You shouldn’t hand your heart to someone who is still picking up the pieces to their own.”
“Is that not what you did with Y/N?” He flipped the piece of paper over before he looked back up at her, his head tilting to the side in thought. “She still seemed pretty broken when the two of you started dating. And now all three of you are in a silly predicament that could’ve been avoided.”
Natasha looked away from him, her jaw clenched tightly as she put her focus on the files. She preferred the silence right now, though the tension remained thick enough that it may just actually suffocate her.
You leaned against the counter as you looked at Wanda, a tiny smile threatening your lips as your heartbeat remained at an even pace. To you, Wanda still held that small piece of your heart hard enough that you still get butterflies whenever you see her, but that feeling was nothing compared to what you experience when you look at Natasha. Because when you look at that gorgeous redhead, the world just… stops. And you don’t know if she feels it, too, the current that runs through you whenever you’re near her; like an electric charge on the verge of erupting into the strongest, most perfect storm.
And as you were thinking this, Wanda was reading it.
“Are you okay?” She needed to divert your thoughts, knowing that she was going to lose you to Natasha when she wasn’t anywhere near. “I worry about you everyday. I’m so close to finding a way to get you out.”
The tiny smile that was threatening your mouth broke out into a wider grin, a soft chuckle vibrating your throat. “I’m fine here. I’m still in the clear for now, though I am getting lingering looks. I think they’re piecing it together.” They were going to find out who you were eventually, and after that, your prison experience wasn’t going to be so chill as it is now. Nobody was going to let you mind your own business anymore, a vendetta against the agent who got them thrown into this joint would be at play. It was no longer going to be a walk in the park.
“Well, I’ll get you out before then,” she promised, smiling at you. “I think I found some loopholes.” She ran a hand through her hair, shaking it out as she sighed. “And then, when you’re free, maybe we can talk about moving your stuff back into the apartment.”
You furrowed your eyebrows, not even realizing she had kept the apartment. Your shoulders slouched at the optimism on her face, your smile faded away at the sparkle of hope in her eyes. “Wanda-”
“I know you’re not going to be able to trust me anymore, YN,” she quickly interrupted, “but that moment in the motel… Look me in the eye and tell me that was nothing.”
You huffed, looking down at the counter below you, your grip tightening around the phone in your head, pressed against your ear. A deep sigh escaped the small space between your lips as your cheeks unwillingly burned at the memory of the heat of her body in the motel. No, you couldn’t tell her that. Not without looking at her. Not without the light shade of red in your cheeks burning brighter, giving your lie away.
Finally, you picked your head up and made eye contact with her, your cheeks slowly faded back to a normal shade. Your next sentence died on your tongue when you saw the softness in her eyes, her tongue flicking out to lick her lips. You released a third sigh.
“I’m just asking for a second chance,” she said quietly into the phone, becoming suddenly aware of the vibration of the device as it tickled your ear, “I won’t waste it.”
You continued to stare at her, the truth in her words matching the honesty in her eyes. And… she really was trying. Her actions the past few weeks spoke more than words ever will, and she was there with you through almost all of it. She was there for you when your body was found, she was attached to your hip when you faced against Isobel and Meyer, she was by your side during that bomb Dr. List decided to make, she didn’t hesitate to come to you when you called her about the Hulk, almost always encouraging and supporting you in ways that you needed at the time. Maybe giving her a second chance wouldn’t be that bad.
But then you thought of Natasha, your heart skipping several beats at the thought of the redhead’s warm eyes, her gentle touch, just as supportive as Wanda’s been, maybe even more. Natasha made you feel safe, the trust built into the relationship was there long before it became one. And the look on her face when she caught you and Wanda at that restaurant, the look of betrayal and hurt, the same look you had when you caught Wanda with Vision… you didn’t want to see that look again. And a smile crossed your features as you thought about a random memory, her laughter and wide grin as you planted wet, sloppy kisses all over her face.
Wanda saw where your thoughts had gone to, her eyes narrowing for a brief moment before she looked down at the counter. She cleared her throat, drawing you out of your thoughts as you refocused on her. “Natasha found out.”
Your eyebrows pinched together in confused frustration and you couldn’t seem to get your mind wrapped around her words, your heart beating rapidly in your throat prevented any words from behind said. She sighed as she leaned against the counter, the phone hanging loosely in her hand as the pressure of yours dug into your skull. Your eyes searched hers, desperate to settle on the idea that she was only lying to you, but you could see no deceit in her feline-green eyes. Your tongue couldn’t form a syllable, your brain couldn’t process a coherent thought.
“Y/N?” Her voice was thick with concern. Did she break you? Y/N.exe has stopped working. She wanted to hear your voice, see the smile you had on your face mere seconds ago despite it not being for her, but she had to ruin it by saying one stupid little thing…
Natasha found out.
“How?” you managed to croak out, your eyes shiny with unshed tears. You looked at Wanda, the confusion between your eyebrows quickly turning to anger. “Did you tell her?”
“No, Y/N, I was talking to Vision and she overheard-”
“You told Vision?” If Natasha knows that you caved and slept with Wanda, then there’s no way that she’s going to believe you when you tell her that you’re over her. Your chances at getting her back were high, but now? You don't think there's really any redemption.
You knew this was going to come back and bite you in the ass. Why couldn't everything just go back to normal? Before it became so complicated. Before you even dated Wanda. You wondered if you had held off on asking Wanda out, if Natasha would've made a move sooner. And this could all be avoided. This… pain and torment and heartbreak.
"Time's up," you said, looking away from her to avoid watching her face fall, to prevent her from seeing the tears threatening your eyes. Because she knew she still had a few minutes left in this visitation, maybe even more if she twisted the mind of the guard watching over your shoulder. And the sadness she sees on your face, the realization that the chance to have Natasha in your arms once more might be gone, broke her heart. But she'll be here for you as need be.
Even when you hang up the phone and walk away from her without another glance, a sigh parting her lips as she slowly placed the phone back onto the receiver. Her eyes remained on your retreating form, hoping with her entire being that you'll send her one last look before you disappear around a corner. But when you vanished from her sight, leaving her without the satisfaction of looking into your eyes one last time, she ran her hands down her face.
She just needed to give you time. You'll need someone soon and she'll be there for you.
The quietness of the prison was always unsettling to you, even if it was lights out. You could hear the distant, haunting footsteps of the guards sweeping the cell blocks while you laid in the crummy bed, a soft sigh escaping your lips as you stared at the ceiling above you. The only good thing about this situation was the fact that you could think without the influence of others pushing against you, unintentional or not. 
You didn't have Natasha's luring eyes or Wanda's attractive smile to make your brain turn to soup, too mushy to think properly when either woman was around. The effects they had on you would always fascinate you, knowing that there was no other human being on the planet that made you feel the way they did. And you needed to choose one.
Your options were thinning out, you realize that. Neither of them were going to wait for you to decide forever. But now you were losing the one you were leaning more into, the one you truly love, while the one who tore your heart out and stepped on it was sticking by your side. And with the thought of losing Natasha running through your head - never being able to kiss her again, to be reassured that everything was going to be okay just by looking into her eyes, the sparks you get when she touched you and the warmth running through your veins when she smiled at you - you couldn't stand it.
You could hear movement below you, releasing a quiet huff as the bed shook due to the inmate beneath you rolling over. It was hard enough to fall asleep in a place like this, but with Selene, your bunkmate, constantly tossing and turning throughout the night to shake the unstable bunk bed, it made it near impossible to get some decent sleep.
"Sorry if I woke you," she mumbled with a heavy exhale. "It's hard to get comfortable." You couldn't blame her for keeping you up most of the night, though. And for someone who's been in this place for nearly ten years, with more to serve, she had really great manners. You figured she's trying to get an early release due to good behavior. 
"I was already awake," you assured quietly.
She rolled over once more and you had a momentary feeling that you were chilling on a boat fighting against vicious waves. These beds had to be the least safe you've ever felt, even more so when you were held prisoner by Isobel. "What's keeping you up?"
"You mean besides the fact that this bed is like going on a ride at an amusement park?" She chuckled heartily beneath you. "I have a lot of things to think about."
"Like what?"
You let out another sigh, deeper this time, before humming thoughtfully. There was really no harm in telling her. You were relatively new to the joint, so you had fresh stories to bring to her. And stories - whether they be real or fake - make you seem less insane. "I'm debating whether or not to get back with my ex. Or just... move on." Those are the options now, it seems. Going back to Wanda or moving on to someone new. 
You hated that thought.
Silence filled the cell for a moment and you had thought that she had actually fallen asleep - you don't blame her, it's easier to ignore a problem that isn't yours - but she cleared her throat after a minute had passed and she broke the silence. "Well, my ex cheated on me on multiple occasions and I forgave him every single time." 
"How'd that go?"
"Not very well," she confessed. "The relationship just kept filling up with more lies and broken promises as time went on, but he was the only thing I knew. The familiarity of him brought me comfort and I fell back onto that. It wasn't healthy."
You pursed your lips together. She seems to have experienced what you're going through, minus the whole damn love triangle situation. You never really knew why she ended up here, what caused her to become a prisoner just like you, and you don't think you really have to know in order to feel sympathetic. "Did you finally move on?" If her situation was anything like yours, maybe there is hope.
Just like her, you were clinging onto the comfort Wanda brought you. The familiar feeling of love still lingered there, but that feeling was doubled when you looked at Natasha. But… can you move on?
Not that it matters anymore.
"Of course not," she stated, even snorting a little with humor as if your question was the funniest thing she's heard in a while. "The last time I caught him cheating with some bimbo, I murdered her right in front of him. And then I killed him." She laughed again, sighing happily once the laughter faded to a stop. "Why do you think I'm stuck here for thirty years?"
"I… honestly thought you just robbed a bank or something." Silly you for assuming. She didn't strike you as a murderer; most of the murderers here were huge douchebags with condescending attitudes, but her, on the other hand, held a sense of pride. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, clearly, and she wasn't afraid to kiss ass, either.
She laughed once more and, by the subtle turbulence of the bed, you could tell she was shaking her head. "No, I killed the cheating dick and his side piece in cold blood." 
