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#When she found Daniel... she made me cry
lapetitechatonne · 4 months ago
Dannymay Day One: Memories
It started small, practically unnoticeable.
“Where are my keys?” Maddie Fenton growled under her breath, searching the kitchen counter. Jack had misplaced them, again, and there was only an hour before the local hardware store closed.
“On the floor underneath the left side of the coffee table.” Danny’s response was instantaneous, he didn’t even look up from his homework.
She gave her son a questioning look when he looked up, eyes wide in surprise himself. There was silence between them, until she moved out of the kitchen.
Sure enough, they were right where Danny had said.
A week later, Danny was caught sleeping in class after a particularly busy week of ghost hunting. It didn’t help that finals were right around the corner.
“Mister Fenton!” Lancer yelled, slamming a book on the desk next to Danny startling him awake. “If you know so much about Emily Dickenson’s poetry that you feel the need to sleep through my class, you won’t mind telling the class the next line in the poem.”
The class around him snickered as Danny shrank in his seat. He looked at the lines already written on the board:
‘I’m Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – Too?
Then there’s a pair of us?
Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know!'
His spine straightened and the words left his lips before he could register them. “How dreary to be somebody,” the laughing stopped, “How public like a frog, to tell one’s name, the livelong June,” Lancer’s mouth hung open, eyes wide in disbelief, “To an admiring bog.”
Danny finished his rendition of I’m Nobody! Who are you? and the class went silent. Danny slouched down into his seat, brought out of his own mind and well aware all attention was on him. There was another beat of silence before Lancer moved to the board, talking about the punctuation and capitalization that couldn’t be portrayed verbally.
Tucker caught Danny’s eye, Tucker’s confusion mirroring his own.
It wasn’t until he recited the periodic table almost verbatim during chemistry class, surprising himself and his friends, that they decided something weird was going on.
Tucker laid out a game of superhero themed memory on his bedroom floor, the cards face up. Danny studied the cards for a minute before Sam and Tucker flipped them over.
Danny got pair on the first try, with the exception of the Spiderman and Captain America cards.
“Fifty out of fifty-two.” ­
Before the—before Phantom, Danny had what his mom had called ‘the Fenton memory.’ He could barely remember what he had for breakfast by lunch most days, let alone the entire periodic table.
It was just another odd thing to mark down about being half-dead, he guessed.
He didn’t give much more thought to it. Sure, it was bizarre, but it was hardly the weirdest thing to happen to him. He filed it away and moved on, the discovery barely changing his everyday life.
Until he meet Danielle.
At first, the fact that Danielle seemed to know every fact about everything he liked was just weird. He chalked it up to Vlad being—well Vlad. It seemed right up his alley to brainwash his ‘creations’ with information he thought Danny had. How he got that information, Danny didn’t care to find out.
He didn’t realize how wrong he was until after he stabilized her.
This time Danny didn’t let Danielle run off, he knew better. It was clear that Vlad would be out for her blood and the only safe place for her was with Danny. How they went about explaining her sudden appearance was the tricky part.
They sat in silence, the only sound between them the quiet squeak of the old swing set they were on and the cicadas nighttime call. Here, just the two of them under the stars, it was easy to pretend that they were normal for a moment. Just two kids on a playground.
His life was rarely that easy.
“I know it might not be the best option,” Danny looked over to Danielle who looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders, “but I’m willing to try if you are. You’re not alone anymore, Dani.”
She let out a sigh, much too big for her smaller body, her eyes somewhere distant. He stayed silent, letting her work out her thoughts.
“I—” There was a chock in her voice, like she was fighting off tears, “there are these things, that I remember.” Her face twisted into a sour frown, still a million miles away. “Sometimes just feelings—but most of the time, they’re so clear it’s like I’m watching a movie.”
Danny frowned and reached out to touch her arm. “I think it comes with being a ghost—”
“They’re not mine.” She cut him off, he noticed now that she was shaking. “They’re yours.”
The words felt heavy between them. Suddenly, some things started to make sense.
She loved NASA and Humpty Dumpty—a band that Vlad would never introduce her to—she hated Dash as soon as she saw him. She revealed her secret to protect Valerie—protecting was his thing. And when it came down to it, she had known that she couldn’t trust Vlad. She turned against him, the man she knew as her father, and sided with Danny who she had only just met.
“Wow.” Danny instantly regretted his lame excuse for a replay when Danielle tensed, and tears started running down her face. He panicked for a second before decided to get up and kneel in front of her on the gravel, forcing her to finally make eye contact with him.
“I mean, maybe not wow, I just—” He ran a hand through his hair, feeling lost as to how to help her, “I didn’t know that this memory thing was, I guess, genetic?”
He could tell he was not helping.
“Dear Ancients—I’m sorry Dani.”
It was the only thing he could say. He pulled her forward into a hug, rubbing circles on her back like Jazz always did to comfort him after a bad dream. The action just seemed to make her cry more, but her tight grip on his shirt kept him from letting go.
It took her more than a few minutes to calm down, all the while Danny held her and prayed to the ancients he wasn’t making things worst.
Eventually, her tears calmed and she went silent in his arms.
“I don’t know who I am.” She said quietly into his chest. He could feel something tight coil inside him, he held her tighter. “I have all these memories of home and friends and family, but none of them are mine. They don’t even know me, and I can’t be what Vlad wanted me to be. How can I be me when I don’t even exist?”
She started crying again, and Danny found himself at a loss. He was never very good at comforting people, but this was way out of his wheelhouse. Still, he tried to form some sort of coherent thought that maybe wouldn’t make her cry even more.
“I don’t really have an answer for that, but we can find it. Together.”
She finally looked up at him, her blue irises standing out against the red puffiness around her eyes.
“I meant it Dani, you’re not alone. I will always be your family and I’m not gonna let you do this by yourself. You may have some of my memories, and you may have been made by Vlad, but you don’t have to be either of us. We can find out who Dani Phantom—with an ‘i’—is together.”
She smiled up at him and hugged him again, muttering a small, “together” into his chest.
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redrobin-detective · 6 months ago
because I could not stop for death
because I could not stop for death / he kindly stopped for me / the carriage held but just ourselves / and immortality ~ Emily Dickinson
Danny Fenton was dying, properly this time.
Somehow, in the back of his head and in his worst nightmares, he knew it would end this way: bleeding on the floor of his parents’ lab where it had all began. He was so hot he felt like his skin was on fire, blood and ectoplasm were dripping all over him and his lungs and heart were working overtime to try in vain to keep him alive a moment longer. He’d imagined at the time that there would be more screaming but death, in the end, was turning out to be a quiet little affair. A lonely table set for one.
“Danny, Danny come on, you-you gotta slow down your breathing, just relax, for me, please,” Sam moaned, more than making up for his lack of noise. She was shaking and touching him all over, his chest, his face, his hair. Normally she jumped right into action but she had to know, deep down, that there was nothing she could do. All that was left was to watch her panic and cry, it wasn’t his favorite image. 
“Vlad!” He heard Tucker scream cry into the phone, “please it’s Tucker, Danny’s dying I think. The Fentons had some new invention, something about his core, please we don’t know what to do!” 
Ugh Vlad, he was probably going to be so happy Danny was on his way out. He wasn’t looking much forward to his last images being his archenemy gloating. Tucker hung up and reached down to grasp Danny’s hand so hard it hurt. “Don’t worry dude, Vlad’s coming. He knows so much about you half ghosts that you’ll be fixed up on no time.” Right, Danny was already dead. If calling Vlad, feeling like he did something, helped Tucker move on then he’d deal with it.
Danny tilted his head to the side where Sam’s fingernails were carding through his hair. It was getting harder to see with the blood pouring out of his eyes but he looked at her, and tried to memorize her face. He’d never been able to tell her how much he loved her, that any day spent with her was a blessing. Tucker too, his best bro and a part of his soul. His best friends in the whole wide world, through thick and thin. God, he was going to miss them.
“Glurk,” he said, trying to convey those feeling but the fluids in his mouth and airway made it impossible. “Blerh.”
“Shh shh shh,” Sam soothed, “it’s okay, don’t try to talk.”
“Daniel!” He heard Vlad’s voice shriek as he materialized in front of the portal. Sam and Tucker were violently pushed out the way. Danny wanted to be angry at his loved ones being taken away in his final moments but anger was for the living, he barely had the energy to breathe. This death was too long and too short all at once. He made eye contact with Vlad who all at once lost the frantic edge to his tone and and instead knelt on the floor. “Oh my dear boy. What did they do to you?”
“What is going on?” Sam demanded, shoving her way back in. Danny was glad, he could see again like this. “Why aren’t you doing something!”
“There’s nothing to be done,” Vlad said in a flat, monotone, he picked up one of Danny’s hands and patted it gently. “His core is dying, it’s like a ghost’s heart. It contains their very essence, it is from which everything they are comes from. If Jack and Maddie somehow disrupted it then there’s nothing anyone can do to save him.”
“But he’s human too,” Tucker defended, grabbing Danny’s other hand. His human warm skin burned but the contact felt so good, he twitched his fingers closer to his friend’s. “He-he doesn’t need a core, he’s already got a heart. So, so he doesn’t have powers, we can do normal again.”
“You-” Vlad hissed before taking a calming breath. “The accident that made Daniel like this irreparably altered him. His core was as much a part of keeping him alive as his other organs, without it, his body is shutting down.” Vlad turned down to look Danny in the eye and saw true, genuine grief in those hateful red eyes. 
“I cannot imagine the agony you are going through, I’m so sorry. I’d say it will be over soon but,” a hitch that sounded almost like a sob if it was coming from anyone other than Vlad. “But you’ve hovered on the edge of death for years, son, and you’ve always been such a fighter. You have minutes at most but those minutes are an eternity when you’re suffering.”
Sam and Tucker’s sobbing blended together in the background, Vlad was saying something with a miserable, stunned expression. The swirling of the portal in the background seemed louder than anything, louder than his heart beat pounding and pounding as it ran it’s last race. 
“Daniel, Danny,” he focused his eyes back on Vlad who had a stubborn, unhappy set to his brow. “Do you want me to make the pain stop? An ectoblast to your chest will end your life instantly.”
“Don’t you dare touch him,” Sam shrieked, coming back into view and looking like she was trying to fight Vlad off. “You do anything to him and I’ll kill you!” Tucker just sat and stared at him, like he too was trying memorize Danny’s face.
“It’s a mercy, Samantha or do you want his last moments on earth to be drowning on the blood in his lungs.”
“Sam, he has a point. I don’t- I don’t think we can fix this.”
“No! No we always fix things, I’ll do it myself if I have to!”
Danny’s vision was starting to go, more black than anything else. He closed his eyes and readied himself for the inevitable. 
“Time Out,” Danny opened his eyes and found he was no longer in pain. He was standing up and apart from where he’d previously been lying. Sam had her hands in Vlad’s face and the older hybrid was snarling something at her. Tucker was midmotion trying to stand up, presumably to get Sam but the three of them were frozen in the moment. Danny turned and found Clockwork floating, looking very out of place in his parents lab. “Good evening, Danny.”
“You that short on cash that you work part time as a grim reaper?” Danny quipped out of habit. He looked down at his body and grimaced a bit, that wasn’t a pretty sight. No doubt traumatizing for Tucker and Sam. God how were they going to explain this to his parents? “Gonna ferry me across the River Styx? I don’t have two pennies but I think I have a bloodied $10 on me.”
“You’re core is dying and you have 17 seconds left in this world before all your organs give out and finish the process you began when you turned on your parent’s ghost portal,” Clockwork explained as he changed into child form. 
“O-okay,” Danny said shakily, trying to be brave even when he was so, so scared. He was going out whether he wanted it or not but he refused to leave crying. “Nice of you to come say goodbye then but, uh but unless you have something to say then you should let me go back. No one knows better than me that you can’t outrun death. Thanks but I’m uh I’m ready.”
Clockwork stared at him for a bit, not sure how long, time was weird like this but he changed forms a few times. “You’re quite the remarkable young man, Danny Fenton.”
“Uh thanks,” Danny added, once more looking at his body which had, according to Clockwork, a 17 second expiration date. “What’s going to happen? Am I going to become a ghost? Does heaven or hell exist for someone like me?”
“I don’t get to decide what happens, I merely see options,” Clockwork stated easily, taking his time. “If you die naturally you’ll become ghost, a mere shadow of who you are now and one who would fade fairly quickly. You don’t have strong enough anger or regrets to tie you in the real world for long.” Not great but okay he supposed, hell for his friends and family though. “You could let Plasmius deliver his mercy kill, destroying what’s left of your ghost core and ensuring you do not come back.” Better, probably won’t help the Fruitloop’s instability but he can’t save everyone.
“That one comes with it’s own caveat but I’ll get to that in a moment,” Clockwork explained. “There is a third option where you get up off the floor and walk away.” Danny blinked then looked back at his body which certainly wasn’t walking anywhere but into a plush casket. Clockwork opened his hands and the Ghost King’s Crown materialized in his hands. “If you accept your claim to the King’s Cown, it will revitalize your core and your life would be saved.”
Danny blinked.
“By sealing Pariah Dark, you won by proxy and established a legitimate claim to the throne. The Zone has been without a king for millennia, most have forgotten the old rules. Those who remembered were not too keen on a half-ghost child assuming leadership and kept you in the dark. If Plasmius ends your life then your claim transfers over to him, which he is aware of. It had been his plan all along to trick you into defeating Pariah so he could steal the Crown from you at a later date, a much easier opponent.”
Danny’s mind was overloaded with information, he didn’t know what to focus on first. He stared at his 17 seconds from death face and tried to process it all. Crown? Claim? Vlad?
“Of course,” Clockwork tutted, “he didn’t plan on your dying and in such a gruesome fashion. If he kills you and takes your claim, he would spend his remaining years ruling the Ghost Zone in a just, controlled fashion for your memory. He destroys all the stable portals and keeps the ghost and human worlds separate.” Clockwork became and old man and titled his head, “it’s not a bad timeline, all things considered.”
“And if I take it?” Danny asked quietly.
“You’re compassionate, brave and motivated, you have all the makings of a revolutionary king,” Clockwork smiled. “The Zone would experience and unprecedented era of peace, there would be positive interactions between human and ghosts for the first time since life and death split into two. Your name would spoken with reverence for the rest of time.”
“But I don’t want to be king,” Danny frowned.
“I know, I’m sorry,” Clockwork stated. “Which is why I am giving you the choice. If you pass peacefully there will be no one to claim the Crown and life will continue on, ghost attacks and all. If Plasmius kills you, he becomes an effective but unmemorable king. If you take the Crown, you can get the chance to tell Sam and Tucker how much you love them.”
Danny rubbed at his face, he didn’t want to die but he’d be sealing away his entire future with a move like this. He didn’t even know if the Crown would let him go with death, maybe he’d die and be stuck as the Ghost King until his core finally gave out lord in who knows how long. Eternity was an awful long time to carry such a responsibility. He couldn’t bring himself to ask, too afraid of the answer.
“Is there ever a timeline I became an astronaut?” He asked instead. Clockwork hummed, seemingly unsurprised by Danny’s non-sequitur. 
“Yes, in one of the few universes where you never walked into the portal. You never go into space what with human politics putting a halt on the programs but you work for NASA. You leave Amity Park at 17 and don’t come back save for your parents’ dual funeral.” He paused and Danny felt read down to his very bones, “from the moment you became half ghost you were always heading for this moment. The circumstances varied but it always came down to you and the Crown. Time is straining to continue, to see how this drama plays out. Will you accept it and all the joy and grief that comes with it?”
Danny looked over at Vlad, still mid-sneer but there was a scared desperation in his face. He and Vlad sniped at each other all the time but Danny didn’t really hate him and he didn’t think Vlad did either. Leaving him alone, plus making him be king was a heavy burden to put on his enemy. 
Sam and Tuck probably wouldn’t recover from this, he’d put them through so much already but he just knew that they’d never be the same. Could he do that to them? Take the easy way out and leave them to suffer? Mom and Dad didn’t deserve to come home to a dead son, the truth would come out and they’d never forgive themselves. Jazz certainly wouldn’t, she was 2 states over at University but he could already hear her angry, grief-stricken screams. 
Death, death was quiet. It was quiet and merciful and sad, but it was also easy. And Danny Fenton had never once taken the easy route. He reached out and took and the crown before shakily placing it on his head. He gasped, throwing his head back as his core swelled, taking up residence once more right next to his heart. Clockwork smiled, looking like the cat who ate the canary. 
“The Crown of Fire, pardon me the Crown changes with each core, the Crown of Ice is now yours as is the Zone. Your reign begins now but so too does the rest of your life. People are waiting for you. Time in.” Danny slammed back into awareness on the floor of his parents’ lab, the floor he’d almost died on twice. 
He sat up as cold radiated off his body, causing frost to crawl down his arms and along the floor. Sam, Tucker and Vlad, who’d been frozen up until now, jumped back to life. There was a new, familiar weight on his head that he didn’t dare acknowledge. 
He squeezed his eyes shut and said a silent goodbye to a quiet, normal life. It wouldn’t be all bad, he could be happy like this but the Crown still felt like a iron manacle around his neck. But he got used to the ghost powers, he could get used to this too. Maybe one day he won’t look at the stars and say ‘what if?’
“Danny!” Sam shouted, throwing herself into his arms soon followed by Tucker. Their warm weight, their relieved sobs, their shaky breaths in his air, now this was something worth living for. He squeezed them tightly.
“But how dude, you were at death’s door!” Tucker asked, still not letting go.
“You accepted the Crown,” Vlad said evenly, “I wasn’t aware you even knew about your claim. Who told you?”
“You don’t know everything, Vlad,” Danny sighed, sitting himself upright. Ugh his shirt was covered in blood and ectoplasm. He needed to trash these clothes before his parents freaked. And find a way to hide the floating ice crown on his head. 
“Even an old man can be surprised every now and again,” Vlad said wearily. He stood up to his full height before startling Danny by dipping down to one knee. “Then allow me to be the first to welcome my new king and wish him well.”
“I thought you wanted this,” Danny questioned.
“I do, I did,” Vlad said, unusually off balance. “To be quite honest, I’m not sure how to feel about it but, right now, I’m just immeasurably happy you’re alive, little badger. Now I best be off, enjoy your kingdom, my liege, I’ll be sure to come bother you some time soon.” Vlad disappeared in a swirl of pink leaving just him, Sam and Tucker still clinging to him.
Danny may have a kingdom, a job he didn’t want and his whole life decided in a spur of the moment choice, but he also had something very important. He squeezed his friends tightly.
“I love you guys, thank you for being my friends even though I have the worst ideas for activities. Dying? On a Sunday night? How lame is that?” Sam laughed, a bit hysterical but it was real and it made Danny feel weightless. 
“Don’t do that again, buddy,” Tucker breathed into his shoulder. “So you gonna explain what just happened and why you’re apparently the Ghost King or something?”
“Yeah, yeah I will but let’s get changed first. Mom and Dad will be home soon and I think I’m going to need to have a conversation with them about my new job.” 
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honeyhenry · 6 months ago
Captain Confusion
A/N: Inspired by this video that makes me weep with its cuteness! I just had to write this okay 🥺🥺🥺 This is in the same universe as Homeward Bound, which happens after this story. Feel free to give it a read after this, if you haven’t already! ALSO should note that the lovely @ohmygoodie​ is my Sy partner in crime and without them this fic would not be made possible :)
Warning: mention of operations/hospitals, and a whole lot of fluff!
Tumblr media
It was a simple procedure and so it hadn't worried you too much, other than the usual fears when a loved one is under the knife while in the hands of trained doctors. Sy’s hernia had been authorised for operation only five minutes into the doctor’s appointment you had all but dragged him to, and scheduled for 4 days later. Not really much time to prepare mentally, but you knew it was necessary with your big bear of a man in pain. Despite the painkillers prescribed, he was walking with a limp and groaning in bed for all the wrong reasons.
In the waiting room, you and his Ma kept busy during the 45 minute wait by looking through magazines, talking about how the Captain’s quality of life will improve, and what kind of minor jobs you’ll have him do around the house while he’s recovering as you continue to work.
“I hope the recovery isn’t as long as some people have said. I know for a fact he’ll not want to be cooped up all day. If he’s anything, he’s stubborn” you sigh, knowingly.
Ma smiles, looking at you pointedly, knowing that she is in the presence of the only other soul who knows what is best for her son. “He knows better now that his health is his wealth. He’s got a lot more riding on being well now. After all, it’s not just him he’s gotta be there for anymore.”
“Yeah, I mean I always tell him, he’s not 25 anymore. Or even 30. I’ll need you to back me up, he does anything you say. I’m his equal, you’re his Mom.”
You both laugh a little, hers warm and kind, while yours tinges with the remaining hopeful nerves of an army Captain’s wife. You don’t like not knowing about your Sy, especially since you spent all those years apart, not knowing if he was safe, or even alive. The waiting, in any capacity, is the hardest part.
You’re flipping through a random tabloid magazine, when the surgeon in charge walks through to the waiting room.
“Everything went really well with Captain Syverson. He’s coming to from the anaesthetic and asking for his Ma?”
Ma grins before sucking her teeth between her lips watching as your mouth drops. You both move from the waiting area to follow the surgeon towards where your husband is resting. You speak under your breath, only wanting Sy’s Ma to hear you; “I hope he still remembers how to grovel after this.”
Tumblr media
Ma enters the room with you following her, arriving only a couple more corridors along from where you’d last seen him earlier that morning. He may not have asked for you but you were going to see Sy whether he wanted it or not. A grand push of the door allows it to swing open, and suddenly there he is. A little disoriented but has a large dopey smile plastered on his face as soon as he sees his Ma. His heavy head lolls to one side as he rests it on the plush hospital pillow.
“Hey Ma” he groans out as she bends over her large son to give his forehead a kiss, taking his hand in hers. He spends a moment just gazing at her for a while, the love he has for her evident on his face, as she tells him that everything went well, and that he can go home tomorrow.
It’s only after this tender mother and son moment, that he notices you.
“Ma.... why ya bringing a beautiful girl here when I’m like this...oh god I’m not wearing underwear Ma!”
His feeble attempt at trying to cover himself means that you actually end up seeing far more of him than you expected. Nothing you hadn’t seen before, but it definitely hasn't happened in front of his own mother before. The whole situation makes you blush and giggle a little as you try your best to avoid eye contact with Ma. You can only imagine the look on her face, and you don’t want to get any more involved with Sy’s naked form than you need to right now.
Rather than put you and your poor Sy through any further embarrassment, Ma speaks up.
“Oh darlin’, this is y/n. You remember her, right?”
And while he’s listening - or at least pretending to listen to his Ma fussing over him again - he’s just staring at you, gazing in awe as if you were the one to hang the stars in the sky.
“You are.... so pretty” he slurs, making you break out a genuine smile that he mirrors, glad that he was the one to make you look even more pretty.
“Well thanks handsome. How do you feel?” you perch on the edge of the bed and hold his hand. To him, the gesture feels warm and inviting - even if he doesn't know you, he recognises something about you in the comfort that you bring.
“Feel like shit. Oh fuck i said ‘shit’ in front of the lady” he whines again, scrunching his eyes closed as hangs his head in shame. It looks like he might even cry with the realisation that he’s made such a foolish impression of himself. It takes Ma shushing him and making him take a sip of juice from his bedside to calm down, dabbing his face with a cloth when his juice spills from his mouth.
“Oh Logan Daniel Syverson...what did they do to ya?” she lightly scolds as she helps clean up the mess he’s unknowingly created around him. That’s your Sy, a hurricane of mess that somehow fits into order just how he likes it.
You giggle a little more at his shameful expression, before he refocuses, giving you his undivided attention once more.
“How is it that ya know my Ma and we’ve never met? Or have we? ‘Cause I think i’d remember a face like yours” 
“Well...” you start, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear to let him see your entire face, hoping it would jog his memory. As you do so, the ring on your fourth finger glints in the hospital light, and for the first time since you've entered the room, he’s noticed.
“ a girl like you would be snatched up already. Whoever has the honour of being yours is a very lucky man.” He smiles softly, a wistful look in his eye, while makes you realise that you can’t wait for the drugs to leave his system, you have to remind him who you are and who he is, right this very moment.
“Sy honey... we’re married. You’re my husband, and I’m your wife. I think the drugs are making you more than a bit loopy.”
It’s his turn for his jaw to drop, his eyes are unblinking as he takes in what you’ve just said. He turns sharply - more than his doctor would have probably liked - to his Ma, and then back to you, and then his Ma again, waiting for one of you to burst out laughing at the prank you surely must be playing on him.
“Wha-? A wife? I have a wife?” you nod and he exhales a deep breath of air in amazement. 
“YOU’RE my wife? Really?” you nod again and Ma smiles at you as she watches the scene of Logan meeting you all over again.
“Am I still in the army? I’m a Captain ya know”
“You left just a few months ago. You still work in the local camps, of course. You like it there, and you’re home every night and most weekends.”
“Does Ma like you?” You don’t even get a chance to finish as he turns to his mother “Do you like her? is she nice? Does she like your new kitchen? I built it y’know.” 
You knew when you met, dated, and married him, that Sy was a Momma’s boy. He loves his mother so much, that her opinion will always mean the world to him. 
Ma nods “You two are the sweetest couple. She’s the best addition to the family, gives you a run for your money alright. She’s my new favourite.” You get a soft hug from her as she says this, with her wrapping her arm around your shoulders and pulling you close. She’s always felt so grateful that her Logan found you, because my goodness did he love you ferociously, and he needed you in his life. You were the making of him, and the whole Syverson clan will forever be grateful to you for it.
"And where did we get married? If we really are married.” He continues his line of questioning.
“At the ranch, on your family’s land. it was such a special day. We had the reception there too. And we went to Italy for our honeymoon.”
Sy is basking in every word you say, praying it to be true, as if he could will it into existence if it hadn’t already happened, wanting badly to remember sunset kisses and italian food and beach days all spent with you. He perks up at the last thing you say, taken by complete surprise.
“Honeymoon?! Oh my god have we...ya know..?” A blush fades over Sy’s face, and even though you love his Ma, you really wish she wasn’t finding out so many details about your personal life today, like how your son rails you on the regular in many ways, and in many places. He must somehow remember or at least accurately imagine your past endeavours, as he grins like a little shit. 
You smack his arm, lightly but with a firm hand.
“Be quiet, or the whole ward will know about our sex life” you threaten. “Yes we’ve had sex. i’d hope so given that we have a kid on the way.”
If Ma had had to deal with her son getting horny over his “new”wife, she was being fully compensated for it as she witnessed him fall head over heels in love with you, all over again.
“A kid?...Tell me ya not messing with me...are we really- I-” he swallows and his tears come even easier than before “We’re havin’ a baby?” With the sudden realisation, he turns to his Ma. “This beautiful woman right here’s havin’ my kid, Ma?” He looks between the two of you again, watching as you both nod and beam from ear to ear.
“You know you cried just as much when i told you for the first time too. i promise when the drugs are out your system it’ll all make sense again.”
Sy smiles, clutching your hand in his warm palm, almost scared to let go as the door is knocked and he feels you might be taken away. Instead, it’s a welcome visitor.
“Hey doc,” Sy greets the man who reenters the room, now freshly out of scrubs  to visit his patient - who if anything is now simply love sick, no hernia to be found. “This is my wife, and she’s having a baby.” he looks back to you with a quirk of his eyebrow “My baby?” You roll your eyes and he confirms it; “my baby.”
“Oh, congratulations...again.”
The doctor’s evaluation and explanations don’t take long, and while Sy is being informed, you start rubbing your belly as a form of self-comfort. You will need to remind your child that while their father looks incredibly stern and impossibly large, he is silly and goofy and already loves them with his entire being. Over the course of the afternoon, Sy talks with you while the anaesthetic wears off. It turns out they had given him a pretty high dosage based on his height and muscle mass, so he would be out of action for a couple of hours at least.
Tumblr media
“Oh, i have your ring” you pipe up before he starts getting too sleepy again, taking the thick gold band off of the necklace around your neck, placing it on his finger carefully.
“That feels better already” he sighs, as he begins to doze in and out of consciousness. Before he closes his eyes once more to rest peacefully, a small tear slides down his cheek, which you of course, notice. Sy has cried maybe 5 times in the time you’ve known him and three of those times have been in this very room.
“Honey what’s wrong? Are you in pain? i can call the doctor-” 
“No i’m fine i’m fine i just-” he sniffs and tries to clear his throat from the sad, heavy pain he feels in his chest. “I’m gonna be real sad when I wake up from this dream. What if I can’t find you when I wake up?”
Oh your sweet, silly man.
“Bear it’s not a dream, I’ll be right here when you get up properly and we can go home and cuddle and I’ll heat up your favourite meal. I’ll be right there with you.”
