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mymagicsuitcase · 4 minutes ago
Jelly bean | Wanda Maximoff
Tumblr media
It was getting rather late, but hardly anyone had gone to bed yet. Most of the team had retired to their rooms, bidding the others a good night before leaving. You were one of few who were still up and about in the compound.
Laying across the sofa, snacks littered all around you, your favourite movie began to play. You kept the volume friendly, not wanting to disturb the others who were still about, all the while looking forward to a late night film.
Wanda was still up. She had been in her room just moments ago, but couldn't seem to settle, so she took to going for a stroll through the compound. She passed Steve along the way, on his way to bed. They smiled at each other as they went.
Familiar music flowed from up ahead. Wands only recognized it because there had been many nights where the pair of you would cuddle up on the couch and watch that movie. Now she knew what to do with herself.
She enters the room. The movie has begun. You don't notice her as your eyes are glued to the screen. Wanda shuffles in and enters your peripheral vision. You look up.
You both smile. You lift your legs up and Wanda sits down, letting you drape them over her lap. You hand her a few snacks. The pair of you settle in.
Once the beginning scene is over and the main plot of the story begins, Wanda goes in for the snacks. You had put a bunch of sweets into a bowl. One particular sweet caught her attention.
Jelly beans. You always got them for her. She had mentioned liking them in passing during a conversation quite some ago, but you never forgot about it. Since then, you got them as her go to snack.
"You're my jelly bean," you say, not looking at her.
"You, you're my jelly bean."
Wanda looks at you, confusion all over her face. However, there was a smile tugging at her lips.
"Is that so?"
Wanda picked out your favourite flavour of jelly bean from bowl and handed it over to you. You took it gently from her hand.
"Then you must be my jelly bean too."
"I just be," you laughed.
You ate it.
Neither of you spoke for a good while after that. The movie went on, capturing your attention as it always did. Wanda knew you didn't actually have to watch it to know what happening, you had seen this movie so much, you knew the script off by heart.
"Hey, jelly bean."
Wanda turns to look at you, your eyes were on her now. This was the first time you had looked at her since she sat down.
"Yes, jelly bean?" She played along.
You held up a ring pop which had been on the bowl closest to you.
"Will you be my jelly bean for life?"
Wanda rolled her eyes with a grin and held out her left hand, you slide the ring pop onto her finger and hold her hand.
"I will."
"Called it. It's going to break Vision's heart, but that's the risk in going to have to take. You're my jelly bean, he will have to fight me for you."
"You're so dramatic," Wanda laughs.
"Someone has to be."
Wanda keeps the ring pop on for the rest of the movie. When it finishes, you both go to bed. You promise to clean up the mess you had made tomorrow.
In the morning, you're up early, despite your last night. You're making breakfast when Vision enters.
You smile at him as he walks by you.
Not long after, Wanda comes in. You smile when you see she is wearing the ring pop. She flaunts it dramatically.
"Look what Y/N got me."
Vision looks.
"Sorry Vis, Wanda and I are engaged to be jelly beans for life." You shrug.
Vision is visibly confused.
"Jelly beans for life?"
Wanda and you and laugh.
"You had to be there to understand."
That's all the answer you give him as you continue on with breakfast. Vision looks like he's about the crash trying to work out what you were on about.
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Woo: Darcy, you were right. You were right about everything.
Darcy: I know, but I need you to be more specific.
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lunalovecroft · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
4 Wanda Maximoff Mobile Theme Headers
4 plain + 4 with white borders
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No need to credit but please redirect to lunalovecroft if asked!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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myperfectlovepoem · an hour ago
We all like villains or heroes who will turn rogue if we are hurt or dead to avenge us as a show of love but then WandaVision just showed us how painful it will be for them. Now I just want to be alive, to always be able to hug them when they are in pain. It doesn't matter if it is a hero or a villain
I hust want them to feel loved
Tumblr media
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alienprideart · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff
Yes, I know. I'm sooooooo late... The thing is that I’ve never seen Wanda Maximoff as a sexy comic girl. Fuck! Those pink pants with the red body are so out!!! But it's difficult to resist the temptation with all those Wandas on my feed so...
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I'm currently uploading a video onto my YouTube channel to be made public this week, and this pops up on my main page.
Tumblr media
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officialtrashpanda · 2 hours ago
This has become a zemo fanpage and no I will not be apologising for ensuring the health of the public
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harkximoff · 2 hours ago
Jimmy Woo: Name?