Is that what your life was coming to? Were you going to forgive Wanda only to have her cheat again? Her instinct would be to go back to Vision once she had you, knowing that she'd be able to string you along once again when she sees that you're going to just keep forgiving her. And you wouldn't be able to kill Vision as easily as your cellmate was able to kill her ex's side piece. You were awfully close to falling into the same vicious cycle she found herself in, forgiving over and over again in hopes that they'd change. But you had to take the first step in changing, that much was obvious. And step one was to move on.
Step one was to get Natasha back at all costs.
So, when the next day came as you wandered the yard, you waited impatiently for an officer to come get you for visitation hours. You hoped she wouldn't be deterred from visiting you, wanting the opportunity to explain yourself. Wanting a chance to tell her your side of the story.
But as time ticked on, the closer you got to the end of visitation hours with no sign of an officer coming to collect you, you were starting to feel your heart shrivel up in pain.
"Hey." Selene stepped in front of you, blocking your absentminded path and glancing over your shoulder before her eyes refocused onto you. "There's a lot of people talking about you."
"About what?" You rubbed the back of your neck, your eyes remained glued on the gate, your breath being held. You couldn't care less about the other inmates, not when Natasha should be here.
"They're saying these ridiculous things," she said, though she knows she barely has your attention. And her next words faded away into the back of your mind when you saw an officer open the gate, his eyes connecting with yours and a subtle nod of his head gestured for you to follow him.
"Hey, I'll talk to you later," you stated, patting Selene on the shoulder as you rushed past her, the one-sided conversation dying as you left. She sighed, looking towards the rest of the inmates.
You followed the slow-walking officer, incapable of keeping your hands still, impatient. Your heart hammered in your chest, growing louder the closer you got. You decided to run the potential conversation in your head, taking it one step at a time to get past this bump in the road. You were going to start out apologetic, express how it was the heat of the moment, you were vulnerable. And then you're going to tell her. You're going to tell her you-
You rounded the corner leading to the visitation room and there she was, sitting right in front of the barred door, the foggy, plastic glass being the only thing in between the two of you once you sat down in front of her. Your whole entire planned conversation seemed to abandon your brain as you picked up the phone.
Your heart fluttered heavily in your chest and you had to fight every muscle in your mouth to prevent the smile from breaking this soon-to-be serious moment. Oh, how you wanted to just… hug her.
"Hey. We need to talk ab-"
You shook your head. "Can I… say something really fast?" She didn't have to come here, she could've just left you to suffer your decisions alone, but here she is. Right in front of you.
And you can't even touch her.
"Look, I…" You looked down, nervous to read her face as you spoke into the phone. Apology first. "I know you know and I just need you to also know that it meant nothing." That wasn't an apology. "I… I only slept with her because she was just… there. Think of it as… as goodbye sex!" Goodbye sex, who even says that? Tears brimmed your eyes and you quickly blinked them away, your eyes remaining on the counter underneath you. You couldn't bear to look her in the eye. 
Her silence deafened you. You wanted to look at her, to read her eyes, but you were scared to see the heartbreak in them. Your head remained down, your nail digging into the surface of the counter to give yourself something to do. Though you didn't, you felt like you cheated on her. Just as Wanda has done to you.
"I'm sorry, Nat." There's the apology. You finally picked your head up, your eyes staring into her emerald irises, and you saw the heartbreak slowly beginning to form. You breathed out with realization, a humorless laugh scratching your throat. Wanda lied to you. She didn't know. Until now. And…
…you were the one who told her.
"You didn't know." Her subtle head shake was all you needed to know to confirm the truth. She looked down, hiding the tears in her eyes the same as you had done earlier. Your lips parted slightly as you tried to come up with something else to say, but your voice was caught in your throat and your brain was on fire. 
"I… I need to go." She quickly slapped the phone onto the receiver and ran off, leaving you alone as the guard behind you stepped forward. Your head hung as the hand holding the phone slid away from your face, your jaw clenched tightly as your mind raced through your thoughts, anger and pain and sadness coursing through your veins.
You followed the guard back to the yard, the trip faster the second time around. You felt… numb. Nothing made sense to you anymore, you couldn’t fully comprehend what you were feeling because you were feeling everything. Anger from Wanda, heartbreak from Natasha, annoyance from the deceit, and sadness from the betrayal. Your emotions were clashing with each other, forming a knot in your stomach that you couldn’t get rid of. And you really couldn’t focus on your surroundings, stepping back into the yard, unbeknownst to you how all heads turned at the sound of your return. You were too caught up in your inconsolable thoughts to pay attention to anything outside of it.
You couldn’t get the image of Natasha walking away from you out of your head. Was that it? Was that the thing that broke the hold between the two of you for good? As much as you didn’t want to let her go… you didn’t want to tie her down and force her to forgive you.
But you wanted her. She was the one and… the world was just not the same if she wasn’t in it.
When you felt a pair of hands rest on your shoulders, you seemed to snap out of your daze. Your eyes managed to focus on the person in front of you, your cellmate, Selene, shouting words at you that you can’t completely process. Her lips were moving, but there wasn’t a single sound coming out of her mouth. It wasn’t until you realized that you had somehow ended up in the basketball court with an audience that you tuned in to what she was saying.
“...true! Tell them!” Though it did no use for you considering she was done with her speech, her hands leaving your shoulders as her eyes searched yours to find something, but only ending up with confused pupils. “Tell them you’re not the reason most of us are in here!”
So, they found out. It was a matter of time until they did, but you had been hoping to have a little bit more in order to get some loyal people on your side. Maybe then it’d be a fair fight, but considering even Selene seemed to be on the fence about whether or not to be on your side, you doubt it would’ve changed anything.
Some of the people you definitely recognized, most you didn’t. You weren’t going to remember every single face you’ve arrested, but you definitely knew you didn’t arrest everybody here. Yet, everybody surrounded you, eyes dilated with anger, mouths pursed with displeasure, eyebrows pinched with rage. There were a few faces you could see that held confused happiness, just glad to be a part of this. They wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to throw some fists.
“What?” You finally broke the intense silence, Selene sighing heavily at your ignorance. You figured you could talk your way out of this, or at least stall long enough for a guard to realize what was about to happen and break it up, but then you figured… What was the point? Natasha, your world, your soul, was gone. You’ve done something unforgivable, proving her argument right, that you still had feelings for Wanda. But when you faced Wanda yesterday, when she lied and said that Natasha knew, your world just shattered. You had no more motivation, no more energy.
“Are you an Avenger?” Selene questioned, cutting straight to the point and interrupting your thoughts. Your face was always plastered on the news whenever the Avengers got caught in the middle of a mission, but you knew it was difficult for them to identify you as one when you weren’t wearing the stupid SHIELD outfit they make you wear. They don’t remember the smaller faces; Tony, Steve, Thor, those were the faces they’d remember. You? Irrelevant.
“Yeah,” you answered. “I am. Or… I was.” Guess you’re not anymore. “So?”
“So!” Someone stepped out of the crowd of people behind you and you spun around to come face to face with one of the more “scarier” inmates. “You arrested me! And the Avengers arrested a lot of us!” Ah, so you did only manage to arrest only a handful of people here, yet the anger these prisoners held against the other Avengers was enough to pin it on you, an Avenger. Fair enough.
“We should kill you now!” someone shouted from behind you, looking over your shoulder on instinct to search for the culprit, but gave up quickly when you didn’t spot a distance in the throng of inmates.
“We should punish you!” another shouted.
“It’s all your fault!”
“You’re to blame!”
“You messed up, Avenger!”
“You ruined our lives!”
“Stop!” you shouted, your heart hammering in your chest as you squeezed your eyes shut. You needed to think, you needed them to just be quiet. And when you reopened your eyes, nobody was moving. Their protests were silenced and their movement was still. You sighed, pressing your palms against your temples as their words echoed in your mind, pounding against your skull in a mind-numbing headache.
It is all your fault. You are to blame. You messed up. You ruined her life. You should be punished. Punished for hurting Natasha, for lying to her throughout the blissful relationship, for sneaking behind her back with your ex. Natasha was too good, you didn’t deserve a second chance just like Wanda didn’t deserve a second chance. This punishment was different from killing all those people, this punishment you knew you deserved.
But you weren’t going to fall victim to this mindset once again. Physical torment wasn’t going to get you anywhere but a hospital, maybe even a grave. What you needed to do was grow up. You needed to face the problem like an adult and not take the cowardly way out; fighting was the stuff for teenagers. You had considered letting the horde take you, to trample you and treat you like a welcome mat, but you couldn’t do that to Natasha. She’d get the call. And if not her, then Wanda. You couldn’t do that to either of them. 
What you needed was to talk to Natasha and, considering you were stuck in here and she was out there, that was going to be a bit of an issue. For now, you had to figure out a way out of this clusterfuck of prisoners seething revenge.
And you knew just how to do that.
“Y/N is innocent.” Steve looked up to watch Natasha barge into his office, leaning back in his chair as his hands flew away from his keyboard. He sighed when Wanda followed closely behind, Vision soon to show up as well. He looked between the three of them, eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Y/N is innocent.”
“I heard you the first time, Romanoff,” Steve assured, his eyes focusing on the assassin. “I’m kind of in the middle of something here.” He gestured towards the computer screen, showing the video call he was taking part in. “Can this wait?”
“No,” Wanda declared, crossing her arms over her shoulders. “We’d rather talk about this now.”
Steve stared into Wanda’s eyes for a moment before he shook his head, wishing a farewell to the audience before ending the call. He stood up, crossing his arms over his chest as he cleared his throat. He knew something like this was going to come up eventually, it was only a few days since you’ve been in prison and the ladies were already losing their minds. For him, it wasn’t an easy decision. The amount of time he put into thinking about whether or not it was the right thing to do, they wouldn’t believe him if he told them. “I’ll humor you ladies,” Steve stated. “Explain to me how Y/N didn’t murder those people.”
“Technically, she didn’t,” Natasha said, placing a folder onto his desk. He scooped it up as she continued, “The first person Y/N has killed since she got her powers was John Garcia, the SHIELD-turned-HYDRA agent.”
“She killed him out of self-defense,” Wanda expressed. “If Y/N hadn’t acted, Natasha and even herself would’ve died. Along with a lot more people. Nat is the witness.” Steve didn’t bother questioning her about it, already knowing exactly how that moment went down when it happened.