“And the baby?” he asks, eyes wide. almost nervous to ask.
“Well they have to come too, they're with me. We can look at their pictures again so you can get reacquainted. And Aika will be so happy you’re back. We’ve been gone the whole day.”
“Aika!” your husband perks up, “Oh Aika, man....I love that dog..”
“I know you do bear, you just get some rest for now and then we can go home.”
Before you know it, he’s fallen back to sleep, his mouth wide open as he slumps against his pillow, completely out of it.
Tumblr media
It’s dark outside when Sy opens his eyes again, watching as his Ma passes you a small herbal tea in the dimly lit hospital room. Technically visiting hours are over, but no one was going to argue with the Captain’s family. You smile, and he feels like he can finally relax, in your presence
“Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes” he growls lowly, and you look up at him from your phone, beaming in surprise, glad that your husband had woken up feeling a bit more like himself.
“Oh hello again” you smile and squeeze his hand, his slow blinking already indicating a much clearer mind, and that he knows exactly who you are.
“Again? What’d I miss?”
“The drugs” he stops you mid-sentence for a sweet kiss, acting as though a minute more without your lips would be the source of his downfall. “Mmmh, the drugs made you so loopy, it was the sweetest thing, Sy.” You grin as he pulls you up beside him on the bed.
He raises his eyebrows, clearly with no recollection of any of the past events. Yet still, he smiles.
“Yeah? How’s baby?” he holds you close to his side, wrapping an arm around your waist so he can cover your tummy with his palm.
“They’re great. Glad to have daddy back and sane.”
You swear that as you say that, he starts tearing up again, this time however he doesn’t let them fall. He was openly weeping earlier, but you won’t tell him that. Not yet.
“Damnit. Must be something in these drugs they got me on.”
“Mm-hmm sure bear.”
You stay close that evening, both curled up on a hospital bed that is already quite a tight fit for your husband alone. But as always, he makes it work. You’re half on top of him, both of you fast asleep, when the nurses come to do their rounds. Ma had left just after he had woken up, sneaking off into the night to let the rest of the family know how her most middle son is keeping after the operation. You’d cuddled and doted on each other until you’d fallen asleep, Sy following not long after as he bid goodnight to you and your precious cargo with a soft kiss to your lips, and protective rub of your stomach.
He counts himself more than lucky to have something so good, that it would pain him to forget. He was living the life that he’d been too scared to ever dream of, and he couldn’t be more grateful.
Tumblr media
taglist: @ohmygoodie​ @michelehansel​ @la-cey​ @palaiasaurus64​ @sassy-pelican​ @brandycranby​
feedback / ask me a question here!!
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danielxricciardo · 3 months ago
Hello!! This is bit of complicated prompt 🤣 was thinking reader is ex-gf of Carlos, got pregnant but didn’t tell Carlos, fast forward, she’s now Daniel’s fiancée, Daniel’s the one whose the little girl known to be her dad ever since, now Carlos suddenly knew about all of this and wanted “his” family back to him.
I’m alllllll for Daniel’s jealousy and being territorial over the reader and his little girl which he love as his own. Angst wouldn’t hurt!🤪
P.S: I hope I’m not the only one having broody kink over Daniel!!!🔥🔥🔥 I think he’ll be damn hot protective dad and husband!
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Daniel are engaged but you have a little girl with Carlos Sainz.
Warnings: angst
Word count: 1.9k
It was 7 minutes after midnight. Although you were very tired, you couldn't fall asleep, and the strong light from your phone that lit up the whole room made you lift your head off the pillow.
It was a text message from someone who hasn't appeared on your phone in a long time. You bit your lip and read the message.
"We need to talk. Tomorrow before the race I'll come looking for you."
You felt the fear build up in you.
"Trying to get through life without having control over your attention is like trying to get to your destination without having control over the car you're driving," Grace Ricciardo told you a long time ago.
Even if there is a built-in system of fear reaction in your body, you have some control over your next move. Your automatic reaction can be to fight, run or get stuck, but you don't always have to do one of these things. At that moment you got stuck.
Your hands began to tremble and you dropped the phone, you began to sweat excessively, a cold sweat that made you tremble, and you were breathing hard. Very heavy. So heavy that Daniel, your fiancé, woke up.
He immediately recognized your symptoms: hyperventilation followed or concomitant with chest pain, rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat, dyspnoea or difficulty breathing, dizziness, and tremor. You had a panic attack.
Daniel gets up immediately and comes to you.
"Hey, hey, hey, I'm here. Do as I tell you, okay. Put a hand on your stomach. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Count to five as you inhale and again as you exhale. Repeat this ten times. Close your eyes and think of a happy and soothing place. Imagine that you are there."
You did exactly as Daniel told you. You felt him get out of bed and go to the window to open the windows and welcome the cold English air in your room.
He brought you a glass of cold water and handed it to you when he saw that you had calmed down. You gladly accepted the glass of water and drank it quickly. Daniel hadn't asked you what happened. He didn't ask you the reason for the panic attack, and you knew he wouldn't ask you. He'll let you tell him if you want to.
"Carlos texted me."
Daniel frowned and looked at his watch. 12:15 a.m. His anger would come like an impossible build-up steam, burning him on the way out, burning you on the receiving end.
"Carlos Sainz? At this hour? What did he want?" he asks nervously, but in a whisper so as not to wake the other person who lived with you.
"He said we need to talk tomorrow before the race."
You start and bite your nails and Daniel comes to you, taking your hands from your mouth. He hugs you, his left hand taking a fist from your hair. You didn't think he could hug you harder but you were glad you had him by your side.
"Do you think he knows?" you ask him on the verge of crying.
"It's not very difficult to put the information together. He would have found out sooner or later."
"Will you be with me when he comes?"
"I wasn't going to leave you alone."
You haven't detached yourself from Daniel all day. Wherever he went, you and your daughter, Meadow, followed him.
Meadow Ricciardo looked at her father with wide eyes wherever he went, becoming restless when she no longer saw him. Whenever she could, she wanted to be in his arms and she already knew that she wanted to be a Formula 1 driver when she grew up, even though she was only 3 years old now. She was competitive, very funny, and clumsy, just like her father.
But her father was not Daniel Ricciardo. Sure, he knew that, his parents knew that, your parents knew that. But Meadow didn't know.
Meadow's biological father was Carlos.
When you found out you were pregnant, you couldn't wait to tell Carlos. Although you have been together for less than a year, you took this pregnancy as a blessing.
You didn't even get to tell Carlos that you were about to become parents because he broke up with you. You didn't understand anything about that breakup. You were fine a day ago.
The breakup destroyed you. Not only did you no longer have the man you loved with you, but you would also become a single mother.
Daniel Ricciardo saw you when you left the paddock. You were crying and shaking very hard and he was scared when he saw you in that state. He took you to Renault Hospitality and told you to wait for him there until the race was over and then he would come to you. Daniel compromised that race from the beginning, making an accident in the 5th lap. He came to you immediately. He was afraid you would leave.
You told him the situation you were in that night and he offered to help you.
You moved in with him and by the time you entered the third trimester of pregnancy, you were already together.
When you gave birth, Daniel was there. He cut your little girl's umbilical cord and he was the first one to hold her. When the nurse came to register the girl's name and reached the family name, Daniel was ready to say your last name, but you took it first and said 'Ricciardo'. After the nurse left, you looked at Daniel and saw that he was already looking at you with wide eyes. You apologized for giving his last name before consulting with him, but he kissed you. He was happy.
To anyone from the outside, Meadow was his daughter. Grace and Joe Ricciardo behaved with Meadow as if she were their real niece.
Daniel was with you and Meadow at every milestone.
When Meadow took her first steps, Daniel was there and filmed everything.
When Meadow said her first word, which by the way was 'dada', Daniel was there, wiping away his tears and kissing Meadow on the forehead.
When Daniel was away racing and called home, he immediately asked to see Meadow. You were glad that Daniel loved Meadow so much, and your daughter had a father figure in her life who would give his life for her.
This weekend had been the first time since Carlos had broken up with you when you stepped into the paddock. You were holding your daughter's hand and heading to McLaren Hospitality. You knew everyone was looking at you strangely. Nobody knew you had a daughter. You kept it away from the eyes of the world, knowing about her only your families and close friends.
But you knew you couldn't keep her a secret her whole life.
Carlos saw you.
He was in front of the Ferrari garage, talking to Charles when he noticed you. When he saw that you were walking next to a little girl, his stomach tightened.
"Mate, that girl looks a little like you," Charles said, asserting the hypothesis to Carlos.
You turn to him, holding Meadow in your arms. Daniel was behind you. He took Meadow from your arms and gave her to Michael so that she wouldn't participate in your discussion.
"Y/N..." you hear Carlos's voice calling for you.
Carlos watched Meadow until Michael pulled her out of the room. You could hear her start screaming for her father, and Daniel instinctively turned his head toward her.
"Hello, Carlos," you say to break the silence.
This argument grew from nowhere into a tornado. In your rage, you were blind to them. You assumed you were right when you had no real reason to. The words you spoke in such well-intentioned purity triggered something in him that came from fear. The words that calm him, scared you... and the words that calm you scared him. So there were in opposite camps, suddenly blind to each other's good hearts and building barricades instead of bridges. In fear, we are all the monster, the fighter, yet if we learn to respond with love and kindness we start to cure the monster in others, we return them to being the angel of their better natures.
"Why didn't you tell me I had a daughter?"
Shouting rent the air. What was once peaceful became polluted with rage. Everyone tensed. If the shouts were visible they'd be reaching over the air, strangling the life from you. As the words got more bitter it would be possible to see why you gasped for breath.
"Because you don't! You were nothing more than a sperm donor to me," you scream at him, anger boiling in your veins.
"I want to be a part of her life," he says and looks at you and Daniel.
"I'm the biological father."
"Definitely not," says Daniel, this time the anger being on his side. "Y/N is my fiancée and Meadow is my daughter."
"I'm not interested in that. You weren't with Meadow when she had the flu and neither I nor Y/N slept for 4 days. You weren't with her when she took her first steps or when she said her first word. You didn't teach her to ride a bike and you didn't take her to go-karting."
"That's because I didn't know she existed!" Carlos shouted.
There was something in that shout, a pain behind it. You watched Carlos's eyes. Then you knew. The anger was nothing but a shield for pain, like a cornered soldier randomly throwing out grenades, scared for his life, lonely, desperate. He breathed in real slow.
"You shouldn't have broken up with Y/N then," Daniel says and shrugs. "For so many years you didn't care about Y/N, you didn't even give her a text message all these years to ask her if she was okay. And now that you've seen that she has a daughter, have you decided to ask for your rights? No, Carlos, they're my family and I won't let you take them away from me. "
"Meadow is Daniel's daughter, Carlos," you say and take Daniel by the hand. "As I said, you were the sperm donor and that's it. You won't be involved in her life because you have no rights. Meadow's last name is Ricciardo and nothing in this world will change that."
Carlos looks down and bites his lip as he is about to cry. There was no heat in your voice, as if your heartbeat so steadily, even though you took a different view from Carlos's own. You simply said this was your way of doing things. You could see Carlos balk at first, so accustomed he was to ways of you and your fiery temper. Verity was different, you absorbed things and then responded more than reacted, dampened situations rather than adding to the flames.
"I'm sorry," Carlos said and watched you with soft eyes. "I thought that this breakup is the only way I will rediscover who I am. We broke up so I could build up instead of breaking down."
It was strange to hear him talk about your breakup and apologize. Finally, you could have the closure you didn't have so many years ago.
"It's okay," you say and smile at him. "I'm over it now," you say and look at Daniel.
"Mommy, Daddy!" You hear Meadow running towards you. Daniel bends down and lifts her in his arms. "Uncle Michael showed me how to prepare Daddy's helmet, can I make it from now on?"
Daniel laughs and kisses her on the forehead.
"Of course you can."
"Meadow, baby, he's Carlos. He's also a driver, like Daddy," you say.
Carlos looks at her with wide eyes and waves.
"Hi. Daddy's better!"
Carlos laughs.
"Of course he is."
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dbnightingale24 · 3 months ago
You’re My Drug (That’s The Problem)
Andy Barber ~ One Shot
Honestly, I don’t even know what is wrong with me. No one asked for this and there’s no reason for this to be so long. My mind kinda just went to home wrecker hoe central, and now you have this. I’m so sorry, but I hope you enjoy it!
Warnings: SMUT, so much smut, cheating, depression, heartbreak, swearing, mentions of alcohol, abuse, angst, just A LOT of stuff, 18+, MINORS DNI!!!
Word Count: 10,210 (I honestly don’t know why I’m like this)
Song(s) That Inspired This Chapter:
That’s All - Genesis
Sweetest Taboo - Sade
If Your Girl Only Knew - Aaliyah
One Last Time - Ariana Grande
I do not consent to have any of my works/stories posted anywhere.
Standing in Andy Barber’s living room, you try to remember when it all started, almost two years ago. He was never supposed to be anything other than a silly school girl crush and a late-night drunken fantasy. He was dating your favorite professor (who had basically acted as your mother when your own was too fucked up), and was so in love with him. Truly and completely. You still remember when she introduced you to him.
“Y/N! This is Professor Andy Barber!” Profession Daniels (Aunt Michelle is what you affectionately called her) beamed, walking over with her arm linked to the gorgeous and bearded professor.
“I know who he is,” you chuckled, holding your hand out to shake his.
Everyone on campus knew who Professor Barber was. Before he came to the university, he was a big time DA, and he was damn good at his job. After his divorce, he decided it was time for a change of scenery. So, he quit his job, packed up his things, and decided that NYC would be a good place to start over.
Every woman on campus was painfully aware of his presence because of his devilish good looks. It’s not like he strut about the campus or anything, it was just impossible not to notice. His beard was always full and trimmed perfectly, his voice was smoother than silk, his smile was infectious, and his body. Good God that was sculpted by God and the Devil. Such a gorgeous man but in a way that made all of them wickedly desperate for him.
The man had every reason to be a whore, but outside of class, he barely said two words to anyone. He came in, did what he needed to do, and went home. In fact, it’s still a mystery how Aunt Michelle got her hands on him, but never questioned it. She was happy and that’s all that you cared about. That really had been all you wanted.
“It’s nice to finally meet you,” Andy smiled at you, taking your hand and shaking it in a firm but gentle way. “I’ve heard so much about you, so it’s nice to finally put a face to a name.”
“Well, we’ll see how you feel about that after dinner! Why she chose to bring you out on ‘Whining Wednesday’ I have no clue, but if you’re still happy with her after all is said and done, I’ll approve of you,” you laughed while Professor Daniels shook her head.
“We’re not that bad!”
“We’re way worse, I know,” you teased. “We should get going before our booth is gone. I refuse to break tradition when we have a guest!”
‘Whining Wednesday’ was something started by both you and Professor Daniels to blow off some steam. She would go off about her worst students (only naming names sometimes), her workload, coworkers that drove her crazy (naming all names) and hating the pay cuts that seemed to be happening more often. You vented about the school workload, ridiculous essays, classmates that wouldn’t shut up when you were in your dorm at 2am trying to study, your mother, and your shitty on and off again boyfriend, Shawn. Also, you both did this while consuming food (mainly pizza) and drinks.
That Wednesday had been no different.
“Professor Cameron loves you!” your Aunt Michelle laughed as she finished her second Shirley Temple.
“Well then, can you tell him to ease up on my work load? Damn, I do have a job and other classes. I don’t even think I’m gonna pass this semester.”
“You’ve been saying that for two years and you do amazing each time, I’m sure this semester will be no different,” she shrugged, as the waiter dropped off another round of drinks and a large pizza pie with extra cheese.
“Eh, he is kind of a hard-ass,” Andy shrugged, grabbing a slice, as both you and Aunt Michelle gasped. “What?”
“You contributed!” you beamed, causing Andy to laugh, as you took a sip of your Jack and Coke.
“Professor Cameron isn’t a hard-ass, he just doesn’t like Andy,” Aunt Michelle laughed, grabbing her own slice.
“What did I ever do to him?”
“Every woman on campus loves you,” she scoffed “the guys at the University are split down the middle when it comes to you. Half of them love you and the other half wish you’d go back to Boston,” she smirked.
“How did I not know this?” Andy questioned in slight disbelief.
“You never hang around longer than you have to!” Aunt Michelle laughed.
“Don’t worry, the male students feels the same. Shawn complains about you all the time.”
“Shawn Toole? He doesn’t like me because I hold him accountable when he slacks off in my class,” Andy huffed.
“Yeah, he has a tendency to slack off about a lot of things,” you sighed, reaching for your drink “don’t take it personal.”
“Why are you back with him this time?” Aunt Michelle scowled.
“Why do I always take him back? Convenience, boredom, utter and sheer stupidity. I’d rather put myself through bullshit with him than be by myself.”
“You can do so much better!”
“Can I though? Like, lets really think about that one.”
“Y/N, you know you can.”
“It’s human nature. Why do we continue to drink when we know we’ve reached our limit? Why do junkies continue to do drugs even know they know it’s killing them? Why do people play extreme sports even know they know that every time they play it could be their last? Because we all live for the high. No matter how bad it can get, the high is always worth it. No matter how short lived it is. We’re all wired to self destruct in some way, some just find a way to last longer than others,” you shrugged before taking a bite of your pizza.
“Well shit, do you wanna teach my Psychology class tomorrow?” Aunt Michelle chuckled slightly.
“Fuck no, cause then I have to deal with all of the things that are wrong with me,” you laughed.
“For as long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve never thought about it that way,” Andy said after a beat. “You make an extremely good point.”
“See? I told you she was bright as hell!” Aunt Michelle gushed.
“Stop doing that,” you laughed, before downing the rest of your drink.
For the rest of that night, the conversation flowed easily and the three of you had an amazing time. Andy enjoyed the banter between you and Professor Daniels, and you truly loved watching them together. They both seemed extremely happy and enamored with each other.
Then the end of the night came.
“I’ve got it,” you slurred slightly, grabbing the check before either of them could get their hands on it.
“Oh? Did you rob a bank recently?” Aunt Michelle mused, a little tipsy herself.
“Not yet, but my mom did send me some guilt money, so I can afford this and much more,” you chuckled humorlessly.
“What happened this time?”
“She got drunk at my grandmother’s and made a complete twat out of herself. Decided that was the best time to tell me how I’m not doing enough and I’m not enough. Once again blaming me for her most recent boyfriend leaving, completely ignoring the fact that she’s the issue. Ya know, the usual” you shrugged, putting your debit card in the check holder.
“Why didn’t you tell me?!”
“Because it’s tiring always being upset about something. It’s tiring explaining, again, that someone I love and care about more than anything in the world treats me like trash. We’ve been having this talk since you found me crying in the library.”
“Stop, I’m really okay. She called me crying the next day and just kept apologizing.”
“What did you say?”
“I just told her to save it cause we have that huge family Gala coming up next weekend and it would save her time to just apologize for everything at once. Hence the reason I have all this money to burn,” you smiled as the waiter came over to grab the check.
“We can talk about it more tomorrow, if you want, during lunch.”
“Can’t do lunch tomorrow, dear old Dad is coming to visit.”
“What? Why?”
“Probably to tell me about his new engagement.”
“Didn’t he just get married?”
“Yeah, but she reached her age limit. I honestly don’t think my dad has stayed with any woman, besides my mother, past the age of 28. He meets em at 20, marries them by 22, divorces them between the ages of 25 and 28. She met this one at 26, so I knew she’d be packing as soon as she unpacked.”
“Your family is stressful,” Aunt Michelle sighed.
“I’m a product of chaos,” you smiled sarcastically, as the waiter came back with your debit card.
After giving in and letting Andy and Professor Daniels cover the tip, they both offered to get you home, seeing as it was late and it was a particularly cold night for early October, but you told them you’d be fine to walk the few short blocks.
“Are you sure? It’s no big deal, I don’t feel right letting you walk alone this late,” Andy sighed.
“I’m really okay, Professor Barber,” you smiled at him “thank you though, and thanks for coming out! I’m glad you had fun, you’re welcome to ‘whining Wednesdays’ whenever you want,” you giggled before giving Michelle a hug “as for you, I love you and I’ll see you at some point tomorrow, Profess-”
“We’re not at school. Call me Professor Daniels and I’ll scream,” she laughed, wrapping you in a tight hug. “Please let me know when you get home.”
“I will, I promise. Go home and have fun like the young lovers you are. Have sex or something,” you and she playfully swatted your arm. “Oh! Swing by my job tomorrow night! We can talk then!”
“Sounds good,” she smiled at you.
As you began walking in the other direction, Andy called after you “where do you work?”
“Um that Dive Bar a few block’s over! Tabitha’s!” you smiled, before resuming your walk home.
The next day, when walking across campus with your dad to get lunch, you ran into Andy.
“Oh, good afternoon Professor Barber,” you smiled at him.
“Y/N,” he nodded “I take it this is your father.”
“Uh yeah. Dad, this is Professor Barber, Professor Barber, my dad” you smiled anxiously.
“Good to meet you, Mr. Barber,” your father smiled, taking Andy’s hand in his giving it a firm shake. “You teach my daughter?”
“No, I’m good friends with Professor Daniels though, and she introduced me.”
‘That’s weird,’ you thought to yourself. ‘Good friend? Well, it’s not like he knows my dad at all, and Professor Barber is a private man. Makes sense.’
“Professor Daniels is an amazing woman. I don’t know what we’d do without her looking after my little flower” he smiled at Andy and you cringed inwardly. You’d started hating that nickname after you heard him call one of his young brides the same thing.
“Well, we’ve gotta get going. Don’t wanna be late for lunch,” you smiled, wanting to end the awkward moment as quickly possible.
“You have a really great daughter,” Andy said before you and your father started walking away. “Make sure you don’t lose sight of that.”
Your father gave you a look as Andy turned and walked and you just responded with a shrug, because you genuinely had no idea what had just happened.
When Professor Daniels came to see you at work later that night, she brought Andy with her. They stayed until closing and Andy insisted on driving you home again. You were so tired that you it wasn’t hard to convince you. Professor Daniels gave directions while you tried to force yourself to stay awake in the backseat. When you finally got to your building, Andy decided to walk you to your room, despite you telling him it’s not a big deal.
You two made small talk on the way up, which was his way of trying to help you stay awake.
“How was lunch with your dad?” Andy asked as the elevator finally reached your floor.
“ was okay. He did wanna tell me about his engagement, but he also wanted to bitch about my mom. He did occasionally ask about my classes and how they were going, so I guess that was nice,” you shrugged as you finally reached your apartment.
“I’m sorry you have to deal with come across as just so...I know what its like to have unstable parents,” he sighed, looking down at his feet.
You knew he was referring to his father and it made your heart ache. “Hey,” you smiled, placing hand gently on his arm “I’m alright. I mean, it’s no walk in the park, but I manage. It’s nowhere near as bad as it was, Professor Barber,” you finished softly.
“Please, call me Andy,” he chuckled. “Well, in case you ever want to talk about it, you know where to find me. I know you talk to Michelle about everything, but if you ever wanna talk to someone who can relate, you know where to find me,” he smiled at you.
Maybe it was because you were so tired or because of how naive you were, but you didn’t suspect a thing when he said that. Though you were more sure than ever now, that was when things shifted. Had it really happened so quickly?
Maybe it was when you started seeing him more often around campus and he always offered to walk you to your classes, or when he started showing up more at your your job (without Professor Daniels) and you two would talk like you had known each other for years. Maybe it was when he chose to sit between you and Professor Daniels when you all went to college football games together and sometimes he would brush his leg against yours in the most innocent way, but his eyes would linger a little bit longer than they should have. Maybe when you two kept running into each other early in the morning at the school pool? Sometimes swimming together or getting caught up in conversations about nothing in particular.
But how could it have been those things? It was all innocent because he and Professor Daniels were like school children in love. No, all of those things were innocent and coincidental. At least, that’s what you kept telling yourself, which is probably what led to the incident that took place two days before that Thanksgiving break.
“Hello?” Aunt Michelle answered groggily, finally silencing her annoying ring tone.
“Fuck! Of course you’re sleeping! I’m so sorry, I’ll just-”
“What’s wrong? Where are you?” she said frantically, hearing your sobs and panicked voice.
“It’s not-”
“Y/N, please tell me what’s going on...I don’t know what’s wrong, Andy!” she snapped at him angrily.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m so sorry! I ruined-”
“You didn’t ruin anything. Just tell me where you are and we’ll come and get you,” she pleaded, trying to sound as calm as possible.
“Shawn took me to this party at 13th Step and-”
“Open the fucking door, Y/N!” Shawn yelled from the other side of the bathroom door, banging on it as if he were trying to break it down.
“Oh my God, okay. Where are you?”
“I’m in the bathroom. I don’t know...his friends are trying to calm him down, but he’s in a rage.”
“We’ll be right there. Do not leave that bathroom unless you have to, do you understand me?”
“Yes,” you sobbed out, wincing as as Shawn continued to pound harder on the door.
They were at your rescue in 10 minutes. While Professor Daniels came to collect you from the bathroom, Andy stayed in the bar area, doing his best to calm the situation down.
“Look at you! You’re so pathetic! Little slut, we’re fucking done! Don’t even-”
“Fucking watch it-” Andy growled, doing his best to keep his cool in front of both you and Professor Daniels.
“Or what? You’ll fucking fail me? You think I haven’t heard about you two? How you two are always together? Football games and shit?”
“It’s the three of us, Toole. Watch it,” Andy warned again through gritted teeth.
“Fuck you, Barber. Couldn’t make your marriage work, so you steal my girl? Or is that just what you do?” Shawn shouted at you. “You fuck professors to-”
Shawn was cut off by Andy’s right fist connecting with his jaw. “I told you to fucking watch it!” Andy yelled.
“Andy, stop!” Aunt Michelle yelled, running from you to Andy, trying to stop him from hitting Shawn again.
“You put your fucking hands on her?! Your own fucking girlfriend?!” Andy yelled, connecting another hit.
“Professor Barber, please!” you pleaded, tears streaming down your face, just wanting the night to end.
The sound of your voice made Andy compose himself and slowly get himself together. “Touch her again and you’ll end up with way worse than this, understand me?”
Shawn was silent.
“I asked if you understand me?!” Andy asked again, kicking Shawn in the stomach.
“Fine! Yes! Okay!” Shawn howled in pain, as the cops finally showed up.
“Nothing to see here, it’s taken care of,” Andy muttered before storming out of the bar.
That night, you kept telling Professor Daniels that nothing happened between you and Andy, and you didn’t know why Shawn had snapped, cause at that point, nothing had happened.
“Oh honey, I believe you! Please don’t worry about it,” she cooed, trying to calm you down as you all made your way back her place.
“I just...I’m so-”
“Don’t you dare apologize because he’s unhinged! You’re okay now, please don’t worry. You’re safe now,” she cooed as Andy pulled up to her place.
She had the spare room made up almost instantly and you felt guilty staying there. No, you hadn’t done anything with Andy, but still. If other people were noticing and saying things to Shawn, maybe you were in the wrong.
That night, they fought like a married couple on the brink of divorce.
“You can’t just fly off the handle like that, Andy!”
“Did you not see her busted lip?! What the hell was I supposed to do?!”
“You don’t think I wanted to attack him?! Do you know how much I love her?! She’s practically family to me! You’re a professor, Andy! Do you understand that she saved your ass tonight? If she hadn’t threatened him with pressing charges, he would’ve pressed charges against you! You can’t just-”
“I know, okay?! I know! I just...that’s not right! No matter how angry you are, you don’t put your hands on a woman! Did you see how scared she was?! I just...” Andy sighed “I need to go for a walk,” he all but muttered before storming out.
Professor Daniels kept watch over you almost all night. Checking the room almost every hour, until she finally succumbed to sleep. When Andy came back, he sat at the foot of the guest bed, rubbing your feet softly and quietly apologizing profusely. He had no idea that you were still awake and it broke your heart. However, it also made you feel cared for.
Men in your life didn’t defend you, fight for you, or get angry for you. Let alone get angry over you. Yes, Professor Daniels had been looking out for you since you got there, but she wasn’t him. Andy filled you with something you weren’t quite sure of and it made you feel things you shouldn’t, which is why you decided you couldn’t see him anymore.
You did your absolute best to avoid him, no matter the cost. You stopped doing ‘whining Wednesdays’ (telling Professor Daniels that you picked up more shifts at work), you cut lunches short so you could avoid bumping into him when you made your way back to class, and hiding in the back when he would show up during your shift at work. Anything to keep from seeing him. Your relationship going to shit was one thing, but the one person who saved you from the hell that was your life? You would do anything to keep her safe and happy.
The plan worked great until you fell asleep in the library during Winter break.
