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this isn’t marauders related post, but fleur delacour needs more appreciation in this fandom and it upsets me more people don’t see her absolute badassery. I want to be her and I don’t see any reason whatsoever for other people to not want to emulate her in every situation. Ok goodnight <3

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like you too — fred weasley x slytherin!fem!reader

IN WHICH read above request

WARNINGS swearing

NOTES when i tell you i was SO EXCITED to wake up to a request this morning!! i hope you enjoy this, i think it fits your request pretty well. sorry if it isn’t what you wanted!! :))

(y/n) - your name

(y/l/n) - your last name

lowercase intended.



Originally posted by pansydaisy

“alright, kiss marry kill…. harry potter, crabbe, and cedric diggory,” draco said to pansy. she rolled her eyes.

“kiss crabbe i guess, marry potter and kill diggory,” she said confidently. then she turned to you. “(y/n), kiss marry kill blaise, lee jordan, and ron weasley.”

you shook your head. “pans, i told you i’m not playing.”

“why not?” she groaned.

“i just don’t feel comfortable with it. you guys play,” you said, taking a bite of your breakfast.

“oh my god,” pansy said suddenly. “oh my god!”

“what is it pansy?” you laughed.

“you like someone!” she said quietly. you looked over at her with wide eyes.

“no i don’t! how the hell did you get that from me not wanting to play kiss marry kill?”

pansy shoved you playfully. “i’m your best friend. i can read you like a book, why else wouldn’t you be comfortable playing? who is it?”

“who is what?” draco piped in, watching the two of you. you shook your head, and pansy watched you, amused.

“she likes someone,” she said. you put your face in your hands.

“who? is it that sixth year who you sit by in transfiguration? or… is it that ravenclaw you said hi to the other day?” draco asked the last part with a small tone of disgust in his voice. you rolled your eyes.

“i don’t like anyone,” you said. “and if i did, i wouldn’t tell you.”

“(y/n), can you help me with a potions assignment later?” you heard from behind you. you turn around and saw fred weasley turned around on the gryffindor bench, facing you. you laughed and turned around.

“sure thing. which assignment?”

“the one from like… two months ago. snape’s on my ass because i haven’t done it yet.”

“alright, just meet me in the library after dinner.”

he grinned. “you’re a life saver, (y/l/n).”

you hummed and turned around back to your friends, who watched you with amused looks on their faces. pansy was laughing and draco’s eyes were wide.

“you like weasley!” pansy whisper-yelled. you blushed, but didn’t respond.

“out of everyone, you chose a gryffindor? and a weasley?” draco asked, amused. you sighed.

“i guess. maybe. a little bit,” you replied quietly.

“so when are you gonna tell him?” pansy asked.

you gave her a weird look. “pansy, i have a tiny crush on the guy. i’m not just going to tell him.”

“seriously, you had to pick a gryffindor? there’s so many slytherins,” draco said. you rolled your eyes and flicked his arm.

“shut up. we all know you’d be happy for me no matter what.”

“yeah i guess so. but if he ever did anything to you, i’d kill him.”

“yeah, we know,” you laughed. “i don’t plan on telling him anyways. maybe someday i’ll like someone you like more.”

“you can like who you want to like,” draco said. “it’s cool.”

“glad to know i have your approval.”

“you should be.”


the second you arrived in the library, fred approached you.

“you are a life saver. thank you for agreeing to help, my grade in potions is awful and my mom is pissed.”

you laughed and sat down at a table, fred sitting across from you. “yeah, of course. don’t want to piss off molly weasley.”

“definitely not a good idea,” he laughed. “okay, so it’s the work for the draught of peace.”

“really? that was the first assignment we had in september,” you said, raising your eyebrows. fred shrugged.

“yeah, i lost the assignment and completely forgot about it.”

you laughed. “of course. here, where do we start?”

after less than ten minutes of working, fred sat back in his seat. “i’m bored.”

“homework isn’t supposed to be fun,” you said, smiling up at him. fred sighed.

“can we get some fresh air? go for a walk outside?” he asked hopefully. you thought for a second before nodding.

“yeah, alright.”

fred shoots up from his seat. “great!”

the two of you make your way outside in comfortable silence. the sun was setting and the sky was a pretty pink color. there were a few people scattered around outside but for the most part it was deserted. after a minute or so of walking, you turned to fred.

“so how far do you want to walk?”

but, you said that to him at the same time he said to you;

“i think i like you too.”

you froze, your eyes wide. “what?”

he sighed and turned around to face you. “i like you too.”


“i heard you talking during breakfast,” he admitted. “i didn’t mean to eavesdrop. i just… overheard.”

“oh,” you said awkwardly, not looking at him. “that’s… embarrassing.”

fred shook his head. “no, no! you don’t have to be embarrassed. like i said, i—i like you too.”

“oh well that’s…” you rub your face. “wait, you do?”

“yeah,” he smiled sheepishly. “have for a while, i guess. i just didn’t know how to tell you. kind of figured you liked malfoy.”

you took a small step towards him. “draco’s like a brother to me.”

“i guess i know that now,” fred said softly. you nodded and looked down.

“mm. so… what do we do next?”

he didn’t reply. instead, he took a big step forward and took your face in his hands. “can i kiss you?”

you smiled. “of course you can.”

he smiled back at you before pressing his lips against yours. you kissed him back immediately, putting your arms around his neck as he moved his to your waist. when you pulled apart, he couldn’t stop grinning.

“yeah, that beats homework anyway.”

you rolled your eyes playfully. “that was so cheesy.”

“yeah i cringed as soon as i said it.”

“is that what i’m in for now? a bunch of proper cheesy lines from you?”

fred shrugged. “it’s your fault. you chose me.”

“hm. can i get a refund?”

“no you cannot,” he said. “i’m too attached to you already.”

“again, cheesy.”

he laughed and hugged you tightly. “you love it.”

“maybe a little bit.”

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Pairings: Sirius Black (post-Azkaban) x reader, Remus Lupin x reader’s brother, Sirius Black x Slytherin!reader 

Word Count: 3,322

Warnings: angst, mentions of murder, pain

A/N: I keep intending to leave the chapters around the same word count, but they keep getting longer. I’m basically just free-writing this whole thing, so I have no idea how many parts this story will end up being lol, I’ll just end it when it feels right. That being said, enjoy! This chapter has lots of Regulus mentions and Marauders era Hogwarts mentions. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Sniffling, you rose to your feet, your stiff limbs protesting after being in the same position so long. As you stood, blood rushed into your gouged leg, and you hissed as each of the wounds protested. You heard footsteps coming down the hallway and rubbed your eyes, hoping to not look as though you had been sobbing for the better part of an hour. 

“Alright?” Sirius asked softly as he stepped into the room. 

“Sorry, yeah. Didn’t mean to start blubbering like that,” you laughed, embarrassed as he looked at you. 

“Nonsense, one’s entitled to a little blubbering after a day like you’ve had,” Sirius waved it off, and you smiled gratefully at him. 

“Yeah, what a day it’s been; I’m tired,” you admitted, rubbing your eyes childishly as you yawned. 

“Well, come on then,” Sirius said, gesturing into the hallway with his arm. Nodding sleepily, you shuffled slowly towards the staircase. With your bleary eyes leading the way, your foot caught on an umbrella stand near the door, which then knocked a coat rack into the wall, and suddenly, there was screaming. 

“Blood traitor!” the voice screamed, startling you so severely you yelped out. “You filthy, rotten, blood traitor! Forever besmirching the name of Black! Using our house as a headquarters for your nasty little band of Muggle lovers! Mudblood lovers! You bring shame, shame, horrible shame on all our family, you nasty–” 

“Oh, would you shut up, you horrible woman?” Sirius bellowed, striding towards the end of the hallway.

Even more surprised that he yelled back at the voice, you looked to find him violently pulling on black draping that had been pulled apart. Inside them lay a golden frame (which you noticed shimmered such that it was likely the only thing in this house that was cleaned with any sort of regularity). Inside the frame sat a pale, dark-haired woman shrieking incessantly as Sirius attempted to pull the drapes shut on her again. Though her face was contorted in unbridled rage, the woman in the portrait was undoubtedly beautiful. Shocked, you noticed some of the same dark features you so loved on Sirius. His high cheekbones and sullen cheeks laid in her face, her mesmerizing dark eyes curtained by the very same set of luscious dark curls. 

Casting a look down, you saw the frame was engraved with ‘Walburga Black,’ and through the absurdity of it all, you found humor. 

“Walburga?” you questioned, finding a strange laugh bubbling from your lips. This seemed to only add to her fire. 

“She dare speak my name! The filthy little Mudblood dare–” it started up again, but this time you were the one to return. 

Mudblood? Who are you calling a Mudblood, you screeching, sodding psychopath? I’m a goddamn pureblood Slytherin!” you yelled angrily at the irate portrait. You weren’t obnoxious about your blood status as most who shared yours were, but the disdain with which she screeched Mudblood told you it mattered to this woman. Suddenly, just as quickly as it started, her screaming ceased. 