“The second person was Dr. List,” Vision said, Steve looking up from the folder to the android with a slightly shocked expression. “Though she was directly involved with his death, she did play a part in it. And if she hadn’t, the doctor would still be alive and their experiments would still be on to kill dozens more people.”
“William Carter, former leader of the Watchdogs,” Natasha announced. Steve turned his head to look at her, his lips pursed in annoyance at the surprise rally. “Along with several other Watchdog agents. Defense of another. In other words, if Y/N hadn’t acted, more innocent civilians would fall victim to the future crimes of the Watchdogs.”
“And, finally, Isobel Carter,” Wanda stated, earning the super soldier’s attention. “Y/N had beaten her nearly to death on the account of a threat to her life.” Vision looked down to the ground at Wanda’s statement, his hands folding behind his back at her lies. “Just like with Garcia, this was also a case of self-defense. Vision is the witness.”
Steve’s eyes returned to Vision in time to see the android pick his head up and make eye contact with the patriot. He dropped the folder onto his desk and placed his hands on his hips, clearing his throat. He wasn’t clear on this one, it not being an official case for it to have its own mission report, so this was his opportunity to understand it more. “Is that true?”
Vision’s eyes met Wanda’s, the android releasing a deep breath as he seemed to lose himself in her green irises. The love he felt for her was irreplaceable, unfathomable. He never thought he’d feel this way for anybody, but Wanda? Well, she was one of a kind. “I am going to have to disagree, Captain.” Vision looked away from Wanda and at Steve to avoid seeing her face fall.
Wanda held her hand out when Natasha stepped forward, anger written on both of their faces at the robot’s betrayal. Steve crossed his arms over his chest, an eyebrow forming a perfect arch. “What do you mean, Vision?”
“Y/N’s attack on Isobel was not justified,” Vision continued. “I witnessed what happened, sir, and that was not self-defense.”
Rage heated Natasha’s blood, wrath swirled behind Wanda’s eyes. The ladies were beyond pissed, both of them contemplating the demise of the android, but one of them finding just enough morality to prevent the other one from executing the robot. 
“I sensed something different in Y/N,” Vision started, taking a small step towards Steve to get Wanda and Natasha out of his peripheral vision. “It was a… darker, troubling side to her that was peeking out. I was worried. I just wanted to make sure she was okay, so I invited her to run a little errand with me.” He sighed, shaking his head disappointingly. “With Wanda and Miss Romanoff gone for the day, I feared that she would find herself in some trouble. It took some convincing, but I finally got her to agree to join me on my endeavors.”
Steve huffed, looking down at the folder that had been dropped onto his desk. 
Vision continued. “We were helping this little girl find her dog. It was a simple lost puppy case, pro bono.” He released a disheartened breath, his head lolling to the side as if he were truly upset. He felt the ladies’ eyes burning a hole into the side of his head and he tried his best to ignore him, but this was the only way he could see to get Wanda to let you go. “We asked the neighbors about the dog, wondering if they knew or even saw anything. There was an older lady that Y/N just couldn’t seem to leave alone, banging on her door when it was obvious she didn’t want to be bothered.”
“This is bull!” Natasha declared, Steve picking up his head to look at her. “Y/N told me what happened that day and-” She stopped speaking when Steve held up a hand, cutting her off silently before gesturing for Vision to continue.
“When she finally opened the door, Y/N wasn’t very kind to her.”
“Get to the point, Vis,” Wanda declared.
“The elderly woman gave us some useful information and I had wanted to take it back to the father,” Vision said, making it obvious that he purposely skipped over some parts of the story, “but Y/N wanted to ask a woman who was walking down the street, thinking that she’d have more information. She told me to go talk to the father while she questioned the woman, but I didn’t get very far before-” The story died in his throat when the sound of clapping echoed through the room.
Everybody looked towards the opened door, all of their eyebrows furrowed with confusion as they saw you leaning against the threshold, arms crossed over your chest as you stared at Vision. You walked into the room, gesturing for him to continue. “Please, do go on.”
“You’re supposed to be in jail, Y/N,” Steve declared, your eyes landing on him. “What are you doing?”
“Oh, I needed to talk to Nat,” you answered, your eyes not once leaving the android, “but I’m really digging this story you got going on.” You laughed humorlessly as Vision avoided your eye contact. “You know, you used to be one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, Vision. You were considerate, sympathetic, likable.”
Steve walked around his desk. “Y/N-”
“Humanity got to you, didn’t it, bud?” you asked, and then you looked towards Wanda and your eyes sparkled with realization, laughing with a bit more humor in it this time. You looked back at Vision, crossing your arms over your chest. “No, it wasn’t humanity. It was love, wasn’t it?”
He looked up at Wanda at the mention of love, his eyes sad and just overall… pathetic. 
“You’re lying about what happened because you can’t stand the fact that she just doesn’t care about you anymore,” you said, your arms falling back down by your sides. “You know, the most dangerous love is the kind that isn’t reciprocated. Because it hurts. It hurts when they touch your heart and you haven’t even come close to touching theirs.” You took a step towards him. “You’re feeling emotional pain for the first time, Vision, and you’re taking it out on me. You’re lying to Steve because you hate me for taking away your first love.” You took another step towards him, just arms length away.
“Y/N.” Steve’s voice was a warning, eyeing your clenched fists. You knew what he thought without even looking at him. And though you were highly tempted to age this robot until he was nothing but a pile of rusted vibranium, you decided to take the higher road.
“I forgive you,” you continued, picking up a hand to rest it on his shoulder. 
“What?” Everybody seemed to have said it at the same time, shocked at your sudden forgiveness of the android that single handedly ruined your life, but you ignored them all. You broke out of prison and came straight here with the intention of talking to Natasha and just Natasha, but with Vision spewing out a lie that could drag your name in the dirt even more than it already was, you knew you had to talk to him like an adult.
“I can’t blame you for acting out when this is the first time you’re feeling heartbreak. Your literal four year old brain can’t really process what you’re supposed to do.” You smiled at him softly.
“How did you break out of prison?” You stepped away from Vision and turned to look at Steve when his question reached your ears. You picked up your hand, watching the green smoke swirl around your fingers like a coin.
“I got my powers back,” you told him. “When Meyer put me through absolute hell, I managed to gain the trust of the person in control of my powers.” You looked at him, the green mist vanishing the second you made eye contact with him. You feel the confidence in you growing stronger. “I’d like to thank you, Steve.”
“Thank me?”
You nodded. “Yeah. You were only looking out for me, I get that now. And you got a whole team to look out for. No, hell, a whole country to look out for. And, I’ll be the first to say that you’ve been a major douchebag when I first got these powers, but I’ve grown to understand why.”
“You’re still going back to-” You waved your hand and turned your back on him, pushing the pause button on Steve and Vision as you turned to face Natasha and Wanda.
“I don’t really want to hear him right now,” you said, shrugging casually. The ladies smiled widely at you. “Geez, it takes a lot out of you to forgive the people who seemed to be hell bent on ruining every second of your day. Vision and Steve are like two peas in a pod, huh.” You glanced over your shoulder at them, looking in between the two as you said, “I totally ship them. Hashtag Stesion for the win, am I right?” You turned back to Wanda and Natasha as you chuckled, but the humor in the situation quickly faded away.
“This isn’t what you wanted,” Natasha stated.
“I know,” you confirmed. No, you didn’t want to escape prison, but to see her… it was worth all of the consequences. “I needed to talk to you.”
“You couldn’t have waited until I came for visitation?” she questioned.
“I didn’t think you’d come,” you confessed, “after…” Your eyes landed on Wanda, who quickly averted her gaze. “Wanda, I love you.” She quickly looked back at you, her heart squeezing with hope as she stepped towards you. “You were practically the first love of my life, I will always love you, but you were the first major heartbreak, too, and I don’t think I can ever trust you. I don’t want to end up like Selene.”
“It’s a long story,” you said, waving away her question, “one that doesn’t matter. Look, Wanda, you’ll always have a special place in my heart, but… Natasha…” You looked at the assassin, a small smile lifting the corner of your lips as you met her green stare. “The happiest I have ever felt was the moment I found out that you loved me, too. I’m not perfect, nobody is, and I definitely would never be perfect, but… I do love you with all of my heart.”
Wanda stepped towards you, your eyes going towards her. “Y/N…” You could see the hurt in her eyes, the sadness written on her face as her lips twitched to form a frown. It hurt you to see her like that, but it destroyed you when you saw Natasha like that.
“I’m sorry, Wanda,” you whispered softly, your eyes shiny with unshed tears, “but I’m picking Natasha.” You looked back at Natasha, hopeful, as you added, “If she’ll have me.”
Natasha stood there for a moment, staring at you with wide eyes, before she walked towards you. Her fingers immediately grazed your jaw, her palms resting against your cheeks as she pulled you into her, your lips connecting with hers in a kiss that you felt like you needed in order to continue breathing. Your arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her flush against you, desperate to get her as close to you as possible. 
Her laughter caused the kiss to break, her forehead resting against yours as you moved a hand to her face, swiping at the tears slowly escaping her eyes with your thumb. “I love you,” she breathed, half sobbing and half laughing. “I never stopped loving you.”
“I love you, baby,” you returned, snagging her lips in another kiss.
And then she suddenly came back to her senses, peeling herself away from you and wiping her face as she looked at Steve. “We should deal with this before we get too excited.”
“Don’t worry,” Wanda assured, stepping forward once more. “I’ll deal with this. You two go.”
“Are you sure?” Natasha asked, grabbing onto your hand and giving you a squeeze as you looked at Wanda with wide eyes.
The witch nodded, smiling softly. “I can handle Steve and Vision. You two go have fun. You definitely deserve it.”
You and Natasha sent a look to each other, and it was like she had read your mind because she sent you a nod before walking out of the room. You took a deep breath. “Wanda-”
“It’s okay, Y/N,” she stated. “I… messed up, I know. I was playing a dangerous, stupid game that was going to end badly no matter what. I’m suffering the consequences, as I should, and I’m going to respect your decision this time.”
“Well… I know someone who’s available.” You smiled widely as you tossed your thumb over your shoulder to point at Vision, Wanda laughing softly as she shook her head.