“Y/N?” Andy asked, shaking you softly.
“Hm? What? Oh shit!” you exclaimed once you saw Andy’s face. “I didn’t mean to...what time is it?”
“It’s almost 12am,” he chuckled at your slightly frightened state.
“Fuck, thanks for waking me,” you smiled weakly at him, gathering your notes and books quickly.
“You should stay at my place,” he suggested nonchalantly, but it was enough to get your anxiety kicking.
“No, I’m not too far-”
“I don’t want you going anywhere this late alone and I have a feeling that you’ll put up a fight if I offer to take you home,” he smirked.
“I don’t want-”
“It’s Winter Break, sweetheart. He’s not here, Michelle isn’t here, there’s almost no one here. It’s just late and I don’t want you walking home this late. Help me put my mind at ease and just stay at my place tonight,” he offered again with a sigh.
He was right. With all of the anxiety and guilt you had been feeling with everything since what happened with Shawn, you were opposed to spending any time with him, let alone staying at his place. However, it was late and you did have fears about walking home that late. It was easily a 15 minute walk, but it was also the City.
So, you made the mistake of agreeing to stay at Andy’s place.
“The spare room is down the hall to the right and there should be sweats in there. Michelle has kind of made a habit of keeping clothes in there on the off chance she stays over,” he smiled softly. “She says I have too many things in my drawer so she just uses the one in the spare room,” he softly chuckled once he saw the confused look on your face.
At then mention of Michelle’s name, you gather your thoughts quickly. It didn’t matter that you had gotten off to the thought of you fucking him senseless the night before, because it could never happen. “I can stay in my-”
“Y/N, it’s Winter break. Please relax. Change into something that’s more comfortable and go to sleep,” he smiled before going into his kitchen and grabbing a glass.
“Andy,” he gently corrected.
“Andy,” you smiled “I really do appreciate you letting me stay here. I’ll do my best to not disturb your routine.”
“Are you always this anxious?”
“Yes,” you answered quickly and honestly, and his response was a deep and hearty laugh. You could’ve listen to him laugh all night.
“Please don’t worry. You can use whatever you want, eat whatever you want, and lay wherever you want. Just relax, okay?” he smiled before taking out a second glass. “You want a drink?”
“No no, I’ll probably just sleep,” you smiled. “Thank you...again,” you smiled before making your way to the spare bedroom.
The room was beautiful but you could tell it had rarely been slept in. The bed was spacious and the pillows extremely comfortable. You took a deep breath and tried to get yourself to relax. When you opened the drawer, you saw Professor Daniel’s sweats, tank tops, and intimate wear.
‘You’re not doing anything wrong. Just text her before you fall asleep,’ you mentally told yourself, trying to calm the voice in your head.
You changed into a pair of her sweats before settling into the bed and sending her a text explaining what happened. Her response came a few a moments later simply saying “Thank you! I know you’re probably uncomfortable, but it’s just a night and he’s a total sweetheart. You’re safe there and I feel so much better knowing you’re there! Thanks for letting me know!”
You did your best to get comfortable so that you could fall asleep, but all of a sudden you were wide awake. It’s not like it wasn’t a comfortable mattress or there was anything wrong with the room, you just couldn’t get comfortable knowing he was was sharing the same space as you. You thought about getting a drink to calm your nerves, but you didn’t want to risk getting caught up in conversation with him.
When you heard the laugh track coming from the living room, you decided that maybe getting off wouldn’t be a bad idea. It did always leave you feeling sleepy and you could be quiet. No, it wasn’t ideal, but anything that could make you sleep faster so you could leave faster was ideal.
It wasn’t hard for you to get yourself worked up: you were in Andy’s apartment and had just heard his voice moments ago. It was only matter of seconds before your fingers found your clit, playing with it a little before slipping two inside yourself. Eyes clenched shut and his name softly escaping your lips, it didn’t take long for you to get yourself over the edge.
Taking deep breaths and giving yourself a little time to come down from your high, you felt yourself getting sleepy and a small smile came to your face. Slowly getting up, you decide to clean yourself up before finally getting some rest.
Had you known what was coming next, you would’ve stayed in bed.
“Profess...Andy, where’s your bathroom?” you asked shyly, standing right outside of the living room.
“Down the hall to your left,” he smiled at you.
You quickly clean yourself up and relieve yourself, before quickly and quietly making your way back to the spare bedroom.
“Would you mind sitting with me for a bit? Having a hard time falling asleep tonight,” Andy asked right before you closed the door.
“Is it because I’m here?” you ask, ready to get yourself a car service and go home. “I can leave, I’m so-”
“Please calm down,” he chucked, only putting you at ease a little. “I just have a lot on my mind and it would help to get some advice is all. I understand if you just wanna sleep, it looks like you’ve had a long day,” he smiled.
You argued with yourself before you came to the conclusion that an innocent conversation wouldn’t be so bad. “I can hang for a little bit,” you smile at him before taking a seat not too far from him on the sofa.
You talked about everything and nothing that night and at some point he talked you into having a drink with him.. He asked for your advice about personal issues with his wife and son, work, and getting used to his new life.
“I know you’re tired but I need your advice on one more thing,” he smiled as you finished the drink he poured you.
“I’ll do my best,” you smiled, turning your attention to him.
“I’ve done something and I...I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know if I can,” he sighed, running his hand through his hair.
“It can’t be that bad, what happened?”
“ know what? Don’t worry about it. Get some sleep.”
“Andy, you can talk to me,” you smile sweetly, inching closer to him.
“I did this all wrong,” he sighed. “What would you do if you were in my position?”
“What position are you in?”
“I fell for someone when I first got to the university. We didn’t say a word to each other and I honestly don’t know if she even saw me, but she just caught me off guard. Her hair, how hard she was focusing on her studies, the smile that came to her face once she figured something out...I watched her longer than I should have. I went to Michelle about her, cause they seemed to get along well, but Michelle kinda fell for me in the process. I fell for her too. Please don’t get me wrong. Michelle is wonderful in every way possible and beautiful as hell, but she isn’t...she isn’t this person. This person is gorgeous, funny, witty, strong, a nervous many things. I don’t know what to do,” he confessed softly.
You told yourself that the pang of jealousy you felt was for Aunt Michelle and the fact that she’d be getting her heart broken soon, but you knew it was because you desperately wanted to be the other person. What kind of person did that make you? A terrible one. “I mean, you definitely need to break up with Michelle and then tell this person how you feel. They both deserve to know,” you huff.
“It’s not that simple,” Andy shook his head.
“Of course it isn’t simple, but-”
“No,” he interrupted softly. “I’ll end up hurting both of them and I can’t...they deserve so much better than that. Better than me.”
“How would you hurt the other person?”
“Because how can I tell you that I’m in love with you and expect it to go over well when you call her your ‘Aunt’?” he asked, finally meeting your gaze with desperate eyes.
Your heart almost stopped. How could he be in love with you? “Andy-”
“I have tried so hard to ignore this,” he sighed. “The moment I saw you sitting alone in the library, I wanted to know everything about you. But you’re a fucking student. Even if you aren’t my student, you’re still a student. Then I just kept seeing you everywhere and most of the time you were with Michelle. I only wanted to pick her brain about you, I definitely didn’t expect it to turn into a relationship. Then, when you started to make yourself unavailable, I knew it was for the best. We were spending too much time together and even though it was innocent, we were tiptoeing a line. You did what I couldn’t do. I forced myself to be okay with it, cause it was for the best.”
“Andy, you can’t-”
“When I came by the spare bedroom tonight to check on you and I heard you...I finally felt confident that it wasn’t just me. You feel every thing I feel, but this is wrong. It’s so wrong, but I want you. I need you,” he finished, resting his hand on your thigh.
“Andy...we can’t...this isn’t...I can’t do this to her,” you almost sobbed. “She has done so much for me and has taken care of me...I could never-”
“I know and I hate myself for this, but I can’t deny it anymore,” he practically whispered, as his hands slowly made their way up to the hem of the sweats you were wearing. Aunt Michelle’s sweatpants.
“She loves you, Andy,” you said defiantly, trying your hardest to not give in to your traitorous desires.
“And I love you. I tried to fight this, but I can’t anymore. I can’t and I don’t want to. Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop. You’ll never see me again. I’ll drive you home right now.”
“It doesn’t matter what I want, cause this is...s-shit” you moan, feeling his finger softly trace up and down the thin material that was keeping him from making direct contact with your most sensitive nerve. “A-Andy, if we do this...we can’t take it back and we’ll both feel terrible. This’s wrong.”
“I’ve been watching you for so long. Do you know how many times I’ve gotten off to the thought of you bouncing up and down my cock? Hearing you scream my name while I make you feel things you’ve never felt before? I know I’m a complete piece of shit for this, but I can’t ignore this. Not anymore,” he groaned, using a finger to push the material to the side before slipping two fingers in. “I can tell you need this too.”
“Andy,” you moaned, your hand traveling up his arm.
“That’s it baby, let me make you feel good like I know you’ve been dreaming of,” he sighed, using his free hand to pull down both the sweats and your panties and you kicked them off the rest of the way. “Such a perfect pussy,” he moaned “lets see if you taste as sweet as you are,” he all but muttered before moving in close and removing his fingers, only to replace them with his mouth.
“Shit!” you cried out, arching your back at the feel of him sucking and licking on your clit. You had never been eaten out before. You had only had one other boyfriend before Shawn and they both refused to do it even though they insisted upon you blow them before sex. “I just...oh my God!” you whimpered.
Andy hooked your leg over his shoulder and only let you hold on. He didn’t slow down when you gabbed a fist full of his hair and screamed obscenities when your first orgasm hit. He only gripped you tighter and sped up when you begged him to slow down, letting his hand trace up your body until it found one of your boobs and messaging your nipple between two fingers, sending you quickly into your second orgasm. When you told him that it was too much, he pushed two fingers into soaked folds and found that place deep inside you that you blossoming like a little flower for him.
“Never felt so good before, have you?” he asked sitting up and smirking at you in your blissed out state.
All you could do was shake your head ‘no’.
“Are you gonna be a good girl for me tonight and cum on my cock?” he questioned, wrapping your legs around him.
“Andy, we can’t-”
“We’ve already gone this for, baby” he sighed, a flicker of shame in his eyes “why deny ourselves any further?”
“I can go now.”
“Do you want to?”
“Of course not,” you sighed, turning your head away from his overwhelming gaze.
“Don’t think about everything else right now, just focus on right now,” he demanded softly, taking your face in his hand and making you look at him.
You slowly nodded and sat up. Ignoring the last bit of fight left in you, you placed your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a deep and passionate kiss. “this is where I want to be,” you told him softly, giving into the feelings you had been harboring for over a year.
He carried you to his bedroom and laid you softly on the bed. You pushed out the thought that he had shared that bed with Aunt...Professor Daniels more times than you cared to know as Andy removed his shirt. It didn’t matter that you had seen him shirtless a handful of times, his beauty always caught you off guard.
“Take off your shirt, baby,” he commanded sliding his hand down his own sweats, taking himself in his hands and stroking his cock. “wanna see all of tthat gorgeous body.”
You wasted no time getting rid of your shirt, before getting on your knees and crawling towards the side of bed he was standing on. “Can I suck your cock?” You couldn’t believe yourself but you also couldn’t stop yourself.
“Your really want to?” he asked before pulling down his sweats and stepping out of them.
Neither of your boyfriends had come close to the size of Andy and you were starting to understand why Professor Daniels would come to work exhausted some days. “I’ve thought about it so much,” you confessed, feeling yourself get worked up again.
“Mmm,” Andy moaned, starting to stroking himself again “you can only suck it if you tell me what else you’ve fantasized about.”
“Professor Barber, please don’t make me,”
“Fuck,” he groaned, he loved hearing you call him that, “gotta tell me kitten, or I won’t let you touch me. Is that what you want?”
“No Professor,” you whined.
“Then tell me.”
You looked away, feeling too ashamed of yourself for being as desperate as you were. “I-”
“Look at me when you tell me, baby. Don’t be shy,” he cooed, using his free hand to cup your face and bring your attention back to him.
“I...I’ve thought about you fucking me on your desk, right after your last class...” you trailed off.
“I think you’ve thought about more than that,” he coaxed.
“Fucking me in my ass while I’m bent over doing my homework.”
“Oh? My little kitten likes anal?”
“I’ve never done it, but I want to try it with you. I want to try everything with you, Professor,” you moan, pressing your thighs together trying to relieve some of the pressure building up between your legs.
“You ever seen a cock this big, baby?”
“No, and I’m honestly a little nervous,” you confessed.
“Don’t you worry, kitten. I’m gonna make you feel so good, but you gotta tell me one more fantasy before I let you put your mouth on me,” he instructed. You tried to turn your head away, but he held it in place. “What did I say? Don’t be shy. Now tell me.”
“I...I’ve thought about keeping your cock warm with a vibrator shoved in my pussy, while you teach class. I would stay under your desk and blow you or just keeping it in mouth.”
“You want us to get caught?”
“No, but I wouldn’t mind if people saw...I want people to watch you control me, so they know I’m yours. They can see but they can’t touch.”
“I didn’t know my good girl was so bad,” he smirked “you still wanna suck your professor’s cock?”
“Please!” you cried out, desperate for mouth to be on any part of him.
“Open wide, kitten,” he instructed, before shoving his cock in. “Oh fuck! Do you know how many times I’ve thought of you taking my cock in that pretty little mouth? You take it so well,” he grunted, doing his best to let you control the situation and not face fuck you.
Andy could only let you stay in control for so long. The moment you started gagging on him, he knew he was done for. “Lay down and open those pretty legs for me,” he breathed out, once he got you off of his cock. “Gonna fuck you so good, I’ll ruin you for ever other man.”
“Please destroy my pussy,” you whined, ignoring all the voices telling you to run away as fast as you could.
“Fuck!” Andy hissed, slowly pushing his way into you as you wrapped your arms around him and held on tight. “You’re so fucking tight! Gonna have to fuck this beautiful pussy a few times so you can used to me,” he huffed, bottoming out.
“Jesus Christ!” you cried, getting lost in the pleasurable pain that was him stretching you out.
“So perfect for me,” Andy grunted, slowly starting to move within you. “How are you so....fuck, this is better than anything I’ve ever imagined. I’ve been dreaming of this for so you’re all mine!”
“Fuck, don’t stop! You feel so good!”
“Yeah? Shawn ever fill you up this much?”
“Never!” you whimpered, tightening your grip. “I don’t think I can...fuck, I’m gonna cum!”
“Give it to me, kitten,” he demanded, pounding harder and harder into your pussy. “Coat my cock with your sweet cum,” he whispered hotly against your ear, before licking and biting on it.
“Fuck! Andy!” you cried out, coming undone almost on command.
“I love you so much,” he moaned, clenching his eyes shut, trying to hold back his own release. “I’m gonna show you over and over again just how much I love you. You want that baby? You want me to fuck you senseless?”
“Fuck Andy,” you whined, clawing at his back “please do it! I wanna feel you cum deep inside my pussy! Show me how much you love me,” you pleaded, part of you in disbelief at the words leaving your mouth.
“Do you love me, baby?” he asked breathlessly, opening his eyes to meet your gaze.
You wanted to lie so bad but he was literally fucking the truth out of you. “So much, Andy. I don’t wanna fight it anymore! I...I don’t care if you ruin me for anyone else! I just....fuck Andy, just like that! I just want to love and feel you, only you!” you whimpered, before pulling him closer to you for a passionate and powerful kiss.
Andy fucked you into sunrise that night; only stopping to make you beg. When you woke up later that afternoon, he was still sound asleep. You quickly snuck out of the room and got dressed as quick as you could, trying your best to ignore the guilt you felt when you saw Professor Daniel’s sweatpants on the floor by the sofa. While you were on your way home, after you snuck out, she called you and asked you how your night went. You kept the facade up the entire call, pretending that you had gone to sleep almost instantly.
When you got back to your apartment, you broke down cried for hours. You showered and tried to scrub the previous night off of you, but you knew that you’d never be able to. That night would live in your memory forever.
Andy let you ignore him for two days before he showed up at your apartment and claimed you in your own little kitchen.
He spent the rest of Winter Break with you and you almost let yourself forget that you were a homewrecker. He truly didn’t want just sex from you. He took an interest in the shows you liked, made you dinner, took you out to different jazz clubs and nice restaurants, and indulged in your silly obsession with ‘Mad Libs’. It really felt like you two were a happy couple...until Winter Break was over.
Then Professor Daniels came back and you were forced to remember how terrible you truly were.
The sight of them together made you truly sick and angry. Angry mainly with yourself, because how could you have been so stupid? However, you were also angry with Professor Daniels for being with Andy, because he was yours. He made a habit of telling you that every time you two had sex that you both belong to one another. However, if that was the case, then why hadn’t he broken up with her?
This thought only made you more fed up with yourself, because you fell for it. You became one of the women you always made fun of. The type of woman your dad chased around and cheated on his young brides with.
“Fuck you, Andy!” you yelled, as he pleaded with you to just hear him out, as he followed you around your small apartment. “I don’t want to hear it! You parade her around in public and fuck me senseless when no one’s looking, right?! I’m the stupid little college side piece, right?! Jesus, you have me furious with the one person who gives a fuck about me!”
“I give-”
“Don’t! Don’t fucking tell me you give a shit about me when you have me going through this!”
“Y/N, please just listen to me,” he begged, placing his hand on your shoulder.
“Don’t fucking touch me!” you yelled, turning around and slapping him hard across the face. “Get out!”
“Do it again,” Andy said lowly after a beat “slap me again.”
You slapped him again but harder, “I said to get out!”
“Do it again,” he growled.
*SLAP* “Get-” you were cut off by Andy’s lips crashing into yours.
He shoved you against the wall and kissed you again. “I almost went to jail for you Kitten, , and you’re gonna stand here and tell me I don’t care about you?” growled, pinning your hands above your head. “Those fucking diamonds around your neck aren’t proof that I love you?”
“I don’t care about the fucking diamonds!” you spat! “Love me only and stop making me a second choice!”
“I will figure it out! It’s not the right time and you know it,” he muttered against your neck,using one hand to force your pants and panties down before undoing his own pants. “You want to hurt her?”
“We’re already hurting her!” you snapped, hating how desperate your body was for him. “This is wrong and it needs to stop!” you yelled, fighting against him to no avail.
In one swift move, Andy used his free hand to force your legs around his waist before plunging into you. “We won’t stop this because we can’t stop it. I’m a selfish fuck and I’m not going to give you up. We will be together once I figure out how to do it and can hurt her as little as possible,” he grunted, each thrust coming harder and harder.
“Andy,” you moaned, arching your back to feel as much of him as possible “we can’t....fuck! This is...holy shit, this is wrong!”
“It’s not so wrong when I fuck you senseless in the back of the library is it?” he questioned as he shoved two fingers into to your tightest hole.
“Oh my God!” you mewled, leaning your head back against the wall.
“How about when I fuck you in the bathroom at your job, hmm? Or when I have you exploding all over my desk at work? Does it feel so bad then?”
“Shit!” you cried out. You hated how he made you feel so good and so terrible at the same time.
“Or how about last week, huh?”
“Don’t,” you moaned, finally making eye contact with him.
“When I fucked you right after she left. Making me tell you that your pussy is better than hers. Was it wrong then? Cause you were begging like a pretty little whore while you were bouncing up and down on my cock!” he grunted, feeling your walls clench around him as you tried to fight off your release. “Oh? You like that memory? Tell me which part you like the best: the part where I told you that this pussy was the best I’ve ever had, or the part where you were on your knees for me as soon as you locked the door? Maybe, it’s just the fact that she didn’t know I was there and had no clue that I had you calling me Daddy all day,” he taunted, feeling you clench around him again. “Oh, that’s it. You love it don’t you?”
“No,” you mewled, refusing to accept that you were that awful of a person.  
“Yes you do, don’t try to deny it while I’m inside you,” he grunted, finger fucking your ass faster. “You love that I can’t quit you and you can’t quit me. No matter how terrible you feel, you love the fact that I keep choosing you over her!”
“You clearly...shit! You don’t choose me! I’m still playing...playing second fiddle to her!”
“She plays second fiddle to you! Who do you think I’m thinking of when I fuck her? Do you know how close I’ve come to moaning your name when I’m inside her? Fuck, I can’t even get it up without thinking of you! Do you know how sick that makes me? I am constantly choosing you...fuck! I will make this right,” he grunted, as you came undone all over his cock, sending him off into his own earth shattering orgasm. He leaned his head against your chest and took a moment to catch his breath. “I promise you that I will make this right, I just...I just need time,” he panted.
That conversation had happened almost 8 months ago. You kept letting it slide, because he kept promising you that things would change. It didn’t matter how terrible you felt after sex or how loved you felt after every date, because he would choose you. He always promised he would choose you, so you waited and hung on to his every word.
You fooled yourself into thinking that every thing was fine until, Professor Daniels showed at your apartment in tears.
“I know he’s cheating, Y/N. I just know it! I’ve found panties that aren’t mine on more than one occasion, there were lipstick smears on his pillow last night, and he’s distant. He’s so fucking distant!”
“Just calm down, please,” you begged, grabbing tissues and ignoring the extreme guilt you were feeling. How could he have been so careless? So heartless? How could you be so heartless? “Have you talked to him about it?”
“He won’t talk to me! He just swears the underwear is mine and that I’m making something out of nothing! I know the kind of clothes I wear and I would never wear anything like that!” she sobbed before harshly blowing her nose. “It’s probably that little slut, Samantha. She sleeps with all of the professors,” she sniffed.
“Michelle, don’t do that! Why don’t you just leave him?”
“Because I love him, Y/N,” she sobbed, looking you in the eyes. “I love him so much and I just can’t walk away.”
And that’s how you wound up in Andy’s apartment. Waiting for him to get off the phone, you play with your hands and take a deep breath. Last night made you certain that whatever was going on between you and Andy needs to come to an end.
“Hey, I thought I wasn’t see you until later,” he smiles, walking in ready to kiss you, but you back away.
“We can’t do this anymore, Andy,” you say softly, looking towards your feet.
“No Andy,” you interrupt, taking a deep breath “she came over last night and cried to me for hours about how she knows you’re cheating on her and how much she loves you and can’t bring herself to walk away. How could you leave my underwear lying around? Not change the pillow covers? Christ Andy!”
“I figured she’d see it and hate me, leave, and you’d be in the clear,” he sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just wanted you to be in the clear,”
“Andy,” you sigh, blinking back tears “she should hate me. It’s the least of what I deserve. What we’ve been doing is so incredibly...I hate myself. What the fuck were we thinking?! What are we doing?! I was so stupid-”
“Y/N, don’t do this to yourself,” Andy interrupts. “I made you do this and-”
“Oh come on, don’t do that. Don’t try to shield me. You may be the older one, but we’re both adults,” you scoff. “You didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do. No, I fell in love with someone who was with someone else, someone who means the world to me, and I chose that over her. I was so desperate for everything you made me feel...your love, but I can’t be with you, Andy. Being with you means she’s out of my life for good. My happiness has to come at the expense of her broken heart? What kind of a monster does that make me?” you question, tears finally falling from your eyes.
“Please, we can figure this out-”
“Andy, there’s nothing to figure out! There’s no way I can have you both in my life and it’s my selfishness that that led to this. They’re so many times I could have and should have walked away, but I just...this would have been so much easier if it was just sex. I could have walked away months ago, but no. I love you and maybe I always have, but this...”
“Y/N, I already told you. I didn’t even mean for her and I to end up together!”
“But you did-”
“Only because it felt like the right thing! I thought I could be with her and all of this would go away! I’d be with someone my own age and would stop obsessing over you! Fuck, none of this was supposed to go this way!” Andy sighed, his own tears starting to spill over as he ran a frustrated hand through his hair.
“Andy...I can’t do this. I don’t deserve you and I sure as shit don’t deserve to have her in my life. This can’t go on anymore, Andy. We’ve done enough damage,” you sob quietly, as you come to terms with the decision yourself. “Thank you...for loving me, showing me what it’s like to be actually loved...I’m sorry,”
“Y/N, after some time-”
“I just don’t think I can take anymore of this,” a voice comes from the spare bedroom. The door opens to reveal a teary eyed Professor Daniels.
“Michelle,” you gasp, covering your mouth. “Michelle please...I-”
“Just...just tell me every thing, from the beginning,”
“I just-”
“Not from you,” she snaps coldly “from you,” she breathes as her attention turns to Andy.
He takes a deep breath and runs his hands through his hair, again. “It’s only right, take a seat and I’ll tell you everything.”
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Monegasque Kiss | Charles Leclerc
Tumblr media
Fandom: Formula one Warning: My favorite trope, pining after each other and then confess your love. Friends to lovers. 2500 words. I enjoyed writing this a LOT. Pairing: Charles Leclerc x neutral!reader Summary: You and Charles are pining after one another and it ends up with a kiss, with some help from Pierre Gasly
A/N: Once again I’m thanking Screnwriter’s prompts, nr. 10, for sparking my inspiration to write, your prompts are the best! Gif by dams-racing. Honestly, I’m having such a blast writing for Charles and the other drivers, it really inspires me to continue writing.
There were some perks with being friends with formula one drivers. For instance you could go watch them race and kick ass on the tracks. You had known Charles and Pierre since you were younger. You had the fortune to meet them when they raced go kart and you just happened to be in Monaco on vacation with your family when their race was there. You had met them by accident and the three of you had stayed in touch ever since that day. Even though you couldn’t meet them as much as you wanted, you were happy to accompany them on their races, especially when it was in Monaco. 
You were by the docks looking at the people on their boats. Music started blasting through the speakers on the boats and people talked loudly to overpower the sound. Champagne was popping, spilling onto the wooden deck and laughter was heard from tipsy people. Girls were tanning on the deck and guys shouting at the people below. But you loved this, the commotion of people and how happy everyone was.
Screams were heard behind you when you saw that the big screen was showing all the drivers and that the drivers were posing in front of said screen. The crowd cheered the loudest when Charles' face was shown and he walked in front of it. Your heart made a jump when you saw him. Ever since that day many years ago, you had had a crush on Charles. But there was no way in hell that you were going to tell him that. Your friendship were too important to destroy by a stupid crush. But something inside you hoped, wished that he felt the same towards you. 
Pierre had seen you on the docks and made his way over to you, hugging you from behind. You shrieked, but soon relaxed when you realized who it was. Pierre laughed loudly at your reaction. 
“Pierre, you scared the living shit out of me.” you said and smacked him on the arm. His smile just grew even wider. 
“I didn’t know that you would be here so soon, (Y/N). I thought me or Charles were going to pick you up at the airport when you landed.”
“No need to, plus I didn’t want to ruin your fashion show down there.” you said and winked at him. He shoved you slightly which made you giggle. The two of you walked towards one of the cafés. The weather was amazing. You and Pierre caught up with everything while waiting for Charles to arrive. Pierre talked about the race and how he had enjoyed some time to hang out with his friends. You talked about your life and what was going on there. This was the first race that you could attend in Europe and you were happy that it was in Monaco. 
“So, anyone special at home?” he asked, with a look on his face like he knew something. You looked at him suspiciously. 
“No, why?”
“Well you are beautiful. I just wondered why you haven’t found someone yet.” his smirk grew. 
He definitely knew.
“Thank you, Pierre. I don’t know.” you tried to sound innocent and oblivious. “Maybe I haven’t found the right one.”
“Or the right one haven’t asked you.” he mumbled into his coffee, which made you turn bright red. 
Charles was on his way to your location and he had stopped by a flower shop to buy you some flowers. It had been ages since he had seen you and he wanted to give you something. He had seen you and Pierre hug on the docks, which made him feel a wave of jealousy crash inside of him. But he didn’t want to admit it to himself. The two of you were friends, nothing more, nothing less. But god did he hope for more. 
He rounded the corner to see the two of you talking at the café. The sting of jealousy came back again, because it looked like the two of you were on a date. But he tried to dismiss the thought and put on the biggest smile on his face. Pierre saw him first and waved him over, which made you turn to face him. Charles stopped in his tracks when his eyes met yours. His stomach filled with butterflies and he could feel his face getting flustered. 
You rose from your chair to run to him and you gave him the biggest hug.
“God how I have missed you, Charles.” you said. He hugged you back and inhaled your scent. How he had missed your hugs and your scent. 
“I have missed you so much, (Y/N).”
He let go of you.
“These are for you.” 
He gave you the flowers he had bought and you had the biggest smile plastered on your face.
“You didn’t have to.”
“I wanted to.”
“Thank you so much, Charles.” you beamed and smelled the flowers.
The two of you joined Pierre by the café and continued your chat for some time. You talked about everything and nothing.