“A pureblood Slytherin?” it said after a moment. You and Sirius exchanged a glance. 

“Yes, that’s what I bloody well said.” you bristled, crossing your arms. 

“You’ve brought home a pureblood Slytherin?” the voice asked, this time seeming to address Sirius. Sirius, however, did not answer but instead used the portrait’s shock to force the drapings closed on it. Huffing, he straightened his vest and turned back to you. 

“Sorry about that,” he grimaced, “but seeing as you might be here for a bit, it’s about time you met her, I suppose.” 

“Who is that?” you asked. 

“That,” he gestured to the covered portrait, “is my mother.” 

“Your mother?” you asked, utterly shocked. The similar facial features made sense, the high cheekbones and dark contouring of the face–but how the hell did someone so funny and good come from that? 

“Lovely, isn’t she?” he said, extending his arm once more towards the staircase. 

“But how come you’re so…” you trailed off, trying to find the right word. 

“Well, I didn’t want to be anything like them. Made it my personal mission in life to give her as much hell as possible, distanced myself as much as possible from the lot of them–starting with my placement in Gryffindor. That, of course, did wonders for our relationship–the first Gryffindor in a very long line of very proud Slytherins. To make matters worse, it seemed that Regulus was everything I wasn’t, everything my mother wanted me to be–something she was never shy about reminding me. It wasn’t long before I ran away, before she could do any more damage.” Sirius said nonchalantly. 

In your shock at his revelation, you stubbed your toe on the incoming stair and tripped, Sirius catching you once more before you could fall. Pain exploded throughout your foot, and you hissed, bringing your toe up to hold it. 

“Are you sure you’re alright to walk? That’s the second time you’ve tripped,” Sirius said, watching you anxiously. 

“Yes, I’m well aware, Sirius. Holy shit, that hurt,” you muttered, rubbing your toe before straightening up again. “You ran away?” 

“Oh, yes. Remus didn’t tell you? I suppose he wouldn’t really talk about it–he’s too good for us all, he is–but anyway, yes. The summer before sixth year, I left and never looked back.” he answered, hovering close to you, lest you fall again. 

“Why? Where did you go?” you asked, curiosity flooding through you. 

“More of the same really, you heard her back there–believe it or not, she was even worse when she was alive. Always doting on Regulus, loathing my existence; one day, I’d had enough. As for where I went, where else? James’,” he responded, smiling wistfully. “I was always welcome at the Potter’s.” 

“So you haven’t been back since then?” you asked him. 

“No, I had my own place by the time I was sentenced to Azkaban–obviously, I couldn’t go back there. A bit after I escaped, I found Mother had died; she was the last of us left, besides me anyway. Regulus disappeared shortly before I was imprisoned–I believe he was killed by Voldemort for trying to back out. Too much of a coward to truly pick a side. I looked around for a bit when I got out…but, well, obviously, I never found anything. And then, a few weeks back, I finally ventured into his room. He left a note for me…He was only 14 when I left, you know, the last time I…” Sirius trailed off, looking sad as he talked about his little brother. Though you could tell there was a lot of bad blood between the two of them, the hatred he felt for his parents didn’t quite extend to Regulus. Clearing his throat, he went on. “Therefore, there was no one else for her to leave all this to.” he gestured sardonically to his surroundings, “Loathe me as she did; she’d rather a Black have the house. Always spewing her pureblood mania–she hated Muggles. That, paired with her–loathe as I am to admit it–incredible magical talent, this house is very well hidden. Add to that all Dumbledore’s security measures…well, about the only place safer would be Hogwarts itself. I told them they could use it for the Order straight off. About the only way I’ve been able to help, it’s fucking maddening seeing the lot of them go out, duel, carry out missions–hell, do anything. It’s a bit better with Mooy here, but he gets sent on missions often. Meanwhile, I’m seemingly forever stuck in this godforsaken house, my ticket to freedom having slipped through my fingers.” 

He made a motion as if sand were slipping through his fingers, and you looked at him and found the madness he spoke of in his eyes. You knew it was killing him to be stuck here. Sirius was a strong, virile man, a man that was not made to be imprisoned. He was withering away stuck in this household. All the bad memories, all the hatred that seemed to be the lifeblood of the house, it was getting to him; the shadows under his eyes and the sadness in his smile told you that.

Though you weren’t sure if he wanted to discuss it, you were positively bursting with curiosity about him and Regulus. You’d been in the same year and the same house as him, so you’d seen a lot of Regulus–though, he was incredibly easy to miss. Whereas you knew when Sirius was anywhere in the general vicinity, Regulus could easily sit hidden in plain sight. In direct contrast with his brother, where Sirius was boisterous and goofy, Regulus was sullen and stoic. Always skulking around, rarely talking to anyone but Nott, who was easily as grim as his friend. The only one competing against them for ‘World’s Creepiest Git Award’ was Snape–and he was winning. Whereas Regulus and Nott seemed dodgy, yet harmless, Snape was swimming in Dark Arts filth. Always muttering underneath his curtain of greasy, jet-black hair, scribbling like a maniac in the tattered potions book that never left his hand. Though everyone in Slytherin avoided Snape like the plague–aside from Lucius Malfoy and Rodolphus LeStrange–you fondly remembered James and Sirius giving him hell anywhere they could get away with it. 

“What’d the note say?” you asked before you got lost in your memories. As he sucked in a breath, you immediately regretted your intrusion and backpedaled. “Sorry, that’s probably really personal. You don’t have to answer that.” 

“It’s alright, I just hardly speak about him,” Sirius sighed, disappearing into his bedroom. You followed him in and found him facing the window,… hands clasped behind his back. “I suppose you knew him quite well; the two of you were in the same year, weren’t you?" 

"We were. Though I didn’t really know him too well. Don’t think really anyone did. There some creepy blokes in Slytherin–and no offense or anything, but Regulus definitely fell into that category.” Sirius let out a bark of a laugh, and you continued. “Usually tried to keep my distance from the dodgy ones. From what I did see of him in the common room, though, he typically kept to himself. Took to gazing creepily into the fire, only speaking in hushed voices to Nott and occasionally Mulciber." 

“That’s about what he was like at home too.” Sirius nodded “Just Nott and Mulciber, then?” 

"Yeah, never saw him talking to anyone else. You learn to keep an eye on blokes like him and Snape.” you laughed slightly. “Sort of surprising that the two of them didn’t get on." 

"They didn’t?” Sirius asked, turning to look at you in shock. 

Merlin’s beard, no. The only bigger rivalry, I think, was Snape and James. I think Snape viewed Regulus as the Slytherin model of you and James, actually. Though he was nowhere near as handsome,” the words were out before you could stop them, and you coughed before continuing on quickly. “Excellent at Quidditch: the Slytherin Seeker, just like James, excellent in all his classes–just managed to out-perform Snape, Slughorn’s crowning jewel, aside from Lily, that is. Slughorn held a special spot for Lily." 

"And how do you know all this?” Sirius asked, looking at you with an entertained smile. 

“I watched, at school–watched everyone and everything. Amazing the things you learn. Like, for instance, I knew that once a month, the four biggest troublemakers the school has ever seen snuck out onto the grounds only to disappear all night. Always looking particularly pleased with themselves the next day.” I grinned at him, and he continued to look back in awe. 

“But nevermind that, what’d the note say?” you asked again, seating yourself on his bed, leaving your marred leg hanging off.

“Oh, yes. Well, it said about what you’d imagine. Apologies, explanations….That he should’ve listened, he shouldn’t have followed Voldemort, he was sorry, sorry he had anything to do with what Voldemort did. He was poisoned by my mother. I think he, like a lot of his original followers, thought most of Voldemort’s talk was just that–talk. Sure, they wanted pureblood supremacy, and in theory they’d be willing to do whatever necessary, but when the murderers started, I think a lot of them began having second thoughts. I’m guessing Regulus finally found his heart, always so stubborn.” Though he had his back to you, you could hear the slight smile in his voice. “At the end of the note, he said he was going to make it right. He said he couldn’t solve it all, but he could undo the damage he did. He said he’d destroy it. I’ve been wondering what he meant by that, but given I haven’t seen him since his school days, I have no idea. The letter was dated a week before his disappearance, just been sitting and collecting dust in this old bedroom ever since; I don’t think mother ever came back in either one of our bedrooms. Anyway, that was the last anyone heard of Regulus, you don’t exactly get to have second thoughts about being a Death Eater.” 

“Undo the damage he did…” you repeated. Destroy what? Furrowing your brow, you tried to remember Regulus as you’d seen him more than Sirius had, tried to remember anything useful, but all that came to mind was a depressed-looking, sullen teenage boy staring blankly into the fire in the common room. 

“I reckon he did it, though. Whatever he sought to destroy, I’m guessing it was important if Voldemort himself would come to take him out.” Sirius responded, finally turning back to you. 

“Voldemort himself?” you hissed. The thought of Voldemort standing over a stiff and pale Regulus made your blood run cold. 