Agatha: Agatha Harkness
Jimmy Woo: Crime?
Ren: Well, some may say being too good looking.
Jimmy Woo:
Agatha: Just kidding, attempted murder
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saamwilscn · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝what died didn't stay dead what died didn't stay dead you're alive, so alive❞
happy late birthday @jupiiiter: wandavision x majorie
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star-hide-your-fire · 4 hours ago
‘Cancer’ - Pt. 16
Tumblr media
Story Summary: 
A coming of age fanfic where Tony Stark’s daughter navigates cancer, prepares for college, and forms unique relationships with the Avengers. Thor’s brother Loki has joined the gang at the tower and learns what it means to be human.
TW: disease and hospital settings. Be aware in case you struggle with medical trauma.
Y/N expected her room to look different for some reason. But her bed covers were still canary yellow and the afternoon sun streamed through her windows just the same; every hospital trip made her appreciate her home more and more. 
Regardless of how excited Y/N was to be home, she didn’t want to waste the perfect weather indoors. She ventured downstairs to the common room where she found Loki peering out the windows with a bored look on his face. There was a glass of soda going flat on the coffee table. He must have forgotten all about it. 
Loki heard the young grasshopper enter the common room and turned to greet her. He noticed she had changed her outfit to a pretty sage green sundress and had colored her cheeks and lips with peach-toned cosmetics. Loki was most impressed by the air of confidence she carried with her since they arrived from the hospital.
“Hey, Loki!”
“Hello, child,” Loki nodded. “You look great. Are you heading out?”
“I’m craving carnival food and thought I’d go out and grab some rather than ordering in,” Y/N plopped down on a couch, desperate to get rid of the pebble in her show. “You know, you should come along.”
Next thing Loki knew, he was sitting on a picnic table facing a smorgasbord of food items he had never heard of before.
“My favorite thing about Coney Island -- the food,” Y/N placed another tray of food on the table, and Loki deduced the food she just brought would be their final course considering the scent of powdered sugar that slapped him in the face.
“What in the Nine Realms, Y/N?” Loki’s eyes scanned over the feast and, whether he hated to admit it, everything looked better than anything presented in an Asgardian dinner spread. “Tony will be shocked to see all this in his credit card bill.”
“Nah, we do this all the time,” Y/N shrugged and put a straw through the lid of the cherry cola slushy she got for them to share. “We buy a bunch of random items, share them between us. Then we get on the crazy tea cups and go home feeling sick. It’s a perfectly good tradition.”
“I would say,” Loki opened a packet of cutlery and passed Y/N a plastic fork. “Where do we start?”
“Well, the ice cream on the caramel pecan funnel cake is starting to melt. We should start with that,” Y/N placed the dessert in front of them, not minding the sticky syrup clinging to her fingers. “Dig in.”
Loki stuck his spoon in the doughy treat and shoveled a mouthful of pecan ice cream, funnel cake and hot caramel drizzle into his mouth. It might have been the best sweet treat he ever had and the look on his face said it all.
“Isn’t it amazing? The booth is owned by this adorable old couple. They’re veterans, served in Korea,” Y/N said. “Now they make funnel cakes after retirement and continue to love each other.”
“Do you want to get married, Y/N?”
“Loki! I would have expected you to at least offer me a ring with the proposal,” Y/N jested. “But, a mood changing ring from the Gachapon machine over there would do.”
Loki chuckled and shook his head, “You ask a simple question…”
“Sorry, sorry,” Y/N laughed and ate another bite. “I don’t know. I think so, if I find the right person. I never thought much of it. Having a life expectancy kinda shatters some illusions of a future. But I think I would like to get married someday and have a pretty house with a crowded table. And a dog. And a job I love. What about you?”
Loki took a sip of the cherry cola slushy and moved on to biting a corn dog covered in mustard, ketchup and sweet relish.
“I, um, I am over a thousand years old, Y/N.”
Y/N brought a french fry drenched in cheese dip to her lips and paused, giving Loki a quizzical look. 
“And,” Loki smirked. “I have not married anybody yet. I cannot be tamed.”
“Ooh, wow, alright-- pack it up, Mick, there’s a new rolling stone in town,” Y/N rolled her eyes and licked a smudge of cheese from the corner of her mouth. “Come on, Loki. Don’t you want a home and a family and a boring 9 to 5?”
