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the world is wide. there must be a place for us.

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Hot Take: All these Wangxian Hades and Persephone AUs get it wrong. Obviously, Lan Wangji is the stolid, respected god of death and wealth, beholden to the strict rules of judging and punishing the dead who wishes to  steal away Wei Wuxian, the cheeky god of growth, who keeps breaking the rules of the life cycle, bringing things back from the dead with his life powers, and favoring farmers who plant potatoes over radishes. Grumpy Lightning God Jiang Cheng WILL stomp around making Lan Zhan’s life hard until he agrees to let his brother come back to Lotus Pier some of the time.

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MDZSQ Update | WangXian under a shooting star!!!

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Can we just appreciate the way Japan jumped on the WangXian hype-train? Look at those Japanese covers! And the extras that go with it! Look at that cute as heck acrylic standee that’s included with the Japanese photobook! I want it.

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Please send me more anon your fueling my will to live, watering my crops, ur rlly just giving me stat boosts with this good shit. Please for the love of God send more

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I’ve read through like, 4 or 5 posts of it and im literally kicking and squealing and oh my God its everything I wanted and more thank you dear anon for reccing me this

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YES YES GOD PLEASE GIVE ME MORE ANON PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IM LOOKING FOR!!!!!! Please someone please write an actual story like this and you can use me as a powerful summon

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💘: Hi everyone, I’m Xiao Zhan

👤: What kind of Douyin do you watch now?

💘: The Douyins that I watch now, are mostly of kittens and doggies. Before, I felt that game was pretty funny.

👤: Can you post more selfies?

💘: I don’t have any confidence on it. So…we’ll see

👤: Use Versailles to comment your photo (I’m not sure what Versailles is)

💘: Super good

👤: Do you have any special tips to keep warm?

💘: Just down jacket outside

👤: What is your biggest give in to cold weather? Do you wear long johns?

💘: Yes, yes, yes. I’m old. I need to admit that.

You’re not old GG. Who has been lying to you?

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Things I want in life:

Wangxian fics where the Lans just adore and protect wwx. God what a top tier take, im getting kind of fed up with seeing the Lans hating him and ostracized wwx. Give me lans showering him with the love he deserves

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wuxian is so smart and So dumb. at any given moment he’s the smartest person in the room but lan wangji, who treats him like he hung the moon in the sky, is upset that he got branded and wuxian’s logic behind this is “clearly this is because he likes mianmian” wuxian you dumb fucking slut

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MDZS Big Bang Fic Rec:

notes on a scene by wishingswell (M, 27K, Wangxian) - God, this fic is just a delight.  It’s a modern ballet AU in which Lan Wangji is the senior student at the Cloud Recesses dance company during their summer classes, and Wei Wuxian is the visiting student who browbeats him into friendship.  Naturally, they are assigned to dance together for the final showcase and spend the summer growing closer, and choreographing a pas de deux love story. 

I wasn’t super fired up by the summary, but almost immediately this story drew me in with it’s softness and gentleness.  The words flew by and everything built wonderfully to the final performance and ultimate confession of their feelings. 

Just really, this is SO soft and fluffy and cozy, as well as well written.  It’s a must read.

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