“That’s what the whispers are anyway. Snivellus said he heard Voldemort mention it in passing. He murders my brother, and it only gets a passing mention to his little army…” Sirius trailed off once more, hatred burning in his eyes. 

“You’ve got to stop calling him that,” you whispered, smiling in spite of yourself as he referred to Snape. 

“If everyone is going to sit around and think of Snivellus as the bloody hero, I’ll call him whatever I please.” Sirius sniffed, sneering his name. 

“Snape is many things, but a hero is not one of them,” you shook your head, remembering a shrieking Bellatrix being cursed for teasing him in fourth year. 

Sirius smiled at you and turned around once more, brandishing his wand. The air in the room was still heavy with the remnants of your conversation, but it was slowly leaking out. Your brain churned as you thought of what Regulus could’ve meant by ‘undo the damage he did.’ And what did he destroy? What would’ve made Voldemort angry enough? You could see the pain in Sirius’ eyes as he spoke of his brother, a mix of shame and disappointment was evident in his voice, but you could tell he was longing to forgive his brother. Maybe that’s what you could give him in return for the solace he provided. You could give him what he needed to forgive Regulus. Resolving to solve this mystery in your time in the house, you sighed before looking back to find him conjuring blankets and laying them on the floor. 

“What’re you doing?” you asked him. 

“Just making up a little cot,” he replied, “I’ll clean up another room in the morning.” 

“You’re not sleeping on the fucking floor; it's’ filthy!” you cringed at the thought. 

“Love, I slept for 12 years in a stone cell in Azkaban.” he smiled though his words were dark. 

“Exactly. So why should you have to spend another night in discomfort?” you said, pulling back the covers. Sirius smiled at your thoughtfulness, and you spoke before you could think about it too much. 

“Get into bed,” you told him. He merely looked at you for a moment, making no movement. “Well, go on!” 

“If you insist,” he smirked at you from across the room and was at the bed in three strides. Feeling slightly nervous, you slipped under the sheets, their coolness causing a fresh wave of goosebumps to greet you. Gingerly lifting your marred leg into the bed, you hissed as the covers brushed against the angry gouges. Instead of soft cotton, the sheets felt like fire against your scars.

The heat didn’t subside, and after a few seconds, it felt as though your leg were engulfed in flames. Gritting your teeth, you lifted it out of the covers and set it on top. Frowning, you looked down and knew it would never look any better–it would always look as though just yesterday Greyback had about gotten you. 

“What’re you frowning about?” Sirius asked, a playful smile on his face as he unbuttoned his vest. 

“Nothing, nothing,” you said, forcing a smile onto your lips. Sirius looked at you, and you could tell he didn’t believe you, but he didn’t push it. 

Turning, he sat on the bed and began undoing his shoelaces. Just as you saw him working on the buttons to his shirt, your head hit the pillow, and you didn’t remember anything else. 

You ran from your kitchen as quickly as possible, Greyback bursting through the large window between the two rooms. Screaming, you ran for cover, but you couldn’t get your legs to move fast enough, it was almost as if they were stuck in jello. They refused as you fruitlessly screamed for them to go faster, and it wasn’t long before he caught you, the smell of wet rust filling your nose. 

Growling excitedly, he pinned you to the floor while you hopelessly thrashed under his weight. Maliciously, you saw him glance down at your already torn up leg and grin before dragging his claws against them once more. As you screamed, he grinned maniacally, and his fangs glinted in the little light that lit the hallway. Then, finally, he sank his teeth into your throat. 

Gasping, Sirius’ room came into view, and your hand flew to your throat. Feeling it one piece, only slick with sweat instead of blood, you breathed out a sigh of relief as your heart hammered in your chest. It was only a dream. Looking down, you saw your leg was wrapped up in the covers, likely being grated every time you thrashed during your nightmare. 

Close to tears, you gingerly unwrapped your leg–the entirety was bright and angry, the color seemingly leaking out of your long gashes covering every inch of your skin. As you set it on the floor, it only made it worse, and a few tears leaked out of your eyes as the blood rushed back down to your toes. The pain soon subsided slightly, and you managed to stand. 

Looking to your left, you found a peacefully sleeping Sirius, and you smiled at the youth in his face as he slumbered. 

Knowing you wouldn’t be able to find sleep anytime soon, you slipped from the room and padded silently to the door, cursing the floorboard that squeaked loudly on your way down the stairs. Pausing, you heard Sirius shuffle in the bed, and then silence once more. 

You passed Sirius’ mother’s portrait silently, not wanting to tempt the wretched woman. The house was utterly silent as you made your way through, save for a sleepy grunt from various portraits as they slumbered. Your leg was only getting worse with every step, and you finally collapsed in the living room in front of a large, empty fireplace. The hardwood floor was like ice on your skin, and you quickly grabbed your wand off the coffee table and sent sparks flying at the cold fireplace, lighting it immediately. You scooted closer to the fireplace as the heat rolled off of it, holding your hands out to warm them. The cool floor felt incredible on your angry leg, and it wasn’t long before you managed to doze off on the hard floor. 


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Writing/Sentence Prompts

Hi everyone! Just thought I would post 20 writing/sentence prompts, if you would like me to write an imagine based on one or a few of them please send a request and include if you would like Fred or George or both of them involved!😊

01: “Please don’t do this, I’m begging you.”

02: He glared at you and stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

03: “Let me help, sweet-heart.”

04: You blushed, hiding your face with your long sleeves.

05: “You’re wearing his clothes now?!”

06: His stare turned hungry, you started to feel tiny as he towered over you.

07: Is this seriously their idea of a good time?

08: Feeling the kicking getting heavier, you grabbed his hand, seeing if he could feel it.

09: “Me and your brother have to scrub bloody bed pans thanks to you!”

10: Trying to open the door was harder than you expected.

11: Screaming for your life you were suddenly silenced by the hand that covered your mouth.

12: “You look like a bloody plonker!”

13: Tears streamed down your face.

14: “Please don’t tell him, it’s so embarrassing!”

15: “If he finds out he’ll never speak to me again!”

16: Reading the diary entry over and over your hand slipped into your underwear.

17: “Why do you have her knickers in your pocket?”

18: “Ha ha, very funny, you’re not my type anyways”

19: “Are you trying to poison me?!”

20: The two of you watched and waited eagerly.

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The hate agaisnt FLUER is disgusting. Seriously this goes both to the fandom and the characters. Hermione, ginny and Molly all were horrible to her , just because she was pretty and getting married to bill. The only person who was nice to her was harry , sure he was awkward (typical harry with girls lol ) but atleast unlike ron he didn’t stare at her like an object.

AND Why do people keep forgetting that the goblet choose her ? That she was extremely nice despite the constant dislike her in laws portrayed ? (Which is a shame because her parents were so nice to the Weasleys) She choose bill even after the attack , how she tried to break tension by asking lupin bout the baby ? She took the potion to turn into harry . Fluer was smart , brave , enchanting and above all a human with feelings.

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summary: Fred is accidentally (and fortunately) at the right place in the right time, and is able to save a muggle girl’s life.

pairing: Fred Weasley x muggle (female) reader

words: 5K

meaning of: (y/h/c) means ‘your hair colour’

(kinda) warnings: (1) this plays after the war and Fred lives,  because i refuse to accept anything else; (2) i’m not from the UK so  excuse the possible mistakes i made about the underground; (3) also  there are a couple time jumps, i didn’t want to drag it for too long and  had quite a few ideas i wanted to write

a/n: this was an idea born whilst i was studying for this year’s most difficult exam at uni lol but i thought it was worth giving a shot so here it goes

my masterlist


(y/n) wakes up to the sweet scent of some kind of flower filling up her nose and lungs. Despite the panging in her head she cracks open her eyes to find the source, though as soon as she takes in the totally unfamiliar room around her, the flower immediately gets forgotten.

What the hell?

She frowns, pushing her upper body up on her elbows to get a better look around. She has never seen this room ever before. Or has she? Suddenly she’s not so sure as a foggy memory appears in her mind. Her glance travels across the cardboard boxes beside the wall on the floor, piled high on top of each other, then a desk, a wardrobe, arriving to the bedside table that has a lamp and several strange things - looking like some foreign country’s small candies in colourful wrapping - on the wooden surface.

Sitting up fully she tries to move her legs to place them on the floor, but finds that it’s much harder than it usually is - than it should be. All her attention turn to her legs now and the weird feeling that surrounds her left leg she hasn’t noticed before. Carefully she lifts the covers that wrapped her body in a warm embrace to see what’s wrong with her leg. A gasp leaves her lungs right away as her eyes fall on the cast wrapped around it from her knees straight to her toes.

In that exact moment the door slowly opens and her eyes snap towards the entering figure - a flaming red haired young man.

“Ah, you’re awake! How are you?” He asks when his eyes connect with hers and slightly widen.

And his voice brings back everything. Literally everything to her mind about how she got here, all the memories flashing by in front of her inner eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - flashback - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friday the 13th. The day of misfortune and disasters. (y/n) huffs as she makes her way down the street towards the underground station to go back to her apartment. Now she knows this fact from experience.

