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Smashy Headcanons Christmas- Day 1

Mario: Usually I’m the one getting a gift for Luigi. I wonder what he got?

Wario: This better not be another complaint to get in Smash.

Mario’s present from Luigi is a crudely drawn picture similar to the ending of Super Mario World 2 and Wario’s present from Waluigi is a book called, “The Big Book of Garlic Bread. No Words, Just Garlic Bread.”

Mario and Wario: *Trying not to cry* I have the best brother ever!

(submitted by pennypumpkinspice)

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Weekly Wario #2 until the next warioware game comes out

All of tumblr in one image

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ما أدري

hello.. just ProCreate practice doodles while playing with sibs, i have here. based on our playing scenarios.. 
1- On one block all bros can’t stand on
2- Carrying bro in the game while im busy with phone
3- Wishing for a game the four of them be in, like on some sneaky cooperative missions 

30.11.2020, ko-fi

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x: "wario is probably sexier than waluigi, right?"
y: "wario eats garlic and shits his pants"
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It’s been years and I’m still no less salty about how they practically went out of their way to exclude Wario and Wario alone, from this game.

I’m fatigued of this style of Mario vs Donkey Kong myself, but just imagine the Wario themed stages we could have gotten.

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