“I don’t think it’ll be very healthy for me to continue a relationship with him,” she confessed and you could see the sadness in her eyes, the sadness she’s trying to hide on her face. Your smile slowly faded away when you saw it, releasing a soft sigh as she looked down. “I think I’m just going to… take this time to find myself.” She picked her head up and sent you a soft, broken smile. “Maybe one day, I’ll find someone who made me as happy as you did.”
You closed the distance between you and her to give her a hug, wrapping your arms around her and bringing her tight against you. She didn’t hesitate to hug you back, resting your chin on her shoulder as you breathed her in one last time.
She was the one to break it first. “Go,” she demanded, quickly wiping at her face. “Get a head start. I’ll try and talk him down.”
“Thank you,” you said, touching her forearm for a brief moment before walking away from her.
You joined Natasha out in the hall, immediately grabbing her hand when she reached for you. Warmth flooded your blood as you looked at her, walking down the hall with a smile as bright as the sun plastered on your face. “What’s first on the agenda?” she asked, looking at you.
“You,” you told her, your smile growing impossibly wider as she quickly looked away to hide her blush. “I don’t care about Steve. I just want to be with you.” You figured Wanda was going to get her way no matter what, convincing Steve to clear the charges against you whether he did it willingly or not. And you’ll be forever grateful for her, but right now… you just want to focus on Natasha.
“How about… we take a vacation?” she questioned, looking back at you once she had her blush handled. She sent you a kind smile, one filled with love, and you stopped walking, using your intertwined hands to pull her into you. “Y/N-”
“As long as I’m with you, Nat, I don’t care where we go,” you whispered, your nose brushing against hers. “I’ll let you choose wherever you want to go as long as you’ll be my endgame.”
She sighed softly, her breath fanning over her face. “I’ll always be your endgame, Y/N,” she promised, her lips catching yours in a heated kiss. And you would’ve melted to the floor if you weren’t holding onto her.
You broke away from her this time, stepping back. “How about Hawaii?”
“Too sunny,” she said, wrapping her hand around yours as you continued down the hall. “What about Paris?”
“Too romantic.” She laughed, smacking your shoulder lightly with her free hand. “What about… Russia?”
“Yeah, let me meet your family.”
She rolled her eyes, bringing you close against her. “You want to meet my family?”
“Sure, why not?” You smiled at her. “I heard your sister’s pretty cute.”
She immediately shook her head. “No.”
You laughed heartily as you left the compound, making your way to a car. “I’ll meet them eventually,” you promised, shrugging as you earned another playful smack from her. “How about we just get a hotel and it’ll just be the two of us?”
She nodded, smiling. “I’ll take that.” She released you as you neared a car, sighing thoughtfully as you watched her walk away from you. The love in your eyes could be seen for miles as she climbed into the car, impatiently honking when she realized that you didn’t follow her.
Natasha was your endgame… and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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ot5ismyhome · 11 hours ago
21. History is filled with blood
Tumblr media
To read from beginning click here.
Natasha and Bobbi were flying the Zephyr while catching up. Their profession gives them less time to catch up with each other. After two years, this is the first time they have been assigned to the case together.
In the main area, Steve was analysing all texts about Loki to identify his weakness. He had called his friend to let her know he would be dropping by. He was hoping to catch up with her since they haven’t seen each other since World War II.
Bucky and Hunter were readying the weapons in the weaponry. That’s when Bucky heard a sound. He was sure someone other than the team was on the airship.
“Can you hear anything?” asked Bucky.
“Oh yes, somebody just said, "Can you hear anything?" Hunter said with a straight face earning a frown from Bucky.
“I’m going to check,” he said, replacing the gun in its place. Hunter who was curious followed Bucky. Bucky approached the room behind the stairs and opened the door slightly.
Daisy peaked out from their hiding spot. Seeing the two men, she reclined back.
“The grumpy man and the British dude” she informed Wanda
Wanda pressed her finger to her mouth signalling Daisy to be silent. Bucky’s advanced hearing means trouble for the girls. They hoped that they wouldn't be caught. Daisy pressed herself more closely to Wanda not wanting to be caught.
“I heard you both. You can come out” called out Bucky. He was even able to hear their heartbeat and breathing, one of the perks of being a vampire.
Smiling sheepishly, they came out of their hiding spot. Bucky took them to the main area where Steve was reading about Darkhold. The more he read about the book, the more it worried him. If Loki lays his hands on the book, it means sure defeat for them. Hearing footsteps, he turned to look Bucky entering the room. To his shock, Wanda and Daisy followed him.
“Look, who decided to join us?” Bucky said.
Steve lost his shit when he saw Wanda. He had asked her to stay back due to the risk of this trip. He ran his hand through his hair.
“I asked you to stay back. What are you doing here?”
“I was the one who led Loki to the location of these two objects. I am responsible for stopping him. I should be here with you guys fighting not back there.”
“It’s not safe here, Wanda”
“It’s not like it’s safe back there. Loki is there.”
Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “You don’t understand. Europe is not like America. Here the Legion rules. Their single goal is to destroy every vampire they come across” he said. “They don’t care about the humans dying in the crossfire” he added grimly.
“Stop treating me like a kid. I can take care of myself. I am trained by Natasha,” Wanda retorted. “Nat, tell him” she called out to the agent.
“Don’t involve me in your family drama” Natasha shouted from the cockpit.
Both of them ignored her comment.
“You’re acting like one,” Steve shot back.
Bucky intervened before Wanda could speak back. He looked at Steve, “Can I have a word with you in private?”
Wanda was sitting alone in the empty lab of Zephyr. Bucky knocked on the door gaining her attention.
“Are you here to give me advice?”
“I just wanted to check on you.”
Silence settled between as both waited for the other to speak.
“So, that’s just a myth” she said, striking a conversation.
Bucky looked up puzzled. Noticing that she was looking at his reflection he replied, “Yeah.” After a moment he added, “I’m sorry about what I said about you… back then”
“Sorry for calling you a bloodsucker.”
“It’s not a lie” Bucky chuckled. He continued, “We started off on the wrong note. Let’s start over again. I’m Bucky.” He extended his arm for a handshake.
“Wanda,” she said, taking his hand.
“I wish you could understand where Steve is coming from.”
“Before you waste your breath going blah blah blah let me say that I’m not angry at him.”
“So, I prepared a speech for nothing?”
Wanda laughed. Silence settled between the two. Wanda was the one to break it.
“I wish he could believe-”
“He does. But it’s not like we are going against a mafia gang now. Loki is a completely different element. Legion is a whole different story.” After a pause, Bucky continued, “I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I believe your powers are much more than looking at memories. You need to practice your powers.”
“You mean like…”
“You too are bonding. Something I thought I will never see” a cheery voice called from behind.
Both of them turned around to see Steve walking towards them. He smiled at them as he settled down.
“Steve, I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, kid. I’m sorry too.” He smiled. “As Bucky said, it's good if you practice.”
“How would my powers be useful?”
“You can access memories which could give you clues or information.”
“Or block people from entering your mind.”
“Okay. We are going to train now?”
“We have hours to kill before we land, so why not?” said Steve.
“It’s okay, kid. Give it a try.”
Wanda held Steve’s hand and tried to enter his mind. She closed her eyes to concentrate and her mind to enter Steve’s but she wasn’t able to. She shut her eyes tight and pushed herself more. The more she pushed the more her mind refused to listen to her. Finally, she gave up.
“I can’t do it. It just seems impossible” she said, shaking her head.
“Just relax and make yourself comfortable. Don’t let your mind wander on its own. Try to organize your thoughts” Bucky said.
“Let’s try it one more time, shall we?”
Wanda agreed and held onto Steve’s hand again. Wanda first singled her thoughts and stopped her mind from wandering randomly. She slowly prodded it to enter Steve’s thoughts. A opened her eyes to see herself on a stairway. She saw Steve chasing a man up the stairs. He jumped over the railing and stood in front of him blocking his path. He was beyond recognizable. His hair was blond and matted with blood. His shirt was drenched with blood. His eyes were dark red.
Steve punched the other man twice on his abdomen and hit him against the wall.
“Is Sousa here? Tell me”
The man struggled to get his words out. Steve hit him against the wall again.
“Yes… yes… I saw him getting dragged here an hour before.”
Steve threw the man down and ran up the stairs. Wanda followed him not wanting to lose the connection. Steve took down everyone in his path ruthlessly killing them. Wanda had never seen him like this before.
Steve opened the door at the end of the hall. He closed his nose, unable to breath the stench. Wanda felt a weird feeling around her. It was bringing down her spirits. But she wasn’t able to understand what it was. Wanda peaked inside the room. Her stomach churned at the site in front of her. There was blood everywhere. He heard people groaning and screaming in agony. She retched but didn’t throw up as it was just a project of her physical form.
Steve, who had disappeared into the room, came back moments later carrying a man in his arms. Wanda observed his face but she hadn’t seen him before. She noticed he was missing a leg. She gasped, closing her mouth with her hand.
Steve ran down the stairs with the wounded man in his hand. Wanda followed him to his car. She boarded the car along with him. They arrived at a harbour where a docked ship was getting ready to leave. Crowds of people were rushing to get in but Steve wasn’t interested in the commotion. He kept looking around searching for a familiar face.
“Steve! Not getting aboard?” asked a man walking towards Steve. He had a slight touch of French accent in his tone.
Jacques Dernier was one of the members of the Howling Commandos. Now the war had come to an end and they needed to get back home. Jacques’ face turned serious as he took in Steve’s state. Then his face became pale looking at the state of Sousa in Steve’s hand.
“Where’s Peggy?”
“I will search for her.”
Jacques went off and returned with a woman. Peggy’s throat constricted looking at the pale figure of Sousa looking almost lifeless. Peggy ran to Steve hoping it’s not the worst.
Sensing her fear Steve answered even before she asked the question. “He is alive but he has lost a great deal of blood. I cannot stop anywhere for provisions. We were running out of time. There will be enough blood in the ship. Make sure to-”
“What happened to his leg?” asked Peggy, cutting him off.
“Even after this you’re going to stay here?” Jacques asked, looking concerned.
Steve passed Sousa to Peggy and avoided Jacques.
“Please, come with us Steve” Jacques urged but Steve walked away without answering
Wanda not only saw the memories. She felt the wave of emotions Steve felt and overloaded her. She was trying to make sense of the situation. She missed the connection with Steve, as he drove away. She got thrown out of the memory. 