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Well according to the Harry Potter Wikia

10th May 1997 - The infamous Quidditch match where Ginny and Harry kiss in the common room afterwards

30th June - Death of Albus Dumbledore, with his funeral held the next day (July 1st), where Harry and Ginny break up

So from this, we can tell that they dated from 10th May - 30th June (1 month and 20 days-ish)

I honestly wish they were together longer, but looking at this made me realise how short of a time they actually had together. Hope that helps!

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Fred Weasley X Reader Part 2 of ‘Call Out My Name’, inspired by the song ‘Unbreak My Heart’ by Toni Braxton.

About: Fred realises he has everything wrong. His heart aching for the reader after pushing her aside for someone else, he searches for her to apologise for what he’s done and to admit his true feelings for her.

Theme: Heartache, sadness, moving on, relationships, rumours.

Warnings: mentions of raw emotions, *incredibly light* smut, depression, body image issues and swearing.

Don’t leave me in all this pain
Don’t leave me out in the rain
Come back and bring back my smile
Come and take these tears away
I need your arms to hold me now
The nights are so unkind
Bring back those nights when I held you beside me

The first thirteen months without Fred were the worst. You couldn’t face visiting Weasleys Wizard Wheezes no matter how many times George asked in his letters which you ignored. You couldn’t go into Diagon Alley without hearing news about The Weasleys - more importantly, the news about Fred and his darling; they were now engaged.

You kept to your bedroom, crying to sleep every night, looking through all the pictures you had taken of and with Fred over the years that you were with him. Letters you had written to him laid scrunched up all over your floor like an author going mad over a sticky, confusing, part of the story - but that was exactly what this was. 

Everywhere you went as you entered Diagon Alley, you were forced to listen to the news over and over again that the shop was a success. You wanted to congratulate George, but after ignoring him for so long you couldn’t bring yourself to pick up a pen to reach out to him.

Too afraid to let anyone in after the damage Fred inflicted on you, you didn’t bother meeting anyone new. Plenty of people offered and even your sister tried to match you up with a friend of hers from work, but you declined and allowed Fred’s damage to take over you. You only left the house for work which was torture enough as you worked with Percy at the Ministry. You ate one meal a day which was an apple on your lunch break. You didn’t dream of moving out despite your parents encouragement and you simply just collapsed in on yourself whilst your family constantly complained about Fred, swearing that you chose the wrong twin.

Although you hated Fred - or at least convinced yourself that you did - you still thought about him every single day, and at bedtime you would envision yourself back on his sofa in his arms underneath that scratchy patchwork blanket you shared many memories under. 

Laying awake staring at the ceiling, you took a deep breath. It had been over a year. You couldn’t go on like this. You needed to claim your life back, one step at a time. Sitting up in your bed, you grabbed the last of your parchment and leaned it against an old book. Dipping your feather quill into your ink pot that rested beside your bed next to the framed picture of you and Fred, you wrote to George.

You began apologising for not replying and for not visiting the shop, explaining why, and asked how everything was going - you missed your friend and it became suffocating to ignore him reaching out.

Un-break my heart
Say you’ll love me again
Undo this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I cried so many nights
Un-break my heart
My heart

It had been another five months since you wrote your letter to George and you were still waiting for a reply. You told yourself that perhaps he got too busy with the shop or he just didn’t want to mend things after you ignored him for so long. Either way, you didn’t ponder on it, sprayed yourself with some perfume, and got ready to leave for your third date this week.

George wasn’t ignoring you on purpose. He truly was too busy with not just everything at the shop, but also helping Fred plan out this so-called wedding and engagement party that came out of nowhere. He planned to write back but time got the better of him, he knew you wouldn’t take it personally.

“Oh look at you!” your sister grinned, “Same guy?” she asked enthusiastically. 

“No,” you shook your head and grabbed your coat, putting it on, “I don’t see the same guy twice if the spark isn’t there.”

Your sister smiled to herself and told you to have a good time. You enjoyed yourself temporarily until you remembered Fred Weasley and what he did. He was the reason why you decided against seeing the same person twice. If there was no chemistry during intimacy you moved on. Speed dating was the perfect temporary aid you needed at the moment.  

And just like Fred and his fiancé, word got out about you and how desirable you were. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you started looking after yourself and forced yourself into the limelight. Even if it didn’t result in finding your true love, you still wanted to have fun along the way.

Your parents went to The Leaky Cauldron, and just as they were leaving, they bumped into Molly and Arthur Weasley. Your parents flinched at first sight, but swallowed the anger they had towards their son Fred.

“Oh Mr and Mrs Y/LN! what a lovely surprise to see you!” Molly chirped up. George turned his head and stood up to greet your parents. Unlike Fred, they loved George.

“And you.” Your father replied, his voice monotone.

“We haven’t seen your daughter for ages. We missed her last summer, please ask her to come and see us. George misses her and it’s our Freddie’s engagement party tonight!” Molly babbled on, pointing to George when she mentioned him and Fred.

Molly and Arthur loved you coming over to the burrow. They loved you even more seeing how happy you made their son. In their eyes you brought out the best in him. On the other hand, they weren’t keen on the girl Fred decided to marry, she was inconsiderate, selfish and didn’t know what hard work was - she was handed everything she ever wanted, the exact opposite to you.

Your fathers face flushed with frustration. Didn’t they know why you never came around anymore? Were they not aware that Fred was the reason she screamed and cried every night for over a year?

Your mother hesitated but decided against holding back. She liked the Weasley family, but she couldn’t allow Fred to get away with what he had done. 

“Maybe you should ask your darling boy, Fred. Or maybe George will tell you, he’s the decent one of the two.” 

Your mother said no more and stormed out of the packed pub, your father trailing behind nodding a goodbye to George. Molly and Arthur stood there speechless and looked over at George, demanding that he tells them what happened as soon as they arrive home when everyone has gone to bed.

Fred felt strange throughout the whole party. He didn’t feel happy like he thought he would - he hadn’t been feeling happy for the past five months. Something in his life just didn’t feel right and he couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong -waking up next to his girlfriend made him feel sick and he realised how stupid he was thinking that getting engaged would make everything better.

Molly, Arthur and George sat at the dining table when everyone else was in bed. “George you better tell me what happened, now!” Molly hissed in a low whisper.

George spilled absolutely everything, from beginning to end. As much as he loved his twin, he didn’t shy away from any details even if they showed Fred for exactly who he was, and the awful things he did. Molly and Arthur were outraged at their child’s behaviour. Molly had to restrain herself at the table whilst she sobbed into her hands.

Far away, you panted heavily as you came down from your high with your date. Unmounting him, you laid beside him in his bed. He took off his condom and breathlessly offered taking a shower with him. You accepted his offer knowing that you could go home straight after, you wouldn’t need to stress about hurrying in the morning to get to work on time. 

Take back that sad word goodbye
Bring back the joy to my life
Don’t leave me here with these tears
Come and kiss this pain away
I can’t forget the day you left
Time is so unkind
And life is so cruel without you here beside me

Work at the ministry became more tolerable over the next six months. Percy smiled at you more often and you couldn’t understand why. You didn’t look into it and simply smiled back. You flourished even more within the same time - you had got into a relationship with the one night stand you shared a shower with. The curly haired bookshop assistant grew on you and you didn’t mind, he often made you laugh so hard you burst into tears.

Whilst you were finding yourself, running with the wind, Fred had fallen apart completely. He overheard George spilling his guts, and finally realised why everything felt so wrong, why he wasn’t happy. You were the missing piece. His guilt and mistakes were eating him alive. He broke off the engagement - to his parents delight - and vowed on finding you and making everything right. George felt relieved that he had his own room because Fred’s cries were enough to make anyone feel ill.

Fred slept with the Irish scarf he bought you from the world cup, and he kept the patchwork blanket on his bedroom, refusing to bring it back downstairs.

Memories flashed back to him, the two of you in the tent, “Oh Fred are you sure?” you asked him as he put the scarf around your neck.

He chuckled and kissed your head, “Anything for you, my love!”

Then memories from the sofa flooded in, hurting him even more. 

“I’m so in love with you,” you moaned, cupping his face while he made love to you. 

He shook his head and came to his senses, angry that he put such a lovely girl in the firing line.

“Percy, Y/N works with you doesn’t she? Can you tell her I need to see her.” He later begged.

Percy refused, “That would be an incredibly inappropriate thing to do in the work place!” 

Fred wrote you letters, but you never got them. The family refused to lend him their owl and Fred couldn’t understand muggle post. Getting desperate, he would stay in Diagon Alley trying to see where you were lurking after work, asking strangers if they had seen you, showing them the only picture he had of you.

“It’s going to be perfect here!” Your mum smiled looking around your large half unpacked apartment, “When will he be moving in?” She winked.

You finally saved up enough money to move out and you were planning on asking your boyfriend to move in if things continued to run smoothly. You had got your furniture, all you needed were the items left in the big green box from your bedroom. “I’ll collect them next week.” 