“(Y/N), you should join us tonight at the party.” Pierre said.
“There’s a party tonight?”
“Yes, it’s on one of the yacht’s by the dock. I’m sure that you can come as our plus one.” Pierre said and winked at you, which made Charles' expression sour.
“Sounds fun and I get to hang out with you guys even more.” you smiled.
“Great, there will be more formula one drivers there tonight. But just stay close to us and you’ll be fine.”
“What time is it?”
“Around seven.”
“Great, can you pick me up by my hotel before that?” 
“Of course.” they both said. 
You grabbed your flowers and left them to get ready for the party. Inhaling the scent one once again and felt the butterflies go nuts in your stomach.
He gave you flowers!
At the hotel you had packed some more fancy clothes, in case this happened and now you were extremely happy that you did. You were done just in time when someone knocked on your door. Outside stood Charles in a blue shirt and he looked ravishing. You opened and his face flustered by your fancy attire. 
“Wow, you look amazing.” he breathed. You blushed by his comment and invited him in. He closed the door and sat down on the bed.
“You know, you could’ve stayed at my place for your time here.” Charles said. You froze by his statement and he saw your reaction and he could feel the panic grow inside him.
“I-if you wanted, that is.” he stuttered trying to save the situation. “You are always welcome, you know.”
His hand touched his neck in a nervous gesture and his face was even more flustered than before. You tried to not think too much about what he said, he wanted to be a kind friend towards you. Nothing more, nothing less. 
“Thank you, Charles. I will surely take that offer next time I’m in Monaco to see you.” you said and took one last glance in the mirror before the two of you headed for the lobby. The ride towards the party was fun, the two of you cracked jokes which made you cry with laughter. Charles felt proud that he could make you laugh like this and he enjoyed that the two of you were alone. 
On the yacht there were people everywhere, talking, drinking, you think you saw someone making out with someone behind the stairs. To give the lovely couple some privacy you turned around to walk over to the bar. Charles and Pierre had to do some interviews and mingle with the bosses and such, which made you stand alone for a while. But you didn’t care, because then you could watch the different people that were at the party. You saw Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. In one corner you could see Daniel Ricciarido laugh with some people you didn’t recognize. 
Sebastian had seen you alone and came up to you. Charles had introduced you when Sebastian was racing for Ferrari and you could tell that Charles looked up to Sebastian. The two of you got along well as well, which made Charles even more happy. However, Sebastian could see the looks the monegasque racer gave you when you weren’t looking. The wistful and yearning looks that only a love-sick person could give. The slight tint of pink on his cheeks whenever you gave him attention or how his attention or body was always turned towards you, no matter what. 
“Hey, (Y/N).” he said and embraced you.
“Hey, Sebastian.”
“Enjoying the party?” he said and let go of you. 
“It’s nicer now that I have someone to talk to.” you joked and looked over to Pierre and Charles doing some interviews with reporters. Sebastian could see the look you gave them, especially Charles. He felt bad for you that you felt alone.
“Well, I can introduce you to some people if you want?” he asked. You nodded and followed him towards the crowd of the other racers. You met Max, Sergio and Lewis. 
Charles had glanced over at you to see that you were doing okay, but that wave of jealousy came crashing inside of him when he saw you talking to the other racers. And with the jealousy came the worry. You turned around to meet his piercing eyes and you smiled at him. His insides melted by your smile and some of the worry and jealousy went away. Some of it, but not all. 
When the interview was over he and Pierre went over to the bar. Charles ordered two drinks, one for him and one for you.
“Some encouragement?” Pierre asked.
“For what?”
“Asking (Y/N) to be yours?”
Charles almost choked on air by Pierre’s statement. 
“What are you talking about? She is a friend.”
“Yeaaah, a friend that you like… or even more than that.”
Charles just shook his head and headed over to you. You smiled at him when he reached you and someone said that we should continue the conversation on the sofas nearby. The crowd started moving towards the sofas and somehow you didn’t get a seat. Pierre came by to slightly nudge you so that you lost your balance and landed in Charles lap.
“I’m so sorry.” you said frantic, feeling yourself getting flustered, but not as flustered as Charles. You tried to get up from his lap, but he wouldn’t let you. 
“I-it’s fine. You can sit here, since there is no other room for you to sit.” he stuttered and eyed Pierre. Pierre just raised his glas towards him and continued his conversation with Esteban. Trying his best to look innocent, but it was exactly the opposite. You nodded and tried your best not to blush profusely. His body was radiating so much heat and you took some deep breaths and tried to relax. But the tention between you and Charles. You could cut it with a knife and you bet that the both of you were blushing messes at the moment. Charles didn’t know where to keep his hands and you didn’t want to move around to much. Charles wanted to both kill Pierre for doing this and thank him at the same time. But now he mostly wanted to kill him. You could feel how stiff your posture was in his lap and tried your best to not lean against him too much. But you wanted too. Charles' hand found its way on your lower back, to act as a backrest. You tried to act cool, but this whole situation made your mind and body freak out. How could you focus on anything else than Charles hand on you back? His warm body and his muscular thighs which you were currently sitting on?
You tried to continue your conversations with the boys. Throughout the night Charles got more and more bold with his actions. It started with that he rested his other hand on your thigh, which made you freeze when he did it, but you soon relaxed to his touch. Then he started to pull you closer to his chest so you were resting against his chest. You could feel it rise up and down, but he hoped that you couldn’t hear his racing heart over how close you were to him. Your arms snaked around his waist and you rested your head against his shoulder. He had a hard time breathing normally with you so close to him.  
Later that evening Pierre joined you, which made you break apart from your cozy situation. You and Pierre were talking about some silly things, as usual, and now there was room for you to sit on the sofa, but you didn’t want to leave Charles' lap. Somehow, you had gotten into the topic of different kissing techniques. This made Charles pull you even closer to himself, as he didn’t like the topic that you and Pierre were discussing. 
“Have you ever had a french kiss (Y/N)?”
“No, I don’t think so, why?”
“Well, there are a lot of french people here, would you like to try it with a real french man?” he smirked and you burst into laughter, which made you fall of Charles lap and landed between the boys instead. This made Charles expression sour even more. You and Pierre shared a loud and long laughter by what Pierre just said, but Charles… not so much. His eyes darkened as he looked over to his best friend.
“In your dreams, Pierre.” you said and dried away some tears and shoved him away from you. 
“Perhaps, but it is certainly in someone else’s dreams.” he said and patted you on the knee and left. You looked at him confused and then turned around to Charles. His eyes were still dark as he followed Pierre, but his flustered cheeks told you something else.
“Do you know what he was talking about?”
Charles’ directed his attention towards you again, trying his best to look unbothered.
“No.” he lied. 
You shrugged your shoulders and rose from the sofa.
“Come on, let’s look over the city.”
You grabbed his hand, feeling more bold now that you had sat in his lap for most of the evening. You dragged him towards the railing and looked over Monte Carlo. You hadn’t let go of his hand when you looked over the city. He drew you closer to him and you let your head rest on his arm. Then his curiosity sparked from the conversation you had with Pierre before.
“You haven’t had a french kiss?”
“No, I haven’t.” you laughed but tried to hide the nerves and your embarrassment over the topic. Charles nodded and turned around to face you. You looked at him curiously, which made his stomach do flips. How gorgeous you looked in this light, or in every light for that matter. Your smile, your hair, your laughter, you personality, it was all perfection to him. A wave of confidence crashed inside of him and he saw his chance now. He wanted to be with you and he hoped that you felt the same towards him.
It’s now or never, he thought.
“Well if you haven’t had a french kiss, you probably haven’t had a monegasque kiss.” Charles said with a smirk on his face. He let his hand touch your arm slightly, drawing circles on it. 
“A monegasque kiss? What is that?” you asked. 
“It’s like a french kiss but better.”
“Yes, because it is with me... “ Charles leaned in closer to you. “And you.”
He closed the gap between the two of you. One of his hands grabbed your cheek while the other hand was on your lower back, pulling you closer to him. Sparks flew as your bodies touched and you stopped breathing for a second, which made Charles nervous. But you soon realized what was happening and you moved in sync with his lips. It felt like no time had passed but your lungs were screaming for air. You broke apart from the kiss, looking into each other’s eyes.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” Charles breathed. You just beamed over what had just happened. Charles’ hand caressed your cheek.
“So… What Pierre said about me kissing a certain someone in a certain someone’s dreams. Was that you?”
“Guilty.” He said and from the back you could hear Pierre cheering and shouting something like ‘finally you guys did it!’.
You just laughed and kissed Charles again, which would be one of many kisses to come and quite frankly, you enjoyed the monegasque kiss much more than you would ever like any other kiss in the future.
A/N: Thank you for reading! 🥰
TAGS: @ohmyolympusssy @baueoud @marvelishgirl​ 
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autumnleaves1991-blog · 5 months ago
You’re My Best Friend - Chapter 5
Summary: Javier and you had been best friends since Kindergarten, and you’d been secretly in love with him for years. The night before his wedding to Lorraine, you sleep together, sparking him to leave Lorraine, and you. Ten years later Javier returns home before leaving again for Cali and tries to fix the mess he left. But, passions run high and alcohol flows and you can’t resist falling back in to bed with him, the only thing you didn’t plan was ending up married to him.
This story is told in a series of Flashbacks and follows the events of Season 3 of Narcos when Javi returns to Colombia to take down the Cali Cartel.  
Pairing: Javier Peña x F! Reader
Warnings: 18 + for language, angst, sexual tension, allusions to sex. 
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Tumblr media
Chapter Four 
Chapter Five 
One Week Later 
You blow the smoke out and adjust the sheet over your body. Joaquin walks back in, handing you the glass of water, and you take a sip and close your eyes. "Do you want to talk about it?" he asks, climbing into the bed and staring at you. 
You slowly open your eyes with a raise of your brow; he chuckles, "you've called me for sex three times this week. Not that I am complaining because you are a fabulous fuck, but I can't help but wonder if this might have something to do with a certain DEA agent." You keep silent on the fact that you'd also been fucking Daniel this week, not looking forward to the lecture from one of your lovers. 
"I just needed it more this week; everything has been stressful with Danny's wedding." He knows you're lying. You can see the smirk in his eyes, but he stays silent, nodding. "What? I had to order specialty flowers from our suppliers, and they were delayed; the bride's mother has been breathing down my neck." You take another long pull from the cigarette, your mind wandering to exactly how you found this supplier. 
You'd lost track of how many showers and orgasms you'd had trying to erase the moments of bliss Javi had given you in your apartment. But it was all for naught. He was like the drug he'd spent his life eradicating, addictive. You wanted more, no, you needed more, and it was becoming more apparent with each unsatisfactory fuck. They were good, yes, but that kiss with Javi was perfect. 
You put out the cigarette and begin searching for your clothes. "This is the last time, isn't it." He doesn't phrase it like a question because you both already know the answer. He sighs, "I'll be sad to lose you but, I had a feeling this was coming." He goes into the living room, coming back with a rectangular box with a bright blue bow. "Here," he holds it out to you. 
You unwrap the box and pull back the lid, and laugh, "Really?" He smiles at you, and you realize how much you are going to miss Joaquin. The vibrator is long and curved with a bulb on end for your g-spot. "Are you trying to tell me something?" 
"The two of you are so damn stubborn; you're going to need that before you get your heads out of your ass." Joaquin was anything but subtle, and you appreciated the honesty. "So what now?" 
That was a loaded question. 
"I just need to focus on me right now, all this shit with Javi," you sigh, "I don't know what to tell you. It's just really hard. He made it clear that we're just friends, and I have to live with that." He scoffs and nods with a chuckle. 
"Just friends," he puts up quotes around the words, and you glare before getting up and reaching for your bag. "Baby, you and I are just friends; you don't look at a woman the way he looks at you and just stays friends with them." 
"What do you mean?" he follows behind you to the door and opens it, pressing his lips to yours for one final kiss. "Why don't you ask Peña about Prom." You raise your brow and open your mouth to ask when the door closes with a click. 
"What the fuck is he talking about?" you mumble, taking out your keys and walking to your truck and off to work. 
Prom Night, Senior Year; Laredo, Texas 
Brad fumbled with the corsage in his hands, tossing the box in the air and catching it like a big, beefy moron. Javier couldn't stand the guy, but he was your date. The green flower with the white ribbon tumbled around the box like a setting on the dryer, and Javi cringed, seeing the petals begin to flutter off. You loved flowers, and it was something you were most looking forward to. "Hey," Javi reaches a hand out and catches the box midair, "you're ruining the flowers." 
"Why do you care? Got a little thing for flowers, Peña?" he teased, swiping the box back and resuming his toss. "She'll just be happy to have something pretty to smile about. She won't care if a few fall off." Javi sighed and thought of the second corsage in his glove box. His on-again-off-again relationship with Lorraine had made him think you were going to be his date for Prom. A tradition long withstanding that if you both don't have a date, you go together. 
Lorraine had come crying back, much as she did when she realized she would be attending Prom alone or with said meathead beside him. So instead, she made up with Javi and offered Brad to you. Javier was disappointed when you begrudgingly agreed, but it was already too late to cancel the corsage. Lorraine's mom announced your arrival. Javi was only given a moment's warning to school his expression when he saw you. 
"Fuck," he whispers under his breath as you slowly follow Lorraine down the stairs. His eyes widen, and his adam's apple bobs as the material swirl around your ankles. The green color is stunning and perfectly blending with the pearl necklace. Lorraine coughs, and he smiles at her, finally taking his eyes off you. "You look beautiful, baby." 
"Hot," Brad yells, tossing an arm around your shoulder, "you're smoking, babe." Javi wants to rip his hands off you when you cringe, but he knows how that would look. 
Javi reaches for the box holding the corsage and pops the plastic lid open. The pale petal pink matches Lorraine's dress, and she smiles, holding out her wrist. He takes it and slides it on, putting a kiss under it. He straightens and looks over at you, hating how uncomfortable you look. The flowers are limp, and only a handful of the petals are clinging for dear life on the sad-looking bracelet. 
"Let me see," Lorraine reaches her hand out, and you give her your wrist. She cringes and then smiles, "Oh, it's g-gorgeous." Lorraine's mom claps her hands and manipulates the four of you in a variety of poses. Taking more photos than should be legally allowed before finally letting you all leave. 
Javi walks beside you out to Brad's Mercedes, "Oh, hey, I almost forgot, my dad, asked me to give you something." He quickly leads you over to his truck, and you turn around to see Lorraine watching you. He brings you around to the other side of the truck and unlocks the glovebox pulling out the second corsage. His hands tremble as he pops the lid open and exchanges the corsage around your wrist. 
The new one is much larger than the other in colors complementary to your dress, but the flowers are all your favorites, blending together perfectly. "When did you-" 
"I ordered it when Lorraine and I were split up," he interrupts, "they wouldn't let me cancel. Plus, that idiot won't know the difference; you deserve something beautiful to match that dress." He looks up from your wrist and lets out a shaky breath, and you realize how nervous he is. 
"Thank you," you smile softly at him, admiring the flowers. You can't help the question on the tip of your tongue, "you think my dress is beautiful?" His eyes widen, and he takes a step closer to you, wrapping his hand around the skin above your corsage. 
"You didn't know?" 
"Javi! Baby, come on! We are going to be late!" Lorraine shouts, and he takes a significant step away but still holds your arm. Hearts beating in time together until he finally releases you, closing the door. "There you are," Lorraine smiles and loops her arm through his, pulling him back over to the Mercedes. 
You follow slowly behind, feet dragging, desperately wishing it was you in his arms. Brad opens the back seat, and you slide in, Lorraine on the other side. They close the doors, and she looks over at you, his eyes burning on your wrist. You bring it up to your chest and look out the window avoiding her eyes. The boys get in the front seat, and they pull out to head over to the gym. The school spared no expense, and when you pull up, the bright lights are almost blinding. This year's theme was 'Under the Stars.' When you walk into the gym, there's an entire galaxy full of twinkle lights attached to the ceiling—the tables covered in black tablecloths speckled with white dots and shimmering golden star centerpieces. 
A disc jockey is on the stage, and clusters of people are dancing or mingling over at the refreshment table. Brad slings an arm around your neck and leads you over to his buddies standing at the punch bowl with their equally bored-looking dates. They hand you a cup, and you take a sip, coughing loudly as the liquor burns the back of your throat. Brad tosses back the entire cup and quickly asks for a refill. The pit in your stomach growing by the second, it'd be better if you'd just gone alone, or not gone at all. 
The idea of sitting at your home in your pajamas with ice cream and movies seems light years better than being Brad's arm candy while he drinks himself stupid. You look around the crowded gym and spot Javi in the center of the dancefloor, slowly swaying back and forth with Lorraine. Suddenly, your view is disrupted as Joaquin enters your view. "Hey, do you want to dance?" 
Joaquin was in the same year as you and an immensely talented artist. He'd done several murals around town, and you always loved talking to him in your drawing classes. He was also easy on the eyes, so that was nice. "No hot date?" you tease. 
"Not yet," he grins, giving you a wink. You look over your shoulder at Brad, who is well on his way to getting drunk and doesn't even notice you're talking to someone else. "He won't even notice, you look so gorgeous, and we're friends; would it be okay to switch dates?" Joaquin grimaces behind you, and you turn to see Brad pushing Hilary against the wall and stuffing his tongue down her throat. 
You turn back around and take his outstretched hand; he tugs you close and cups your cheek. "I've always liked you," he smiles, "should we give them a show?" You smile and nod, his face breaking out in a grin. He drops his hand and pulls you toward the dance floor blending in with the other couples, wrapping his arms around your waist and putting your head on his shoulder, eyes closed. 
You sway to the music and don't notice the way his eyes stay open and lock on Javier across the room, giving him a thumbs up against your back. Javi mouthing back a silent thank you. 
One Week Later, The Week before Danny's Wedding; Laredo, Texas
You were trying your best to focus on the books before you, adding up the sales from the week and trying to get your mind off Javi. The past week had been a blur, ending things with Joaquin, and then Daniel had taken away your one means of stress relief, leaving you horny and angry more often than not. Joaquin's words about Prom echoing in your head and leaving you with more questions. 
The bell above the door rings and you look up and freeze, seeing the familiar head of blonde hair, Lorraine. She pushes her sunglasses over her head and puts down the fussy toddler on her hip, "JR, hands in pockets," she reminds the tiny human. He nods and attempts to stuff his hands in the pockets of his Tigger vest. She tugs her purse higher up her shoulder and walks over to the counter. "I'm here to pick-up an order." 
You quickly stand, nearly tripping over your own feet, "name on order?" 
"Loretta Gardener, my grandmother, loves your arrangements; she just couldn't pick it up today." You'd never known sweet Loretta was Lorraine's grandmother, and the pit in your stomach grows. You nod and go into the back, bringing out the large arrangement and putting it onto the counter. Loretta was a part of your floral subscription, getting a fresh bouquet every two weeks. "Thanks," she mumbles, the air thick with a ten-year-old tension. 
You think back to what Javi had told you about the morning of the wedding and can't help yourself. "Thank you," you quickly say, looking over at the distracted toddler before lowering your voice, "for never saying anything about…" me. Her hands tighten on the vase, and her eyes grow darker. 
"I didn't do it for you." She huffs, her voice cracking, "He'd never begged me for anything in his entire life, but he begged for you. It was always you." She lets out a humorless laugh, "I heard that he's home. Did he come running straight to you?" 
"No," you whisper, "he doesn't love me. He left me too, without a word. I'm so sorry for everything Lorraine, I should have talked to you." 
"I forgave you a long time ago; it doesn't do me any good living with hate inside my heart. Plus, we were both in love with him; hell, you still are. Aren't you?" You won't lie to her again, choosing to remain silent. "He doesn't love you," she shakes her head with a laugh, "that man has been in love with you for twenty years. JR, come on, baby, we are gonna go see Great Grandma." The little boy comes over and reaches for her outstretched hand, and they head towards the door. Still, she pauses and turns to you one last time. "I heard through the church that he's accepted another post in Colombia," your heart pounds, feeling your breath quicken at him leaving again. "Don't let him leave without you this time." 
She opens the door and leaves, the bell ringing over her head. You collapse in the chair, putting your head in your hands and letting out deep breathes, trying to center your breathing. The door rings again, and you lift your head, tears streaming down your face. Javi quickly rushes forward and around the counter, kneeling at your feet and taking your cheeks in his hands, "What's wrong, Cariño?" 
You sniffle and try to breathe, but the air won't fill your lungs. The interaction with Lorraine and the revelation that he may be leaving again have thrown you into a state of panic. "Breath baby, breath with me," he puts his forehead to your own, and you try to match your breathing to his. The familiar smell of his cologne and the mint on his breath is calming, and you feel your breathing return to normal, but neither of you pulls away. "What happened?" he whispers. 
You open your eyes and meet his own russet color ones so close you could brush your nose against his; your voice cracks as you answer, "Are you leaving me again?" 
He sighs, his eyes closing as he slowly shakes his head, "I have to go back," he whispers, "I'm not done yet." The cold clench of regret squeezes your heart. Regret that you spent so much of his time home angry, regret that you still couldn't tell him the truth. 
"You just got home," you lower your head to your chin, and he presses his lips to your forehead. "You're dad really missed you." I really missed you, "he loves you." I love you.
"I know," his lips mumble against your skin, "but I failed; I didn't bring down Escobar. I got sent home before that happened, and I wasn't there when he died. I need to do this." You push away from him and stand wrapping your arms around your waist, the borders around your heart rising. "Don't do this," he sighs, coming to stand before you. 
"Do what?" your lips turn down in a frown. 
"Put up these walls against me," he lowers your arms and wraps his hands around yours, "don't shut me out again. I can't live another ten years with you hating me." 
"Then don't go." He drops your hands and turns around, running his hands through his hair with an exasperated sigh. "Stay," you aren't too proud to recognize the desperation in your tone; you're begging him. Although what you are begging him to stay for is questionable. You take a step towards his back, reaching a hand out when the bell on the door rings again. 
"Shit," you turn towards the voice with a slight twang and see a tall blonde man with a mustache standing in the doorway. "Well, guess I ruined my own surprise then. Should have figured he’d be here with you. The old man could never shut up about you." 
Javi looks up sharply towards the door, a surprised look on his face. "Steve?" 
Chapter 6 
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spidernerdsblog · 7 months ago
Safety net
A/N : Happy Valentines day to all you lovely peeps!! 💗💗💗 This is based on safety net by Ariana Grande. Hope you like this. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
Pairing : Single dad! Tom Holland x Reader (aged up to 30 due to the timeline)
Summary : It is said you find true love once in your lifetime. But is it possible to fall in love twice in your life?
Warnings : fluffy fluff, mentions of personal losses in past, suggestive themes.
Tumblr media
Whoever writes these books and articles on how to take care of kids you really wanna meet them personally and give them an earful because none of their theoretical tips work in practical life. You were the full time nanny for the past five years to the most adorable kids in the world Beatrice Holland and Cole Holland. Between them Beatrice, 8 year old was the elder one and the mischievous one too compared to Cole who just turned 5 a few days ago was the quieter one and the partner in crime to his sister. Their mother tragically passed away while giving birth to Cole due to some severe complications leaving them with just their father Thomas Stanley Holland though he prefers to be called Tom, a workaholic and the CEO of a tech giant with no time to spare but still he tries his best to make time for his kids. So it’s you who spends most of the time with them. 
Your work mostly included taking care of them but you had insisted to Tom that he let you do the cooking and cleaning too because you just get bored when they are at school with nothing to do. You heard the school bus and then the front door burst open a smile etched on your lips as you heard the pitter patter of small feet
"Y/N!" Trixie and Cole squealed as they came running in clinging on to you.
"Hey guys! How was your day at school?" you ask ruffling their hair 
"It was good!" Trixie chirped. 
"I got a smiley face today!" Cole said proudly. 
"Wow, very good bud’’ you praised ‘‘Now both of you go change and freshen up I made your favourite pudding today" 
"Yayy!!" they ran to their room. 
You spent the rest of the day playing with them and then helped them with their homework. After making them have their dinner you were sitting in the couch when your eyes went to the clock it was ten past eight already two hours past your working hour.
"Daddy is late again today" Trixie says sadly.
"Yes honey he has a lot of work to do you know" 
"I know" 
"Okay let’s watch a movie then he will be back by the time it finishes and tuck you two to bed" you try to cheer them up.
"Okay" they agreed instantly.
"So what do you wanna watch?" 
"Inside out!" they exclaimed. You put on the movie and sat in the middle of the couch as Trixie and Cole lied down laying their heads on your lap while you gently comb their hair with your fingers. By the time the movie got over it was already ten and Tom had still not returned, Cole was already asleep and Trixie was frequently dozing off.
"Trix c’mon baby let's go to bed shall we?" you nudged her.
"But daddy hasn't come home yet" she mumbles sitting up rubbing her sleepy eyes
"Dad will come home soon don’t worry but you got school tomorrow" 
"OK" she agrees as you picked up Cole in your arms and carried him to the bedroom with Trixie walking by your side. You tucked them into bed and were about to turn off the lights and leave, Trixie called you back. 
"Hmm monkey?" you turned to her. 
"Will you stay with us?" 
"Yes baby sure I'm always here for you" you sat beside her near the headboard and brushed her forehead gently "now close your eyes and go to sleep" you say softly. She soon fell asleep as you waited for Tom to return. You had almost dozed off when you finally heard the door unlock. You quietly got off the bed making sure not to wake them up and headed to the living room. You saw Tom, he looked completely exhausted assuming he had a long day at the office. 
"Are the kids asleep?" he asks, taking off his overcoat revealing the black turtleneck he was wearing underneath which perfectly defined his toned upper body. You were always in awe how after being a dad to two kids and working constantly 24/7 how he had still managed to keep such a fit and muscular physique. 
"Yeah just now put them to sleep though they really wanted to stay up and wait for you" you inform. 
"It's fine they shouldn’t stay up so late anyways" he heads to the kitchen to have a glass of water. 
"Do you want me to reheat the leftovers from dinner?" you ask.
"No, no it’s ok I already had dinner at the office and you have already done enough for us staying beyond your work hours" 
"Well you are lucky that you have such adorable kids" you quip, he breaks into a smile at that. 
"Okay then see you tomorrow morning" you chirp.
"You know you can stay the night, it's quite late already" he says with concern. 
"It's okay Tom I can manage" you left booking an uber for yourself. You reached home turning the key to the front door and entered your house, you sneaked your way back towards your room when the lights of the living room flickered on.
"Y/N Y/L/N care to explain where were you this late?" you heard your mother from behind, voice stern and sharp.
"At my job mom" you huff rolling your eyes. 
"I think your working hours are from 8-6 and it's almost midnight" 
"Tom was late" 
"What’s new in that?" she gives you a bemused look. 
"I just can’t leave two kids on their own, can I?" 
"That is their father's headache not yours" 
"Seriously mom?" you looked at her baffled. 
"It’s you who's not being serious Y/N. You need to start thinking about your future" 
"Mom please we are not having that conversation again" 
"See Y/N I didn’t force you all these years because you were still coping up with your loss but honey it’s been five years now you need to move on. You need to start a new life." 
"Mom I’m happy trust me this job and being able to take care of Trixie and Cole are the best thing that has ever happened to me" 
"But for how long Y/N? You are not their mother. Once they are old enough they won’t need you anyways. Don’t you want your own family?" 
"Mom, I'm really tired. Can we have this discussion any other time please?" you say pinching the bridge of your nose. 
"You can’t get away every time Y/N because you also know that I’m right." 
"Okay mom good night" you went back to your room and plopped on to your bed letting out a deep sigh. You stared at the ceiling as your mother’s words replayed in your mind. 
Five years ago your life was totally different, you were a happy and carefree person, newly married with the love of your life Daniel. You couldn’t be any happier waking up everyday in his arms and getting to share your lives with each other for a lifetime. However it was just for a short span of time as you were soon stripped away of your happiness, from the person you loved the most.
Daniel had surprised you with a trip to the hills on your first wedding anniversary. It was undoubtedly the best days of your life. While returning the inevitable happened as you were met with a severe accident your car skidded on the ice covered slippery road. Everything blacked out in front of you. The only thing you remember was the loud screeching of the tires and crushing of glasses. When you regained consciousness you found yourself on a hospital bed wired to some beeping machines. Your mother was sitting beside you, eyes red and puffy from crying and praying for you to recover. You tried to sit up but winced in pain.
"Honey, lay down you’re not well" 
"I’m fine mom, where’s Daniel?" you asked her. 
"He’s there honey you just lie down" 
"No mom I need to know is he ok or not" you got restless. 
"You can see him later Y/N just lie down" 
"No mom let me go please" with a heavy heart your mother had to break the tragic news to you
"Y/N, Daniel is no more!" 