Chapter 22 (coming soon)
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wandaromanova · 12 hours ago
wandanat where theyre both so busy and stressed out lately but r just wants to spend time with them but wandanat pushes them away and snaps so angst!!!! do whatever u please u can change it up and stuff i just want some angst with the two 🤧
Misplaced Frustration
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Reader x Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: death, cussing, wandanat being assholes
A/N: you ask for angst and you shall receive, anon! not proofread. <3
Summary: Y/N just wants to spend more time with her girlfriends; Wanda and Natasha, but they don’t care.
Word Count: 2.5K
(gif is not mine)
Tumblr media
You were one of New York’s best lawyers and had been tasked to defend the Avengers against the state. At first, your relationship with your clients was strictly professional, but after you had won the case for the team, they all became close friends of yours; some closer than others.
You were just a normal person who just so happened to be dating two Avengers; Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff. Your girlfriends would be out fighting criminals while you dealt with court cases involving the people they had taken into custody. To say you were shocked when not one of the women, but both of them showed interest in you, was an understatement. You never thought you were one for polygamy, but come on; it was Natasha and Wanda. You would be crazy to not jump at the opportunity to be with them both.
So now, here you were two years later in the complex you shared with the two. You haven’t been seeing much of them lately. Admittedly, you were all very busy people with very crazy schedules. You’d spend all nighters at the office while your girlfriends went on missions for days, sometimes weeks. You were stressed out and fatigued from all the work your profession entailed. However, you were more stressed out by the fact that you rarely see the two redheads anymore.
You missed them so god damn much. You can’t even remember the last time you had a proper conversation with either of them. You knew they were busy, busier than you, but it wouldn’t hurt them to say no to a mission every now and again. You had turned down cases to ensure time with them before, why couldn’t they do the same? They had other teammates that could take over, you didn’t. You’d think it would be easier for them to get some spare time with you, but nope. You got to see them once, twice a week if you were lucky.
You could tell they were just as stressed out by work as you were, if not more. Wanda is normally an extremely talkative person, but now when she’s home it’s radio silence. Natasha is usually the neat freak between the three of you, she always makes sure the place is squeaky clean whenever she returns home. Now, she hasn’t even bothered to so much as do her own laundry. You wished there was something you could do to ease the tension that’s been plaguing the two women.
Natasha and Wanda told you that they would be returning from a mission sometime tonight. They had told you not to wait up for them, but you decided to anyway. You wanted to suggest taking a break from work to them. You would take a break and so would they; a mutual agreement. It seemed like a mature and civilized way to compromise for the sake of quality time together. You missed Wanda’s cuddles and Natasha intricately braiding your hair. You missed being squished between them on the couch while you watched some god awful scary movies. You just missed having them around.
You all were practically strangers that slept in the same bed. This tension and distance due to stress has been going on for a few months and you were at your breaking point. So, it was now 3AM and they finally returned. As you were lost on your thoughts sitting on the couch, you failed to notice their presence until Natasha spoke, breaking the silence.
“Y/N. We told you not to wait up for us.” She said exhaustedly as she kicked off her shoes and placed her keys on the table beside the front door. You whipped your head around and were met with the two, visibly tired women, who were still in their mission suits.
“I know, but I need to talk to you guys. It’s important.” You spoke hesitantly as you stood up from the couch and crossed your arms firmly across your chest.
“Can’t it wait until later Y/N? We’re beat and I honestly can’t be bothered to have a conversation with you right now.” Wanda spoke monotonously as she made a move to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Natasha began to make her way to the bedroom. Were they seriously trying to dismiss you when you told them this was important?
“No. It can’t wait until later because who fucking knows when later will be? It could be a month from now!” You suddenly blurted out causing the two women to stop in their tracks. Wanda turned around to face you from behind the kitchen counter while Natasha paused in the hall.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Natasha asked you as she walked towards you. She stopped right in front of you while you were frozen in place.
“I don’t see you guys anymore. I get you guys are busy and stressed from work, but the least you guys could do is take a break and take a little time to be with me.” You spoke solemnly as you looked down at the ground. You wanted to pull Natasha into your arms due to her close proximity, but you refrained.
“Y/N. It’s our jobs. We protect the world! We don’t have time to take a god damn break like your dumb ass does!” Natasha snapped at you with fury present behind her eyes. Her eyebrows furrowed in frustration as she stared at you.
Wanda made her way towards you both and stood strongly beside Natasha. “Yeah, our job is actually fucking important Y/N. We don’t have the pleasure of leisure time. You’re so god damn annoying and clingy it makes me want to throw you across the room!” Wanda screamed harshly in your face as she gave you a harsh shove. You stumbled back as tears began to fill your eyes.
“You think my job isn’t important? Remember when I saved both of your assess and the the rest of them team from the Raft? Fuck you for trying to demean me and dismiss my work!” You screamed back in anger. They knew how god damn hard you worked to win your cases, you weren’t the best in New York for nothing.
“If you think that wanting a little bit of you guys’ time is being clingy, then you’re both fucking stupid. Being in a relationship calls for spending time with one another, you guys don’t even try.” Your voice slowly faltered from anger back to sadness as you held your tears in. The pain of withholding your sobs spreading throughout your chest.
“We live together Y/N! Is that not enough for you? Do you need us to fucking handcuff ourselves to you, huh? Would that finally get you to shut the fuck up?” Natasha spoke with venom laced in her voice as she glared at you.
Stressed or not, this was not how they should treat you. You didn’t deserve this. You just wanted to see them more and they were treating you as if you asked them to kill someone for you. You’ve had enough of this. You couldn’t take it anymore.
“If you guys won’t take a break from work for the sake of saving our relationship, then I want a break.” You spoke eerily calm, a drastic contrast from your previous agitated state. Your tone and words had shocked Natasha and Wanda. You swiftly walked past them both, grabbed your purse and walked out of the door. You were just going to rent a hotel or something, you’d figure it out. Where you were going didn’t matter as you flung yourself carelessly into your car and drove off, finally allowing the painful sobs to take over your body.
You didn’t realize that expressing how much you missed them would cause such an intense argument. The things they said to you, did they always think that of you? Did they really think what you did wasn’t important? Were you not important to them? Did they not love you anymore?
As all these questions took over your mind, you began to swerve into the other lane of the road without realizing. Your eyes widened as a bright light clouded your vision before your car was slammed head on by another car. Your car was sent flying a few feet back as the car twisted and turned rapidly in different directions. Your vision went black as your car finally came to a bone crushing stop. Your last thoughts before losing consciousness were Wanda and Natasha.
Back at the Condo
Wanda and Natasha stared at the door dumbfounded as you walked out. Did you just break up with them? Did they just lose the best thing that they ever had? Were you actually being serious? No, you’d come back. You always left and came back after arguments. You would come back.
A few hours had passed and you were yet to return. It was already morning, the sun was starting to come up and you still hadn’t returned. Natasha and Wanda had grown increasingly worried as every minute passed. Natasha didn’t express this to the other redhead, for fear of freaking her out even more, but she had this bad feeling in her gut. Nat’s gut feelings were usually right, and just this once, she was praying to god that she was wrong.
The silence in the condo was broken when Wanda’s phone began to go off. She quickly jumped to grab her phone from the kitchen counter, hoping for the screen to reveal your name, but it didn’t. Instead, it was an unknown number. Natasha rushed over and frowned in confusion at the number calling.
Wanda reluctantly answered the call as she placed the phone on speaker. “Hello? Who is this?” Wanda asked immediately and urgently as the call connected.
“Hello. Is this Wanda Maximoff?” A feminine voice boomed through the speaker of Wanda’s phone. “Yes. Who is this and what do you want?” Wanda asked with her guard up. Some stranger not only had her number, but knew her name. In hers and Natasha’s line of work, this could mean anything.
“Hi. I’m calling from Lenox Hill Hospital. I regret to inform you that Ms. Y/N L/N has been in a terrible accident and has been admitted to our facility for emergency surgery. As her primary contact, it is my obligation to inform you.” The lady spoke sympathetically as she delivered the horrid news. Wanda and Natasha froze in their spots, not even caring to reply to what the woman had just revealed. An accident? You were hurt and in the hospital? They had to get there now!
Natasha was the first to snap out of her shock and grabbed the phone from Wanda’s grasp and quickly hung it up. They both rushed out of the condo and sped to the hospital you were at. They got there in record time. It’s honestly a miracle they didn’t get pulled over with how fast Nat was driving. Wanda and Natasha frantically ran into the hospital and approached the lady at the front desk.
“Y/N L/N, I’m her emergency contact, Wanda Maximoff. Where is she?” Wanda spoke so fast that the woman had to ask her to repeat what she just said. After Wanda repeated her words, at a comprehensible this time, the woman pointed them in the direction of the waiting room. You were still in surgery and have been for hours.
Why in the fuck did it take the hospital so long to contact them? You’ve been here alone for hours! No one had told them anything about your state. All they had told the two was that there was a car accident. You had drifted off into the other lane and were involved in a head-on collision. Your car was absolutely destroyed and you were in critical condition when the ambulance finally arrived.
Natasha paced back and forth in front of the chair Wanda was sat on. They were exhausted, having not slept yet. But they couldn’t give two shits about sleep right now. They wouldn’t be able to rest until they knew you were okay. Guilt began to consume the both as they recalled the last conversation… or argument, really.. that they had with you. The horrible, awful things they said to you. That couldn’t be the last words you hear from the two women; it couldn’t.
Wanda and Natasha loved your more than anything. When they met you years ago, they knew they had to have you. You were so caring and charitable with a gigantic heart, not to mention you were ridiculously attractive. You had the both of them whipped as soon as you said hello. This couldn’t be goodbye.
After what felt like years, when in reality it was an hour, a doctor walked out and made his way towards Wanda and Natasha. Nat abruptly stopped her pacing and faced the doctor as Wanda shot up from her seat. The doctor paused in front of the two women.
“Are you here for Y/N L/N?” The man asked as the two women furiously nodded their heads. “Yes, we are. Is she okay? Please tell me she’s okay.” The usually composed former assassin was the furthest thing from her calm self. She was scared shitless by the possibility that you weren’t in good condition.