Feeling brave with your partner, arms linked, the two of you visited George’s shop. He had sent you a letter letting you know when Fred wasn’t working and you felt confident that you wouldn’t bump into him.

“I’m so proud of you!” You cheered for George, giving him a hug.

After paying for your bits and bobs you previously saw in the design stages, you walked out of the shop and bumped into someone. Looking up to apologise, you realised it was Fred. He stared at you - both of you mirroring each other looking like a deer caught in the headlights. 

You shook yourself out of the immediate shock Fred was still stuck in. 

“Sorry,” you muttered, walking away, your boyfriend asking what his problem was.

Un-break my heart
Say you’ll love me again
Undo this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I cried so many nights
Un-break my heart

Another week went by and Fred was going stir crazy. Customers in his shop who knew you both were whispering about how happy you were now. Him and George argued when he discovered the letter between you two.

Fred rifled through the stacks of letters and found your parents address where you no longer lived. He got on his broom, not caring if muggles saw him, and landed on the roof. He crawled down to your window and gave it a tap with his wand with a soft “Alohomora”.

Expecting to find you asleep, he discovered only disappointment that your room laid bare and empty. The bedside table had nothing but a folded photo lying face down on it, the bin on the floor full of parchment balls.

He unfolded the photo and put a hand over his mouth, seeing you and him moving during your morning walks. He bent down and grabbed a ball from the bin, unravelling the parchment. He cried reading the letters you had written him but never sent. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the green box on your bed and he went through it, more tears spilling down his face.

“I’ll just grab my box!” He heard you yell, walking upstairs. 

Without giving him time to hide, you opened the door, revealing him standing in front of you. You held back a scream of shock and took a deep breath shaking your head, “Fred please - you can’t be here.” 

Fred shook his head and cried, “I’m so sorry, for everything,” he made his way closer to you, “I got everything wrong, her, everything.”

Not wanting your parents to see him, you closed your bedroom door and locked it, your heart pounding. Tears fell from your eyes, the walls you put up against him crashing down, your hate for him melting away and your love for him surging inside.

“Why are you here?” you questioned him through your cries.

Fred walked over to you slowly not wanting to scare you off. This was the closest you had been to him since you bumped into him at the shop. The young man you fell in love with wrapped his arms around you, tangling his hands in your hair. You stayed still with your hands by your side.

“I’m in love with you.” Fred choked out between sobs. He pulled away and gently put your hands in his, your tear filled eyes getting lost in his.

“Fred- I can’t!” you shook your head crying, feeling weak at the words he said and the ones you replied with. 

“Please,” Fred begged getting onto his knees, staring up at you, “please let me make things right.”

Don’t leave me in all this pain
Don’t leave me out in the rain
Bring back the nights when I held you beside me

“I think you look stunning,” Fred complimented you, soot spread out all over your nose.

You chuckled and sneaked a kiss on his lips, only to hear a loud thud on the desk in front of you.

“One weeks’ detention for the two of you,” Professor Snape snarled, “and fifty points will be deducted from your house.”

Un-break my heart
Say you’ll love me again
Undo this hurt you caused
When you walked out the door
And walked out of my life
Un-cry these tears
I cried so many, many nights
Oh, un-break my

“What do you mean you’re taking her instead of me!” you freaked out, throwing your earrings at the mirror. 

“It’s just a bloody Yule Ball. Y/N. It doesn’t mean anything.” Fred argued.

“Well it does to me!” you argued back, “I’m guessing I was just your back up plan if she said no.” 

Un-break my heart, oh baby
Come back and say you love me
Un-break my heart, sweet darlin’
Without you I just can’t go on

Fred held you in his arms, the two of you watching the muggle horror movie in amazement. You nuzzled your head into his neck, planting kisses on it softly. Fred let out a soft shaky moan, his hand making its way up your thigh. “We’ll need to be quiet,” he whispered, pulling your underwear off.

Can’t go on
(Say that you love me, say that you love me)
(Tell me you love me, un-break my)
(Say that you love me, say that you love me)
(Tell me you love me, un-break my)

You stared at Fred, still trying to process what he said. You pursed your lips and stayed quiet getting lost in your thoughts. Fred noticed you were in shock and lost for words. He pulled out the scarf from his coat pocket and walked over to you, wrapping it around you.

You stared up at him, getting lost in those gorgeous eyes that you missed so much. You looked down at his lips and kissed him impulsively.

He kissed back.

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*Bellatrix showing her new mansion in the middle of a lake to Hermione’s friends*

Molly: Try building it on land next time you stupid bitch.

Bellatrix: Try to fuck off you ignorant ferret.

Bellatrix: *starts cursing her out in french*

Molly: Whoa, mama mia cunt!

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Maniac - G.W

George Weasley x Reader one shot/imagine inspired by the song ‘Maniac’ by Michael Sembello

About: George admires his crush (the reader) flourish as she discovers who she is and what she wants as she recovers from the toxic, abusive relationship she’s broken free from, her life takes a very interesting turn.

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of physical and emotional abuse, partying.

This time last year you thought you found the love of life, despite all the warnings you collected from other girls in the above years - you ignored them and followed your heart. At first, he was kind, romantic, very chivalrous, especially in front of said friends and family; but behind closed doors he became a monster. 

George Weasley, your close friend fell for you the very moment he laid eyes on you. He too warned you about the guy you were seeing, but you didn’t want to believe it “he isn’t like that” you defended him. 

Within months your relationship turned sour, you weren’t the same girl anymore, your lover - this monster - had complete control over you. He picked what you could and couldn’t wear, eat and study, he chose who you could and couldn’t be friends with and if you were to go against him you would turn up to class the next morning covered in bruises. The abuse got so bad you had to wear layers under your robes, you were never around for meal times and for lack of a better word, 

George felt like he was losing you.

He tried confronting your partner but there was little to no proof that he was the one responsible - after all, the monster pulled the wool over your eyes with his lies, he could do the same with everyone else and use magic if he felt at risk of exposure. 

You were failing all of your classes, losing friends, your hair dropping out, your weight plummeting but worst of all, George didn’t look at you the same anymore; his eyes usually flickered on like Christmas lights - but when he looked at you during the worst time of your life, his eyes didn’t light up, they screamed at you, begging to break free.

Exactly one year later you gathered all the courage you had stored inside of you and it burst out like a balloon filled with too much air, you weren’t afraid of him anymore, you weren’t afraid of anyone, you wouldn’t be controlled anymore not by him or anyone, you would be living YOUR life the way YOU want; no matter what other people have to say or think.

Returning to Hogwarts without the presence of the monster, everyone’s jaws dropped but not as big as the boy who always longed for you; George.

The lights that went out of those beautiful eyes of his lit up for the first time in so long but now they were as bright as the moon on a dark and cold winters night, illuminating the sky.

Cat-walking through the great hall to join the first great feast everyone turned their heads following you.

Your hair now long, thick and silky reached your lower back swaying with every move. You weren’t withering away anymore, your cheeks now filled with colour and there wasn’t a bruise in sight on your body. You smirked at the lads gaping at your skirt length but you took the compliment - you finally realised your worth and you wanted to flaunt it. You were the dove in a room full of crows.

Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night
Lookin’ for the fight of her life
In the real-time world no one sees her at all
They all say she’s crazy

“Where’s y/n?” George asked a few familiar faces sat at the Gryffindor table.

“Don’t know” his friend Lee Jordan replied, smirking “she went out last night to Hogsmeade all dressed up, she’s probably still partying!”

“She’s mental that one” Ron chipped in, earning a glare from George.

Speaking of the devil you strolled up to the table sitting down next to George, he could smell the booze on your breath but didn’t say anything. 

“What’s up guys?” you smiled brightly fighting sleep, drinking Harry’s pumpkin juice.

Fred gave George an amusing look “Where have you been all night?” he asked.

You had got yourself dolled up for a house party in Hogsmeade someone was throwing, you didn’t know who but you wanted to go wild and have fun after being unable to mutter a word to your friends or even step foot in that area for a year, you wanted to take the bull by its horns. 

George watched you, star struck by your presence. Your long hair tied up in a high but messy pony tail, your tight fitting velvet emerald dress (more than enough to impress the most uptight Slytherins) outlining the best your body before it’s length ended at your mid thigh. You put on crimson red lipstick and blushed, spotting George taking you in through his reflection the mirror. 

Arriving to the small house in Hogsmeade you shared drinks with the strangers, dancing and having a laugh playing the most ridiculous drinking games they learnt from Muggles at a pub in London. You crashed out on the sofa and awoke just before breakfast, you took off your high heels and ran as fast as you could to freshen yourself up before class. 

“I went out” you breathed out, wiping the pumpkin juice from your lips with your sleeve “thanks Harry!” you smiled at him, putting the glass down and running off to your first class. 

George sat there speechless, amazed at your transformation and happiness. 

Locking rhythms to the beat of her heart
Changing movement into light
She has danced into the danger zone
When the dancer becomes the dance

You took your new found freedom with you everywhere, you felt on top of the world and capable of anything. You were over achieving in all the classes you previously failed, causing Snape for the first time in his teaching career to award Gryffindor House points. 

