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parents be like: “my child is completely fine”

ma’am your child is up all night fantasizing about being fed strawberries by a pretty girl in the countryside.

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oh, to wear lingerie under a baggy sweater and drink coffee with the love of my life in our apartment while the sun rises


// spacer- @firefly-graphics

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Had a poke around a thrift store today, love me some yellow ceramics 😍💛💛

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-🌧There’s just something about wet brick that looks so 😫👌🌧-

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Haven’t hemmed it but I’m so pleased. Soft flowy spring dress.

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-🥯Everything bagel Sandwhcih recipe

You will need:

-bagel of choice

-an egg per bagel

- scallions, dill, cilantro, and other fresh herbs you like


-salt, pepper, dried basil

-shredded cheese

-guacamole if available!



-Open up your bagel and apply some butter, crushed chopped garlic, and sprinkle dried basil, and put into a toaster oven, OR butter your pan adding the garlic and basil to your butter mixture before placing down bagels. I prefer the toaster since the pan trick didn’t toast the bagel all the way for me

-after removing your bagels, sprinkle shredded cheese on the bottom bagel, before adding butter to your pan again, adding your scallions and greens, and adding your egg to the greens. Add salt, pepper, and dried basil

-When egg is done cooking, place it onto your bagel slice and put it back into the pan to cook more, adding your chopped tomato on top and more cheese again if you like

-Add guacamole or garlic spread/anything you might like to the top bagel slice and complete your sandwich, enjoy!!


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My current happy place in my tiny apartment

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