“Y/N was rushed into surgery due to some internal bleeding we found. We tried our hardest to save her, but it was too late. I’m so sorry for your loss…” Anything that the doctor had to say after that went unnoticed by Wanda and Natasha as their hearts broke into two. The world went silent around them as the doctor gave a sad nod before walking off.
They stood frozen in the middle of the waiting room after they had received the worst news of their lives. You were gone. You didn’t make it. The last things they told you and called you were horrendous and now they would never be able to tell you how sorry they were; how much they loved you; how they would love nothing more than to spend even just one more second with you.
All you wanted from Wanda and Natasha was a little bit of their time, but you yourself had run out of time. Wanda fell to the floor as she began to wail out soul-shattering sobs. Natasha leaned her back against the wall and slowly slid down as she pulled Wanda into her arms. Natasha allowed herself to cry, something she never did. They loved you more than life itself and they pushed you away.
If they had just gotten their heads out of their asses, you would’ve never walked out the door. You wouldn’t have been driving. You wouldn’t have gotten into that accident that has now taken you away from them. They wouldn’t be crying in the middle of a hospital holding onto each other, but they would be holding you tightly in the warmth of your bed. But no, they were assholes and misplaced their frustrations; and they’d never be able to fix it.
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spicymocha · 12 hours ago
Our Little World
Warnings: sad, angst, mentions of character death 
Parings: Wanda Maximoff x GN!Reader 
Summary: Wanda remembers the memories between you and her and how she relishes in those moments. Oh, how she misses those moments and longed for you. Maybe, one day she can create the both of your’s own little world together together... 
Tumblr media
Do you know when you dreamt of those little moments with your lover of a place in paradise? The light breeze as your lover's hair would flow freely with a contented smile on their face? The way their eyes twinkled as the both of you stand in a field full of Nature's beauty, as the sun shone down below you, casting a beautiful shadow that resembles honey? 
Yeah, Wanda longed for that day, where the two of you don't have any worries nor responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. Oh, how she misses the way she threads her fingers through your hair, as she listens to you ranting about your awful day, the way you grimaces of the revolting men at Stark tower. Wanda would always chuckle, grateful for Tony caring for you as if you're like a sibling to him. How Tony and you were so annoyed with incompetent people about work - the way you both handle the job of being an Avenger like professionals. Warmth, that's what Wanda thought every day. Your love was the highlight of her day, the passion and sweetness of the golden sun rays of summer, the kind that disembarks upon heaven's savior or of a kiss. The redhead would close her eyes tightly, trying to remember the sunny days in the bath of gentle warmth; The memories of you and her. The way the sweetness would uplift all sensations, no matter what you do, no matter where you go, the you who would be the light - the sun that weathers down the cold, and bitterness of her soul. Like her catalyst magic, you were a profound type of magic, the magic of love of the honesty of your loving heart. 
Yet, it was all taken away by the gruesome hands of the titan. Thanos, the name burns boiled rage into her veins as she even hears the name of the disgusting brute. He was the one who took the warmth of her day, the person at fault for taking the one person that made her whole again. It wasn't her fault for feeling so violent nor being so greedy of killing him, for as he took the life out of you. Wanda couldn't help but shake in her tears as she remembers the traumatizing death of you. Your cold presence and your cold, bitter hands contrast to the scorching hot pain as the blood oozes out of you. She painstakingly remembers how you still smiled through the puddles of blood in your mouth, the way your cold hands caressed her stained teary cheek. It was the same raw and bitterness of the weather that clouds her senses of her soul. It felt wrong; your purity was long gone. Opening her weary eyes, she stands in the chilly room with no warmth to provide her. It was heart-wrenching; first her brother, then Vision, and now you. Heartbroken is what Wanda felt, and she hated it with all her being. In the heartache, the sun won't shine below Wanda any longer. The birds sing a melancholy song as if the melody won't satisfy the grief worming into Wanda's heart, as it glides through the air as it once did before in a sunny field full of Nature's beauty. 
There was a sort of brokenness in her eyes when Wanda slowly walked down the empty hallways of the Avenger's compound, ignoring the shameful prying eyes of the people she once looked up to, the avengers looked down in shame and grief for everything they've lost. It was like brokenness in Wanda's eyes were worn down and torn into two akin to the smooth and novelty feeling of melting ice cream on a hot road. Thus akin to lighting a match, fiery with embers as it strongly embraces the warmth that surrounds the darkness, the way you would enjoy the flame and watch as the ashes blow away with freedom. Her memories of you, the heartwarming ones, the fun ones, are that of matches flames but are the bitter ending of the ashes as Wanda watched when the litters of flower petals flew past your gravestone in a field full of flowers, embracing Mother Nature. Maybe one day, but not today, she can create a reality with you and her, full of paradise and passion, her little world with you by her side.
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just-another-wanda-fan6 · 15 hours ago
y/n: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Wanda: y/n no.
Natasha: Mistlefoe.
Wanda: Please stop encouraging them.
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scarletgiselle · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
New: BTS pic of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch on set of Wandavision! She looks amazing!😍❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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thelostboys25 · 17 hours ago
Marvel keychains going up in shop soon! Plus the Flash. 🤣 If anyone has any suggestions let me know!
Tumblr media
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abimess · 17 hours ago
The high price of love // Final Part
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Tumblr media
Masterlist  ||  Upcoming Stories
Summary: Loving and desiring someone are the best things a human can possibly do. But what happens when you feel these things for a woman much older than you? [5.521 || 26.021]
Warnings: fluff; angst; milf; smut (+18 only!)
All parts || Part 6 (Read on AO3)
It's only a few minutes after Wanda has left that it finally hits you. The weight of reality is overwhelming and comes crashing against you, knocking you to the ground.
You hug your legs tightly in front of you, burying your face against your knees. The tears that flow endlessly burn your cheeks like acid. It's harder and harder to breathe, and all you want to do is scream, but you can't. It's as if your body can't do anything now but cry.
Wanda is gone. This is all your brain can process. Wanda is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing will change the fact that you haven't told her how you feel. Because she didn't let you. So many questions cross your mind now, but only one of them remains. Why?
You think you hear the bedroom door opening, but the sound seems so far away that you are not sure, let alone have the strength to look.
"(Y/n)?" Like the noise of the door, the voice sounds distant, but you can discern the concern behind it nonetheless. When you finally allow yourself to look up, you recognize Robin's figure with difficulty over the tears in your eyes.
"What happened?" she asks, running her hands down your back trying to calm you down, and you sniffle. "She's gone." You say simply, your voice failing from crying, and Robin settles down beside you. "That explains her state when she picked up the boys." She says and you look at her curiously.
"It looked like she had been crying." Robin explains with a sad smile and you feel your chest weigh even heavier. "She just took the boys and said she needed to go." She explains and you nod slowly, but remain silent.
"But what happened, (Y/n)?" She asks again, and you shake your head, pensive. "Honestly, I don't even know." You say, wiping the tears from your eyes and trying hard not to let new ones fall.
You take a deep breath and then tell the blonde the things Wanda said before you left, concentrating not to cry again. Robin listens intently, and when you're finished, she nods.
"You're gonna say she's right, aren't you?" You say without much enthusiasm, looking forward. "Actually, no." She answers, and you look at her. "I mean, yes. But no." She completes and you frown in confusion.
"Look, (Y/n), I know your feelings for her are real." She says, and the words spoken aloud by someone else make your heart ache even harder. "But her argument is pretty valid. I mean, do you really want to give up your life, which is just beginning, to join hers?"
You let the words sink in, occupying your mind entirely. You don't give her an answer, but that's okay because Robin really wasn't expecting one. It's too complex a question to be answered so suddenly. You know it and so does she. But Robin keeps talking anyway.
"(Y/n/n), I love you." She says affectionately, giving your shoulder a gentle squeeze and you smile appreciatively. "You're insufferable, yes, but you're also the most amazing person I know." She continues playfully and you giggle. "You deserve to be happy. Just think carefully about where that happiness really lies."
You nod slowly, letting your best friend's words warm your heart and comfort you. When you murmur a thank you, the blonde smiles tenderly at you.
"Since when you're the smart one?" You mumble, a small, teasing smile on your face, and Robin grimaces as if the answer to that question is obvious. "Since always?" She says, and when you grimace in disagreeance she pushes you away lightly.
You both laugh, and you feel yourself starting to feel a little better. But at the same time you feel like you won't be able to be okay, because Wanda is no longer here with you.
You were right about not being able to be okay. It's been a few weeks since Wanda ended things between you two, and with each day you feel worse.
The time has been great for thinking. In fact, thinking is all you have done since. Thinking about the moments you lived with Wanda, about the words you said to each other, about Robin's advice. About everything. And along with the thoughts, a mix of feelings. From sadness to anger, from regret to longing.
Everything overwhelmed you violently, consuming your brain little by little. It was as if the feelings and thoughts grew and grew, closer and closer to exploding. Until the moment they did.
"I'm in love with Wanda." You confess quietly. You were doing the dishes and Nat was telling you about something that happened today in her work but that you weren't able to pay attention to. But as soon as the words come out of your mouth your aunt immediately stops talking.
You look at her slowly, your eyes heavy with tears, and notice Nat looking at you with an expression you cannot decipher. "I am." You confirm with a sad smile and shrug.
Nat gets up from her chair and you expect her to yell at you, tell you that you're crazy and that this is absurd. But instead she approaches you and pulls you into a tight, protective hug. You return the hug without hesitation, sinking your face into your aunt's shoulder and allowing yourself to cry at last.
You don't know how long you remained embraced there, but when Nat pulls away, you can barely see her through your tears. "Come on." She says softly, guiding you into the living room. You don't object.
When you both sit down on the couch, Nat watches you with expectant eyes. You take a deep breath, gathering the courage to finally tell your aunt the truth.
You then tell her about how whatever you and Wanda had started, about how it was good, even though you needed to hide it; about how it was good until it wasn't anymore.
And all the while Nat just watches you intently, nodding and frowning pitifully now and then. When you finish and she doesn't say anything, you frown. "You're not surprised." You remark, a mixture of question and affirmation in your words, and Nat smirks. "I had my suspicions."
"What?" you ask surprised, and your aunt's smile widens slightly. "Well, honey, I'm not dumb." She says playfully and you give a husky, incredulous giggle. "I've noticed you get weird every time she's around, but I thought it was just because you didn't like her. Apparently I was very wrong." She adds with a knowing glance and you chuckle, clumsily.