When you weren’t in class or studying in the library being followed by a swarm of fan boys and girls, you were always in Hogsmeade; attending house parties or going to the pub with a group of eager college boys. 

George felt jealous of the attention you were giving these boys but he didn’t utter a word, no matter who you were with or what you were doing, as long as you were happy and safe that’s all that mattered to him.

You were upbeat and incredibly impulsive, professors often joking that if they poked you hard enough you would burst out into confetti stars. 

Fred and George took advantage of your new found energy when it came to pulling pranks and inventing items for their business, you had managed to upstage them and somehow even outdo them on a handful of pranks, George felt amazed that after all this time someone was so close to stealing his and Fred’s thunder.  

However, with all of this madness and adrenalin chasing you, strapped under your belt you started being followed by consequences. You were spinning out of control but you were happy, you were starting to get incredibly intoxicated on your freedom. 

It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire
On a wire between will and what will be

Minding your business on the Quidditch pitch watching George practice, sporting your blackeye from the night before you heard a familiar screech yell out from below. “There’s that bitch who snogged your lad last night!”

You went to yet another house party, stupid on your part as it was a Sunday and you were itching towards your exams. You noticed that these so called ‘fan girls’ you gained had turned nasty, since your flourishing they weren’t able to get dates. 

You accidentally had everyone, both men and women wanting a piece of you; but a group of girls from Slytherin and Ravenclaw surprisingly fused together, vowing to bring you down.

You drank way too much with a college guy who had ginger hair, you thought it was George and you made a move on him - you believed he was single because that’s what he told you; he lied.

His girlfriend, a Ravenclaw paid a girl in Slytherin to follow you, to see how you were able to gain such a following, she became furious when she realised no magic spell or potion had been used - people liked you for you.

Catching you kissing him gave her just what she needed to cause your fall from grace, storming into the pub she pulled you off him and punched you, you were too drunk and embarrassed to stand your ground then but now you were waiting.

“Oh fuck off will you!” You yelled down at them, you stood up from the stands and walked down, pushing past them. 

The group of girls followed you, the Ravenclaw getting closer grabbed you by your hood, smacking you around the head repeatedly. “Don’t you ever go near him again!” 

George could see the commotion and flew beside you and dismounting his broom “what the fuck is going on? Bore off!” he yelled at the girls, pulling you away from them.

“He told me he was single!” you screamed at her “and I thought he was someone else!”

“You dirty liar!” she screamed back, turning to George staring him down “she’s turned into what wrecked her in the first place, stay away from her!” 

She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before

“I’m telling the truth George, I promise.” You sighed laying back on his bed, waving your wand in the air. 

George stared at you, your face now bruised more than the previous night. “I believe you but…” he sighed trying to find the best way to word what he wanted to say “you need to be careful, I don’t want you to keep getting hurt”

You closed your eyes trying to hide your tear filled eyes, the dorm rooms door swung open and Fred burst in excitedly “Y/N I need your help, wait until you see this!” 

Your mood instantly lifting you bolted up and jumped out of bed, following Fred. George stayed still and rubbed his face with his hands, having no choice but to follow the two of you. 

On the ice-blue line of insanity is a place most never see
It’s a hard-won place of mystery touch it, but can’t hold it
You work all your life for that
Moment in time, it could come or pass you by
It’s a push-shove world, but there’s always a chance
If the hunger stays the night

“What do you mean I’m not right for the job?” you questioned the interviewer, his eyes focused on the paper in front of him “I want to see what that says!” 

The academic part of your life came to a close, finishing with perfect grades you were job hunting - each and every time you were able to make an outstanding first impression and you were even hired on the spot. Within days and weeks before you started your new job you received letters of regret informing you that after second thoughts you weren’t suitable for the job. 

“It’s confidential information, I cannot do that.” The man replied firmly.

You shook your head at him “Not if it involves me” quickly snatching the paper from his desk, before he could retrieve it you read the recorded information about you that had been documented, breaking your heart.

You burst through the shop door and stormed upstairs to find your boyfriend George, your face red and hot, tears spilling down your tender cheeks. 

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” he asked upon your arrival, his face dropping at the sight of your distress. 

“Those bitches lied!” you cried out “They’ve lied to everyone, they’ve ruined every possible chance I have at succeeding in life!”

George dropped his pen, putting a hold on his tax filing he got up out of his chair and brought you into his arms, he looked confused at your statement. 

“I can’t get hired anywhere because those girls from Slytherin and Ravenclaw lied, they managed to get Rita Skeeter to write about me, contacting everywhere in the area I applied to, telling the owners that it would be irresponsible and a irreversible mistake if they were to hire me!” you were hyperventilating beyond control, choking on your tears “they’ve painted a picture of me that doesn’t exist, George! That I’m a threat, a danger to myself and others, making it out like my past defines me for who I am now!”  

There’s a cold kinetic heat, struggling, stretching for the beat
Never stopping with her head against the wind

You stared at your paintings hanging on the wall at your local art show, ones of George on his broom, others of all the creatures Hagrid raised. After failing at being hireable, George encouraged you to find something you were passionate about, to run with it and earn money from it. So you took up painting and added a bit of magic to impress the muggles more than those with talent you believed you couldn’t compete against.

George smiled at you through the window and nodded as a rich muggle lady walked past, stopping in her tracks as she eyed up the painting of the Cornish pixies mid air showing off their mischievous grins. 

“How extraordinary” she beamed up at your art, the pixies beady eyes twinkling at her. “How much?” she asked “my son will love this!”

You scratched the back of your head, forgetting that muggles didn’t have the same currency and you weren’t exactly the best with pounds and pennies.

 “Uh-” you stuttered, until the lady cut you off, noticing your other paintings.

The one of George made her laugh and Buckbeak took her breath away, shaking her head in disbelief “I’ve never seen such magnificent works of art in my life… forget how much, I’ll buy them all!” 

She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before

Walking out of the art show you felt your heart skip beats, running towards George you jumped into his arms. “She bought the whole lot!” You squealed.

George spun you around in his arms, cheering for you with all his pride. “You’ve bloody done it, darling!”

The two of you celebrated with the rest of the Weasleys over family dinner at the burrow, Arthur fascinated by the rich muggles and what they spend their money on and Fred begging you to paint him for your next piece. 

After finishing the celebrations George took you out for a night stroll under the stars, the two of you swinging your laced hands with every step. He stopped under the moon, it’s bright light beaming down on the two of you as if you were in the spotlight on a large stage. 

Getting down on one knee George pulled out a small wooden box branded with Weasleys Wizard Wheezes on the front, you chuckled thinking he was going to pull out a magic ring to trap his and your fingers so you couldn’t part.

Upon opening the box George pulled out an incredibly sparkly and flawless amber ring which matched his beautiful hair, you realised that this wasn’t a new wacky invention or a perfectly plotted prank. 

“Y/N, from the moment I first saw you on the Hogwarts Express I fell for you and over the years my love for you has only bloomed all the more… will you marry me?”

It can cut you like a knife, if the gift becomes the fire
On a wire between will and what will be

You scowled down at the negative pregnancy test in your hands and threw it into the bin adding to the collection of negative tests you had accumulated over the years since your wedding night. 

You fell to the floor and shook your head feeling frustrated and cheated, your husband George walked into the bathroom and frowned at you with sympathy knowing what the outcome was. 

“I’m so sorry” you cried.

George sat down next to you and held you hand, kissing it softly. “We’re in this together Y/N, okay?” 

You nodded and wiped your tears, letting out a shaky breath “yeah, we are.”

She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know (I sure know)
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before

You heard a massive thud above you, followed by a scream next door. Feeling annoyed you snapped your fingers, your paint brush and palette hovering in the air.

“Georgina, get down here right now!” You yelled at the top of your lungs, your husband George laughing behind you “don’t encourage her!” you scolded him. 

Your daughter with curly ginger hair and a cheeky grin just like her fathers thundered down the stairs, pulling out an earphone. 

“What?” she asked sheepishly, sending a look to her father causing him to laugh. 

“All because your brother has moved out it doesn’t mean his room is your magic practice room!” you told her off “this is the third time this week you’ve frightened next door, you’ll get expelled from Hogwarts before you’ve even started!”

Your youngest of four put her hands up in defence “okay, okay, I’m sorry” she smirked, giving her dad a thumbs up before running back upstairs. 

You shook your head but laughed, walking over to your husband who stood against the kitchen worktops with a brew in his hand. You hugged him and kissed his cheek. “I can’t believe this is my life” you muttered, pulling away and going back to painting your brother in law, Fred. 

Maniac, maniac, I sure know
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before
She’s a maniac, maniac, I sure know (I sure know)
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before

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10: What is a small thing that one another does to make their partner happy?

BREAKFAST. IN. BED. Harry makes Ginny breakfast in bed a least once over the weekend, especially when she’s pregnant. Ginny can’t cook for the life of her, so she absolutely loves when Harry makes pancakes or eggs and toast. 