"What?" you thought you heard her wrong. 
"He’s dead, Y/N" your mother broke into tears. 
"No, you’re joking right? This isn’t true you are lying mom, you’re lying!" you couldn't make yourself come into terms with the news. 
"Honey, honey listen to me when they brought you here you both were severely injured and Daniel had lost a lot of blood the doctors tried their best but it was too late baby"
You felt as if someone ripped your heart out of your chest, you didn’t want to believe any of this. You felt it was a nightmare which you desperately wanted to end. 
The grief was too much for you, you talked less to people, didn’t eat much, always cooped up in your room crying which scared your mother. She decided to send you for therapy to Dr. Lee who assessed your difficulty in processing your loss. She was the one who asked you to take up the job of taking care of one of her other client's kids who just lost their mother. She believed shared trauma will help you recover. 
Initially you were reluctant to take up the job but one look at those innocent faces made you change your mind. You still remember how Trixie was hiding behind her dad clinging on to his leg and little Cole in Tom's arms wrapped in a blanket. Your suppressed emotions started to turn in back again, for the first time in months you felt love and pain again. You didn't share a blood relation with them but at that very instance you felt you would die for them. Guess maternal instincts don't have to come from blood relations; they are just natural. You connected yourself with their grief. You really thought how could God be so harsh and snatch away their mother from them. 
This is what you had wanted all your life: a loving husband with two lovely kids, your little happy family. Though you lost your husband but you got these two angels in return. They came at the most pivotal point in your life. The time you spent with them was your escape from your harsh reality of losing the love of your life with whom you dreamt to have a family.
"Tom you really need to start considering marrying again" said his mom from the other end of the line. 
"Mum you know I will never do it" he said over the phone pacing around in his huge office. 
"But you have to for those little ones they need a mother" 
"I can't handover their responsibility to just anyone mum! And they are already in good hands I can assure you that" 
"I know Y/N is a very capable person but a nanny can't be a replacement for a mother. They need someone to take care of them all the time and son, you too need someone to take care of you too."
"Mum I don't need anyone and so does my children" He states firmly.
"Tom if you don't come to a decision I will be forced to bring back my grandchildren to London with me" she gives an ultimatum.
"What? but mum you know I can't live without them"
"And I can't let my grandchildren grow up like that as if they don't have anyone to look after them in this world, you hardly have time to spare for them Tom. Think about it" the call gets disconnected.
It was impossible for him to do what his mother asked, he can't give Cynthia's place to anyone. Though she herself on her deathbed said that her last wish was that he should marry again. But he had blatantly refused her wish with tears in his eyes. And he can't give the responsibility of his little kids to anyone. The only woman he has ever trusted is you. Initially he was so against getting a nanny for them but with a company to run he had no other option. The day you walked into their lives he will be the most grateful for. You had crouched down to Trixie with a smile that could brighten up anyone’s day.
"Hi I'm Y/N" 
"Are you my new mommy?" Trixie asked innocently
"Not really but I can be your best friend if you want, so friends?" she nodded in a yes but still a little reserved. You stood up and looked at Cole in his arms. 
"May I?" 
"Yea-yeah sure" when he handed little Cole over to you the way you cradled him in your arms he knew that very moment his children were in safe hands. You had grown on him. He can't pinpoint it exactly but there's something about you that makes his heart flutter. 
Tom was driving through the suburbs when he caught sight of you in a flower shop. He pulled over near the sidewalk, he couldn’t help but admire you a little at how radiant and happy you looked while you talked to the florist lady. Your little giggles as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear made butterflies emerge in his stomach. He watched you walk out of the shop as he shook himself from his thoughts and called you.
"Hey Y/N!" you turned back hearing his voice.
"Oh hi Tom"
"Where to?" He enquired.
"To the cemetery actually" you felt a little awkward.
‘‘What are you doing here?’’
‘‘Had a meeting with a client. Get inside I'll drive you"
"It's not at all necessary Tom I can go by myself and also you need to go back to your office I guess"
"Hey I’m the CEO I don’t need to answer anyone, I can go wherever I want"
"Okay" you agreed smiling.
You reached the cemetery and walked down to Daniel’s grave as Tom followed you. You kneeled down and placed the flowers on his grave as your lips moved in a silent prayer. You sat there quietly for a while as Tom stood right behind you without a word. You placed your hand on the concrete surface of his grave bringing it to your lips and then stood up. 
"You okay?" he checked upon you.
"Huh, yea-yeah now I am used to this actually it's been five years" you half shrug "You miss her?" 
"Yeah everyday she was the love of my life who gave me the two most precious gifts in the world. I will always cherish the time we got to spend together" He says with a tight lipped smile "What about you?"
"I do a lot actually, I used to dream about having a family with him just like yours. He loved kids you know. I often wish it was me instead of him" your face dropped in remorse.
"Hey don't feel like that you'll find someone again someday" He tried to cheer you up.
"Did you? Did you find love again?" you question him back and he chuckled lightly on the realization that just like you he has restrained himself from feeling anything for anyone but honestly he can’t stop the way he feels for you.
"Okay you got me there" He lets out an airy laugh.
"Mom this is outrageous! You didn't even think of asking me once?" you were furious over your mom who had set you up for a date with one of her friends son without even telling you. 
"What's there to ask? Chadwick is a good guy Y/N just meet him once"
"Uggh! I hate you!" 
You were now sitting at a local diner deciding your order so far you guys didn't talk much except for exchanging pleasantries when your phone lit up with a message with Trixie’s name. 
Trixie : SOS 🤕 
The kids had been given a phone incase of an emergency. You had taught Trixie that if anything happens just text you with a sos message and now you panicked at the text, thousands of bad thoughts coming in your mind of what may have happened. Though it was your day off you got up from your seat hastily
"Sorry I have to go, there's some emergency and it's really urgent" you apologized and rushed out. You reached their apartment and unlocked the front door with the spare key you had and walked inside to find Trixie and Cole with worried faces. 
"Oh my god what happened are you guys okay? Are you hurt?" you crouched down examining both of them. 
"No we’re fine" Trixie informs.
"Then what was that sos message for?" you frowned. 
"Tom? What happened to him?" you gave a puzzled look. 
"Come with us" Trixie and Cole dragged you to Tom's bedroom. You saw him lying down on the bed with an ice pack on his head. He hurriedly sat up seeing you. 
"Hey what are you doing here?" 
"Probably pissing my mom by leaving my date but what happened to you?" 
"I slipped" He says with a painful expression
"What?" Your lips quirked to a smile
"There was some oil spilled on the kitchen floor and as I was going to get some paper towels I accidentally stepped on it and slipped" You couldn't stifle your laughter anymore and burst out laughing. 
"It's not funny Y/N I think I sprained my leg and it hurts like a bitc-" 
"Tom! Language!" You glared at him playfully. 
"Oh sorry" 
"Let me see it" you sat near his legs and pressed your hand near his ankle he flinched at the pressure. 
"Sorry" you squint, moving your hand a little upwards and pressing again. 
"Does it hurt?" 
"Yeah a little" 
"Is daddy gonna be okay?" Cole asks innocently.
"Yeah he’s gonna be alright, let me just get you a hot compress and something to relieve the pain" 
"And then you guys can help me in preparing lunch, okay?" you first took care of Tom then went to prepare lunch with Trixie and Cole as your assistants. Later you went to check upon Tom who was finally getting some rest from his busy life.
"Sorry you had to come running all the way in the middle of your date" He says with guilt 
"Relax, I should actually thank Trixie for saving me from getting bored to death" you snicker. 
‘‘Y/N look Trixie hit me!’’ You heard Cole’s voice.
‘‘He is lying Y/N he pulled my hair first!’’ Trixie retorted as they came running inside bumping into you in turn making you lose balance and fall over Tom. You stared at each other in shock, blinking owlishly, his arms wrapped around you while your hands lay flat on his broad muscular chest you swear you felt his defined abs through the thin fabric of his flannel shirt. You were brought back to your senses when you heard Trixie and Cole giggling. 
"I’m so sorry, so sorry Tom" You scurried off him standing upright and turned to the little culprits with a stern gaze. 
"How many times did I tell you not to run around in the house? Anybody of us could get hurt" 
"We are sorry Y/N it won’t happen again" they glanced at their feet with guilty faces.
"Yeah guys seriously I could have really got hurt she's really heavy you know" Tom remarks cheekily as you turned to him with an incredulous look
"What?!" you frowned as Trixie and Cole started giggling again.
"You know what you are lucky that it was me if it was anyone else they wouldn't have stayed for even a month" you say haughtily "I’m leaving do whatever you like" you turn to leave, Tom quickly got off the bed and caught hold of your hand. 
"Y/N, Y/N wait love, I'm sorry I was just kidding" 
"Go away!" you pushed his hand away as you crossed your arms around your chest facing away from him annoyed.
"Hey listen look at me" He turns you around as he slowly pulls out your hands and holds on to them. 
"You don’t know how important you are for us’’ one hand reaches up to your face ‘‘you are irreplaceable and we can't imagine what we would do without you" his thumb brushes your cheekbones as he looked at you intently, for a moment you felt time had stopped around you as you got lost in his warm brown orbs. 
"Cole close your eyes!" Trixie mutters 
"But why?" Cole frowned as Trixie rolls her eyes dramatically
"Don't you know silly this is where daddy kisses mommy in the movies after a fight to say sorry" Tom immediately retracted his hand off your face, you felt a heat rush to your cheeks as you both cleared your throats awkwardly looking away.
"I think I have to shorten your TV viewing timings" you narrow your eyes.   
In the evening Trixie, Cole, you and Tom were lying on the carpet in the living room playing Monopoly while eating lollipops.
"I’ll be the top hat" Trixie exclaimed.
"I’ll be the race car, because I’m gonna leave both in the dust" you joked 
"Very funny" Tom snickered "Okay I’ll be the shoe" 
"Why can’t I play the game?" Cole pouted.
"Shut up Cole you are still small for this" 
"Trix is this the way you talk to your brother?" you scolded her.
"Sorry" she mumbled an apology.
"Come here bud I’ll show you the game" Tom pulls Cole to his lap as he rolls the dice.
"Three double rolls dad you have to go to jail" Trixie points out.
"What? No that’s not the rule" Tom protests.
"That’s the rule Tom, you are going to jail Mr Holland" you say teasingly. The game went on for an hour. You were so invested in the game that you failed to notice that the whole time Tom’s eyes were on you. He can never deny the fact that he was attracted to you and it had just grown stronger each and every passing day. You unknowingly turned to the mother that his kids needed and his heart swells seeing you with Cole and Trixie.
He likes you, he really does. He enjoys every moment spent with you. You made him feel again that he belongs somewhere with you around. The way you slip your hair behind your ears, makes him smile as if he’s the luckiest guy on earth. But that’s that. That’s the end. He doesn’t want to give a label to this relationship because he knows about your past trauma and doesn’t want to push you into anything but he wants to be with you all the time, maybe hold your hand, make you laugh and forget about time. Maybe it’s love or maybe it isn’t. But it doesn’t matter because everything seems right when he thinks about you. At times he does wonders if it’s love and should he take a step forward. But this warmth that he feels of just being with you. He doesn’t want to think of anything else.
"The kids are finally asleep, I think it's time for me to leave too" you say walking into the living room where Tom was relaxing on the couch sipping on a beer bottle.
"So soon? Come have a drink" he offered
‘‘I don’t think that’s a good idea I have to drive home’’
‘‘C’mon just one, for me, please’’ He pouted jutting out his lower lip, you broke into a smile at his puppy face.
"Okay only one" He hands you a bottle as you sit beside him on the couch. A random playlist was playing on the speakers as you sat silently drinking your beers when Tom finally spoke up
"Uh Y/N I really don't know from where Trixie got that idea of seeing you as her mom it was really out of the blue but I'm sorry if it made you uncomfortable I will talk to her if you want" 
"Hey no it's absolutely fine if she sees me as her mother I'll be more than happy to be her mother" 
"My mum wants to take them back with her to London. She thinks they aren't getting enough care as I'm always busy with the company and they need a mother who will always be there for them" He sighs while taking a swig of his beer. "I just don't know if I'm being able to be a good father to them."
"Hey you're doing great trust me I haven't seen a doting father like you in my life" you place a hand over his in reassurance.
"Y/N thank you" He says with a soft smile.
"For what?"
"For all the things you do for my kids" 
"First of all they are my kids too, being their nanny for five years I think I have earned that authority on them" you snicker.
"Well that's true" 
"I really can't imagine what I would have done if they didn't come into my life. They made me feel alive again and enjoy life" what went through Tom’s mind you don’t know as he suddenly got up and reached out his hand to you.
"Shall we?" He asked you for a dance.
"You're not serious are you?" you looked at him in disbelief.
"Bloody serious, c’mon now don’t be a bore" He ushered, you caved in as you stood up holding his hand. His hands went to circle around your waist while your hands rested on his broad shoulders. You lazily swayed to the music when you started giggling.
"Nothing, it's just been a long time since I danced like this with anyone after Dan, kinda feels a little weird" 
"A little weird is good for health you know" 
"Who said that?" 
"Well I said just now" He takes your hand and twirls you around you let out a light squeal as pulls you back towards him. You slam right into his body, your breath hitching as you felt the warmth radiating from his body.
You know you really something, yeah How'd we get here so damn fast? Only you can tell me that Baby, 'cause you know I'm coming back
Tom’s eyes were glassy as he stared deep into your eyes. Is this when you realize you have fallen for someone again? Is it even possible to fall in love twice in a lifetime? You don’t know when the dynamic of your relationship changed with him but find yourself wishing for him to be a part of your life.
You're making me forget my past Never thought I'd feel like that again I came to peace with my path Now you got me off track
You felt safe and secure in his arms which you once felt around Daniel. His eyes were warm and inviting full of love and affection making your heart skip a beat. For a moment you wanted to forget your tragic past and get lost in this moment. All these years you managed to come to terms with your life but these new found feelings have certainly got you off track.
I've never been this scared before Feelings I just can't ignore Don't know if I should fight or fly But I don't mind
You’re scared to commit to your feelings. You’re confused, should you roll with it or resist this temptation? You don’t want to get hurt again but you can’t deny your feelings for him either. Tom’s hand reaches up to brush a strand of your hair behind your ear, cupping your face with his hand.  
Mmm Tripping, falling with no safety net Boy, it must be something that you said Is it real this time or is it in my head? Got me tripping, falling with no safety net
"Tom" you whispered, your heart was racing a million miles per hour.
"Hmm?" His voice husky, pupils dilated as he swiped the tip of his tongue through his bottom lip. You were breathing heavily, eyes flickering between his eyes and thin lips. He knelt down as you crane your neck meeting him halfway. His warm mouth molding into yours perfectly. You could taste the remnants of the beer he was having on his lips. The fluttering of your heart just intensified with time with the way he was invading your senses. Tom kept his eyes half open sneaking a guilty peek just to make sure this wasn’t just a product of his imagination. 
Tom was the first one to wake up as his eyes went to your sleeping figure. Your face nuzzled to his chest, glowing in the sunlight peeking through the windows. You were in his flannel shirt, hair all messy but you looked so adorable he thought. He immediately closed his eyes when you started to steer out of your sleep. 
You blinked your eyes open, slowly adjusting to your surroundings and you were met with the most serene view. You were lying on Tom's bare chest, the sunlight was hitting his face, his soft brown curls shining with a golden hue. He looked so calm and peaceful. You found yourself wishing to wake up to him everyday. But soon you realized sometimes we don't get what we wish for, the lonely lives you have been living for the past few years made you find momentary solace in each other last night but that doesn’t equate to a lifetime togetherness. 
You were in the kitchen making breakfast Trixie and Cole already sitting near the counter in their school uniforms waiting for the food. Tom walked out of his room dressed up in his office clothes your eyes met momentarily before shifting away. You served their breakfast as everyone ate silently. The school bus arrived after sometime.
‘‘Bye Y/N! Bye dad!’’ Trixie and Cole said jumping off their seats 
‘‘Bye guys, see you later’’ After they left Tom walked up to you in the kitchen.
"Ahem, Y/N I-I just want to talk about.." He said, clearing his throat as you cut him off immediately.
"It's ok Tom we aren't in high school so need of any explanation and that is what one night stand is all about you get drunk and things happen" 
"No you are not getting it, I have been thinking about something lately a lot and want to ask you something’’ he paused to take a deep breath before asking,'' Would you like to be Trixie and Cole’s mom?"
"What?" you frowned in confusion.
"I know it seems kinda weird but believe me it has nothing to do with us sleeping together. I have been meaning to ask you this a longtime ago but couldn’t gather up enough courage to do it but Y/N I know this much that no one understands them the way you do and they love you so much and truly speaking I like you too" He rants, you opened and closed your mouth searching for words to say.
"See I know you have no intentions of settling down again but I can't think of a better mother than you for my kids. They are really dependent on you Y/N. And I know you love them too."
"Tom, look I-I really don't know what to say" you finally spoke up.
"You don't have to say anything right now but please consider my proposal for once. And if you have any hesitation due to me I can assure you that you never have to act as my wife against your will" saying that he leaves.
You were caught in the biggest dilemma of your life. You know how sometimes you feel alive being with someone. Someone who makes you believe in yourself more. Perhaps we cannot name that emotion. It’s as simple and complicated as that. You don’t even know what you feel about him. 
Later at night Tom receives a message from you
I don’t think I can continue with this job. Will let you know my decision in two days.
And Tom knew that he had lost you forever.
‘‘You’re not going to work today?’’ your mother asked surprised.
‘‘Have taken two days off’’
"That’s very unlikely of you, how was the date?" she asks nonchalantly 
"Uh.. It was nice" you fumble.
"Stop lying I know you just left him in the middle of your date" 
"If you already know then why do you ask?" you roll your eyes irritated.
‘‘I’m not your enemy Y/N, I’m just try-’’ you cut her off.
"Mr Holland asked me to marry him" 
"Yeah his parents want him to get married or else they will take his kids back with them to London and he can’t think of anyone better than me to be their mother" 
"So what did you say?" 
"Nothing just I need time" 
"Why do you need time anyways since you already slept together"
"What! No, we-we didn't sleep together!" you stuttered 
"Well honey, I hate to break it to you that your concealer has done an awful job of hiding that very prominent red mark on your neck" you immediately placed your hand on your neck flustered.
"I know you love those kids with your life and that's what you wanted all your life right? A family, a loving husband and kids. Take your time and think clearly he is a nice guy, it's up to you now what you want to do" 
You are someone who doesn’t fall in love easily. It takes more than a few dates to open up to someone and let them in. you are not someone who could be impressed with cheesy pickup lines you need someone who can keep the conversation going even after 3am.
And fortunately you met them, they came into your life like a ray of sunshine on a cold winter morning and everything became warmer. No you weren’t looking for a partner or love, but he broke the walls around your heart and made a home inside.
But luck has never been on your side and that is why you are scared, scared of losing, to be heartbroken. But the pain won’t go away cause you miss them. You don’t want to be like this, you want to be happy and carefree again. You want a moment of relief from this gut- wrenching pain and you know the solution.
‘‘Dad, when is Y/N coming back? I miss her’’ Trixie asks while eating her breakfast.
‘‘Yeah dad’’ Cole joins her too. Tom sighs before breaking the news to them of you potentially not coming back.
"Ok guys here is the thing Y/N is not coming back" 
"But why? Is she still angry with us?" sadness clouds her features. 
"No love the thing is your grandma wants you both back at London" 
"But we don’t want to stay with grandma’’ Trixie fusses.
‘‘Yes not without Y/N" Cole adds.
"Y/N can’t come with us bubs" Tom tried his best to make them understand instead they started throwing tantrums.
"No! We are not going anywhere without Y/N" 
"Enough both of you I don't want to hear anything!" Tom yelled at them and regretted instantly, never in all these years he has ever raised his voice on them. Trixie and Cole’s eyes went watery as fat tears rolled down their cheeks.
"You are bad, I don't like you. You can go back to grandma and we will stay with Y/N." Trixie sobbed.
"Love, I'm sorry I yelled like that but just try to understand" 
"No go away!" Tom felt so helpless at the moment he just wished for you to come back. And just then the front door opened and you stood there on the doorway, seeing you both of them ran to you crying.
"What happened you guys? Why are you crying?" you crouched down as you wiped their tears with your hands.
"Y/N are you leaving us?" Cole sniffled.
"No honey I'm not going anywhere" 
‘‘But dad said you won’t come back’’ Trixie sobbed
‘‘Well I think there has been a little misunderstanding, let me talk to your dad okay?’’ they nodded in understanding rubbing their eyes.
"Now you guys stop crying and go get ready for school" they went back to their room as you walked inside the house. 
"Two days and they are already crying" you quip.
"Why do you care?" He retorts with a serious face.
‘‘Because they are my kids too’’
‘‘Oh are they now? Because I remember you sending a text stating that you’re thinking to quit and you will inform me of your decision in two days’’ He spat
"OK you don’t get to do this after the mental turmoil you made me go through, I had to take two days off to get my shit together before beginning a new life" you snapped back at him.
"Wait, new life?" Tom looked puzzled.
"Listen I thought about it and I came to a conclusion that I can't live without them, they have become my life and I do kinda like you too so I'm ready to be their full time mom if the position is still vacant" you try to be sarcastic.
"You’re not joking right?" He asks you in disbelief.
‘‘Currently I’m not in the mood to be honest’’
"Thank you, thank you so much the kids would be so happy" He hugged you tightly
Later in the evening Tom stood in front of his kids room as he gently knocked at the door.
‘‘Can I come in?’’
‘‘Yes’’ they reply meekly. He enters their room and sits near them on the bed.
‘‘Listen guys I’m really sorry for yelling at you in the morning, dad was a little stressed you know’’
‘‘It’s ok daddy we’re sorry too’’ both of them apologize.
"It’s ok lovebugs’’ He pulls them in a hug.
‘‘So if everything is fine I have a good news for you both Y/N and I have decided to get married so she is going to be your new mommy’’ their faces light up instantly.
‘‘What! Really?!’’ they exclaim in joy.
‘‘Yes it’s absolutely true’’
‘‘So I can call her mom from now?’’ Trixie asks in excitement.
‘‘Yes you can, love’’ Tom says with a warm smile but then she suddenly frowns pouting her lips.
"But when did you propose to Y/N?" 
"I didn’t propose to her"
"What? But you need to propose I have seen in the movies" Trixie said persistently.
"I think it’s high time to cut your watch time" Tom jokes.
"You're so boring!" she huffs.
"No I'm not"
"Whatever, you are lucky it’s Y/N because if Henry doesn’t propose to me with a ring I’m not gonna marry him."
"What? Who's Henry?" Tom arched his brows amused.
"Oopsies uh he’s no one I-I just remembered I have homework to finish, ok bye" she ran away to the study.
"Come back here little miss you got some real explanation to do" Tom calls from behind.
You were busy finishing up your work before you left to go back to your home when Tom came up from behind.
"You know you can move in with us now as in a few days you are officially going to be their mother"
‘‘And ditch my old lady who was literally on a mission to see me settled again? Nope not happening’’ you chuckle.
"Uh, did you know Trixie likes a boy?"
"Really? Who?" you arch your brows amused.
"Someone named Henry" he shrugs, rolling his eyes.
"Oh that cute blonde, he’s such a sweet boy" 
"Seriously?" Tom looks at you questioningly. 
"Relax mister they are just kids it’s not they are running away and getting married tomorrow itself" you joke.
"I don’t think so because your sweet daughter says that if he doesn’t propose to her with a ring she wouldn’t marry him in future."
"Oh now she is my daughter huh? But she’s kinda right you know. You gotta put a ring first if you love someone and want to marry her" 
Tom panicked internally at your words because he never thought about proposing you on a serious note as he felt he might hurt you but knowing that you actually like this whole idea of proposing to someone made him freak out. After you left Tom straightaway went to Trixie and Cole’s room.
"Ok guys we got a problem and I need your help"
‘‘What problem dad?’’ they eagerly listened to him.
"How do I propose to Y/N?"
"Oh finally!" Trixie heaves a sigh of relief.
"Yeah finally now tell me what should I do?"
"Well Stacy said to me at school that valentine’s day is coming up. I might have some ideas’’ she narrowed her eyes mischievously.
‘‘Seriously you kids discuss all this at school? I really need to talk to your teacher’’ He says skeptically ‘‘but for now tell me your ideas’’ 
‘‘Uh, uh not so easily. What are we gonna get in exchange?" she crosses her arms narrowing her eyes.
"What do you want?"
"A raise of our pocket money, Cole wants the avengers deluxe figurine set and I want a new phone." she puts forth her demands sassily.
"Okay no to phone, toy set will think about it and yeah $1 raise will be enough I guess" Trixie was about to protest but was cut off "ah, no more negotiations" 
"Okay" she huffs in defeat.
"What’s with this surprise family picnic?" You say while walking inside the park to the designated spot with a picnic basket in your hand other hand holding Trixie’s hand.
"Well I realized I don’t spend much time with you guys so took a day off and thought what’s better than a family picnic?" Tom says with Cole in his arms.
"Well that’s very thoughtful of you, we’re impressed" But in reality it was Trixie’s idea.
After having your lunch you were standing near the lake enjoying the view when Cole walked up to you.
"Y/N" he says softly as you turn to face him.
"Yeah baby you need something?" He shook his head in a no and knelt down on one knee bringing out a velvet box from his pocket and opened the box presenting you a shining diamond solitaire ring. Trixie and Tom standing right behind him.
"Y/N Y/L/N will you marry our daddy and be our mommy?" your heart swelled in happiness as tears threatened to spill out of your eyes. 
"Aww you guys" you crouched down and hugged both of them peppering kisses to both of their faces.
"Is this a yes?" Trixie asks in between.
"Yes my babies I'll marry your daddy and be your mommy" 
"All hugs for mom, what about me?" Tom quips before joining in the group hug.
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floralflowerpower · 4 months ago
@phicphight​ 2021 
For: @kawaiijohn
Words: 2,829
Tumblr media
Part 1/4 
Danny wasn't expecting to find a friend that day. Especially not one so odd.
He had passed out and was left to drift in the ghost zone again. He remembered being pretty hurt; he had lost a lot of ectoplasm. A lot of blood too, when he passed out and reverted back to his human form.
He woke up in a part of the ghost zone he had never been in before with some type of salve rubbed over his wounds.
He closed his eyes again; he could feel his core vibrating in his chest. It was a good feeling. One he had never felt before.
It was a canyon of some kind; he was in one of the caves along its walls. Tucked neatly in a blue-green ball of some type of glowing energy. It felt nice. Whatever it was? He really did not have any complaints. It felt more comfortable than his own bed did, to be honest.
And something about being here, at this moment, in this place just felt right.
"You're awake little one?"
Danny's eyes sprung open at the voice.
At the entrance of his cave stood a very tall but pretty woman. She was even taller than Pandora. Which Danny didn't think was possible?
She had white-blue hair and black skin littered in what looked like tiny green galaxies. Her lips were a deep purple, and her eyes glowed a solid green. She was wrapped in the same green-blue energy that Danny currently was. Only for her, it was clinging to her body like an old dress.  
"Who are you?"
The ghost stopped dead in her tracks and cocked her head to the side in both confusion and curiosity.
"You can see me?" She asked.
She jumped at Danny's voice.
"You can hear me too??" She asked. This time she sounded more floored than confused.
Danny wished he could share in her excitement, but he still had no idea what was going on.
"I was wondering why you didn't…" Her voice hitched, and she sounded like she was going to cry.
Danny Immediately wrangled himself out of his blue cocoon and flew over to her.
"Are you alright, is there anything I can do to help?" He asked.
He didn't know this ghost, but it was pretty apparent that she had patched him up. Which generally meant she was a good ghost in his book.  
"No, little one," She smiled, "Just you being here has made me so happy. Almost no one comes to visit anymore."
No one comes to visit?
For whatever reason, hearing that made Danny sad.
"Well, I can visit from now on if you want."
Danny made a point every week to go visit the ghost that had helped him.
And it was with that fateful sentence a new friendship was born.
And every week, she was always overjoyed to see him.
He got to explore the canyon with her. It was a beautiful place.
The walls of the canyon were blue and full of nests of non-sentient ghosts.
There was always a halo about the place that reminded him of the aurora borealis, it was gorgeous to look at, and it got stronger the further you went into the canyon.  
It reminded Danny of gold veins found in mines back in the human world. The only difference was you didn't need to shine a flashlight on them to know they were there. The crystal's veins sparkled with the same fantastic glow as the halo that surrounded this place.
The canyon center was a large crystal; it was constantly pulsing with energy. It was the source of the halo that only seemed to exist in this place.  
