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#Warrior Cats
  1. His sexuality and gender have been influenced by his trauma. He started using it/its in addition to he/him after the Dark Forest battle
  2. He’s not on great terms with Leafpool or his half-brothers still, but he has apologized and there is a tense peace between them
  3. Moved into the nursery to care for his daughters the moment they were weaned so Heathertail could go back to warrior duties. She didn’t like being cooped up in the nursery, and he wanted to be a better parent than either of his
  4. Leaftail and Gorsetail have not forgiven him, but their kits have. All three of Leaftail’s kits (Sunstrike, Whiskernose, and Larkwing) trained in the Dark Forest with him, and Sedgestar, remembering that he helped save her from the tunnels as a kit, believed he had some good in him still even after her siblings died
  5. Had very few friends outside of Heathertail and the Dark Forest trainees until the Great Storm (Bramblestar’s Storm). He’s forced to cooperate with some RiverClan cats to help WindClan, and strikes up an unusual friendship with Troutstream. She knew he trained in the Dark Forest and fought for them, and she knew that’s why most of her friends before the battle were dead, but they found a lot in common with each other when they were forced to work together
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whitenose (left) and tapiocawave (right) have a lot of history behind them.

tapiocawave is an elegantly rebellious shecat who’s mother is whitenose. whitenose is from tideclan, the father of tapiocawave being from bluffclan. this was whitenose’s second failed relationship.

whitenose had a failed marriage back in her home clan with a tom named featherswoop. she had two adult children with him.

whitenose moves on to flipclaw of bluffclan, and she has kits with him. tapiocakit is taken away from her at birth, forced into bluffclan, and flipclaw is exiled. after a moon on the run, whitenose and flipclaw break up. she returns to her home clan, tideclan, and her two adult children are estatic. she tells the clan that her kitten died, and everything is calm..

25 moons pass, and whitenose has a run in with a bluffclan patrol. in it is her ex-mates, flipclaw, brother, runningwhisp. they flirt together for a passing moment, then part. runningwhisp continues to visit whitenose in secret, and they fall madly in love. whitenose becomes pregnant, and knows that every relationship she’s had being a mother has failed. out of fear and denial, she gives birth 3 moons later, and leaves the kitten at the palmclan border.

tapiocawave has no idea of her half siblings existence. she hates her mother and father with every ounce of rage inside her, as well as the leader who exiled flipclaw. when she discovers this new kitten.. she won’t be happy.

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tumblr decided to yeet this for no reason so I’m reposting it

I had an idea for their designs yesterday so I had to draw them. I vaguely recall drawing them years ago as I drew a lot of ThunderClan cats around the time The Fourth Apprentice came out, but I don’t really recall what they looked like and I don’t have any of those old drawings anymore. The wiki just says Hazeltail is small and Mousewhisker is big, so… I did that. I liked the idea of them either looking the same except for maybe one minor difference, or having reversed markings. Mousewhisker has pants and Hazeltail has a sweater.

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🍃 AU where after being rejected by onewhisker smoke runs off from her twolegs along with little darktail and after being caught in storm one night falls sick and dies leaving darktail alone

🍃 darktail wonders around alone either catching something small or eating already dead animals (which isn’t very helpful poor guy) and one day windclan warriors stumble upon him, they find him ill and weak and tallstar decides to take him in

🍃 Onewhisker is horrified when seeing his own kit and tries ignore him and avoids medicine cat den all he can but once darktail feels better he publically calls one out for leaving and his mother back in a day and what happened later

🍃 dissapointed tallstar bans onewhisker from gatherings + he has to look after elders with apprentinces

🍃 meanwhile darktail (who is named stormkit) is given to morningflower to look after even if he’s almost ready to be apprenticed he still needs good care and love especially after what happened earlier (also beef between morning and one is REAL bcs how could he abandon his own kit)

🍃 Darktail is morningflower’s nephew but he sees her as good and loving mother and his little cousins as siblings, he’s watching over them from time to time and they practice togheter when they’re older (him and gorsepaw being best buddies yes please)

🍃 He’s given to deadfoot as apprentice and then later becomes becomes stormflower after cat that was his main source of love and support

🍃 After whole tigerclan fiasco (and gorse’s death :c ) he’s one of cats that joyfully fights with bloodclan cats and is more than happy seeing tigerstar die

🍃 deadfoot sets him as his sucedor as deputy and when they reach lake region he becomes stormstar and doesn’t fuck shit up like onewhisker would

also makes mudclaw his deputy

The End

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