11: What would they do to celebrate their one year anniversary?

I don’t think the two of them would go out for the anniversary. Like no expensive dinners, roses, nothing like that. They would stay in, cuddling on the couch and watching movies. Takeout would be dinner, cause neither of them wanted to cook. Of course they would give each other presents to show how much they love each other, but it was mainly shown through words and kisses.

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okay but ron’s brain scars are literally the COOLEST THING EVER and I know ms hermione jean granger delicately traced her finger tips across them like y/n herself

creds: scars by daaakota

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Charlie Weasley x Reader



Fandom: Harry Potter

Requested: Yes, on Wattpad

Summary: Reader is doing their final semester of college abroad in Romania. They’re in the last week of school, trying to get ready for finals and finish several projects, including a story for their creative writing final. Writer’s block has come in for the kill on reader’s grades, so they decide to ditch their dorm and books and head out to the countryside in the hopes that some fresh air will help with an idea for their story. But, with a notebook full of ideas and none of them quite striking the right chord, the reader might just get more than they bargained for in terms of story inspiration.

Word Count: 3,060

Category: Fluff


I took a deep breath of the fresh, Romanian countryside air and flung my arms out. It was absolutely gorgeous out here, and the perfect break I needed from stuffy university libraries and dorm rooms.

I walked a little further, then settled down in a patch of grass and pulled out my notebook. A few loose pages of story ideas fluttered in the breeze, but I held them together as I pulled out my pen.

I was in the last week of the semester for my last semester of college, studying abroad in Romania. My upper-level creative writing class included a project in place of a final, which normally I liked, but this time I was having some serious writer’s block. We were supposed to be writing a 10,000-20,000 word novella, and we’d been working up to it all semester. It was due at the end of finals, which meant two weeks, but I had no idea what to write. I’d tried more than a dozen different ideas, but none of them worked, and none of them gave me enough material for 5,000 words, let alone ten.

So, I’d grabbed my notebook and hiked into the countryside for some fresh air to knock loose whatever was blocking my creativity.

I tapped my pen against the paper, looking around to try to get some ideas. It was late spring now, so everything was absolutely gorgeous and in bloom. Maybe I could do something about Spring coming through and persevering over winter?

I hummed to myself and quickly scribbled down the idea. It didn’t immediately call to me, so I kept thinking. I got down a few pages of ideas, keeping them on separate pieces of paper that weren’t part of my notebook, but whenever I tried to start filling the actual pages of my notebook with words it just wouldn’t come.

I sighed, tossing my notebook, pen, and all the pages onto the ground next to me. This was torture.

I was just starting to psyche myself up to push through writing something, even if it was bad (some assignment’s better than none right?) when the wind suddenly picked up. I reached to grab my notebook, but too late as the loose pages full of ideas went flying. I followed their path as they went up, up, up, flying higher and farther than they reasonably should’ve gone.

I quickly scooped up my notebook and pen and shoved them into my bag before taking off after my pages. It was like they were caught in a small tornado, and I actually had to fight against the massive gusts as I followed them up the crest of the nearest hill.

My pages disappeared over the hill, and I looked around for some explanation of this freak wind as I struggled after them. Did Romania get tornados?

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12 Grimmauld Place (5/?)

Pairings: Sirius Black (post Azkaban) x reader, Remus Lupin x reader’s brother, Sirius Black x Slytherin!reader 

Word Count: 2,909

Warnings: lil angsty

A/N: The longest chapter yet and it’s entirely in Sirius’ perspective! Hope I wasn’t too far off from his inner monologue. Also lots of spicy Tonks cause I love her. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |


Sirius’ POV

Feeling intrusive, I caught Tonks’ eyes as Remus and Y/N hugged each other, her sobbing into his shoulder. With a quick twitch, I signaled to her that we let them have a moment. She nodded and followed me into the living room. 

“Still haven’t gotten around to cleaning anything, have you?” she teased, gesturing to the layer of dirt and dust that seemed to cover every inch of the house. 

“Whenever you feel up to joining in…” I teased back. 

“Well, it looks like you’ll have Y/N to help you with that,” she responded, raising her eyebrows at me in a funny way. 

“What?” I asked. 

“Y/N,” she looked at me meaningfully. But not knowing what she meant, I stared blankly back. “You men–it’s a wonder you make it up in the morning by yourselves…Obviously, her flat is no longer safe. She’ll have to stay out of sight for a while too. What better place to both be safe and stay out of sight than here?” 

“Stay here?” I asked dumbly. Sure, I figured she’d stay the night, but it never occurred to me that this would be the best place for her. But now that Tonks pointed it out, it did make sense. Not like she could go back to her blown flat; besides, she was vulnerable there. Vulnerable and alone. 

“Yes, cousin. Are you alright?” she laughed at my bewildered state, but I didn’t find it so funny. It was difficult to ignore my feelings for her when I wasn’t seeing her every day. How was I supposed to manage now? 

At school, it was easier to manage. In the hallways, I’d look at anyone but her, smirking at any girl I caught looking at me, any sort of distraction. But when Moony wanted to go have a chat with her, well, I’d have to plainly look away, instead contenting myself with glaring at passing male members of her house, daring any of them to speak up or look at her. 

Remus had made his views very clear in the year of her arrival. He’d been gushing about since first year, always saying how she’d enjoy something or another. I still remember her terrified face during Sorting dissolving into a bright smile when her eyes found us seated at the Gryffindor table. Remus waved excitedly at her from his seat, the rest of us doing the same–all hoping she’d soon join us. However, upon seeing the rest of us with him, her face turned bright red, and her eyes went terrified once more. Before I could even shoot her a reassuring smile, she’d turned back to McGonagall. Unfortunately, she’d been placed in Slytherin, something we never let poor Moony forget. That night in the common rooms after everyone else had long gone to bed, he’d made us all swear to never lay a finger on her–to essentially be another three big brothers–never to look at her in any sort of way. Of course we all made the promise, but I couldn’t honor it. 

I still found myself scouring the Great Hall for her face at mealtimes, ducking around shelves in the library in between classes looking for her. I always made sure to be on my best behavior in front of Remus, but behind his back, my eyes couldn’t wait to hungrily devour his sister. Her witty remarks as some Gryffindor teased her, her filthy mouth when a fellow Slytherin made the wrong comment–and just when I thought I couldn’t fall for her any more deeply, I’d caught her hexing a Gryffindor in the corridor. The poor bloke came out a few seconds later, clutching his jaw and nose, both of which were expanding at an alarming rate. She came skipping round the next moment, smiling broadly at her achievement. It was all I could do not to kiss her right then. 

“Sirius?” Tonks asked, pulling me from my memories. 

“Sorry, yes?” I asked, trying not to appear as anxious about it all as I was. 

“What’s your problem?” she asked. Looking at her, I weighed my options. On the one hand, the only living soul who knew about how I felt about Y/N was now no longer, in fact, living. On the other, keeping it such a secret allowed me to continue in my friendship with Moony. Lovely as she was, I couldn’t have anything come between us. Not when we were the only ones left. 

“I–” I started to begin the story, but upon remembering James, I stopped. “Nothing.” 

“Sirius,” Tonks started, an offended look on her face. “I am your cousin. You tell me right now, or I’ll go get Remus, and he will.” 

“You would, wouldn’t you,” I said, a fond smile coming on my face as I looked at her. 

“I most certainly would.” she threatened. With her hands on her hips, I was suddenly reminded strongly of Mrs. Weasley, which only made my smile bigger. “Now, go on and tell me, you grinning git!”

“Alright, lower your voice. Can you keep a secret?” I asked, looking at my hands. 

“Course I can,” she indignantly responded. 

“Well, there’s a, a slight–er, problem, with Y/N staying,” I said quietly, keeping an ear out for her sniffles. 

“Problem? What problem? Not like you don’t have enough rooms. Or is it you fancy her or something?” she said, laughing. I kept quiet, and after a moment or two, realization began dawning on her face. 

“Oh, but Sirius, she’s Remus’ sister!” Tonks said, looking at me scoldingly. 

“Don’t you think I know that, Nymphadora?” I barked, angry that she responded the way I feared.

At the sound of her birth name, her hair began burning bright red, and I retreated. 

“Sorry, it’s just–I know, okay? I’m very much well aware of the fact she is Remus’ sister. Why do you think I’ve kept my distance all these years?” I said. 

“Likely cause you were in Azkaban,” she pointed out. I gave her a nasty look, and she smiled softly. “Next time, don’t use my full name.”

I rolled my eyes and began anxiously pacing the floors. This was wrong; this was all wrong. The one girl Remus said was off-limits. All he let me get away with all those years at Hogwarts. With a fresh pang of guilt, I recalled a put-out looking Remus looking at me while I talked to a tall, blonde Ravenclaw during Charms. It was only years after I learned he’d had a thing for her–but to my defense, I’d have backed off without a complaint if he’d only told me. 

“All these years?” Tonks said, liking working things out in her head. “Surely that doesn’t mean…since Hogwarts?” 