The crystal itself seemed to be infused into the canyon's rocky ground; small veins of the crystal branched out around it.
The crystal was so brilliant that Danny started to refer to it as a star.
He liked being around the star.
It made his core vibrate.
Danny absentmindedly placed a hand on his chest, fully taking in the sensation that only seemed to happen while visiting this strange part of the zone.
It was an odd feeling but not an unpleasant one......
It made him feel like this place was his too. That he belonged here.
"What is that?" He asked one day while in the middle of a game of Phase 10. She liked it when he brought board games or cards when he visited.
"Mmmm?" She looked up from her deck and then in the direction the halfa was pointing. "Oh, that's me."
Danny blinked.
"I am sorry, what??"
"That's me." She repeated, "That's my core."
"Your core??"
"Yes," she said slowly. "Why?"
"But," Danny practically choked on the word. "That's big enough to be a neutron star's core??"
"But you're not that big?"
"I can be if I want to be." She explained as she placed down another card. "See all the blue and green energy around you? That's also me. I am just choosing to remain this way so I can spend time with you, little one."
Danny's mouth hung open. He didn't know how to process any of that.
"It's your turn to go," She said teasingly, her purple lips pulled up into a smile.
"Oh, Right!" Danny shuffled through his deck and placed a card down. "My name is Danny, by the way. Danny Phantom. Though a lot of my ghost friends call me Phantom. You can too if you want."
"Phantom," She said. Trying the word out on her tongue. She rather liked the name.
"Do you have a name you like to go by?" He asked, breaking her from her thoughts.
"I have had many names over the centuries. But I normally let my new….." She trailed off like she was trying to think of a new word. "I normally let my new friends pick one for me. It's an old sign of commitment and respect."
"I have never heard of that before, but then again, I am not much of a buff when it comes to zone culture," Danny replied sheepishly.  
"That is perfectly fine; trust me, there is not much worth learning."
She seemed almost relieved by his answer. Which Danny thought was odd?
"Are you going to give me a name, Phantom?"
Danny nervously rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to come up with something. His eyes darting around for inspiration before it finally hit him.
"How about Kora!" He chirped, "it's a cool name, but it's also a pun! Cause you're a giant core! Get it?"
The woman now dubbed Kora smiled.
"I will say that is the oddest name I have been called, but I do like it."
Danny beamed up at her. Enjoying the praise.
"You lose, by the way." She said with a chuckle as she placed her last card.
Danny stared down at the game with a gaping mouth before looking back up at Kora.
The year chugged on, and Danny kept his promise.
"You're getting too good at this." He mused with a laugh.
He would come to visit Kora once a week. Often bringing Games or presents.
She liked to ask questions about the human world and listen to silly stories about his family and friends.
Danny even brought a few of his star-gazing field guides once so he could teach her about planets and constellations.
"Your freckles are glowing." She said, interrupting him from explaining why constellations were always different in the northern and southern hemispheres based on the earth's position.
Danny immediately covered his freckles.
"I- I- sorry." He blurted out as a green blush crept up his neck and spread over his face. "Was I being annoying?"
Kora gave him a sad look.
"No, not at all," she said as she gently removed his hands from his face. Taking in the tiny stars that now dusted his nose and cheeks. "Never apologize for being passionate, Phantom. I enjoy listening to you."
"Really?" Danny asked; a megawatt grin spread across his face.
Kora smiled back and nodded.
Danny was thrilled to have someone who didn't get tired of his space trivia.
And Kora was almost always like that.
Life was good for once.          
She was kind and supportive and seemed to really take an interest in everything he had to say. He could tell that she really did enjoy having him around.
And Danny had to admit. He really liked having her around too. She was like a second mom.
He woke to a searing headache and blurred vision. His chest felt like it had exploded from the inside out; white hot pain seared through him every time he took a breath.
He should have known better.
"Are you alright, Danny?"
He blinked up in the direction of the voice. Waiting for his vision to clear.
"You are not going to remember me, but I promise you. This is a safe place." The blurred figure continued, placing a hand on the side of his face. Danny leaned into the touch.
Danny? Was that what he was called?
"I am Danny?" He rasped. It hurt to talk, but he forced himself to. "Is the world always so fuzzy?"
The figure chuckled lightly.
"Yes, you are Danny. And no, the world will seem much clearer in a day or so. Your eyes are still healing. Do you remember what happened?"
"No, I—" Danny doubled over as his mind flashed with images of violence and bright lights, screams echoing as blood splattered. He started hyperventilating; people were hurt, people were hurt, people were hurt, he needed to go help.
Before he even had a chance to move, he was already wrapped up in the firm yet gentle arms of the blurred figure.
"Cl-clockwork" Danny sputtered out as he tried to slow his breathing. Grimacing as the pain in his head started to settle again.  
"You already helped them, Daniel. You saved a lot of people. A lot of ghosts too," The figure soothed, pulling him into a tight hug as he traced circles along Danny's back. The motion was comforting and familiar, but he couldn't place why.
What was…his brain was suddenly overrun with more images.
These were good ones; fresh baked cookies, warm blankets, hugs and laughter, peace, ticking…ticking…ticking…safe and caring red eyes wrapped in a soft purple cloak.
"Yes, that's my name. Do you remember who I am?"  
"I-I'm not sure. I know your name; I think I liked being around you. You made me feel happy and safe, I think…." Danny struggled to put everything into words. Panic still pumping through his veins as he tried to understand. "But I don't think I know you like I used to. Is that bad?"
Clockwork hummed.
Danny did not know what that meant, but it sounded sad. Was he sad?
"It's expected given what happened. You got very hurt. It's okay to not remember. It'll take a while for your full memory to come back." Clockwork explained as he continued to trace circles along Danny's back.
"I got hurt?" Danny asked. Not understanding. It was so hard to think, so hard to try and remember. His brain felt like it was full of cotton; he couldn't get it to focus.
"Yes, remember how I just explained that your eyes need to heal more. That's why you can't see well." Clockwork began.
"So, the world isn't supposed to be fuzzy?"
"No, Daniel, it's not. Like I mentioned before, it'll take a few days for your eyes to heal."
"You hurt your head and your core pretty badly too."
"You need to give yourself lots of time to rest so you can get better."
"Are you going to help me?" Danny asked. Yawning, he was tired again. That couldn't be, right? He just woke up?
"But I don't want to sleep." Danny protested as his tired eyes started to fill with tears, grabbing one of Clockwork's gloved hands. "What if I don't remember you again the next time I wake up? Like before?"
"Yes, and you need to go back to sleep." Clockwork said as he laid the young boy back in his bed and tucked him in. Or at least that's what Danny thought was happening. What he could gather from the sensation. He had a feeling that he had slept here many times before but couldn't be sure.
He didn't like that he wasn't sure.
Clockwork ran his free hand through Danny's hair before resting it on the young ghost's cheek, using his thumb to wipe away one of the tears that had been trailing down Danny's face.
"That won't matter. You know why?" Clockwork asked softly.
"N-no?" Danny sniffled as he now decided to hug the arm of the hand that was placed against his face. He was afraid to lose the only person that made a little bit of sense.
"It won't matter because I will remember you," Clockwork stopped to boop the young ghost on the nose. Danny laughed lightly at the action. "Regardless of whether or not you remember me. And I will continue to love you like a son. Your lack of memories will never change that."
Clockwork waited till he was sure the hybrid had drifted off into a deep slumber before phasing his arm out of Danny's grasp and placing a blob ghost in its place.
Danny smiled as sleep overcame him; he was safe here.
Clockwork would have smiled too if it weren't for the fact that seeing his charge this injured physically pained him in a way that no other thing in existence could.
Danny shifted and hugged his pet tightly.
Clockwork only kept the annoying thing around because Danny loved it so much. Though he supposed it had its uses given Danny's smile only grew wider in his sleep the moment the blob ghost started purring.
He felt tears prick at his red eyes as he took in Danny's state for the millionth time that day alone.
The entire left side of Danny's body was still burned.
Clockwork's core ached.
He didn't know if he could handle the cleaning and redressing of those wounds again.
He had to wash off the outer layer of charred skin when he first started to treat Danny. Daniel had screamed so loudly that it sounded like he had been in the portal accident all over again.
His shouts of pain only died down once Clockwork was able to rub a salve of pure ectoplasm and Mint oil over the areas and tightly bound them with clean bandages.
He was grateful that Daniel was barely coherent during all of it.
Sam, Tucker, and Jazz had to leave the room because they couldn't stand seeing him like that.
Frostbite had stepped in to stitch the open wound on the boy's head closed as Clockwork held him still.
The older ghosts could barely keep themselves together as they listened to Danny cry.
The boy would typically bite back the pain for the sake of those around him, but he was barely conscious, barely able to function, let alone think. There was no effort to save his friends and family from worry.
Clockwork wished he had the same luxury.
He could never leave Daniel like this.
Neither could frostbite. The tears dampening the yeti's fur as he carefully worked on stitching the hybrid's injury closed were testament enough to that.
The core Damage is what worried them most.
There was nothing they could do for that other than offering a constant stream of their own energy in hopes it would be enough to help repair the painful cracks.
Even now, he didn't want to leave his side, even though he knew that Daniel’s core was now stabilized enough that he shouldn't have to worry.
Clockwork had sat on the floor next to Danny's bed for days. Continually placing his hand against Daniel's chest to verify that his core was still thrumming. He did so with the same air of paranoia and worry as a new human mother constantly checking to see if her baby was still breathing as it slept.
There were precisely 468,003,200 timelines where Danny could perish from this, and he was not about to let any of those come to fruition.
He needed to go. He needed to keep up appearances.
No one knew of Daniel's sacrifice.
If it got out that Daniel had tapped into the power of the ghost zones core itself to bring down Pravus the depraved…….
It would cause panic.
No one was supposed to even be able to stand to be near the core without their form completely falling apart, let alone survive being a conduit for its energy.
Or at least that's what he knew the Observant council would believe.
Clockwork, on the other hand, was as old as time itself.
He knew better.
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ghost-postables · 7 months ago
Therapy Ghost
Based on this post.
The car ride was silent as mother and son sat staring straight at the road ahead. The radios comforting drone of non stop advertising for items no one needed had long since been shut off, in favour of stubborn abcense of sound. Daniel Fenton was quiet in frustration and a hint of betrayal, his mother Madeline silent in worry and exasperation. At first she'd been proud Danny had started speaking up, he'd always been such a quiet boy, a good boy, but quiet. She supposed she should have noticed, each Fenton had such a strong personality, it was odd for Danny to be so withdrawn, unwilling to share his thoughts. But when he finally found his voice she'd been so happy. She had suspected for a while that he'd been getting bullied but he wouldn't tell her anything.
Then suddenly he began to get very vocal about things that upset him. As if he'd found his voice he was letting them know exactly what he thought. It was refreshing, to know what was going on in his head, relieving even. But the confidence quickly turned to stress, which turned to aggression. It still took a while for Danny to reach a level of anger that was concerning towards his family and friends, he often still kept things to himself. But Maddie was getting more and more calls from school about his outbursts. Usually they were of him being late to class, that had been going on for a while, but sometimes when being berated he would snap at his teacher, insults, sometimes even throwing things. The teacher admits he didn't witness Danny throwing things but things always seemed to break when he was in a mood.
Maddie spoke to Danny, tried to find out what was bothering him so much that he'd burst like that at increasingly rapid rates. But he only spoke vaguely of stress she wouldn't understand. And when she tried to assure him she would he only grew angry with her. So, with advice from Danny's teacher and from Jazz she set up a session with the new, and highly rated, therapist in town. The only problem was that after an incident with the schools therapist who'd gone missing, Danny didn't really seem to trust therapists. In fact it had taken a heated argument before Danny had stamped his foot and stormed to the car.
Now they sat in awkward silence, and he refused to speak right up to Maddie knocking on the office door. “Please just give it a try, sweetie. I'm worried about you.” She pleaded one last time, to no avail, he refused to even acknowledge her. With a heavy sigh she threw up a smile as the door creaked open. “This is you're new therapist.” She said politely gesturing to the desk. The swivel chair faced away from them, and a looming figure sat on it in the dim light of the office. Odd that it was so dark but she assumed it was to create a relaxing atmosphere. In her assessment of the room she neglected to notice a cold wisp of air escape her son's mouth, and the look of dread cross his face.
“Oh no.” He murmured, almost groaned as the chair began to turn. Names began to fly through his mind as he tried to guess, prepare for whomever was posing as a therapist. Spectra again probably. Or maybe Vlad. Nothing. Not one single thing on this blue and green planet, could ever have prepared him for the familiar face he saw smiling from the chair. Familiar hands placed neatly on the desk, a pair of reading glasses sitting upon a familiar nose. Familiar eyes watching him as he stood stiffly, all thoughts of fighting or fleeing gone from his mind in shock and panic. Danny felt lightheaded like his very soul had ‘noped’ out of existence.
“Hello, Daniel."
Like a bucket of ice water in his face the situation grabbed his soul by the neck and punched it back into his body. Sitting in the office chair, which he now noticed seemed to be groaning under the size of its occupant, was none other than the ghost of a hunter, the world's greatest as he liked to claim, Skulker. “You've got to be f*****g joking.”
“Danny!” Maddie exclaimed. “Don't be rude.”
“He's a ghost!” Danny shouted, throwing his arms up in exasperation. “It's plainly obvious.”
Maddie stood there, hands on her hips, shaking her head. “You can't cry ghost to get out of therapy.”
Danny stared slack jawed at his mother. He expected this much from his father maybe but Maddie? Skulker was the least incognito ghost there was. He was a massive block of metal piloted by an overly enthusiastic booger for goodness sake. Maddie pushed her son into one of two empty seats and took the other, smiling apologetically at Skulker. The image made Danny sick to the stomach, watching her be so polite to his enemy while she threatened his alter-ego on the daily.
“As you can see there's much to be done.” She began.
“Quite. Daniel, your mother tells me you're having some trouble with school, mainly your temper.”
Danny ground his teeth, slamming his hands on the desk. “I don't have a temper!” He snarled. Both adults, breathing and not, looked at him in silent judgement and Danny leaned back, with a sigh deeper than the Marianas. “I don't have a temper." He repeated, in a much calmer tone.
To be fair, Skulker actually made good points, and seemed to be on his best behaviour for the next hour. Coaxing Danny into talking and agreeing with tips to channel his anger and reduce his stress. Danny at times even found himself forgetting who he was talking too and ranting on about his troubles as vaguely as he could. And he was thankful Skulker didn't push for more details. Just before the hour was up Maddie excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving ghost and half ghost alone. “What's your angle here?” Danny said watching as Skulker finished taking notes. “Researching me to find a weakness?”
Skulker looked up surprised and then thoughtful, how he managed to show such emotions on a tin can was baffling, Danny didn't even begin to try and figure it out. “I actually didn't think of that. Next time maybe.”
Danny rolled his eyes. “You're up to something.”
Skulker considered the accusation, understanding the suspicion. “Not right now. I'm working.”
“You're a ghost! What do you need to work for? You don't need money and anything you want you just steal.”
“True.” Skulker agreed looking down at his new boots. “I don't really get anything physically useful from it I guess.” Danny grit his teeth and gestured for the ghost to continue, hopefully providing an answer. Instead he got a shrug. “Its... for fun I guess.”
“BULLSH*T” Danny snapped.
“Bull-true. We're not always plotting and scheming you know. We have other interests. Our obsessions are just our main focus. Ember works as a lifeguard during summer. Johnny is a mechanic. Hell even Box Ghost has a gig in a warehouse.” Skulker insisted.
Danny studied Skulker for a hint of a lie. But with how the ghost had behaved during the session and the tone of his voice... Danny didn't want to think he was telling the truth, but it wasn't so hard to believe. Ghosts have shown him time and again that their obsessions don't control them completely. They have complex emotions, room for loved ones, they've built cities and civilisations in the ghost zone. Why not entertain the idea of them working jobs. “Never really pegged you for the therapy type.”
“Its something different. To be perfectly honest hunting gets really stressful without a break. Especially with game as elusive as you. Ghosts sometimes just want a break from the routine. Just like the living.” Skulker admitted.
“Why not take vacations?”
“Vacations aren't rewarding to us like they are to you fleshies.” Skulker ignored the look of disgust towards his terminology. “You lot work to earn the time and money to have a vacation, it's rewarding and relaxing for you. We just go where we want when we want. After the first few hundred times even the pyramids start to look like sub-par lego builds.”
“So... Working is a ghosts vacation?” Danny clarified.
“Sure, I guess. Most ghosts don't even have very powerful obsessions, which leaves them aimless most of the time. And even ones like me who are usually really driven by obsession, like to shake it up a little.”
“This is hard news to swallow. But if you're not causing trouble... I guess I'm cool with it. You were actually pretty helpful today.”
“Really? I was worried I was being to vague, but I figured if I tried to dig deeper you'd fly off the handle, since it's obvious your mom has no idea the rout of your stress is literally sitting in front of her. Do you have any notes for next time?” Skulker asked sounding eager of all things.
Danny laughed, the whole thing just made him need to laugh. If he didn't laugh then he'd be over thinking and if he over thought he'd over react. “Yeah, next time just call me Danny, I hate being called Daniel.”
“But... its your name.” Skulker murmured. He shook his head and quickly wrote in his notes to discuss the hatred of Danny's full name. “What about Dan, it's more grown up.” He glanced up and felt a chill down his spine at the cold glare on the boys face. Never had the halfa stared at him with such icy malcontent in all their battles.
Danny inhaled, slow and steady, closing his eyes, jaw clenched tight. “If you and your tin can suit want to remain in one piece and not scattered atom by atom throughout this office then you will never call me that, or mention it again.”
Skulker nodded quickly and almost instantly the coldness of the boys eyes softened. He heard a quiet ‘good’ just as the door opened and Maddie joined them once more.
“Sorry for taking so long, I got a little lost.” She chirped. “So... Shall we do this again, Mr Skulker.”
Skulker shot Danny a quick glance, genuinely surprised when the boy gave a small half nod giving him the lead. “Uh, yes. Yes I think it would be beneficial for Danie- uh, Danny to come back, say... Two weeks from now?”
Maddie clapped her hands together in joy. “Wonderful, I'm so proud of you Danny. Let's get a treat on our way home.”
“Ice-cream?” Danny said hopefully. Maddie nodded and Skulker watched the genuine smile spread across the boys face. He forgot sometimes that the halfa was just a kid. “Guess I'll see you again in two weeks... Mr Skulker.” Danny said slyly. Skulker chuckled, watching the pair leave, the door clicking shut quietly behind them.
“I guess so.” He said glancing down at his notes, all neatly bulleted. Except for a warning written in call caps. ‘NEVER CALL THE WELP DAN.’ He bundled the notes up and placed them in a fresh folder, labelled it with the halfa's name and peered at his schedule, one last client for the day. Surely nothing would be as awkward or entertaining as having the ghost child in his office.
“Mr Skulker?” Called whom he assumed to be the mother, since he dealt mostly with youth.
“Come in.” He called back. A thin blonde with a horribly bright pink dress walked in.
“Hello, Mr Skulker, I'm Pamela Manson and this is my daughter Samantha.”
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kirishimaswife2819 · 7 months ago
Them With a S/o Who Has Toxic Friends || Midoriya, Bakugou, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Kaminari
Tumblr media
Pairings: Izuku Midoriya x Reader, Katsuki Bakugou x Reader, Eijiro Kirishima x Reader, Shoto Todoroki x Reader, and Denki Kaminari x Reader
Requested by Anonymous: hello! may i request for the boys reacting to a s/o with toxic friends and she finds it difficult to let go of them? i've been going through a rough time lately and i'd really appreciate if you could write it. (only if you're okay with it of course! i don't wanna pressure you too thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day<33
Word Count: 1.2k
A/n: Thanks so much for requesting! I’m sorry to hear about that, people suck. I had a friend a few years back that was literally so toxic (she liked to start drama every single day) and I had a hard time letting her go, until I realized it just wasn’t worth it anymore (she low key gave me self esteem issues), and eventually I just let her go. But I hope you get your issues figured out and start feeling better soon. Other than that, thanks for requesting and I hope you have a great day/night! Oh, and I hope these aren’t too short, I didn’t want to get to into the details of the friendship because I don’t know the details of what’s happening and I didn’t want to make it not be able to applied to you when you’re literally the one who requested it. -Danielle <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
At first, he’s kind of confused as to why your friends are toxic to you
You were such a good person and he loved you, so why don’t they
If you start crying over it, he’s going to cry as well, he can’t handle seeing you in such a state over some toxic people
If you’re feeling down about it, he’ll do whatever you want him to
He’ll cuddle with you, watch movies with you, do homework with you, anything that’ll make you happy and put a smile on your face
If you’re having trouble cutting them off, then he’ll encourage you to let them go
“I know it’s hard, Y/n. But if they make you this upset then they have to go.”
Once you do finally let them go, and you’re even more upset, he’s going to be there any time he can
His friends are going out together to have some fun? Too bad, he can’t come, he’s got a s/o to comfort
Or he’ll go but bring you with him in an attempt to cheer you up
His friends also gladly welcome you into their group, and try to become your friends so you don’t feel as lonely
Makes sure you know that you’re perfect and that you don’t need your toxic friends
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou:
As soon as he finds out you have toxic friends, he’s immediately going to tell you to get rid of them
Nobody’s allowed to mistreat his significant other, and I mean nobody
Like literally one time Kaminari made some rude comment about you (It was just a little comment about your shirt being ugly or something) but Bakugou went off and threatened to blow Kaminari up
Back to the point, he’s not going to tolerate anybody mistreating you or hurting you in any way at all
After a while, when he sees your making no attempt to let them go, even though you had talked about it before, and you promised that you would cut them off, he confronts you and asks you about it
When you tell him that you’re having a hard time letting go, he’s so confused
Why would it be hard? They’re treating you like shit! Just get rid of them
After you explain your reasoning, he understands a little, but still tries to get you to cut them off
Finally, after a ton of help from Katsuki, you cut them off
After you cut them off, you were upset, and he did his best to comfort you
He would do anything and everything to make you happy, even if he complained about it a lot
He’d even stay up past his bedtime to hang out if it cheered you up
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima:
To say he’s upset when he finds out would be an understatement
He’s absolutely furious, like madder than Bakugou type furious
Who the hell do these people think they are to treat you like that!?
After calming himself down, he’ll let you vent and comfort you about it, but like the others, he immediately tells you to cut them off
He totally understands that it’s hard and you don’t want to, even though you know you need to
He’ll encourage you, and even offer to help you cut them off in nice way (even though he wants to tell them fuck off and not ever think about talking to you again), but he knows that’s not what you want
He does end up helping you cut them off and let them go
And he’s there for you every step of the way
You’re crying at two in the morning over it? Call him, he’ll run to the store get you a tub of your favorite ice cream and then spend the rest of the night cuddling with you and binge watching your favorite show
And of course, if you don’t have any other friends besides the toxic ones then he’s going to have the Bakusquad become your friends and help you out
They’re actually all pretty happy to become your friend, (even Bakugou, not that he’d tell you or Kirishima that though), but the most enthusiastic is definitely Mina
Tumblr media
Shoto Todoroki:
You actually don’t tell him, he finds out because of how they treat you when he hangs out with you and your friends one time
He keeps his feelings inside while you’re still hanging out with them, even though on the inside he wants to tell them off
But he waits until after they all leave to confront you about
“You know that’s not okay, right?”
“Your friends. I personally don’t think they deserve that title. They treat you terribly, Y/n. You know I don’t like telling you what to do, but I seriously think you should cut them off.”
He’ll help you get through it, and help you cut them off, because he knows how hard it must be for you, and that you need some help
Finally, after it’s all said and done, he’s there to comfort you whenever you need his comfort
He makes sure that you know nothing they did was your fault, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all
He’s there to comfort you and make sure you know how loved you are and how many people care for you
He’ll spoil you with gifts, no matter what it is, how much it is, how far away it is, if he’s noticed that you wanted it, he would get it for you
Oh, and your ex friends better pray to god that they never run into Todoroki in public, because now he has no reason to hold back
You may or may not see an article in the paper about a few teenagers found frozen in ice in the middle of a shopping mall
Tumblr media
Denki Kaminari:
Denki also notices how they treat you while you all are hanging out, but he doesn’t hesitate to speak up about it
“Hey, don’t you think that’s kind of mean guys? You should be nicer to Y/n, they’re your friend.”
When your friends just laugh it off, it’s going to take every single bone in his body not to electrocute every single one of them right then and there
After you and him are alone, he’s going to mention it to you
“You know, Y/n. They weren’t very nice to you. I think you should let them go.”
When you both come to the agreement that they have to go, he’s helping you stop being friends with them, and helping you move onto better people
He’ll introduce you to his friends, if you haven’t met already, and encourage you to hang out with them whenever they all hang out with each other
If you need some comfort, he’s totally up for some cuddly crying sessions at late hours of the night (even if seeing you cry kills him inside)
Will do anything is his power to make you feel better and happier, he hates seeing you upset for any reason at all
If you’re feeling down about it, he’s by your side in an instant, going on about how much he loves you and how your old friends were just a bunch of jerks
Tumblr media
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mgg-theprettiestboy · 10 months ago
prank wars
matthew gray gubler x fem!reader
Tumblr media
request: Sooooo I was wondering if you were still taking requests and if you were could I get one with mgg. Like he’s filming one of the unauthorised documentaries and she’s on set so he decides to prank her but she pranks him back and it’s just all fluffy with them going back and forth?? Thanks love your work by the way!!
in which Matthew starts a prank war that he can’t win
warnings: cursing
“You weren't here for the first few seasons. I’m not surprised you don't understand what’s going on. He hasn’t done this in years.”
You frowned at AJ, “what the hell is an unauthorised documentary?”
Paget shrugged, “its basically Matthew running around with a camera and acting like an ass. He acts like a dick, pulls a couple pranks, usual Matthew stuff.”
“If he pranks me, I’ll get a step ladder, climb it, and punch him in his stupid face,” you snorted a laugh, pouring yourself what felt like your tenth cup of coffee. Paget laughed, “don’t tell him that. He’d love that. Probably record it, too.”
“Who’d love what?” Adam asked, as he and Matthew walked into the room. AJ smiled, “Y/N wanted to know what the hell an unauthorised documentary was.”
Adam laughed as Matthew grinned, “it’s just a comedy skit, really. I act weird and film it.”
“You do that every day. You just don't usually film it,” you pointed out, which resulted in Matthew picking up a cushion from the couch and throwing it at you. You held your hand out to stop it from hitting you and your coffee, before glaring at Matthew, “don't start on me, Gubler, I’ll ruin your life.”
“You wanna bet? I will make you the target of my attacks, if I have to. I was planning on terrorising Daniel, but you will make just as good a victim,” he threatened you, picking up a plastic spoon and pointing it at you as if it was a weapon. You scoffed, “oh please. I would have you crying, begging for mercy.”
“Is that so? Well, we’ll see about that. Adam, tell Daniel I no longer need his assistance for the documentary. I have a new plan,” Matthew said to Adam, before staring you down as he left the room.
Well tried to. Rather, he tried to stare at you as he walked backwards out of the room, which just resulted in him bumping into a bunch of things before managing to make his way out of the room. Adam raised a brow, and looking to you, “do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?”
“Yes. I don't think he does, though.”
It took the cast and crew an hour to get you out of the bathroom. Somehow, the door handle disappeared. You didn’t have to even look at Matthew to know he was the guilty party. He made the first move. And he was going to regret it.
Someone superglued Matthew’s trailer door shut. And also superglued everything in his trailer, so not only were his personal items glued to the counter and walls, his car keys were as well. He was stuck on set for another hour after everyone went home.
Nothing happened, except you both kept jumping out to scare each other. The cast knew it was the calm before the storm.
Matthew walked onto set, chipper as usual. More so today. Everyone knew he must have something planned. However, you were no where to be found. You came running onto set, late, apologising as you headed towards hair and makeup, where you would also get changed into costume. Matthew narrowed his eyes at you, but more specifically, your outfit.
“That’s my shirt,” he said in disbelief, as the cast began to look as well. You had to hide your grin, looking confused as you look at the t-shirt you had on, “how could this possible be yours?”
“That’s– that’s my shirt– how the fuck did you–?” Matthew was unable to form a coherent sentence. He knew he hadn’t worn that shirt in a while, and that it was sitting in the back of his closet. Or so he thought. You simply shrugged, “maybe you’re getting confused. This can’t be your shirt. How could it be?”
He watched you as you walked away, raising his brows. Maybe he had met his match.
You had completely baffled Matthew, coming in again, dressed in another one of his shirts. So he cornered you whenever you were on your way to lunch, pinning you against a wall.