"And then there was the day I suggested the blind date with Steve." She continues to provide arguments and you feel your neck heat up with embarrassment. "Not to mention the fact that Wanda always asks about you."
"She does?" You ask, surprised, and when Nat nods you smile, a sad smile though. You fall silent, Nat with a thoughtful expression and you not knowing what to say. But a question crosses your mind.
"Aren't you mad at me?" You ask, unable to disguise the apprehension in your voice, and Nat looks at you with a tender smile. "We don't choose how we feel, (Y/n/n)." She says and you immediately relax your shoulders, feeling the weight of guilt being lifted from them. But soon Nat assumes a slightly hurt expression. "But I'm upset you lied to me."
"I'm sorry, Nat. It's just that-I thought you-" You huff, not knowing what to say. But your apologetic expression is sincere, so Nat smiles. "It's okay, I understand." She says in a reassuring tone. "But we are a family, (Y/n). We are all we have."
She holds your hands, giving them a gentle squeeze and you smile, nodding. "You can always talk to me." She says and you thank her, hugging her tightly afterwards. When you pull away, she has a knowing smile on her face.
"So you love her?" She asks and you giggle. "I do." You affirm and she nods. "Are you sure?" She asks and flashes of everything you have been pondering these past few days invade your brain. When Wanda's smile crosses your mind, you smile too.
"That's what I'm most sure of." You answer finally and Nat smiles, as if that's all she needed to know to say what she says next.
"So what are you still doing here?" She asks with amusement and you giggle. You thank her again, giving her hand a gentle reassuring squeeze.
As soon as you stand up, you grab your things and walk to the door.
Despite all the apprehension and nervousness, you smile almost the entire way to Wanda's house. But your smile dies when you see a commotion in front of Wanda's house.
A blond man you don't know stands in the doorway talking to Wanda, who is holding the door ajar, blocking the view into the house with her body. You can't see the man's face, but Wanda looks extremely angry, so you imagine that the man is too.
Sensing the confusion, your heart beats faster in your chest, and when the man makes mention of forcibly pull Wanda out of the way, you feel your blood boil.
"Hey!" you say angrily as soon as you reach him, pulling the blond by the shirt hard, causing the man to stagger backwards and away from Wanda. You take the opportunity to place yourself between the two of them.
Both Wanda and the man look extremely confused by your presence there, but your stance doesn't waver. "Who the fuck are you?" he asks angrily, and just the sound of his voice makes your irritation rise.
"Get out." You command firmly, ignoring the man's question, and he laughs. "Or what, kid? You'll fight me?" He sneers, and you laugh dryly at the ridiculous debauchery posture the man assumes. "No. But I'll call the police." You calmly warn him.
The man continues with his debauched posture, but you notice it falter for a brief second, and a small victorious smile threatens to form at the corner of your mouth. But you push it away.
"Call the police? What for, huh?" he challenges, and you tilt your head, allowing yourself to reciprocate the man's debauched posture. "Attempted trespassing. Oh, and assault, of course." You list, and the man swallows dryly. Wanda watches the interaction intently. "Of course, it wouldn't just be attempted if I hadn't arrived." You add, and smile briefly at the slight signs of panic in the man's expression. "Things aren't going to look good for you, buddy." You sneer.
The man stares at you for a few seconds and you hold his gaze without flinching. He then looks away from you to Wanda, an uncertain expression on his face. You clench your jaw, impatient. "Out." You say firmly, and the man looks at you once more.
He then sighs deeply, muttering a few swear words as he turns away. You watch as he gets into the car and drives away, and you only stop when he disappears from sight.
As soon as you turn around, Wanda throws herself at you, wrapping her arms around your neck. You hug her back, squeezing a little tighter when you feel that she is trembling. You decide to let Wanda be the first to pull away, and when she does, you move your hands to the sides of her face.
"Are you okay?" You ask, your eyes locked on hers. Wanda nods a little absent-mindedly. "Yes." She answers finally, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "If you..." She starts, but suddenly comes to her senses and slightly widens her eyes at you.
"What are you doing here?" she asks, taking a few steps back and you sigh. "I wanted to talk to you." You answer and Wanda continues to watch you, uncertain. "But we can talk about what just happened first." You add in a tone that means both a suggestion and a request, and Wanda ponders for a while before accepting.
She guides you into the kitchen. As you walk there, you hear quiet footsteps coming from the hallway. You turn your gaze just in time to see the boys' apprehensive expressions turn into a smile. "(Y/n)!" The boys say in unison, rushing to hug you, and you smile, crouching down and extending your arms to them.
You hug the boys tight, and Wanda tries to ignore the flutter in her heart at the scene, looking away briefly. "We missed you, (Y/n/n)." Billy says and Tommy nods frantically. You giggle, feeling your heart warm up. "I missed you guys too." You admit and are greeted with smiles from both of them.
"Will you play with us?" Tommy asks with expectant eyes and you giggle. "Boys, I came here to talk to your mommy." You say, and the boys exchange sad glances.
"But can we play later?" Billy insists and you giggle again. "Yeah, I hope so." You say, risking a glance at Wanda and she frowns briefly.
"Okay, boys, that's enough." Wanda says, firm but gentle, instructing the boys to go back to their room, and you smile encouragingly at them before they turn to leave. When the boys are out of sight, you stand up and look at Wanda.
She sits down on one of the kitchen chairs, and since she doesn't have a hostile posture, you sit down beside her. You wait patiently, and it doesn't take long for her to start talking. "That was my ex-husband, Jarvis." She says, her hands on the table spinning the rings on her fingers, and you nod slowly, even though she is not looking directly at you.
She then tells you that Billy wanted to join the drama club instead of football and that Jarvis didn't like the idea one bit, saying it was useless. Wanda confronted her ex-husband, saying that the boys should do whatever they felt like doing, and so the man said that he would not allow this and then appeared in her front door.
You grow increasingly angry, and Wanda's hands tremble as she speaks so you hold them in yours. She doesn't move her hands away, but you're too invested in the story and in your anger, so you barely notice it.
"He has absolutely no right to do that." You complain when she finishes and Wanda giggles helplessly. "He is their father, (Y/n)."
"And?" You retort and she raises her eyes to you. "Being a parent doesn't mean you're a good one. Trust me, I would know." You add the last bit with a sad smile that Wanda reciprocates, giving your hands a gentle squeeze. But the redhead keeps quiet and so you decide to lighten the mood.
"So Billy wants to be an actor?" You ask with a knowing smile and Wanda giggles huskily. "I think so." She replies, and shifts her gaze to some point in the kitchen, thoughtfully. "I'm not surprised actually, he organizes these improvised plays from time to time."
She tells, gesturing, a genuine smile on her face that makes your own to grow. "He always drags Tommy along to participate, but he doesn't like it very much." She says in an amused tone and you giggle. "It sounds adorable."
"It really is." She confirms, nostalgically, and you're unable not to admire the woman in front of you. "You're a great mom, Wanda." You say, and she looks up at you, her eyes locked on yours. "I'm sorry you have to go through this." You say apologetically and Wanda shrugs, looking away again. "It's okay. It was me who married him in the first place."
"Don't do this." You retort ruefully and Wanda looks at you once again. "Stop blaming yourself for everything that happens to you." You say almost in a plea and Wanda watches you for a few seconds before she swallows dryly.
"What are you doing here, (Y/n)?" She repeats the question from before and you take a deep breath, relieved that at least this time she didn't move away from you. "I wanted to talk about what happened at Nat's party."
"We don't have to talk about that." She replies immediately, taking her hands away from yours, and you huff. "Yes, we do." You retort, exhausted, and Wanda looks at you. "You said a lot of things that day, Wanda. I think I deserve a chance to speak as well."
She seems to ponder for a while, her eyes shifting between yours. But then she nods slowly, confirming, and you straighten in your chair, turning to face her. "I love you." You begin, but Wanda closes her eyes, shaking her head and making mention of interrupting you. "Please. Please let me talk." You beg, and she opens her eyes again. As she says nothing, you continue.
"I want you to know that I understand. I understand your fears and insecurities, I have mine too." You pause and Wanda remains silent so you take a deep breath. "But, Wanda, the more I think about you the more sure I am." You say with a small sincere smile. Wanda clenches her jaw, trying to hold back the tears that are beginning to form. "It was fun and exciting at first, true, but I would easily trade it in for being easy and comfortable with you."
"You don't know what you're saying." She retorts, crossing her arms and looking away. You watch her cautiously, your heart heavy with her tear-laden eyes.
"You talked about being a mess. Trust me, I'm a mess too. Maybe not a mess like you, but I am one as well. And if there's one thing I've realized these past few weeks, it's that my mess makes more sense when I'm with you." You say and she looks up at you, her eyes heavy with uncertainty, and then you give a reassuring smile. "You're not dragging me anywhere, I want to dive right into this with you."
"I have two children." She argues, looking down and wiping away the tears that have finally fallen with one of her hands. You smile. "And I love them both deeply."
"People will talk." She says and you make a dismissive face, shrugging. "Let them. I couldn't care less." She looks at you with her eyebrows frowned. "What about Natasha? What is she going to say-"
"I already told her." You interrupt her and Wanda's eyes widen slightly in surprise. "And what did she say?" she asks cautiously and you smile. "She said for me to come here and talk to you."
Wanda watches you for a while, green eyes scanning yours for any sign of hesitation, but all you offer her is a sincere smile. She ponders, but faced with the lack of further argument, she feels her heart beating faster.
"Are you sure about this?" She asks, still uncertain, but your smile widens. "More than anything." You answer and Wanda feels all the weight of uncertainty and fear being slowly lifted from her.
"What about you? Do you want to dive into this with me?" You ask and Wanda places her hands on the sides of your face, gently caressing your cheekbones with her thumbs. "As deep as I can." She admits in a whisper and that's all you need to lean in and connect your lips to hers.
The kiss is salty with Wanda's tears, but loaded with all the feelings you're finally allowing yourselves to feel for each other, and you're both sure that this is the best kiss you've ever had.
When the kiss is over, Wanda rests her forehead on yours, silly smiles playing on both of your lips. "I love you." She whispers, finally saying what she has never allowed herself to admit, and you giggle contentedly. "I love you too."