“Yes,” I admitted miserably. “Since her first year.” 

“First year?” she shouted. 

“Keep down your voice.” I hissed at her, pausing to hear Remus speaking softly to Y/N. 

“Sorry,” she winced. “But really, since first year and you’ve never said anything?” 

“Well, I couldn’t. Remus made us all swear to leave her alone–and bloody hell, was that a job. After school, it was easier, once I was able to keep my distance. Out of sight, out of mind, as the Muggles say. Sorry, you know how Arthur loves his Muggles.” I laughed as she gave me a funny look. “And then–as you so astutely pointed out–I was in Azkaban. So it really hasn’t been a problem these last few years.” 

“But now she’s living in your house,” she pointed out. 

“Precisely,” I responded, running a hand over the scruff on my face. She remained quiet, looking thoughtful for a few minutes before responding. 

“Well, this is just bloody ridiculous. You’ve got to do something,” she said. 

“Do something? Do what? How could I betray Remus like that? He’s the only one left, Tonks. How am I supposed to betray him this way, especially after James, and then all the time apart, and then managing to let Peter slip through our fingers? I can’t do this to him.” I reasoned, beginning to harden my resolve. 

“Oh, you are bloody ridiculous, you know that?” she sighed, running her fingers through her now bubblegum-pink hair. 

“Excuse me?” I said, stopping my pacing to glare at her. 

“Bloody ridiculous!” she repeated, “Sirius, that was years ago. That was a feeble promise forced to be made by an older brother before his friends got horny and couldn’t think straight.” 

“What?” I said, pulling a face as I considered her words. 

“Remus made you all promise that so young so she wouldn’t become a plaything of yours, especially when the both of you turned out to be such whores.” Tonks laughed. 

“Whores? I was not a whore! And certainly not James, why after fifth year I don’t think I ever heard so much as a comment about any girl besides Lily.” I defended the both of us, vaguely aware of how I’d ridiculously brought my hands to my hips in indignation. 

“Sirius, you’re family, you know I love you–but Merlin, you were the biggest sodding slut the whole of Gryffindor has ever seen! I’d bet there isn’t a room in the castle you haven’t done something naughty in.” she laughed once more. I opened my mouth to protest, but couldn’t come up with a room fast enough–only proving her point. 

“Now, you two are not schoolchildren anymore. You are a grown man, Sirius. There’s no need to honor such a trivial and unnecessary pact.” She took a step towards me and put her hand on my cheek, dropping her voice. “Think of how much you’ve suffered, Sirius. Think of what you’ve lost; think of who you have lost. Remus has suffered the same loss. He lost James just as you did, but he also lost you. He thought you’d gone bad, thought Peter dead–James and Lily were dead. And then, years later, you return–innocent. You came back to him, and he, you. Things like that change a man. I’m sure there’s no one on this planet he trusts more with his sister than you. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for one more minute, cousin. Especially not when things look so similar to how they looked before, back when it all went wrong. Don’t waste another minute; I’m not going to either.” 

Shaken at her words, I remained quiet for a few moments. So much had changed since that night in Gryffindor tower. Maybe he wouldn’t mind the idea so much anymore. Besides, he trusted me enough to keep her safe.

My happiness…I’d never given the idea much thought, never considered it much of a possibility after being imprisoned. Never had reason to since. But now, my brain was swimming with possibilities. 

“Hang on,” I said, remembering the end of her monologue. “You aren’t going to either?”

She cursed under her breath before looking at me.

“Noticed that, did you?” she grimaced. I merely looked at her expectantly. “Alright, fine. Can you keep a secret?” 

“I mean, if I outed you, you could just out me,” I pointed out.

“True, alright. Well, it’s Remus,” she whispered, avoiding my eyes. 

“You and Remus?” I asked, frowning in thought. 

“And what about it?” she said, looking at me testily. 

“Well, nothing really. It’s just I never thought about it…are you sure?” I asked after a moment. I loved them both, but the thought had never even crossed my mind once. Surely if there was something between my cousin and my best friend, I’d have suspected something by now. 

“Of course I’m sure, you git,” she hissed at me. 

“So then why aren’t you together?” I asked. I couldn’t think of any reason they shouldn’t be if they both felt that way. Not like I had a sit down with the lot of them about not dating her. 

“Because he too is being ridiculous. Refuses to even look at me most of the time. Says I’m too young, says I deserve better than him.” 

“Better than Moony? Good luck with that one, cousin.” I laughed, shaking my head at the thought. 

“That’s what I keep saying, but he’ll hear none of it. Says I deserve better than a shabby, poor old werewolf.” she rolled her eyes. 

“Is that really what he thinks of himself as? A shabby old werewolf?” I asked, sad for my friend. If anybody deserved happiness, it was Remus. Before she could answer, we heard him calling. 

“Pads?” I suddenly heard. He entered the room alone, smiling softly at the two of us. 

“Hey, mate.” I smiled at him, opening my arms once more. Remus had always grudgingly accepted my affection, which only made me more inclined to give it knowing it bothered him. And as I knew he would, he rolled his eyes and smiled as he accepted. 

“Perhaps we should stay…” Remus said, looking to Tonks and then back to the kitchen. 

“Ooh no, you don’t. We’ve got to go, cut up sister or not. Besides, who better to take care of her than Sirius? Isn’t as if he’s got anything better to do. Perhaps she could persuade him in actually cleaning something in this wretched house.” Tonks added, gesturing to filth. I glared at her but remained silent; she was right. The house was filthy, but it was painful enough to be here, let alone restore the bloody thing.

“Suppose you’re right…” Remus said after a moment, “Take good care of her, Pads.” 

“Course I will, Moony. Always took good care of you, didn’t I?” I jeered.

“Not bloody likely! And don’t you go taking credit for that, that was all Madam Pomfrey,” he scolded, wagging his finger at me like he used to as a Prefect. “The group of you could hardly stand to sit still in the hospital wing for half an hour, let alone get me through a transformation!” As Remus told his story, Tonks looked at him with a funny look, and with an alarming pang, I realized Y/N often shot me the very same look. Did that mean she felt for me as Tonks felt for Remus? 

“That is bang out of order, mate! I worked hard at becoming an Animagi! Took years, it did. Don’t remember seeing Madam Pomfrey out trotting about with a teenage werewolf. Besides, kept your arse out of trouble!” I bantered back, smiling jovially. 

“Oh, it just as easily could’ve gotten me in trouble,” Remus shook his head at the memories.

“But it didn’t, did it?” I teased, “You know you loved it just as much as we did, Moony. Try as you might to remain all high and mighty. Ickle Prefect Moony,” I jeered, poking at him as he laughed. 

“Alright, alright. C’mon, let’s go before the two of you really start down memory lane. We’ve got to meet Dumbledore.” Tonks said, gently steering Remus towards the door. 

“Hang on, you’re going to Hogwarts?” I asked. I couldn’t help but be jealous. 

“Briefly. That wretch woman gets nosy when we’re there for more than a quick pop in.” Remus said; the disgusted look on his face told me he meant Umbridge. 

“Ah, well, say hello to Harry for me if you see him. I hear the little scamp likes roaming round nearly as much as we did.” I smiled after them. 

“That he does; I still remember catching him with that map…I don’t even know how he got ahold of it. James would’ve been so proud, out in the dark corridors taunting Snape. Like father, like son.” Remus smiled fondly at the memory before hanging his head slightly and ambling off to join Tonks. My chest hurt at the mention of James and Harry, and I was once more painfully reminded of my solitude. What I wouldn’t give to see James again…

I followed them to the door, waving goodbye as the two of them popped out of sight. I stared longingly at the spot where they’d disapparted. 

Standing in place, I gave myself a moment to gather my thoughts before returning to the kitchen. 

Tonks had made many good points, but were they just good because I was looking for any kind of reason to be with her? Did they actually make sense, or was I just looking for an out?

Remus had only made us promise once in the wee hours of the morning in the Gryffindor common room. Besides, if family was off-limits, well, that made him a right hypocrite, didn’t it? He did leave her here with me though, with the promise I’d take good care of her. That meant, to some degree, Remus trusted me with her. Would I be breaking that trust by going with my gut with Y/N? 

Good and evil continued to argue on my shoulders, but if I waited for a decision, I might be here for years. 

What’s more, was she even interested in me? I mean, sure, I’d caught her staring in school–but that was years ago; a lot had changed since then. But then there was the blush that always colored her cheeks every time I said something cheeky, the relief on her face when I’d met her in the port key room. Surely she wouldn’t let someone she detested bathe her, right? 

I resolved to simply flirt. If that went well, then she felt something too. And if she felt something too…well, let me not get ahead of myself. 


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Just Imagine…

When Sirius proposed to Remus, Remus slapped him in the face and left the room then came back five minutes later with a face redder than a Weasley’s hair and said yes.

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February 14, 2000: You could say they’ve left each other spellbound

Photo: Julie Walters & Mark Williams

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Just Imagine…

The Weasley’s getting home after the battle of Hogwarts and finding Fred’s hand in the clock lying in the floor

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