“Okay, enough fucking around. How are you doing this?” He frowned, and you grinned, “aw, Gubler. Are you admitting defeat already?”
He scoffed, “no. Never.”
“Then you’ll never know,” you smiled, “besides, I don’t know what you’re talking about. This is my shirt.”
He narrowed his eyes at you, before you shimmied out of his hold and blew him a kiss as you headed off to lunch.
It was going to be a busy weekend for Matthew.
Matthew had had the worst weekend. He physically couldn't figure out how to get back at you. His unauthorised documentary was finished, and he had edited it in a way that made it look like he was only pranking you, but in his heart, he knew he had lost this battle.
And of course, you came in on Monday morning, wearing a shirt and shorts that were obviously too big for you, but you also had oddly large shoes on. And then, the cherry on top: mismatched socks.
The entire cast was in stitches laughing at seeing you, and again whenever Matthew saw you. This time, he actually joined in on their laughter.
“Okay, thats it, I call. You win, Y/L/N,” he sighed with a smile, and you grinned, “well I never. It took you long enough.”
He chuckled, shaking your hand, “I know when I’m beaten.”
“No you don't,” you scoffed, and he rolled his eyes, “yeah, I know... can I have my clothes back now?”
You laughed, nodding, “yeah, I’ll go get changed.”
And he sat on the sofa and waited for you to return. While the whole cast laughed and chattered about how you had beaten him, he sat with a small smile on his face as he tried to think of how he was going to ask you out.
“Here you go,” you handed him a plastic bag with his clothes in them, before walking away, “oh, and thank your mom for all her help, will you?”
took me ages to write but here ya go!
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absurdthirst · 4 months ago
If requests are open, can I request a Whiskey fic. After the whole “swipe left” debacle, you are brought in to help update Agent Whiskey’s seduction techniques but instead end up falling for the ridiculously over the top cowboy.
***I like this!!! Modified slight, but I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Expert In Love
“Sugar, I need a favor.” You smile at the southern accent at the other end of the line. Very few people in the world could get by with calling you sugar or sweetheart but Champagne was one of them.
Sitting back at your desk, your chair turns slightly and you decide that you would humor him. “What can I do for Statesman today, Champ?” You ask, making him chuckle.
“Now how do you know I wasn’t beggin’ for your company at dinner with me and Millie tonight?” He asks, making you huff in amusement.
“Because you would have blamed Millie and started the conversation with ‘My missus wanted me to call you’.” Another rough chortle greets you and you know that you are dead on the mark.
“Well shoot, guess I’m getting predictable in my old age.” He pauses a beat. “I’ve got an agent, hard headed buck. Seems to think that he don’t need no improving on his seducing techniques, but he blew an op the last go round. I personally think he blew it for other reasons, but everyone agrees that Agent Whiskey needs some romancin’ training.” Champagne explains that the agent had gotten turned down by a target using corny lines and you laughed when he told you that he didn’t even know what Tinder was.
You specialized in the very fine art of flirting. Teaching men how to be respectful but still accomplish getting their point across that they found the subject they were talking to attractive. Trying to weed out some of the archaic methods that had made you cringe when you were on the dating scene.
Most men just were clueless, but you had thoroughly vetted all clients before you trained them, unwilling to release a predator onto unsuspecting populations. Your training had also morphed into business execs and politicians, training them how to court business deals and make contacts ethically. All things that have made you a woman in demand and let you build a thriving company.
Checking your calendar, you agree. “Sure, I can.”
“Great! I’ll send the jet sugar! See you soon.” You hang up the phone and within a few minutes your emails pings on your laptop, Agent Whiskey’s profile there for you to read. Opening it up, you start reading about the man that you were going to train.
“Well Champ didn’t tell me I was being given the pleasure of escorting the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen to Kentucky.” The sugar spun draw was followed up by a charming twist of lips, covered by a neatly trimmed mustache.
Jack Daniels, A.K.A, Agent Whiskey. He reaches out and takes your hand, his grip firm and you have to give it to him, his eyes only ran up and down your form once and didn’t linger on your chest.
That was refreshing that you didn’t have to start from scratch. You had assumed the worst when you had read the reports on his head injury after being shot. Watched the video of him hitting on the Statesman tech, wincing at how aggressive he was. However, you had also read that he had reverted back to before he had been married his first and only time, putting his mentality at around 18 to 20.
Guiding you into the plane, you feel his hand hover over your lower back, not touching or too low and you ticked another box in his favor. Not meant to be suggestive but rather there if something happened and you needed assistance. Helpful, yet not pushing boundaries. Considerate with you wearing heels.
“Offer you a drink, darlin’?” He asks when you sit, throwing you a wink. You would normally bristle and rebuke him for the slip of his manners, reminding him that not all women liked being called pet names, but you stop yourself. Uncharacteristically charmed by his easy swagger and confident nature as he walks to the bar and lifts a brow in question.
“I - yes please.” You clear your throat and wonder what it is about this man that has thrown you. His tight jeans and tailored jacket were a far cry from the power suits you normally saw, his bolo tie and stetson paired with cowboy boots completing the southern gentleman facade.
“I would recommend the whiskey.” His smirk tells you he knows exactly what he’s doing. To be honest, you don’t mind it at all.
“What the age?” You ask, arching one eyebrow to see how he reacts to the loaded question.
Whiskey chuckles, the sound rich and deep, reaching deep into your belly and tugging deliciously. It actually shocked you that you felt the pull of lust. You could normally resist the men you taught easily. “Darlin’ I can assure you, this whiskey is perfectly aged.”
You smirk at the devilish gleam in his eyes, it widening into a smile when he winks at you. “Sounds perfect.”
Champ’s eyes widen when he sees you and Jack walk down the stairs of the jet. Your hand curled into the corner of his arm and his other hand covering yours.
“Sugar.” Champ nods as you and Jack walk up to him. “Whiskey.”
“Champ.” Jack smirks as he looks at you, winding your hand out from his arm and placing a kiss on the back of it. “7 o’clock sharp, darlin’ I’m looking forward to it.” He winks as he lets go of your hand.
Champ watches Jack walk away, an extra swagger to his step. You turn and accept the luggage that the stewards brings out for you by the time Champ turns to you, a questioning look on his face.
“Before you say anything Champ-”
“I wasn’t going to say a word, sugar.” Champ lies, knowing full well he was planning on asking what exactly that was. Although he had a pretty good idea.
You straighten, putting on your most professional face. “There are a few small areas that Jack- Agent Whiskey could work on. However, for the most part, he reacts very well under several scenarios. He displayed none of the personality that he did on the previous video you had sent.”
Champ nods, knowing that wasn’t normally Jack. “Good to hear, what about the flirting?” He asks, valuing your opinion.
“I will work with Jack. As a matter of fact, I do need to get to the quarters you are setting aside for me. We have a session later.” You inform him, proud of yourself as you don’t fluster.
Grinning, Champ gestures for you to walk with him. “Of course.”
You spend the rest of the walk into the secret facility chatting about his wife Millie and different antics his grandkids had been getting up to since you had last seen them. You were a family friend to his family now and enjoy laughing with him about his granddaughter running circles around Tequila the last time they came for a visit.
“This is your room.” Champ tells you, stopping by the door that was to be yours while you were at Statesman.
“Thank you Champ.” You lean in and kiss the older man’s cheek, smiling when he huffs in pleasure but waves away his embarrassment. You open the door with the keycard he had provided you to give you access to the facility and push your way inside, wheeling your bag behind you.
“Oh sugar?” You turn to find Champ giving you a shit eating grin, amusement sparkling in his eyes. “Enjoy your date tonight.”
He chuckles when your mouth drops open and shakes his head. “Whiskey must have just been having a bad day or she was a weird target. Considering he can charm my expert in love into a date.” He muses, winking at you. “He’s been tested but making him wrap it up, sugar.”
“Champ!” You gasp, cheeks on fire and embarrassment coloring your one worded reply.
He doesn’t even bother saying anything else, just turning and walking down the hallway and leaving you to stare after him. How in the hell had he known that your plans tonight were not professional? You humph and close the door behind you, needing to get ready for your date with one cowboy named Jack.
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mourntheantagonist · 5 months ago
#HarringroveApril Day 7: Daisychain
“Mr. Harrington? Who’s your favorite student?”
The question came about at least once every year without fail, and he’d always answer in the same, textbook way.
“I don’t have favorites. I love all my kids equally.”
And, deservedly so, the whole class would grunt and moan because they knew just as well as he did that it was a load of bullshit. Steve loved every one of his kids, that part wasn’t a lie, but… he also definitely had his favorites.
For the graduating class of ‘90 when he was only a teaching assistant his name was Daniel. He was the youngest in his class because he started early, and he was incredibly bright. He could count higher, he could read quicker, and his mind just worked in ways that no adult could possibly understand. But it wasn’t the textbook intelligence that made Steve fall for this kid. It was his emotional intelligence. He was funny and he was kind and five year olds were cruel, but he never let that get to him. He had an outlook on life that Steve was jealous of, so when the other kids would turn him down for a game of checkers, Steve would happily join him, because Steve saw it as his job to keep that kid kind.
For the class of ‘91 it was Christopher. He was nothing like Daniel. He was held back and was repeating kindergarten, and that was evident in the way he walked through life. He was quiet and would voluntarily remove himself from the rest of the class. He’d sit by himself and read a book and get frustrated when he didn’t understand one of the words, he would swing by himself and he always tried to sneak off with the first graders when it was time to line up. And Steve perfectly resonated with that feeling of watching all of your friends move on without you. He was left in the dust too. When all his classmates moved on to college or hightailed it out of Hawkins, Steve was left there by himself, working at Family Video with his only friend in the grade below him, and it took her leaving him as well for Steve to finally get his shit together, haul his ass west of the Mississippi, and enroll in a community college and work towards his teaching degree.
And he did it, against all odds and obstacles in his way, he did it. It took extra work and the support of his best friend who he followed, and he did it. He saw himself in Christopher, and he wasn’t going to make that kid wait as long as he did to realize that setbacks don’t define his future.
Steve usually took a liking to the quiet kids, and that only changed in ‘93 with the girl named Amy and the familiar last name. She was loud, vibrant, and everyone loved her. Her smile was contagious and she could be the sweetest little girl at times, but she also wore her heart on her sleeve. She cried quite a bit, just the littlest thing could set her off. A boy accidentally knocking over her blocks, not knowing how to spell a certain word, accidentally coloring outside the lines. She didn’t throw tantrums like he saw in the other kids. She would just bow her head and cry and it would break Steve’s heart every time.
But other than those few moments, she was bright and charismatic and with the last name, the blonde curly hair, and the big personality, Steve really should have put it all together much sooner than he did.
He didn’t put it all together until he saw Billy Hargrove in the soup aisle at the local grocery store wearing a chain of little daisies on his head like a crown, and he knew exactly where it was from.
It was from the little girl named Amy Hargrove who frolicked in the field instead of playing on the playground, collecting flowers that she meticulously made into bracelets and crowns and anything else she put her mind to. She gave them to friends, she even gave one to Steve, and of course she would give one to her dad too.
He looked so different, and yet exactly the same. He still had the damn mullet, just dragging the eighties with him as far as he could, he was a little more cleaned up but still had a similar style to what it was in highschool. Still with the same denim jacket, denim jeans, Canadian tuxedo type deal. In a side by side picture situation you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference. It wasn’t his dress or his hair or anything physical about him that made him look so different, it was the way that he carried himself. It was the relaxation and the eyes that didn’t droop and the smile lines that didn’t used to be there that made him almost entirely unrecognizable from the Billy Hargrove who pushed freshman against lockers and drove his car too loud and too fast and had cigarettes for three meals a day. Not the kid who ran off to California as soon as the hospital released him with only his Camaro and a small suitcase and a large sum of money the government used to keep his mouth shut, leaving just a note for Max on the fridge that didn’t get any more specific than that about where he was going, not even leaving a phone number for her to contact him with. He also didn’t look like the kid they all pictured in their heads after basically the whole town found out about exactly what Neil Hargrove did to his son behind closed doors.
Steve wanted to go up to him in the store, but he stopped himself. Because Billy left. Without a trace or a word, and who was Steve to think that Billy having to be reminded of something he voluntarily abandoned without a second thought would have any sort of positive outcome?
So he turned down the aisle and kept his distance from the man in the flower crown because he was scared. He wasn’t scared that Billy would see him and turn back to his old ways and hurt him again, he was scared that he’d turn back to his old ways and hurt himself again.
Because he’d been hurt enough already.
Steve successfully avoided Billy until parent teacher conferences had rolled around, and instead of seeing Amy’s mom on the list of names he’d be seeing that day, it was Billy’s.
Steve would be lying if he didn’t think about calling in sick and sending his TA in his place. But he still had to be her teacher for another six months, he just had to get the interaction over with.
Many of the parents that came before Billy had to have known he was on edge about something considering he excessively tapped the table with the eraser of his pencil and stuttered his way through conversations. His organized folders and notes of talking points had been entirely thrown out the window and he was an absolute nervous wreck. And he could only anticipate it being ten times worse when the cause of said anxiety walked through his door with the long hair and the leather jacket. It was only with the help of the little girl in the sunflower dress and daisies in her hair skipping from the entrance to the chair in front of him that calmed his nerves just a bit.
But Billy had just stayed at the door, no movement, and any hope that Steve had that perhaps his new haircut and the glasses on his face would be enough to keep Billy from noticing the obvious vanished when Billy snapped his fingers like the lightbulb in his head finally flickered on.
“I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence.”
Steve just held out his hand to shake like he did with any other parent, unsure how to gage the situation because Billy’s words could go either way and his facial expressions didn’t give him anything to go off of. It would be weird to introduce himself, he didn’t know what to say.
“Hi, I’m Amy’s teacher. Should we start?”
Billy looked a little confused, but he sat down in the little kindergartener chairs anyway. This meeting was almost more organized than the ones prior, likely because he was trying to go as quickly as possible and get it over with. Steve showed Billy some of her artwork and commented on how her reading comprehension was great but she could work on her spelling a little more. He didn’t want to bring it up, but he brought up the crying and it hurt to see how him bringing it up set her off again. The same bowing of the head and quiet sniffles into her sleeve.
But Steve thinks he just fell in love a little watching Billy comfort her. With one hand rubbing circles into her back and the other holding her small hand. Steve feels like shit watching her cry because of him and is also semi-fearful for his life because he already knows he can’t take Billy in a fight.
“Baby, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with crying. It’s okay.”
“You’re dad’s right Amy. I think it’s very healthy. Crying is good for you.”
She looks up at Steve with those big blue eyes and tear stained cheeks when he says that.
“Really?” she asks.
“Yeah! I’d say it even makes you more mature. Even some adults I know don’t let themselves cry and it’s not good.”
“My daddy cries a lot too.”
Steve looks at Billy who’s eyes widen when she says it, then tries to laugh it off like she didn’t just say that.
“Hey Amy, you wanna go and play while your daddy and I talk for a minute?”
She just nods her head and wipes away her remaining tears and quickly hauls the bucket of Lincoln Logs off the shelf.
“So. It’s been a while. Hasn’t it?” Steve starts.
“Yeah it has. So, you’re a teacher now.”
“And you’re a father. That’s crazy.” Steve was fiddling with his hands, trying to make the conversation less awkward. “She’s wonderful by the way.”
“Yeah. She doesn’t get it from me.”
Steve just shakes his head. “No. I don’t think that’s true. She has your charisma, and it appears you found a better way of channeling your emotions since last we saw each other. She’s a lot like you.”
“Thanks.” Billy blushed. He actually blushed. “I don’t know if this is allowed considering you’re her teacher, but would you want to catch up sometime? Maybe dinner or something?”
There it was. That was the olive branch. And Steve would be an absolute fool not to take it.
“I’d love to.”
Before they could come up with a time or a place, Amy was running over to the table with loudly stomping feet.
“I almost forgot! Daddy! show Mr. Harrington what I brought him!”
Billy reached into his pocket upon her demand and pulled out a little bracelet made out of little daisies and honeysuckle and handed it over to Steve.
“Thank you Amy! It’s lovely.”
“Daddy show him yours!”
Steve looked to Billy’s wrist where he slowly lifted his sleeve to reveal an almost exact replica to the bracelet in his hand.
“Looks like we’re matching.”
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forever-rogue · 5 months ago
hey, lovely, can you do #135 from the 390 prompt list for Agent Whiskey, if it sparks anything please
Tumblr media
Prompt Used: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.”
Pairing: Jack Daniels x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 2k
Warnings: language
Pedro Character Masterlist
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A small huff left your lips as you tried to open the front door, shifting the bags of take out to one shoulder. After a few moments of struggle, you finally managed to open the door to your apartment but found it surprisingly dark and empty. Odd. Jack should have been home by now; he’d said he was going to leave the office early today to be home in time for dinner.
“Jack?” you decided to and see if he was home - maybe he’d just forgotten to turn the lights or had just gotten home himself. Shuffling into the kitchen, you flicked on the light and set the bags on the counter. Taking out the containers one by one, you hummed under your breath and tired to decide what drink would go best with the Chinese. Perhaps it didn’t need to be anything fancy, so you grabbed a couple of bottles of beer and set them on the counter, “Jack? Baby? Are you home?”
When you still didn’t hear a response, you trapezed to the bedroom, turning on the hall light, stopping short of the bedroom when you realized it was all dark. He wasn’t home after all. Very odd. Fishing your phone out of your pocket, you scrolled through your notifications to make sure you hadn’t missed anything from Jack. But there was nothing. Zero, zilch, nada.
Pulling up his contact information, you quickly dialed his number and impatiently waited while it rang. And it rang, and rang, and rang, before going to voicemail.  
“Hey, Jack,” you tried to keep your voice as pointedly neutral as possible, “it’s just me. I thought you were going to be home early tonight? I-I got...all of our favorites for dinner. Maybe I...maybe I had the wrong day? Anyways, it’s been a bit since I’ve heard from you, so just let me know you’re okay or when you’re coming home. I love you.”
Ending the call, you frowned before heading back into the kitchen. You’d wait for him for now. Hopefully he was coming home soon and this was all some sort of misunderstanding. Grabbing your beer, you headed into the living room and pulled up Netflix, deciding to watch something while you waited.
And you waited. And waited. And waited.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
But he never came. And he never called. And he never texted. He had gone radio silent.
At first you had been frustrated. Annoyed and upset, but then you became worried. It wasn’t like him to just disappear. Never.
So you kept trying to contact him to no avail. You’d called and gone to Statesmen headquarters to try and get some answers but no one was willing to give you any information. It seemed like they were all clamming up and refusing to help you. It was so’d never once experienced any sort of push back from them. None of his other friends or any of your friends had any information to provide either. It seems like a weird fever dream, but the fact that you continually woke up to an empty bed reminded you that it was all very well.
After a few days of the odd silence, you’d exhausted every resource you could think of. There was nothing else you could think of doing and it was driving you crazy. It was like Jack Daniels had just up and disappeared. But you knew he wasn’t dead - you knew that for a fact because you’d kept checking the news for any deaths and online obituaries. He was gone without a trace.
But why was the real question. Why? Why? Why?
You hadn’t had any sort of fight or argument or anything of the sort, there was nothing to suggest why he would suddenly leave. The only other tangible thought you had was that for some reason it was for your safety...but even that seemed like a stretch. He wasn’t taking on any work that proved extremely dangerous anymore, and things had been quiet. None of it made a lick of sense.
After almost two weeks, you weren’t sure if you were angry behind measure or desperately worried. At this point you just wanted answers, some sort of sign that Jack was alright.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
You were sitting in the kitchen, in the very early morning hours when you should have been asleep, drinking coffee that was too dark and strong to be good. But it was the only thing keeping you company besides the agony of your loneliness. You picked up your phone and started scrolling through your social media aimlessly, but for whatever reason, you decided to try and call Jack one more time. You were positive that it was just going to go to voicemail, but you knew that you had nothing to lose at this point.
So you listened to it ring and ring but then to your surprise and shock...the call was answered.
“Hello?” he sounded tired, like you’d woken him up and he hadn’t even checked the caller ID. Your breath hitched in your throat as you realized that this was the first time you’d heard his voice in weeks; this was your sign that he was alive. Your surprise left you in stunned silence for a few moments too long, “hello? Who’s there?”
“J-Jack,” his name was but a mere whisper off of your lips as you tried to keep it together. You didn’t want to scare him and have him end the call then and there, but you needed to talk to him, “i-it’s me!”
"Oh," it was a sudden realization on his end as the line went silent for a few moments...clearly he hadn't meant to pick up this call. Your heart plummeted into your stomach as your brain tried to rationalize what was happening...normally he would have been overjoyed and excited to hear your voice, "hi."
"Jack," you let out a sigh of relief just knowing he was alive, "i-its been two weeks. I was worried sick, baby. You're alive, I'm so glad to your hear your voice."
"I'm fine," you could hear him rustling around before letting out a long sigh, "I'm...yeah."
"What the fuck happened?" there was a note of irritation in your voice as you realized that he didn't seem to want to explain his sudden absence, "I was waiting for you, that night we were going to get Chinese, and never came home. I called and called and I searched everywhere for you. Where the hell have you been? I-is it work? Will you be home soon?"
There was nothing but jilted, stoic silence on the other end of the line. It was cold, hurtful, and every moment felt like it was a knife twisting in your heart.
"Jack?" you felt like banging your head on the table as you willed him to say something...anything, "Jack, please say something. I think you owe me at least an apology for up and leaving! I was worried sick, day and night!"
"Its not work," his voice was cold and steeled, "I'm...I'm not coming back, I'm sorry. You're right - I should at least have told you I was leaving so you wouldn't worry."
"What do you mean you're not coming back?" your throat constricted and suddenly your heart was pounding loudly in your ears. You couldn't have heard him right...right?
"I am...I'm not coming home," he repeated and this time it resonated in your soul, "I'm sorry...I can't come back."
"What the fuck?" your eyes stung with tears as you blinked back stinging, "you're just gone, no note, nothing. I felt like I've been losing my mind for the past two weeks and all you're telling me is that you're not coming back? What happened - what changed? Did I do something?"
"I know you're angry and you have every right to be. I should have...I should have said something and not just left you in the dark," he admitted with a heavy sigh as you scoffed, "but I'm sorry...I just can't come back. I don't expect you to forgive me or for you to understand."
"We've together for two years, Jack! Two years!"
"I know that," tears spilled down your cheeks as you tried to keep your lips from trembling, "and I'm sorry it ended this way."
"What ended? Why? was just a normal day and never came back," you didn't bother to hide your tears as your hands shook, "you just never came home. You left left me do easily, without a word or anything."
"I'm sorry-"
"You're sorry?" your hurt and upset had quickly turned to anger and irritation,  "you're sorry!? I came home and expected to find my boyfriend and instead I got nothing! Absolutely nothing for two weeks and now you're sorry? That's rich, Jack. Why?"
"Please don't be upset..."
"I think I have every right to be upset," you whispered gently, "you just left me. I love you, we've been together for two years and you don't want me to be upset? I have every right to be upset! You owe me an explanation!"
"I left," he stated as you snorted, "and I didn't do it in the best way at all. For that I am sorry. But you have to understand I have my reasons."
"What reason could you possibly have for just leaving me?" you wanted to scream and cry, buy the worst of all was that you still just wanted...him, "why would you just leave me? Am I not enough?"
"No," he stated firmly, "no, you are more than enough. It' I think...I know I'm in love with you and that scares me to death."
" me but you left," you repeated back to him, "you love me but you're scared. So instead of talking to me about just left."
"You know what happened to the last person I loved," he reminded you of the young wife and unborn child he'd lost. But that had been a long time ago and while you knew that the wound would never fully heal, you'd expected a little more faith in your relationship by now, "she was taken from me - everything was. I can't let that happen again."
"Jack, I know that was a lot to deal with," your voice lowered and softened as you ran a hand over your tired face, "but that was years ago and it's going to happen again. You can't just shut everyone you love or might love out. It's not fair to them or you."
"I would never forgive myself if something happened to you on account of me," that night of defiant determination crept back into his voice, "the only way to fully ensure your safety is to leave. I didn't do it in the best way, but it is the only. For what it's worth, I am sorry."
"Me too," you agreed, "I'm sorry you didn't feel like you could talk to me about all of this and tell me what you were feeling. I love you, Jack and nothing is going to change that. I wish you'd trust enough in your heart to come back to me."
"I'm sorry," for the first time it sounded genuine and like he actually meant it, "I do love you. But I don't trust myself...or anyone else not to prey on that fear. This is what's best. I'm sorry but I can't come back."
"Jack," you grew panicked, "please don't do this, please don't go. We can make make work-"
"I'm sorry," he insisted but you were still left incredulous, "but this is goodbye."
"Jack, don't..." the called ended and left you with silence. You stared at your phone before slowly setting it down and burying your face in your arms. Jack was a stubborn man and you knew that there was no changing his mind. Your whole life had just been changed and determined by one simple, horrible decision. Maybe...maybe one day he'd come to his senses...maybe.
"Goodbye, Jack."
»»————- ♡ ————-««
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e16leclerc · 4 days ago
a/n allow the fact this actually really bad and very rushed.
anyways, i hope you like
A small cluster of white and red embroidery thread sat around the man's hand, discoloured and fraying around the edges. He thought back to the time when they made it in the first place.
It was Anthoine's idea to make them when they were on summer break in Monaco, around three years ago. They called up a friend of their's to teach them as she had a talent for arts and crafts. She complained on the phone to them since it was around midnight and she would have to walk half an hour but soon caved.  After a couple of hours of failed attempts, laughter and a bottle of whiskey that seemed to appear out of nowhere, three perfect bracelets were made.
Two were red, white and blue for the French flag and one just red and white for the Monaco flag. They made one for the woman as a gift, just a simple Brazilian inspired one. She cried a little when receiving it as it reminded her of her father but nonetheless was she happy with it.
Too many memories running through the man's head when he heard and saw the crash. Vacations around Europe, bike rides through the woods, yacht trips in Monte-Carlo, the highs and lows of racing with each other as they grew older, the bracelets.
Pierre was the first thing that went through his brain after looking away. He found him in the paddock with his parents, hugging and crying each other and letting the man grieve with them. Even to that day, he would get flashbacks to the accident whenever there was an incident during race weekends.
Brazil was famous for the carnivals, culture and the charismatic people that lived there. For this specific weekend, it was holding the second race in the triple header. The weather was something that a couple of the drivers were used to since they grew up in hotter countries but even so they didn't expect the humidity.
Charles was sitting outside the Ferrari garage, lost in his thoughts when someone walked towards the bench he was sitting on. A silhouette of a woman walked into his perefial vision, over-shadowing his figure slightly on the ground. He looked up to see Calista smiling down at him.
"You, alright? You seem upset about something" she asked, sitting next to him.
"That obvious?" he chuckled, glancing at her before focusing again on his bracelet.                
"I have a degree in psychology, weirdo. Also, you do realise that I've known you for a couple years now," she replied, noting his actions.            
She looked around the paddock, as busy and alive as ever. Growing up in F1 she understood the highs and lows that all the drivers experienced week-in and week out. Brazil was always a special race for her to attend since it was her father's home race.
The FIA promised after the accident to make the sport safer for the drivers who risked their lives every time they entered the cockpit. Calista was there to make sure they keep to their word.
"How did you deal with it?" he murmured, leaning back on the bench. The woman sighed slightly, know exactly what he was talking about.
"I was always closer with my father than my mother. Whenever we got to travel with Papa to races or F1 events, I would be inseparable from him. It used to drive my mother mad," she spoke, the pair smiled at her words before she started to continue.
"There's a jewellery store in Milan that Papa took me before the race. I don't remember if it's still there or not though. He got me a pair of earrings, just simple pearls surrounded by diamonds. She shouted and shouted about why he was spoiling me so often. I think my mum hated the fact me and Papa were so close with each other," she said, tearing up.
"When he died, Mum she-urm she didn't take it very well at all. There were times when I didn't see her for multiple days at a time and when I did, she would always ignore me and shut me out. I could never figure out why she didn't love me as a child but I didn't stick around to figure out. I left and never looked back," Calista explained before laughing at herself.
The Monagasque looked at her, confused as to why she was laughing. She shook her head before wrapping an arm around his shoulders.
"People deal with grief in many different ways, alright. There's no wrong or right way to process it because everyone has different emotional tolerances to what they are exposed to. No one can tell you how to grieve because no one knows you better than yourself.
Try not to push people who care about you away. Speak out about your feelings with other people. Call me at three in the morning, I don't care. Just don't bottle up your feelings and think you have to deal with it on your own," the Brazilian pleaded the man as he smiled at her words.
“As you go through life, there will be things that remind you of that person or people that might bring back memories but that's a good thing. It's good because you still find things in the world that remind you of that person even if they are gone," she told him as he laid his head on her lap.
