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#What if
marvelheroes · a day ago
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What If... Zombies!?
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angeltreasure · a day ago
What if every time someone reblogs this I have to pray the Rosary?
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guardianjameslight · 2 days ago
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My ideas for #WhatIf season 2 episodes:
-What If Steve Rogers became the Winter Soldier
-What If Shang-Chi didn't left the 10 Rings?
-What If Black Widow family abandoned their mission? Or What If Natasha didn't left the Red Room
-What If Eternals interfered?
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armcd73 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Got bored, so I sketched my hero: Captain Carter ❤️.
Took pretty much exactly the length of “The Newsies: The Musical” (Disney +) to draw. (Oh my gods how has Apollo not fallen in love with Jeremy Jordan, yet? His voice is just 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻)
Never been much of an artist, so spare your hate comments, please. But if you have any (kind) critiques, those are always welcomed, as I’m always open to making improvements.
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Heard someone say that Carol being besties with Thor after they had a huge ass fight was unrealistic. Like? No actually Thor and Carol would both a hundred percent go party with some random person who has fighting skills to rival their own after having a scrap it's called lesbian/himbo solidarity.
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imposterogers · a day ago
honestly it couldve been so interesting if what if explored a cis woman steve rogers instead of captain carter. i think the story couldve played pretty similarly to tfa (like in the cap carter episode, which doesnt difer too much from the original movie) while yet having enough of a difference to have a 'what if' dynamic
wait wait wait stephanie "stevie" rogers volunteering to be a nurse like her mom sarah & getting wrapped into the super soldier project. she works beside dr erskine (who secretly wants her to be given the serum) and when he gets shot, stevie tries to stop the bleeding but his dying wish is that she injects herself with the serum
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softnatromanoff · 2 days ago
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welp....i’m still not over the idea of them together. we need more fanfic so all you talented writers pls feed me :3 
also peggy playing hard to get is so fucking adorable 
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“”What if“ and ”If only“ are two things that can attack your mental health just like that. Stop that unnecessary scenario in your mind.”
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animatedpixie · 15 hours ago
Ok random thought that I think is funny
So we all know the new miraculous ep
~~Aka Ephemeral~~
We all seen the synopsis
We all been told it’s a special episode
The synopsis being: what if Ladybug and Chat reveled their identities
I don’t think many of us truly believe the reveal will happen
We’ll all be watching, waiting for them to forget or something happen where it’s a fake reveal but - what if
We keep watching, and it ends up being a true reveal
Us being shocked
It finally happened
You hear the cheers of Marichat fans as they jump for joy, finally getting more balcony scenes
You hear the Ladynoir fans just - blink in surprise
The Ladrien fans wake from their sleep, finally getting eps, they blink
Adrinette fans weeping: she wasn’t just a friend
The fans, unsure they saw it right, they wait for the ~ Haha Got You
Til it hits us, they finally know
What if guys
What if
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cleverclove · a day ago
dally convinces greg to pierce his eyebrow and its just constant screaming
To be fair Greg comes out looking like a total baddie
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grantmespace · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am a simple lesbian. I see two pretty women. I draw two pretty women.
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simpurnatural · a day ago
All I Ask - (P. Parker)
Note from Nat: “I’m back again to hit you with another song inspired one-shot which is All I ask written by Adele and Bruno Bars. I recommend listening to Bruno’s rendition of the song! Enjoy <3”
All I ask - Adele’s Version
All I ask - Bruno’s Version
Simpurnatural’s Grand Masterlist
Warning ⚠️: Spoilers for: What if… Zombies?! Episode, Really sad
Pairing(s): Peter Parker x Y/n (What if AU)
Any writing errors? Point them out! Love some helpful feedback! <3
Tumblr media
“What’cha listening to?” someone asked as you put one of your ear buds in.
You look to Peter with a tired smile and say, “Oh, just some of my old playlists.” you shrug before handing over the other bud. “Wanna listen with me?” you offered.
“Sure,” your boyfriend replies sheepishly, now offering you his hand. “Can I have this dance?” he prompts with a terrible British accent.
The soft laugh that left your lips made Peter’s heart swell. Right as your hand landed on his, he pulled you into his arms. The bus creaked at the sudden movement which made you both giggle. But his confidence was short lived when he realized something.
“I kinda don’t know how to slow dance,” he says nervously.
“So you never got to take a girl to prom?” you gasp, smacking his shoulder playfully. “I’m surprised,” you admit. 
“I mean, I did take this one girl to a dance and her dad ended up being an illegal weapons dealer so I had to fight him instead of going to the dance with the girl.” Peter explains in one breath.
“Cool.” you nod, “One hand here and keep your other hand here,” you instruct, placing one at the small of your back and the other still holding yours. “And...” you pressed play.
“Wanna break from the ads?”
You and Peter looked dead into each others eyes before busting out laughing. Zombies have successfully taken over the planet and you still had ads for Spotify. Once the ad finished playing, you both got back into the slow dance positions. 
You swayed slowly back and forth as the song began. Being engulfed by the lyrics and not worrying about anything else.
“...So why don't we just play pretend?
Like we're not scared of what's coming next
Or scared of having nothing left”
You shut your eyes and rest your hand on Peter’s chest. This caused his breathing to hitch at the intimacy of the move. But he closed the small distance between the two of you and rested his head on yours.
“Look, don't get me wrong
I know there is no tomorrow
All I ask is...”
Peter felt you shudder against him so he sneaked a look, just to see your tear stained face. The realness of the lyrics hit you hard. All he could do was keep holding you while the song played.
“If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I'm more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use”
You dropped your hands and wrapped them around his torso. Sniffling as your boyfriend pulled you into a warm embrace. He said something you couldn’t quite make out but he then used his finger to lift you chin.
“Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
'Cause what if I never love again?”
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greenfleeze · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bucky kidnaps his former girlfriend in an attempt to win her back, but she rejects him and they get into a heated argument about his character. This would be hilarious if it ever happened.🤣
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sesshomaruxkagura · 2 days ago
The moko moko that she is wearing sesshomaru gave it to her when she was a little child and the ear rings are from kagura sesshomaru's wife she gave it to her when she grow up she told her don't let your job as a demon slayer stop you from being pretty girl you are free
Tumblr media
That's how rin and kohako daughter look like when she become a demon slayer like her father
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