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#Wei Wuxian

For @fytheuntamed​‘s Untamed Fall Fest. Day 21: Rustle

I’m so glad WWX has Wen Ning has a friend! And they’re so good to each other and really care about each other. Good friendships are good! 

I feel like my caption choices is dating me… like how old am I? Oh right. Early internet memes was during my teens… >.> 

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A boy and….. Day 20 - ink

Quite late upload today just cause it took me so long to try and get this pose that I had in my head right using various references but here is Wei Wuxian probably caught by Lan Zhan working late

The prompt list is by @yurumarururu on instagram/twitter

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reposting it because i had more time to think about it.

alternate timeline where the fallout of the wen indoctrination camp is just the absolute last fucking straw and jiang cheng leaves before wei wuxian can get to him because it’s clear to him that he’s just extra baggage to the family. 

  • jiang cheng leaves sandu behind. it absolutely kills him to do so, but it’s a recognizable sword besides he doesn’t really think he deserves to keep it.
  • eventually he does bond to another sword that calls out to him because they share the same biting loneliness.
  • he gives up his name too and stops dressing in jiang colors for the same reason. (i have no idea what to name him yet)
  • wei wuxian is named sect heir, but refuses to take the sect name yet. he says it’s because he doesn’t want to give up a remnant of his birth parents, which is true, but if he were being honest, the fact that he was so quickly pushed to just replace his brother has a whole lot to do with it too. it bothers the hell out of him that all this just seemed to be ready to go on the fly and makes him wonder if having him take jiang cheng’s place had been the plan all along.
  • the internal discord this causes him makes him begin quietly pulling away from training in the sect style and taking his secret studies of “other” forms of cultivation more seriously. maybe he starts teaching yanli because he doesn’t want to lose her too or something.
  • madame yu sends servants out to look for her son, but seems to give up all too easily for jiang yanli’s taste. she quietly sends messages to what members of the other sects she trusts (mostly jiang cheng’s classmates from gusu) to keep an eye out for him.
  • she and wei wuxian both also keep up the search whenever they leave yunmeng, questioning any rogue cultivators they come across. they have rumors that their brother is still going on night hunts and such, but have never been able to come across anything concrete.
  • at some point, jiang cheng ends up in qinghe and accidentally runs across guess who, but a certain pair of brothers. they’re amenable to hear him out, though, and after realizing that all the rumors of jiang fengmian’s stellar parenting skills were true, they agree to keep his travels secret but make him agree to at least let them tell his siblings he’s alive and well.
  • constant travel has made jiang cheng learn to keep his head down and control his temper, which makes him a whole lot less noticeable (which causes him more than a little grief after he’s spent his whole life trying to be noticed next to his brother), so nie mingjue enlists him to spy on the wen sect (and whittle down their numbers a bit).

i can’t decide whether or not lotus pier would still burn. the evil part of me says yes, the part of me that wants to wrap jiang cheng in a blanket says i should give him some kind of break after he gave up everything else.

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traitor to the cultivation world that leads to WWX’s death and downfall while protecting the Wens for a debt that WWX contracted entirely on JC’s behalf and how all this prevents WWX’s relationship with LWJ from forming and from letting LWJ help him. So yes, you can’t be WWX without JC because all WWX’s prior life was shaped adversely by having JC in it, and mostly by JC’s choices and actions at that. So WWX outgrowing JC and being free of the warped relationship forged in an abusive family 2/4

environment is great actually! And on the other hand, JC can’t be without WWX and is extremely obsessed with him (the13/16y of torture and killing of people looking like WWX!) because WWX is the only person ever except immediate family who was friends with him (and friend here is an euphemism for wanting to interact with JC on a regular basis and spend any time with him) and thought that JC was worth loyalty and sacrifice, and also because JC is using WWX as a scapegoat for all3/4

the tragedy in his life instead of processing it or taking responsibility in cases when the tragedy was actually his fault, and it’s not a healthier attitude, far from it. (And it’s not that they couldn’t ever make up and build something new together, but WWX recognizes that JC must make the first step in this, shows his will to change and the issue is that JC doesn’t want to change) 4/4

Also… here’s the thing. Even if JC hadn’t consistently made WWX’s life worse, if you genuinely cannot be whole without someone else then that is not a healthy relationship. Take Wangxian as an example. They love each other and they wouldn’t be as happy if they were apart… but they’re still both whole. They can be themselves whether they’re together or not. They might not be the same people if they’d never met or weren’t together, but they’d still be whole people. Even if JC never did anything to hurt WWX, if he’s reliant on WWX to be whole (and vice versa) then that’s a relationship that needs to die because it’s not healthy, and leads to situations like the one we see in canon where JC tries to force WWX to leave civilians to die rather than let him leave (or help him).

But you’re right, WWX realizing he doesn’t need JC and that he deserves better than having JC’s downright toxic influence in his life is an important step forward for him! WWX would’ve been a very different person without JC, but he’s learned that he doesn’t need him, which is a lesson JC refuses to learn even as he insists he doesn’t need WWX. I think JC never actually learned how to make his own way in the world, how to navigate the political climate and dangers of the cultivation world, because at first he had WWX to carry the heaviest burdens for him and then it was easier to blame WWX (or anyone else JC could find responsible) for any failures than it would be to accept that it was a failing on his own part. JC coasts, on his birthright and on the strength of his allies, and WWX was the strongest, most loyal ally he had. So yeah, JC couldn’t be himself without WWX, but that’s because JC never learned how to manage on his own. And I… don’t think I need to say that that’s a really bad thing.

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