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JanuRWBY- Day 14- Crossover AU

I know, D. Gray Man in 2021. The thought came into my head and I was automatically processed. Also I had to since I haven’t seen anyone else do it yet.

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I know there’s gonna be some bitch who will reach this hard and I will ridicule every last bit of it when they do

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Absolutely adore how rwooooby fans who kept on saying that weiss has absolutely zero responsibility towards whitley and that she shouldn’t have to care about him as his big sister were thoroughly rebuffed by canon weiss herself. We love to see it <3

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Ruby: Oscar, you’re losing a lot of blood. What’s your type?

Oscar: black hair, silver eyes, and wears a red cape

Ruby, blushing: I meant blood type!!!


Oscar: how am I supposed to know?! I literally lived in the middle of nowhere and haven’t seen a doctor in 5 years.

Ruby: if I called your parents would they know?

Oscar: my parents are dead

Ruby: if I called some relative, would they know?

Oscar: my aunt doesn’t have a phone.


Oscar: if I don’t make it, I want you to know that I really really like you

Ruby, blushing and crying: dang it, I like you too

Weiss: *rolls eyes* For Pete’s sake, Klein just go get some O-.

Yang, holding a recording camera: no, let them finish, this is beautiful

35 notes


yang is the first to say anything by making her breakfast in bed, Weiss treats her to sushi lunch, Ruby bakes her fish shaped cookies.

JNR don’t know what she’d like so they got her a barns and noble gift card.

They all have a nice big dinner

41 notes

What movie did Weiss, Jaune, and Oscar watch during the election night in Volume 7? Wrong answers only.

98 notes

Jaune: Nice things to whisper when hugging someone?

Ruby: You smell different when you’re awake

Weiss: Please help me

Ren: Soon

Blake: You have lovely skin, I can’t wait to wear it

Oscar: Your hair tastes like strawberries

Pyrrha: Tonight… you

Neo, with a sign: He knows. Don’t go home

Yang: I always knew you would die in my arms

Cinder: No one will ever believe you

Mercury: Yessssssssssss

Nora: I killed Mufasa

Emerald: I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear

Penny: Father told me it would be like this

Jaune: Oh my gods

164 notes

Blake: I slept with Yang last night

Weiss: I know

Blake: How did you hear about it?

Weiss: Oh, y’know, just through the walls

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Friendly reminder that today is also the anniversary of that time when Ruby almost gave everyone (mostly her poor uncle) a fucking heart attack.


She is NUTS!~Nora Valkyrie.

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Weiss: Hey Ruby!

Weiss: You, me, race. When I win, you go on a date with me

Ruby: Then I hope you didn’t make reservations, because you’re NOT going to win

Weiss, panicking internally: Oh no that’s hot-

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