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it goes like this by moonsteps

College AU - Soulmate AU  STATUS: Completed  One shot

♥ Pairing:  Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian ( College Student!Lan Wangji x College Student!Wei Wuxian)

Author’s summary: Jiang Cheng is staring at him with wide eyes. “You met your soulmate today and didn’t tell me?”

Wei Wuxian stops. “What?” he asks, not quite understanding. “What are you talking about? No, I didn’t?”

“You idiot,” Jiang Cheng spits, holding his hand out to point directly at Wei Wuxian’s wrist. “Your timer!” 


Wei Wuxian’s eyes dart down, and his heart stops.

(Or, Wei Wuxian finds that he has no idea who his soulmate is. Enter Lan Wangji, resident unapproachable genius, who suddenly requests to be his lab partner.)

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My life has spiraled down to reading Tumblr posts of The Untamed instead of going to my math lecture and I am definitely okay with that.

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wwx and lwj having their romantic reunion and making heart eyes at each other while completely ignoring yuan who is still clinging to lwj asddkfjagdfjkghdfjk

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I hate that MXTX never told explicitly us which sect MianMian belongs to so that finally we could confirm once and for all whether or not she was supposed to be part of the Jin sect. Does she realise how difficult to make an argument based on the absence of something?

Jokes aside, ultimately I do find that the themes and commentary being made about society through the story are not particularly deep or insightful. I’m not saying that they are dumb, but simply that I did not find myself particularly in awe or challenged or surprised by them. For instance, its commentary about power relations focuses almost entirely on the symbolic and doesn’t really engage or acknowledge its interrelation with the material, which ends up feeling like the kind of critiques my undergrads would have been able to produce. What I enjoy about the themes and commentary being made in MDZS is that, however straightforward they may be, their treatment is not simplistic. And that’s where it becomes fun for me to look at all the different subtle and at times ingenious ways MXTX imbricates her themes, how she sets up things and pays them off, how it informs all the aspects of her storytelling. Differently put, I enjoy MXTX as a storyteller, not necessary as a particularly insightful student of philosophy or the social sciences 😉. Of course, she still has room to grow in her craft but I find this is the sort of critiques that are more difficult to make: it reminds me when of trying to explain why an essay deserves an A- but not an A+. When you see an A+ essay, you know what it is, but it’s hard to tell what exactly is missing from the A- essay–you just know it’s not at that level. 

I particularly enjoy the way dialogues are handled in MDZS, and how distinctive the character voices are. It is such an important aspect of characterisation for me, so it suits my tastes perfectly in that aspect. In my MDZS.docx for my own personal use, I tend to delete the names of characters before their dialogue because it is, in context, absolutely unnecessary to have them. I can tell when WWX is speaking, when it’s JC, or LJY or LQR. This is why I think the audiodrama (apart from the great production quality) could be this great: it’s much easier to give good performances when there is a clear character voice from the get-go. 

I appreciate that MXTX seems to be very aware of tropes, and tries to either nod at them or subvert them. As well, I appreciate that she thinks through the different character dynamics and not only about characterisation in isolation. WWX doesn’t act the same way with LWJ and JYL and JC and LQR and SMS and WQ and MM etc.–he shows different facets of himself with different people, and has different relationships with them, and so do other characters to different degrees. 

Finally, I think that Wangxian, as a CP, are just very compelling. It’s hard to explain why exactly they are so compelling, and more so than her other CPs or CPs from other properties, but they just are to me 🤷‍♂️. And it takes some sort of talent or ability to understand what readers want to be able to create a CP that has such widespread appeal. 

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DRAWTOBER #28 - You, Asleep and Dreaming by @megafaunatic

Wei Wuxian chuckles and starts pushing Lan Wangji’s outer robes off his shoulders. “Poor Lan Zhan, subject to such earthly miseries. You must be exhausted, come to bed, come to bed.”

“Mm,” Lan Wangji says. He raises his arms so that Wei Wuxian can keep undressing him. His clothes will end up on the floor, but no matter. Wei Wuxian’s deft hands at his belts are worth wrinkled robes.

“… Goodness, Hanguang-Jun, you wear too many damned layers,” Wei Wuxian tells him after a while. “Would it kill you to stop after a reasonable five?”

Wei Wuxian moves into the Jingshi. They sleep together.

hi so I didn’t even realise that two of the wangxian fics I’ve rec’d are by the same author TURNS OUT I JUST REALLY LIKE THE WAY YOU WRITE THEM <3 and if you’ve read the other wangxian fic I rec’d - “Linger in the Sun” - you’ll quickly be able to see why I love this one too. soft wangxian intimacy! a slow-build relationship that’s comfortable just taking its time to progress! the boys having all the time in the world to figure themselves out but knowing from the start that, whatever form it takes, they belong together

I just????? [lies facedown on the floor]

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Do you ever just get married to the love of your life semi-accidentally because you jokingly told him to take responsibility for kissing you and he actually did it? Also I’m here for LQR being so done with the whole thing but also WWX is now family and so he is Protective.