Others looked on around the Ferrari garage, happy that the man seemed calmer than earlier that day. A bubble of calmness surrounded the pair, muffling out the shouts and commission. She ran her hands through his hair before muttering.
"Sorry I kinda talked your ear off there and didn't really explain anything," she muttered
The Monegasque shook his head, sitting back up.
"Lista, you have been there for who knows how long and since then you've been like a sister to me. You always know how I feel and manage to cheer me up. Sometimes by singing to me or by cooking me food but regardless, thank you," he chuckled as the woman started crying again causing the pair to embrace each other.
She smiled remembering something before revealing something on her ankle. A similar cluster of thread sat around her ankle but instead of red and white, they were the colours of the Brazilian flag.
"He will always be with us," she said.
"Always," he muttered, before lifting her figure over his shoulder and running to the garage.
The paddock laughed at their antics, filming the happy memory for future references.
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kingliamandriley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys thanks all the sweet comments and concerns about my dad. He’s doing better but it’s been a struggle. I so happy so many of you love this series as much as you do. Thanks for reading. ❤️❤️
Chapter 7
Triggers- Language and dark writing
Must be 18+ to Read
Word count 654
Liam’s POV
“No!” Kacey screams, clearly still in love with this Matt guy. “You’re wrong.”
Bas lets out a heavy sigh. “Kacey, I’m sorry, but when I went to Matt’s apartment… he had taken his own life.”
I glance over at Kacey, and her eyes are nearly popping out of her head, and her mouth is hung open in shock. After a few seconds, she covers her mouth with her hand, and hot tears stream down her face.
Leo pulls her into his chest, but she fights him off at first. Not giving up, Leo grabs onto her tightly and pulls her against his chest as she screams and cries into his chest.
After a few seconds Drake, Hana, Maxwell, and Daniel all come running in from all the commotion.
“What’s going on?” Drake asks while looking at Kacey in shock.
I run a hand through my hair and answer the question that’s running through their minds. “This is Kacey Brooks, Riley’s identical twin sister.”
“Uh… wow!” Drake answers.
Daniel walks up to me and asks, “Why is she crying? Does she know where Riley is?”
I shake my head. “No, she’s crying because her ex-fiancé hung himself. There was no note or anything. I guess he hated himself breaking up with her.”
Daniel looks down at the file sitting on top of the table. It’s an envelope with Matt’s photo attached to it. “I’ve seen this guy before. Is this her fiancé?”
Kacey pushes away from Leo to answer Daniel’s question. “Yes, do you know him?”
Daniel rubs the back of his neck. “Sort of, he’s come to the bar several times this week. The first time he came in, he was so… glum. He told me he had made the biggest mistake of his life. I gave him a drink on the house and started spilling his guts.”
Kacey swallows hard. “Was it breaking up with me?” She asks.
“He didn’t say directly, but I’m sure it was you. He said he signed a deal with the devil and lost. He said it seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the end, he lost the most important thing to him.” Daniel says, lost in thought. “I can’t say for sure, but this seems like something the Scorpions would be behind.”
“Who are the Scorpions?” I ask.
“A group leading a life of crime.” Daniel answers.
“Like the mafia?” Leo asks curiously.
“I wouldn’t go that far, but similar. They give out loans to people needing them, but if they don’t get paid back, then bad things happen.”
Damn, I wish he would stop talking in riddles. “What kind of bad things, Daniel?” I ask, trying to keep my cool.
“People go missing; some even die,” Daniel says.
“Exactly how do you know all this, Daniel?” Bastien asks, and I can’t help but wonder the same thing.
“Dude, I work in a bar. I could scare you with the evil shit I hear on a daily basis. The Scorpions are well known through this area, but they stay hidden. If Matt borrowed money and couldn’t pay it back, then the Scorpions would have come after Kacey.” Daniel says with a worried.
“But instead, they took my wife.” Everything Daniel has said makes perfect sense. Although I’m still not positive they are the ones that have my wife, they are still a group that needs to be found and stopped. “Kacey, did Matt take out a loan of any kind before he broke up with you?”
“No, not that I know of.” She says, wiping her tears.
Just then, Bastien’s phone rings. I watch as he takes the call, and suddenly a slight smile comes to his face. “Liam, that was a Bill’s Pawnshop calling; they just had someone try and pawn Riley’s ring.”
My heart skips a beat as I say, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s move!”
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plentyoffandoms · a month ago
My Kind of Love
MJF x f/Reader
Just like all my other stories, this has not been proofread, but please enjoy.
Warnings: Some swearing.
Gifs and photos do not belong to me.
B/F/N = best friends name
Daniel - Cash Wheeler ☆ David - Dax Harwood ☆ Ronnie - Shawn Spears ☆ Michael - Wardlow ☆ Tyson - Kenny Omega
Main Masterlist ♡ AEW Masterlist ♡ MJF Masterlist
Summary: - F/Reader is the girlfriend of MJF. She gets some terrible news & MJF rushes to be by her side.
Daniel, David and I were doing some sight-seeing here in Chicago. I promised Y/N I would bring her back a gift from each city i went to, and I never go back on my promises when it comes to her.
Usually Y/N travels with me but she hasn't been feeling well as of late. I tried to stay home with her but she insisted that she is fine and that she will make an appointment with our family Doctor if she needed too.
The three of us were just checking out the Bean, which I learned today is actually called the Cloud Gate, when I felt my phone vibrate and there was my girls smiling face.
"Hey gorgeous. How are feeling?"
"Max...are you alone or sitting down?"
"I'm with Daniel and David out sight-seeing. Y/N, what is going on?" I walked away from Daniel and David and found a bench to sit down on.
"Max, I went to the Doctors and I have had some tests done."
"And?" I could hardly breath. I felt like I was going to faint.
"I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer."
Tumblr media
I felt like I couldn't breath. I could hear her crying on her end of the phone and that woke me up from the fog I was in.
This isn't about me. This is about Y/N and she needs me right now. "I'll catch the next flight home gorgeous. I am not leaving your side until we beat this."
She tried to fight me coming home but I had to be there for her. Y/N would drop everything to be by my side.
After we hung up the phone, I stood up and walked to Daniel and David, who were not that far from me.
"Hey, I have to head back to Y/N. Family emergency." They asked what was wrong but I said I would explain to them later on.
We took an Uber back to the hotel we were staying at. During the drive I was able to catch the next flight home and thankfully Cody, Tyson and Tony were eating lunch in the hotel restaurant.
"Max, what do we owe the pleasure?" Tyson said once he noticed me.
"May I have a seat?" Which the three of them nodded their head at.
I explained to them what Y/N told me. "Of course Max, take all the time you need. We are here if you need anything." Tony said to me.
I went to my room and packed my bags. I made sure that I packed Y/N's gifts.
Hours later as I was sitting on the plane, I couldn't help but think about how Y/N got told the news alone. I know she said I should work, but I should of been there for her.
It was dark out by the time I unlocked the front door. I know this time of night Y/N will be in our bed, either sleeping or watching TV.
I hope she is sleeping and as I got to our bedroom I noticed she was. I got ready for bed as quietly as I could and slipped into bed beside her.
"Max?" Y/N said as she looked back at me. Guess I wasn't as quiet as I thought I was.
"Shh baby, it's me. Go back to sleep." I pulled her back flush against my chest and it didn't take us long to go to sleep.
I woke up before Y/N did and I just laid in bed, not moving as she was curled up against me.
She woke up not long after I woke up. "Good morning gorgeous."
"Good morning handsome."
"So what is on the agenda today?"
"Have an appointment with the Doctor to discuss surgery and get told what they are going to do."
I took a deep breath. "When is the surgery?"
"In a couple of days. We have to get ready though. My appointment is at 11:15 AM."
I let her have the shower first. I just enjoyed being at home, in my own bed for once.
Once she came out of our master bathroom, it was my turn. I wasn't in the shower for long and the two of us were off to the Doctors.
Doctor Langford seemed nice. If Y/N didn't like him, we wouldn't use him, but she seemed okay with him.
He told us what he and his team will be doing for the surgery. They will remove the ovary along with the tumor. They’ll also remove other tissue if the cancer has spread. That chemotherapy will follow and if they missed any cancer cells during the surgery, there could be radiation as well.
I held Y/N's hand the whole visit and didn't let go until she let go of my hand.
We were in the car and I was driving around downtown. "Want to get something to eat Max?" She asked me as she stared out the window.
"Sure, where would you like to go?"
She told me Lakehouse, which is one of her favourite places. We were seated right next to the water and I got a really good look at her.
I can see what the cancer has been doing to her. She is stressed and tired but she never looked more gorgeous to me.
"Max, I don't want shave my head but I know it will be best if I do." She finally said to me.
"It is up to you baby. Whatever you decide to do, we will do."
We had a good lunch and she didn't bring it up again, so I didn't.
That night we watched Michael and Ronnie do a tag team match against two new guys.
Tumblr media
"Do they know?" Y/N asked me as we curled up together on our couch.
"Only Cody, Tyson and Tony know. Not my place to tell anyone else without your permission."
"You can tell them. I know they must be worried." She was right. The guys have been calling all day. I will call them once she goes to bed, which by the look of things won't be long.
Good thing we were already in our night clothes. Y/N fell asleep against me and I picked her up gently and placed her in our bed.
I walked to livingroom and sat down in my favourite chair. I decided to just do a video call with Michael.
I know he will be upset with me not telling him as Y/N is his cousin, but she hasn't told anyone, which she told me that over lunch.
After dinner, I sat there with her as she made the phone calls to her family and friends and I called mine as well. We tried to call Michael back, but he wasn't answering his phone and this is not something to leave a voicemail for or a text message.
"Hey Max. What's going on? We are wondering what is going on." Michael said and I could see the rest of the Pinnacle and some members of the Dark Order were there as well.
I took a deep breath and just told them. I heard a few gasps and I could see Michael's eyes getting glossy.
"What time is her surgery?" Ronnie asked.
"In two days. Supposed to be for 5 AM. Have to be there for 4 though to check in and to get her prepped."
"Will she have to do chemo?" John Silver asked.
"Yeah, she will."
We talked for a few more minutes until I decided to go to bed. Been a long day and I just want to be in my bed, next to the woman I love.
The next day, we had nothing planned. I ordered us takeout from her favourite restaurant and we watched movies all day.
We went to bed early, so early in fact that there was still light out but having to be at the hospital for 4 AM, it just made sense to get as much sleep as possible.
I grabbed our bags as she will have to stay a few days at the hospital and the hospital is allowing me to stay in her room.
We drove to the hospital, both extremely tired but nervous. We got to the hospital and I watched from the chair I was sitting in as Y/N got prepped for surgery.
Y/N was quiet and being so strong and through it all. "Ready Y/N?" The nurse asked her.
"Ready as I'll ever be." Y/N said with a small smile on her gorgeous face.
"I'll be waiting gorgeous. I love you." I said as I leaned down to give her a kiss.
"I love you too handsome." We both had tears in our eyes as the nurse pushed the bed away and down to surgery.
I went to the waiting room and pretty much took over the one couch. I tried to get comfy enough to fall asleep but I was having hard time.
I went to the hospital cafeteria and got myself some coffee and food. A few people recognised me but they were polite enough to leave me alone.
As I was walking back to the waiting room, I heard many foot steps behind me but that is common in the hospital.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned quickly. Michael, Daniel, Ronnie and David. "What are you guys doing here?"
"Do you think we would let you and Y/N go through this alone?" Ronnie said.
"Thanks guys." I really had no other words and I wish I did.
The four of them joined me in the waiting room and they even kept watch as each one of us slept.
I heard my name being called as I was talking with David and I looked over at the person saying my name, it was the Doctor.
"How is she?"
"She is resting and the surgery went well. Like we discussed, Y/N will have to be here for the next couple of days to monitor her. When she goes home, that is when we will make the appointment for the first round of chemotherapy."
I thanked the Doctor. I sat down just to gather the strength to see her. No one rushed me.
After what felt like an eternity, I stood , grabbed our bags and asked the nurse at the front desk which room Y/N L/N was in, which they told me.
"Would any one like to come and see her? I know she is won't be awake but..."
"I think I will go back to our hotel, Ronnie, David?" Daniel said to me. They agreed with him.
"I'll meet you back there. I'll take a taxi or get an Uber." Michael said, which is understandable as he wants to see his cousin.
The two of us walked in silence to her room. I opened the door and saw Y/N laying in the hospital bed, sleeping off the surgery. We walked in and placed our bags in the corner.
"How you doing there Michael?" I asked as I stood next to him.
"I feel like I am going to fall apart. I know I have to call our family to tell them how the surgery went but I don't want to leave her side."
"I can call them if you want me too."
"No Max, that is okay. You have enough to worry about."
Michael stayed with me and we talked about different things.
"When do you think you will be coming back?" He finally asked me.
"I know I will have to soon. Her best friend said if I ever need her for anything, just to call her. I know B/F/N will come and stay with her."
"Our outfits are teal. When you told me the other day I went to the costume designer and they will be ready for our next matches. Also got some t-shirt designs going on. Talked it over with Tony, and the proceeds are going The American Cancer Society."
I was speechless. I started to cry and I said a shaky "thank you."
He nodded his head at me in acknowledge. Michael left not too long after that. I changed into my night clothes and fell asleep.
Tumblr media
The next few days were the same. Y/N slept and when she woke up they did tests every day. The guys came by each day but Michael stayed the longest. I even gave him one of our spare keys so they could stay at our place.
Michael told me that there are gifts waiting for us at home from our friends and family members.
After day six, she was discharged. Her Doctor told her that her first round of chemo will be next week.
Once we got home, I had Y/N settled in our bed and I surrounded her with all the gifts and cards from our friends and family.
I was scrolling through my social media accounts when I started to notice all the tag and mentions I was in.
People were wondering where I was and if I quit or was let go from AEW.
"You know you can always go back to work baby. I will be fine here." Y/N said as she grasped my hand.
"I know that gorgeous, but I just feel better knowing I am here for you." She gave me a smile and went back to opening a gift from her friend.
Tumblr media
Tomorrow is my first day of chemotherapy and I was contemplating whether I should shave my head at home or at my favourite salon.
Max was sleeping in our bed as I sat in the livingroom. I made my decision and called the salon and made an appointment for this afternoon.
I ate some toast and woke up Max to tell him about my appointment and he got up and got ready.
I am truly thankful for him. Any of my past boyfriends would of run for the hills by now, but not Max.
He is a very good heel and he does keep up the gimmick when we are out because that is what people expect from him, but when it comes to me...he treats me like a queen. I couldn't ask for a better partner in my life.
Once we got to the salon, my usual hairdresser Maggie, was there. I went with her as Max sat in the waiting area.
"The usual Y/N?" Maggie asked me as I sat in the chair.
"I need you to shave my head." Our eyes met in the mirror.
"How short?"
"As short as you can. I got diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and I start chemo tomorrow."
I saw the shock on her face but she just nodded her head and got straight to work. I didn't look away from the mirror as I watched her shave my head.
This is a way of me being in control. This is my choice instead of letting my hair fall out on its own.
"All done Y/N."
"Thank you Maggie."
Max must of heard the two of us as he walked over to us.
"How do I look Max?" I couldn't help but bite my lip.
"You look just a gorgeous as the day I met you Y/N." I know he ment every single word of that.
Max went and paid even though I insited I could. He gave Maggie a massive tip as well. I think for just making this appointment as normal as possible for me.
It's been almost a three weeks since my first round of chemotherapy and Max had to leave to go to work.
B/F/N came to stay with me and they were doing everything Max asked them to do. Tonight I was watching AEW in the livingroom.
I wasn't really paying attention until I heard "all proceeds will be going to the American Cancer Society." and there on the screen was t-shirt for each member of the Pinnacle, in black and teal.
Max t-shirt was a simple black shirt with his face on it and in massive teal letters it said "f*ck cancer."
The next match was Max against Brian Pillman Jr and out came back with the boys behind him. He had his signature scarf on and the ring but his gear was teal.
Michael told me that he had the costumes colours changed to teal.
Tony Schiavone was waiting up top to ask Max some questions. I already told him that it was okay to talk about what is going on.
I know his fans have been wondering where he has been.
"Welcome back MJF. It hasn't been the same with out you here."
"Thank you Tony. Yes I have been gone and I know you have all missed me, because well who wouldn't?"
The crowd started to boo him and I couldn't help but giggle to myself. Usually he would say shut up and say something rude about the city they are in but this time he just let the boos happen.
"I know many of you were wondering where I went off to and the fact is my girlfriend called me when I was in Chicago and told me she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer."
The crowd went silent and there was a few gasps that could be heard.
"I took time off to be with her through surgery and chemotherapy that she has been doing."
"You and the Pinnacle have another announcement though." Tony said. Hmm, I wonder what for. Max didn't tell me about the other announcement.
"The Pinnacle and our gracious boss Mr. Tony Khan have donated $30,000 to the American Cancer Society. If the members of audience and the audience at home donates even 10% of that, the boys and I will shave our heads on TV."
I gasped at that. I know how much they love their hair. I started to cry. I knew Max was going to shave his head but had no idea he would do it on TV and Michael loves his hair.
There was murmuring in the crowd but the show went on and Max beat Brian Jr. The final total for money donated by the audience was over $6000.
I watched as my friends shaved their heads on TV for me.
Michael was second to last and Tony Schiavone was right there. "Why are you doing this Wardlow?" He asked the other guys as well.
"Y/N, Max's girlfriend is my cousin and I would do anything for her."
Max was last. "This one is for you gorgeous." He then winked at the camera.
I had a long way to go to fight this but I know with my Max in the corner, I will be okay.
Tumblr media
Tag List: if you would like to be added, please let me know. @lghockey @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @kawaiikels
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mediocre-writerr · 8 months ago
you belong with me [cassie howard]
cassie howard x fem reader
requested: Hey! Can I request a f! reader x Cassie Howard fic where the reader is in love with Cassie, but it's like a slow burn happy holidays! xx
key: italics stand for rue’s voiceover! enjoy
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
Y/N Y/L/N and Cassie Howard have been best friends since they were little. Y/N was always there for Cassie during her whole childhood. Watching her from the sidelines as her figure skating became more and more incredible. 
“Y/N! When are you gonna get off your lazy bum and join us?” Cassie’s dad asks during one of their many ice skating practice sessions. 
You were taken back by surprise and you looked towards Cassie who was giving you her best pouty lips and eyes, “Oh okay.” 
You strapped on the ice skates that the Howard family bought you for your 10th birthday. A gift you rarely used. But was still grateful for nevertheless. 
Back before your Cassie started getting into ice skating your family was big about hockey. So you knew the in’s and out’s of ice skating, but you weren’t good at doing cool tricks. 
“Y/N, you’re a natural!” Cassie says as you start skating towards her. 
And it’s like she jinxed you or something because you started slipping. Flailing your hands up in the air. But she caught you and the two of you just stared at each other smiling coyly. 
Her lips were inches away from yours. But her dad cleared her throat, looking at the two of you with a small smirk on his face. 
Y/N and Cassie were inseparable, nothing seemed to ever get in between them. Lexi always gave Y/N looks and have conversations where she tried to make her think that it was something more than just a friendship, but she was easy to laugh off or ignore. 
Lexi thought of Y/N as a second sister growing up together and having Y/N be over all the time. So when she saw the way Y/N looked at her older sister she couldn’t help but want to protect her. 
She didn’t want you to get hurt, but how could Cassie ever hurt Y/N?
Y/N loved Cassie more than a friend. There was never a specific moment when Y/N found out she liked Cassie. It was everything about her, all of the moments leading up to since they were young kids.
Much to her disappoint, Cassie’s underlying daddy issues made her attached to boys in more ways than anyone could ever possibly. She fell in love too fast and dare I say it, was too naive. 
Cassie wanted to be loved and never wanted to be alone. She wanted all the boys no matter how stupid, sweet, or mean they were. And that led to many nights of crying in Y/N’s arms about some boy who leaked her nudes or made a sex tape or broke her heart.
“Y/N?” she whispers over the phone, her voice already cracking.
You shot up from laying down on your bed and instantly woke up at the sound of your first love crying, “Hey is everything okay?” 
“No. I can’t. Someone made a sex tape of me and leaked it and I just really need you.” she whispers, trying to get all of the words out. 
“I’ll be there in five.” 
Luckily for the two of you, you didn't live far. And before you knew it you were climbing in her bedroom window. 
She instantly pulled you into a hug and you wrapped your arms around her waist. Placing a hand on the back of her head to pull her close. You started rubbing the back of her head, threading your fingers through her hair. 
“It’s gonna be okay.” I whisper, “I’m here now. You’re gonna be okay.” 
Y/N always protected Cassie. Ever since the first pictures of her nudes were leaked she was there to let her cry. Her first sex tape was leaked, Y/N was there. A boy broke her heart, Y/N was there to pick up the pieces to put her back together.
Y/N hoped that one day she wouldn’t feel this way anymore. Or one day Cassie would realize that she was there all along. But it never happened. And it seemed like it would never happen when Cassie started dating McKay.
Y/N insisted she wasn’t jealous, but she also insisted she wasn’t jealous about all of Cassie’s suitors.
“McKay is a good guy Y/N!” Cassie yells. 
The two of you were having yet another argument. And you weren’t angry at her or at McKay, you were just tired. So fucking tired. 
“What’s wrong, Y/N?” Cassie asked, “This is your third snide comment this week about McKay this week and it’s only 10 am on a Monday!” 
“I’m sorry for being bitter. I’m just tired.” you whisper. 
Lexi gave you a sympathetic smile and look. And you just smiled back softly. 
See you weren’t jealous. That would involve anger and you weren’t angry. You didn’t hate McKay. 
Sure, there were thing that he did that was questionable at best, but he was wasn’t the worst out of all of Cassie’s boyfriends. 
Even though your happiness was slowly dwindling away each time you saw them at a party. Or each time she canceled plans to go hang out with him instead of you. Or each time you saw them kiss. 
Even though all of it was fading away in you. She didn’t deserve to lose anything when she was so happy. So you tried to stay the same for her and not act any differently. 
Lexi had been a good friend to Y/N and did her best to try and pull her out of it. The annual carnival was coming up and it used to be a tradition for the three girls to go together, but Cassie was busy with McKay...again. 
The two of you ran into McKay on the way to the Ferris Wheel. Much to both of your surprise you didn’t find Cassie next to him, “Where’s Cassie?” Lexi asked.
“Oh I don’t know we called it a night a couple hours ago.” he said with a shrug before going back to Nate and Mr. Jacobs.
Both of you looked at each other and immediately knew something was up. Agreeing to split up both of you searched the carnival in chance to find her. 
That’s when you saw her going around the carrousel with Daniel. She was grinding against the pole of the horse. And Daniel looked like he was getting turned on by it.
But there was something about her that was off. She looked high. You were gonna leave, but you decided to wait for the ride to stop. Before ultimately taking her home, you didn’t want some asshole like Daniel to take advantage of her in the state she was in. 
As soon as the ride stopped you hopped the fence that separated the line to get to her. Despite all the yelling from the person who controls the ride you made your way to Cassie.
“Hey Cassie. How about we get you out of here, okay?” you ask.
“Y/N! I didn’t know you were here.” she slurs and you nod smiling.
“I’m right here.” you whisper to her, unbuckling her seatbelt and lifting her off.
Daniel scoffed, “What the fuck Y/L/N?! We were in the middle of something!” he yelled annoyed.
“Not anymore.” you reply. 
You guided her towards the exit, but saw that she was stumbling and it was hard for her to walk. So you did what you thought was best and picked her up bridal style. 
Cassie wrapped her arms around your neck and nestled into your chest, “Can you believe McKay said to people we weren’t dating? We were just chilling. He literally told me that he loved me yesterday.” she says angrily.
“I’m sorry love. You don’t deserve that.” you whisper back as you saw Lexi, Jules, and Rue running towards the two of you.
Lexi looked at her sister frantically, “Is she okay? Do you need help? I can get her for you.
“Lex take a breath,” you whisper and she nods taking a deep breath, “She’s okay, she just looks a little high off of something. But I got her.” 
Lexi nods and we all get into Cassie’s car. Jules and Rue decided to stay at the carnival a little longer, but we thought it was best if we got her home. 
Cassie passed out across your lap as you just ran your fingers through her hair. Staring at the beautiful girl in front of you. 
“I wish she could see that you were always there for her. She needs someone like you in her life.” Lex whispers looking at you through the rearview mirror. 
But the thing is Cassie never noticed. As much as she would hate to agree with me, she took Y/N for granted most of the time. She just assumed that her best friend since basically birth would always be there for her.
She learned that the hard way.
You were more tired than usual as you sat on the couch of McKay’s house. You were at one of his infamous parties seated next to Lexi, Rue, and Jules. 
Lexi and Rue begged you to come and you agreed without hesitation. But then you realized that you would have to see them dancing close to one another, kissing, and just being with each other. 
The other three girls proceeded in conversation, but you were too tired to contribute. So despite all of the loud music and drunk people, you laid your head on Lexi’s shoulder trying your hardest to just shut everything out for a few minutes. 
And you were about to shut everything out when you heard your name being slurred, “Y/N, what’s wrong?” 
You opened your eyes a little, not wanting to leave the comfortable spot you found on Lexi’s shoulder.
“It’s nothing, Cassie, really. I just have a headache.” you whisper, trying your best to smile at her.
“Why are you lying to me?” she asks, crossing her arms over her chest.
Of course she knew when you were lying, 
“Just let it go, please.” you pleaded with her.
You didn’t want all of this to come out now. Not when she was tipsy. Not when all of your friends and a bunch of random strangers were around to hear.
“No Y/N! I can’t! It’s like you’ve been falling into this pit of sadness for I don’t even know how many months now! I just want to know what happened. You’re supposed to trust me. I trust you. So why can’t you trust me?” she whispered sadly.
“3 months.” I whisper simply.
“What?” she asks.
And it was all coming out right now. Despite all your wishes and prayers to not to.
“I’ve been falling into a pit of sadness for three months. Ever since you started falling for McKay.” you whisper and it looks like the wheels are turning in her head, “I can’t trust you because I’m in love with you!” 
You finally yell out, letting all the feelings that you’ve had pent up to finally come out. Lexi squeezed your hand lightly to let you know that she’ll be right here.
“What?” Cassie asks, her mouth open agape as she just stared.
“I always have been! And now it’s too late. I’m not angry with you and I don’t hate McKay. I’m just tired. I’m tired of feeling like I’m just there now when everything goes wrong in your life. When you and McKay fight or when you need someone to pick you up when you’re drunk. I’ve always been there for you and I’m tired of it not being enough.” and with that you got up and you left. 
She didn’t try chasing after you. No one did. They all knew you needed your time and your space to regroup. 
And just like that the non-related conjoined twins were separated. Neither of them talked or hung out. The only time they would see each other is passing in the hallway exchanging small smiles.
It was weird for the both of them. No small study sessions or move nights. Just them alone. 
Cassie didn’t like not having Y/N there, but every time Y/N tried talking to her she would just avoid her.
During the time Y/N was gone she realized that Y/N was right. Lexi gave her a stern talking to. Lexi’s talk was basically her singing that one Taylor Swift song.
You know the one that goes like...
Dreaming about the day where you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time. Then something about short skirts and t-shirts, I don’t fucking know.
And that’s when Cassie knew. Cassie Howard was in love with Y/N Y/L/N.
Then the infamous night happened, where everything came pouring out...literally. It was raining outside. 
Your phone buzzed with a text and your heart stopped at the name that popped up onto your phone. 
With a text that read meet me outside. You looked outside your window and saw the raindrops that stained your window pane. And made out the small figure that is the blonde girl. 
You grabbed a hoodie from your closet before running downstairs and to the middle of the street.
“Cassie! What are you doing? It is pouring!” you yell the hood covering your head.
You stepped closer to her throwing the hoodie you grabbed from your closet over her head. She was standing there wearing nothing, but a long sleeve shirt and jeans. 
“You still care about me?” she asks barely above a whisper voice.
You let out a sigh, “Just because we stopped talking doesn’t mean I stopped caring.” 
Out of nowhere Cassie pulled you closer to her by the waist placing her lips on yours. You didn’t kiss back at first, but it didn’t take you long to kiss her back. Your two lips moving in perfect motion, you only pulled away when you felt like you were gonna pass out.
“I love you. I always have and I’m sorry I took you for granted. And I’m sorry I didn’t see that you were right in front of me all along. I love you. I am so sorry-” she was about to go on, but you cut her off with a quicker kiss.
She smiles into the kiss before pulling away, “I love you so much, but this was very dramatic.” you whisper with a smile that matched Cassie’s.
She giggled lightly before pecking your nose.
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