Loki surveyed the area and his gaze fell on the cotton candy kiosk. A set of parents was trying to soothe their crying child, trying to bribe him with the pink candy.
“I… In all honesty, Y/N, I have not considered it,” Loki hummed and held the corn dog for Y/N to bite. “But who knows what could happen in the future.”
“I guess. What do you think of the corn dog?”
“Hm, I prefer the funnel cake. What is that odd potato concoction you are eating now?”
“Chili cheese fries,” Y/N said. “If I could have a one night stand with a food I continue to regret for the rest of my life, it would be this cursed cholesterol bomb.”
Loki hesitantly grabbed a fry and bit a small piece of it.
“Oh,” Loki grimaced. “That is vile.”
“Aw, apologize to the fry right now,” Y/N snatched the rest of it from his grip and popped it into her mouth. “You’re insane. This is delicious. Here, try the churro, you baby.”
“Have you heard back from the universities you applied to yet?” Loki found delight in the crunchy sweet cinnamon sugar treat.
Y/N sighed and slumped on her chair, “Not yet. I’m so anxious. I want Columbia so bad, but I’m not expecting to get in. I don’t take disappointment well.”
“I would not be surprised if you get accepted,” Loki went back to the funnel cake. “I would not be surprised if you are accepted by all of them. And when you do, we’ll come out here and eat all this sickening food.”
“It’s a plan.”
They were able to go through most of the food and decided to walk around. They stopped by a high striker solely because Y/N spotted a massive sloth plush toy hanging in the prize display.
“Do you want the toy?”
Y/N nodded and made puppy eyes at Loki, “Yes, please. Look at how cute he is. He deserves a home.”
“So, in order to get him, you just have to make the ball in there hit the bell?”
“Yeah, but I never win this type of game. I’m not strong enough,” Y/N lamented and was ready to say goodbye to the sloth.
Loki walked up to the employee manning the game and paid for a round. Y/N whipped out her phone and sent Thor a video of Loki swinging the mallet. To her shock, the bell ended up breaking. She had forgotten Loki’s strength was not human. 
“Good job, Loki!” She bounced toward him and happily hugged the toy. “Thank you so much for winning him for me!”
Loki grinned smugly at the man who was trying to figure out how Loki had won his rigged game and guided Y/N away from the crowd of children gathering around the game.
“You know what would be the cherry on top to this whole day?”
Loki raised his brow at Y/N and steeled himself for whatever shenanigan she was going to put him through.
“If you joined Pierrot and I for a ride on the Wonder Wheel,” Y/N waved one of the sloth’s arms at Loki. “The city is so beautiful at night and it looks better from up there.”
“I like the way you think.”
Author’s Note:
I’m back!!! I made myself hungry with this chapter. What’s your favorite carnival food? Mine’s corn dogs!
Tumblr media
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Not trying to sound too optimistic but, as the history of the MCU goes, I’m pretty sure that Marvel’s got something planned for Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis at some point in the future. They have the “I started out as a fan favorite side character and now my increasing popularity is making people want to see a spin-off featuring me” thing going for them.
And when I say history, I’m referring to Clark Gregg and Paul Bettany (and to a lesser extent, Jon Bernthal and Gabriel Luna):
1) Clark Gregg thought Phil Coulson would just be this bit role that might be cut from the final product. Cut to several years later, Coulson ends up being the protagonist of a show that lasted seven seasons. 
2) Paul Bettany said that J.A.R.V.I.S. was just something he did on the side, not anything too serious. Cut to several years later, Bettany gets the role of Vision and ends up appearing in several movies and as one of the leads in “WandaVision”.
3) For Jon and Gabriel, their respective characters (Frank Castle, Robbie Reyes) got a lot of praise when they first appeared. Jon ended up getting a “Punisher” spin-off while Gabriel got a “Ghost Rider” series greenlit, which ended up getting canned due to the Marvel Studios-Marvel Television merger. But still, the “Ghost Rider” series did get greenlit, which is the point I’m trying to make.
I’m just saying, there’s precedent for Marvel giving the spotlight to a side character that got a lot of love from the fandom. Not trying to say it WILL happen, I’m just saying there’s a good chance.
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snoozealarms · 5 hours ago
Watch "You might know me sometime back, but if you don’t know me now, you don’t know me at all because" on YouTube
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randomtumbrlusername · 5 hours ago
Wanda's Cunty Vision
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