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title: the one where jiang cheng says the L-word (just so wei wuxian finally does his laundry) 

summary: jiang cheng absolutely hates it when he is forced to be the Adult to make wei wuxian do Adult Things like do homework or eat or shower or do his fucking laundry that’s been piling up for weeks.

characters/pairings: jiang cheng, nie huaisang, wei wuxian, lan wangji | wangxian (pre-getting together)

more of this series: here

“Wuxian, what are you doing?” Nie Huaisang asks, phone in his ear. He’s talking to Jiang Cheng and asking him to grab some milk and eggs from the store but Jiang Cheng says he’s far off so he tells him to tell Lan Wangji instead. 

Jiang Cheng asks what else do they need. Didn’t Wei Wuxian said he was doing laundry? Do they still have enough detergent after he’s finished? Nie Huaisang adds detergent powder to the list to send Lan Wangji for good measure.

“I’m trying to teach my son how to be a gamer,” Wei Wuxian says from the couch where he’s lying on his stomach and playing AC on his Switch. Said son is Suibian, a black cat he rescued a month ago and took home despite their apartment building’s no pets rule, currently napping in the circle of his arms. Beside him, on the floor, is a huge sack of what looks like probably a month’s worth of dirty clothes. “I’m doing laundry right now I swear.”

[“He’s not doing laundry, is he?”] comes Jiang Cheng’s staticky voice from the phone. 

“How did you know?” Nie Huaisang’s tone is wry.

There is a sigh and Nie Huaisang removes the phone from his ear at the heavy static noise it makes. 

[“I’m on my way home. if I catch him there with his sack of rotting clothes I’m gonna throw his ass out the window.”]

They live in the fourth floor. Jiang Cheng makes the same threat at least five times a week.

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New Fic!!

‘Say yes, say yes’

•Fem WangXian
•Say yes to the dress fusion
•Bride Wei Ying
•Consultant Lan Zhan
•Light Angst
•Mutual Pining
•Chapter ½
•4.4k words



Gusu Bridal Couture it’s one of the most famous stores where you can go and find the perfect dress for your wedding. At least that’s what everyone says.

When soon-to-be bride Wei Ying comes into the famous store, all bright smiles and beautiful face, Lan Zhan knows she is in trouble. Her only hope is for neither the camera or this woman to discover her.


A “Say yes to the dress” AU and a really unfortunate Lan Zhan who pines over her client.

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Hi there, 

People often point out that WWX sort of implicitly asked to follow LWJ.

Wei Wuxian spoke, “Thank you for being so enthusiastic. However, your thoughts are quite off. Even if I am attracted to men, I don’t like just any type of man, much less follow anyone who waves at me. For example, I’m not interested in ones like you.”

[…] As expected, Jiang Cheng’s face darkened, “Oh, really? Then, may I ask which type you’re interested in?’

Wei Wuxian replied, “Which type? Well, I am very much attracted to people like Hanguang-Jun.’

[… ] However, as Lan Wangji heard this, he turned around.

His face was emotionless, “Mark your words.”

[… ]Lan Wangji turned back, speaking in a mannerly yet resolute way, “I will take this person back to the Lan Sect.”

However, this not really a blanket permission, and consent is something that is constantly renegotiated: WWX trying to escape is a very clear sign that he is not on board with this plan, regardless of his (insincere) words at Dafan Mountain. But we have to consider the context of LWJ’s actions to understand them, even if we might still find ourselves thinking ‘well, that’s still not a great thing to do’.

Part of the reason is that the last memory LWJ has of WWX is him refusing both his feelings and his help, and then later dying after being hunted by the sects. LWJ at this point in the narrative is unconvinced that WWX would accept his help if he were to explain to him that he knows that he is really WWX. He is also aware of the risks that would come to WWX if he were found by JC considering his history with modao users, and much more if other cultivators became convinced or found proof that he was really WWX. LWJ is, simply put, scared to lose WWX again and his actions are motivated by this fear. 

As readers we also know that the main reason why WWX wants to escape is that he believes that LWJ disapproves of him which he believes would become a problem if LWJ were to discover his true identity. This makes it easier perhaps for us  to accept the situation–it’s not like WWX is against LWJ or is genuinely scared of him (although he is wary of his intentions at his point). At this point in the novel, we are perhaps confused or suspicious of LWJ’s intentions, but we have not been given much to believe that our protagonist is in grave danger if he cannot find a way to escape. 

It is unclear to me what would have happened if the issue with the arm had not sent them on a quest together, but I think it is meaningful that LWJ reveals to WWX that he has known of his identity only after WWX comes back to him, on his own volition, after they have been separated. At least he is certain, then, that WWX is not angry or disgusted by the feelings he confessed, or at least not enough not to choose to continue on this quest with him. He no longer needs false pretenses or to try to protect WWX against his will. Even if WWX did not accept his feelings, he was accepting his help and his company, and that was enough for him. 

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