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#Warrior Cats
berrystumpytail · 15 hours ago
Parents please check your kids candy this Halloween. I found the old warrior cats website in my kid’s candy bar
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riverc1an · 6 hours ago
“let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!"
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daily-squilf · 7 hours ago
Daily Squirrelflight until she divorces Bramblestar day 359
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mud-castle · 14 hours ago
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One does not simply interrupt naptime.
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poisonder · 6 hours ago
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Design commission for @stumpyfeather!
find my commissions here!
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tearwolfe · 5 hours ago
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"Of course not. As soon as StarClan comes back—"
"StarClan isn't coming back."
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xbloodywhalex · 12 hours ago
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ok here is a proper ms paint blackstar
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poorlydrawnwarriors · 17 hours ago
I really love the idea of Oakheart and Thrushpelt being friends and co-dads to Mosskit in Starclan, but I don’t think they’d just automatically be bffs.
I feel like, at first, Oakheart wouldn’t be a fan of Thrushpelt. He knew about the other tom’s lingering feelings for Bluestar, and he didn’t intend on letting Thrushpelt worm his way back into their lives. Unfortunately for him, Mosskit inherited his stubbornness.
Oakheart never chided Mosskit for spending time with Thrushpelt, though he didn’t want to be around him himself. Mosskit thought this was silly, and would always come up with some convenient way to make them interact.
One day, Mosskit decides to hide, forcing Oakheart and Thrushpelt to work together to find her. She ends up wandering into a pool of water, which she decides is a perfect hiding spot. When Thrushpelt and Oakheart finally find her, Thrushpelt dives into the water to “save” Mosskit, assuming she’s drowning (when, obviously, she can’t, cause they’re in Starclan, plus Oakheart taught her to swim - but Thrushpelt wasn’t thinking of that). Thrushpelt flails around aimlessly in the water, forcing an unimpressed Oakheart to help him. He recovers both Thrushpelt and Mosskit.
After the ordeal, Oakheart approaches Thrushpelt. Thrushpelt is embarrassed over his “swim”.
“You know, I could give you swimming lessons,” Oakheart offers. There’s a glimmer of amusement in his eyes, but his voice is genuine.
Thrushpelt is a bit taken aback. He’d always been intimidated by Oakheart, and never expected him to be interested in spending time with him.
“Are you just going to stare at me like a fish, or what?” Oakheart presses, his whiskers twitching.
“I- uh- Yes! Yes, that would be good,” Thrushpelt blurts.
And so their friendship begins! Oakheart loves to tease Thrushpelt, but ultimately encourages him to be more assertive, while Thrushpelt helps Oakheart to be more vulnerable. By the time Bluestar comes to Starclan, they’re co-fathers to Mosskit, and they’re a big happy family.
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dawnmist-riverclan · 19 hours ago
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xenodogartz · 19 hours ago
genuinely begging you to go into details about the wwdits warriors au my life has not known true joy before now
HELLO IM SO FLATTERED BY THE RESPONSE TO MY WWDITS WARRIORS AU!!! genuinely so happy to see ppl interested in my gay little cats <3
ok so! the vampires are still vampires in this au (yes including colin/robinsnore) but they're just little kitty cats, and guillermo is still nandor/grimstar's familiar.
the vampires feed off of other cats so when they found out about the clans they were like "score!!!!!!!!!" and they inserted themselves into shadowclan. they gained power pretty quickly because ya know.. they're fuckin supernatural beings. grimstar eventually killed whoever was leader before him and he didn't even bother going to the moonstone to get 9 lives cause he's already immortal anyway <3. the mortal cats are fooled by this and think he's a legitimate leader.
around this time is when guillermo stumbles into clan territory and grimstar is like "yeah. yeah i'll make this kittypet my familiar i see no issues arising from this" and guillermo is SO hyped about this because not only are vampires sick as hell but so are clan cats. grimstar is very particular about him still being a kittypet though and makes him wear his collar all the time (but at some point i think he would finally show some respect for guillermo and promote him to a full warrior).
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the 4 vampires are constantly starting shit with the other clans solely to get into battles and eat them lol. but they also make guillermo fetch kittypets and loners for them all the time (guillermo, of course, has no qualms about this).
some bonus facts:
• guillermo is a descendant of van helsings cat who i made up. yes the cat was a vampire hunter too and thus guillermo is as well
• robinsnore's favorite activity is cleaning the elders of ticks because he can chat their ears off and they can do nothing about it
• nadja/shadowstalk has a little cat plushie (in my mind it's that webkinz tuxedo cat) that's a substitute for the possessed nadja doll
• at some point the guide also shows up and becomes the med cat but i havent fleshed that out yet. her name is moonguide tho
• guillermo has been to The Cutter and they all think it's very funny
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daily-dove · 17 hours ago
Drawing Dovewing every day - Day 9
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xbloodywhalex · 6 hours ago
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another ms paint cat. unpopular opinion but i fully support mistystar and if she wants to be a horrible crusty old lady i think shes earned it
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