You both hear footsteps coming from the hallway and turn your gaze in the direction of the sound. Billy and Tommy approach and, noticing your faces, the boys assume curious expressions. "Were you crying, Mommy?" Billy asks worriedly and Wanda giggles huskily, extending her arms and inviting the boys to come closer.
"Those are happy tears, my love." Wanda explains as she places the boy on her lap, you place Tommy on your lap as well. Billy doesn't seem to understand his mother's explanation very well, but nods anyway and you smile, finding the boy's behavior endearing.
"Will you stay a little longer, (Y/n)?" Tommy asks hopefully and you giggle. "I can stay. I mean, if your mom doesn't kick me out, of course." You reply playfully and Billy shakes his head. "She wouldn't do that, she likes you too much."
"Billy!" Wanda scolds the boy immediately and you giggle, reveling in the shade of pink that Wanda's cheeks take on. "Is that so?" You ask, eyebrows raised in amusement, and Wanda rolls her eyes, her cheeks growing redder and redder. "Alright, why don't you two go play, huh?" Wanda suggests, looking at the two boys, and they immediately look at you.
"Are you coming with us, (y/n)?" Tommy asks excitedly, getting up from your lap and looking at you, and you nod. "Of course!" You say getting up and the boys smile excitedly. "But I want to be a Jedi." You say playfully, following the boys, and they both turn to you.
"No!" They say in unison, making you laugh. "We’re the Jedi, you’re a Sith." Billy explains and you nod. "Alright. But Sith are evil, you know? I'll have to make mischief. Like..." You say, assuming a thoughtful posture and the boys look at you curiously.
It doesn't take long before you grin wickedly, looking at them again, and the boys assume an apprehensive expression that it's impossible not to find adorable. "Tickle attack!" You announce, and the boys widen their eyes before running away. You laugh, running after them immediately.
As the laughter of the three of you fills the house, Wanda smiles. Her heart warms, the weight in her chest previously occupied by fear and insecurity being replaced by the weight of love and anticipation.
Things become exponentially easier after you and Wanda finally talked.
When you told Billy and Tommy, the boys were thoughtful for a few minutes. But soon they smiled brightly, and when they asked if you would move in with them, you and Wanda denied it with rosy cheeks.
The first time Wanda and Nat met after you had assumed your relationship was awkward, but only because Nat decided to give Wanda 'the talk'. You kept your face in your hands the whole time while your aunt filled Wanda with warnings about never doing anything to hurt you.
But in the end Wanda smiled, saying that she had no intention of doing so and that it was beautiful how Nat cares about you, so your embarrassment was replaced by adoration.
Another thing that changed is that now you didn't have to hide anymore. So on one of the nights that you knew the boys were out at a slumber party, you go over to Wanda's house.
"What are you doing here?" Wanda asks with a frown and an amused smile as soon as she opens the door for you. You hold out the bouquet to her and she holds it up, admiring the flowers with a passionate smile. When she looks back at you, she frowns again. "You're wearing a suit." She remarks, looking you from head to toe, and you giggle. "Yep." You say playfully, making a pop sound, and Wanda smiles amused. "Why?"
"I want to take you on a date." You say, a twinge of shyness in your voice, and Wanda smiles even more, biting her lip. She pulls you by the nape of your neck, kissing you next, and you both smile against each other's lips.
You sit on the couch in the living room while Wanda goes into the bedroom to get ready, looking with a passionate smile at the flowers the redhead has so carefully placed in a glass vase.
Some time later, you anxiously drum your fingers on your knee, but as soon as Wanda appears in the living room you freeze. She is wearing a long red dress that highlights all the best details of her body, a soft make-up that perfectly enhances her green eyes and cheekbones, but without hiding the woman's natural beauty.
"Wanda..." You breathe out, a smile playing on your lips as your eyes travel down her figure, the redhead's eyes locked on yours. "You look stunning." You say, admiring the mesmerizing woman before you, and Wanda thanks you with a bashful smile, which only makes her even more beautiful.
You take Wanda to a nice restaurant. You eat and talk, your hand intertwined with hers almost the entire time. Both of you with genuine smiles on your faces, enjoying the peaceful feeling of finally not having to worry about being seen by some acquaintance.
When you arrive at her house again a few hours later, Wanda pulls you inside by your tie.
A few semesters later you graduate and your friends, Nat and Wanda celebrate with you.
Robin and Ned take you to the university one last time and make you eat all the disgusting snacks the place offers as your 'rite of passage'. You laugh and have a good time, but you go home with a weird feeling in your stomach.
Nat hugs you tight and cooks you your favorite dinner while the two of you talk about your plans for the future. You smile thinking that they all include Wanda.
Wanda gives you an acrylic periodic table with samples of the elements inside and you give her a long kiss in thanks. Wanda laughs fondly at the sight of you admiring the object for several minutes.
You get a job as a teacher at the same school where you tutor and Fury shakes your hand with a smile on his face after you work out the details.
You work in the afternoon and do your master's degree in the morning. You miss Wanda terribly, but she works all day as well, so you end up seeing each other only on some nights.
"And what are you going to do now?" Wanda asks one evening. Nat has traveled for work and Billy and Tommy are spending a few days with their father (which you don't like very much, but there's nothing you can do about it), so Wanda has come to your house.
"I don't know." You reply as soon as you swallow the handful of pasta, playing with the spaghetti on your plate with your fork thoughtfully. "Buy a car? Maybe move out of my aunt's house."
"Oh." Wanda lets out and you raise your eyes to hers. "Have you thought about where you're moving into?" She asks, uncertain, and you narrow your eyes a little. "No. Why?" you ask and Wanda makes a dismissive expression.
"Nothing, it's just that I was thinking... You're planning on moving out, and we've been together for a while... And I have plenty of room in my house." She rambles clumsily and you smile in amusement.
"Are you asking me to move in with you?" You ask in a suggestive tone and Wanda immediately stops talking, looking at you with slightly wide, uneasy eyes.
"Maybe." She shyly admits and you smile. "But only if you want to, of course! You don't have to-" She adds nervously, but your laughter interrupts her. "Wanda!" You exclaim, a grin from ear to ear. "Of course I want to!"
"You do?" She asks, incredulous, and you find your girlfriend's surprise amusing. "Of course!" You confirm as if it were obvious and Wanda smiles too, leaning over the table and giving you a contented kiss on the lips.
You spend the rest of dinner talking about the move.
"No running in my kitchen." Wanda orders in a firm tone as soon as Billy and Tommy come sprinting into the kitchen, followed by you.
"Yes, mom." The three of you say despondently in unison and Wanda rolls her eyes playfully at you, elbowing you lightly in the rib.
You've been living together for a few months now and even though Wanda always complains about the running around and the mess you make with the boys, she couldn't be more grateful. Since you came to live with her, the atmosphere in the house has never been so light and easy.
After dinner, the four of you watch some TV together, and when the boys fall asleep curled up with you on the couch, you and Wanda take them to their room.
The two of you then get ready for bed and you finish before Wanda, so you lie down on the bed, waiting for her. Feeling your body being consumed by fatigue, you let out a long yawn and hear Wanda's sweet little giggle.
"Tired, my love?" she asks, lying down on the bed next to you and you breathe deeply. "Yeah, today was a particularly exhausting day." You comment and then tell her about how the experiments for your master's paper didn't work out and you had to redo each step over and over again.
Wanda listens to everything intently, humming in agreement and with an amused smile on her face. "You know I still don't understand anything you say, right?" She asks playfully and you giggle.
The redhead then holds your face with her hands and connects her lips to yours. You smile, placing your hands on her waist. It doesn't take long before Wanda sits on your lap.
You take off her blouse and she does the same to you. When you move your kisses to her neck, Wanda sighs, but then makes a denying noise with her mouth, pushing you away gently. You look at her with a confused frown, and she smiles, bringing her face closer to yours.
"Let me help you relax." Wanda whispers against your mouth, her lips brushing against yours, sending shivers throughout your entire body.
You relax against the headboard of the bed and Wanda leaves wet kisses running down your neck and collarbone, and you sigh with her every touch. When her mouth reaches your breasts, Wanda deposits several kisses on one, massaging the other with her hand, and you close your eyes, breathing deeply.
Wanda plays with your breasts for a while, dividing her attention between the two, and then moves her kisses down your belly, making your body shiver and the discomfort in the pit of your stomach increase.
When she pulls down the hem of your shorts, you risk a glance at her and gasp when you see her staring at you with dilated pupils, her gaze hungry yet tender.
Completely without your clothes on now, Wanda gives your core a long lick, making your brain spin. She moves her tongue across your clit in gentle motions and you feel your whole body relax under her touch.
When Wanda inserts a finger inside you, you feel the sensation below your belly explode, taking over your entire body. Contented moans escaping your mouth that only encourage the redhead to keep going.
It doesn't take long for you to come undone in her mouth, your body writhing in spasms and moans filling Wanda's ears, making her own intimacy pulsate.
With one last long lick, which draws a long sigh from you, Wanda moves her kisses up your body slowly. As her face comes closer to yours, you connect your lips to hers in a passionate kiss. Taste yourself in her mouth makes a low moan escape your mouth, and Wanda smiles against your lips.
"Better?" She asks suggestively as you part for breath and you sigh contentedly. "Much better." You confirm and Wanda giggles. You kiss Wanda once more, and soon reverse positions, placing yourself on top of her.
"I thought you were tired." Wanda remarks teasingly, but not seeming the least bit displeased with your current positions, and you smile mischievously. "I was but you woke me up." You say, your nose brushing against hers and Wanda's smile matches yours. "Yeah?" she asks suggestively, her breath against your lips, and you hum in agreement.
You lean in and kiss Wanda once more. The redhead sighs, gripping the hair at the back of your neck tightly, her nails scratching your skin and making you shiver. You grip her waist firmly, pressing her against you, and Wanda sighs.
You both smile against each other's lips, letting the happiness consume you completely.
The journey to get here has been a hard and challenging one, no doubt about that. But the two of you wouldn't change a thing, being fully aware that no one else in the world is capable of making you feel this good.
The price of love may be high, but it's a price you are willing to pay as long as you are together. And you certainly would be.
So we come to the end of our story. Thanks to everyone who followed this rollercoaster of emotions and I hope you enjoyed how it ended =)
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